Sep 27, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013 Matt Skoczen

Theme: Old Musicals! 4:59  (1935)

17A. *Doing more than is necessary : GOING OVER THE TOP.

22A. *Where secrets are kept : UNDER ONE'S HAT.

37A. *"The Elements of Style" co-author : E.B. WHITE.

39A. *"We're even!" : IT'S A TIE.


47A. *Words before a flip : HEADS OR TAILS.

58A. Celebration suggested by words that end answers to starred clues : A NIGHT ON THE TOWN.

Well, I have to admit, that the theme eluded me until I got to the reveal.  But I loves me an old musical, and Fred Astaire is at the top of my list...or is it Gene Kelly???

Marti reporting in today, with heartfelt thanks to Lemony for his courageous effort in writing up (yet another) definition puzzle yesterday!


1. Williams' partner in paint : SHERWIN. Timely entry for me - we are buying an investment property that needs a TON of Sherwin-Williams paint!

8. Vivid : GRAPHIC.

15. Former and current Yankee Alfonso : SORIANO. (I only needed 7 perps, and nailed it!)

16. "How sexy!" : OOH LA LA.

19. Decorates on mischief night, briefly : TPS. How naughty!

20. Norwegian saint : OLAF. V-F dilemma...perps made the choice for me.

21. Bad marks in high school? : ACNE.

26. MD's "Pronto!" : STAT.

29. Habituate : ENURE. I wanted "inure." Here's the difference.

30. New York governor before Spitzer : PATAKI. 1995-2006.

33. Prefix with tarsal : META. Foot bones connected to the ankle bone...

34. Mean: Abbr. : AVG. Hi Avg Joe!

41. OK hours : CST. Central Standard Time in Oklahoma.

42. Hot stuff : LAVA.

44. Toady : YES MAN.

45. "Blue Jasmine" director : ALLEN. Woody. New release with Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin. Has anyone seen it?

46. Map speck : ISLE.

53. Household name in household humor : ERMA. Bombeck.

54. Bologna bone : OSSO. Had to wait for perps before deciding on OSSa or OSSO.

55. Local center? : CEE. If you haven't caught on to these "letter" clues, you need to start cramming now:

     Can opener?
     Head of compliance?
     Corner opening?
     Capital of Colorado?
     First character to appear in "Carmen"?
     Chess opening?

63. Frequent park statue visitors : PIGEONS.

64. "Show Boat" (1936) standout : ROBESONPaul. 4:19 Outstanding, indeed.

65. Gives a kick : SEASONS. Bam!

66. Hanging in the balance : AT STAKE.


1. Army NCO : SSGTStaff Sergeant.

2. Earring shape : HOOP.

3. Most massive known dwarf planet : ERIS. Not a clue.

4. Dog star's first name? : RIN. Haha..."dog star" is the common name for Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major (big dog). Rin Tin Tin.

5. It may be covered : WAGON. I had WAG** and wanted WAGer. But that was just a WAG.

6. "__ Chicago": 1937 Tyrone Power film : IN OLD. About the Chicago Fire of 1871.

7. Exploding stars : NOVAE. Anyone else put NOVAs without checking perps??

8. Brit's oath : GOR. Euphemism for "G-d."

9. Balderdash : ROT.

10. Contented sigh : AHH.

11. "Say __" : PLEASE. Ahhhhh.

12. Contrive : HATCH.

13. Actress Massey : ILONA. Another figure from the '30s.

14. French royal name of yore : CAPET. From 987 - 1328.

18. Violinist Zimbalist : EFREM. Retired for the first time in 1949. Then again in 1955.

22. The Colorado runs through it : UTAH.

23. R.E.M.'s "The __ Love" : ONE I. Here's the video. 3:18

24. Bonkers : NUTTY.

25. Use a Pink Pearl : ERASE. Eraser made by Paper Mate.

26. Project detail, briefly : SPEC.ification.

27. They're run at bars : TABS.

28. Chem lab abbr. : AT. WTATomic WeighT.

31. Defeats, as a bill : KILLS.

32. European prefix : ITALO.

34. Green machines? : ATMS. Nice misdirection. Anyone remember these? 0:33

35. Medical lab vessel : VIAL.

36. Item in a pool : GENE.

38. "Did you __?!" : EVER. Having the theme in mind, I instinctively wanted to write EVAH. 3:29

40. Surplus store caveat : AS IS.

43. "Three Sisters" playwright Chekhov : ANTON.

