May 28, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015 David Poole

Theme: "Before and After"

Common fabric patterns are combined with common objects to form new items. Hilarity ensues.

17. Digging tool with an abstract pattern? : HOUNDSTOOTH PICK. Houndstooth / Toothpick. I can order my very own customized cake PICK from
24. Mathematical array with a spotted pattern? : POLKA DOT MATRIX. Polka dot / Dot matrix. "Spot" on description, since some mathematical arrays do look like POLKA DOTs!

45. Fish with a linear pattern? : PINSTRIPED BASS. Pinstriped / Striped bass. How about this pinstriped bass?

59. Volume with a plaid pattern? : MADRAS CHECK BOOK. I couldn't find a BOOK with a MADRAS CHECK cover. But  Coach makes a MADRAS CHECK CHECKBOOK for only $50.

This seemed awfully easy for a Thursday, with only one snag for me.   I guess the low word count and tricky theme pushes it to late week status. How did it treat you?


1. Help with a heist : ABET.

5. Senate __ : RACE. Hands up for wanting "seat"? (Which led to my boo-boo, erasure, and an extra 15 seconds at 8-Down.)

9. Rascal : SCAMP.

14. First name in fashion : COCO. Immediately followed by a clecho at 15-Across. First name in fashion : OLEG. Needed a couple perps to sort them out.

16. Transmission repair franchise : AAMCO.

20. Wrecks : TRASHES.

21. How a scolding may be given : IRATELY.

22. First and last words of "Green Eggs And Ham" : I AM. Sam...Sam I am.

23. Winter Palace resident : TSAR.

31. Champagne label word : SEC. SEC means "dry" in French. On non-sparkling wines, that indicates just what it implies: they are "dry" and not sweet. But champagne bottles labeled SEC are much sweeter than "Brut" champagnes. Go figure.

32. Olympic hawk : ARES.

33. Reunion attendee : NIECE.

34. 3-Down is in it : OPEC. And 3-Down. Besides Chile, the only S.A. country that doesn't border Brazil : ECUA.dor

36. Arafat of the PLO : YASIR.

39. Broadway feature : NEON.

40. Carne __ : ASADA. "Grilled meat" in Spanish.

42. Pupil's place : UVEA. Not desk, haha!

44. Letters from your parents? : DNA. Good one.

49. Snaps : PICS. Here's a couple PICS of our new deck.
This is the water feature in our moss garden:

We have to wait a few months before staining it, right, Splynter?

50. Much : FAR. "It is a far, far better thing that I do..."

51. College milieu : ACADEME. Pronounced AK-uh-deem.

55. Ghoulish : MACABRE. Nice fill.

61. Son of Abraham : ISAAC.

62. Top : ACME.

63. Run without moving : IDLE.

64. "Married to the Mob" director : DEMME. My one entry that relied totally on perps. He also directed "Silence of the Lambs."

65. Appealed : PLED.

66. Some votes : AYES.


1. Twice vier : ACHT. German "four" and "eight."

2. Lout : BOOR.

4. Neck tissue : TONSIL.

5. Italian cuisine herb : ROSEMARY. This year I expanded my herb garden to include sage and basil, along with rosemary, thyme, chives, dill, cilantro, parsley, tarragon and oregano.

6. Cockpit figs. : ALTS. ALTitudes.

7. Satya Nadella of Microsoft, e.g. : CEOThis guy.

8. Self-seeker : EGOIST. I thought "taoist" at first!

9. Like nearly one-third of Africa : SAHARAN.

10. Kirk or Picard: Abbr. : CAPT.ain

11. Brest friend : AMIE. HarHar. I guess clueing it as "Brest" indicates that we are looking for the feminine noun?

12. Year in which Frederick II died : MCCL. Sure, I knew that...

13. Snail-paced : POKY.

18. Bangladesh capital : DHAKA.

19. Streetcar relative : TRAM.

23. Hard-to-call contests : TOSSUPS.

24. It was originally named Brad's Drink : PEPSI.

25. Indian __ : OCEAN.

26. Bust gp. : DEA. Drug Enforcement Agency.

27. Bronze component : TIN.beni?

28. Orchestra section : REEDS.

29. Madonna and Lady Gaga : ICONS.

30. Gabrielle's friend : XENA. From the series "Xena: Warrier Princess." I always wanted to write a song about her: "I'll be XENA in all the old familiar places..."

