Aug 24, 2020

Monday August 24, 2020 Jerome Gunderson


Theme: AVIAN (38. Bird-related ... four of them have landed at the ends of the answers to starred clues) - The last four letter of each theme entry is a bird.

17A. *A total failure "goes over like" one: LEAD BALLOON.

57A. *Hotel chain with a geographical name: BEST WESTERN.

3D. *Last Supper cup: HOLY GRAIL.

34D. *Monastic hood: MONK'S COWL.

Boomer here. The LOON is Minnesota's state bird. No, we are not Loonies. I did not know that a RAIL was a bird.  I thought it was something I hold on to while climbing stairs. 
With that, I wish to extend best wishes and good health to all friends in California as fires are devastating the state.  I have two sisters in the Bay Area and I am told that it is difficult to breathe.  I also want to extend hope and happiness to our friend Desper-otto and Tony as hurricane Laura is traveling toward Eastern Texas.  Best of luck and best wishes for health and happiness to all in range of of this nastiness.      


1. LBJ's vice president: HHH.  Indeed, Hubert Horatio Humphrey from Waverly Minnesota.  I have fished in Lake Waverly a few times, great for panfish.

4. Sponsor's tube spot: TV AD.  Too many on the golf channel.  I keep using my remote to try to avoid commercials.

8. Dracula stabber: STAKE.  A pile of cash for poker?

13. Tic-tac-toe winner: OOO.

14. Glow: SHINE.  "SHINE, SHINE, who wants a SHINE"

15. One-on-one teacher: TUTOR. Schools are working hard to make things work. TUTORS are expensive 

16. Fifth scale note: SOL. "SOL, a needle pulling thread." Sound of Music.

19. Arena overhead view provider: SKYCAM.

21. Cowpoke's "okay": YUP.  Have I ever poked a cow?? NOPE

22. Tattoo artist's array: INKS.  I never bought a tattoo.  Some look pretty good, others are too much.

23. Stares open-mouthed: GAPES.

25. Violent storm: TEMPEST.  Comes in a teapot.

27. Eaten away by rust, say: CORRODED.  Sounds like my 1955 Oldsmobile.

30. More, in Mexico: MAS.

31. Once more: AGAIN.

32. Weather guy Al: ROKER.  Not my favorite.  I remember he was on "Seinfeld" once.

34. __ and cheese: MAC.  I have a box in the cupboard. Seems like a good side dish but I never get around to it.

37. Smooth-tongued: GLIB.  Lots of smooth tongues on some of those TV ads mentioned earlier.

39. April 1 "honoree": FOOL.

40. Slim fish often smoked: EEL.  Terrible!  Lake Waverly by Hubert's house yielded many Sunfish and Crappies.  Crappies are not crappy). 

41. Itty-bitty: TEENY.  "It was an itsy bitsy, TEENY weenie, yellow polka dot bikini".

42. Joltless java brand: SANKA.  Sorry, I really like caffeine.

43. Tips container: JAR.  My golf course clubhouse has a glass cup for tips.  They stopped charging me for a cart, so I dropped a couple of Sacagawea golden dollars in one day.

44. Leather bookbinding material: GOATSKIN.

46. Type of pub named for its unglamorous appearance: DIVE BAR.  Most of them may be named Covid distribution centers.

50. Blind pieces: SLATS. We have vertical which work very well.  Yes, sometimes there is morning sun in Minnesota.

51. Greek goddess of discord: ERIS.

52. Greek T: TAU.

54. Financial word before year or policy: FISCAL.

60. Beer named for Washington's capital, briefly: OLY.  Oh, I thought it was named after Sven's buddy.

61. Prefix with national: INTER.  Or STATE which is a big highway.

62. Covers with asphalt: PAVES.  Normally the surface of the above big highway.

63. Was victorious: WON.  Twins have WON more than they lost so far, but it's a strange season.

64. Wet-eyed: TEARY.

65. Roe source: SHAD.

66. __ Luthor, Superman nemesis: LEX.


1. Bulky "Bonanza" brother: HOSS.  The biggest Cartwright.  Dan Blocker died at age 43.

2. "Peter Pan" captain: HOOK.  Played by Dustin Hoffman I think.

4. Focused on a subject, as a crossword: THEMED.  I generally say a few CROSS WORDS when I can't figure out the theme.

5. By way of: VIA.

6. Artist Warhol: ANDY.  He has a museum in New York.

7. First appearance: DEBUT.  Ryan Jeffers made a DEBUT as catcher last week when Mitch Garver got hurt.  Jeffers singled and drove in a run in his first at bat.  I am sure that baseball is on a shelf in his home.

