Sep 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013 Julian Lim

Theme: "Particle Mechanics" - ION is transferred from one theme entry to its exact symmetrical partner in the grid. Here are the four pairs:

23A. Arsonist's pursuit? : BURNING QUEST(ION).  I'm copying Lemonade's strike-through.

122A. 17th-century anti-witch application? : SALEM'S LOT(ION). So the ION from 23A is moved to 122A.

30A. Amer. armed forces traitor? : US MILITARY RAT(ION). OK, you thought of Chelsea Manning, didn't you? Rat or whistleblower?

107A. Fighting unit in the barnyard wars? : CHICKEN LEG(ION). ION from above is moved here.

57A. Commuters per hour, e. g.? : RAILWAY STAT(ION)
81A. Tryout for a CPA? : IRS AUDIT(ION) - Audit and Audition have the same root, no?

16D. Failure in treaty talks? : PEACEKEEPING MISS(ION)

39D. Behind-the-scenes romance? : BACKSTAGE PASS(ION)

Reveal entry right in the middle of the grid:

69A. Chemical reaction phenomenon, and what occurs in four symmetrical pairs of long answers in this puzzle : ION TRANSFER

Fantastic theme & execution. Heavy themage, of course, it's Julian Lim. Total 115 theme squares. The minimum for LAT Sunday is 84.

The two black squares (to the right of  square 15 & left of square 129) might be added later. I think Julian was going for stacked 8's in the upper right and lower left. That's his signature. 

Was surprised to see SEN (105A. Cong. member) & SENATE (131A. Filibuster site) in one grid. Rich is normally very strict with word dupe, and rightly so. I know some of you will propose an easy SET change, but it dupes TEA SET in 75A.


1. Like some windows : ARCHED. Good start for me.

7. All-nighter cause : FINAL

12. Thousandth of a meg : ONE-K. Easy guess. 1024 KiloBytes = 1 MegaByte. TTP's domain.

16. Holy Communion receptacle : PYX. New word to me and it crosses the tough X at XLI (18D. First year of Claudius' reign).

19. In person : BODILY

20. When the plot thickens, often : ACT II. Did not come to me easily.

21. Ate : HAD A MEAL

25. TV spin-off set in Florida : CSI: MIAMI

26. "Whatever you say, honey" : YES DEAR. Husker Gary's wise philosophy. Congrats on your hole-in-one!

27. Legendary Dolphins coach : SHULA (Don). This is sweet.

29. Math subj. with integrals : CALC

34. For fear that : LEST

37. Caps Lock neighbor : TAB. You peeked!

40. Public pair : ITEM

41. High seas quaff : GROG

42. Actor, usually : FAKER. One letter too long for the LIAR I had in mind.

43. Company with a stork in its logo : VLASIC. Love this word.

46. AWOL hunters : MPs

48. Activist Bonner who married Sakharov : YELENA. Total stranger. Her husband too.

50. AQI monitor : EPA. Air Quality Index. 

51. Like he-men : MACHO

52. Church closings : AMENs

54. "The Office" network : NBC

55. Truncation abbr. : ETC. I felt stupid not nailing this one.

56. Invite across the threshold : ASK IN

61. Moshing site : PIT

62. Word on the street, maybe : SLANG. Great clue.

64. Ample, in verse : ENOW

65. Early Alaskan : ESKIMO

67. Part of IOC: Abbr. : INTL

74. Cabinet dept. formed under Carter : ENER. Boomer mentioned huge inflation under Carter, or maybe Ford. 

75. Dollhouse accessory : TEA SET

77. Jazzy improvisation : SCAT

78. Whitman's "__ the Body Electric" : I SING

80. Soak, in British dialect : SOG. Guilty of using this word myself.

86. Mell Lazarus comic strip : MOMMA. Stumped me last time.

89. Big heart : ACE

90. H├Ągar creator Browne : DIK

91. Shoreline changers : TIDES

92. "__ Irish Rose" : ABIE'S

93. Shear (off) : LOP

94. Green wheels : ECO-CAR

98. Cancels (out) : X'ES

99. Isn't fictional : EXISTS. Look, still hot from Paris Fashion Week. Trash bag style purse. PK  & Creature will be shaking their head. More here.

