Feb 11, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Peter A. Collins

Theme: "WHY, WHY?" you wonder.  Let us consult the WISE MEN.   I'll defer the complete explanation till we get to the unifier.

17 A. *Motown Records founder : BERRY  GORDY.    Yeah, I wanted BARRY.  From back when Motown was a thing.  You can read his interesting story here.

24. A *Cubs broadcaster known for singing along with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the seventh-inning stretch : HARRY CARAY.   Iconic baseball announcer.    Hard to believe he's been gone for 17 years.

52 A. *"That'll Be the Day" singer : BUDDY HOLLY.   Charles Hardin Holley, died in a plane crash in 1959.

Some bitter irony in these lyrics

62 A. *Longtime "60 Minutes" closer : ANDY ROONEY.   Purveyor of whimsical satire on trivial every-day issues.

3 D. *"The [52-Across] Story" Oscar nominee : GARY BUSEY.

Corrupting the very foundation of America

35 D. *"Football Night in America" analyst : TONY DUNGY.  Also the very successful head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1996 to 2001, and the Indianapolis Colts from 2002 to 2008.

And the unifier:  39. Biblical trio ... and a homophonic hint to the answers to starred clues : WISE MEN.  The Christian Bible does not name them, but they are traditionally considered to be Caspar, Balthazar, and Melchior.  As you are probably aware, these names sound nothing like those in the theme fill, so we'll have to look in another direction for our homophone.  Let's see -- what sounds like WISE?  WhY are You looking at me that waY?    AHA! That's it - the plural of the letter Y, the terminal letter for each theme guY's first and last name.  Are these Y'S MEN noted for their wisdom, or are they just WISE guYs?   You be the judge.

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here, not feeling particularly WISE with all the trouble I had sussing this theme.  With 6 theme names and a unifier, this is extraordinarily thematically rich.  Let's see how the rest of this puzzle rolls


1. Audio problem : LAG.      AKA Latency.   The time gap between responses in a remote live broadcast.   Ideal is under 10 milliseconds.

4. Finish paying a bill, perhaps : LOG OFF.   If you do your financial transactions on line.

10. Controlled : CALM. Not a common condition while watching sporting events.

14. Radio host Glass : IRA.  This American Life on NPR.

15. Ethically indifferent : AMORAL.   He just don't care.

16. Adidas rival : AVIA.   Sports shoes.

19. Baptismal basin : FONT.   To wash away sins.

20. Spanish royalty : REYES.

21. Oceanic reflux : EBB TIDE.   Reflux threw me.  Could this be the result of acid rain?

 For slow close dancing

23. Jessica of "Dark Angel" : ALBA.    She got her start on this TV show.

27. Mental grasp : UPTAKE.

29. McCain or McCaskill: Abbr. : SENator.  Not a shared name this time, but a common title.

30. Tummy muscles : ABS.   ABdominalS.

32. Circular gasket : O-RING

34. Time at the inn : STAY.   Overnight, breakfast included.

38. Shad eggs : ROE.   This presumed delicacy is the egg sack from an otherwise useless fish; and it is akin to a mouthful of fishy-tasting grit. It is only available in April at Joe Muir's and it's not on the menu.  You have to ask for it.  I made the mistake of doing that once.

42. Have a mortgage, e.g. : OWE.  I OWE, I OWE, so off to work I go.

43. Send to the canvas : KAYOKnock Out.

45. Graceful swimmers : SWANS.

46. Pull down : NET.  Earn, so to speak.  NET profits = revenues - expenses.

47. Dorm monitors, briefly : RA'S.   Resident AssistantS.

50. Windpipe, e.g. : AIRWAY.  Important step in CPR is to make sure the AIRWAY is clear.

56. Grand Forks locale: Abbr. : North DAKota.

59. "It's finally clear to me" : I SEE NOW.  At last.  Slow on the UPTAKE?

