Sep 22, 2013

Sunday September 22, 2013 Julian Lim

Theme: "Hurry!" -RACE can follow the last word of each them entry.

 23A. *Similarly troubled : IN THE SAME BOAT. Boat race.

 38. *Mythological trick : TROJAN HORSE. Horse race.

 63A. *Design on a shield : COAT OF ARMS. Arms race.

 78A. *Most people can't stand to work in one : CRAWLSPACE. Space race.

 100A. *Fire : GIVE THE SACK. Sack race.

 17D. *"Bor-r-r-ring!" : WHAT A DRAG. Drag race.

 82D. *Bad thing to get off on : WRONG FOOT. Footrace.

 119. Embarking on something exciting, and a hint regarding what this puzzle's starred answers' endings have in common : OFF TO THE RACES

Notice each key word has a non-RACE meaning in the theme entry? Nice!

Notice the 48 6+ letter non-theme entries in this grid?  26 of them are 7-letter answers. Julian Lim constantly amazes me with his stacked corners. He's just amazing.

Julian Lim, XWordinfo

1. Clerics in un monastère : ABBES. French, just for Abejo.

6. Scanner reading : BAR CODE

13. Directory of notables : WHO'S WHO. Do you guys follow this Bo Xilai episode at all?

20. Jeweler's aid : LOUPE

21. "Umbrella" singer : RIHANNA

22. Collaborative instructional website : WIKIHOW. My favorite non-theme entry today.

25. Muslim domain : IMAMATE. I only know IMAM.

26. Like an emcee who's overdoing it : SMARMY

27. Home to millions : SEA. Millions of fish, right?

28. High-tech film effects, for short : CGI (Computer-generated imagery)

30. Worst : PITS

31. Till the cows come home : TO NO END

33. Part of TNT : NITRO

36. Colorado River feeder : GILA

37. Acronymous 13-Down gun : STEN. From Wiki: STEN is an acronym, from the names of the weapon's chief designers, Major Reginald V. Shepherd and Harold Turpin, and EN for Enfield.  And 13D. Global conflict, briefly : WWII

42. Rapids phenomenon : EDDY

45. "That's so sweet!" : OH YOU

46. Where Rome is : NEW YORK. Gimme for Irish Miss & Argyle.

48. "In Dreams" actor : REA (Stephen). Know him, but not the movie.
49. Coral element : POLYP

53. Donne's "Death Be Not Proud," e.g. : SONNET

55. 1996 Summer Olympics star : MIA HAMM. Bill G met her a few times.

57. Good way to find a relic : IN SITU

59. It might involve a bouncing ball : KARAOKE

62. "Crowd Goes Wild" host, familiarly : REGIS. The new Fox Sports 1 program.

66. Secret observer's opening : SPYHOLE. Same as Peephole?

68. 1998 insect-world animated film : ANTZ

69. Draft status : ONE A

70. Psyche's beloved : EROS

71. Some OR workers : LPNs. What Splynter wanted yesterday.

75. Snaps : HAS A FIT

80. Ames native : IOWAN

83. Coal-rich region of central Europe : SILESIA. Learning moment for me. I bet dear Spitzboov knows. Hopefully he'll be back to the blog soon. His wife Betty had an operation last Thursday.

Spitzboov & Betty

85. How stock may be bought : ON A TIP

86. __ Faso : BURKINA. Meaning "Land of Honest People". Formerly Republic of Upper Volta.

88. Loire Valley city : NANTES. Birthplace of Jules Verne.

91. Latin clarifier : ID EST

92. Nitrogen-based dye : AZO. And 76D. Indigo dye : ANIL

93. Skinks and geckos : LIZARDS

96. Straight up : ERECT

98. Novelist Jaffe : RONA

102. Sponsor of PSAs on DUI : MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

106. Flow forcefully : GUSH

108. Response to "Clean your room," perhaps : GROAN

109. One adding things up : TOTALER. No one uses this word.

111. Old Spice rival : AFTA

112. Seeking, in ads : ISO. No idea. In Search Of.

113. Some ER cases : ODs

116. "Keep dreaming!" : NO DICE

117. Bread with salad? : CROUTON. Nice clue.

123. Mist-ify? : ATOMIZE

124. Psyched : FIRED UP

125. Church responses : AMENs

126. Post-soak condition : WETNESS

127. "Friends" had 10 of them : SEASONS. I watched the first few in Cantonese.

