Feb 14, 2015

Saturday, Feb 14th, 2015, Brad Wilber

Theme: None

Words: 72 (missing J,Q,Z)

Blocks: 30

  Oh well, no theme this week.  So I will make one up.  We're going with a "romantic" music montage for today;  Triple 11-letter and almost triple 10-letter corners, nothing longer, and just a few proper names to annoy today - and a lot of French.  Happy Valentine's Day - for those who celebrate....  ;7P [ note: I had some trouble with the video links when I was posting the blog. ]

63. Soft Cell hit with the lyric, "Once I ran to you, / Now I'll run from you" : TAINTED LOVE

3. Campaign team member : SPIN DOCTOR

 Two Princes - Spin Doctors

44. "__ in April never came so sweet": Shak. : A DAY - do you know the connection to this video~?

Ugh.  Saturday, the 14th



1. Airline to Trondheim : SAS - I went with KLM to start

4. Grounds for an umpire's warning : RACKET ABUSE - thought this was a baseball umpire at first; then I thought of John McEnroe, but this guy - I've been there, only it's a goalie stick and a defenseless post

15. Nile Valley threat : ASP

16. What beeps may be : EMAIL ALERTS

17. Pandora's Tower platform : Wii - Don't know this game, but I do love Pandora - the internet radio - not the jewelry; my new phone has a L-O-O-o-o-n-g lasting battery, so I can listen for hours - makes me sad that I spent $75 on an MP3 player a month ago

18. Collar attachments : DOG LICENSES

19. Jackson's second vice president : VAN BUREN - I knew this; watched the History channel series on the presidents, and these two men had a run that was seen again with Reagan/Bush; the VP just couldn't live up to the "original"

21. Packed in more than : OUT ATE

22. One whose work is at an end? : INDEXER

23. Respecting : AS TO

24. Winnings, eventually : POT - and a referential clue at; 56d. 24-Across starter : ANTE

25. Eleanor's mother-in-law : SARA - this to me was utterly vague; I guess you had to be there to understand this was the Roosevelts.  I thought it might have been Biblical, for all I know

27. Home of Appalachian State Univ. : N CAR - been a rough academic year

31. Georgia crop : PECANS - OK, so I put COTTON in to start - does my "C" count at all, D-Otto?

34. Celebratory : GALA

36. Emulating : À LA

37. Tell : RAT

38. Triceps-strengthening equipment : CURL BAR

40. Small magazine inserts : BBs - ah. Not ADS - the gun kind of magazine

41. Montana motto word : ORO - I seem to get this a lot

42. Soloist in Tchaikovsky's "Swan's Theme" : OBOE - WAG; I doubt it was "DRUM"

43. Old connection method : DIAL-UP

45. Amt. rarely charged : MSRP - Manufacturer's "Suggested" Retail Price

47. Classic film curtain tugger : TOTO - Wizard of Oz

49. JFK, but not LAX : DEMocrat; JFK, the man, not the airport

50. "Keep dreaming!" : "AS IF~!" - sha~!

52. The Thrilla in Manila, notably : REMATCH

56. View from Yerevan, Armenia : ARARAT - the mount(ain), which is a dormant volcano, and resting place of Noah's Ark (but not the "lost" ark of the covenant)

59. Hype : BALLYHOO - OK, here's some blatant V-day hype

60. Hourly-rate offerer, often : NO-TELL MOTEL - think they're as booked as the restaurants today~?

62. Girl rescued by Uncle Tom : EVA

64. Chemin de __ : FER - um, OK.  I had to know, so I looked it up; literally, it's Frawnche for "lane of iron" - a railway

65. Dreamy looks : EMPTY STARES - meh, not quite the same in my book.  I'd like to see a girl get a dreamy look when she thinks about me - and would rather it not be an empty stare....

