Aug 5, 2020

Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Bruce Haight & Blair Bas


17. Sitcom pioneer in the first class of inductees to the Television Academy Hall of Fame: LUCILLE BALL. Wikipedia.

25. Grand Ole Opry comedian for more than 50 years: MINNIE PEARL. Wikipedia.

35. #2 on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time: KEITH MOON. Drummer for the Who. Keith Moon's 10 Wildest Pranks.

48. Winner of 18 Grand Slam tennis titles from 1936 to 1940: ALICE MARBLE. Wikipedia.

56. Like 17-, 25-, 35- and 48-Across?: WELL ROUNDED.

Melissa here. Awesome theme. Each of these people were icons in their day and field. All have passed but left their mark. I wonder which was the seed entry. Crossword constructors have 3D vision when they see names and words.


1. Pitch-altering guitar clamps: CAPOS.

6. Actor Kinnear: GREG. He recently played real life attorney Justin Brooks with the California Innocence Project in the movie The Brian Banks Story.

10. Former Fed chair Bernanke: BEN.

13. Jordanian seaport: AQABA. Tough one - very few words with letter Q that are not paired with U. Crossing the rarely seen plural AQUARIA.

14. Fishing gear: LURES.

16. Texter's "As I see it": IMO. In my opinion.

19. Rte. finder: GPS.

20. Receipts: TAKE. This gave me fits. My eyes first saw "recipients." Then I was looking for a plural word. Third definition: the act of receiving or the state of being received. Alright then.

21. Game with a spinoff called DOS: UNO. I did not know about DOS, but it was an obvious answer.

22. Milo of "Ulysses": O'SHEA. Irish actor, died in 2013. James Joyce's novel Ulysses was the continuation of his first novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

24. Poetic before: ERE.

28. Florence and Charlotte: CITIES. Nice misdirection.

30. "Cats" poet: TS ELIOT. Finally remember there's only one L in his name.

31. Lacks: HASN'T. Great clue.

32. Forest floor plant: MOSS.

34. Flub: ERR.

38. Humanities degs.: BAS. Bachelor of Arts.

40. "Pencils down": TIME. Evocative of test-taking in a classroom.

41. Assumed as fact: GIVEN.

45. Assigned a new title: RENAMED.

47. Recess: ALCOVE.

51. __-Mex cuisine: TEX.

52. Mad Dog Radio host Chris: RUSSO. Host of former sports radio show the Mike and the Mad Dog with co-host Mike Francesca.

53. Unfashionable: OUT.

54. "Mary Poppins" chimney sweep: BERT. Played perfectly by Dick Van Dyke.

55. Baltimore winter hrs.: EST. Eastern Standard Time.

60. "Billions" airer, briefly: SHO. Showtime. Too many shows to keep up with anymore.

61. Stainless __: STEEL. What is stainless steel?

62. Mrs. Gorbachev: RAISA. Russian activist who was the wife of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

63. Pewter component: TIN. What is pewter?

64. Hot: SEXY. My husband spells that HOTT.

65. Like a fuzzy navel?: LINTY. Ha.


1. Pasadena engineering sch.: CAL TECH.

2. Display idea that's a bit fishy?: AQUARIA.

3. Sugar servings at a coffee bar: PACKETS.

4. Kin of a Tony: OBIE. Obies are awarded for theater. This year's were virtual.

5. Muppet chimp __ Minella: SAL.

6. "The Wife" Oscar nominee Close: GLENN. What is The Wife about? Close earned a best actress Oscar for her role.

7. Apply, as lotion: RUB ON.

8. The "E" in BCE: ERA. Before the Common (or Current) Era.

9. Salon goop: GEL.

10. Result of much teasing?: BIG HAIR. Cute.

11. Claudius or Nero: EMPEROR.

12. Margarita preference: NO SALT.

15. Calculus calculation: SLOPE. I was told there would be no math.

18. California's San __ Obispo: LUIS.

23. Of the moon: SELENIC. Same root (selḗnē) as chemical element selenium.

25. Dole (out): METE.

26. "Who's there?" reply: IT'S ME.

27. Pump name: ESSO.

29. Squid organs: INK SACS. Another tough one.

32. Crete peak: Abbr.: MT. IDA.

33. Electrical unit: OHM.

36. One of an express lane's 15 maximum: ITEM.

37. Eye rudely: OGLE.

38. "SNL" legend John: BELUSHI.