8. Cards, in box scores: STL.  Twins played them early.  Before they had some positives.

9. "Tiptoe Through the __": TULIPS.

10. Make things right: ATONE.  Let me know if I irritate you. I will sing you A TONE.

11. Goofballs: KOOKS.

12. Dadaist Max: ERNST.

14. Apply carelessly: SLAP ON.  Looks like a hockey shot to me.

18. Theoretical missing links: APE-MEN.

20. West Indies native: CARIB.

24. Dish up, as a dish: SERVE.  Or whack a tennis ball or slap a volleyball.

26. St. Patrick's mo.: MAR.  This also happens to be the month when I put the bowling ball in my bag and it is sitting lonely in the garage,

27. Zoo enclosure: CAGE.  I never knew why a basketball player is called a CAGER.  I am not old enough to remember when basketball was played in a CAGE.

28. Look at creepily: OGLE.

29. Washing, as the dishes: DOING.

33. Bout-ending blows: KAYOS.  Knock it off.

35. Golfer Isao: AOKI. You won't find him at the Northern Trust PGA in Boston or even Champions Tour these days.

36. Scottish family: CLAN.

38. Fizz up, as water: AERATE.  Actually to me it means - punch a whole bunch of little holes in a green.

39. Protests by not eating: FASTS.  We used to do this during Lent, it was not a protest, just a ritual.

41. Saloon bill: TAB.  I never liked Coke products,  I drink Diet Pepsi and not TAB.  I'm not even sure if TAB is still around.

42. Oil leak blemishes: STAINS.  The best way to clean them off the garage floor is use Coke.

43. Court clown: JESTER.  It was cancelled this year, but Minneapolis usually has an "Aquatennial festival and parade".  The clowns are called Aqua JESTERS.

45. Director Hitchcock: ALFRED.  Interesting Q and A, since the theme of this puzzle is "THE BIRDS".

46. Kind of bank card: DEBIT.  We don't use ours since the bank kicks us back a few cents on our credit card purchases.

47. Goodnight woman of song: IRENE.  "I'll see you in my dreams".

48. Panoramic view: VISTA.  Sometimes we visit the Electrical Dam near our home on the Mississippi River.  It is a very panoramic site.

49. Carpenter's files: RASPS.

53. Home of the Jazz: UTAH.  Jeopardy had a category where the clues asked for team names that were not plural.  Jazz was one of the answers.

55. Natural burn balm: ALOE.

56. Bobcat, e.g.: LYNX.  Our WNBA Minnesota team was another clue.

58. Dryly humorous: WRY.  I try to be dryly humorous on this site, but sometimes I cannot help getting wet.

59. Little __, singer of the #1 hit "The Loco-Motion": EVA. "Do it nice and easy now and don't lose control."



D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornerites.

Thank you Jerome Gunderson for your enjoyable Monday CW. 

Carol FIR without my help in 20:01 min.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.


OwenKL said...

A RAIL, and a LOON, a TERN and an OWL,
Argued which was the most elegant fowl.
Said the Rail, "My singing you'll admit is superb
My caws are the HOLY GRAIL for a bird!"
Said the Loon, "You may think I'm a KOOK or FOOL,
But I can maul anyone who comes close to my pool!"
Said the Tern, "My style contains all my grace
When I DIVE to pluck fish from the ocean's face!"
Said the Owl, "You are great, yes, every one!
A varietal who's "hoo" of the AVIAN run!
So let's stop this bickering!" He used his tact,
The skill that made him the best, it's a fact!

Hungry Mother said...

Not hAm and cheese, but still an easy lope. Enjoyed seeing the birds. It’s almost the time of year to see Royal and Caspian TERNs on the mid-Atlantic beaches along with Black Skimmers.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

It's been awhile since we've seen Jerome at the creating rather than commenting podium. Automatically inked in SMEE at the "Peter Pan" clue. Wite-Out, please. I expected a reveal on a Monday. Oh, there was a reveal? This one came in under six, which is really fast for this slow-poke. Never noticed the birds as I flew past, but that's become the norm. Enjoyed it, though. Thanx, Jerome and Boomer, the best bowler by a damsite.

DEBIT: Only use mine at the ATM. The credit cards offer far better protection for most uses.

TULIPS: Stomping Through The Nasties

Lemonade714 said...