100. "... bombs bursting __" : IN AIR

102. Yemen's capital : SANA

103. __ opportune moment : AT AN

106. Gas brand born in 1926 : ESSO. Nice trivia.

112. Big draw : STAR

114. Words students fear : SEE ME

115. Some arm candy : ESCORTS. The plural form of "Arm candy" is still "Arm candy"?

119. Plant animals? : CHIA PETS. & 125. "The Tempest" sorcerer : PROSPERO. I floundered in this area.

126. White house? : IGLOO. Nailed it.

127. Expatriate : EMIGRE

128. "You eediot!" speaker of cartoons : REN

129. Body suit? : SKIN. Ha ha.

130. '90s-'00s heartthrob band : 'N SYNC. Loved "It's Gonna Be Me".


1. "Dear __" : ABBY. No JOHN or SIRS dilemma today. 26A too easy.

2. Man without morals : ROUE

3. Writable storage media, for short : CD-Rs. Compact Disc-Recordable.

4. Veda devotee : HINDU

5. Nobelist Wiesel et al. : ELIEs

6. Peppy : DYNAMIC

7. Web help source : FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

8. Hosp. area : ICU

9. Desert trial : N TEST

10. Tyler of "The Talk" : AISHA. I remember a girl named Aisha with the Food Network or some other food channel.

11. Arrangement of church services : LITURGY

12. Neil Sedaka hit : OH CAROL. For Carole King. Here is a song for LaLaLinda & our other Linda. You'll hear Linda at 1 minute mark. That singer is Jacky Cheung, an extremely popular singer in Hong Kong.

13. "If I Ruled the World" rapper : NAS

14. King's order : EDICT

15. __ Sutra : KAMA

17. Holiday veggie : YAM

22. Jovovich of "Resident Evil" films : MILLA. She was born in Russia, I think. The kind Splynter loves. How can their skin be so flawless?

24. Sand in food, say : GRIT

28. Deceptive-sounding instrument? : LYRE. Liar.

31. Logic proposition : LEMMA. Another new word to me.

32. JFK Library architect : I.M. PEI. Gimme!

33. Sales rep : AGENT

35. Seventh fencing position : SEPTIME. Another new word. Looks like "Ninth fencing position" to me.

36. Field vehicle : TRACTOR

37. "True Blood" rating : TV MA

38. "Sorry to say ..." : ALAS

42. Judge's concerns : FACTS

44. Con game decoys : SHILLS

45. Inner Hebrides isle : IONA

47. NBC comedy staple : SNL

49. Celts, e.g. : NBAers

52. Cornstarch brand : ARGO

53. Fail to chill : SWEAT IT. Thanks for the crossings.

58. "Run" author Patchett : ANN. We've seen her before.

59. Rocky greetings : YOs

60. Personal ad abbr. : SWF (Single White Female). Did you see the movie also?

63. Kind of acid used in fertilizers : NITRIC

66. "Star Wars" mentor Obi-Wan __ : KENOBI

67. "No way that's true!" : IT'S A LIE

68. Recent rightists : NEO-CONS

70. Fed. hush-hush group : NSA

71. Ft. Worth school : TCU

72. "Sweet!" : RAD

73. One, in Oldenburg : EINS

76. Down source : EIDER

79. Big name in theaters? : IMAX

82. Tiny bit : SKOSH. Rooted in Japanese word "sukoshi", meaning "a tiny bit".

83. B.O. purchases : TIX

84. Paragon : IDEAL

85. Left on Spanish maps? : OESTE. West.

87. Pass (out) : METE

88. Professional gp. : ASSN

95. "Rolling along" item in an Army song : CAISSON. "... As the caissons go rolling along..". I faintly recall Spitzboov explained this to me before. He should be back to us as soon as his wife Betty leaves the hospital, next Tuesday the earliest.

96. Clear conclusion? : ANCE. Clearance.

97. Collects lots of : RAKES IN

99. Exiles, perhaps : ENISLES. Only in crosswords.

101. Tiny bits : IOTAs

104. Quite a while : AGES

107. Small stream : CREEK

108. Browser's reading, briefly : EMAGs. Does the "Browser" here refer to Firefox/ Internet Explore the browser or me? I browse, hence I'm a browser too.

109. Poet Sachs : NELLY.  Poet from her today, Yellowrocks?

110. Carol opening : O COME

111. Running an errand, say : NOT IN

113. iPhone programs : APPS. Android too. The genius D-Otto solved a big problem for us last week.

