Feb 10, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Kevin Christian

Theme: 11-13-11 - You don't need to be a yegg to crack these combinations.

17A. Computer user's combination : CUT AND PASTE

39A. Computer user's combination : POINT AND CLICK

64A. Computer user's combination : DRAG AND DROP

Argyle here with Kevin. We haven't seen him in awhile but we're glad to have him back. And since you are probably computer savvy or you wouldn't be here, I won't explain the combos. Let's just say there is a beauty in the tightness of this theme, clues and answers.


1. Waned : EBBED

6. "Boyhood" actor Ethan : HAWKE. Any reviews?

11. Taking a personal day, say : OFF. Strange entry.

14. Emancipation Proclamation subject : SLAVE

15. Tale of Achilles and Agamemnon : ILIAD. The Odyssey and the Iliad are among the oldest extant works of Western literature. (On my reading bucket list. ;-) )

16. Bro : PAL

19. Green prefix : ECO

20. Gallery display : ART

21. Pinnacle : TOP

22. Accustoms (to) : ENURES

24. Wan : PALE

26. Pen points : NIBs. Fountain pens, not the ball point kind.

29. They may be run at bars : TABS

30. What potatoes and needles both have : EYES. Sewing needles, not the hypodermic kind.

31. AT&T, briefly : TELCO. Shortened version of TELecommunications COmpany

33. Nebraska tribe : OTOE. They reminded me; no ERIE today.

34. Biblical beast : ASS

36. Waikiki's island : OAHU

38. Aegean island : IOS

43. 14-time NBA All-Star Duncan : TIM. He played his entire career for the San Antonio Spurs. That's something.

44. Washing machine filler : LOAD

45. Anthem contraction : O'ER

46. Indian princess : RANI

48. Rainbow maker : PRISM

50. Leave out : OMIT

54. Have __: be connected : AN IN

55. Boy with a dragon, in a Disney classic : PETE

56. Wine region near San Francisco : NAPA

57. Part of USSR : SOVIET

60. Louis XVI, for one : ROI. (King)

62. Resistance measure : OHM

63. "Game of Thrones" airer : HBO

68. Spot for a Bluetooth headset : EAR

69. United Arab Emirates city : DUBAI

70. Cat-__-tails : O-NINE. (whip)

71. Dr. of rap : DRE

72. Pine (for) : YEARN

73. Modern surgical tool : LASER


1. Get away from it all : ESCAPE

2. DVD alternative : BLU-RAY

3. War movie scene : BATTLE

4. Actress Gabor : EVA

5. Bit of progress : DENT

6. Many a Woodstock attendee : HIPPIE

7. In the style of : À LA

8. Ill. neighbor : WIS. Illinois/Wisconsin

9. Prince William's wife : KATE. Cheeky, she is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

10. Genesis garden : EDEN

11. Like Verdi's most famous works : OPERATIC

12. Subject of the 2010 film "The Social Network" : FACEBOOK

13. Follows dental advice : FLOSSES

18. "Please continue" : "DON'T STOP"

23. __-Aztecan: language family : UTO

25. Actor Morales : ESAI

27. Dagwood's wife : BLONDIE

28. Big bunch : SCAD

32. "Give me a break!" : "OH, COME ON!"

35. NBC show with skits : SNL

37. Suffix with glob : ULE

39. Place for cocktails and music : PIANO BAR

40. Hardly a picky eater? : OMNIVORE

41. 50+ org. : AARP. Formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, now simply AARP, Inc.

42. Waffle maker : IRON

43. Vandalized : TRASHED

47. Pasta suffix : INI

49. Muscle injury : STRAIN

51. New Zealand natives : MAORIs

52. Samsung Galaxy competitor : iPHONE

53. Mess (with), as a lock : TAMPER

58. Whirlpool : EDDY

59. T, on a test : TRUE

61. Fan mail recipient : IDOL

65. Lawyer's gp. : ABA. (American Bar Association)

66. Long-snouted fish : GAR. Ugly but Native Americans used the scales of the gar as arrowheads. Tough.

67. "CSI" evidence : DNA




OwenKL said...

17a I confidently started with CTRL+ALT+DELE. Ah, well...

The reason Bob got home so late
Was a beer-fueled barroom debate.
But at least was no knife
Being used in the fight,
Just punches, and not CUT AND PASTE!

An army base was the scene for Mick's pic,
And the sentry became quite a dick.
Mick was in a big jam
When they hijacked his cam,
He wasn't wary where he'd POINT AND CLICK!