60. Accustom : INURE.  I associate this with becoming accustomed to something unpleasant.

61. Sushi option : TUNA.   Pick your fish

66. Follow, or follower : TAIL.  To follow is to TAIL; the follower is a TAIL. If you pay someone to follow somebody again is that a retail RETAIL?

67. Listen to, as a podcast : TUNE IN.

68. Bearded beast : GNU.

69. Suburban street liners : ELMS.  In those halcyon days of yore.  Are there any left?

70. Physical jerks : SPASMS.   Brief involuntary muscle contractions.

71. Blather : YAP.    Running on at the mouth.


 1. Heavenly scales : LIBRA.   Astrology.

2. Spinning : AREEL.   Clear enough, I guess, but in a brief search I couldn't find a definition or anything on usage.

4. Big name in chips : LAYS.  Computers?   Poker accessories?

5. Texter's "Unbelievable!" : O.M.GOh My Gosh/Golly/Goodness.  Does that cover it?

6. Icky stuff : GOO.   Oh my GOO?   That can't be right.

7. Rink legend Bobby : ORR.    One of hockey's all time greats.

8. Sound system control : FADER.   A device for varying sound [or light] intensity.

9. Spacecraft data-collection passes : FLY BYs.    A flight past a target point to gather information.

10. Lounging robes : CAFTANS.

11. To have, in Le Havre : AVOIR.   All perps.  French.

12. Lavin or Blair : LINDA.   Here is where they share the name.   A pair of actors.   One was the eponymous ALICE of the TV series, and the other was the demon posses child in The Exorcist.

13. Swabby's chum : MATEY.   Sea slang.  Swabby's obese chum is a vast MATEY.

18. Gather : REAP.  AS a harvest.

22. Abbr. in ancient dates : B.C.E.   Before the Common Era.   Our high school memories aren't that ancient.

24. Mata __ : HARI.    "Margaretha Geertruida "Margreet" Zelle MacLeod (7 August 1876 – 15 October 1917), better known by the stage name Mata Hari, was a Frisian exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany during World War I."

25. Words before and after "is still" in "As Time Goes By" : A KISS.

Sam Played It

26. Time extension? : RENEWAL.   Extending a subscription to Time magazine.

28. Garage service : TOW.

30. Storied vessel : ARK.  Noah's big boat.

31. Flapper's wrap : BOA.   A decorative feathery scarf.

33. Google Apps component : G-MAIL.

36. Knock the socks off : AWE.    O.M.G level impression.

37. Still : YET.

40. Professor 'iggins : 'ENRY.     My Fair Lady.

41. Sydney is its cap. : NSWNew South Wales, Australia.

44. Tough times : ORDEALS.   Things to become UNURED to.

48. Writer Rand : AYN.  The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged.

49. Young pigs : SHOATS.

51. Latin word on a cornerstone : ANNO.   The year of construction.

52. Please, in Potsdam : BITTE.

53. Same as always : USUAL.

54. Jeans material : DENIM.  Blue pants fabric.   And, a homophone clecho  ---
63. Genes material : DNA.   DeoxyriboNucleic Acid.   The stuff of life.

55. Come clean : OWN UP.   I couldn't suss this expression as a kid.  I guess you need to own your actions.

57. Place for matches : ARENA.  Sporting event venue.

58. Light a fire under : KEY UP.

60. Charged atoms : IONS.

64. "I'm listening" : YES.  I'm all ears.

65. Grand Canyon viewing spot : RIM.

Well, that was a fine Wednesday with some great musical interludes.   Now I hope you all know Y

Cool regards!


Rainman said...

Who was that wise man? And please do not call me a “Physical jerk”, BOA, even when you mean SPASM.

This was a speed run until I got to the far SE. KEYUP eluded me until I went through the zoo and finally found my GNU. Never mind that I didn’t know BERRYGORDY nor TONY DUNGY.

