May 18, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015 Tom Uttormark & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Three for One - Three answers for each theme entry...what a deal.

17A. Whole-grain food ... or two universities : BROWN RICE. Brown in Providence, RI; Rice in Houston, TX.

40A. Soviet military force ... or two ants : RED ARMY. Reds; Army.

64A. Bridal bouquet flower ... or two waters : WHITE ROSE. White water, rough river rapids; Rose water, rose petals steeped in water.

11D. Immigrant's document ... or two rooms : GREEN CARD. Green room, where TV guests wait before going on. Card room, often set aside from the rest of the casino; bit quieter.

35D. Aristocrat ... or two moons : BLUE BLOOD. Blue Moon(3:35). Blood moon, when the moon is in a total eclipse, it takes on a deep red hue because of light filtered through Earth's atmosphere.

Argyle here. Tasty little treat today. Nothing forced at all. Decent fill. update: Lemon pointed out that all the entries start with a color.


1. Prepare, as water for tea : BOIL, and maybe some 1-Down. Spongy sweet cake : BABKA. Something for Steve.

5. Koi or goldfish : CARP. As has been mentioned here before.

9. Toaster waffles : EGGOs. Also with tea?

14. Taj Mahal city : AGRA

15. Great Salt Lake site : UTAH

16. Start of a tennis point : SERVE

19. Fuss in front of a mirror : PREEN. Titivate.

20. Native land of many recent marathon winners : KENYA

21. Look after : TEND

23. Show flexibility : BEND

24. Agreement : ASSENT

26. Dispatches, as a dragon : DOES IN. They're all done in now.

28. Bubble and churn : ROIL. Now where did I put that eye of newt?

30. Retail security employee : MALL COP. It's a franchise for Paul Blart.

33. Corn discards : COBs

36. GPS display : MAP. 42-Across. GPS suggestion : RTE

38. Aquafina rival : DASANI

39. Gmail alternative : AOL

43. Careful with money : FRUGAL. No, not cheap.

45. Stocking part : TOE

46. Altar promises : I DOs

47. Lasting forever : ETERNAL. What those altar promises were suppose to be.

49. Toasty : WARM

51. Expenditures plan : BUDGET

53. Capulet killed by Romeo : TYBALT. How did this sneak in here?

57. Six-time Emmy winner Tyne : DALY

59. Close tightly : SEAL

61. Jazz singer Jones : NORAH

62. Double-reed instruments : OBOES

66. Regional plant life : FLORA

67. Simple choice : A OR B

68. Part of EMT: Abbr. : EMER.

69. Delivery co. with a white arrow outlined within its logo : FED EX

70. Pro votes : YEAs

71. Have the nerve : DARE


2. Grim Grimm guys : OGRES. Full scale alliteration.

3. Waffle cookers : IRONS. Maybe make some for tea, also.

4. Courtroom team : LAWYERS

5. Nasty mutt : CUR

6. Going __: fighting : AT IT

7. Went fast : RACED

8. Wunderkind : PHENOM

9. Sixth sense letters : ESP. (extrasensory perception)

10. Small pet rodents : GERBILS

12. Broiling spot : OVEN

13. Texter's button : SEND

18. Prefix with second : NANO

22. Doomed one, in slang : DEAD MEAT. Like a Star Trek crew member in a red shirt beaming down to the surface.

25. Intervals between causes and effects : TIME LAGS

27. Delight at the comedy club : SLAY

29. Young boy : LAD

31. Suspicious of : ON TO

32. Desserts with crusts : PIES. Steve definitely should have blogged today.

33. Sidewalk eatery : CAFE

34. __ cloud: remote solar system region : OORT. Another non-Monday entry.

37. "__ the Bunny": touch-and-feel baby book : PAT.

40. "The Fountainhead" writer Ayn : RAND

41. Line of seats : ROW

44. Swiss cheese : GRUYÈRE. See, more food!

named for the medieval Swiss town of Gruyères
46. Cabin fever complaint : "I'M BORED"

48. Wiggle room : LEEWAY

50. Baseball Hall of Famer Sandberg : RYNE

52. Western resort lake : TAHOE

54. Coffee lure : AROMA

55. Surgical beam : LASER

56. "Voilà!" : "THERE!"

57. Tip, as one's hat : DOFF. (better than unhat)

58. Skilled : ABLE

60. Old Italian coin : LIRA

63. Doo-wop horn : SAX

65. "Superstation" letters : TBS. (Turner Broadcasting System) "Very Funny"



OwenKL said...

A combination of two gimmicks, nice! (I only used one of them in my limericks.) Took a bit more effort than a usual Monday, I thought, but still not too difficult. Last to fall to a WAG was RYNE+NORAH.

The Korean-Hebrews each wore a burnoose
One explained, "We think it to be of great use.
We have yellow skin
So if sunburn sets in
The red added on turns us to Orange Jews!

Any high-paid athlete that everyone knows
Is treated like royalty wherever he goes.
Flowery stories
Of sporting glories
About princely heroes include Purple Pros!

