Aug 9, 2020

Sunday August 9, 2020 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Opening Act" - The opening part of each before/after phrase is a rock band.

 23A. Appreciative freeloaders?: GRATEFUL DEADBEATS.

37A. World conference participants?: TALKING HEADS OF STATE.

65A. "There's snowplace like home" or "I only have ice for you"?: COLD PLAY ON WORDS.

74A. Writing that's both flowery and thoughtful?: DEEP PURPLE PROSE. Not familiar with this band.

102A. Time anticipated by environmentalists?: GREEN DAY OF RECKONING.
123A. Bad dream about Cerberus?: THREE DOG NIGHTMARE.

Very consistent. All multi-word rock bands.

Only six theme entries. But they're all super long and takes up lots of space.


1. Savvy: SHREWD. Consonant-rich.

7. Degrees for corp. execs: MBAS.

11. Grates on: GALLS.

16. Couples' refuge?: ARK. Good old clue.

19. Come to a boil: SEETHE.

20. __ of office: OATH.

21. They have Mystery and Birthday Cake varieties: OREOS. So what's the flavor in the Mystery version?

22. It's tipped in a parlor: CUE.

26. English cathedral town: ELY.

27. Early mobile home?: TEPEE. Fun clue.

28. Merged telecom co.: GTE.

29. Brie coverings: RINDS.

30. Poems that glorify: ODES.

31. Entrust, as authority: DELEGATE.

35. Little bitty bits: ATOMS.

43. Platte River valley native: PAWNEE.

45. Spherical opening?: HEMI. Hemispherical.

46. Crews of "America's Got Talent": TERRY.

47. "__ something I said?": IS IT.

48. __ set: DESK.

52. Bad way to come on: STRONG.

56. Garfield's foil: ODIE.

57. 1993 Oscar nominee Rosie: PEREZ. For "White Men Can't Jump". She was on "Jeopardy!".

59. Longtime SeaWorld star: SHAMU.

61. Proof of ownership: DEED.

63. 'Neath opposite: O'ER.

64. Taco topping: SALSA.

69. FedEx alternative: UPS.

71. NFL's Gronk and others: TES. Tight Ends.

72. Special __: OPS.

73. Vietnam holiday: TET. February 12, 2021. Same day as Chinese Spring Festival.

80. Sketch starter: ETCH A.

84. U.K. locale: EUR.

85. Tolstoy title name: ANNA. "Anna Karenina". Such a complicated novel.

86. Goofs around: IDLES.

87. B in chemistry: BORON. Chemical symbol. 94. #30 on a table: ZINC.

88. Spare tire, perhaps: FLAB.

90. "Nausea" novelist: SARTRE.

93. Court cry: OYEZ.

95. Grade: MARK.

96. Sunset dirección: OESTE. And  134. Dakota del Norte, por ejemplo: ESTADO. And 106. Grado de examen perfecto: CIENTO.

98. Fictional captain with the middle name Tiberius: KIRK.

100. Hebrew prophet: ISAIAH.

109. Time-honored words: ADAGE.

110. It may be requested before a sentence: LENIENCE. How's different from "leniency"?

111. Much junk mail: SPAM.

114. WWI battle river: SOMME.

116. Time of preparation: EVE.

117. Take effect: SET IN.

122. Old Mideast alliance: Abbr.: UAR. United Arab Republic.

127. USMA part, briefly: MIL.

128. Beloved 1981 bride: DIANA.

129. Memo letters: ATTN.

130. Silver State NFLer: RAIDER. Starting this year. Las Vegas Raiders.

131. Sign of a hit: SRO. Standing Room Only.

132. Bier holder: STEIN.

133. Aussie hoppers: ROOS.


1. Marines NCO: SSGT.

2. "Over __!": HERE.

3. Gather: REAP.

4. Major suffix: ETTE. Majorette. And 30. Bony prefix: OSTEO. And 54. Prefix with con: NEO.

5. Cajole: WHEEDLE.

6. Rapper Mos __: DEF.

7. Like lava: MOLTEN.

8. Troublemaker: BAD EGG.

9. Absorbed, as a cost: ATE.

10. Doo-wop syllable: SHA.

11. Silk Road desert: GOBI. Their houses are called YURTS.

12. Big sporting spots: ARENAS.

13. Bring about: LEAD TO.

14. Much: LOTS OF.

15. Sound from a flat: SSS.

16. Breezed through: ACED.

17. __ of thumb: RULE.