128. Impetuous : HASTY


1. Glitterati groups : A-LISTS

2. Bit of wit : BON MOT

3. Lighter liquid : BUTANE

4. "Heartburn" screenwriter : EPHRON (Nora)

5. Words below a bad grade, perhaps : SEE ME

6. Cup holder? : BRA. Ha ha.

7. Strives : AIMS

8. South Korean president, 1948-1960 : RHEE.  Syngman Rhee. Rhee = Lee = Li. Same character.

9. Pool room : CABANA

10. John __ Lennon : ONO

11. Some court evidence : DNA

12. Face up to an embarrassing mistake : EAT CROW

14. "Forget __": 1964 hit : HIM

15. Striped rainforest critter : OKAPI. Hello!

16. Quiet as a mouse, e.g. : SIMILE

18. Have the __ for : HOTS

19. Have a mortgage : OWE

24. Elec. instrument : SYNTH

29. Like the "Saw" films : GORY

32. Prohibition proponents : DRYS

34. __ peace : INNER

35. Angle symbols : THETAS. No idea. I don't even remmeber what's the Chinese for this term.

36. Singer Halliwell : GERI. "Ginger Spice".

39. Love letter symbols : OOO. Marti's hugs.

40. Letters for occupants? : JUNK MAIL. I don't get this clue.

41. By hook or by crook : SOMEHOW

43. Co-star of Tom in "A Few Good Men" : DEMI. Loved the movie. Loved the Kevin Bacon character in it also.

44. Holiday tubers : YAMS

45. Vision: Pref. : OPTO

47. Marx not seen in films : KARL. Funny clue.

49. Type type : PICA

50. "__, you noblest English": "Henry V" : ON ON

51. Future D.A.'s exam : LSAT

52. First name of two Israeli prime ministers : YITZHAK (Rabin). I just don't know how to spell it.

54. __ in November : N AS

56. Shoe insert : HEEL PAD

58. Some sky lights, to some : UFOs

60. Runs : OPERATES

61. Sedgwick of "The Closer" : KYRA. Her Bacon number is 1.

64. Ancient Indians of the Four Corners region : ANASAZI. New word to me also.

65. Int.-lowering option : RE-FI

67. 1952 Winter Olympics site : OSLO

72. Baguette spread : PATE. Must be ages since LaLaLinda tasted baguette. Gluten-free bread just does not taste great.

73. "JAG" spin-off : NCIS

74. 9, perhaps: Abbr. : SEPT

77. Watch over : TEND TO

78. Reds, on scoreboards : CIN. Where is our Seen? He was quite active on the blog for sometime. The eddyB days.

79. Pique : SNIT

80. Support beam : I-BAR

81. Greek spirits : OUZO

84. Ice skater Cohen : SASHA

87. Close at hand : NIGH

89. Notable age : ERA

90. Religious offshoot : SECT

94. MLB nos. : AVGs

95. Puts a new top on : RE-ROOFS. Thought of PK's trouble with her roofers.

97. Designer cologne : CK ONE

99. Fall : AUTUMN

101. Cybermemos : E-NOTES

102. Puccini's "__ Butterfly" : MADAMA

103. Eatery where "you can get anything you want" : ALICE'S . Arlo Guthrie's " Alice's Restaurant".

104. Respectable : DECENT

105. Not casual : DRESSY

107. "Socrate" composer : SATIE. Erik! My favorite! Cool and hard-working.

110. Rabbi's study : TORAH

111. Galleria display : ARTE

112. Model Sastre : INES. Do you like Trésor? She was their spokesmodel.

114. Dimwit : DODO. Here is our Dodo, in red. Anon-T, look at the second picture clearly, you'll see Garlic Gal's spiky hair. Very cool.

L-R back row: Chickie, Clear Ayes, Garlic Gal
   Front: JD, Lucina, Dodo
June 23, 2011
L to R: JD, Garlic Gal, Chickie & Jill

115. Knock for a loop : STUN

117. Harsh bird call : CAW

118. Cologne meas. : OZs

120. Old-style "Tsk!" : FIE

121. Monk's address : FRA

122. Officejet Pro printers : HPs



Montana said...

