Dec 8, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014 C.W. Stewart

Theme: "You can't stick that on me, copper!" - We have a wide variety items that can be sticky.

17A. Secretary of state before Hillary Clinton : CONDOLEEZZA RICE

26A. Score symbol that usually has a stem : MUSICAL NOTE

49A. Digit-shaped sponge cakes : LADY FINGERS

61A. Spot between a rock and a hard place ... or a hint to the ends of 17-, 26- and 49-Across : STICKY SITUATION

Argyle here. Big bonus points for 17-Across! After a rough week, we could use a little respite.


1. "__ Mia!": ABBA musical : MAMMA

6. Bit of baby talk : "DADA"

10. Defensive trench : MOAT

14. So all can hear : ALOUD

15. Apple MP3 player : iPOD

16. Makes mistakes : ERRS. So 33A. Correct a pencil mistake : ERASE

20. Approx. landing hours : ETAs

21. To be, to Caesar : ESSE

22. Golf shoe feature : CLEAT

23. Theater level : LOGE. Often box seats.

25. Changes for the better : AMENDS

31. Shirt with a band's logo, maybe : TEE

32. __ shower: pre-wedding event : BRIDAL

35. Throw in the first chips : ANTE

36. Dude : BRO

37. Swabbing tools : MOPS

41. New England fish : SCROD. All cod are scrod, but not all scrod are cod. How odd.

44. Flagged down : HAILED

46. Word repeated before "black sheep" : BAA. "Have you any wool?"

51. Performed better than : OUTDID. Sometimes yourself

53. __ close to schedule : ON OR

54. Shenanigan : ANTIC

55. Cowpoke's pal : PARD. A corruption of PARTNER, I guess.

57. Target practice supply : AMMO

64. Backsplash material : TILE. But what material is the tile?

65. Truth or __?: party game : DARE

66. Tied up in knots : TENSE

67. Aegean and Irish : SEAs

68. Fr. holy women : STEs

69. Polishes text : EDITS


1. Self-defense spray : MACE. Learning moment: a chemical spray originally used in riot control, 1966, technically Chemical Mace, a proprietary name (General Ordnance Equipment Corp, Pittsburgh, Pa.), probably so called for its use as a weapon, in reference to a mace.

2. More often than not : A LOT

3. "__ Lisa" : MONA

4. Saturated hillside hazards : MUD SLIDES. How's it looking, California?

5. Kerfuffle : ADO

6. Fuel for semis : DIESEL. The truck type of semis.

7. "Dawn of the Planet of the __" : APES

8. Sleep lightly : DOZE

9. Wood-shaping tool : ADZ

10. Travis or Haggard of country music : MERLE

11. Point in the proper direction : ORIENT

12. Pinball player's place : ARCADE

13. Dangerous fly : TSETSE. All the fly today.

18. Not prohibited : LEGAL

19. High points : ACMEs

24. South American tuber : OCA

25. "One thing __ time" : AT A

26. Management deg. : MBA

27. Coffee vessel : URN

28. Obedience school command : SIT. Spot on.

29. Far from cool : NERDY

30. Gold, in Granada : ORO

34. Moved to a new country : EMIGRATED

36. Hunk's physique : BOD

38. Encouragement for a flamenco dancer : ¡OLÉ!

39. Part of mph : PER

40. '60s radical gp. : SDS. (Students for a Democratic Society)

42. Mouse sound : CLICK

43. "Far out, man!" : "RAD!"

44. Bhagavad-Gita student, likely : HINDU

45. "I'll take that as __" : A NO

46. Blows one's own horn : BOASTS

47. Em, to Dorothy : AUNTIE

48. Leader of the Huns : ATTILA

50. Strong points : FORTES

52. Cuts into cubes : DICES

55. Exam for high school jrs. : PSAT

56. Suffix with million : AIRE

58. Knee-showing skirt : MINI

59. Lion's share : MOST

60. Vending machine bills : ONES

62. QB's gains : YDs

63. Had a bite : ATE


Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to Ron (Jazzbumpa), who taught me by example what hard work is. I saw him up close agonizing over every little clue of the two puzzles we worked together. I also see him spend hours on his every write-up. Thank you so much, Ron!

 Ron and his wife Gloria

2) Happy 81st Birthday to Misty's husband Rowland! You and Misty showed us what true love is.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all (And Happy Birthday to Ron/Jazzbumpa and Rowland)!