FLYBYS are almost never over AIRWAYs, but then spacecraft don’t really fly, but…

Nice easy puzzle for a Wednesday, I thought. Thanks, Peter Collins. Thanks, JazzBumpa, great writeup.

OwenKL said...

Got the theme, but it didn't help me much. While I vaguely recognize most of the names, none were ones I am familiar enough with to guess without a fistful of perps. Biblical trio I wanted SHADRACH, MESHACH, & ABEDNEGO, but that wouldn't fit. Instead it was MELCHIORY, BALTHAZARY, & CASPARY.

Got everything filled except the White Sands in the SW. Turned on red letters and found I'd guessed TONY wrong as TObY, and StOATS instead of SHOATS. Those corrected, ___Y TOLLY became a recognizable HOLLY.

There once were some wise men of Los Angeles
Who made puzzles that defied all analysis.
When asked of the logic
That led to each project,
They explained the clues came from their cannabis!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I did eventually get the theme and it did eventually help me out a bit, but that was very late in the game.

Totally shot myself in the foot with the singular REINA instead of the plural REYES, since that kept most of the NW hidden from view. I had LIBRA and AREEL, which I knew had to be correct, so had no reason to doubt REINA, except that nothing else worked. The light bulb/V8 moment finally occurred, however, and I got 'er done. It helped by that time that I knew the theme and could better guess at BERRY GORDY and GARY BUSEY.

Thank heavens I managed to dredge CAFTANS out of the ether, or else the NE would have been a disaster as well. I initially wanted USED instead of CONTROLLED and NIKE instead of AVIA, so without CAFTANS I would have been totally lost.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Theme? Nope. Still enjoyed it, though. Interesting that we had both ENURE and INURE this week. Next week it'll be URINE. I knew BERRY GORDY, but thought there was an A; don't recall ever hearing of TONY DUNGY. Perps were solid except for that Y -- alphabet run time.

Audio LAGs are annoying. It's even more so when the audio arrives ahead of the video.

I was once a swabby, but never called anybody MATEY.

Buddy Holly's last top 20 hit was somewhat prophetic. It peaked posthumously -- It Doesn't Matter Anymore. (Can anything happen prehumously?)

Busy day. Gotta run.

Montana said...

Good morning from MT, not TX. SILs funeral in Harlingen proved impossible to get to, so I unpacked my suitcase and stayed home.

Thanks Peter and Jazz for a nice puzzle and expo. I sort of got the theme but could never have explained it so well. I knew all the puzzle people except BERRYGORDY, but perps filled that name in.

I wrote Sydney, NSW, on lots of packages and cards to my middle son. He lived there for several years. My youngest son lived in Grand Forks, ND, for six years. Visited both sons in those places.

This ended up being a very easy Wednesday puzzle for me. I struggled more with Monday's.

Have a good day, everybody,


TTP said...

Good morning all !

Great write up JzB. Took a few of your links. Never knew the story on Mata Hari.

Flew through most of the puzzle with just a pause here and there. Knew all the YY people right off the bat. Felt real smart.

But that NE corner crushed my ego. Like Barry, I thought of CAFTANS, but wasn't certain it was even a word, so I kept ruling it out. And, felt more confident with HELD for controlled.

And what the heck is a swabby ? I could only think of a sailor. Guess I should have stayed with that line of thought.

But some word similar to swabby kept trying to creep in.

What do you call that soft cloth you put on your shoulder for burping the baby, and otherwise always have handy when there's an infant around ? Isn't that a swabby ?

OH well. Time to get the garbage out to the curb.

G'day mates !

Lime Rickey said...

Back in the day, one of the popular entries in school autograph books was:


Yellowrocks said...