The Birds are back! So soon after Jeffrey Wechsler's take on the topic last Friday our friend Jerome Gunderson is back with his first LAT in three years or so.

The Roman equivalent of ERIS is DISCORDIA which is easier to remember. Sounds like ERES from the all-time favorite Spanish song Eres Tú .

Good to see you Jerome and Boomer you had another 300 game here.

Bob Lee said...

Nice easy Monday to start the week, although I'd never heard of a RAIL and who spells a KO as KAYO?

Tiptoe through the Tulips will forever make me 'hear' Tiny Tim's (Herbert Butros Khaury) falsetto voice. He's buried at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Jerome. Thank you, Boomer.

Pretty tired this AM. Solved w/o thinking about anything other than filling in the blanks. Didn't look for the theme answers. Should have waited and solved it later.

Boomer, I first had ham rather than MAC. I've never cared for MAC and cheese, but maybe I've never had the right one. Some of the versions shown on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives look tasty, but I still think I'd look for something else on the menu.

TAB is still around. It should be on your PC keyboard, below the ESC key :>).

I'm thinking about going back to bed. Might have overdone it yesterday.

ATLGranny said...

HO, HO, HO, it's off to a good start we go for the week. FIR, tho my pen wanted to make plurals instead of past tenses a few times, my only W/Os. Saw the theme clearly, after realizing it meant the bird LOON and not the airborne balloon.

Good job, Jerome and Boomer! And nice to see you again, OwenKL. Best wishes to all threatened by fires or storms. Hope everyone stays safe!

Husker Gary said...

-HO, HO, HO really jumped out at me
-I’ll never know if I would have gotten Jerome’s fun THEME because the reveal was in the middle
-Dan Brown’s take on the HOLY GRAIL in The Da Vinci Code was very interesting
-Real Estate companies now use drones to post aerial views of properties online
-Yeah, right, I was the only one who put in TORNADO
-Cars like that 1955 Olds had personality and CORROISON
-HOOK is Cyril Ritchard to me
-Huh? Minneapolis Lakers became the LA Lakers and New Orleans Jazz became the UTAH Jazz
-I hope our Northern California friend Jerome in not in fire jeopardy

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy solve today; no errors. Seemed like a throwback to words in vogue a dozen years ago. Fun. Thanks Jerome.
The THEMED birds came easily, too.
In the 40's, when fishermen (they fished from our property.) caught EELS in the Hudson, they would give them to my parents who savored them. I have had smoked EEL in Germany, but BH says it makes her sick.
GOATSKIN - I have a moleskin covered notebook; curtesy of WSJ, but I don't think it is made from moles; but rather from a cotton origin.

Our paper had "futurize" in it today, But I think it's a made-up word. But then I never went to editor school, either.

Good luck to -T and D-O., and also the Louisiana gang. D-O, have you pm'ed and 'exercised' your back-up generator? Hope you don't need it, tho it's good to be ready.

Wilbur Charles said...

Heat would join Lynx and JAZZ.

My Sunday insert has disappeared so I solved on-line. Boomer supplied my missing clues. And morning's entertainment.

I did an old Evan Birnholz Wa-Post earlier this morning (8/9). Another theme I missed like D-O.


desper-otto said...

Spitz, my generator exercises itself for 15 minutes every Saturday morning. I recently replaced the battery, and it isn't due for an oil change or new spark plugs until next year -- it normally only runs a few hours yearly. We're happy to have it when the lights go out for hours, days, even weeks at a time. At this point, it looks like Laura may miss us to the east, but all bets are off until she gets past Cuba and the path firms up.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Jerome, for a very doable start to the week. Any of my errors on my opening across run were corrected by the downs. I liked the theme. Hey, D-O, I found it!

Boomer, that was another fine tour. Thank you very much! I wonder if SANKA is still around now that every brand has a decaf model. I don't recall the orange carafe trim in restaurants lately. Although, I don't recall restaurants either. . . .

Be well and safe, everyone. Enjoy this day.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Mr. Gunderson for an easy doable puzzle, and Boomer for a fun review.

I did not see the birds, but it was charming. The Owl is either very smart, a symbol of intelligence ... or very stupid, in some cultures. Depending on which mythology you would be familiar with. They are also supposed to be blind ( as a Bat ) although they have very sharp hearing. I have an ancient coin of Athens, which has an owl, for Athena,( goddess of wisdom) on the obverse side.

Tutors are expensive ? Btw, I tutor for free. Good, dedicated students are expensive, and rare, and a privilege.