39. "Friends" co-star: ANISTON. Jennifer.

42. Elected: VOTED IN.

43. Hillary's conquest: EVEREST. Sir Edmund Hillary. He and his sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first confirmed to reach the summit in May of 1953. Norgay does not get enough credit for this, IMO.

44. Like fast UPS service: NEXT DAY. Not so much, these days.

45. Least available: RAREST.

46. Siamese sounds: MEOWS. More like MEOWS! Our part-siamese has the loudest howl I have ever heard. Fortunately she saves it for when she's really trying to tell us something.

47. Choir voice: ALTO.

49. Bulova rival: ROLEX.

50. Husky: BURLY.

54. __ B'rith: BNAI. Hebrew for “Sons of the Covenant,” the oldest and largest Jewish service organization in the world, with men's lodges, women's chapters, and youth chapters in countries all over the world.

57. Aliens, briefly: ETS. Extra terrestrials.

58. Jeans brand: LEE.

59. Link letters: URL. Prounounced "earl." Universal Resource Locator, or the long string that appears in your browser address bar.


OwenKL said...

There was a PEARL that shone like the MOON,
A BALL of nacre worth many a doubloon.
But the child who found
This jewel WELL ROUND,
Used it as a MARBLE, and won a balloon!

An angler there was from AQABA,
In AQUARIA he tried his luck.
He used a bent skewer
Tied to his LURE,
But an orca caught him, and ate him up!

{A, B.}

Wilbur Charles said...

Pre- Write-up comments:
I counted ten proper names. I knew 8.
This must be a fairly difficult Wednesday xword. Especially slow start with CAPOS and AQABA. I had gate before TAKE. I remembered BEN just in time to figure out "Teasing".

And of course a different use of ROUND and another "I Love Lucy" ref.

This is being typed Tuesday night from Dunellon. Now to solve Thurs.


Hungry Mother said...

Nice theme which helped me get MARBLE. A write-over: VOTEDIN 4 opTEDIN. Didn’t MOON appear one too many times today?

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Missed the theme. Again. Even the reveal failed to ring my bell. Some dolts just can't be taught. FIR, though. AQABA and AQUARIA were lucky first guesses. Liked the puzzle, Bruce and Blair, even if I didn't understand it. Enjoyed your Stainless STEEL, SELENIC, PEWTER chemistry lessons, Hahtoolah. (Your links for Milo and Bert are "Forbidden.")

MEOWS: We have Gomer, a very loud, black, part-Siamese cat. He likes to sit on the bedroom window sill and "serenade" us at 4 AM. When he does something particularly stupid, which is very often, we call him Gaius Gomerius.

Wilbur Charles said...

Ok, welcome back Owen. Some comments

CSO to Misty on "Ulysses". And we had O'SHEA as a rappers first name. Perhaps named for Milo.

One of the pioneers of Sports Talk was Guy Minella in Boston. The other was Andelman. Two entirely different styles.

��I liked that "no math" comment Melissa and I enjoy your write-ups

Speaking of Boston, there were Sports awards named for BNAI B'rith


Bill V. said...

In West Hartford, CT. Lost power 4:00 p.m. yesterday. Luckily, had electrician convert my electrical panel so that I can connect my gasoline powered generator as needed, First time I have needed it since 2012 fall snow storm. Wish all Cornerites the best following the storm and continued health. BTW, fun puzzle today.

desper-otto said...

Bill V, you're lucky your electrical service is so dependable. But aren't you glad you had your electrical panel modified. Here in SE Texas we experience power outages several times a year, each lasting several hours (or several days/weeks following a hurricane). We put in a whole-house natural gas generator about ten years ago. Pricey, but definitely worth it.

Anonymous said...

I liked Keith Moon crossing with selenic considering the "n" was the last fill and I knew neither the horizontal drummer nor the vertical adjective.

Big Easy said...

Good morning 'ites'. I didn't catch the WELL ROUNDED theme but luckily I knew the theme fills, even ALICE MARBLE. KEITH MOON, drummer for THE WHO, was just bat-shit crazy. Speaking of moons, SELENIC is a new word for me. SHO, BERT, & SAL unknowns.

