Sep 7, 2013

Saturday, Sep 7th, 2013, Alan Olschwang

Theme: None

Words: 68 (missing F,J,Z)

Blocks: 28

    This was a very enjoyable puzzle - there seemed to be plenty of plausible answers that I filled in and was wrong about, but they gave me enough to work with, and I wrapped it up in the SW corner.  Our last construction from Alan came in Jan of '12.  A bit of a clunky grid; two spanners and one climber, plus two 10's and 9's ( but separated ).  Several multiple-word answers, too*.  The 'big ones':

24A. End of a wedding planner's promise : EVERY LAST DETAIL - I got married 'medieval style', and my ex-wife and I planned every last detail; too bad the marriage didn't have the details worked out....

46A. NFL practice team member : TAXI SQUAD PLAYER - first of a few new words/phrases for me; here's what I found

7D. Michael Caine memoir : WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT - well, he played Alfie, didn't he~?  A little wit and wisdom here

Oh! (35A.) - I think this might be the shortest "down" count I have seen....



 1. Asia's __ Sea : ARAL - Always good to start out with a gimme.  For Saturday, I don't think we need the "Asia" part

5. "One more thing," for short : BTW - By The Way, usually seen in texts

8*. Reaffirming words : YES I DO

14. Michael of "Year One" : CERA - His IMDb; can't say I have seen any of his movies

15. "Feels won-n-nderful!" : AHH~!

16*. Knows about : IS IN ON

17. Charity : ALMS

18. Dairy aisle selection : GRADE A EGGS - Great fill, and I had just --A E-- when I WAGed it

20. Relaxation of a kind, briefly : DE-REGulation

22. Abbr. seen in repeat citations : ET AL.

23. Sonic Dash publisher : SEGA - Video game

27. Publishing houses and such : MASS MEDIA

28. Old-time sidewalk show : RAREE - The Wiki on what's probably more commonly known as a Peep Show

29. NFL miscue : INTerception; if you want to get off the taxi squad....

30. Old Bikini Bare competitor : NEET - NAIR? NEET? which one~?

31. Univ. peer leaders : RAs - Resident Assistants - the ones who can get you the beer if they're cool, or take it away if they're not

32. They're beside the point: Abbr. : CTs - Dollars and Cents, tho it doesn't make sense; they're both beside the point ($14.95)

33. Pop-up costs : AD RATES

35. Raised-eyebrow words : OHs

38. Letters at sea : U.S.S. A clue for Spitzboov, et al.

39. Southwestern ridge : LOMA - another new word for me today

40. "Krazy" critter : KAT

41. One taking a cut : AGENT - what....about 10%~?  I'm looking for a book publishing agent

44. In cut time, musically : ALLA BREVE

48. Give the heave-ho : OUST - I had FIRE first

49. Goya's "Duchess of __" : ALBA - Whoa~! I dare you to look for images of JUST 'Duchess of Alba'