45. Bits of advice from gramps, perhaps : ADAGES.

47. Jalopies : HEAPS.

48. "Sesame Street" striped-shirt wearer : ERNIE.

49. Cuban girlfriend : AMIGA.

50. Latin stars : ASTRA.

51. Enjoys a lucky streak : IS HOT. Parsed differently, the clue could have been "___ the Sheriff."

52. Editor Marshall and singer Lisa : LOEBS.

55. Toledo thing : COSA.

56. "Star Wars" creature : EWOK.

57. Kin of -ess : ENNE.

59. "Woo-__!" : HOO. I'm almost done!

60. Old Opry network : TNNThe Nashville Network.

61. 1942 FDR creation : OSSOffice of Strategic Services.

62. Asian occasion : TET.

And that's it for this week!


OwenKL said...

Gonna wear my TOP HAT on my crown,
Gonna knot my WHITE TIE up, not down,
Gonna wear my TAILS
Till the moonlight pales,
Gonna spend A NIGHT ON THE TOWN,

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Had no idea what was going on with the theme answers until I read the clue for the theme reveal and knew to look at the last words of each answer. That got me TOP HAT WHITE TIE, which was enough to get me both HEADS OR TAILS and the reveal NIGHT ON THE TOWN.

Struggled with some of the proper names today, including ROBESON (barely remembered) and SORIANO (completely unknown). SORIANO in particular was nasty, since I also didn't know the name of the Tyrone Powers film and, with __OLD in place I actually went with I SOLD instead of IN OLD. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but I only changed it when I didn't get the *TADA*.

Of course, I still didn't get the *TADA* after that because I also had INURE instead of ENURE at 29A. I originally wanted EFRAM for 18D but switched it to EFRIM. Should have realized that EFREM was more likely, but it still looks wrong to me.

Also went with COR (as in "COR Blimey") instead of GOR at 8D. Have I been hearing it wrong all these years? I swear I've never heard of GOR before. I grudgingly changed it when I realized that 8A probably didn't start with CRAP___.


Lemonade714 said...

How odd to wake up and we Matt S. reviewed by Marti, great! Really nice tight puzzle and wonderful write up with all the C clues revealed.

Efrem' s son made 77 Subset Strip and the FUN more fun, and granddaughter Stephanie invented Remington Steele.

Soriano did his best to revive the Yankees after he came back this year, but no playoffs. SHERWIN was interesting and if you are unfamiliar with Paul Robeson and his magnificent voice do listen.

Thanks guys.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Marti and friends. Today's puzzle made me think of Mardi Gras balls, since the TOP HAT, WHITE TIE and TAILS are required attire at some of the balls.

Lots of really fun clues in today's puzzle. I especially liked:
Item in a Pool = GENE.
Gives a Kick = SEASONS.
Hot Stuff = LAVA.

We saw Woody ALLEN's latest movie, Blue Jasmine. I really liked it, but it was a sad movie.

Toad and Bat.

QOD: When you win, you eat better, sleep better and your beer taste better. ~ Johnny Pesky (Sept. 27, 1919 ~ Aug. 13, 2012)


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Started this one right off with SHERMAN -- guess I was thinking about Sherman and Mr. Peabody -- but MAGON and ANOLD didn't make any sense. Apparently ROBESON didn't plant taters and didn't plant cotton; he's still well-remembered.

I immediately entered NOVAE and expected to have to change that E to an S. Instead of UTAH, the answer could have been TEXAS. Different Colorado River, though.

desper-otto said...

Hahtoolah, great QOD. (I also think your new "bat got your tongue" avatar is cute.)

PK (from last night) That was Gosh Darn funny!

Argyle (from last night) Right on with the TOP OFF / TOP UP debate! I didn't do too well with the pinata.

Bill G (from last night) Enjoyed the Mercedes chicken commercial.

Hahtoolah said...

The Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me was fabulous last night! I was not disappointed.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody, and Happy Friday! I got the theme early on, but struggled with the former names. ROBESON and AT STAKE were my last fill ins. I liked:

- 21A: Bad marks in high school? ACNE
- 4D: Dog star's first name: RIN
- 34D: Green machines? ATMS

Hope you all have a great day!

Mari said...

I meant: I struggled with the FORMAL names.

thehondohurricane said...