66. Venture : TRY


1. 2009 horror film sequel : SAW VI

2. Far East fruit : ASIAN PEARS

4. Updike's "Rabbit __" : REDUX - this followed up with the next clue = Rrrrr

5. "L'elisir d'__": Donizetti opera : AMORE

6. Heat or Magic : CAGERS - I went with NBAers first; the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic, two basketball teams in Florida - neither are doing well, but then again, the Knicks....I don't care for the game, but the owner of the restaurant I'm working at does

7. Potter's heat source : KILN

8. Biblical mentor of Samuel : ELI - oh, here's the Bible clue....

9. Dish served in an edible bowl : TACO SALAD - nailed it; I like the one from Taco Bell

10. Early seal hunter : ALEUT - educated WAG, since ESKIMO wouldn't fit

11. "Kramer vs. Kramer" Oscar-winning director : BENTON

12. __ Major : URSA

13. Editorial cancellation : STET - oops, went with DELE first

14. Forum infinitive : ESSE

20. Software version : BETA

23. Desert mount : ARAB - not the desert mountain - q.v. 56a.

26. Lace protector : AGLET - that thingy on the end of your shoelaces

28. Bad reception? : CABLE THEFT - clever

29. Record protector : ALBUM COVER - what's your favorite~? 
     I am trying to decide; this one's up there

30. Speak like Vito Corleone : RASP - didn't think it would be "LISP"

31. Limo destination : PROM

32. Many a PX customer : NCO

33. DVD menu option : SUBTITLES

35. 1968 groom, familiarly : ARIstotle, JFK's 'replacement'

39. It may be pitched : ROOF

46. Rear : PARENT - I get it, but....

48. One on the stump : ORATOR

51. Off-color : SALTY

53. Sorbonne enrollee : ELEVE - more Frawnche (student)

54. Lille lasses: Abbr. : MLLES - still more Frawnche (mademoiselles)

55. Grizzled : HOARY

57. Leave the path : ROAM

58. Left __: rewarded : A TIP - eh.

59. Incan army weapon : BOLA - well, there you have it, Lemonade~!

61. Colorado Rockies schedule letters : MDT - more mountains, but in daylight saving time now


Note from C.C.:
Happy Birthday to dear Marti, our multi-talented & loving Thursday Sherpa and friend.  I'll forever cherish a thoughtful letter Marti wrote to me when I asked her a rather personal question "Do you believe in God?" 

Marti has been through a lot in life. She probably went through more pains than most of us did. Yet she remains optimistic and positive. Her mere presence on the blog is a huge comfort to me. 

I'm so lucky to have you on our team, Marti. You're our sunshine.

Oh, look at this! Allen bought Marti these beautiful red roses. The cat thought it's for her.


TTP said...

Good morning all

Up since about 2AM with back spasms, so turned to the puzzle after finally being able to get out of bed. Going to try to get some rest now, but first...

Brad Wilber doesn't disappoint. Neither do you Splynter. Great job.

Marti, Happy Birthday !!!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday to our dear Marti)!

Hobbes passed away overnight. I can only hope he died peacefully and not in any pain or discomfort. I'll never know for sure, but that's what I'm going to tell myself.

Thanks for all the kind words the other day.

Montana said...

Happy Birthday, Marti!?
Nice expo, Splynter. Didn't this puzzle seem awfully easy, for a Saturday? The answers seems to just flow into the squares. And the perps were very helpful for unknowns.

I don't know why any of you should know oro y plata is the motto on the Montana flag--I don't know the motto on any of yours?!?

Newscasters here are lamenting Montana's lack of snow this year. It will make a big difference this spring and summer. I haven't personally minded the record-setting warm temps, but I hate water restrictions in the summer.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody,


Anonymous said...

My iPad is acting weird. There should have been an !, not a ? after Happy Birthday, Marti!

Sorry about Hobbes. I have pictures of the two dogs in my life, hanging on walls. We also have cement replicas of them in the yard. When my fence was down, many people stopped and stared at the dalmatian. They knew 'Patch' had passed away, but the statue looks very real.


HeartRx said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I really liked this puzzle, especially with NO TELL MOTEL and TAINTED LOVE. Great job with the write-up, Splynter. I have no clue about the link between "The Merchant of Venice" and Meatloaf. Can you give me a hint?