It was the transvestites' fashion parade
The drill sergeants chose to invade.
Each contestant, in gown,
Had to fall to the ground
for push-ups; DRAG AND DROP on the stage!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Another easy romp today, but only because I've finally come to remember UTO from past puzzles. A few missteps today, including SLEW for SCAD and INURE for ENURE, but those didn't last long. Also needed a good deal of perp help before finally being able to guess HAWKE. Still finished in quick time for a Tuesday, however.

More snow on the way...

Ergo said...

Thank you Kevin and Argyle.

Wow! I'm more accustom to timing my puzzles with a sundial. Today I didn't have to take a cigar or bathroom break. Breezed through in a single sitting.

Just right for a Tuesday.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Enjoyed Kevin's "Pete and the Dragon Drop" puzzle. Hand up for SLEW. For some stupid reason I also had Print and Click. RMNIVORE wasn't working, though.

My BLURAY player recently died -- no more surround sound, just very faint two channel stereo. I was amazed at the replacement -- very small, very "smart", very cheap. Ain't technology grand?

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning, all.

Thanks for a pleasant Tuesday run, Kevin. And Argyle, thanks for the explication and, as always, informative tidbits.

No trouble here. I did think that Prince William's wife deserved a more formal name than KATE. Although she is not a Princess, per se. IMHO it is "Wills'" wife who is Kate. Otherwise isn't she Catherine, D of C? Of course, that is not X-Word material.

Well, at any rate, as Lorde sings, I'll never be royal. [sic]

Pretty morning sky. Not red, so no warning here. Have a cozy day.

HeartRx said...

Good morning!

Not much to say about the puzzle because nothing really stood out for me. But I guess that's a good thing for a Tuesday!

It was a nice tight theme, and I thought it was very clever of Kevin to find three common computer terms that could be placed symmetrically in a grid like this.

Madam Defarge, that's a good point about the clue for KATE. Usually, the clue should be matched to the answer: First name in clue, first name in answer; nickname in clue, nickname in answer, etc. But for a Tuesday, I would have been hard pressed to think of KATE with a clue like "Will's wife." Which "Will"? Ferrell? Smith? Rogers? Thank you Kevin, for giving me a fighting chance on that one!!

TTP said...

Good morning all.

Another early AM solve before finally going back to sleeve. Seems like so many hours ago and I'm still tired. I would like to take the day OFF, but too many meetings and too much to be done.

Thank you Kevin Christian and thank you Argyle. Piano Man is a favorite. I's never seen the video before.

Speaking of mondegreens, I always thought this Donnie Iris song was about a guy and gal "pining for each other" and that he was saying YEARNing. Nope, it was Ah Leah . Pretty obvious now. Still love the song even though I continue to sing it as "yearning" after all these years.

I've put it off long enough. Got to go sign on.

See all y'all later n'at !

thehondohurricane said...

Good day,

Finished without a lot of hesitation. Pretty much what Marti said....... nothing really stood out.

Nice UConn ladies win last night vs So Carolina. Looking forward to a UConn/Carolina continuing series. Next year likely in Columbia, SC. Both teams well coached and well behaved. No in your face stuff which I'm really getting tired of.

MD appointment today....not looking torwards it......just an uneasy feeling I have. We'll see.

kazie said...

Good and easy today, as it should be on a Tuesday. Nice for me as I can get on with my relaxing now that my hectic Monday is over.

Have a good one all of you!

Tailor Made said...

Desper-otto: laughed at your Dragon Drop.

TTP: enjoy your sleeve. I hope your arms are warm.

Husker Gary said...

-Argyle’s summary paragraph works for me
-Most teachers save their personal days until spring
- Abe’s pragmatic ideas about emancipation expressed in a letter to Horace Greely
-Oldest daughter had a classmate with such porcelain, white skin they called her “Bucket” because she was so, uh, “PALE”
-Don’t we all know the odd name for somone who does this with needles?
-OTOE, NE in OTOE County has a population of 171
-Amid all the selfish and obnoxious athletes, TIM Duncan is a beacon of decency
-Does anyone recognize this LOADING machine I ran as a ute?
-Getting from O’ER to FREE in the anthem is a daunting octave
-Milestones – Getting your driver’s license and your AARP card
-TAMPERing issue? ;-)
-What drink is mentioned in the song with this lyric, “At a bar called O'Malleys, where we'll plan our ESCAPE”

Rainman said...

Nice work, Kevin and Argyle.