31. Hotel freebie : SOAP. If they didn't have such strong fragrances, I might be tempted to take some home!

35. Collection to burn : CDs.

37. "Now __ seen everything!" : I'VE.

38. Embarrassed : REDFACED. (Oops! I saw too much!)

41. Tranquil : AT PEACE.

43. One way to be taken : ABACK.

46. What some eyeglasses lack : RIMS.

47. Polar concern : ICE CAP.

48. Oil-rich peninsula : ARABIA.

51. Within : AMID.

52. One taken to court : CASE.

53. Leading man? : ADAM.

54. Eighth of a fluid ounce : DRAM.

55. Fast-spreading Internet phenomenon : MEME. This has to be one of my favorites.

56. Murder mystery staple : BODY.

57. Something to cast : ROLE.

58. Laboriously earns, with "out" : EKES.

60. Stomach acid, to a chemist : HCL. Hydrochloric acid.

Marti, out!


OwenKL said...

Done in by two cells! ACHT and DHAKA were unknown to me, I had CRASHES instead of TRASHES (thinking of the cars my wife wrecked this year), and the clue for ARES had me thinking of birds or atheletes, not gods. On the good side, I got the theme right from the first entry!
A few false starts, easily perped: WHIP>RACE, MCMX>MCCL (trying to get to starting date for WWI), IRIS>UVEA, NEE>DNA, and a few spelling errors.

No one apparently noticed that yesterday's limerick was an acrostic! I expected someone would claim bragging rights by being the first to mention it!

COCO and OLEG worked with fabrics replete
With patterns that REDUNDANTLY repeat and repeat!
But for god's IRATE peeve
With ADAM and Eve,
We wouldn't need clothes to be fashionably neat!

Lemonade714 said...

I always enjoy before and after puzzles and the effort to find a common denominator such as fabric. As marti said it mostly flowed, though I had no memory of DHAKA. Other than that, AND.

Go play, it is play day. Thanks David and miss m.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Marti and friends. I love Before and After puzzles and this one was no different. The PinStriped Bass was my first theme fill.

My favorite clue was Letters from Parents = DNA.

I wasn't keen on TONSIL as being Neck Tissue. I get it, but I don't like it.

Hand up for not knowing the capital of Bangladesh = DHAKA.

Marti, your new deck looks so inviting. I'll be right over to share a glass of wine!

QOD: A horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle. ~ Ian Fleming (May 28, 1908 ~ Aug. 12, 1964)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Yup, seemed very easy for a Thursday. Had to check DEMME twice --but based on the perps, it's had to be.

With 12-18 (depending on your source) million people, you'd think we'd all be familiar with DHAKA, ranked 10th in the world by population. Nope.

Nice looking deck, Marti! Are those turtles on the fence?

inanehiker said...

Fun theme, and generally made my way handily through the puzzle. Few hang-ups were Olympic hawk -- wasn't on the wavelength of a war loving Greek god, kept trying to think of a bird from the Washington state area. Also agree with Hatoolah, your tonsil is not in your neck, but up in your throat, but solved by perps. WEES about DEMME.
Enjoy Thursday!
Thanks Marti - reminds me we need to get our deck restained- yours is beautiful. Bet it's nice to see it without a foot of snow on top!

HeartRx said...

Hahtoolah @ 6:42, I thought that the clue for TONSIL should have been "Throat tissue" rather than "neck"...

d-otto @ 6:49, not turtles -- they are hanging baskets. :-) I just posted another picture of them on the blog if you want a closer look.

inane hiker - I love going out there with my morning coffee. Best of all, we have wireless that allows me to do the crossword out there too.

unclefred said...

Managed the puzzle fairly well, for a Thursday, only a couple write-overs. I enjoyed this puzzle, just the right difficulty level for me, more like a Wednesday puzzle, I thought.
Thanks for the terrific write-up, Marti. And that's a GREAT looking deck. I'm gonna be doing deck making here for a while, too, but it's a functional deck, to cover pool equipment, not for recreation. Much more complicated, too, three different levels. Oi. Anyway, yes, if you're gonna stain your deck wait a couple weeks, if that is PT lumber, as I suspect it is, to let the PT treatment "dry out" a bit, so the wood can accept the stain.

Tinbeni said...