Taco Bell's latest slogan used to be ... Taco Bell Live Mas .... I asked over 20 workers and cashiers at the restaurants, and none of them knew what Mas meant. Most of them thought it meant 'tomorrow' or the beef in the taco... I guess, they're hired for their looks.

The banks make much more money on Debit cards than Credit cards, which is why they push them so hard. 19% of debit cards are lost or forgotten, and never redeemed. Using a credit card gives you theft protection, fraud protection and scam protection for a bad deal. With debit cards, you're on your own, the bank has no responsibility whatsoever, and there is no limit on loss.

Fiscal versus Monetary policy ? Either the Govt. takes its spending money as taxes, out of your pocket ... or prints its own money. Guess which one is easier for most countries, and what our govt. follows. Start the presses !!

inanehiker said...

Nice Monday speed run- learning moment was RAIL was a bird.
As opposed to TTP - I don't think I've met a MAC and cheese I didn't like- though like many others I had HAM before MAC since it was the first entry in that section!
Mini shout out to Lemonade's wife OO in the OOO answer!

Hope everyone stays safe from the fires in the west to derecho clean-up in the Midwest to the hurricanes arriving down south! The masks are filling a dual purpose in California these days!

Thanks Boomer and Jerome!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It was nice to see Jerome’s byline after such a long absence. This was a quick, fun solve with the only unknown being Eris and the only w/o being Decaf/Sanka. I liked the duos of Debit/Debut, Bar/Jar, and the trio of Mac, Mar, and Mas. I also chuckled at Tab crossing Bar. The jury is still out on the HHH - OOO visual. Nice CSO to Tin at Andy.

Thanks, Jerome, for a nice start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the teehees and chuckles and the informative tidbits. I had no recollection of Dan Blocker dying so young.

To all those at the mercy of Mother Nature, please stay safe and be careful.

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

D-O - - Thanks for the reply. I think you've said before yours runs on natural gas.
I've debated putting one in here. But we've got a gas stove, and gas water heater; and a double gas fireplace, so we could have some heat and cook if the power were lost for a period. We have municipal water, so the plumbing would all work.

Tinbeni said...

Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes yesterday.

I did almost nothing but enjoy a few (yeah, 2) Bloody Mary's in the morning, a few Beer's in the afternoon and a few Scotch's as I Toasted the Sunset.

Also enjoyed the Indy 500 ... I was born in Indiana.

68 is a wonderful number ... I pushing for 100.


desper-otto said...

Spitz, it may not be an issue for you, but the biggest advantages down here are A/C and keeping the fridge running. Our stovetop, oven, microwave, and water heater are all electric, so we'd have to do our cooking outside or in the gas fireplace.

Crockett1947 said...

Jerome, Thank you for a FIR out of the gate. Boomer, a stellar write up, but OWL has only three letters!!

OwenKL -- A+++

Stay safe out there.

Yes, Ham fist before the Mac correction.

oc4beach said...

Yep. Like others said. A nice puzzle by Jerome and Boomer's guided tour was enjoyable.

HAM and cheese before MAC and cheese also. I'll probably have a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. My daughter makes a really good baked mac and cheese from scratch, but her husband and son only like the original old Kraft Mac & Cheese made from the yellow cheese powder, so she only gets her favorite when she has company. I like them all.

I had DECAF before SANKA. Although I like leaded coffee, my cardiologist told me to drink DECAF to keep my blood pressure reasonable. I have cut out caffeine to the point that I can tell after one cup if there is caffeine in it because I'm bouncing off the walls. Same goes for caffeinated sodas (pop as we called it when I was growing up) and tea.

I had a couple of other gaffs along the way today that were fixed by perps. SKYBOX before SKYCAM and TORNADO before TEMPEST (I thought that TEMPESTs only occurred at sea or in a teapot).

I also didn't know ERIS, Little EVA or OLY so it was Perps to the rescue for them.

Al ROKER may be the NBC Weather Guy, but he is not a meteorologist. I agree with Boomer.

I read an article recently that the old fashioned motels are doing better than the large hotels like BESTWESTERN these days. No big common areas, no elevators and you can park right outside your door. The pandemic has sure turned a lot of things upside down.

I hope all of you who are being plagued by Mother Nature are safe and well.

Enjoy the day and please wear your masks.

SwampCat said...

Thanks, Jerome, for a wonderful start to the week. I wanted Wine and cheese before you insisted on MAC and cheese. And I never thought of HOSS as bulky. Lovely visual!