I have the top section done but I've run out of time.
I am leaving for Bar Harbor, Maine.
Abejo, I have the puzzle downloaded. I think you told me not to shut off my iPad or I'll lose it. Maybe tonight I can tell you how it worked.

Have a good Sunday, everybody,


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Perfectly adequate Sunday puzzle. Nothing too exciting, nothing too horrible.


Biggest stumbling block today was confidently putting in TUMBLE instead of AUTUMN at 99D.


Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - today was my first DNF Sunday puzzle ever. Evil, evil crossing of ANASAZI/SILESIA/BURKINA. I just had no clue. Well, I had clues, but not the ones I needed.
Otherwise, a very nice Sunday puzzle, one that had to be a bear to construct.

C.C., junk mail is usually addressed to 'Occupant'; they just want someone, anyone to open it.

The reason for my almost-rant some time ago happened again last evening, so if I get a chance later, I may vent.

Have a great Sunday; 4:44 today we meet AUTUMN once again.

Lemonade714 said...

Exactly what Dennis said, really obscure crosses.

Nice to se the Caifornia girls, maybe some will go meet Doug Peterson and others.

SEEN was not only active, but frequently would suggest well thought out additional theme clues. I always thought he would construct puzzles. Ah well they c one, they go.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, 65 degrees and low humidity! We haven't seen weather this cold since April!

I finished the NYT puzzle in the Barnacle before remembering that it wasn't the LAT. I had to turn to my tablet for the LAT. There sure seemed to be a lot of Z's in today's pzl. C.C., thanks for 'splainin' N AS; I got it, but I had no clue. And I was wondering if a C KONE was like a C Cup.

Montana, have a good time at Bah Hahba!

River Doc said...

Happy Sunday everybody!

DNF for Da Doc as well, I'm afraid. Hit my internal 1-hour Sunday time limit and had to turn on the (non-Cincy) Reds. Obscurities, colognes, and flat-out unknowns were just too much....

Moral Sunday victory though for figuring out the theme and getting all the "racy" answers....

JERI for GERI, OXO for OOO, JACK for DEMI, OLEO for PÂTÉ, EYEHOLE for SPYHOLE, MADAME for MADAMA, ONLINE for ON A TIP, NEON for UFOS, ARTS for ARTE, LOSES IT for HAD A FIT, SILENT for SIMILE, and HER for HIM - all eventually fixed by perps....

IN THE SAME BOAT as Barry for the did-not-knows....

Should have known ANASAZI, since its a fairly major street in NW Vegas where I live....

Favorite clue (surprise, surprise) = Cup holder....

HeartRx said...

Good morning C.C. et al.

Aw gee, Barry how could you not like OOO? C(alvin) K(lein) ONE did give me pause, but I finally remembered it after 5 perps...

What, no comment on ERECT, C.C.? Followed by GUSH and GROAN?? And extra bonus entries, "Have the HOTS for" and BRA? Yowza!

It took me a little longer than usual for a Sunday, but no look-ups, so it was all good. I did not notice all the long entries until you pointed them out. Great puzzle, and nice smooth, if challenging, fill. Thanks Julian!

Happy AUTUMNal Equinox, everyone.

Yellowrocks said...

Great theme. I was held up in the NE because I wouldn’t accept for a while that OKAPI lived in the tropical rain forest, even though it was my first thought. Learning moment for me.
CK ONE was all perps. Thanks Marti for noting CK stands for Calvin Klein.
ON ON was all perps, too.
I knew SILESIA, fortunately. My first association with it was as the name of a hymn tune, also known as Schönster Herr Jesu, used with the text "Fairest Lord Jesus" and also "Beautiful Savior".
I had I---ATE, finally I realized that IMAM would fit.
My dad was very interested in the Native Americans and my younger sister and I caught his enthusiasm. The ANASAZI in Mesa Verde National Park are very interesting. Dad and Mom toured there. I would like to visit it, too.
National geographic has had articles and pictures from there. I have read quite a bit about the ANASAZI.
Link Mesa Verde
Link Mesa Verde

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I liked this offering; it had just enough bite and some clever cluing. I had a couple of write-overs: near before nigh and opth before opto. Also was shaky on karaoke but WAGed it correctly. Rome in New York was probably a gimme for several of us.