Thank you so much for the kind words, C.C. You are my inspiration!

TTP, I wanted to link something funny to take your mind off your back, but this says it much better.

Barry G., I am so sorry to hear about Hobbes. But it sounds like he had a good long life with you and your family.

Bill G., I loved your last link yesterday - I went on to read more about Playing for Change. What an inspirational group!

Bluehen said...

A very Happy Birthday, Marti. Since it is also Valentines Day, I hope Allen(sp?) makes it very special.

A fun puzzle from Mr. Wilbur and entertaining expo from Splynter. Thanks to both.

The puzzle was toothy, but in the end solvable and rewarding. It took a little longer to solve than most Saturdays because I shot myself in the foot and refused to admit it. (That limp is natural.) On the first pass through, like Splynter, I was sure that the Georgia crop was "cotton". When I did the perps, cotton was obviously wrong and I was left with PE---S. Of course "peachs". I was so sure, despite the misspelling, that none of the rest of the perps came to me for far too long. I finally came to my senses when I realized the misspelling and entered PECANS. Courage of convictions is one thing, pig-headed stubbornness is another. I have never been accused of courage of convictions.

Stay warm, friends. I'll toast you with glogg this evening.


OwenKL said...

The soiled dove, with her lips red-painted
With the ways of men was not unacquainted.
'Neath her camisole's fold
Beat no heart of gold,
And the men who thought else found her LOVE was TAINTED!

Pity the fate of poor Abner Bell,
His wife makes his life a living hell.
He even missed
An illicit tryst,
'Cuz his wife runs the town's only NO-TELL MOTEL!

All Susan's pleading got EMPTY STARES
From cat and kittens sans any cares.
Rolly balls, yon and hither,
Catnip mousies in a dither,
And feline nap-time blocks empty stairs!

Argyle said...

Definitely the quote of the day:

"Courage of convictions is one thing, pig-headed stubbornness is another."

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nice outing today. It could have been a bear, but Brad gave us just enough gotta-bes that we could make educated stabs at the unknowns. Today the chemin de FER came into the station early.

Splynter, nope, no credit for the misplaced C; nor the N. One must maintain the courage of one's convictions. BTW, congratulations! Getting more ORO is a good thing, right?

Barry, sorry to hear about Hobbes. It's tough to stand by and watch a trusted friend die.

Happy Birthday, Marti! Hope you and Allen/Allan/Alan/Alain do something fun. I really enjoy your puzzles and your tongue-in-cheek blogging humor.

Madame Defarge said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks Brad for a doable Saturday. I Knew I didn't have much time this morning as the grand kids are here for the long weekend.

I also went right for KLM, but had to work my way through northern Europe to recall SAS. First thought on MIL had to do with Eleanor of Aquitaine (that was going nowhere) before I the Roosevelt bell rang. Wanted peanut or peaches before PECAN. Not sure about the JFK LAX relationship. That worked itself out with perps.
I really liked Bad reception.

I think there is a movement afoot in France to do away with Mademoiselle and use only Madame. Like Ms. here perhaps. However, when I was there two years ago, there seemed to be no change in the streets, cafes, and shops.

Barry: Sorry about Hobbes. . . .

Marti: Have wonderful, wonderful double celebration!

thehondohurricane said...

Marti, a very Happy Birthday. With all the snow, you should be able to ski to the local "packy" for a container of a favorite vin. Warning, don't open until you are back home!

Still not into puzzles much with my continuing "creeping crud." The good news is all tests have come back negative. My medic keeps reminding me he told me to get a flu shot. My replies wouldn't be fit for this forum. But I'm improving, a little more each day. I'm a winter guy, but this one and I have reached the end.

Told the wife yesterday to book a cruise for someplace warm. She's on it.

More snow over the next couple of days on its way. Whoopee do!

desper-otto said...

