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Jan 26, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017 Jerome Gunderson

Theme: "SC-ads" - The letters "SC" are added to a plural noun and clued punningly.

17A. What rattlers that never bask in the sun may get? : PALE SCALES. Pale Ales. Plenty of rattlesnakes around the hiking trails in the Hollywood Hills; you need to be careful.

27A. Strikebreakers at a brewery? : SIX-PACK SCABS. Six-pack abs. Try as I did, I never got a six-pack. Something about my body type, according to one trainer.

45A. What berets cover? : FRENCH SCALPS. French Alps. Cute clue. There are alpine regions in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany. I never skied in Germany, but I have skied the other four countries, quite often two on the same day.

'Allo 'allo

60A. Angry looks in the hayloft? : BARN SCOWLS. Barn Owls. I heard an owl close to my home a couple of days ago. Never heard one in LA before.

Nice theme from Jerome; very consistent in adding the letters to the start of the second word of the original noun. The resulting entry and the clues are fun. A good, solid feel to the rest of the fill too. Let's see what jumps out:


1. Hindu noble : RAJA. RANI for his wife.

5. Like pastrami : CURED. Food! Lovely stuff. I've got the process nailed now. It only takes 18 days to make it.

10. Rum cake : BABA. Two Thursdays in a row for this dessert.

14. "O no! it is an __-fixed mark ... ": Shak. : EVER. The second quatrain of sonnet 116 where the Bard describes what "love" is:

O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.

15. "SNL" alum Cheri : OTERI

16. Restaurant in the same corporate group as Applebee's : IHOP

19. Pool element : GENE. Nice clue.

20. Vegetable __ : OIL. I use coconut oil for general cooking, canola oil for making mayonnaise, olive oil for tomato-based pasta sauces.

21. Sore : ACHY

22. Oaf : LUMMOX. Lovely word, You can completely visualize a person who is a lummox.

24. Careless : SLOPPY

26. "This __ test" : IS A

34. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" creator : DAVID. Crosses for me. Larry David. Talented chap, he was the co-creator of "Seinfeld".

37. Different : OTHER

38. By way of : VIA

39. Controversial sightings : UFOS

40. Demonstrators, often : ANTIS

41. Grammy category : FOLK. Had the "K" and jumped the gun with ROCK. Didn't take long to correct it though. Bruce Springsteen won Best Contemporary Folk Album in 2010 for "The Ghost of Tom Joad" - not the first name that springs to mind in the "Folk" genre.

42. Budgetary waste : FAT

43. Allen who managed the Beatles and Stones : KLEIN. A controversial figure because of sometimes shady business practices. Here's Mick & Co being ultra-cool in 1968.

44. Farmyard noises : OINKS

48. Wee battery : AAA

49. Odorless gas : ETHANE. Certainly looks odorless at first glance, this hydrocarbon.

53. Declare : AFFIRM

56. Comic actor Jacques : TATI. His film "Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot", released in 1953, is still pretty hilarious today.

58. Words in praiseful titles : TO A Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale" for example.

My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains 
         My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk, 
Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains 
         One minute past, and Lethe-wards had sunk: 

59. Track component : RAIL

63. Military wind : FIFE. And Drums.

64. African herbivore : RHINO

65. Lot : FATE

66. Lost traction : SLID

67. Quaker in the forest : ASPEN

68. Adele's brother : FRED. The Astaires, not the singer. At least I don't think she's got a brother named Fred.


1. They get carried away : REPOS

2. Be of use to : AVAIL

3. Pudding snack cup maker : JELLO

4. It may come after you : ARE. I am, you are, he is.

5. Bone below the sacrum : COCCYX. Love this word.

6. State on the Colorado Plateau : UTAH

7. Fall back (on) : RELY

8. Before, in verse : 'ERE

9. Doesn't care for : DISLIKES

10. Lunch order with "special sauce" : BIG MAC. Just lunch? You couldn't get a burger for breakfast at McDonald's because the grills were at a lower temperature to cook the McMuffins. However, when the kitchen changed over from breakfast to lunch at 10:30, you could order a secret menu item - the "Mc10:35" which is a combination Egg McMuffin and McDouble burger. (N.B. Just because you could order it doesn't mean that you should).