Thanks, Julian Lim, for starting Autumn in such an enjoyable way and thanks, CC, for your clear and concise expo.

BTW, that okapi reminds me of Sheldon's Doppler Effect costume. Speaking of Sheldon, I believe Jim Parsons is one of the presenters on tonight's Emmys; he is also a nominee.

High today only 61 but warming up later in the week. It'll be much chillier in Bar Harbor, Montana, but oh how I envy you. Maine is so beautiful and just the thought of a lobster feast......enjoy!

Happy Sunday.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Julian! Great expo, C.C.!

I got stuck in the upper middle. I thought DaYS instead of DRYS (not dries?). The TROJAN HORSE galloped out of mind. ROME is in New York? (Those wheeler dealers buy up everything.) OOO? No Xes? (must just be friends.) THETAS gave me no INNER peace. I had CABANA & NITRO but only the "O' for GORY. CGI didn't compute any images for me. Finally had to red-letter some sense of it.

"Death Be Not Proud": neither "requiem" or "dirge" fit. SONNET? I thought it was a musical piece.

Coral has POLYPS? I thought those were colon tumors. The things we learn here.

C.C., Are Bo's housing projects the ones standing empty because no one can afford to buy them? I saw a special show on them.

Sasha Cohen is one of the most beautiful ice skaters ever. Pure grace in motion.

Marti: Too funny! I must be slipping. I didn't see all the naughty references.

Husker Gary said...

Congrats to all my friends who did this in 11 minutes while listening to a lecture on string theory. It took me a while and here is my Eraserfest, warts and all

-I ain’t goin’ after my whiffle golf balls that rolled in the CRAWL SPACE
-For $50 I could have gotten my name in the WHO’S WHO of American seniors in 1964. Mom gave away her dumb children and kept the ugly ones
-You can learn anything you want Online. I just saved $80 fixing my own recoil starter
-One of these was NITRO. Yeah, I know, who cares?
-USA has its own Rome and Paris, and Prague is 30 miles from here
-Hey, my POLYP is going to turn into Coral?
-Shirtless MIA was the sensation of that summer
-I could never see that insurance Gecko again and be happy
-CC, would actual Cantonese Friends be so petty and silly?
-Funny CABANA scene (2:38)
-I wish I still had my PICA typewriter so my grandkids could marvel at it ;-)
-I had some Italian equivalent of OUZO in Florence once. Glad I wasn’t driving
-Read y’all later. Gotta run.

PK said...

My theories on the Anasazi are a bit different. When you stand on the Mesas and look out over the desert terrain below, it looks like the bottom of an ocean. I think the ancient people came in boats, farmed the Mesa tops then moved down into the cliff recesses as water receded. I think cataclysmic events half a continent away drained the water into the Sea of Cortez.

The people then lived on the desert floors and became Hopi & Zuni, etc., the Pueblo builders.

My husband thought I made sense. I told him Mesa Verde is a religious experience and I had communed with the ancient spirits. He half believed me.

The people did irrigated farming on top of the Mesa. One building which archaeologists think is a "sun temple" was clearly used as a grainary seen through the eyes of grain farmers. They had to store it somewhere to eat all year on a harvest.

thehondohurricane said...


Wasn't Mia. Pretty sure it was Brandi (Tin's favorite!) Chastain.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Short on time before going to church so I'll make it quick.

I found this a bit more challenging for Sunday though once anchored I did sashay fast in some areas. ANASAZI is something all fourth graders in AZ study as part of state history.

GERI Halliwell somehow jumped out and I believe ROME exists in several states. Just needed a couple of letters to see which.

IMAMATE really stumped me for a long while as I could not give up EMIRATE but then it made sense with OKAPI and WWII. REROOFS is only too familiar to me as of this summer.

YITZHAK was solidly filled by perps only and a good thing I knew ANTZ. It's really more for adults, IMO.

Great expo, C.C., thank you.