18. Florida attraction: KEYS.

24. Hybrid citrus: UGLI.

25. Fantasized: DREAMT.

32. Just managed, with "out": EKED.

33. "This is so relaxing!": AHH.

34. Gets ready to drive: TEES UP. And 38. Pays to play: ANTES UP.

36. Winter setting in the Rockies: Abbr.: MST.

37. Show off a new outfit, say: TWIRL

39. Film set VIP: DIR.

40. Passion: ARDOR.

41. Gave it a whirl: TRIED.

42. Watchful ones: EYERS.

43. Lollapaloozas: PIPS.

44. In the Black?: ASEA.

49. Top row keyboard key: ESC.

50. Had success on the links: SHOT PAR.

51. Clark Kent, on Krypton: KALEL.

53. Post-Trojan War epic: ODYSSEY.

55. Fellow: GENT.

58. Frank of avant-garde rock: ZAPPA.

60. Whse. inventory: MDSE.

62. Geeky sort: DWEEB.

66. Voldemort's title: LORD.

67. Skating gold medalist Ohno: APOLO.

68. Certain footrest: OTTOMAN.

70. Pacific Division NBA team: SUNS.

74. Clear, as a windshield: DEFOG.

75. Calculus pioneer: EULER.

76. Clear the board: ERASE.

77. Genetic material: RNA.

78. Curie or Cardin: PIERRE.

79. Houston-to-Miami dir.: ESE.

81. Restaurant critic Claiborne: CRAIG. Not familiar to me.

82. Raised-chair dance: HORA.

83. Sarcophagus symbol: ANKH.

89. Second-stringers: B TEAM.

91. Ring ref's decision: TKO.

92. Ransacked: RIFLED.

97. Last word, say: END.

99. Author Kesey: KEN. I watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" ages ago. Very strange.

101. Tabasco time-outs: SIESTAS.

103. Brit's rats?: DASH IT. "rats!".

104. Greek markets: AGORAE.

105. Mocha native: YEMENI.

107. Bacon and Smith: KEVINS.

108. 10 C-notes: ONE G.

111. Adding results: SUMS.

112. Couple: PAIR.

113. 1968 self-named folk album: ARLO.

115. Have in mind: MEAN.

118. Send out: EMIT.

119. "Done!": TA DA. See my cucumber? I've harvested 14 this year. I'm a Joann wanna-be.

120. Ticked off: IRED.

121. Roman ruler of ill repute: NERO.

123. NFL scores: TDS.

124. Dinghy mover: OAR.

125. Muscle car in a '60s hit: GTO.

126. Where Charlemagne reigned: Abbr.: HRE.



desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Had to Wite-Out DEICE for DEFOG, but otherwise my grid is clean this morning. I even figured out the theme. Miraculous. Nicely done, Pam. Thanx for 'splainin' TES, C.C. I thought it was a stupid first name. BTW, LENIENCE and LENIENCY are the same thing. Changing that Y to E was probably first accomplished by a crossword creator.

ISAIAH: A name that nobody can spell correctly -- even those born with it.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Good one, Pam! Thanks. Great expo, C.C.! Your picture made me crave a cucumber. Been a while since I had any. Used to raise them & SNARF them down & pickle lots.

Well, I sorta got a hint to the theme, but didn't know any of the "openings" were rock bands except GRATEFUL DEAD.

Some fun tricky clues to ponder over & wait for perps, like for CUES, TEPEE, and ASEA = In the Black (should have noticed the capital B. I spent some time trying to think of a 4-letter work for "no debt".)

The puzzle filled easily enough to be enjoyable despite not knowing: TERRY Crews, Rosie PEREZ, TES, KIRK, SOMME (not LOirE), PIPS, EULER, CRAIG.

PK said...

We had NBAers/CAGERS yesterday. I watched parts of two NBA games last night. Have to say, the commercials seem to be winning. The commercials played more minutes than the NBAers.

Linkster said...

An amusing puzzle, especially since I am a huge fan of the two name bands. Thank you Pam for one that will go down in the Rock of Ages. C.C. you always enlighten and brighten up my Sunday mornings.

I had a tough time getting started on this grid. The NW was the last to fall. I started cruising one I had Talking Heads and Heads of State.