Marti: Thank you for a great write-up ... explaining my D N F Ink Blot.
BTW I think your new deck area looks like the perfect place to read a book ... while downing a few NEAT drinks.

A least I got my CSO correct. lol

Not a clue (nor a care) that I didn't know who Directed Married to the Mob
Learning moment (that I will probably forget by lunch-time) was Carne ASADA.
And I will admit that "_ _ _ CAP" was never (ever!) getting filled in on my grid.

And when a DRAM of Scotch is poured at Villa Incognito it is much larger than an "Eighth of a fluid ounce" ... just saying ... lol


Anonymous said...


kazie said...

Had a bit of a challenge here and there, but no real hang-ups considering it's the first Thursday in 3 weeks for me. Like Marti I needed perps for DEMME, and also tried several wrong turns in other places before getting it right. But it all worked out in the end.

I learned in China that to be a Chinese garden, it must have plants, a water feature and rocks. So Marti, yours fits the bill!

Have I told you my tonsil story before? As a kid, I was always sickly up to the age of five or so. The doctors had wanted me fattened up a bit in preparation for a tonsillectomy, as was the fashionable cure-all those days. So my parents took me for a 2 week vacation to visit relatives in the country town where they had grown up. On our return, I had a screaming appendicitis attack the eve of my fifth birthday, so had the appendix removed on that birthday, and at 69, I still have the tonsils!

Husker Gary said...

-I had a little more trouble than Marti, but enjoyed the puzzle and her lovely write-up
-Remember Cher singing “She was a SCAMP, a camp and a bit of a tramp, she was a V, A, M, P, Vamp”
-Did she ABET or just seem to?
-My SIL and my Chinese NIECE flew through C.C.’s hometown of Guangzhou on her way to Nebraska when she was 14 mo. old
-Aforementioned niece is a sophomore at UNL and after a year in ACADEME, has decided to switch her major to Women’s Studies. Mom was not pleased.
-This flight had to quickly change its ALT by 4,000 ft this month to avoid a volcano
-The upcoming Cleveland/Golden State series is a TOSSUP
-My grandkids always got a bunch of Mickey Mouse SOAP every time I returned from Disney World
-Burn your CD’s but keep your LP’s
-I thought of this neck tissue called wattle first
-Beautiful work, Marti. Are you done for a while?
-Name the movie with this line, “I got the motive which is money and the BODY which is dead.”

HeartRx said...

Anon @ 8:12, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring that one up...

Kazie, I had strep throat every year when I was little. But it was right around the time when medicine was changing ande removing tonsils was no longer considered the cure-all, so they left mine in. When I was 18, I had a raging strep throat, and they decided to finally remove the tonsils. I only wish it had been done when I was little - the recovery would have been much easier!!

BTW, I also never had chicken pox until I was 23...I think I must be a late bloomer!!

HeartRx said...

HG @ 8:48, Are we done for a while? I wish...

Kim said...

Husker Gary - "In the Heat of the Night"?

Big Easy said...

DRAMit. DRAMit. I do believe that a dram is 1/16oz, not 1/8th of an ounce. But then again, it's according to whether you base it on mass or volume or which reference you refer to.

1 Dram is equal to 0.125000845502 Ounces OR
1 dram =0.0625 ounces

Only the Shadow knows whether you are talking about whiskey or pharmacy vials.

Good morning. The theme popped out quickly with HOUNDS TOOTHPICK. AAMCO- I remember the ZSA
ZSA Gabor commercials for Double A M C O way back when. Even though the top filled easily,

I have a mental problem with the spelling of DHAKA and ECUADOR, always wanting to write Dacca and Equador.

40A had me stumped because it filled with perps but ASADA just didn't make sense until I read Marti's explanation. The clue in the paper 'Carne' looks exactly like 'Came' and I had no idea what 'Came___' could mean.

YASIR, YASSIR, YASSER- take your pick on any given day.

The SW gave me the most trouble with DEMME and the measurement problem.

Tinbeni said...

Big Easy
You are correct re: DRAM

OTOH at Villa Incognito ... when I am pouring a DRAM of Scotch ...
It probably equals 2 or 3 Ounces (maybe more, lol).

willow said...

Hi, Corner-ites! I was inspired by yesterday's answers to get Omoo fr. library.

kazie said...