Have a really wonderful Sunday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

C.C. - Theta is the greek letter given for one of the angles in a triangle in a formula to figure out the different angles.
I always enjoy Julian Lim puzzles and CCs explanations-- twice the fun.

HeartRx said...

Lucina, I loved ANTZ, and thank goodness I knew it because that's the only way I knew where the "Z" in YITZHAK went. I always want to spell it as Yihtzak...I know, I know, I would never make it on "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"

Argyle said...

Link for angle measure without protractor.

and theta.

HeartRx said...

You beat me to it, Argyle!

Anonymous said...

Mia Hamm

Brandi Chastain

Husker Gary said...

Son of Musings
-Θ‘s at UNL
-Hondo, MIA HAMM’S sports BRA
-CC, if Bo were Marian Berry in Washington, D.C. he would be reelected despite bribes, corruption, smoking crack on tape, prostitution, malfeasance, etc. Hmmm…
-That JUNK MAIL we used to get included catalogs. Now it is JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, ad nauseum
-I’m more of an AFTA guy than CKONE and I don’t think anyone in this house will ever own Jimmy Choo shoes
-Dennis, “Doctor, doctor, I rant when I do this”. “Then don’t do it ;-)”

fermatprime said...


Thanks for interesting puzzle, Julian, and great review, CC! Swell pictures!

Took a bit longer than usual for a Sunday, but got the TADA unexpectedly after finding one stupid typo. Some learning moments from perps.

Mesa Verde is one of the few places that I have visited. Undoubtedly on the way to ride some steam train! (Those were the good ole days!)

CC: Cannot raise the type size sufficiently on the blog to read w/o squinting occasionally.

YITZHAK Shamir was the other PM indicated by the clue.

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Nomar said...

Ummmmm, Husker, the title of your video is "Brandi Chastain remembers WWC". Still think Hondo is correct. Anon too.

Husker Gary said...

-Dang, Nomar, you’re right. I had the sport and the garment correct but not the participant. Duh!! Maybe mom did keep some of her stupid kids :-(
-Those two women, Pele and Landon Donovan are the only soccer players I know and so I’ll have my crow alamode.

Pookie said...

My answer to "clean your room" would be OK, MOM. It would never be (GROAN)
My post soak condition after washing the kitchen walls the other day was
Bouncing ball is a Sing-a-long to me.
Don't you find a relic ON A DIG?
SIlent for quiet as a mouse.
I didn't do very well today. (sigh)

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle though I couldn't figure out the theme until I was almost finished. There were some tough crossings as Dennis mentioned, too tough for me.

Regarding Doppler Shift, did you notice that in CC's announcement yesterday of the Crosswords LA get together, one of the participants was named John Doppler Schiff?

We've been to Mesa Verde. Very interesting and impressive!

I always thought some people made too big a deal of Brandi's ripping off her shirt leaving her with a sports bra. It wasn't sexy and it was more modest than most beach attire.

Lucina, did you enjoy Sunday Morning? The segments on croquet, ukuleles, the movie that followed a bunch of people in England as they have gotten older, etc? Good stuff!

Lucina said...

A few more comments on this very fine puzzle: Syngman RHEE was frequently in the news during his tenure and I recall thinking his name sounded melodious though his actions were not.

Julian must have been FIRED UP when he created this opus.

HG: I, too, was offered a place in WHO'SWHO for the purchase of a volume.

SMARMY just sounds like its meaning.

The GILA (pronounced HEE-LA) is often a dry bed until the rains come and then it's a GUSHing, roiling desert river.

C.C.: as often as we see STEN I had no idea of its origin. Thank you for explaining that.

Lucina said...

Bill, I'm going to watch right now. It's been a busy morning.

CanadianEh! said...

Lots of learning moments today! Liked FALL=AUTUMN on this the first day of it. Cool day here(13C)

No OKAPI in Kenya but saw plenty of zebra and giraffes on our safari there. (Horrible news about the Nairobi Mall terrorism. Thankfully son & family not there now)

I still have an old Remington portable typewriter (weighs a ton and requires strong finger action to type). Typed all my college essays on it (and a few for other people to earn some cash). LOL!

fermatprime said...

Reagle puzzle today is 23 x 19 and rather worth the effort!

My mother paid 25 bucks once for the Who's Who scam!

Anonymous said...