Chris RUSSO, along with Mike and the Mad Dog and his cohost- total unknowns but I'm leaving now because I have an appointment at 9:00 CDT with a dermatologist.....Dr. Russo.


Bruce Haight said...

Thanks Melissa- great write-up!
Our first version of this puzzle had WOLFGANG PUCK, WARREN BURGER, and JACKIE-O in it, but Rich said he didn't want disks mixed with spheres. He also thought JACKIE-O was a bit like cheating. He spiffed up a bunch of our clues- thanks Rich!
Blaire is my 20 year old stepdaughter currently attending UCSB. Of course right now she is attending our house, sheltering in place and doing online classes only. She is a junior now and has gotten all A's, so I wasn't surprised she was able to come up with some of these theme entries on her own. She also blew her own horn at 38-Across. Follow her on Instagram @babyblairebas or follow her toy poodle "coco" Blaire has about 10,000 Insta followers (I have 25) and her poodle currently has 3600 followers....

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Good puzzle. A bit heavy on proper names, but given the nature of the theme, the constructors deserve some slack. IMO. Almost got bolluxed by Rolex, but it turned OUT OK once I accepted the WELL-ROUNDED (zaftig?) reveal. BZ to Bruce and Blaire.
AQABA - We had Eilat a couple weeks ago. About 4 miles apart.

John E said...

Spitz and Anon:BZ? PP?

Sherry said...

Good Wednesday. The Rolex threw me. Couldn't convince myself it wasn't Timex.I think of Rolex as an expensive watch and a Bulova as less expensive. My first watch was a Bulova

Spitzboov said...

John E. - - "Bravo Zulu, also referred to as "BZ," is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flaghoist or voice radio, meaning "Well Done" with regard to actions, operations or performance."

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, OwenKL.

Had a few writeovers today, but filled in the puzzle and saw the well-rounded theme endings. No problem. Thanks for posting, Bruce. Nice to have extra information about the puzzle. And thanks to Blaire for her contribution as well as Melissa Bee for the solution.

No power outages here today , thank goodness. Just hot, as expected in August. Daily bike ride soon.
Greetings from ATLGranny

Wilbur Charles said...

Well I hope Dr Russo goes EASY on you BE. They have one procedure I call "The Cone of Death" where they bombard with laser shots for fifteen minutes.

Talk about Foxhole praying.

Thanks for dropping in Bruce. We'll blame AQABA etal on Blaire. I have a new theory provided by Dr S, that the difficulty of a XW can be gaged by the number of posts by ten am*


* That's EDT

OMaxiN said...

Slides home with a FIR even with unknown proper names for the tennis star, radio guy or muppet.
CAPOS would be a GIVEN for a guitar player as would KEITH MOON for Who fans.
Lucky wag for SELENIC.
Wasn't MILO O'SHEA in Barbarella?
Thank you B. & B. (not the liqueur, but did enjoy the fuzzy navel clue).
Thanks to Melissa bee for the review.

Crockett1947 said...

Surprised that I FIR given all of the names! Loved the MOON/SELENIC crossing. Melissa, the TAKE is the gate receipts for an event, thus 20 across makes sense.

Stay well and safe, All.

Husker Gary said...

-59F and breezy called for sweatpants and a jacket this morning
-Who learned SELENIC today after teaching about the moon for 50 years? IT’S ME!
-MT IDA and MINNIE PEARL made me think of this comedian
-My guitar CAPOS allowed me to use easier chords and a better voice range
-OUT – Are you talking about my double knit bell bottoms?
-Speaking of OUT, Working Girl had a lot of BIG HAIR
-Wait, fuzzy navels are orange juice and peach schnapps and aren’t minty. Oh, now I see!
-I don’t challenge anyone with more than 15 items or not wearing a mask. You never know!
-“You’d never mistake a ROLEX for a TIMEX” is the same as Mona Lisa Vito saying, “You’d never mistake a Corvette for a Buick Skylark”

inanehiker said...

I enjoyed the creativity of the puzzle and the wide variety of people highlighted in the theme answers. Smiled at the cross of KEITH MOON with SELENIC. I had never heard that variation of the word, but knew SELENE was the Greek goddess of the moon (Roman counterpart the more CW common Luna) so it wasn't too much of a hop to the adjective form.