TGIF everyone,

Today's puzzle eventually won. Did not remember ROBESON & did not know LOEBS.For 57D had Ense instead of ENNE. 36D was Eene (kept wondering what the Hell it was) & ave for 34A. AVG never even registered.

The S for TPS & ERIS was a wag. I would not have been surprised if they were wrong seeing I've never heard of either previously.

This was still an enjoyable attempt. Lots of funny & fresh stuff. Favorites were:
65A Gives a kick/SEASONS. 21A Bad marks .../ACNE, & 16A How Sexy/OOH LA LA.

Did anyone happen to see the Yankee game last night? The adulation shown Mariano Rivera by the fans, management, & players from both teams was a moment I will never forget. When Andy & Derek went to the mound in the ninth to take the ball from Mo, he wasn't the only one shedding tears.

kazie said...

The names that I had trouble with were SORIANO, PATAKI, ERIS (unknowns), EFREM (wanted EFRAM), and EB WHITE which was a total WAG.

Other than that not too bad for a Friday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Husker Gary said...

Just right for a Friday! I take satisfaction that many of my missteps mirrored the lovely Marti’s.

-Quickly writing in SHERWIN and SORIANO gave me a false sense of security
-It took the alphabet for this science guy to get AT_T as I was thinking of a process or device
-High Tech TPING my kids loved on Bernoulli day
-Is this OLAF guy the one who married Lena?
-We must have been sitting near a PIGEON ATM in St. Mark’s Square in Venice because they kept making deposits near us
-I’m told there are HOOP Earrings in this picture. Better keep looking.
-This amateur astronomer went to Sirius first too
-Our Covered WAGON
-Are Lemon and I the only ones more familiar with EFREM’s son
-Grandpa’s ADAGES were not PEARLS _ _ A _ _ S

Tinbeni said...

Hondo: I guess you could say that SORIANO was a gimmie for us.
Yeah, that was a very special moment while watching last nights NY Yankees game.

Marti: Excellent write-up & links, esp.the ROBESON song. (Got him with only 7 perps!)

Husker: No

My 'Bad marks in High School' were 'DEES' ... geez, is my NE a mess.
(I guess that is good practice for my Saturday Ink Blot).

My fave today was that bar TABS ... I wonder why?


Husker Gary said...

Fun for baseball and non baseball peeps here!
-After 70 years, Abbot and Costello were right!

Husker Gary said...

Tin ;-), Re: Your NO,
-Did you not find the earrings in the picture either?
-Did you remember Efrem Jr. more easily?
-Were you at OLAV’s and Lena’s wedding?

Tinbeni said...

Husker: I also remember EFREM Zimbalist Jr. and "77 Sunset Strip".

HeartRx said...

Good morning peeps!

Bill G., from last night @ 11:26 PM, hilarious Mercedes ad! I never knew chickens could dance so well...

Hahtoolah, your avatar looks like he is giving us a razzy!

I really had fun with the puzzle. So much good stuff in there. Last night I watched "An American In Paris" with Gene kelly - another classic oldie. But only because I couldn't find my copy of "High Society" with Fred Astaire...

HG, I can't open your hi-tech TP link. (The dreaded "Error 404"...

Husker Gary said...

Dang! Sorry, Marti, et al. How ‘bout this Leaf Blower TP. I figure anything that impresses 13-year-olds is worth posting.

kazie said...

I forgot to add that I didn't know what a pink pearl is. I got the answer via perps and a guess, but was thinking at first it might be something to do with nail polish.

desper-otto said...

I remember Efrem Zimbalist Jr. more for The FBI. When I think of 77 Sunset Strip it's Edd Byrnes who comes to mind.

fermatprime said...


Tough puzzle--took more time than usual. Thanks Matt, Marti!

Another doctor appt. today. Can't seem to sleep (a given). Caught a few winks.


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun, Friday frolic. Very clever theme and fresh fill. Liked the clues for acne, lava, ATM's, and gene. Nice job, Matt, and great expo, Ms. Marti.

I have such a backlog of DVRed shows, it'll take me forever to catch up.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Mean is not the same as average.

Avg Joe said...

Fun puzzle today with lots of fresh fill. But alas, a DNF for me cuz I had no clue about Robeson or cosa, so that natick went blank. No tada with pencil on newsprint.