But the question arises: if a person cites or invokes the "Thumper" rule, has he already violated it in a subtle way?

Pina Colada, HG, and what made you think of that? Surely not ESCAPE.

Barry G. said...

A picture of my son, Joshua, taken this morning while shoveling:

Snowpocalypse 2015

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

As Lucina would say, I sashayed through this with nary a stumble. Pretty much cut and dried as Mondays usually are.

Thanks for your efforts, Kevin, and thanks, Argyle, for the expo.

Montana, condolences on the loss of your SIL.

As Barry said, more snow coming Thursday and, I think, more on Sunday. And it's only early February!

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

Nice Tuesday run. Although I would say the subject of the Emancipation Proclamation was "Slavery" not just "Slave."

I also remember when Cut and Paste was really Cut and Paste with scissors, tape and glue.

HG: Some answers
1. Phlebotomist - personally I prefer that they use a "Butterfly" needle.
2. Bullet re-loader that is "Accurate.Deadly.Dependable"
3. Pina Colada. Not a bad idea.

Quandary: Which magazine to read first when you get your latest AARP magazine and Playboy at the same time.

Have a great day everyone. Eventually all of this snow will pass.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Kevin Christian, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Did not start up top at the NW. Went east a little and wrote in ALA and WIS and KATE and EDEN. Then spread from there.

Theme was great. I, and all of us, have done all those computer things.

Liked OMNIVORE. Kind of reminds me of me.

Tried SPRAIN before STRAIN. Fixed that once I thought about it.

I am on FACEBOOK, but do not go wild with it. Not enough time for me.

I read BLONDIE every day, just before I do the Crossword puzzle. Same page as the puzzle is on in the Chicago Tribune. I also read Hagar the Horrible and Broom-Hilda. Those are my only three comics.

Off to get a blood test today. Nurse Practitioner's orders.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzlers. I like your style, Argyle.

Yes, this was a quick and easy sashay with few pauses although I did not know PETE and SPRAIN seemed legitimate to me, more than STRAIN actually, so PEPE looked fine. Drat, FIW on Tuesday!

Abejo, speak for yourself. I have no idea about CUT AND PASTE on a computer but have done the others.

I feel very bad for all who are snow bound, especially seeing it as on Barry's link. I won't say what the temp is here because our dreaded time will be here soon enough.

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone!

Unknown said...

I wanted inure, too - except that I knew my "e" was correct. I had never heard of "e"nure - which sounds so similar to enuresis - to which I hope one does not become enured!

coneyro said...

Firstly. I want to apologize for the stupid comment I made yesterday. Sometimes I forget that this planet is a 24/7 operation. Not everyone is 9 to 5. I need to think before I speak (or type). Sorry.....

Today was the easiest puzzle ever! I think I broke my personal best time record. Went through without hesitation and filled it up quickly. No mistakes at all!

I'll shut up while I'm ahead. Have a great day all.

Misty said...

Wonderful to get a speed run on a Tuesday morning--many thanks, Kevin. Love a puzzle that has both the ILIAD and BLONDIE--shows a broad cultural landscape. I loved, loved, loved EVA Gabor in "Green Acres" many years ago--a total delight. And I thought Ethan HAWKE was terrific in "Boyhood," as was the rest of the cast.

The recent AARP mag was especially interesting.

Have a great day, everybody!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Good thing it was an easy puzzle, because there was little time to complete it. Why, you ask? Snow. Lots and lots of snow. My life is all about snow just now.

That said, we plan to get to the cinema tonight, if it has re-opened, for Imitation Game. Looking forward to time away from the shovel!

Lemon from yesterday, I see I went a bit far on the Edith story. Sorry, that was not intended.

Kevin Christian said...

Hi, this is Kevin Christian, the constructor of today's puzzle. Thank you to all of you who solved it and posted your comments.

My kid's names are Tim and Kate, and I was able to get both of them into the fill in this puzzle. My daughter had complained to me that her name had never been in one of my puzzles (my son's already had). So this morning before I left for work I solved my own puzzle, circled her name with a red marker, and taped it up on the microwave so she'd see it when she got up. :-)

My original idea for this puzzle was included some puns. I clued CUT AND PASTE as "Child artist's action on a computer?" POINT AND CLICK as "Marksman's action on a computer?" and DRAG AND DROP as "Incompetent mover's action on a computer?" I liked the puns, but I think the editor changed it to make it more straightforward for an early week puzzle.

Later. - KevinC

TTP said...

Rare midday check-in. Sort of in the calm between the storms. Of which, I heard that New England may get another on Thursday.