Caught onto the theme with all the Y's in the names. Berry Gordy, Tony Dungy and Gary Busey (the B was a totall wag)needed many perps, but the crosses were solid except for ALBA.
Sailors are called swabbies because they swab, or mop, the decks.
TTP, the cloth you put over your shoulder to burp the baby is sold as a burp cloth or burping cloth. In the days of cloth diapers we just used a clean diaper.
IMHO AREEL is mostly found in novels as in senses areel, emotions areel, thoughts areel, almost always of a woman in emotional turmoil.
My PT did a number on me yesterday. This AM my knee is a painful as it was the morning after surgery and I am limping. Should PT be that much of an ordeal?
Bye. Finally time for my postponed haircut, after which I will feel human again

Husker Gary said...

-A little muss and a little fuss today along with a big chuckle when I understood Y’S MEN. Loved Jazz’s summary.
-I was slowed by proper name spelling and not knowing SHOATS here in farm country
-You could easily listen to HARRY CARAY and Dizzy Dean broadcast knowing some of the info was sketchy at best
-Buddy’s cinematic inspiration for That’ll Be The Day (:06)
-I read Buddy Holly but kept trying to remember who played Richie Valens
-There is always a LAG when I TUNE IN to Omaha radio for audio while watching Huskers on TV
-Our church’s modest little FONT
-I remember Lenny Welch’s 1964 EBB TIDE in the background during…
-Today is the 25th anniversary of the biggest KAYO upset in boxing history
-Now this is real “TUNING in”, not on the web!
-I only have one site where I pay a RENEWAL fee each year
-How many lies will Brian Williams have to OWN UP to?
-In what movie did Maverick get in trouble for an illegal FLY BY?

LuckyLeo said...

Areel, read it as "a reel", spinning is a type of fishing reel

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2 (from yesterday’s late postings)
-The local Wal Mart checks egg cartons and golf ball boxes at check out. Some people take $50/doz balls and put them in the $10/doz boxes
-When we were growing up, did you ever think you would buy eggs and golf balls under the same roof?
-Thanks for asking Blue Iris. My surgery is on Feb 27th and I am getting ready for my first ever hospital stay.

Lemonade714 said...

Lots of theme, lots of enjoyment with the homophonic clecho the highlight for me.

JzB you are always on, and speaking of on, O N-J certainly made many want to get physical back in the day.

I was watching Wheel last evening and someone won a trip to Boston and I was thinking that timing was not great. I hope you all are safe in the NE and your roofs remain overhead.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

This was a good run for me, thanks Peter. JazzB, thanks for the walk through. I love all your comments and links.Learned about an audio LAG. I have seen them on TV, but was unaware of the name. EBBTIDE as reflux is not clear to me. Those ABS look a bit more like P.E.D.s to me. One thing for sure it's not a photo of my DH. ;)
MATEY sounds more like a pirate to me.

And ELMS in the suburbs??!! Where? It's been a long time since those beauties served as arbors o'er the streets. Supposedly the largest stand of elms in the US is in Grant Park in Chicago.

YR- YES, YES, YES. Rehab is supposed to be an ordeal. You are relocating and strengthening muscles, stretching tendons and fascia that have long been idle as you didn't have full use of your painfully arthritic knee. I have have had both hips replaced and my left knee is very arthritic so I have favored it. Between the hips and the knee, I have not moved enough. I began rehab this week again to stretch and strengthen. It doesn't seem like much, but I slept like the dead last night. It is hard work even though it seems like nothing compared to somebody else's one hour gym work out. My honest advice is to do your "homework" religiously. Not doing that is how I got myself into this mess again.

You CAN do it, or as they say at Nike: JUST DO IT. Swoosh! ;))))

Feel free to contact me on my email if you want to commiserate.

Yellowrocks said...

Madame D, thnaks. Please contact me by email because I can't find your email address.
HG, when my son was in college he worked in retail. Customers would take tags off cheap merchandise and affix them to more expensive items. That's why we often find price stickers that are almost impossible to remove. He found it interesting that people raised in other cultures wanted to haggle over every price at the check out counter.
About the eggs last night, one day I found that every carton of eggs I opened had a least one broken egg,so I had to switch the eggs around to get an intact dozen. Some grocery stockers are fairly careless. I have seen young men just tossing fragile fruit onto the produce bins.