I only got chicken pox at 39, when I caught it from my kids. I also never had measles, and they didn't believe me this year when I had to be tested before they'd give me the shot. The only childhood malady I remember having was mumps, at 7 years. I did have rubella at some point as I tested positive when planning the first pregnancy, but could never be sure if it was when I thought I had a heat rash in Sweden 1970 or at some other time.

Big Easy,
I was wondering if the drams to an ounce depend on whether it's British or American ounces. Not sure if there's a difference there, but I do know the cup measures are different.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Late start today without a lot of focus. Took me a minute to settle in, but once I did, the theme came easily. Thanks for the fun, David. My favorites: Letters from parents, and certainly, Sidney Carton's dual quote from Tale of Two Cities, reflecting the many doubles in Dickens' classic. My fave, of course.

Thanks for the run through Marti. The deck is magnificent. Bravo!

Enjoy The Best of Times today!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Relatively easy for a Thus.

I thought it was MADRAS PLAID, not CHECK. Always learning.

All around well executed puzzle. Love the theme.

Marti, since we're abusing song titles, When Arafat was born, did his mom sing this one ?

Cool regards!

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Thank you, David Poole! The cells fell like dominoes as I solved across/down. Got COCO right away but had to wait on OLEG. Loved the themes. HOUNDS TOOTHPICK was first and fun ensued.

CSO to TIN! Please don't knock carne ASADA until you try it. It's delish!

ACHT, have to admit I peeked on a list I made of the German numbers. My NIECE will be buried Monday.

It took a minute or two of reflection before ARES emerged. Had to think it through.

Lovely deck, Marti! Can't wait until I visit you!!!

Have a terrific day, everyone!

xtulmkr said...

Big Easy: I agree, Zsa Zsa's top did fill nicely.

C.C. Burnikel said...

LACrosswordAddict, JJM et al,

Renèe Harvey of Mensa informed me that their Web services department is working on the puzzle right now.

C6D6 Peg said...

Loved the puzzle! Thanks David. Like Marti, thought it was a tad easy for a Thursday.

Thanks for the write-up, Marti! Congrats on the new deck and backyard. Looks beautiful!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Liked the puzzle very much and agree that it was a tad light for a Thursday. Fav was pinstriped bass. Two CSO's to Tin but the _ _ _ cap was probably not to his liking!

Marti, your deck is beautiful. Enjoy many happy hours (and Happy Hours!) on it. My sister used to put hanging baskets on her fence but the deer ate all the flowers so she gave up.

Kazie, I got a kick out of your tonsil/appendicitis story. (Autocorrect changed Marti to Martin and Kazie to Katie. Sheesh!)

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

I think I'm getting more absent-minded by the day. Sorry, many thanks to David for a fun offering and ditto to Marti for the sparking expo.

Misty said...

Well, I actually found this a bit tough on the first go-round, and worried I might not finish. But I did, yay! and thought it was pretty clever when I got the theme. So, many thanks, David, and always love your write-up, Marti. One question, what is MEME? You can tell I'm not all that Internet savvy, can't you?

Another RED-FACED moment: here I am, an academic, and it took me forever to get ACADME. But at least I got COCO and OLEG right away, even though I'm not a snappy dresser.

Great poem, Owen.

Have a good Thursday, everybody!

Misty said...

And on top of that, I spelled ACADEME wrong. Not my best Thursday morning.

Lemonade714 said...

I was a bit surprised more did not know the work of U. of Florida graduate Jonathan DEMME with his success with Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia

coneyro said...

For a Thursday, it was quicker than usual.

I also am only familiar with the term MADRAS plaid, not CHECK, and as such this fill took the longest.

I knew Arafat's first name, but didn't know there were variations. Perps to the rescue.

CZAR/TSAR? Always makes me wait. For HAWK, the name "Tony" stayed in my mind for the longest time until I filled in ROSEMARY and got the aha. I make it harder on myself by jumping around instead of doing it in order. Tomorrow I'll try it that way.

Marti, the deck makes me remember where I lived before moving to this cramped one bedroom apartment. We had 2 1/2 acres and a big deck with fresh well water. Yours looks so inviting.

May is coming to an end. Summer is upon us soon. Can't wait to hear everyone complaining, "It's too hot!". After suffering the woes of winter, you'd think there would be a happy chorus of voices. Some people just like to cvetch, I guess.