Tailor Made @ 8:28, I wondered what you were talking about, and then reread my earlier post. Inexplicable. I can't blame it on auto-change because I don't use it, as evidenced in my next paragraph's, "I's never seen the video before" statement.

As Bullwinkle would not say, "Nothing up my sleep..."

Barry G, OUCH ! BTW, do you have a roof rake ?

Kevin Christian said...

Kevin Christian again, one other thing ... I originally clued ESCAPE at 1-Down and BATTLE at 3-Down as "___ from the Planet of the Apes" and "___ for the Planet of the Apes" respectively, which I thought was a pretty cool combo. I also had clued 48-Across PRISM as "Object on a famous Pink Floyd album cover." And EDEN at 10-Down as "First place?" And PIANO BAR at 39-Down as "Where Billy Joel started his career." I think all the edits were in order to shorten and simplify the clues. :-)

Argyle said...

I, for one, would have liked it even better without the edits. I do love a good(bad) pun.

Thanks for stopping by.

Barry G. said...

[i]do you have a roof rake ?[/i]

No, I don't. And I'm definitely worried about the roof (not sure how much good a roof rake would do at this point, though). I left a message with a local roofing company to see if they can send somebody over, but haven't heard back yet (no big surprise there).

Bluehen said...

An entertaining speed run with few speed bumps. Thanks, Kevin. Thanks, Argyle.

Heart Rx from yesterday: "a chickadee with a chapped chest. . ." LOL! ICU appreciate alliteration also.

OwenKL, today's limericks were great. Loved the mental picture of the last one.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

WHRS (per Marti) - "Nothing stood out". Also inferred by Argyle's intro. But it was a good Tuesday level puzzle and varied enough. Liked 'OH COME ON' and OMNIVORE. Other 8 ltr downs helped brighten the puzzle, too.
Could 44a washing machine filler and 58d whirlpool be considered clechos?

Have a good day.

Lemonade714 said...

I loved the puns Kevin. I thought this was a classic Tuesday and I guess it needed a 4th theme to be a Wednesday with his original clues.

Always great to hear from the creative force in a puzzle.

I feel badly for all of you in the snow zone, and hope it all ends soon with no further disasters.

Lucina said...

I forgot to thank you for all the fun I had with this puzzle. Thank you, though, for not including an obscure (to me) Pink Floyd reference.

Thank you, also, for that quirky use of the puzzle themes. Such genius!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I whizzed through this one today. The computer duos were fun and I was able to get all of them with only a few down answers. That helped considerably with the rest of the fill.

Thanks, Argyle for your expo today and Kevin it was nice to see your comments about the puzzle. We would never had known that your children's names were Tim and Kate! Fun.

Our squirrel keeps on giving, even though he's been dead and gone for over two months!!! The temporary patch didn't hold and the latest rainstorm poured water into the upstairs spare bedroom ceiling. It collapsed about 7 o'clock Sunday evening. Insulation, wallboard and water everywhere. Thank goodness we had cleared everything except the bedframe and box springs (covered in plastic) when all came down. At 2 A.M. the rest of the very wet area fell--another MESS of stuff from the attic.

Stanley Steamer to the rescue yesterday. Now we have 3 large blowers going full tilt to dry things out. After some rather frantic and not so nice phone calls the new roof is to be installed on Thursday. Thank heaven for some dry weather for a few days. The temporary patch was just that--temporary!! It lasted for just one storm. The roofers are so backed up that I had to plead with them to put us at the head of the line.

Have a nice rest of the day, everyone. I'm cleaning, washing, and trying to stay sane.

Pat said...

This puzzle, write-up and comments are my bright spot for today! I'm fighting a cold, so it's not the best day I've ever had. This too shall pass.

The theme was easy. Thanks for stopping by, Kevin.

I use FACEBOOK a lot. I've connected with an aunt and uncle, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends scattered over 10 states.

Great work today, OwenKL!

I understand your predicament, Chickie. We found that a critter had chewed a hole in the roof and gotten into the attic when the ceiling caved in. Not a nice surprise.

Enjoy your day.


CrossEyedDave said...

Cut & Paste?

Point & Click...

drag & drop.

Old School...

Color me Worried said...

Has anyone heard from PK? I am worried about her.

Anonymous T said...

HI Puzzle PALs!

A fun output from Kevin and more fun in the backstory -thanks for stopping by. Nick Lampson (the op.ed. cartoonist in the HOU Chron) puts his kids' names in his drawings. Nice way to work 'em in.