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzlers!
You are wise and funny, JazzB, thank you.

Hand up for BARRY before BERRY. That slowed the NW but otherwise it filled easily and fast. I knew all the names except TONY DUNGY. The crosses yielded every letter.

What a clever theme. Thank you, Peter A. Collins.

I hope you are having a great Wednesday, everyone!

Pat said...

Thanks, Peter and JzB. This was an easy Wednesday exercise and fun expo!

I took a quick glance at the clues and "That'll Be the Day" jumped out at me so BUDDY HOLLY filled quickly. Then Motown caught my eye and BaRRY GORDY filled in. Perps corrected that. I thought it was going to be a vowel progression. Not, but a fun theme.

YR, sorry for your pain. Yeah, rehab can be painful. Keep up the ice and pain meds. It does get better.

It's sunny! That makes it a much nicer day than the gloom we've had recently.


oc4beach said...

"A miss" is still "a miss" instead of a kiss. I entered "a miss" and never went back to check the perps. So, today was officially a DNF, even though I thought I had finished it correctly. Oh well.

YR: Some Physical Therapists push a little too hard. My sister's first PT pushed her to the point of doing damage to the knee again and she had to have corrective surgery. The second guy was much better. She is now doing well, but she ended up with an extra 6 months of recuperation.

Snow, Snow, go away!

kazie said...

Couldn't have had a better person to blog this musical interlude! Thanks Jazz, for all the extras along the way!

I took forever on it though, since I don't remember even the names I once knew, and several here were complete unknowns due to their association with sports. When the musical ones started appearing, I wondered if they'd all belonged to a band known as the Wisemen (a vague memory of having heard of such a band). But then disparate time frames and non musicians dashed that logic.

Suffice it to say it took a lot of WAGs to get here. I got that they all ended in Y but didn't stop to think of the connection to WISE.

I always open egg cartons and wiggle each egg to be sure it's not broken underneath and stuck to the carton where I wouldn't see it.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

What Lucina said. That Dungy name looked implausible.

I have read a little about the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly (but not recently) and it looked to me as though an inexperienced pilot pressured his superiors to appoint him to fly that trip, in poor weather, with insufficient equipment, at a bad time of day. Granted, things were different back then, but still it amazes me that the flight was even attempted under those conditions.

inanehiker said...

Very clever theme and great write-up JazzB! WEES - I waited to put the E vs A in BERRY GORDY until the perps. I always mix up BERRY GORDY with Marion Barry the former mayor of Washington DC with the correct spelling, even though one is a first and the other a last name.
Tony Dungy left a wonderful heritage in the NFL as first African American head coach to win the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning and the Colts. He was always a man of character who does a lot with mentoring of young men.
Have a good Wednesday!
Oh and @Husker Gary - the movie with Maverick and the illegal flyby was "Top Gun". I love the way his copilot took a Polaroid pic of the Mig pilots on another flyby.

Big Easy said...

I think this was way too easy for a Mittwoch puzzle. I filled BERRY GORDY & GARY BUSEY and immediately placed Y at the end of every starred clue. My only write-over was A for E in HARRY CARAY. The only dance I can do is the ' Hokey Pokey'.

The only unknowns in this one were FONT, SHOAT, & BCE and and only noticed when I had already filled in the crosses.

TUNE IN & LOG OFF in the same puzzle. Only thing missing is 'check out'.

Y.R.- speaking from personal experience, the more you suffer early, the sooner you will get better. Muscles will get shorter in they are not stretched and if you wait too long, they will never get back to their original length. Doing all the exercises twice daily and getting on the continuous motion machine for four hours daily will pay off. Diane is already up to 105 degrees 16 days after surgery.

C6D6 Peg said...

Cute theme, and thanks to the perps for helping get the names!

Thanks for the jazzy write-up, JxB.