Interesting tour, Boomer. Thanks for clearing up things I didn’t know. One question. I thought SANKA was not coffee but a brew of some other, caffeine free, plant. Anyone know?

Vidwan, I think you are confusing DEBIT cards with prepaid or gift cards. I
thought my DEBIT card just takes money out of my bank account.

Our storm prospects have improved. Marco seems to be weakening and moving away from the city. SorryTexas. Our good news is your bad news. And then there’s Laura.... Stay dry!

SwampCat said...

Owen, welcome back!!! A+++++

Shankers said...

As usual, I never see the theme, only blank squares. Had mac before ham because DW used to fix it for the grandkids all the time. Besides, I like it too since it's so easy to make and fills an empty spot. As I mentioned several times recently, Phoenix is suffering through its hottest summer EVER by a long shot. This too shall pass. Not too far off is seven months of bliss. I will opt for heat over fires, hurricanes and "peaceful" protests any day of the week. Stay safe and blessed are you dear Cornerites.

Anonymous said...

There is also an Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA, his home town.

Picard said...

Enjoyed the AVIAN THEME, but only after finishing the puzzle. Learning moment about LYNX. As you know, I often play the JESTER.

Boomer thank you for the JESTER image. Is that really your 1955 Oldsmobile? It does not look at all CORRODED. We had a used 1955 Plymouth Belvedere when I was a child. Those cars used a lot of fuel, but they were magnificent works of art.

Here I attended a local ANDY WARHOL exhibit with a lady friend in 1995.

I have been to much bigger ANDY WARHOL exhibits, but this one was memorable for me because it was held in our small local shopping center. Not sure how that happened.

Picard said...

From Yesterday:
AnonT thank you for the MIT Commencement video with Click and Clack! I had forgotten that they were locals who made it big after attending MIT. Indeed, they totally had the R-LESS way of talking!

NaomiZ said...

Responding to Vidwan827 at 8:46 AM: "Owls are active at night and have excellent hearing, but still rely principally on vision for hunting and socializing. ... Owls' eyes are aimed forward, leaving a large blind spot at their back, which is one reason they need the ability to turn their heads more than three-quarters of the way around." -- David Allen Sibley, _What It's Like To Be A Bird_, 2020.

desper-otto said...

Swampcat, your bank debit card is probably "branded" Visa or MasterCard. If so, you can use it just like a credit card, and it will suck the money right out of your checking account. But it doesn't have the protections offered by a Visa or Mastercard credit card.

Misty said...

Delightful Monday puzzle--many thanks, Jerome. And always great to see you and hear from you on a Monday, Boomer--thank you too.

It was a pleasure to work through this puzzle with the fun bird theme. I too have never heard of a bird called a RAIL, but figured it had to be right. Will have to look up TERN and LOON to see what they look like. I have a bird feeder hanging right next to my desk and computer but keep a board in front of it during the day so I don't spook the birds if I stand up or move around the room. This way they can enjoy their seeds in peace and quiet all day. At least I get to see them sitting on a little branch before they fly up to their feeder.

Owen, a huge treat to have you back, and with an absolutely wonderful poem! I loved it!

Have a safe and good day, everybody.

Lucina said...


Owen, you are back in fine form! I liked your opus.

Congratulations, Jerome! How nice to see a puzzle from you after such a long while. And it's a good one! Put a feather in your cap!

Dustin Hoffman created a great Captain HOOK and Robin Williams a wonderful Peter Pan. My daughter loved that version so I've seen it numerous times. I finally bought a DVD because the VCR tape wore out.

Why HAM and cheese? I immediately filled MAC which is what I used to enjoy for lunch before diabetes rudely interrupted that practice.

MONKSCOWL recalled last night's program about Henry VII on PBS. Though the story is well known, it was a version well done. Did anyone else see it?

BEST WESTERN is my favorite motel for their exceptionally comfortable beds. Whenever I stay there I'm tempted to take one of their pillows but never have done it. Embassy Suites is a close second but it's for their generous breakfasts. Oh, my! I really want to travel again.

We experienced a bad TEMPEST a few nights ago with strong winds and a bit of rain. It's the first rain we've had in many months. March, I think. Shankers, do you remember that last rainfall?

Thank you, Boomer, for your usual sparkling commentary!

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Malodorous Manatee said...

I very nice start to the week. It was notable to start with Hubert Horatio Humphrey during this time of political conventions.