I would (to Berry G's chagrin) loved to have seen 38a (iOS) clued as what 52d runs. Not a nit, just something to really mess w/ our skulls on a Friday :-)

Hum, KATE, I gotta remember our 26th next week*. You may think it's a DRAG but I DROP everything for my DW.

6a was the 1st time I got an actor off-thet-bat in a CW. Apparently I saw him on the adjoining balcony in NOLA; DW talked up HAWKE for about 15 min. I still didn't know who he was until DW told me of all the movies I've seen him in. No, I wasn't TRASHED.

HIPPIE is my 2nd fav - mom was one after her divorce and, if you get down to it, so am I at heart - I know Floyd's ARTwork on DSotM - PRISM photo was a very nice touch to the rest of you writeup Argyle.

1st Fav - OMNIVORE. I learned that word when I was 12 and suddenly had an identity - I'm not a total HIPPIE!

Fun links CED and great prose OKL. Thanks for the cherry aTOP the cake.

Cheers, -T
*our Church anniversary - it will be 27th by the judge in Sept.

Blue Iris said...


fermatprime said...


Thanks, Kevin and Santa!

Loved the computer theme!

Life would be horrible w/o CUTANDPASTE!

Wish that I had saved Castle for next week...


Argyle said...

Madame Defarge, Your last post ended up on Monday's comments.

Blue Iris said...

Dear friends, I've missed being online with you. Many circumstances have kept me away. First of all my computer bit the dust. My daughter gave me her old Gateway laptop and it lasted 5 years. MY DH and kid bought me a Toshiba laptop for my birthday in January ( It killed me not to thank you for all the birthday wishes. Thank you!). My son transferred my info from old computer. The mouse pad on that computer wasn't working right so it was exchanged and I had to wait for my son to set up that computer. Any way, he came home this past weekend and set me up. YEAH!

Bill, I'm sorry to be so late in expressing my deepest sympathy for the loss of your son. My son rides a Harley and is very careful and responsible as I'm sure your son was always, but what a nightmare! I have been praying and thinking of you constantly even though I couldn't tell you so.

Yellowrock, I'm understand you have one surgery out of the way. It's so difficult to hold these bodies together and doubly difficult when you are the caretaker of someone else.( Go Alan!)

Husker Gary, do you have any new information on your health issues. Please e-mail me if I missed it.

Sorry, Chickie about the destruction of your home that is an ongoing headache.

Blue Iris said...

I hope I caught up with most of you, but feel free to e-mail me otherwise.

This was possibly my fastest puzzle on record. It is nice to have a puzzle that boost your ego every so often.

One of the presents I received for Birthday/Christmas was a MENSA a day crossword calendar. You need a magnifying glass to read it.

I tried to read up on HOW-TO link sites to the conversation. It seems very time consuming and made me appreciate CED even more.

Bill G. said...

Chickie, I'm so sorry for your roof turmoil. Best wishes for a speedy resolution.

Blue Iris, is it creating links (in blue) within your post that you don't understand and that seems time consuming? I would be happy to explain it to you in easy step-by-step instructions if you want. I learned how to do it and I'm sure you can too. Once you've learned how to do it, it only takes a minute or two to link websites or YouTube videos.

I was in the supermarket today. I came around a corner to the egg department. I saw a woman who seemed to be taking eggs out of one carton and replacing them in another. I was flummoxed by her behavior and almost had a car accident in the parking lot while I was distracted trying to make sense out of her behavior. I'm guessing she was switching smaller eggs for larger eggs in order to pay the lower price. Could that be? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Dudley said...

Just back from The Imitation Game. Very well done! Highly recommend.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all...

Blue IRIS - to do a link on a laptop sometimes it's just a simple CUT AND PASTE. To be certain; the "code" to link is (do this without the spaces) < a href = " the web page's URL " > stuff in blue < / a >.

Pop got me the Mensa puzzle-a-day for Christmas. It killed me to have to wait until 1/1. After 1/10 I stopped - it was just no fun w/o others to play with when I was done. Hurray Crossword Corner!

Chickie - yikes re: roof TOP. I've got an issue with mine that I will no longer put OFF.

Did anyone else hear that Jon Stewart is stepping away from the Daily Show? Something about an RPG in his helicopter...*

Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

Blue Iris, welcome back. Thanks for your well wishes. At 2 weeks I am feeling fine and very little inconvenienced. I started outpatient PT today. No square dancing because the knee is not healed enough yet for pivoting, but I attended tonight's dance to socialize.
Chickie, how awful about your roof. You are in my thoughts.
Bill G @ 9:04, I will bet she was trying to get a complete dozen of unbroken eggs by mixing the contents of two boxes. I always check for broken eggs before I buy them.