Mostly smooth sailing today. I had no idea that Ms. RICE's first name was spelled with all those E's and Z's, so that took some perps help. I also always thought that (according to the Aesop fable, at least), the "lion's share" referred to ALL and not just MOST. Ah well, I guess the meaning has shifted over time, much like decimate has changed from "one out of ten" to "most" (as discussed earlier). I'm just waiting for the definition of "nonplussed" to officially change to "unfazed" simply because that's what everybody seems to think it means these days...

Hungry Mother said...

I wondered if I needed Condi's middle name for a while.

Lemonade714 said...

BG always something to be learned, as I never knew of the many fables where lion's share related to taking all is something instead taking it to mean most. I would guess the switch to meaning most was a long time ago, with a lion's share of the Google references going to 'most.' Thanks for the new insight.

I was really impressed with this puzzle with 2 gridspanning theme entries, and who does love a puzzle
That starts MAMMA DADA, I just wish the BAA could have been BAA BAA and we would have had the whole family.

Argyle your SCROD comment is great
and so is the inclusion of BOD.

Happy Monday all, maybe we all have some sticky rice tonight.

Lemonade714 said...

Of course I meant
Who does not love a puzzle...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Easy puzzle to ease into the work day.

My favorite clue was Mouse Sound = CLICK. Ah, the computer mouse, not the little critter!

Did you hear the one about the woman who asked the cab driver where she could get SCROD. "Oh, I didn't know that word had a past tense," the cabbie replied.

Happy Birthday Jazzbumpa.

Happy Birthday also to Rowland.

QOD: There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors. ~ Jim Morrison (Dec. 8, 1943 ~ July 3, 1971)

desper-otto said...

Good morning, all!

This was a nice Monday outing with a little "chew" to it. Until today I was unaware of that second Z in CONDOLEEZZA. Expected Eighth, Quarter or Grace before MUSICAL showed up. And I always thought AMEND just meant to add onto whereas EMEND meant to make better. Bzzzzzt!

Happy birthday to JzB and Rowland!

Lemonade714 said...

Eek, a very happy birthday wish to JzB and to Rowland.

Ron thanks for another year of wit and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

(Copy and paste from previous posts with big blank spaces. Please make sure you hit PREVIEW button before post to avoid blank spaces).


Morning everyone,

Until today, I always thought it was Momma, not MAMMA. And it's sung by one of my favorite groups, ABBA, plus I have the CD from the movie. If olot had made sense for 2D, it would have meant a bad start to the week.

Wonder what CONDNLEZZA has for a handicap at Augusta National?

Other then my opening comment, this was a
straight forward solve with only one or two temporary hold ups.

Happy birthday to Jazz and Roland.

If my print out is askew it's the kittens fault, She's been having her morning walk on the keyboard as I try to type.

CrossEyedDave said...

HBD Jzb!

Belated HBD to Windhover, It's hard to find a "Windhover cake" so I had to stretch a little...

Luckily it's Monday & the puzzle wasn't so sticky...

Yellowrocks said...

A Monday romp. Thanks for the puzzle C.W. and for the write-up, Argyle. I had to wait for the reveal to get the theme. Cute

LOGE has two meanings. On Broadway the loge is the front section of the first balcony, my only real life experience with LOGE. In print and in crosswords, I see that it can be box seats, although I have never seen them in a theater.
-(in a theater) the front section of the lowest balcony, separated from the back section by an aisle or railing or both. .
-a box in a theater or opera house.

More on SCROD v COD:
Wiki: Scrod (also schrod) was originally any young (2.5 lb or 1.1 kg or less) cod, haddock, or other whitefish, split and boned. Most typically young cod is the modern mainstay on menus calling for Scrod.

BG, I never heard nonplussed used to mean unfazed, but I see that it is a common mistake. Having two opposite connotations makes it difficult to understand the user’s intention.
Link nonplussed

Happy birthday to Rowland and JzB. Thanks for all your hard work on your interesting expos, JzB.

TTP said...

Thanks CW Stewart and thanks Argyle.

Happy birthday JzB.

Misty, Happy Birthday to your husband.

Husker Gary said...