I went on one of the computer crossword sites and gave it a try. Honestly, do NOT like it. Takes much longer than doing it by hand. Could be because I am using my phone and not my desk top? Cannot see the full scope of the puzzle, and cannot immediately jump to any place I want. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick to pen and paper.

Is anyone watching 500 Questions on TV? My husband and I love it. This contestant on now is brilliant. Not only a genius, but he has a great personality. We're rooting for him.

That's all for me today. Stay happy and safe all.

HeartRx said...


MEME is a term coined in the 70's to explain how information spreads among a society. An internet MEME is a subset of that concept, and relates to how people forward articles, you tube videos or pictures, or re-tweet information to others.

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you face your niece's burial. I am glad you could be there for her. It is doubly hard to lose someone so young.
Yellowrocks from Kathy

Online Guy said...

Internet meme. See also lolcat.

Misty said...

Many thanks, Marti. This is why the blog is such a great thing, helps us learn things and keep up with the times!

Barry G. said...

Afternoon, all!

The second leg of my flight home yesterday got delayed and then canceled, so I ended up spending the night in a nice hotel near the airport in Atlanta. Last time this happened to me it was due to weather, and the airline told me I was on my own. This time, however, it was due to a mechanical problem or something, so they put me up in the hotel for free and upgraded me to first class for the replacement flight. First time I've actually been served a hot meal on an airplane in ages...

Anywho, just got back and had to run through today's puzzle. Fun theme, which I got early on, but I wasn't familiar with MADRAS CHECK. I've heard of MADRAS before, but just not the CHECK part. Old joke from my misspent youth:

Q: What's red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and white?
A: A Madras elephant.

Q: How do you kill a Madras elephant?
A: Put him in a tub of water and let him bleed.

I didn't really understand it at the time, of course...

Anonymous said...

I had a bit of an issue in the SW so much so that I had to look up Demme but once I did it fell.

Funny how the same puzzle is interpreted, I had to chunk my way through while it seems most others breezed.

HeartRx said...

Anon @ 1:33, don't feel bad. I'm sure there are times when you breeze through a puzzle, and everyone else comes here complaining about how hard it was.

thehondohurricane said...

A late Good Day to everyone,

Pretty much what Tin said at 8:01. Had the East Ok, but the West, top to bottom, never came together. It's Casey's fault. He likes company during the wee hours so he has someone to play with him. As a matter of fact, time for a nap.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I liked the pzl, but especially enjoyed Marti's visualizations of the theme answers.
This was one of those Thursday xwds that might have forced me to a Google check to avoid a DNF. But happily I kept my patience and persisted w/o help. The almost-obstacle for me was the SW corner where I had DOSE for DRAM. I couldn't see my way to changing it for quite a while.
"Gabrielle's friend" had me going for a while as well. I went with AMIE first - before I saw that it was better employed at 11D. I had to wait until I worked out the 24A theme answer before hitting on XENA, a show I never saw.
Anybody out there reading Kate Atkinson's newest book? I am halfway through and quite enjoying A God in Ruins and wonder if anyone else is also into it. I also liked her last one, Life after Life.

Jerome said...

Marti- What am I missing about pled? There are many dictionaries that define pled as "appealed"

Research Guy said...

Pled (vs. pleaded) was debated here last month (also a David Poole puzzle).

Argyle said...

Jerome, you must be aware that anon authorities insist it should be PLEADED.

Ghana Tribe said...

Jerome, some people, for whatever reason, seem to object to perfectly fine clue/answer combos due to some personal objection. Can't understand this phenomenon. I think the reason lies with some sort of chemical imbalance. Why just the other day some guy threw a fit over "Deprive of one's nerve : UNMAN".

Anonymous said...

The defendant APPEALED the verdict. He PLED A APE stole the bananas.

Anonymous said...

The web services staff over at Mensa must not be very...
Never mind.
Anyway, still not working.
Send Anonymous T !

CanadianEh! said...

Enjoyable puzzle today. Thanks David and Marti. I smiled when I got the theme with pinstriped bass.
I had tartan before madras and Canadians have chequebooks so that one was the last to fall.
Thankfully the apothecary dram is no longer used; metric is much easier to calculate.

Jerome said...