Thanks for the shoutout Marti. I didn't really think about my own handle when I saw that, but did think about how often I see it as "Ave". In my world, Ave is a relative of a St or Blvd.

Anon at 10:31, Avg is the same as MEAN. Mean is a simple average of all items in the array, median is the point where half are lower and half are higher and mode is the most frequently occurring.

Lemonade714 said...

Efrem Jr.'s partner on the Strip, Roger Smith, has been married to Ann-Margaret for 46 years. IMAGE . He has not acted in almost as long, as he suffers from Myasthenia Gravis . MG.

Lucina said...

Greetings, AMIGAs and amigos!

What a snazzy puzzle and write up today! Thank you Matt and Marti.

I started with NOVAS which quickly changed to NOVAE with UNDER . . . and OLAF was aided by EFREM whose son and granddaughter I remember well.

ALLEN came easily as I saw Blue Jasmine and was entranced by CATE Blanchett who nailed the role of Jasmine. An excellent film!

SORIANO was a complete mystery to me and though I had some perp help still had to look it up. SHERWIN was slow in arriving because I started with MSGT instead of SSGT. The ERASEr did it's job though not a pink pearl.

Some fun clues for ATMS, GENE, ACNE and LAVA.

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Lemonade. I often wondered why Roger Smith stopped acting as he was a knockout in his youth.

Maverick said...

Nailed it. But I had trouble in the NE corner, starting with the fact that my paper printed the clue to 11D as "Sav " rather than "Say ". Then I had CEES, DEES, or EFFS for 21A and UNDERTHEVEST for 22A. Once I had the aha moment of ACNE for bad marks in high school, the rest fell in to place. Question: Why is it OOH and AHH and not OHH or AAH?

Misty said...

Well, I found this a lot easier than Marti's Thursday toughie yesterday, but although I almost got it, I did goof with SHERMIN instead of SHERWIN (haven't done any house painting since I was in graduate school a kazillion years ago). But great theme, Matt, and delightful expo, Marti!We can tell you're a constructor from your fun I SHOT alternative.

Never heard a Brit say GOR, even though we watch tons of BBC programs. Started with NOVAS before switching to the Latin plural. Got my first "letter" clue with CEE! Yay!

Lemonade, thanks for filling us in on the Zimbalist family. I thought so, but wasn't sure.

Have a great Friday, everybody!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Just a few missteps today - EFREM among them, it's one of those spellings that just never look right. Hand up for wanting Inure; the link that Marti provided seems to support the belief that Enure doesn't match Habituate. Thanks, Marti!

Hahtoolah - I meant to wish you Bon voyage to Baton Rouge yesterday, but forgot. Glad you were amused, and I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow.

Incidentally, my strongest memory of the word Inure comes from Wait Wait Don't Tell Me: in one episode there was mention of a push to sell more Budweiser in Europe, about which Peter Sagal opined that it would first be necessary to get beer-knowledgeable Europeans inured to the taste of the stuff. (A panelist quickly added "not gonna happen.")

Prost All!

HeartRx said...

HG @ 9:15, I don't dare let DH see that, or he may get ideas...

Lemonade714 said...

The leaf blower takes all the personal touch out of TPing a house, but I bet it gets the job done quickly. miss m. why would hubbie want one? bad neighbors?

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

The theme makes me want to have a martini and dance with Rita Hayworth.

Other than that, more slog than fun, and "local center" is ruinous.

Has anyone EVER seen the hyper-obscure ITALO-European used anywhere? Calvino was available.

I'll never keep STET/STAT nor INURE/ENURE straight.

"How sexy" could have clued IT'S HOT.

Should have gotten ROBESON, so that one's on me, but the crossing with LOEBS [proper name plural - MEH!] was my natick, and COSA - which despite the Toledo reference is close to inexcusable - made it a double.

ILONA was a Hungarian actress who died 39 years ago, and a google search.

LOUIS fit for French royal name, unfortunately.

By objective standards, not a bad puzzle, I suppose, but not one I enjoyed very much. Oh, well.

Cool regards!
JzB [obviously not a YES MAN]

HeartRx said...

Lemony, DH just likes to play with his toys, so that would give a whole new meaning to his leaf blower...

Jazzb. - Agree with you about Calvino. But didn't you ever hear of the Italo-Austrian War? (Also agree about pl. proper names.)

PK said...