Beautifully constructed and explained.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Pam is becoming a Sunday regular which is lucky for us as she provides enjoyable solves and fresh, clever themes. This theme was obvious from the start, yet was fun to figure out the bands and the additional phrase. Purple Prose was unknown, as was Kirk and Dash It. I’m familiar with lots of Britishisms, but not that one. Also, I know Kevin Bacon but who is Keven Smith? I had leniency at first and, like, DO, Deice before Defog. I was surprised at the Tees up, Antes up and UPS. Lucina gets a hat trick CSO with Oeste, Estado, and Ciento. Unlike many Sunday puzzles, I knew mostly all of the proper names and places.

Thanks, Pam, for a pleasant diversion and thanks, CC, for the expert analysis. That’s a mighty impressive cucumber you grew!

YR, I hope you’ll get some relief soon from your painful ribs.

Have a great day.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR after a long trek through the world of word play. Very nice theme and names that I knew for once. My only write-over was DESK 4 DEcK. From Star Trek’s KIRK to Vegas’ RAIDERs is a long span of time, but octogenarians occupy that space, so no sweat.

desper-otto said...

YR, hope you feel better soon. I'm told that bruised/cracked/broken ribs are not a long as you don't breathe, don't laugh, and don't move a muscle. There's not much that modern medicine can do about them.

Bluehen said...

WEES, a fun, fast Sunday puzzle that I finished right in 35+ minutes. That is a blistering Sunday pace for me. No holdups. I knew the all of the proper names and all of the bands, and seeing those bands brought back a lot of fond memories. In fact, I've spent the last 1 1/2 hours scouring YouTube to relive some of those tunes. Ah, I wanna go back in time.

Come to think of it, I did have one slowdown. The only significant WWI river I could conjure up was the Yser, and that didn't fit. Just five perps later, I had Somme. Very enjoyable puzzle and explanation. Thank you, PAK and CC.

Isaias and it's aftermath have certainly given us some interesting weather this week. The main thrust of the storm went through DE on Tuesday with torrential rains and high winds like we've never seen around here. By Wednesday noon, there were still 20 roads closed locally for flooding, downed wires, uprooted trees, or some combination of any of those. We were all surprised that we didn't lose power. Then, just a life was about to get back to normal, on Thursday the remnants of that storm spawned a trail of tornados right through the heart of DE. One set down in the next town to the south of us and another hit a development right next to ours. In all, the NWS confirmed five tornados in little DE. But, we came through completely unscathed. No damage to the house or any other property, no uprooted trees, not even any broken branches. I remember my mother saying that God takes care of pregnant women, children, and fools. I wonder which category I fit into.

OK, here you go, IM. The Bluehen Ponderosa is going globe-trotting tonight for dinner. The main course will be a Cuban style Mojo Criollo boneless pork loin roast, seared, injected with mojo criollo, rolled in sazon comleta and rested in the refrigerator for two days before being cooked to 145 deg. in sous vide today. I'll serve it with a mustard crema sauce. Any leftovers will go into Cuban sandwiches later this week. The starch tonight will be porcini risotto, and the sides will be Balsamic Brussels sprouts and Curried cauliflower. I'll set another plate. Dinner is at six sharp.

Time to start cooking.


Big Easy said...

After a slow start I caught the band names at DEEP PURPLE and that made it a lot easier to FIR. Never heard of "DASH IT"; thought da-shit but that wouldn't pass muster in the LAT. The only other trouble was the cross of PIPS & PEREZ. I had no idea what "lollapaloozs" & PIP have to do with each other, only Gladys Knight or spots on dice. Rosie PEREZ was a total unknown along with CRAIG Claiborne & TERRY Crews.

I don't speak Spanish but OESTE, ESTADO, & CIENTO basically filled themselves.

As for the bands, I've heard of TALKING HEADS, COLD PLAY, & GREEN DAY but that's about it as I couldn't name or recognize anything they ever recorded. Maybe C.C. has heard DEEP PURPLE'S "Smoke on the Water".

SHOT PAR- as many time as I've played golf I've NEVER been in a foursome in which a person shot par. That's for the pros.

C.C.- I picked cucumbers on farms as a kid those vines were on the ground, not climbing up a wall. We only got paid for the ones as small as your pinkie finger. Those were used for relish. The larger cucumbers were given to the pigs.

Anonymous said...

CC, great writeup as always, but Rosie Perez was Oscar-nominated for Fearless, not White Men Can't Jump (although she was great in that film, too).

I really liked the puzzle. Pretty breezy and fun for a peaceful Sunday.

Irish Miss said...