11. "May I speak?" : AHEM

12. Pro __ : BONO. I'm pro Bono - I'm a big U2 fan. I just got tickets for the Joshua Tree Tour concert at the Rose Bowl in May.

13. High point : APEX

18. Flavorful : SAPID. Great word. Latin sapidus, tasty.

23. Cold War letters : U.S.S.R.

25. Trident-shaped letters : PSIS. These guys - one uppercase, one lowercase: Ψψ

28. Johnnycakes : PONES. Learning moment for me - I'd never heard of either. A corn pone is a Johnnycake - who knew?

29. Top story : ATTIC. This always takes me a couple of beats to see because in England the building level is a "storey", with an "e".

30. Fine __ : CHINA

31. Lady's company? : AVON. Ding Dong! Avon Calling! Do they sell cosmetics door-to-door any more?

32. Take to the cleaners : BILK

33. Fifth Avenue store : SAKS

34. Keister : DUFF

35. Miles off : AFAR

36. Suffrage, with "the" : VOTE

40. Moorish palace of southern Spain : ALHAMBRA. Beautiful building and gardens in Grenada.

41. Sneakily seek, with "for" : FISH

43. Dodge Aries, e.g. : K-CAR. This seems to be cropping up a lot recently. We had it last Thursday too.

44. Eye-related : OPTIC

46. Aced : NAILED. Crossword solver's triumph. Nailed it!

47. Shows one's feelings : LETS ON

50. Battling : AT WAR

51. "48 HRS." co-star : NOLTE. Nick.

52. Moved carefully : EASED

53. Stray sounds? : ARFS. Sounds from the dog pound.

54. Epic __ : FAIL. Popular Internet meme. No marks for grammar, though,

55. Name for a poodle : FIFI.

56. Vacation plan : TRIP. Because "itinerary" doesn't fit.

57. Diarist Frank : ANNE

61. "I get it" sounds : AHS

62. Not quite right : OFF. Much less serious than an epic fail.

I think that just about wraps it up. Here's the grid!


Note from C.C.:

Dudley went to Wellesley, MA for business yesterday. He said "Next door is none other than Natick, so along the way, I paused for a tourist photo".

So next time you're stumped by a tough crossing, think of Dudley!

Oct 31, 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016 Jerome Gunderson

Theme: Western Williams - Threre Bills from the old West.

20A. Bovine skin once used as a painting surface by Native Americans: BUFFALO HIDE. Buffalo Bill Cody

33A. Untamed equines: WILD HORSES. Wild Bill Hickok.

40A. Rio Grande feeder: PECOS RIVER. Pecos Bill of Texas. (I apologize for the non-PC lyrics that are offensive by today's standards.)

52A. Stack for the bookkeeper to pay ... or, literally, what 20-, 33- and 40-Across' first words constitute: PILE OF BILLS

Argyle here. We haven't had a Jerome for almost year now and with all the CSO's to me, I'm not saying one bad word about it.


1. Words before "Tricked you!": "HA-HA!"

5. Whirled: SPUN

9. Exxon merger partner: MOBIL

14. Musk of Tesla Motors: ELON

15. Syllables from Santa: "HO, HO"

16. Get away from, as pursuers: EVADE

17. Tooth anchor: ROOT

18. Border on: ABUT

19. Female 33-Across: MARES. 33A. Untamed equines: WILD HORSES

23. Nocturnal flier: BAT

24. Partner: ALLY

25. Peruvian peaks: ANDES

27. Music room system: STEREO

30. Zsa Zsa, to Eva: SISTER. Magda, Zsa Zsa, and Eva. Zsa Zsa is in frail health as she nears 100 but is still with us at this point.