Bill G (from last night): Enjoyed Playing for Change. Did you notice that a couple of the performers were from Novi Sad? That would've helped with the xword a few days ago.

Hondo, feel better soon. Too bad your wife didn't take you along! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice offering.

One nit: Curl bars are used to strengthen biceps and to a lesser extent forearm muscles.

Not triceps.

Lemonade714 said...

The Happiest of birthdays to one of my blog idols, the divine miss m who embodies the joy of this day for celebration of love. My life is forever better for the experience of marti coming to this blog.

The puzzle was so fun especially the cynical mini-theme i saw in NO TELL MOTEL and TAINTED LOVE.

Splynter, CHEMIN DE FER is the French derivative game from Baccarat. It was what James Bond played in the movie, the difference being you play against the others rather than the dealer (house) as you do in Baccarat.

BG, we all share your pain, and can try to hold on to all the happy memories.

Be safe all

Avg Joe said...

A very happy Birthday, Marti!!

Tough puzzle today. Had to cheat in Montana to get it done. You beat me badly, Mr. Wilber.

Best album cover of all time? Who's Next?. Second best? How Dare You!. The front isn't as god as the back. From 1976, this was prescient with the depiction of all the phones.

Big Easy said...

Two days in a row I quit on 1D- I never heard of or 'saw' SAW-VI,V,IV,III,II, or I. And don't have a WII, X-Box, or Play Station. But the rest of the puzzle was filled in.

The last thing I read last night was an article in the current Forbes Magazine, titled 'Profiting From Cheating' about this guy who invented the Ashley Madison web-site; then I came to 60A & 63A. NO TELL MOTEL and TAINTED LOVE fell into place. These two made the bottom fill in easily.

The NE was hard to get started because I was thinking baseball instead of tennis, never heard of BENTON and wanted DELE instead of STET and INUIT for ALEUT. But my WAG of TACO SALAD. REDUX & AMORE were perps that gave me VAN BUREN.

I had a little trouble in the SE with ADS for BBS and FER was a complete unknown.

38A-'Triceps-strengthening equipment' clue is wrong. I wanted BARBELL. CURLS strengthen the BICEPS and bench & military presses strengthen the TRICEPS.

Avg Joe said...

Very sorry to hear about Hobbes, Barry. :-(

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I don't expect to get much of a Brad's Sat, but KILN and TACO SALAD (which dietarily is neither) got me going. I got way more than I usually get! Thanks to you and Splynter for the opaque clues (4d, 5d, I could go on -:) )

I still ended with a bunch of ??? (doPeY STARES didn't help). I knew VaNBUREN from just the N in SPIN DOCTORS (thanks for the link Splynter - I was going to go w/ Pocket Full of Kryptonite - but Two Princes is better on 2/14!).

WEES re: Peaches - It is on their LICENSE plate. TOTO @47a was almost asTa w/ only the T in place.


Fav - DIAL UP. Ahhh, 56k was so high-speed...

Barry - Sorry to hear about Hobbes; glad you didn't have to take the vet-trip for reasons you cited the other day.

HBD Marti! I hope you get presents and wine!

Like TTP I was up @2a, so nap time.

Cheers, -T
*Valentine's Day - what were you thinkin'?

Big Easy said...

Oh- Happy birthday Marti

Blue Hen-I wanted PEANUT for Pecans and COTTON never crossed my mind.

Unknown said...

A curling bar strengthens biceps, not triceps!

Yellowrocks said...

Wow! Was this a Saturday puzzle? Much easier for me than yesterday's.
-Link curl bar
-My first thought was SARA and Eleanor. Although the two were close at times, later in life SARA became the domineering MIL.
-For years I had candles on a PECAN PIE for my birthday instead of cake. My nuclear family prefers pies for birthdays. These last years I have a to-die-for chocolate satin pie .Yummy.
-Happy birthday, Marti. I enjoy your witty blogs and interesting puzzles.
-Hondo, I hope you feel better soon.
-Owen, I am so glad you have resumed your fantastic limericks. Impressive!
-Off to the Y. On Thursday a very mild toe stubbing shocked my REPLACED knee. The pain is abating, but I am working very hard to get back the flexibility (several inches less) which I had before the accident. I see some progress.