Of course, our old friends, Isao, IRENE, ANDY, Al, LEX, Dan, Max, ALFRED, Captain Hook and EVA all stopped by. Toss in Utah, BEST WESTERN, SANKA, and ERIS and I do believe that there may be a few too many proper nouns for many Monday solvers. Or, that might just reflect my tastes.

Mailman1959 said...

Hey Boomer. I was watching the Twins game when Jerrers got his first hit. I saw them throw the ball into the dugout for him.

Mailman1959 said...

When I saw Western, I was thinking of the Western Meadowlark. Montana's state bird.

SwampCat said...

D-O, I know my bank card has NO protections, unlike credit cards. My bank insisted I get their credit card to use for shopping and pay it off each month for that very reason. I was just responding to the notion that banks make money on unused debit cards as they do on unused gift cards.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Fun easy Monday but seemed to get more difficult the further south I went. FIR with no errors by patiently (for once) waiting for perps. But alas did not warm up to this THEMED puzzle. Maybe a Santa theme with the NW's HO HO HO? But no no no. (ATL Granny, Husker)..And never heard of RAIL either.

Left Joltless Java ___ alone till the perps filled in SANKA..wha? Then I realized the last clue word was brand not band!

Why don't cars come in beautiful two-tones like back in the 50s. Works of art. And easier for this oldster to find in the Walmart's parking lot.

I ran for VP of my HS class in 1967. Lost HHH in 1968. We also thought that Little EVA was actually Carole King . They sounded the same on "Loco-Motion". BTW "Beautiful" the Broadway musical is a must-see.

Other losers...

Irritating seasonal worker _____ TEMPEST.

Proportion of responses that are incorrect ____ AERATE.

Shrinking back:___ away from..SHINE.

Of or related to actress Gardner _____ ..AVIAN.

Impersonate guys _____ ..APEMEN.

"Young man don't take _____ like that with me!".. ATONE.

Weakest ____ LYNX.

All of you in Nature's harms way please take care.

desper-otto said...

Swampcat, I don't understand. How does the bank make money on a debit card if you don't use it?

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

SwampCat (10:42)

Sanka is just decaf coffee. I'll bet you are thinking of Postum, a coffee substitute made from roasted wheat bran.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Jerome and Boomer.
I finished eventually (with 1 Google search) and saw the Bird theme (and a CSO with LOON).
Interesting to have ALFRED after the Hitchcock appearance recently (and even better with The Birds theme).
Spoiler alert: 34D bird also makes an appearance in the Jumble today.

Hand up for Decaf before SANKA; the clue did say "brand".
I had Dewy before TEARY fit the spot; wow, really wet-eyed!

Perps were required for the unknown (to this Canadian) ROKER.
The NW corner was the last to fall. For some reason, I thought of Gold (and was ready to rant that it should be Golden!) GRAIL instead of HOLY.
And of course, this Canadian could not remember LJB's vice-president. HHH required a Google search (on a Monday, no less). That fixed HOLY and my SKDCAM.

KAYOS was a nose-wrinkler
It took me a minute to figure out that 8D Cards referred to Cardinals team. (another bird)
Speaking of birds, how about those Raptors eh!

I think that my Canadian debit card might be more like your American ATM card???

Glad to see you back Owen. We missed you.
Wishing you all a good day.
Stay safe from flood, fire, and pestilence.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Canada eh. The smallest airport in the US can call itself INTERnational if it has at least one flight to Canada. Is the reverse the same?

Ol' Man Keith said...

How happy 'tis to see Owen back with us! And with such an apt poem..
I enjoy reading it aloud, line by line--especially where he manages to include today's Jumble "solution" in this Corner poem.
(Just check line 10.)
Nobody matches him for style or versatility!

NaomiZ said...

How is it that SwampCat has been so misunderstood today? Vidwan827 at 8:46 AM wrote: "The banks make much more money on Debit cards than Credit cards, which is why they push them so hard. 19% of debit cards are lost or forgotten, and never redeemed." Clearly Vidwan827 was thinking of prepaid Visa cards or gift cards. People hand out gift cards for restaurants, etc., and if never redeemed, it's a big win for the bank! But a debit card usually means the card you use to pay directly from your bank account -- just like writing a check. I'm pretty sure that's the distinction SwampCat has endeavored to make, and I would have made it earlier if he hadn't already done such a good job.

LEO III said...

Hi, all! Thanks Jerome and Boomer!

FIR! No problem with the theme or the birds, since Jerome told us where they were. They are definitely birds of a different feather, though.