When I was growing up my grandma loved MINNIE PEARL - she was one of the performers highlighted in Ken Burns series last year on "Country Music" - interesting to hear her history and dual life between her stage persona and her personal life as Nashville philanthropist/socialite Sarah Colley Cannon.

Thanks Melissa for the fun write up and to the father/daughter duo Bruce/Blair!

Shankers said...

After finishing the puzzle I thought I would have a little breakfast before blogging. Oops! The OJ container slipped out of my hand, fell to the floor and broke. About a quart or so. Quickly found some old towels and paper towels to clean it as best I could before DW woke up. Can't fool her as she asked what those towels were doing on the patio. Big time apologies. Back to the cw. Didn't know Alice's last name, didn't know Moon's first name (even though it's my name too), but those were easily perped for a nice Wednesday FIR. Now for my next trick....

crystalll said...

This is my first ever published cross word, and it was a pleasure creating it alongside Bruce Haight. I am so excited for it to be shared with the world. I hope you enjoy!

Blaire Bas said...

This is my first ever published crossword. It was a pleasure working alongside Bruce Haight to create the puzzle. I am so stoked to share it with the world. Hope you enjoy!

Husker Gary said...

Big Day for us yesterday
-My sister brought us a dozen great tomatoes
-Neighbor’s daughter-in-law brought us three dozen great ears of sweet corn. Is that a mess ‘o sweet corn.
-And, oh yeah, we both got back negative reports on COVID-19 after a day-and-a-half wait

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Fairly easy mid week challenge but preceded with caution. FIR with one inkover: Emmy/OBIE...almost inkovers but waited for perp help so did NOT put beehive instead of BIGHAIR, frets for CAPOS, rubin for RUBON<, sere (hot) for SEXY, minty (thinking of the taste of the cocktail? Thanks for the recipe HG) for LINTY (yuch)

Got the theme!! but never heard of ALICE MARBLE (marbleous tennis player I gather) but constructionist left out the late great

Roy ORB - i - SUN!!

Parsed SELENIC learning from prior puzzles that Selena is the Greek moon godess. Her Roman counterpart a complete LUNA-tic.

Also left out....

Large rabbit.....BIGHAIR

Constanty working! Don't you _____?... EVEREST

2004 film "______ the Fockers"....METE

Small bit of helpful information....MINNIEPEARL

On the line forever with ____ support....TEX

On to the day of Thor.

Giovedi.. jeudi .. Jupiter....Jove....Jehovah...Yahweh

Lucina said...


Owen! It's great to see you and enjoy your poems.

Bruce and Blaire, thank you for this WELL ROUNDED puzzle! I especially liked the crossing of SELENIC/MOON as has been mentioned by others. Mostly this took very little time until I hit the NW corner which required a lot of thinking.

LUCILLE BALL, one of my idols, was in place as was ERE but Charlotte and Florence tricked me for a long time. Good misdirection! I thought surely they were authors or poets then the V-8 can zoomed right at me. I love both cities! My sister lives in Charlotte, NC which is usually safe from hurricanes but they do get the rain.

I'm unfamiliar with CAPOS but it eventually emerged and GATE gave way to TAKE.

Today we shall find out who we VOTED IN as our new mayor of Scottsdale.

I also thought of TIMEX before ROLEX but it isn't compatible with Bulova.

If you haven't seen the movie, The Wife, I highly recommend it. GLENN Close is superb as the wife.

NEXT DAY delivery is very much available if you pay the price. Sometimes it's worth it.

Have yourselves a special day, today, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

When I saw the double letters in the first three themers, I thought they were going to play a part in the theme, but the unknown Miss Alice Marble shot down that theory. Ergo, the reveal was a major Bruce Haight Gotcha! My only w/o was PGA/URL and the only unknowns were Russo and Bert. I liked the Everest and Mt. Ida combo and enjoyed seeing the numerous CSOs: Tin (Tin), OMK (Keith), Anon T and DO (Tex), CED (Capos and Meows), CEh (ESSO) and Misty (Ulysses). I agree that Bulova and Rolex are not in the same stratosphere.

Thanks, Bruce and Blaire, for a fun solve and for stopping by and congrats, Blaire, on your debut crossword. Thanks, Melissa, for your expert guidance and commentary.

Owen, nice to hear from you and see you in such fine form!

HG, glad to hear you and Joann are COVID 19 free. (Any surplus corn and tomatoes are welcome at Chez Irish Miss!)