-Condi Rice was part of the 15 member committee that made this decision yesterday in a STICKY SITUATION
-This renaissance woman would also like to be the commissioner of Major League Baseball can do this
-The highest MUSICAL NOTE I can hit comfortably these days is now D above middle C. I used to sing like Frankie Valli.
-Being read to ALOUD trumps any electronic device for kids
-Cwd ERASE issues make me use only pencils
-Marti, does SCROD rhyme with yard in your house?
-Fabulous song that starts where a lady FLAGged down a Taxi (6:40)
-A LOT of wonderful Hispanic EMIGRANTS have moved to our town
-First computer mouse
-Good luck at the vending machine
-Does everyone know whose on my rock and roll t-shirt?
-Best wishes to Ron and Rowland! Ron has given me some great help too.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to JazzB and Rowland. Hope the day finds you in fine fettle.

Straightforward solve today. No nits, no searches, no strikethroughs, no fuss.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Good day, friends!

Happy birthday, Jazzbumpa & Rowland! I hope your celebrations are delightful!

MAMMA Mia! This was a very nice romp with only pausing at spelling CONDOLEEZZA. Luckily ADZ gave me the second Z.

Also LECAL started as LICIT until MUSICAL set me straight.

Thank you, C.W. Stewart and thank you, Argyle for starting our Monday on a high NOTE.

I hope you have a sensational Monday, everyone!

Lucina said...

Arrgh. LEGAL not lecal.

carol said...

Happy Birthday to Jazz and Rowland!
Very nice pictures of all.

I thought it was so weird when I read 1A ("__ Mia!") That was exactly the same clue as the USA Today puzzle of yesterday !!!

I zipped thru this until I hit 55D, I never can remember the initials for those tests - with the exception of the one for lawyers. Somehow I do remember LSAT. Anyway 53A had me baffled too.

Condoleezza .... hmmm, very strange name, would love to know the history behind that one. Perhaps a combination of family names.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Wonderful write-up & links.

Happy Birthday to Jazz & Rowland (who WILL be the first toasted at Sunset!).

I hope A LOT of newbies decide to try the crossword puzzle today. This was a FUN easy solve.
For the second time I solved the whole grid using only the down clues.

Like the CSO to our Mari when I read the write-up and saw that 1-a was an ABBA clue.


Rainman said...

Happy natal anniversaries, Ron and Rowland.

A nice easy shmeasy offering today. Thanks to both constructor and reviewer Argyle. Had LEGIT in lieu of LEGAL for a brief moment, and SIC where SIT should be. Not sure which obedience school would ever teach an attack command… maybe K-9 training? The theme was unknown til the reveal. Now to decide which dessert I prefer: STICKY RICE, sponge cake or MUDSLIDES. Decisions. Condi rice may not be amassing new Zs but is likely enjoying her Augusta National golf club membership. Golf always helped me slee ...zzzz.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Easy, breezy start to the week. Theme was a mystery until the reveal. Liked mouse sound=click. Thanks CW and Argyle.

Happy Birthdat to Ron and Rowland. Hope your day is special. Belated welcome to Rainman.

Have a great day.

Rainman said...

Anonymous at 7:06:
Not long ago Condi's index was 16.4. Impressive.
Mine would shoot up to 18-ish in the wet winter months but improve to a 12 by late summer. Played 200 rounds a year but prefer cycling these days.

CanadianEh! said...

Fun Monday puzzle.
HBD to JzzB and Rowland.

Like Lemonade @6:30, I noted and smiled at the baby talk of MAMMA, DADA and BAA.

Like Hahtoolah @6:35, I loved the mouse clue. I had been trying to fit Squeak in but had a letter left over.

LADYFINGERS made me think of tiramisu which I love!

Carol @9:31 got me investigating and I found that Condoleezza, derives from the music-related term, con dolcezza, which in Italian means, "with sweetness".

We have had lots of BRIDAL showers with daughter's wedding coming up soon.

Have a good day all!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Thanx for the kind wishes.

Nice easy puzzle today, but technically impressive.

Needed lots of perp help to get Condi's name right.

Very musical day today. The day after Thanksgiving we recorded a couple songs at one of the local TV stations, and that was broadcast this morning. Haven't watched it yet, but have it on DVR.

Playing for the mayor's tree lighting ceremony in Dearborn this afternoon, then off to another rehearsal.

Busy week stacking up.