Anonymous said...

Actually a curl bar is used to strengthen the BICEPS, not the triceps

C6D6 Peg said...

Again, another doable puzzle, but a DNF. Put WICKETABUSE (thinking of cricket).

Thanks Brad for a fine puzzle.

Nice write-up, Splynter.

Have a great birthday, Marti!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a FIW for me due to the curl bar/Arab crossing, caused by an unnoticed typo in salad. Oh well, I enjoyed the solve, anyway. I agree with Splynter on the Dreamy looks/Empty stares c/a.

Nice job, Brad Wilbur, and fun expo, Splynter.

Happy Birthday, dear Marti; hope you have a delightful, delicious, delirious day!

Hondo, hope you feel better and can get to a warmer clime.

Sincere sympathy to you, Barry.

YR, glad to hear you are back on track.

Happy Valentine's Day to all. (-10 tonight and more snow; what a winter this has been!)

Have a great day.

Rainman said...

Happy Birthday, Marti. We're ALL glad you're here. Happy V-day, everyone.

I really liked this puzzle by Brad Wilber. Thanks, Brad. Thanks, Splynter, for all the links.

I'm my own worst enemy on days like these... For whatever reason, I just knew Nora EPHRON directed Kramer vs. Kramer, but in the end I got BENTON from perps, but still didn't believe it was right. RACKETABUSE? Whatzat? HOARY? For Grizzled? Greying? SAWVI?, never heard of it. And CURLBAR? Isn't that for biceps,not triceps? I had no trouble with most of this... never turned the red letters on, and was proud that I knew PECANS. Love 'em. Some very clever misdirection and clueing today. An achievable finish, but one that took plenty of time, and isn't that the definition of a Saturday puzzle anyway. Very entertaining indeed, IMHO.

Husker Gary said...

There was so much to hate/love in this wonderful puzzle. The Umpire was in tennis, CAGERS not Nbaers, ALEUT not Inuit, gun magazines not the printed variety, etc. Couple that with French, pop music I’ve never heard of, opera and fiendish cluing and I am proud to have finished this bad boy!

-SPIN DOCTORS are like homing pigeons. No matter where you start ‘em, they return to talking points
-I get some EMAIL ALERTS I’ve got to discontinue
-Matty VAN BUREN – He’s Old Kinderhook!
-Talk about OVERATE (3:13)
-Ken Burns’ epic series showed how unwelcome SARA made Eleanor feel
-SI says Appalachian State pulled the biggest upset in college football history
-I remember when DIAL UP was cock of the walk
-MSRP is a joke
-There were a lot of EMPTY STARES after the Mich./App State game
-CABLE THEFT was a plot in a very violent Seinfeld scene
-We use Closed Captioning (sorta SUBTITLES) for Downton
-So an ELEVE goes to an ECOLE but not during ETE
-We had a great $50 Lobster Fest at Red Lobster yesterday and left Becky a $10 tip
-What famous 1951 song has BALLYHOO in the lyric?

Husker Gary said...

More personal Musings
-HBD, Marti! I too have had some lovely exchanges with you and benefited from each one. Yesterday I thought of how cheap lobster must be in your neighborhood and hoped your ROOF pitch was sufficient.
-BTW, cats think everything is for them!
-Barry, we have lost two kitties and sympathize with how you feel. We’re back in the game after a 10 year hiatus.
-Argyle, Re: thought of the day. My minister neighbor presented a point of view to me that I resisted vehemently. After some research, I now know I have to go tell him he was right. Doncha hate when that happens? ;-)

Rainman said...

Sincere condolences, Barry G.