Saw my ophthalmologist this morning and got a good report. I see the retina specialist on the 17th and hope for the same.


I had the right Chopin Etude but the wrong movie that featured it. It was Magnificent Obsession with Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman, the same star-crossed lovers appearing in All That Heaven Allows. No wonder why I was confused!

Hatoolah, your grammar lesson listing was a hoot. They were all funny but my favorites were Non sequitur, Misplaced modifier, Malapropism, and Oxymoron. I also learned a new word and its meaning: Chiasmus. Thanks for spreading some much appreciated humor.

Have a great day.

Misty said...

Exciting Wednesday puzzle, and thank you both for checking in with us today, Bruce and Blaire--nice to get your comments. And thank you, as always, Melissa, for a helpful mid-week commentary.

Well, Wilbur guessed that this puzzle would be a treat for me, thanks to MILO O'SHEA.
Back in the 60s an art movie theater in Gainesville, Florida, showed a film by Joseph Strick on James Joyce's "Ulysses." MILO O'SHEA played the lead role of Leopold Bloom, and I was so captivated by the whole thing that I got a copy of "Ulysses" from the library and read the whole thing. After getting my B.A. I started graduate school a year later, and by then had already decided that I would specialize on the work of James Joyce, and I've been a "Joycean" ever since. But I've never forgotten MILO O'SHEA and his wonderful performance. So, thank you for featuring him in the puzzle, Bruce and Blaire.

Also nice to see T.S. ELIOT here today.

Owen, how wonderful to have you and your poem back again!

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

LATeacher said...

Welcome back Owen. You have been missed by many. Your poems brighten my day so very much.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Quite a fun WELL ROUNDED puzzle from Bruce & Blaire. Congrats on all your accomplishments. Great expo, melissa bee!

Yay! I got the theme and understood it after some mulling over.

I think I counted 18 proper names here. Thought that was a bit much, but most perped in okay. DNK: OSHEA, KEITH MOON, ALICE MARBLE, SHO, SELENIC, AQABA (WAG), RUSSO.

Hand up for timEX before ROLEX.

Welcome back, Owen!

Chilly day here. I had to dig out sweats. I was so chilly & miserable, I took my temperature: 97 degrees. 69* outside.

A lovely friend died yesterday. Hadn't seen her since I moved to the city. She was 102. Can't be sad. She deserved her reward. But I'm doing some remembering.

Mark S said...

@misty, he was excellent in the Verdict.

Bruce Haight said...

Hilarious Ray- nice job!

Lemonade714 said...

How cool for you Blair B., and I appreciated the inclusion of BAS in the puzzle. Welcome. Bruce is an all-star.

Like HG, SELENIC was all new to me. I see there is also:
selenite, n. dweller on the moon
selenitic, a. pertaining to or affected by the moon
selenocentric, a. pertaining to the moon's center; having the moon as its center
selenography, n. study of the moon's surface
selenology, n. study of the moon.
selenomancy, n. divination by the moon.
selenoscope, n. instrument for viewing the moon

The simple explanation is that Germanic languages like English prefer the Latin roots over Greek ones. moon goddess LUNA: moon goddess SELENE. Also, see CUPID v. EROS.

Speaking of the Moon and Stars, Milo O'Shea played two parts in BARBARELLA . Jane looked mighty nice 52 years ago.

SwampCat said...

Welcome back Owen! Today’s offerings were worth waiting for. A, A!

Fun puzzle, Bruce and Blair, with lots of new clues. For some reason I got the long answers first....that never happens for me! Made the rest fall into place with a little prodding. Loved Result of much teasing for BIG HAIR. Great misdirection. Also RECESS as an ALCOVE.

I wasn’t misled by those gals Florence and Charlotte after our recent war over Charlotte’s schools Thanks for the fun!

mb your walk through was great.

A good day for me except for all the comments about cool weather. We are up from 104 yesterday to 98 today. When is it October?

LEO III said...

Nice puzzle! Thanks Blair and Bruce for stopping by the Corner. Thanks Melissa.

FIR! Fairly easy romp for me. Had a couple of unknowns (SELENIC, which I finally got when I chose to keep the “S” in OSHEA, which I didn’t know either --- see why I have problems!) and ALICEMARBLE, which I got with perps and having figured out the theme by then.