116. Baltic capital : RIGA

117. Lawsuit basis : TORT

118. Old-time knife : SNEE

119. Response to an arrest, initially : CPR. Of course I was thinking of cop arrests.

120. Charles V's domain: Abbr. : HRE

121. Prefix with -pod : TRI

123. Millions of lifetimes : EON

124. Casual shoe : MOC



OwenKL said...

If you read Stephen King a suggestion
Don't bother with some BURNING QUESTion
..Are there vampires or not
..In his book SALEM'S LOT?
You must put disbelief in suspension.

Mystery meat always causes suspicion
Like what's in US MILITARY RATion?
..A rumor I peg
..suggests CHICKEN LEG
De-boned to improve its digestion

When reporters would vie for permission
..To embed, they would ask,
..A war-zone BACKSTAGE PASS,
And WiFi for their broadcast transmission.

On a whim, I chartered a CAISSON
Over cab, to the RAILWAY STATion
..The train, well, I caught it.
..Now an IRS AUDIT
Say it's a clear case of taxi evasion.

In Particle Mechanics, an equation
May use boson, or quark, or pi-meson
..Sometimes ION TRANSFER
..Produces a chance for
Observation of cross ionization.

OwenKL said...

Whew, what a lot of theme entries today! Thank goodness for red letters, but at least I completed it without googling. I did have to Wiki Salem's Lot, though, to write the limerick. Otherwise I would have attributed it to Nathaniel Hawthorn. Tried a more conventional poem format, but with a puzzle by Lim, it just had to be lims. SKOSH & ENISLES & most names I got only by perps. Still don't know what HRE is.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Holy Roman Empire. You crack me up with your first posts lately.

Lemonade714 said...

Wow, an impressive amount of work by Mr. Lim, C. C. and Owen. Sunday's are always so much work and are best enjoyed in pieces but I am traveling, never knew PYX YELENA nor did I remember ANN. Thought the CPR clue was well done and will have to read up on Belly Sachs. Enjoy all.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun puzzle and a [mostly] straightforward solve. Got bogged down a bit with the totally unknown YELENA, ANN and NELLY, but the perps got me through. Crashed and burned in the NE, however, with the crossing of PYX [WTF] and XLI. I suspected XLI might be correct, but just couldn't accept PYX as legitimate. So I threw in PYC/CLI. BZZZZZ! Wrong answer!

Took me a long time to understand what "Big heart" had to do with ACE, even after getting it via the perps. Nice AHA moment when the light bulb finally went off.

[roxicat] [oooh, I like this one!]

Anonymous said...

16. Holy Communion receptacle : PYX. New word to me and it crosses the tough X at XLI (18D. First year of Claudius' reign).

Call it NATICK, CC.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. Interesting Sunday puzzle. The US MILITARY RAT was my first theme fill.

My favorite clues included: Body Suit = SKIN.
Field Vehicle = TRACTOR (because i was thinking of a military vehicle); and
Big Name in Theaters = IMAX.

I met Yelena, son Alexey when he was a math graduate student at Brandeis. He was married by proxy in Montana.

I, Claudius was a PBS mini-series. I found it fascinating.

OwenKL: I love your limericks!

QOD: A proverb is a short sentence based on long experience. ~ Miguel de Cervantes (Sept. 29, 1547 ~ Apr. 23, 1616)


Hahtoolah said...

I, Claudius.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Whew! This one went into overtime by a couple of minutes. If I hadn't just watched a documentary on the Roman Empire, I might have fallen into the PYC/CLI trap. Even so, that X was the last to fall.

I managed to dyslex (if that's not a word, it oughta be) commuters into computers, so RAILWAY was slow in coming. I first encountered MILLA as the fifth element in The Fifth Element. She showed a lot of clear skin in that one.

C.C., I'm pretty sure the browser is you. Firefox/Chrome/Etc. don't "read" -- you do. Did you get that ninth from September? It always bothered me that months 9, 10, 11 and 12 are named Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. I've since learned that after Caesar's assassination, the Roman year began in March. I'm not sure when it switched to January.

OwenKL, you must have spent a lot of time on those limericks. Nice!

fermatprime said...