32. Toasty: WARM

37. Baba who outwitted thieves: ALI. And there was forty of them!

38. Actor Mineo: SAL. He lives on in crosswords.

39. Med. care option: HMO. (Health Maintenance Organization)

45. Italia's capital: ROMA

46. Halloween goodies: TREATS. I think I'll hand out Sky Bars if I can find them.

47. Equal to, with "with": ON A PAR

49. Like sheep sans wool: SHORN

50. Pained cry: MOAN

51. Guerrilla Guevara: CHE

58. Western writer Bret: HARTE. He created a character called Yuba Bill.

60. Many: A LOT

61. Tidy: NEAT

62. "Know what __?": I MEAN

63. Rural storage cylinder: SILO. Some are repurposed.

64. Scarlett O'Hara's home: TARA

65. IRS examination: AUDIT

66. Go berserk: SNAP

67. "Not great, not bad": "OKAY"


1. Basil or rosemary: HERB

2. Baseball family name: ALOU

3. Pig's foot part: HOOF

4. Insect nest with tunnels: ANT FARM. Tried hill first.

5. Perfect for wading: SHALLOW

6. N'awlins sandwich: PO'BOY. New Orleans, yum.

7. "Nope": "UH-UH"

8. "The Little Red Hen" denial: "NOT I". "Nope, UH-UH"

9. Souvenir: MEMENTO

10. Eggs in a lab: OVA

11. Clip joint?: BARBERSHOP. Are they holding their own against salons?

12. Imagination output: IDEAs

13. For fear that: LEST

21. Stein filler: ALE

22. Pinch from a chef: DASH

26. German article: DER. "der", "die" and "das".

27. Trade: SWAP

28. "Cautionary" account: TALE

29. Leif's father: ERIC, THE RED. Norwegian Viking explorers.

30. Poles and Serbs: SLAVs

31. Not doing much of anything: IDLE

34. "What time __?": IS IT

35. Poet Lazarus: EMMA. She penned, “Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

36. Fly high: SOAR

41. Guatemala gold: ORO

42. Eden tempter: SERPENT

43. Rajah's mate: RANI

44. Santa's landing spot: ROOF TOP

45. Met by chance: RAN INTO

48. Catch, as a crook: NAB

49. SeaWorld orca: SHAMU

50. Dough in a wallet: MOOLA

51. "Pet" with Smiley and Winky versions: CHIA

53. Young lady: LASS

54. Model Nordegren once married to Tiger Woods: ELIN

55. Radiator problem: LEAK

56. Tomb Raider's __ Croft: LARA. Video game.

57. Stick around: STAY

59. Mai __: TAI


Dec 10, 2015

Thursday, December 10th 2015 Jerome Gunderson

Theme: Steve! This blogger's initials are added to the start of each theme entry to create a wacky new phrase.

17A. Airline seating for Mensa members? : SMART CLASS. I just took this online IQ Test out of curiosity. I'm not sure how accurate these things are, but I think I came out about where I expected.

65A. Mickey Rooney and Danny DeVito? : SMALL STARS. At 5'2", Rooney towered over DeVito by a mighty two inches. Danny's portrayal of Louie on "Taxi" is one of my favorites.

10D. Overly ingratiating little devils? : SMARMY BRATS

25D. "Hee-Haw" humor, but just a touch? : SMEAR OF CORN. And possibly an apt way to describe the theme entries?

Howdy, folks! Of course Jerome didn't construct this puzzle with me in mind, but I wasn't quite sure how to describe the theme so this seemed as good an explanation as any. Two theme entries across-wise and two downwards for a total of 42 squares leaves a lot of room for some nice fill, which is what we get. Very little in the way of crossword-ese makes for a smooth solve.


1. Mennonite sect : AMISH

6. Nasty bit of trickery : SCAM

10. Chopped side : SLAW. Food! I made some just the other day - both white and red cabbage and carrots.

14. Trunk full of organs? : TORSO. Fun clue.

15. "Casablanca" heroine : ILSA. Played by the wonderful Ingrid Bergman.

16. Speck : MOTE

19. Milne's Hundred __ Wood : ACRE. Based on the beautiful landscape of the Ashdown Forest in Sussex, England. Milne lived on the northern edge of the forest in a house subsequently owned by the Rolling Stones' ill-starred guitarist Brian Jones.

20. Fire dept. employee : E.M.T.

21. Many ages : AEON. Four of these in the Earth's geological history - Hadean, Archean, Proterozoic and Phanerozoic. We all knew that, right?