Ghana Tribe- Your attempt at spite is founded on a total failure to see that my objection to unman has nothing to do with the pled/appealed issue. The clue for pled, and pled itself are perfectly fine. The clue for unman was also correct. I know unman is a word and never said it wasn't. My objection was that it's an extremely poor choice for a fill word when there were other possibilities. To me, unman is a word that few people will ever use in a lifetime. It should be noted that Gareth is a blog writer and almost daily commentator at a popular crossword site. Not often, but he does take other constructors to task when he sees what he considers less than stellar fill. Also, I'm quite sure that he, and an army of others, could give a rat's ass about what I think about a puzzle of his.

Ah, but not to fear my lips are sealed forever concerning pled, appealed, and unman.

Giant Rehab said...

Someone said:

"My objection was that it's an extremely poor choice for a fill word when there were other possibilities. To me, unman is a word that few people will ever use in a lifetime."

Well! So let it be written, so let it be done!

Are you kidding me? There is almost always some entry in every puzzle that is rarely used in everyday speech.(Unless your solving a crossword in Highlights or TV Guide.) For my vocabulary, there at least 4 or 5 in today's grid. Foreign words, Roman numerals, obscure abbrvs., Proper names, etc. are all included in our puzzles. They almost always provide us with an opportunity for learning and expanding our solving skills. That's the beauty of it. Some also see it as a nod to our humanity, sort of like the Navajo tradition of including a flaw in each rug that they waeve, called a ch'ihoni'i or spirit pathway.

I think you may have an axe to grind with out friend Gareth. That or you're must have an ANGER HABIT.

Yellowrocks said...

Thank you all for your kind encouragement. Last Thursday, May 21, Alan became very ill and was unable to walk. My pastor and I took him to the ER. He had a urinary infection that passed into the blood stream giving him very serious life threatening sepsis. Even with IV fluids and antibiotics he continued to deteriorate through Saturday. On Sunday he began improving every day. Today the sepsis and the germs that caused it are gone. Tonight he was transferred to a rehab center. He still is weak and debilitated, but today with the therapist he walked 100 feet using a walker. He will continue therapy until he is strong enough to walk by himself and climb the stairs. Alan is still being treated by the urologist and has a Foley catheter. He can't swallow and has a pureed diet. UGH! I think he will be in rehab 2 weeks or longer. The doctors think he will continue to improve. I am thankful to a very caring hospital staff and to equally caring family, frineds and neighbors.

Lemonade714 said...

Great news YR

Lucina said...

Yes, that is good news and I hope he continues to improve. Be assured you and Alan are in my prayers every night. And thank you for your kind thoughts. It's going to be emotionally rough.

Jerome said...

Giant Rehab- I wish I had the grace of the rug weavers. I wish we all did. The world would be a gentler place.

Ghana Tribe- Your choice for a blog name intrigues me. Yeah, I know it's being nosy, but care to share?

Ghana Tribe said...

Jerome - Awww baby, I just wanna love ya babe. And Rock Wit U.

Irish Miss said...

YR - Best wishes to Alan for a complete and speedy recovery and less worry and stress for you as you deal with your own recovery. 😉

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Boy what an inky mess I have and still a DNF. Thanks David for the post-day fun, Marti for the write-up and everyone else for keeping up the fun.

Let's see - I thought 7d's Satya was the COO (bzt that stayed), 13d was slow b/f POKe b/f POKY, 2d was BOOb b/f BOOR. 57d is the biggest mess - Reel/Rods/ROLE. There's more, but you get the idea.

The SW was the hardest - I've wouldn't know MADRAS from HOUNDSTOOTH (actually, I know the latter - DW had a hot HT skirt in college - Hooooowl!).

Hand up - Fav: DNA c/a. Other was Marti's PIN STRIPED 4-string - double-cute.

YR - so glad to hear Alan is getting better. Love your way...

HG - Eldest is into LPs. She sent me PICS of Rush albums from 1/2-priced Books today.

Anon@5:41 - thanks for your faith in my Tech-nique(?)...

Proll'y too late to ask - any one still have a DOT MATRIX printer?

PLEaDed - Sheep in court? :-)

Cheers, -T

Blue Iris said...

Missed a few days checking the Corner. I'm recovering from bronchitis now.

YR, I wondered how Alan was doing. Thanks for letting us know. Praying for his continued improvement. Does he cope well at the hospital when left by himself?

Lucina, sorry for the loss of your niece.

CC, I like your new avatar.