Nice offering, Julian! Swell expo, CC!

No problems, but took a looong time. I think that XLI should be LIX. Comments?

I, too, wondered about SEN and SENATE. I also peeked, reflexively. YELENA was perped. Am used to writing SANAa for SANA,

My California desert tortoise is named LEMMA. she comes when you call her name.

Can't seem to get to sleep.

Have a good Sunday!

desper-otto said...

Fermat, Claudius reigned from 41 to 54 CE. So XLI (41) should be correct. LIX (59) would be too late. If his reign had occurred BCE, then LIV (54) would have been the first year of his reign.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Again I'm in awe of Julian's technical wizardry. Clever theme! Hand up for faltering at Pyx, which I had to Goog because it looked wrong.

Morning C.C., thanks for clearing the cobwebs. In that picture of Yelena Bonner I keep seeing a resemblance to a Monty Python character, specifically a man in drag.

Hahtoolah - we only heard ten minutes of WWDTM on-air yesterday before being interrupted. Must stream it today. It sounded like a smaller crowd, yes?

JD said...

Another fine puzzle, Julian completely out of my wheel house. My effort looks like a bad checkers game!So thankful for the daily write ups. C.C., also enjoyed your amazing Saturday stumper. Congrats! Enjoyed both days with Martin too.

Impressive. limericks OwenKL!!!

Have a great day all.I'm looking forward to a Gordon Lightfoot concert this evening.

JD said...

Yikes! Martie.... That N is no where near the E!!

Julian said...

Thought I'd drop by to mention that I actually created this puzzle about 3 years ago. Rich accepted it, but told me he needed to keep it in the queue because he had another puzzle with a similar theme that he had also just taken (Mike Peluso's "Subtraction" puzzle which ran on 2/6/11). Looking at it now, I think I've definitely gotten a little fussier about fill...ELIES, SNEE and ANCE are some of the entries I'd work harder to clean up. Glad it's finally seeing the light of day though...particularly apt to have a chemistry theme on the day of the Breaking Bad finale...heh.

Husker Gary said...

OMG, chopping off letters is a fun theme but adding those letters to other phrases in the same puzzle and tying it up with a chemistry concept I taught for years? I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy. Did I say OMG? Looking for the theme halfway through looks silly now.

-You got it, CC. Did I want to go to Omaha yesterday? No, but I said, “YES DEAR” and we had fun and thanks for congrats on my sort of hole-in-one
-Some current defensive football players become FAKERS of injuries to try to slow down the no-huddle offenses
-For Keith “If we are mark'd to die, we are ENOW to do our country loss; and if to live, The fewer men the greater share of honour."
-If you’ve got a granddaughter, you are well aware of elegant plastic TEA SETS
-Big Draw? Miley Cyrus will be on SNL next week.
-This TRACTOR costs more than my house
-Do ya think I’ll be seeing this movie at my local IMAX?
-What song invites us to “…stop and see my cute little ESKIMO”?
-What ACT II might contain – “You mean you put poison in the wine you give them”

Husker Gary said...

Son of musings
-pyX/Xvi took some wrangling. I’m Catholic by default. Hey maybe I can stay home and have someone bring me a PYX. “YES DEAR, I’m ready to go to church.”
-Henry V’s fabulous speech to tell his men they are ENOW to die for Merry Olde England (3:31) Warning – Elizabethan English!
-GOR and now SOG. _ R _ _ _ K was a BROOK first
-How come my Q is never in the FAQ’S?
-(C)RAP music continues to fill impressionable kids’ heads with hate
-Thanks for the POP IN Julian and your inside baseball look at puzzling

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Thanks for dropping in, Julian, and thanks for a Sunday stumper. I did finish w/o help, but it was a long process.

I have seen Pyx but had no clue what it was. Fav clues were for ace, igloo, and skin. I was surprised at Sen. and Senate, also.

Good job, Julian, and great expo, CC.

I am slowly but surely putting a dent in my DVR List. Watched Hostages with Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette. What a nail biter! Did anyone else see the first episode?

What a glorious Indian Summer day we have! Hope everyone else is enjoying nice weather.

Steve, what happened to The Fighting Irish? I didn't see the game but I saw the score. )-:

Happy Sunday to all.

Hahtoolah said...