Here's a dance solo Amanda choreographed for university auditions. We got to see her perform it on Saturday.

Cool regards!
JzB the slightly older trombonist

Chairman Moe said...

"puzzling thoughts":

First off, it's been crazy busy the past few weeks, hence my absence; but I have always tried to visit the Corner each day to see the various posts.

Second, yesterday's LA Times puzzle was wonderfully constructed but incredibly difficult! Even cheats couldn't help me finish!!

Third, regarding today's puzzle, I question the cluing for 22A. As an avid golfer, SPIKES (once metal and now predominately plastic) are the name for the "traction" device on the sole of the shoe. I realize that some of the more modern golf shoes feature more "cleat-like" nibs/nubs, but it's a stretch...

Fourth, I love having Monday's puzzle be both easy and challenging; I never panicked but still had to "think" about the answer before filling in the blanks - hands up, too, for not initially realizing that Condi Rice's first name had 2 E's and 2 Z's

Will get back to limericks soon. BTW, whatever happened to Owen?

Chairman Moe said...

Sorry! Forgot to include HB greetings to JzB and Misty's hubby. Have a wonderful day!

desper-otto said...

Wow, JzB, somebody else with two Z's in her name! I don't understand interpretive dance, so I can't comment on the quality. I will say that I was never that limber...ever.

JD said...

Good morning all,

HB Bumpa and Rowland. And, a belated shout out to Windhover!

Did not see how note was part of a sticky situation, but enjoyed the theme fills. Scrod is a fish I only see in CW's; we DO have cod, although it is not as plentiful as it once was. Who took the lion's share? Hahtoolah, laughed at your joke.

Gary, not fabulous when referring to SF as Frisco.
Also, did not know Ms Rice was part of that committee...nice to reach out to highly interested football fans. I laughed at the whole name of the Peach Bowl. ah, the power of money!!

Argyle said...

Sticky note - yellow Post-It.

Husker Gary said...

-Very funny, JD! When I wrote you a note yesterday, I was careful to write San Francisco, not the other dreaded AKA. Today’s reference was by Harry Chapin, not I! ;-) I just love that song so much, especially as I survey how the lives of my classmates and I turned out during our 50-year high school reunion.

Law and Order’s detective Lenny Briscoe
Shuddered when someone said Frisco
But my friend Judy
Can become very moody
And want to dunk my head in Crisco ;-)

Yellowrocks said...

JD, I think sticky notes are Post-Its. How did we live without 'em?
I see that you can buy cleats for replacement or as accessories for golf shoes. Are cleats becoming old fashioned? They cause more wear and tear to the course than soft spikes.
Link buy cleats
I am taking aquatic pre-hab training once a week at the Y and I practice several times in between. In just three weeks I can feel my core strengthening and I can now raise my knee high enough to dismount the (land) exercise bike without pulling on my pants leg to drag it across the bar.

Anonymous T said...

Hi puzzle pals!

A fun puzzle with only one ERR repeated. I had S's for Z's at first in Ms. Rice's name. DOsE looked fine until I read the perp's clue. Thanks C.W. for a fun respite from Saturday's slog. Thanks Argyle for the writeup.

I'd like to BOAST, but unfortunately both almae matres lost this weekend (LA Tech & OU).

MUSICAL NOTEs - are you ready? I spent my ute at the ARCADE listening to Pac Man Fever. The song is too dated, but Pinball Wizard is timeless. (Watch Keith Moon (the drummer)).

I DARE to say it... I'm just White and NERDY.

Hahtoolah - you're a hoot!

HBD JzB! Your daughter is talented.

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Wow! Happy Birthday, JazzB, with warm thanks for all the hard work. And, my goodness, C.C. thanks for the shout out to Rowland, and for all those lovely wishes from everyone. Before his stroke in 2008, Rowland did the L.A. Times puzzle every morning. I inherited it after his stroke, and have always regretted that he didn't have this blog to enjoy in his day. He would have loved it! And he was delighted when I told him of all your good wishes. So thanks, again.

I actually loved the family sub-theme in this puzzle: MAMMA, DADA, BRO, and AUNTIE.

Have a wonderful week, everybody!

Chairman Moe said...