I got my beloved cream persian on inauguration day, 1993, and I had to name her, so it was either Hillary, Chelsea, or Bill the cat !!!! Hillary lived only eight years due to a kidney ailment (maybe due from drinking anti-freeze long before I got her). Since I lived in SF at the time, I went out to Colma (more dead people than live bodies there) and bought a small discarded monument, had it etched to say how beloved she was, and placed it at the head of her burial crypt, a Schramsberg box with her toys with her... only the BEST. I will always miss the joy she gave me. So I know your grief on this Valentine's Day. By the way, my silver poodle, Maestro Silver Shadow, is six today. I'm going to hold him more than usual.

Yes, we all love our beloved pets, our family.

Bluehen said...

YR@9:02, regarding pie for your birthday. Invariably when the eldest ACLAH is asked what kind of cake he wants for his birthday his response is "Cheesecake! You know, the kind with eight different flavors in sixteen wedges". So, it's a bit of a tradition here too. Isn't it rather oxymoronic that a cheesecake is a pie and a Boston cream pie is a cake?

Barry G, so sorry to hear about Hobbes. IMHO you were right not to have a vet do it for the reasons you gave yesterday. I made the same decision with the feline matriarch of our house not too long ago She died peacefully in her sleep and I've never regretted the decision, but dammit I wish I could have her back. You have my condolences.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Enjoyed the solve, but needed help with BBS and DEM. Thought the DEM clue was amorphous (vis -à-vis LAX.) Liked all the long acrosses. Chemin de FER is French for railroad. Finally dug up SARA for Roosevelt's Mom - Sara Delano. Finally settled on ALEUT after considering INUIT for awhile.

Happy Birthday Marti. What C.C. said shines through in your writings.

Steve said...

Happy Birthday, Marti!

Sorry to hear about Hobbes, Barry.

Thanks for the write-up, Splynter, and the color scheme for the day.

If there's no such thing as a curl bar for your triceps, I guess you can't buy something like this from Amazon.

I did wonder why I'd never heard of IAN BUREN, but then the SAW II vs SAW IV penny dropped.

Hand up for ADS before BBS

Steve said...

Well, the link doesn't work, but if you Google "Triceps Curl Bar" you'll get the idea.

desper-otto said...

That music question was an easy "lob", Husker.

CrossEyedDave said...

HBD Marti

RIP Hobbes...

Argyle said...

Tricep workout

It is all in how you use the bar. One way, biceps; opposite way, triceps.

coneyro said...

Husker Gary: Were you thinking of the song "Lullaby of Broadway". It was sung by Doris Day.

Barry: My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved cat.

Marti: A glorious birthday.

RE 1D: Saw(pun intended) every one in the series with my husband in the privacy of our home just in case I lost it. Gruesome stuff but addictive. When my son was younger he dragged me to all the Michael, Freddie, etc. type films. Guess I built up a tolerance for gore.

The puzzle today was WAY beyond me. 'Nuff said.

A Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there.

Misty said...

Well, I got much of the east--more than I thought I would, so I'm thankful for that. After that, a lot of cheating to finish up. But still a challenging and enjoyable puzzle for a Saturday.

Dear, dear Marti--have a wonderful birthday and a lovely Valentine's Day!

Barry, I too am glad that Hobbes was at home when the end came. It sounds as though he went very peacefully.

Loved your pet stories, Rainman.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Lucina said...

Hello, wise puzzlers! Thank you, Splynter, for a colorful analysis.

Happy birthday, Marti; I hope it's special. I look forward to your puzzles and quirky reviews.

Barry, I am so sorry about Hobbes. He likely went peacefully as you suspect.

My hat is off to you if you found this easy. I did not. SAS, ASP, STET and ESSE were all I had for long time. Then along came ELI and KILN. PEANUT was my first crop in Georgia but PROM occurred to me as did SPIN DOCTOR and that changed to PECANS.

Other than that it was slow slog to the finish. DNF because neither SAWVI nor WII were known to me and had a blank cell at W. I forgot to go back and check it.

I actually have a copy of Rabbit REDUX so looked at that for reassurance.

Plata Y Oro occurs so often in puzzles that it's now well known.

For a long while now I've been trying to read Andrew Jackson's biography but it's less than fascinating although some of his life certainly was especially his marriage.