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle though I got stuck in the lower-left corner. Thanks Peter and JzB.

BTW Jazz, I'm glad you don't like shad roe and find the mother fish useless. More for me. My mother baked shad in aluminum foil and it was delicious.

Misty said...

A perfect Wednesday puzzle--not too easy, not too hard, perfect--many thanks, Peter! I got all the names, even though the only ones I actually knew were BUDDY HOLLY and ANDY ROONEY. It still took me a little while to actually get the double Y theme, and it made me laugh when I did.

Sweet photo of that stately SWAN, JazzB.

Have a great day, everybody!

Maverick said...

Referring to Ayn Rand as a writer is arguable at best. Have you actually tried to read "Atlas Shrugged"?

Lime Rickey said...

I read Atlas Shrugged right after I read The Fountainhead. Both are great stories (if not necessarily great literature).

Ayn Rand was most definitely a writer. And a prolific one at that.

John Galt said...

Hey! The clue didn't say she was any good;-)

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

I had fun with this one.

Bill G - my dad would say that about things I didn't like - good, more for me.

My current list of unliked food stuffs is pretty much limited to shad roe, sweetbreads and brussels sprouts.

Cool regards!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Peter A. Collins, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Jazzbumpa, for a fine review.

Could not start in the NW so I headed South. Got most of that easily and headed North.

Theme was good. Knew them all except BERRY GORDY. Perped him.

Never heard of CAFTANS. Perps.

Mata HARI was easy. Liked 'ENRY. Great movie and musical.

Good luck HG on the 27th.

See you tomorrow from the hospital. My wife is getting a stent and I am running on the treadmill. Same hospital.


( )

Dagny Taggert said...

Who is John Galt?

CrossEyedDave said...

Finished the puzzle early, but only rushed thru the write up just now. Still have not read the coments, so I cannot post funny links just yet until I know whats going on.

I just read last nites late comments & wanted to commiserate:

AnonymousT@10:53 yest. - When I have so many tabs open that they become too small to read, I start adding links to bookmarks for another time. (see note at end...)

Chickie, yes my roof is leaking also, but there is so much snow on the roof that I just duct taped the bathroom tiles for now so they wont fall off when I take a shower... more to follow....

Bill G, I just wiggle my eggs, because if one is broken, it will be stuck. But now you have me wondering if people are watching my wiggle routine, & are wondering if I am petting my eggs???

Yellowrocks, I have hesitated to comment, because I am afraid my knees will do most of the talking. But have been taking note... Yesterday daughter #1 was supposed to have her wisdom teeth out, but the oral surgeon called in sick & we had to reschedule. So instead of me taking my daughter to the Dr., She took me to the Orthopedics because I could not hide how much pain I was in. While I am waiting insurance ok for a new MRI they have me on Vicodin.

It's a bone bruise on my tibia, combined with fluid combined with herniated discs pressing in my sciatic nerve. it is hard to tell which (if not all) of the problems are causing the pain.

Anyhoo, The PC is in the basement, & the pain meds are upstairs. If Daughter #1 doesn't let me come back downstairs later. I doubt I will be posting links because DWs Ipad is impossible to use for such a purpose...

Welcome back Blue Iris!

coneyro said...

Ayn Rand IMO was one of the most influential writers of all time. I read all of her work that is available. Many do not agree with her anti-altruistic leanings, but she has millions of followers. She may have been controversial, but she was fascinating.
I enjoyed all of her works.

Today was fun. After figuring out the double "y" the unifier was evident. Did not know TONY DUNGY or HARRY CARAY. My husband helped on that. Had to look up the word REFLUX inorder to get 21A.

That picture of shad roe looks like something completely different(if you get my drift) and just as

A good afternoon to you all.

coneyro said...

Re: Dagny Taggert@12:30

John Galt was the hero of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".

Kevin said...

Good day all,

Since politics are not the domain of this site, I will withhold my views on Ayn Rand; yet, to invoke the wisdom of Bill G., I guess that means more Rand for others.