Hi Y'all! More frustration with this puzzle not being even close enough to my length to wave. Puzzle disappeared five times while I was trying to do it. I had the NW block memorized by the 3rd time. I had to do several red-letter alphabet runs to do a lot of the middle. Names were obscure.

Didn't get the theme until Marti told me. Thanks, Marti! I'm foggy this morning, I guess.

36D To go with the theme should have been clued: "Light on his feet Kelly".

I, too, remember Efrem, Jr. for his The FBI role, probably because we didn't have TV during the 77 SS era. Loved his name. Such a ring to it.

JzB: I get a vision of you dancing merrily with Rita with your trombone perched on her shoulder. Might be a traffic hazard with other dancers on the floor though after your martini! LOL!

After ROBESON perped up, I remembered his magnificent voice. I used to love to sing "Ol' Man River" because of him. Mine sounded less fine. With a voice like that he shouldn't plant taters or cotton.

Steve said...

Good Morning Marti and friends

Toughie for me - the reveal helped me enormously as most of the north was pretty much blank at that point.

Struggled with SARG/SGNT/SSGT, had REN for RIN (was thinking REN being a "star" cartoon dog), had CHEESE instead of PLEASE (I had --E-SE so it seemed a gimme), OLAV/OLAF crossing E?RIM was hard.

Being a Brit, I can confirm that it's "Gor Blimey!" It's a cockney rendition of "God Blind Me!", an archaic oath.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Pretty much WEES with regard to the theme. I had a heck of a time with the NE corner because I wanted Say CHEESE and UNDER YOUR HAT. Putting in SUCKUP instead of YES MAN made the east side hard, too. At least I did get PIGEONS right away, and smiled at the imagery it invoked. Just as SHERWIN is Williams' partner, wasn't WHITE Strunk's partner? I always thought (and still think) that PATAKI's name sounds like an African antelope. Best wishes to you all.

desper-otto said...

The attached musical interlude is being sponsored by 63A. If you're sufficiently daring (and not easily offended), I also recommend the link to The Vatican Rag on the R-H side of the link screen.

Ol' Man Keith said...

WHEN I complete a Friday Xword w/o any helps (as I did today's, brag brag), I'm never sure if it's a tribute to my growing brilliance or a sign that the maker is going easy on us. (Thank you, Mr. Skoczen.)

In any event, the only thing that slowed me today (as it did a few others) was leaving CHEESE in place for 11D. That seemed so right and yet it bottled me up for several minutes. Plus I had a little hesitation at GOR, as I always thought the Brit expression was COR.

I guess it's just a matter of transcription, as the hard G and hard C sound pretty much alike when muttered by a shocked or disgruntled limey mouth.

HeartRx said...

d-otto, I remember hearing Tom Lehrer in the '60s, and thought he was hilarious. I never heard the "Vatican Rag" until now, but that one is also a hoot!

Bill G. said...

I thought this was properly hard for a Friday and satisfying. Thanks Matt and Hearti.

TPing may seem like an innocent prank but from our experience, not always. Years ago, some students TPed our front yard covering the juniper bushes thoroughly. Then, unfortunately, the sprinklers came on. The TP got wet and soggy and almost impossible to remove. Some of it was there months later. Not much fun.

I drove to Jordan's school assembly this morning where he was getting a math award for mastering the multiplication tables. That award should have had my name on it too...

Jayce, right you are about Strunk and White as a team. Their "Elements of Style" was like a bible in freshman English classes at Cornell. BTW, I actually liked freshman English. I know it helped me become a butter righter.

Anonymous T said...

G'Afternoon All:

A fun, for the most part, puzzle, but all the names finally sent me to the Google (HBD Goolge - now tell the CIA to get out of your META data!). I still ended with a DNF, but did get the theme...

WEES re: great c/a pairs. Fave was 21a

Hand up for ReN from Ren & Stimpy. It's Log! SOReANO looked just as good for the NL fan :-)

38d made me think of That Dog's song "Did you Ever." I tried to find a good link, but none had decent sound quality (live and recorded on an iPhone).

HG / Marti - I thought the 404 was the TP joke :-) I've already drawn up the design for my leaf-blower - a bent coat hanger & duct-tape!

Hahtoola - That is one crazy bat story. Also, I am so wait, wait, waiting for WWDTM tomorrow AM on the radio.