Ah, well, it's Saturday and it was a fair fight. Thank you, Brad Wilber.

Have a beautiful Valentine's Day, everyone!

inanehiker said...

Slow but steady - had curlbal instead of CURLBAR with Ali instead of ARI at first.

Happy Birthday, Marti!
Condolences to Barry and family
Thanks for the write-up Splynter- fun links!

tiptoethru said...

Slap, slap, my back, I made it through with No help! And, it was a good time doing it because I smiled each time I came up with an answer like no tell motel, tainted love, and ballyhoo. Thank you to Splynter for the explanations and thank you all for your enjoyable comments. I've got one of my four cats beside me purring and the most annoying loved dog sleeping in the chair beside me. Nothing like them for companionship. They're my only children and since my husband passed away, my explanations for saying I'm not talking to myself. Hope all have a great Valentine's day and the laundry calls.

Yellowrocks said...

I found many Internet articles like my link @ 9:02, most stating that the curl bar was for triceps and biceps. Can they all be wrong? As Steve said, Google it.

"Courage of convictions is one thing, pig-headed stubbornness is another." My older son, a “no compromise ever” conservative, certainly has the courage of his convictions. Any kind of compromise would mean to him that he is betraying his convictions. His world is black and white. Mine is mostly shades of gray, I find nuances in most things. I am an independent, but strongly leaning toward liberal. Anything I bring up that is not in line with his ideology is dropped without acknowledgement and he very loudly returns to his talking points. I would love to have a “real” discussion about politics with this intelligent and interesting son, but I usually pass.

Barry, I had to put down my favorite, very precious cat years ago, because he was in great pain from cancer. We always miss our beloved pets, but always will remember we shared a wonderful life with them. My condolences on losing Hobbes. With Kahlua's cremains I received a lovely poem, which I thought I saw repeated here. Where did it go?

Bill G. said...

Thanks Brad and Splynter.

Marti, CC said it very well. Your presence and input is one of the reasons I enjoy this blog so much. Thank you for everything and Happy Birthday!

I'm glad you enjoyed that Playing for Change link. If you didn't see the late posts last night, that's a good one.

Barry G., sorry about Hobbes. I know he had a good life with your family.

Ol' Man Keith said...

HBD, Marti!
Yep, this was a toughie, even if not a Silkie. But that's what Saturdays are for, no? Give me a challenge any day.
I did well on this, with only one blatant look-up. Yes, it was for TAINTED LOVE, so that was a biggie, although truth to tell I had the LOVE part already.
The rest I did on my own. I liked the clue for INDEXER. Was surprised I knew ARARAT right off the bat.
It was fun. Thanks, Mr. Wilbur.

fermatprime said...


Happy Valentine's Day, all!

Happy Birthday, Marti!

A very rare Saturday w/o cheating! But had all of the first mistakes that were cited above, I think! I guess that I must have been unusually patient after Friday's disaster.


fermatprime said...

Barry: my condolences. Really miss the cats that I had. Millie would not let me have another one. She darn near killed the last one.

John Lampkin said...

Congrats to Brad for the slyly cynical VD offering. NO TELL MOTEL and TAINTED LOVE indeed!

This puzzle is chock-full of fun fill making it to my year's top-ten themeless for sure.

Splynter, I give up. What's the album cover?

Happy Birthday, Marti. I always enjoy your puzzles and admire your craftsmanship. WTF is it with those pickles?! Pickles are a big deal in our house and in fact we own a plastic pickle thumb thingie.

Pat said...

I don't do the Saturday puzzle, but I read Splynter's expo and the comments.

Happy Birthday, Marti! I hope it's a wonderful day.

My sympathy, Barry G. I understand your pain and loss.

Happy Valentine's Day to all who celebrate it.


Splynter said...

Hi there~!

Happy B-day HeartRx~! I don't know why I keep forgetting it follows my birthday....

Ooops - left the "r" out of Saturday - all fixed

This is the album I posted, John; I did like the "How Dare You", Avg Joe.