Dudley: the River Center was packed the other night. I listened to the podcast this morning. Interesting to see (hear?) how it was edited. Some speakers were in a different order "live" that on the actual program. The evening started off with the LSU cheerleaders calling out Peter's and Carl's names.

Dudley said...

Hatoolah - I just finished listening to the Podcast, and I no longer think the crowd sounded small. In fact it sounded massive. Did you notice how Carl's introduction had really deep reverb? They probably added that in post-production. Speaking of which, I expect they have to work fast to take Thursday night's raw tape and have the edited version ready by Saturday. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

How do you get ACE from "big heart"? Is it acute cardiac enlargement?

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzler friends! Oh, my, C.C., thank you for sorting out the theme which, seemed mysterious to me.

The PYX is used to take the Eucharist to the sick and homebound. It's quite small, about 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Thank you, Julian, for this fine challenge! I got all but the main theme, ION TRANSFER because I refused to give up SWM which was silly on my part.

YELENA was a WAG but it seemed like the Russian version of Elena or Helena.

White house, IGLOO was fun
Word on the street, SLANG, also

OwenKL, I like your limericks.

Have a terrific Sunday, everyone!

Spades Player said...

Big spade, big diamond, big club.

desper-otto said...

Julian, thanks for dropping by. I always like to get the creator's take on the puzzle.

Husker, my Q is never in the FAQs, either. Was that song Travelin' Man by Ricky Nelson? And, yes, I think you'll be first in line to see that movie.

Anon@11:01 -- Think playing cards.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! What a DYNAMIC start, Julian! NW bloc: ARCHED BODILY BURNING, YES DEAR (Oh YES! YES! O COME!)

Very complex puzzle. I sorta got the theme in the solving, but was too sleepy by the time I was done to really comprehend what was going on. Thanks to C.C. I understand it better now.

Lot of chechos today. Besides the SEN/SENATE, SET/TEASET: OH CAROL & carol opening O COME then ECOCAR. Okay, its a stretch!

CC, re the Lanvin fashion show: The phrase shown, "Fashion is trash," indeed. My first thought was, put the dresses in the trash bag purse & march on out to the can on the curb. Save your money. Wear your body suit = SKIN. Who wants a handbag you have to clutch to keep closed all the time? Only a sick man would design such an invitation to a spill.

Bill G. said...

Happy Sunday! I enjoyed the puzzle and writeup. Thanks Julian and CC. I was patting myself on the back for sussing out the theme early on but count my hand up with those of you who had trouble understand ACE and big heart. Good one. It seems very clever now that I get it.

RE. that trash bag purse, I'm always amused when people are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a cheap-looking plastic purse because it has designer initials on it. Barbara makes beautiful quilted purses that are much prettier and more functional. Nobody would pay her what her time and material are worth to make them since her initials aren't famous (yet).

HG, I saw on Sunday Morning that there was a big sale of classic Chevrolets out your way.

Anonymous said...

HG @ 10:19 -- probably the Act II of "Arsenic and Old Lace"

Got the taking the "ion" off right away, but took a little longer to see the adding "ion" to. Loved the puzzle. WEES for pyx and
"Salem's Lot" as learning moments.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. OwenKL, thanks for the limericks; very clever. BTW, I read your Money Talks blog; very interesting point of view.
Very enjoyable puzzle today; I really liked the theme.
I lean toward characterizing Manning (and Snowden) as whistleblower, not rat.
Best wishes to you all.

River Doc said...

Happy Sunday everybody!

Sunday Stumper indeed! My bleary old eyes finally saw the extra added IONs, but didn’t see the missing IONs until visiting the Corner – thanks C.C.!

CONSUMED for HAD A MEAL, TV-PG for TV-MA, MANLY for MACHO, CIA for NSA, EMAIL for EMAGS, and SKOCH for SKOSK (must’ve been channeling Tinbeni)….

Hands up for complete unknowns PYX, YELENA, and ACE (thanks for the explanation D-O and Spades Player)….

So, a red letter finish for Da Doc….

Fascinated by the FACT that Mr. Lim submitted this puzzle 3 years ago – there’s really that much of a backlog for Sunday crosswords…?

Owen – why do limericks always remind me of Nantucket…?

Speaking of which, PK – your initial comment reminded me of ending of James Joyce’s Ulysses, to whit: "he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes."….

Avg Joe said...