As for the puzzle, I was not a big fan of the theme. JazzBumpa's expo helped me understand it better, but it still felt a little tenuous. Other than that, it was a pleasant Wednesday puzzle. Oh wait, I did get a little annoyed with the CARAY/AVOIR/AVIA/FONT/LINDA pile up in the NW corner. A few unknowns in there, so FIW.

Yellowrocks said...

CE Dave,I am glad your daughter took you to the ortho. I feel your pain. Ouch! You must have it worked on. You need to get fixed up to go back to hiking, camping and Geo Caching.
oc4Beach, that is my fear that the PT is too aggressive. With any previous PT for even worse problems I have never felt so bad the morning after with residual effects lasting more than 24 hours. I am extremely proactive. For more than two years I have worked out at the gym, walked far, and square danced an hour twice a week, even with my arthritic knees. I attended prehab for 5 weeks before surgery, did heel slides in my hospital bed and faithfully exercise every day. I gave up the walker and cane on day five. 16 days post surgery I can draw my heel 4 inches under the seat of my chair, march in place, walk 1/4 mile without support, and sitting with my legs straight on the bed, draw my heel within 8 inches of my rear. I am progressing fast every day and feel I don't need to risk overdoing it. PS. My doctor doesn't support the continuous motion machine.

Lime Rickey said...

coneyro@12:58: I'm pretty sure "Dagny Taggert" (a major character in the novel) knows who John Galt is. As you must surely remember, "Who is John Galt?" is a recurring phrase in Atlas Shrugged. It's a rhetorical question meant to indicate a resignation to the status quo; that there's nothing anyone can do. When, of course, Ayn Rand's view was that anyone can do anything. Most just lack the will.

Bill G. said...

JzB; shad roe, sweetbreads and brussels sprouts. All were hard for me to like also. But if they are well-prepared, I'm in. I've only had sweetbreads once in a snootish French restaurant many years ago and I liked them.

The more I read about wiggling eggs trying to avoid cracked ones, the more the image of that women returns to my feeble brain. In the couple of seconds that were available to notice what she was doing, it was not just wiggling. She had two cartons and was taking eggs out of one and putting them into another. If I were able to revisit the scene, I would now be torn between saying something to embarrass her, speaking to the manager when she got to the checkout line or ignoring the whole thing since it's a small deal and not much of my business. Maybe she just got laid off and was struggling with her expenses for groceries for her family. When I start minding other people's business, I often regret it.

There are many relatively new blue names in the last six months or so. Many of them have an almost empty profile. I would sure enjoy knowing a little more about all the people with something worthwhile to contribute. I can't see the downside...

Kevin, aha! What do you teach? Where in LA? I read The Fountainhead in college 'cause my buddies thought it was good. I can't remember much about it. I don't think I was worldly enough to understand her world view of things. I'm guessing I would be less tolerant of her viewpoint nowadays.

I see Jon Stewart is retiring from his show. I will miss him (even though he can't spell his first name correctly). :>)

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Peter and Jazz! A bit chewy here. Had only heard of two of the "Ys". But it filled in OK.

Doctor appt. again in a while. Oh, joy!

Hang in there, YR!


CrossEyedDave said...

Daughter stepped out for a minute, now's my chance to tackle the stairs.

Hmm, which way should I go?

Wise men?

or the Y's on each end...

Kevin said...

Bill G., I teach English. In theory, that should predispose me to not favoring Rand because many claim that her writing lacks literary ingenuity, as she was more concerned with positing her philosophical ideas. But I do not really care about that aspect of the debate.

I actually read and enjoyed Rand when I was a teenager because I was in a period of my life when I wanted to strike out as an individual and seize opportunities. Now that I am much older, however, I feel that a sense of community (which may have something to do with me being a teacher) is more important than how much money one individual can earn. Of course, her philosophy is a little more complex than that, though whenever I reread her I cannot help but find the characters whom she promotes to be a little too much on the selfish side of the banana.