OK, a hint to my question; Meatloaf is not his real name....

Sorry for your loss, BarryG


Anonymous T said...

Hi all - quick up/down vote - Imitation Game about my Computer Sci hero Touring. I don't like movies in general (too much time) but DW wants to see it and it's valentines... C, -T

Anonymous T said...

Splynter - Bat Out of Hell? - "I want you, I need you, but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna LOVE you...Don't feel bad... Two Out of Three ain't bad."

Barry G. said...

Thanks again for the kind words, everybody.

LaLaLinda said...

Happy Birthday, Marti ~ I hope your day is special!

Barry ~ I'm so sorry ~ I feel your pain.

Ergo said...

Thank you Brad, Splynter, and Happy Birthday Marti.

A DNF, but not at all disappointed. I'll savor my moments of pride and learn from my boneheaded mistakes.

I haven't read the comments yet, so it may be in there - but I just don't get ARAB for "desert mount."

Most impressive about this puzzle is that it did not rely on countless obscurities. Instead we had known words matched with Saturday-level clues. Really good stuff.

HeartRx said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!

John L., re: pickles. I guess it's an Austrian thing. The pics were taken outside the Salzburg Museum. There was another, inside.

desper-otto said...

Ergo, check out "Arabian Horse" on Wiki.

Ergo said...

aha! Got it. Thanks desper-otto.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Speaking of Old Kinderhook, often cited as a possible source of "O.K.," I'm reminded of how often that modernism creeps anachronistically into film and TV dialog attributed to historical characters. Last night, I watched a playback of the second installment of the History channel's "Sons of Liberty" and listened to John Hancock saying "Okay" as he was being manhandled by General Gage's stooges. I replayed it with the captions on to be sure, and there it was in print too, "Okay" he screeched!
I guess I should be more tolerant, less picky about updated language. After all, assigning "O.K." to a founding father is hardly as offensive as hearing it a couple of years ago in a movie version of "Beowulf."

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Put me down for a DNF today. Lots of unknowns, most of which were perped, but the North was more than I could figure. Racket abuse? Is that a thing?

Happy Birthday to my clever and witty state-mate Marti! I assure all Cornerites that she's a delightful person. Plus, she likes cats. :-)

For Barry G., I'm sorry that a fine companion is gone, while at the same time relieved that he is not in discomfort. When the time is right, I hope you will be joined by another rewarding kitty.

Avg Joe said...

I'd second that thought Dudley. I can't imagine life without a cat. We had a very strange occurrence in 06 when the melamine problem in cat food came to light. In a single day, both of our cats had catastrophic organ failure and had to be euthanized. That was a tough day. It took 3 years to take the leap again, but when we adopted Skamp in 09' it didn't take long for her to become an essential part of our lives.

Manac said...

Happy birthday Marti! Hope you
have a special day.

Barry, sorry to hear about Hobbes.
I know it is tough to lose a close companion.

Enjoyed this outing better than the last two.

Didn't finish it, but enjoyed it anyways.

Manac said...

As we are bracing for another storm,

I've come to realize that our local
weatherman might be under a little
too much pressure. NH Weather ( Caution, some strong language )

Lucina said...

My niece of whose cancer I've written about in the past has deteriorated considerably so we are going on a blitz trip tomorrow. I'll see you in a few days. Prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated. She's only 55.

Bill G. said...

I hesitate to post these things so late in the day when I think fewer folk will see them ('cause I thought they were so good) but knowing me, I'll forgot tomorrow. So here goes anyway.
Sweet dogs trying to learn the ropes

My favorite! Sweet dogs who were short changed on the 'Fetch' gene

Bill G. said...

Lucina, I just read your post. Best wishes and good thoughts for you and your niece. It seems as if we're running into more than our share of sadness lately on our Corner.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - we'll miss your posts - Loving healing thoughts your way. C, -T

Anonymous said...

Iron Maiden and crossword puzzles, you're a kindred spirit!