An enjoyable puzzle, but a DNF for me, as I figured M was as god a guess as any for PYm. Bzzzzt! Thanks for playing. Oh well, the rest were correct.

BillG, I grew up 35 miles from the location of that Chevy auction, and the legend in the area was that there was one of every model for every year in storage out on the farm. That proved incorrect, but with roughly 50 "brand new" cars, it was closer to the truth than I would have expected. I even had a brief acquaintance with Mark Lambrecht, the son of the owner, when I auditioned for a garage band as a keyboardist in that very same dealership back in 1971.....(Bzzt on that too...couldn't improvise or play rock very well with a classical piano training...or perhaps inadequate talent). But it's been fun watching that spectacle develop over the last few months. Too bad the owners didn't do it 20 years ago so that they could enjoy some of the financial benefits of their frugality.

Lucina said...

Re: the car auction in Nebraska
I heard on the News that the owner had a chevy dealership and NEVER sold any of trade-ins! I find that astonishing and wonder why.

Bill G. said...

Here are some old photos I came across. I've never seen them before. There is lots of history therein but they're not all pleasant.

Old photos

HeartRx said...

105-Across coulda been SAT. Problem solved...

Avg Joe said...

Lucina, I think the factoid you cited is part of the legend. That dealership was in business for around 50 years. There were roughly 500 cars to sell, and of those, around 50 were never titled ("new"). With 450~ cars that were used, the numbers don't add up. Yes, it is a small town, and it wouldn't have sold thousands of cars per year, but it would have had to have taken a lot more than10 trade ins per year to stay in business....probably 10 fold at a minimum.

He was selective in what he kept, but he was also a businessman. I'd posit that the cars retained were the ones he thought would have the highest value in later decades. Just MHO

TTP said...

Thank you Julian, and thank you CC.

This should bring back some memories:

1950's Life

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

I just got home from a family gathering out in my brother's beautiful backyard ~ a perfect early autumn day. My cousin and his wife from Duluth (kinda in your neck of the woods, C.C.) were visiting, coming in for a 50th class reunion. We don't see them very often ~ it was a really enjoyable day!

I did the puzzle this morning and I almost finished it all ~ I just couldn't guess the correct letter at the crossing of PYX and XLI.

This took quite a while to complete, as is often the case on Sundays, but I had fun trying to reconnect all the" transferred" IONS. Thanks for a great challenge, Julian Lim. I enjoyed reading your insights on the construction and submission of the puzzle. Such a clever theme!

Favorites: 89A - Big heart / ACE and 119D - Response to an arrest, initially / CPR.

As always, I enjoyed your write-up, C.C. ~ thanks for the LINDA musical interlude. I was not familiar with Jacky Cheung ~ a really nice melody which stayed in my head for much of the morning. :-)

Husker Gary said...

-Yes, the crazy aunts in Arsenic and Old Lace had their secrets revealed in ACT II
-Ricky Nelson’s Travelin’ Man did indeed us “If you’re ever in Alaska stop and see my cute little Eskimo”

Anonymous said...

More about Linda`s

LaLaLinda said...

Thanks for the tune, Anon@8:46. Although a lot of Lindas were named after that song came out, my mother said she had picked my name before that. It was after a character in a radio daytime drama series, called "Pepper Young's Family" in the late forties.

When I first started teaching, I would hear my principal down the hall on his way to my room whistling the song. A nice memory!

Valerie said...

There was a movie called The Pyx in the 1970's. It was a Canadian movie so maybe that's why no one else has mentioned it.

Lucina said...

What you say makes good sense. Don't you wonder at his farsighted vision?

My three brothers were each married to a Linda at one time. Considering that they also shared the last name, it was confusing! Two also had the same middle initial.

Anonymous said...


Argyle said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Abejo said...

Good Monday evening, folks. Thank you, Julian Lim, for a swell puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for the swell review.

I was too busy yesterday to tackle this so I did it this evening.

Took me a while. It was not easy. But, I persevered.

Took me a while to get the theme. After I got 69 A, ION TRANSFER, it made more sense.

Owen KL. Great limerick! While I was conversing with you earlier, I had not read your limerick yet for Sunday. When I got on the blog, there it was. Great job!

See younall tomorrow. I might have C.C.'s Saturday puzzle done by then.