22. Out of the country : ABROAD

24. Subordinate's yes : AYE SIR

26. Jewish folklore creature : GOLEM. Nailed it! Cropped up enough times in crosswords to finally stick in my brain.

28. He's a horse, of course : MR. ED. I'll go right to the source.

30. Watched for the evening, say : BABYSAT

34. Bar in a shower : CAKE. SOAP went in, SOAP came out.

37. Mark of approval : SEAL

39. Justice Kagan appointer : OBAMA

40. WWII threat : U-BOAT. I caused myself a couple of do-overs in this area when I had *BO** and immediately saw "H-BOMB". Wrong.

42. Andy Capp's spouse : FLO

43. Preen : PRIMP

44. Mulligan, for one : RETRY. Named for golfer David Mulligan, a member of Winged Foot golf club in the 1920's.

45. Counting-out word : EENY

47. Natural balm : ALOE

48. Embarrassing mistake : BLOOPER

50. Antihero? : GOAT

52. Big spread : FEAST

54. Like Yogi or Smokey : URSINE

58. One of the haves : FAT CAT

61. Prefix with port : HELI-. Here's a particularly vertigo-inducing example at the top of the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai.

63. Constrictive creature : BOA

64. Empty auditorium effect : ECHO

68. Management level : TIER

69. Electrified atoms : IONS

70. Like some reprimands : TERSE

71. Shangri-la : EDEN

72. Goddess of victory : NIKE. Adidas is the German god of victory, or did I make that up?

73. Resting places : OASES


1. On the main : AT SEA

2. Toddler's gleeful shout : MOMMY!

3. More than just annoyed : IRATE

4. Abbr. on old Eurasian maps : S.S.R. Plenty of these in this example:

5. Windbag's output : HOT AIR

6. Grain holder : SILO

7. Metallic sound : CLANG

8. Donkey : ASS

9. Tandoori __: South Asian spice mix : MASALA. Food! This is my tin - I go through  a lot of this stuff, so I get three or four at a time when I go to the Indian market. The tins are vacuum-sealed, so keep pretty well in the pantry.

11. Daft : LOCO

12. Gillette razor : ATRA

13. Location-dependent plant designation : WEED

18. First known asteroid : CERES. Discovered by one Guiseppe Piazzi in 1801, it was first considered a planet, then suffered a Pluto-style downgrade in the 1850's.

23. Coltrane genre : BEBOP

27. Billiard table shape : OBLONG. A hockey rink is an oblong also. Oblongs can have rounded or square ends.

29. Postpones : DEFERS

31. Advance using wind : SAIL

32. Big bang cause, sometimes : AMMO

33. Sticky stuff : TAPE

34. Street border : CURB

35. Explorer Tasman : ABEL. Whence Tasmania and the Tasman Straits.

36. Japanese relative of the zither : KOTO. The immensely-talented June Kuramoto appeared with her band Hiroshima at my local music venue earlier this year. She described her koto as "a surfboard with strings".

38. Sierra Nevada product : ALE. The brewing company, not the mountain range.

41. Very ambitious sort : TYPE A. I'm more of a "B".

46. "__ be sorry!" : YOU'LL

49. Cancels the reservation, maybe : EATS IN

51. Blue blood, for short : ARISTO. My last fill. Nice word! The letter sequence doesn't immediately give the game away, especially with the final "O".

53. Express gratitude to : THANK

55. Structural beams : I-BARS

56. Old language that gives us "berserk" : NORSE. Coming up against a berserker or two bent on marauding mayhem was pretty much guaranteed to ruin your day.

57. Moves with care : EASES

58. Big bash : FÊTE

59. Battery fluid : ACID

60. Passé pronoun : THEE

62. Otherwise : ELSE

66. Miss Piggy tagline : MOI

67. Bigelow's Sweet Dreams, e.g. : TEA

Here's the grid, and that's all from me!


Oct 6, 2015

Tuesday, October 6 2015, Jerome Gunderson

Theme: Anagram.