Did nobody else have CUBAN before CARIB?

Yes, I did the HAM thing first. I should have known better. My youngest granddaughter’s MEAL OF CHOICE is mac and cheese. I don’t think she has ever found one she doesn’t like.

I didn’t know ERIS or AOKI, but the perps got them.

Old enough to have NO problem getting LITTLE EVA!

Also, Tom Lehrer had a great (and pretty true) parody song about HHH, but that’s generally the plight of every VP. The link has a political ad before the song, so I’m not going to link to it. If you are interested, Google “Whatever Became off Hubert?”

DIVEBAR --- I resemble that remark! Of course, here we have the ICEHOUSE! From my Useless Information Department:

Houston Icehouses

Be sure to look through the pictures.

My favorite icehouse was bulldozed years ago, shortly after I was transferred downtown. (Coincidence???) It was a couple of blocks from the office, and a bunch of our cars were programmed to automatically go there right after work every day.

Bubba’s (mentioned in the article) is just a little farther down the street, but we usually only went there for lunch about once a week. Best burgers (regular or buffalo) in town! I also went to my first crawfish boil at Bubba’s, and I first saw my favorite local band there that night.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

The one thing I remember about our VP triple H, was He was always "Pleased as punch".

Abejo said...

Goos afternoon, folks. Thank you, Jerome Gunderson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Could not finish Sunday's puzzle. I think I am too weak to really concentrate. So, I did Monday's puzzle today.

Puzzle went fine. Caught the theme. Very good.

Had to think to remember Humphrey at 1A. Three down perps helped.

Goatskin. Didn't we have that recently?

Have stayed at countless BEST WESTERNS through the years. No complaints. Not so much now since I do not travel.

ALOE. Maybe I will try it some time if I get burned or scratched.

I do not use a DEBIT card at stores. Only the ATM.

Anyhow, my lunch is warming on the stove. Soup. That is all I eat now. One can per day. That's it!

See you tomorrow.


( )

Malodorous Manatee said...

It is always wonderful to see a Tom Lehrer reference. I am never forget the day I first see that he had written songs for The Electric Company. I gave me a warm feeling to know that the next generation would be appropriately warped.

Shankers said...

Yes, Lucinda, the storm a few nights ago packed more wind than rain I thought. And it didn't cool things off much either. I love watch the lightning shows but not too many of them this season.

Vidwan827 said...

NaomiZ .... You are right. I was mistaken. True Debit Cards are just unlimited electronic checks ( or cheques.) - they have value only if used or misused.

Only Gift Cards have a limited intrinsic value. I was confused, in my excitement.
In other matters, 12% of Travellers checks are never redeemed, over 15 years, and 2.8% of cash ( US Dollar Bills) are lost, burnt, destroyed, sewn into mattresses, Every Year. Thats a staggering amount of a staggering total.

The no of $100 Bills, alone, in circ is 12 Billion per FRB, Chicago or $1.2 Trillion. And it cost the FRB only 16.2 cents,each, to produce. 82% of these bills permanently reside outside the US, after being exchanged for $100 worth of ( hopefully !!) useful goods from the rest of the world ... Thats a hell of a gift from the Rest of the World ....

Producing a $500 Currency Note would add $44 Billion to the federal budget ... but its been vetoed because only criminals and drug dealers would use them. Even the 500 Euro bill is out now. BTW, an old $500 bill costs about $ 760 to $ 1800 depending on condition, wear and year.

On the other hand, even though the US has not had diplomatic relations with Iran, since 1979, 41 years ago, the most common foreign currency in circ on the streets of Teheran is a US $100 bill ....

Picard said...

LEO III and Malodorous Manatee thank you for reminding us all about the Tom Lehrer song about HHH. I grew up listening to that album "That Was the Year That Was" and I also immediately thought of that song when I saw HHH today.

Here is the Tom Lehrer tribute to HHH "Whatever Became of Hubert" complete with lyrics.

Every song on that album is a treasure.

Vidwan thanks for the fun facts about cash.

Please be aware that SwampCat is a "she" not a "he". Thanks for your comments and clarifications, SwampCat.

Ol' Man Keith said...

. Today we have two diagonals, one to a side:
On the near end, the anagram speaks to a sacred enigma, a blessed puzzle, or a...
(Groucho would call it a miraculous duo of watery avians.)
Construed differently, the anagram tells us that our paradox is...
On the far side, the anagram refers to that special time when a poker player declares himself "All in." That, of course, is an ...

Spitzboov said...