Spitzboov said...

YR @ 2215 may be right. I check for broken eggs, too, but if any are broken, I look for a different carton with 100% OK eggs. Date of expiry is also important.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G - I suppose she could have been swapping med eggs for larger or grade A for AAA, but I'll side with YR and Spitz. Mom taught me to open a carton an turn each egg - if one doesn't turn it's likely broken so put the whole package on top at a right angle to the other carton so the stock-clerk knows. I'm sniffing a min-max math puzzle here.

I was just revisiting the puzzle and noticed 29a TABS - how many do you think CED has open in a day? I also just noticed the clue is cleo'd in 39d. No bother, the puzzle was a LOAD of fun.

Abejo - I meant to ask: do you not get Pearls Before Swine? That's my fav comic now - I save it for right before bed. 'Course most all comics today PALE against Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. Oh, and Bloom County. Now get OFF my lawn! :-)

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

That's terrible about your roof but I'm glad you were able to find a roofer. Good luck!

I'm so glad you finally saw The Imitation Game. It's rare that a movie stays with me on an emotional level as that one did.

Blue Iris:
Welcome back! So sorry about your computer problems.

Hand up for checking to find a complete dozen of uncracked eggs. That's likely what she was doing.

I'm happy your recovery is going well.

Yes, John Stewart announced his retirement.

Bill G. said...

Maybe you guys are right about the eggs. It looked more complex than that but I only had a quick look and we'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Additionally, does it really matter much...?

I see Brian Williams has been suspended without pay for six months. I hope he comes back from this OK. I've always liked him. He is smart and has a quick wit.

I agree about Calvin and Hobbes. My other favorite is Drabble which nobody has mentioned. DRABBLE You can back up to as many earlier panels as you like.

Lucina said...

I love the humor in Drabble! Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud and it's one that appears in our newspaper.

Bill G. said...

Lucina, yep, me too. Laugh out loud sometimes. I met the author at a local bookstore twice for book signings. He's a very normal-looking and acting fellow; not a crazy guy at all. I could be happy with only Drabble and Calvin and Hobbes.

Anonymous T said...

If Oprah were still on the air, Jon Stewart would be the second highest earner at $24M/yr. With that kind of dough I'd get some goats and walk away. I'll miss Jon, but don't blame him.

Bill - We used to get Drabble. I will have to remember to look for the comic online.

When DW was getting her doctorate she'd read my "books" to come down from Faust or Heller. One time at a BAR all the PhD students were discussing their current relaxation reads; her ARTsy PALs (reading light stuff) were floored when she told them her relaxation was Calvin and Hobbes. They thought philosophers, she was talking comics I didn't tell :-)

C, -T

OwenKL said...

When checking the eggs in a crate
Some may have cracked to their fate.
Switching broken for good ones
Is like making of good puns --
We want only yolks of first-rate!

Occasional Lurker from Oil Rig Dundee off Bahrain said...

Hello all. Hello Owen of Limerick, Ireland....

This is your pesky reporter Occ Lurker, travelling across the narrow Persian Gulf to Oil derrick Dundee. The oil rig is in UAE coastal territory - only just. Its producing about 12,800 barrels a day - and is a dwarf among giants...

Nice job Argyle - loved your patter and explanations. Now, you keep warm, you hear ?

Unfortunately I got an L A Puzzle of Brad Wilbur of November 22, 2014. I think there is some hanky panky going on out here with this haphazard recycling of old puzzles. I would suggest that CC and the other contributors and Rich Norris and the legal eagles and barracudas at the LA Times suing the crap out of the Emirates.

Not that they are any short of money. When I presented my invoice for services - a sheikh tossed a wad of 100 dollar bills over and told me to count out my fees. And he doesn't even want a receipt and has no idea what a 1099 is. Any I R S auditors out there, reading this ????

The big news today is that 9 american sailors on leave and R & R, were found to be infected with chlamydiya ( V.D.). I am pretty sure they must have picked it up in Pakistan.

The hookers here are supposed to be pretty good with their weekly medical checkups. ( so, I've been told - of course - ;-)) ).

Now, you all take care and keep warm. Spring is only 90 days away.
Over and out.

Argyle said...

That was better O'Lurk. Your comment got cut off at ???? and I had to come here to read the rest of it.