Yellowrocks @ 11:21

Thanks for the golf cleats link. I guess I am just "old-fashioned" when it comes to describing the "traction devices" used on golf shoes. I've always called them "spikes", and the metal ones (banned almost entirely to amateurs but still worn by a few pros) are colorfully referred to as "nails". Whenever I think of "cleats" the first thought is football

JD said...

Thanks Argyle and Yellow rocks..oh my, give me a V8!

Gary, I knew you wouldn't stoop so low.LOL...cute poem

Just read where Google is working on their CAPTCHA technology. I rarely can read the words when I use an iPad like this morning in it erased me.Even on my computer I have to get out a magnifying glass sometimes.Google solution is called "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" We would check a box that says I'm not a robot.The computer will evaluate a broad range of cues that distinguish humans from bots.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Chairman Moe,
I had a few email exchanges with Owen last week. He suffers from depression and just does not feel like solving crosswords or coming to the corner.

That's why I dislike personal attacks on our blog. You never know what others go through in their life.

Be kind to one another. As Kirby Puckett said: tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

Sallie said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Crosseyed Dave: That is a wonderful HB to Jazz.

I add my happy wishes to Jazz, and to Rowland.

Did not finish. Never heard of Truth or DARE, and wasn't sure of what letter before SAT. And on a Monday!


Anonymous T said...

C.C. Thanks for the update on Owen. Please let him know his limericks and daily musings are missed by MOST / ALOT of us. I'm sorry he's down, glad he's not out.

Misty - I got MAMMA & DADA, but didn't x-ref it with BRO and AUNTIE. Way to go Sis :-) Wish Rowland an HBD from me too!

Cheers, -T

Jazzbumpa said...

I know some of you tire of Christmas songs rather quickly. Here's one yuo almost certainly haven't heard before.

My friend [and fav singer] Diane sings with the Dearborn band. Her brother lives in Dallas and fronts the band Emerald City.

Here is a new song he wrote that is being used in Toys for Tots campaign ads in Texas.

JzB the music Christmas sharing trombonist

CrossEyedDave said...

HG, Thanks for the Taxi link, the sheet music just says "D" thru most of the song, now I finally get to see his picking... (am I the only one who finds it ironic that the bass player is a soprano?)

I have been looking everywhere for a Happy Birthday Rowland cake, but they are either misspelled or are dominated by this Kelly person (which I am not sure if Misty would approve...)

Welcome Rainman! I can identify, crosswords always help me sleep. (which is why I always post so late...)

Owen, you have a gift! It would be selfish to keep it to yourself. Please post and make someones day brighter with your wonderful poems.

coneyro said...

Very easy...Just on my level. Makes me feel proud when I can finish mostly by myself. Got theme right away after putting in rice and having "ation" at 61a. Knew word was sticky. Love ABBA ! Well, cloudy and cool in my part of. Florida. At least there is no worry of snowstorms around here. Everyone stay warm!

Bill G. said...

That was a very pleasant Monday puzzle. Thanks C.W and Argyle.

Happy birthday Ron and Rowland!

Barbara was feeling nauseated last night and this morning. I had to go out early to get her a couple of cans of Coke at the 7-11, the only thing that she feels like drinking and that seems to help settle her stomach.

A Mexican magician tells the audience he will disappear on the count of 3. He says, "Uno, dos... *POOF!*..." and he disappeared without a tres.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. I'd like to AMEND your joke with a groan, but I ROTFLOL'd. My last NERDY link was for you, HG, and TTP. Yous can MOPS up in aisle ONEs.

OK, I'll SIT back 10 YDS for that.

Cheers, -T

lois said...

Good afternoon, Santa Baby & CC,
Loved your write up,SB, and loved this puzzle. It is so perfect for this time of year. Family, music, forgiving like 'stes' when one gets 'scrod' (thanx Hahtoolah, LOL) and making'amends'when one 'errs', all just fit this season to a 'tee'.'Lady fingers' made me laugh 'aloud' thinking of the digital 'antic's my girls may 'dare' to use to resolve a 'tense' and 'sticky situation' between them. That's the 'most'
'legal' option unless they resort to 'mace', but I guess those choices are H'onor'able considering my husband's name is 'Atilla'.Yeah, He's m'esse'd up but is a good 'dada'
nonetheless. Hope all have a peaceful holiday.