I learned today that we have a new International Unit of measurement:

One new panda ≡ a stick of butter.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and am pleased that Jerome has resurfaced. Also pleased to see that Owen has also resurfaced. I confess I did put in HAM and cheese before discovering it had to be MAC. Didn't see ERIS because it filled in by perps; good thing, though, because I wouldn't have known it. The same with EVA.

There's a story that someone approached Beethoven after hearing him (Beethoven) perform his piano sonata number 17 (Opus 31 No. 2) and asked him what it meant. Beethoven gruffly replied, "Read The Tempest." From then on, the story goes, that sonata has always been referred to as The Tempest sonata. (By the way, regardless of what inner meaning it may or may not have, I love it.) (By the way by the way, I don't think it has any "meaning" or that the composer intended it to. It's just plain THEMEless music.)

Boomer, your two sisters are right: the air is difficult to breathe.

That 1955 Oldsmobile is gorgeous.

A friend of mine once joked (badly) that the framework on which the SHAD is dried and smoked is called a shadrack.

I have a nephew nicknamed KAYO.

Get well soon, Abejo. Good wishes to you all.

Vidwan827 said...

Spitzboov ... One Panda is one stick of Butter ?
Is this a joke ... something to do with pan, as in frying pan ?

I was so excited, I googled it .... both Panda, meaning and unit of measurement.
I got Paediatric And Decision Making Area ( in England, note spelling Paediatric ) A room in a British Hospital for decision making on kids ailments, perhaps.

and also got Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated ( with Streptococcal infections ...)... If a kid has OCD following a strep throat ... then he might have PANDA.
On the other hand, if he is just acting whiny, give him a lollipop to shut him up. LoL ;-)

I also came across Panda computer Codese .... Python Data Analysis BDS licensed library. A Panda series could be nothing but a column in an Excel sheet ....

Where did you hear that a Panda is a stick of butter ?
I also know of Pandas as bullion valued gold coins, by the R.O.China.

Vidwan827 said...

If a Natural Burn balm is Aloe

How do you treat Unnatural Burns ?

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Cute puzzle and theme; pretty easy solve. No write overs.

Shankers @ 10:45 —> I moved to Mesa last December from FL. Happy to be sharing the record breaking heat here, with you and Lucina

OKL @ 4:15 ish —> A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Glad you’re back so I can “retire” again ...

I had these available, just in case ... the first one uses a word from the United Feature Syndicate Puzzle in today’s Arizona Republic. The second is a play on words from today’s LAT:

Today’s haiku:

Clue Game character
Urged himself to wield the wrench;
The Colonel MUSTERED ...

Mick Jagger re-wrote
Tiny Tim’s song title to:
Tiptoe Through Two Lips 👄

See y’all later ...

WikWak said...

WEES, except that the shoutout to Oo was really two: OOo and OOO.
RE: smoked EEL, I used to smoke eels but I stopped after a while because it was so darn hard to keep the little suckers lit.

That’s it. I lurk here nearly every day but I get in so late that everything I would have to say has already been said and you can only say WEES so many times in a row...

Stay masked, and stay well.

Spitzboov said...

Vidwan827 - The news media was all agog with it today. Seems the giant panda in the Washington zoo gave birth to a baby panda. As is their wont, a newborn panda even from a giant panda is teensy teensy little. So it was compared to a stick of butter so that people listening to the news could picture what all the hubbub was about.

SwampCat said...

Naomi, thanks!!!

D-O, banks don’t make money on debit/ ATM cards. They are a connivence, like checks.

Yes, yes, some banks charge for checks if you go over a prescribed limit, but most accounts don’t.

If only we all had enough money to justify this discussion!!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Jerome for a nice Monday puzzle; nice to see your byline again. WEES - HO, HO, HO was a cute touch.

Thanks for kickin'-off the after-party Boomer. Nice catch w/ ALFRED's 'The Birds.'

Fav: HOLY GRAIL [Python - you only need 1:11]

Never heard of RAIL either [pictures].

AERATE was cute, Ray-O.
LOL #2 C. Moe.

Abejoe - sorry to hear you're so weak. You're nearly done w/ Chemo, right?

LEOIII - Been to Bubba's a few times --it's not far from our offices in Uptown.

Re: Smoked EEL --- I saw that one coming WikWak :-)

Jayce - I was texting a friend from college who now lives in the Bay Area. She said it's, not only hard to breath but raining ash.

Cheers, -T

NaomiZ said...

Ha ha ha!