I also had to wait for perps for KEITHMOON; it could have been any number of drummers, as far as I was concerned. I just knew it wasn’t Ringo. My favorite drummer these days is Allison Miller.

Wanted to RUBIN the lotion, rather than just RUBON, (who EVER wants the lotion just rubbed on?), but proofing fixed that error with UNO; proofing also fixed the “Q” in AQABA. Toyed with CALPOLY before CALTECH. Perps fixed that one quickly. I actually wasn’t sure they aren’t the same school, but having now done the research, I see that they are not.

Kizzy’s predecessor as my Main Man (BuddyBoy – currently residing at the Rainbow Bridge), was always very quiet, EXCEPT there was one stuffed sock. Whenever he felt the need to carry it around the house, he’d make a long, loud speech about it, as long as he had it in his mouth. I might have already mentioned him. Halloween was Buddy’s FAVORITE holiday. Doorbell rang, and Buddy was sitting there at the door greeting the kids. He wouldn’t run out. Just liked having company and wanted to see who had come to see HIM. The costumes didn’t bother him at all. (Guess that says a bunch about how I look in the morning!)


Ol' Man Keith said...

A delightful pzl.
Who knew these contemporaneous celeb-femmes all shared rotundity in their names?
I mean, before this pzl.

Live & learn.

Milo O'SHEA shared an apartment house with my younger son for a time. He was delight in the film of ULYSSES--and many others!
Two diagonals, one to a side,
The main anagram offers a shout-out to all those compere show-offs, those...

Picard said...

Blaire Bas and Bruce Haight thank you for the WELL-ROUNDED puzzle and thank you both for checking in! What are you studying at UCSB, Blaire? I am a researcher at UCSB and my wife and I live near campus.

I do have to say that you almost did me in over in the SW corner with all those proper names. Never heard of "Billions" or RUSSO or ALICE MARBLE. I did know BELUSHI and ANISTON, but the clues were pretty thin. Also never heard of "ULYSSES" as clued. Happy to FIR.

Here we were at AQABA, JORDAN. So the spelling was easy for me.

From two days ago:
desperotto and AnonT thank you for the background on HEDY and HEDLEY LAMARR!

Wheels42 said...

Hi, can anyone explain the theme in today's USA Today puzzle (constructed by CC)? I'm drawing a blank.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Busy day here in the middle of a very busy week. I had time to do the puzzle but not enough time to enjoy this blog.

I did note Nacre in the first post. That is definitely an old school crossword word.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. I was immediately struck by how many proper names there are, but I got it all solved. Liked the clues for CITIES, BIG HAIR, and AQUARIA. And the latter is also terrific fill. I see we also have, for a change, Rte as the clue and GPS as the answer, rather than the other way 'ROUND. A fun puzzle.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

I had a BALL with this puzzle!

I almost lost my MARBLEs though, when I couldn’t suss SAL as the Muppet chimp. My only write-over.

CAL TECH was the home school of the nerdy professors on BIG BANG THEORY.

A lot of superlatives in the puzzle ... EST showed up at least 3 times

Not often do you get Chris as the clue for RUSSO. Usually it’s Rene. She and I share the same birthday; just a year apart, and Chris and I share the same first name ... TMI??

Agree that Bulova and ROLEX are similar, only as they are both watches. Nothing against Bulova, but that’s like comparing a chimp to an ape


New “My Pillow” ad
Promised free pillow covers.
I hear it’s a SHAM ...

Today’s Haiku:

I used Angora
Goat fibres for my toupee.
My Chairman Moe-HAIR

Anonymous said...

We are all ok. No power since Tue. AM. Preserving my phone charge. Fun puzzle,write up and poem.

Anonymous said...

The above is from yr.

Lemonade714 said...

OKL great to have you back on top. I loved Poem 1!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Naaaaames!!! Fortunately, with the exception of Ms. MARBLE(thanks theme!), they were all familiar enough that with just a few perps it became obvious.

Fun puzzle Bruce & Blaire (er, crystalll?) Thanks Bruce for a little behind-the-scenes; thanks Blaire for stopping in. Congrats!
Thanks for the link filled expo mb; looking forward to this evening when I have time to click them all.

WO: ran out of squares after INKing Tentacl[e]
ESPs: AQUABA | SAL, RAISA, MT IDA, RUSSO, BNAI, SELENIC (learned a new word!)
Fav: Clue for URL, Link Letter (Art?), was pretty cute.