Santa Baby, we need to have a conference. I've been called
'very nice' a lot. Have I been naughty, you ask? Well, yeeessss, but I was being nice.
So, we need to talk. Can't wait to see you.


lois said...

Forgot: Happy Belated birthday my favorite KY Hottie: Windhover. And Happy Birthday to JzB and Rowland. Wish you many many more.

Carol & J.D., what a Monday!!!!

Pat said...

Good afternoon, everyone! An easy Monday puzzle was welcome to balance the busyness of the day.

No problems with it, and I even figured out the theme!

Happy Birthday, JzB, Rowland, and, (a day late), Windhover. I hope you all have great celebrations.


carol said...

This 'prove you're not a robot' thingy cannot be read half the time, I have to leave the page and start over until I find one I can see clearly, some are black and most are blurry. Why make it so hard?

Windhover, I am sorry I missed your birthday...I just got back on this blog but I sure hope you did something wild and crazy and not too illegal! :)

Lois, sure good to see you back and in your special, funny form!
Looking forward to more of your posts!!

Thank you CanadianEh! for the info on Condi.

Misty said...

CrossEyedDave so sweet of you to try to find a cake for Rowland. If he were 50 years younger, I suspect he'd love the Kelly person pic!

C.C. please tell Owen we miss him, and care about him, and send him cheering vibes.

Anon T--many thanks Son (?)!

Bill G. said...

Owen, yes, I miss you and your poems too. I hope you come back soon.

Lois, it's good to see you again. How's Virginia?

Twice now I've gotten no Captcha at all. It's a blessing...

Still Lurking said...

Great Blog Argyle, enjoyed it.

Hahtollah took away all of the possible scrod jokes, but my own contribution is:

What did the young cod say when he was finally caught in the net ?
Me cod, Be scrod. (pun intended)

And,finally, if 'to point in the right direction' is ORIENT. Would OCCIDENT be to mislay or mislead in the wrong direction ?

Good night all.

Husker Gary said...

Fun links Anon-T!

Anonymous said...

Did no one else find 44D a little (lot) crunchy for a Monday?

My congrats to Tinbeni @ 9:31 AM who solved the puzzle with just DOWN clues.

Bill G. said...

I agree about 44D. I didn't notice it since I was concentrating on the Acrosses at the time.

Frogs vs an iPhone Disappointed frogs!

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, C.W. Stewart, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

A couple things:

1. Happy Birthday to Jazzbumpa and Rowland, and many more.

2. Brother Owen, we miss you. Stop back in!

The puzzle was a good Monday one. Got through it easily. Had to wait a while because i was reading my book club book today, for our meeting tonight. Got it done. "Ordinary Grace" by William Kent Kreuger. Great book.

Theme was a good one.

Yes, it took me a while to spell CONDOLEEZZA. The RICE part was easy.

I wonder how many IPODs were sold. I know I bought several for my daughter and wife.

EMIGRATED has a connotation of always being in one direction.

Liked the CLICK answer for the mouse clue.

I still have to finish yesterday's puzzle. Will work tonight.

My shingles are almost gone. Whew!

See you tomorrow.



fermatprime said...


Thanks, C. W. and Argyle!

Doctor prescribed Levofloxacin, which, it seems, can kill one in many ways. No exercising, too.

HBDTY to JazzB and Rowland! Albeit rather late.


Blue Iris said...

Very fun Monday puzzle. Rememered Condi right away. I see her as a woman to be admired.
Happy Birthday JzB! I will forever picture you in deer antlers-LOL

Happy Birthday Rowland! Hope you have a better than average day!

Yellowrock, I have been doing aqua physical therapy for last 5 months. It's interesting how experiencing a strong core can change how you move and feel. My goal was to be able to walk up and down stairs.I'm still not there but not giving up.

All of our shopping is done(mostly online). Might go out to buy some cheap stocking stuffers.

Anonymous T said...

Welcome back Lois - just in time to kiss up to Santa :-) I love your posts! Keep 'em up.

Here's a fun video I stumbled on. YR - I think you will like it the most. Weird Al on grammar and TENSE.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I love that Weird Al Yankovich video and know a few people to whom I shall send it. The younger generation in the family seem never to have learned proper English and their loose grammar really annoys me.

This year I've decided to make panettone instead of fruit cake.

Bill G. said...

AnonT, I enjoyed your video. Some of my favorite misteaks R in their.