In contrast, I think it is quite possible to encourage "Self-Reliance," in the vein of Ralph Waldo Emerson, while simultaneously fostering the need to care about others and work for the betterment of society.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Very late to the dance due to doctor's appointment, lengthy and costly supermarket visit, (Bill G, thought of you when I was making sure there were no broken eggs in the carton!), and a very late lunch.

This had a bit of a bite for a Wednesday, but all went well. Somehow, I was thinking Gordy Berry, don't know why. They were all knowns, though.

Thanks Peter and JazB for a mid-week treat and witty

I am posting this before reading all of the comments, so I may be back with additional comments. If not, have a great day.

Blue Iris said...

Yellowrock, We use to call PT "The Torture Chamber." Let your therapist know about following day pain and she/he may adapt your treatment. It does get better. I vomited after my first session and now look forward to getting the chance to move. Did you apply ice for 15-20 minutes the minute you got home? Also I found one therapist that matched my personality and understood my challenges, so I started scheduling my appointments so I would only see her. Hope next session is better!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's me but I have a hard time understanding why anyone would add to the comments with a statement that they haven't yet read the comments.

And some will even post a comment saying they haven't yet read the write-up.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A DNF for me today. I didn't know Harry Caray, or tony Dungy and had yak instead of Gnu at first. Perps took care of some of the errors but not all.

Thanks, JZB for figuring out the theme today. It totally escaped me.

Some of the obscure clues were fun once I sussed them out. Liked finish paying a bill, follow or follower, and Suburban street liners. I put in cars as first. That seems to be what lines our suburban streets these days.

CED, Sorry to hear about your roof leak. I just wish duct tape would have solved our problem. We have a week of dry weather and they will begin putting on our new roof tomorrow. At least we don't have the snow problem to contend with. I feel so sorry for all the people in the path of the snowstorms back east.

Have a great rest of the day, everyone.

Chickie said...

I must say thank you to everyone who has kept us in your thoughts. Our roof problems will be solved eventually, but one always feels that this will never get resolved.

I have read the blog almost everyday and am doing the puzzle--but sometimes late in the afternoon or evening. So if I don't respond to a particular comment, please forgive me.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

If Mata Hari was a Frisian why didn't she wear a warmer coat?
OMG! can't say G#D or BC (before Chr#st any more)
Avast matey, an obese sailor friend? OMG!!

Big Easy said...

Y.R. every doctor it's different. Different techniques, medicine, therapies. My wife had her last house visit today and will be going to outpatient therapy tomorrow. She can't wait to take a car ride after being cooped up for two weeks.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous@ 3:54

Re: saying you are posting without reading comments.

Expecting people to read your comments without reading theirs is rude, however there are times when you need to say something & may not have a chance to post later.

If you have not read the comments, at best you may sound like an idiot, at worst you may sound like a callous idiot if you ignore others news...

Anonymous T said...

Drat - the blog ate my post.

Hi all! is how it started. I thanked Peter for the fun DNF and our WISE MaN, JzB, for showing me the light. I had my OWN puzzle in the NW & NE. I SEE NOW my errors - tarTANS deal with clothes, but only if you are part of a clan. That gave me toLd @10a (Controlled = I toLd 'em?)

I had gAG @1a - If you gAG me, I have an Audio problem. So, GI BRA @1d... um, OK, not my thought of Heavenly... Should have been clued as Hot Lips' top? Thanks for the V-8 smack JzB.

Cheers (for now), -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Another reason for posting before reading is to state your own honest opinion of a puzzle without being influenced or tainted by others opinions.

There are many times I have wanted to say something about a puzzle, but after reading others posts have changed my mind.

Undefined zone said...

Did somebody say taint?

Jayce said...

Jazzb, I really like your writeups and often agree with your opinions.
Thank you for your efforts.

Good puzzle, Peter. Thanks.