Haven`t read "Clan of the Cave Bear" in a while ...but weren`t the Anasazi a tribe in the book?

JD said...

Good afternoon all,

Thought I had a good grasp of geography until I started these puzzles 5 yrs. ago.Burkina Faso and Nantes didn't make it to my map. Loved your map, C.C. Great learning curve today. Barry said he learned 5 new words; I learned 11 and was reintroduced to many more. Thanks Julian.

Having been to Mesa Verde, I did know the Anasazi . Thanks YR for the link.

Keeping with the theme, The Ironman Race is happening up here at Lake Tahoe as I horses, or boats or arms. Weather? It rained yesterday leaving a gorgeous layer of snow for postcard pictures clear as a bell.

Anonymous T said...

G'Day All -

Still not getting the LAT in the Chron... :-(

D-O - today my high was 85. All the windows are open. This is nice. A perfect day would have included a Texan's win...

Though I didn't puzzle today, I did catch up on my science and wanted to post the Ig Nobels (1h 25m) for Bill G., HG and other sci-nerds in case anyone missed it.

Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

Auel's Clan of ths Cave Bear series, Earth' Children, was set in Europe about 28, 000 to 25,000 years ago. The Anasazi inhabited what is now know as the Four Corners in the USA from AD200 -1300.
PK I have seen much info about their granaries and about their religious practices. The kivas used for religious rites are especially interesting.

PK said...

YR, you should try to go to Mesa Verde. I've been there several times. It is always a soul-stretching experience if you let your mind soar. We took our boys when my youngest was about 10-12. We had to watch him because he wanted to try the finger- and toe-hold climbs up the face of the cliffs. Some of the walks and climbs back up from the dwellings are very strenuous. I didn't go down last time I was there to the picture you posted. The view from the cliff above was enough.

Husker Gary said...

What a hoot, AT!

Dennis said...

Marti, good catch on all the DF stuff in this one; lots of material there.

Anybody else watch the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad?

Manac said...

No... But I did watch the second to last episode of Breaking Bad tonight
Been hooked on it from the beginning.
Loved the line "Welcome to New Hampshire".
Won't be long now til the snow starts to fly.

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Julian Lim, for one tough puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

C.C.: Yes, I had trouble with 1A. I tried BLINGS for 1D and there it sat until almost the end. I finally tried ABBES later on for 1A.

Montana: Hope you were able to continue with the puzzle. Let me know.

I started this puzzle at 8:00 this morning. Just finished it. Worked off and on all day.

What does BON MOT mean?

BUTANE was easy.

Tried IMAMITE. Then IMAMATE appeared after WHAT A DRAG surfaced.

TROJAN HORSE was good. I did not think that was Greek mythology. I thought it really happened. Comments?

SILESIA was in the back of my head and finally came to light.

The theme eluded me. Caught it after I checked in.

Remembered YITZHAK, just took me a while to remember how to spell it.

I am turning in. I spent about 4 hours on this puzzle today, in bits and pieces. I did look a couple up. I could not go straight through the night.

See you tomorrow.



Bill G. said...

I am watching the Emmy awards on the DVR so I can fast forward through the ads and the bad parts of the show. It turns out that means I'm zipping through almost everything. I find it about as enjoyable as David Letterman's tedious and tired Top Ten Lists. About the only things I've enjoyed so far were the tribute to Jean Stapleton and the presentation by Sofia Vergara.

I think they should be giving an award to Foyle's War.

The America's Cup races were interesting. Even though I've sailed a little bit, this is so much more technical. I'm guessing most people (like me) don't understand all of the technical stuff on the boats like the sails and the foils and the equipment to control them. Then there are the tactics of finding the best direction, when to tack, etc. Even without knowing all that stuff, watching those boats knifing through San Francisco Bay is awe-inspiring and beautiful.

A bon mot is a French expression for a clever word or a clever saying; a witticism.

Anonymous T said...

Abejo: No - it wasn't a horse it was a rabbit . History has a way of changing what we "know."

Bill G. I'm with you on Foyle's War.

I just started Zelot. Anyone else read it?


fermatprime said...

Bill G,

With you on Emmys and Foyle's War. Tonight's episode of the latter spectacular.