HG - "Go Ahead, Say it" is something we try to teach younger consultants in our co. That GRAPHIC is going on the wall at the office.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

NE was the tough one for me especially as I had "cheese" instead of "please" and aah instead of ahh.
So it made getting Ilona and Capet hard to get by perps. But the rest just zipped along.

Misty said...

OwenKL, I forgot to say that your first blog entry today was a delightful way to start the morning. Put us all into an elegant and happy mood!

Husker Gary said...

-Our friend Montana sent me this link today before she knew the theme of the puzzle and I asked her to post it to the blog at 7 am. I told her that I would post it late in the afternoon if she didn’t. She is in the land of Larry, Darrell and Darrell and is having computer connectivity issues and so I want to post it for her since it is WONDERFUL and apropos for our theme today. Hayworth and the BeeGees!!
-Please tell me why Fred Astaire is remembered as a fabulous dancer is she is not thought of as his equal. She did everything he did backwards in heels!!

Anonymous T said...

HG - Love the Newheart reference! Too funny.. The link was fun too.

Baseball fans, is Rivera the last active player to wear #42? I was just flipping through sports and that jumpped out at me...

Argggg! Comcast. Two days ago I called & said the HD in the DVR when Tango Uniform. Today, two (two!) vans show up and not a cable box between them. I called the nice woman at the call center and told her, 1) not her fault, 2) this is Faustian, and 3) raise your hand at tomorrow's meeting and be a hero - the process is broken. We'll see if they come tomorrow.

Oh well, no pausing on TV for another day... (1st world problem for sure).

Too much time on my hands (who can name that band?)

Cheers, -T

Tinbeni said...

Anonymous T
Yes, Mariano Rivera is the last player to wear # 42.

As for the Band, that would be STYX

Anonymous T said...

Tin - I like your style :-) Baseball, Styx, and, of course, a Toast at 10a! Cheers, -T

[whatsme] - very existential captcha

HeartRx said...

HG @ 3:56, great clip of Rita Hayworth! I agree, she could do it all...and more.

CrossEyedDave said...

Wees, red letter all the way. No time today (or any Friday) to properly puzzle it out. (as if I could get all those names...)

Learning moment for me was "white Tie." I always thought black tie was for the upper crust, (who knew there was an upper, upper crust?)

(Oh God! now I am getting paranoid,,, I am even afraid to say "crust.")

Pas! Where are you?


White Tie

Black tie

Silly Tie

& possible an an informative tie.

Speaking of "anyWho," HG, it took me all day to figure out your post @ 8:44am! Not being a Baseball whiz it took me forever to realize that hu was on 1st base. (I kept think #14 was on 2nd or 3rd) The foul line should have tipped me off. ( or is it topped me up aka yest...)

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, I wasn't happy with the link at the end of "informative tie" on how to tie a bow tie...

This One (9:51) is definitely better.

(it's all about the fish...)

Why I am pursuing this, I have no idea. I guess I was just curious about how to tie a bow tie. The funny thing is, I would never wear a tie unless it was around my head for "talk like a pirate day."

(but now I will probably even screw that up by tying a bow tie...)

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I'm late to the party today. Everyone had much the same problems that I did. I struggled with this one, but with some help from Mr. G. I managed to fill it all in.

Some good misdirections with the clues were fun: Dog Star's first name, Green Machines, and Item in a pool all were great clues today. I didn't think there were any other clues for ATM but I was wrong.

I'm just lucky to even finish on a Friday--with help or not!

I'm elbow deep in apples this year. I've peeled and cooked and dried, and made apple cakes for over a week now. Our tree really produced a bumper crop. We have a fridge full of great eating apples--crisp and crunchy.

Have a great evening everyone.

HeartRx said...

CrossEyedDave, "Black tie" is always reserved for waiters in Vienna. White tie is the formal wear for all balls...

Chickie, I just made an apple pie for dessert tonight. Yummmm! Apple strudel, apple crisp, applesauce, apple jelly...I could use your bumper crop!!

Bill G. said...

HG, I've seen that Rita Hayworth dancing video a couple of times before but I enjoy it so much that I watched it all over again. She was a great dancer who I never heard much about. Like all the great ones, she made it look easy. "Why, I'll bet I could do that..."

Anonymous said...

I had EFRAM and therefore Anure instead of enure. Otherwise a nice, clean puzzle. I remember Efrem from the FBI series back in the 60's.