Bluehen @ 9:30 ~ I’ll be there with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes! (In my dreams, alas.) I hope your family realizes how lucky they are. I haven’t had even one of the dishes on your menu, but they all sound delicious! Thanks for sharing and Bon Appétit!

BobB said...

PK, Rob Gronk was a tight end TE, not his name.

Husker Gary said...

-A “just right” Sunday entry by our W.V. friend Pam
-I successfully (deliberately) filled in the last two themers without reading the clues
-Correctly pluralizing AGORA, figuring out what DASH IT meant and seeing BIER wasn’t a funeral stand made the bottom a pleasant scramble
-Having snow and ice in the cluing for COLD PLAY ON WORDS struck me as really clever
-The PAWNEE occupied the bluff south of town above the Platte. I play golf up there now
-This film trailer for a fine movie shows how Mary Surratt was innocent but was shown no LENIENCE
-Speaking of historical women, here’s another trailer for a fine film about PIERRE Curie’s wife
-The Battle of the SOMME was before we sent our boys over HERE Over There
-I take LOTS OF practice swings on the EVE of golf league before I TEE UP. I never have SHOT PAR.
-Some think those who RIFLED through Tut’s tomb might have died from anthrax spores left there by Egyptian priests to thwart robbers
-Joann was so impressed with your use of a trellis!

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-Bon Appétit, Bluehen! I hope those words in your recipe are never in a puzzle! :-)
-BTW, I can become very IRKED by the "prickly hairs" on the cucumber leaves when REAPING the fruit

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

YellowRocks - I was so sorry to hear of your accident. Bummer. I hope your healing process goes well and that you'll be out and about before you know it.

Got it all eventually; Pam's puzzles are usually inmy wheelhouse.
Considered 'den' briefly before ARK. Liked the clue. Liked the 'bier' mis-direction. Wanted 'catafalque' but it wouldn't fit. Then saw the STEIN intent.
SEETHE - German sieden, L. German seden, Dutch zieden.

My youngest son and family visited yesterday from Marlborough, MA; a 250 mile trip each way. (BH's 80th coming up this week.). He was anxious to show us his new Tesla 3. Used the supercharge station at Crossgates mall, Albany going and coming. Nice car; rode around the block while they were here. (We stayed 6 ft apart - but it was really nice. Hadn't seen them since last Nov.)

JJM said...

Liked the theme. All very good bands from different eras from the 60's-90's.
Someone asked earlier about Green Day... probably their biggest hit was "American Idiiot". And, for Deep Purple Fans, they just released a new album with new material (no Ritchie Blackmore though) the other day called "Whoosh!"...I kid you not.

NaomiZ said...

Thanks to Pam for putting the fun back in the puzzle today. FIR in spite of several unknowns, and glad I kept TES for those NFLers, in spite of misgivings.

C.C., I love the idea of cucumbers on a trellis! I would be willing to grow them that way. Maybe next year.

Yellowrocks, I hope you feel better with each passing day.

Misty said...

Well, I'm afraid I don't know my bands, so this was a bit of a Sunday toughie for me. But there were still some fun items, and I even got PLAY ON WORDS before it hit me that it would be COLD. The clue cracked me up--thanks for the laugh, Pam. And C.C. your Sunday commentary is always a pleasure.

Happily I did get SARTRE and APOLO and ODIE--an interesting combination of philosophy, sports, and cartoons. It was also nice to see DIANA, ANNA, and SHAMU, after a while. And I always get that NERO of ill repute.

Have a good recovery from your fall, Yellowrocks.

And have a great Sunday, everybody.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Pam, and thank you, C.C.

Yes, recognizing the bands names speeded the solve, but a typo led to no Congratulations message.

From yesterday:

Yellowrocks, ouch ! Glad you are mostly ok.

Avg Joe, I liked the dumpster sign.

D-O, I should have mentioned the other day that you can see some of the Smithsonian channel's Aerial America programs on their YouTube channel. Louisiana was on the TV a bit earlier today. Love the seies.

Picard said...

Hand up that incomprehensible blob of PAWNEE, PIPS, PEREZ almost ruined on otherwise enjoyable puzzle. Can someone please explain the connection of PIPS and Lollapaloozas? I am not really familiar with either word. Wanted ADOS. Cross of obscure TES and KALEL another spoiler.

But all is mostly forgiven for the theme which must have been quite difficult to construct. FIR. Learning moment that MOCHA is a place. And always happy to see a Star Trek reference with Captain KIRK.