{A, B+} //Nice to see you back at The Corner
EMCEE HAMS seems to be the job requirement of award-show hosts :-)
Giggled at the SHAM Haiku, C. Moe.

FLN - thanks for reposting the Grammar joke Hahtoolah. My fav was 'Dyslexic walks into a bra.'

BillV - good to know you're safe. My cousin lives in NC, tree branches totaled all three of their cars.

YR - thanks for popping and letting us know you're safe.

Shankers - worst part, no matter how much you mop, the floor will be sticky in front of the fridge for a while. About 6 weeks ago while getting milk, Youngest knocked a 20oz bottle of soy sauce to the floor - kitchen smelled like a Chinese restaurant for days :-)

HG - I'm jealous! I love fresh sweet corn and you do have a mess o' it. Can you freeze it on the cob? //with 7 family members we never had "too much" corn.

WC & mb - It was my understanding that there would be no math. [Chevy Chase] :-)

Cheers, -T

Yuman said...

Wheels42 - Share is added to the end of the long answers, market share, fair share lions share, and time share.

CanadianEh! said...

I’m late to the party today. Thanks for the fun, Bruce and Blair (congrats on your debut), and melissa bee.
I was initially concerned about all the names, but most of them were known to me, and the others perped. I saw the WELL ROUNDED theme, but arrived here to find that I FIWed. I had entered the S for the plural receipts answer and entered Tags. PACKETS changed the G to K, but I did not correct the S to E. V8 moment with TAKE.
I will confess to a Google search to get AQABA (and I did see Eilat in my search).

Hand up for thinking of Timex before ROLEX, but I agree that Bulova is probably not on quite the same level as Rolex.
Another lightbulb moment when ITEM filled; oh, the grocery store, not the Hwy.

I did smile at SELENIC crossing MOON (although I did wonder about the dupe).
I thought AnonT might have wanted the drummer to be Neil Peart; it would fit but the perps were not friendly.

Thanks for checking in YR. glad you are safe and hope your power returns soon.

Wishing you all a good evening.

Anonymous T said...

C, Eh! - The clue said Rolling Stone so can't be RUSH's Neil.
The Main-steam press didn't give Rush much love. In the documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage [reviewed here (Wired)], Rolling Stone said Geddy had the 'voice of a cat with a poker up its ass.'

Wheels42 - Thanks for the heads-up on C.C.'s USA Today puzzle. Pretty easy but I did have to do an alphabet-run @30d xing 42a.

I may be a bit out of pocket this weekend. All of DEF CON will be online* and there's a ton of content --- AND, I don't have to walk a 1/2-mile down the Vegas Strip to get to the next talk.

We had our DC713** virtual-preParty tonight.

Cheers, -T
*it's free if you want to check it out - $20 and you get Human Plus and more!, more!, more! access on Discord.
//Linked Discord 'cuz I never heard of it until ~year ago so you probably haven't either (unless your kids are gamers)
**Houston contingent of DEF CONners

Misty said...

Lemonade, thanks for letting me know that Milo O'Shea had a role in "Barbarella". And, Mark, I also didn't know that he acted in "The Verdict." Many thanks, and I'll try to look those films up one of these days.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Well FIR with just one inkover: ache/ACHY . Was confused by CREPERUBBER..(The guy who smears the thin pancake with butter?)

Irish Miss @ 7:06 just FYI....names and info usedwithout permission. Crossword authories have been notified.

DW always orders an Arnold Palmer with lunch when we eat out (more and more now in CNY). The tea/lemonade ratio varies. FUDGE is a FACTOR in my COVID weight gain.

TAL me who he is?

Besides being the Italian capital con AMORE A ROMA ...the word invokes pleasant odors from crossword bakeries, cafés and perfumeries. I suppose GRO is now acceptable spelling in the OED and MW.

Hardly acceptable.....

He ____ to avoid getting hit.....DUCT
Overnight flight.......REDEYE
Played the Fife....KNOTS
J. Cæsar disgusted..."_____ Brute!".....PTUI
Disney money.......WALDO

Till Venerdi..vendredi....Venere...Venerate..Venus Day

Wheels42 said...

Thanks for the response, Yuman!

Glad you enjoyed, T