17. Political nickname for the Pacific states : LEFT COAST.  Because they lean politically left.

29. Mexican seafood entrée : FISH TACOS. That made me hungry.

49. Protective botanical layers : SEED COATS. Look, it really is like a little coat.

66. Foppish neckwear : SILK ASCOT 

41. Puccini title soprano whose name is an anagram of the ends of the four longest puzzle answers : TOSCA. Trailer below from The Royal Opera House in L(1:06)

Melissa here. Five letters that can spell at least four different words - although two are plural.  Also, ACOST, but I know of no "____ ACOST" phrase. The crossing of ROLLE and BILE was the last to fill in for me - I first entered BITE, not remembering the name of the actress.


 1. Lose brightness : FADE

5. Sonic the Hedgehog developer : SEGA
9. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" instrument : ORGAN

14. High-resolution film format : I-MAX. Tried HD--.  

15. Spanish cross : CRUZ
16. Lariat loop : NOOSE. Lasso? Nope. Reata? Nope. Noose. Ding ding.

19. Up and about : ASTIR

20. Catch in a snare : ENTRAP

21. Departs : HEADS OFF

23. Tiler's calculation : AREA

25. Civil War side: Abbr. : CSA. Confederate States of America.

26. Deep voice : BASSO

35. European peak : ALP

36. Delivered from the womb : BORN

38. Trix or Kix : CEREAL

39. Rubber roller : TIRE

43. Designer Schiaparelli : ELSA

44. Nevertheless : EVEN SO

46. Geological timespans : EONS

48. Put a match to : LIT

51. Uneven, as a leaf's edge : EROSE

53. Everything : ALL
54. "Gone With the Wind" plantation : TARA

56. When the cock crows : DAYBREAK

61. Gospel writer enshrined in a Venice basilica : ST. MARK. Outside. Inside. Interesting.

65. To no __: fruitlessly : AVAIL

68. Esther of "Good Times" : ROLLE. Couldn't remember her name.

ha ha
69. Bendable joint : KNEE

70. Lake on New York's western border : ERIE

71. 140-characters-or-less message : TWEET

72. Like much cheese and wine : AGED

73. Scream : YELL

1. Submit one's taxes : FILE

2. "You said it!" : AMEN

3. Inane : DAFT.

4. Crowd scene actors : EXTRAS

5. Mouthwash brand : SCOPE

6. Significant time : ERA

7. Speak effusively : GUSH

8. Early Mexicans : AZTECS

 9. At the movies, perhaps : ON A DATE.
10. '90s candidate H. __ Perot : ROSS

11. Attend : GO TO

12. "Yeah, sure" : AS IF. Such a rude expression, imo.

13. Soft ball maker : NERF
18. Chocolate substitute : CAROB

22. Waste receptacle : ASH CAN

24. Dr. J hairstyle : AFRO

26. Motel in a Hitchcock classic : BATES
27. Energetic : ALIVE

28. Shopping frenzy : SPREE

30. Map in a map : INSET

31. "__ you coming?" : ARE

32. String quartet member : CELLO. Two violins, one viola, and a cellist. Pictured below is the Brentano String Quartet. Here is their performance of "Quartet for Strings No. 6 in F minor, Op. 80 by Felix Mendelssohn (5:03).

33. Fertile desert spot : OASIS

34. Pool table slab : SLATE

37. "Becket" star Peter : O'TOOLE. 1964 Movie with Richard Burton, I had no idea.

40. Come to a close : END

42. Price : COST

45. Miss in the game of Clue : SCARLET

 47. Mattress choice : SERTA
50. 49th state : ALASKA. Setting of Northern Exposure. Filmed in Roslyn, Washington.

 52. Jazz pianist Lewis : RAMSEY
55. Showed curiosity : ASKED

56. Blowgun projectile : DART 

57. Swear to be true : AVOW
58. Third-oldest U.S. university : YALE

59. Irascibility : BILE. Not bite.

60. Mattress choice : KING. Clecho.

62. Good-sized backyard : ACRE
63. Churn up : ROIL

64. "Power Hits" series record label : K-TEL. Wasn't aware they are still in business.

67. Robert E. __ : LEE