Here I made a short video clip of THREE DOG NIGHT finishing up their set with "Joy to the World" with the crowd on its feet.

ATLGranny said...

After having errors two days in a row, I found it a pleasure to do this puzzle speedily, understanding the theme, and filling in the answers confidently. Finished it first thing this morning, but didn't have a chance to read the blog and comments until after lunch. My only slow spot was the E in tes and Kalel, tho we had Kalel not so long ago. So a FIR for today! Thanks Pam and CC for a fun Sunday puzzle!

ATLGranny said...

Sorry to hear of your latest troubles, YR, and hope you are feeling better every day.

Lucina said...


Well, I started this at 4 A.M., returned to bed, and now finished the second half. Thank you, Pam! Though I don't know most of the bands, I have heard of most of them. Watching Entertainment Tonight pays off!

Ay, dios mio, so much Spanish! I love it! I do have a nit and that is the pronunciation of PEREZ. The accent is on the first syllable, not the last which is how I hear it most of the time. It's PE-rez. Not Pe-REZ. When a surname ends in Z, the first syllable is accented as in CHA-vez, YA-nez, LO-pez. My great-grandmother's maiden name was Perez

Many years ago I bought CRAIG Claiborne's cook book and still occasionally use it. Most of the recipes, of course, are not suited for diabetics but I have some favorites I can still use.

Sports names inevitably trip me up so I had WES not TES. SHOW PAR seemed right.

Thank you, C.C. What a gorgeous cucumber plant! Do you have other plantings?

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing day, everyone! YR, wishing you well as you heal.

Lucina said...

AVG Joe:
I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the dumpster sign!

Big Easy said...

Picard, I was also wondering about the PIPS also. Lollapalooza- there's a music festival by that name but that's the only way I've heard of it. PIPS, as I wrote earlier, Gladys Knights backup singers or spots on dice.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Picard, some folks might say that someone else is "a real pip" or that an event "was a real lollapalooza." Both are meant as compliments - as in very good or excellent- and both are rarely heard. Thank goodness.

I started in the NW and came upon the Good Old Grateful Dead pretty quickly. I was never what would be called a Dead Head but I went to at least a half dozen of their concerts and enjoyed them all. At least, I think that I remember being there.

The band theme came pretty quickly and as was pointed out in the write up the answered took up a lot of real estate and helped the solve quite a bit. I thought that the theme was very cleverly executed.

FLN, Anon-T, Valerie has a broken wrist but is feeling pretty good, thank you. She'll see her hand doctor this coming week and that'll determine if surgery is truly indicated as per the ER doctor that she saw yesterday.

Yellowrocks said...

Humdingers,pips, lollapaloozas, doozies, beauts all mean extraordinarily impressive things.
All of your kind thoughts have been extraordinarily impressive. That helps a lot. DO, right on, just don't move a muscle.

Shankers said...

Nice and easy Sunday offering with a few write-overs, but no big deal. Had fops for 43D. Fawnee didn't look right so the change to Pawnee led to pips which conjured an image of Gladys Knight and the Pips. I'm not very familiar with the bands, because in my 60's brain no one can come close to matching the Beatles. There I go showing my age. Is anyone out there watching the PGA? So many players to pick to win. I'm going with Brooks.

A. Aajma said...

The 2019 Oreo mystery flavor was churro, a Spanish cinnamon snack. The year before, it was Fruity Pebbles cereal flavor.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle very much and even though I didn't know all the bands the theme was not too hard to suss, and it was pretty doggone enjoyable. Like others, I had to change DEICE to DEFOG. Also MODEL to TWIRL, and INRE to ATTN.
Gosh. UPS, OPS, TES, and TET all in a row.
I learned there are two flavors of Oreos that I didn't know of before.
By total coincidence LW and I watched the movie Fearless last night so I immediately knew Rosie PEREZ.
Never thought of EULER, who was definitely a genius, as a calculus pioneer. I think of Newton and Leibniz. I'll research that later.
So, might a scandal involving improper deleting be called DELEGATE?
I like that word WHEEDLE.
My dad was an MD in the VA when KEN Kesey's book was published. He and most of his colleagues hated it and thought it painted an entirely false and unfair picture of the VA. I didn't read the book but I thought the movie ranks right up there in the near-masterpiece stratum.
I think it's neat-o that there's a town in Yemen call Mocha and a town in Iran called Shiraz.
Good idea to grow cucumbers on a trellis; vertical instead of horizontal.
I wonder if the "correct" pronunciation of ISAIAH is "Iss AH ee ah". (Ref. the tropical storm Isaias.)
Be careful out there, friends, and give unmasked persons a wide berth.

Jayce said...

Yes, LW and I have been watching the PGA. Interesting. Those guys are GOOD! And that course looks tough. Not particularly rooting for or betting on anybody.

Lucina said...

I would pronounce it I-sah-EE-ah

WikWak said...

I knew when I saw the name of today’s author that I would like the puzzle. FIR in just under half an hour. Thanks, Pam & C.C.

How could I not love a puzzle with a word like WHEEDLE in it?! Makes me grin every time I see/hear it. Ditto with DWEEB.

The band names were gimmes for me; I was just going through some Deep Purple early last week.

Mainly WEES about everything else. No problems with DASH it, PIP, or LOLLAPALOOZA. As someone mentioned earlier, Lollapalooza is the name of a long-standing music festival in downtown Chicago near the lake. Except this year... as with so many other events this year, Covid-19 did it in.

Three days in a row of grandchildren sleepovers have done me in. Definitely time for a nap!

Stay well.

Moodnuck said...

Great puzzle theme but my ending was tripped up by my spelling of the Dead. Grateful not Greatful. Lol I guess I’m not a good Deadhead!

inanehiker said...

Very creative puzzle - knowing the bands, even though I'm not a fan of any of them, certainly sped up the solving process and I love puns!

Thanks CC and Pam!

We have had a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes recently the green beans are slowing down.

Hope you are slowly mending YR - I know it's hurts to take a deep breath - but I tell my patients to take five deep breaths an hour (when the TV program changes ;)) to get air all the way down in your lungs and prevent developing a secondary pneumonia! If you get that it really hurts with all the coughing!

Picard said...

My posts have been deleted twice today. No explanation. I was trying to reply to comments and questions made by others. Sorry if you did not get my responses! Be assured I appreciated your comments and questions!

Wilbur Charles said...

Big CSO for music fan Anon-T (,and TTP)

Nero for three in a row. Helped that I'd seen EULER and APOLO recently.
We were just using the word OYEZ at breakfast

I FIE on ARLO. I thought it was United Arab Emirates (UAE)???* That left me with MIR. US MILitary Acad. Duh. Ex-jarhead syndrome

Shankers is an apt moniker for Brook's travails today.

I picked Casey but the Happened fella looks good but heeere comes Dustin

*LIU says nope. And AERO for Areosmith,??

Wilbur Charles said...

That was Japanese and he's looking solid. One more shot

Yuman said...

Bluehen, what’s for dessert?
YR hope you are on the mend.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

What up Sheep?
2day, -T B biz-A oWnZ-n Uz
All your base are belong to me, bitshaas

Oh, wait, this isn't the DEFCON trash-talk forum. :-)
//Hack the Planet!

Pam - Cool puzzle concept. With the exception of Cold Play, all the bands are / were exceptional in their era.

YR - I will try not to make you laugh. My buddies have a wicked sense of humor and thought it funny when I'd laugh into eventual pain at their quips. //controlled deep breaths - good advice inanehiker!
MManatee - a second opinion is always best. Wish Valarie well from The Corner.

Bluehen - you put me to shame. Recipe if you're willing(?) :-)

WC - You know me too well....
//want me to link Aerosmith and Run DMC's Walk This Way? :-)

BigE - anyone that's heard of Deep Purple knows Smoke on the Water [History - NPR]. One of my favs is Highway Star.
Also, Life During War Time. [Talking Heads] Tina Weymouth is one hell of a bassist

Picard - Love Joy to the World. Jeremiah was a bullfrog!"

.JJM - American Idiot is good but I'm partial to Basket Case [what that say of me? The Peanut Gallery can keep it to themselves :-)]

Then there's always the Grateful Dead (Moodnuck) getting busted for drugs in NOLA memorialized in Truckin'.
//I got two OREOs ads during the 10 minute set!

Cheers, -T

Dow Jones said...

Monday's (8/10/20) edition of the Wall Street Journal features a crossword puzzle (Huge Crowd) constructed by C.C. Burnikel

It's free to print or solve online

CC's puzzle


JJM said...

Lollapalooza= 1.) a humdinger 2.) Music Festival in Chicago

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best puzzles I've seen. Excellent word play, no super-obscure words.
Very fun to solve.