Toy Story and Cars show that machines
Can have personalities, feelings and dreams.
An example of note
Was a cowardly boat
Who is known as the Yellow Submarine!

[First version of the above, I had the Korean rabbi turn into an Orange Jewess. I've seen her in a commercial or PSA, but can't recall what for.]

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly a Monday speed run for me today, but there were a couple of crunchy spots that slowed me down a bit. In the SE I had to pause due to RYNE (I've seen the name before, but can only ever think of CARL when I see "Sandberg"( crossing TYBALT (too early in the moening for Shakespeare). And then in the SW I couldn't remember how to spell GRUYÈRE until the perps came to my rescue.

Nice theme.

Rainman said...

When you start a puzzle and expect it to be quick, it rarely is. Clever theme layout,very nice fill, somewhat deceptive clueing here and there... for some reason I got the feeling Rich didn't make too many changes today. Waytogo, C.C. and Tom, who I think is Desper-otto, Argyle?
I didn't really catch on to the theme but it wasn't necessary to finish. Very nice Monday offering, from the standpoint it took longer than normal to slog through.

OwenKL said...

Has anyone else noticed a sub-theme recently?
Little Miss Muffet SAT on a TUFFET, eating her CURDS and WHEY.

SAT - in the CHE puzzle linked Friday, clued as "emulated Miss Muffet, in a way".
TUFT - Sunday
CURDY - Sunday
WHEY - Friday

No way anyone could have engineered that, so the universe is either joking with us, or prepping us for a plague of spiders!

Avg Joe said...

Very nice DO and CC! Monday easy with almost no pulp....well maybe Oboes and Agra, but that's it. Clever theme and lots of un-Monday entries. I see you even slipped in the FedEx comment. Since you mentioned that a few months ago I can't see that logo without noticing the arrow.

And Tybalt! Love it. That's one of three names I just can't say in a normal voice. It has to be shouted at the top of ones lungs. Like Stella! And Elaine!

HeartRx said...

Good morning.

Lovely way to start the week, desper-otto and C.C.!

I have to agree with Avg Joe about filling in TYBALT. (BTW, Avg Joe, I just watched "The Graduate" yesterday: "ELAINE!!!....ELAINE!!!!") Thank goodness I knew that one plus NORAH Jones, otherwise it would have been a DNF at R**E Sandberg.

Keep 'em coming, you two!

inanehiker said...

fast Monday with refreshing fill and just a bit of crunchiness to wake me up for work.
Thanks D-OTTO, CC, and Argyle!

HowardW said...

Clever theme! Thanks C.C. & Tom!

Got off on the wrong foot with HEAT rather than BOIL, but that fixed itself well enough. And wanted Mercutio for TYBALT but saw that it didn't fit. Only later realized that I had the wrong "team", a grave mistake.

Some lovely words in there such as FRUGAL, ETERNAL and GERBILS. And SLAY crossing DOES IN. A few rhymes, too: TEND/BEND/SEND, BOIL/ROIL, GRUYÈRE/THERE.

Argyle, thanks for the Billie Holiday link, I "wasted" many minutes listening to her. And nice coloring in the grid. How does one do that, by the way?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Like Rainman said: Waytogo C.C. and Tom.

Liked the theme a lot. And it was reinforced as downs in addition to the acrosses. Agree with Avg Joe - Much fresh fill.
DEAD MEAT - Could have had the added clue of 'two balls'.
BABKA - BH makes them for the holidays.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Lovely Monday puzzle with just a little bit of crunch. Or am I rusty after a few days at Stratford (no TYBALT as we saw Sound of Music and Anne Frank)? Thanks CC and Tom.
One small nit as GPS clue was not consistent with one answer being an abbreviation (RTE) and the other not (MAP).
Anyone else with Slam before SEAL?
My Facebook Memories page is bringing back KENYA photos from 2 years ago.
Off to celebrate Victoria Day. Should be good weather for fireworks tonight!

Off to celebrate Victoria Day

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

A homegrown puzzle, nicely done! Thanks D-Otto and C. C. Very enjoyable theme this morning.

I fouled in the SW, brain said FLORA and pen wrote fauna. Hmmm. It was fun to see RYNE. I always liked when Cub fans called him "Ryan." I guess they never collected cards or read the newspaper.

Thanks for the walk through, Argyle. By the way, you left your eye of newt right next to your toe of frog. ;>)

Northwest Runner said...

Give Neil DeGrasse Tyson a little more time, and the Oort Cloud will unquestionably be a Monday clue. :)

thehondohurricane said...

Morning everyone,

Nice job CC & Do, enjoyed your offering a lot.

Got thru the puzzle without any major issues. Needed to rely on perps for BABKA, TYBALT, GRUYERE.

I like sidewalk CAFEs, wish there were more in our area. Ogling and coffee, nice combo.

My sons in-laws are the Daley's, thats how I was trying to spell 57A, but it was one space short.

Montana said...

Nice Monday puzzle. Great way to start a week!


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Glad to see others have posted about Tybalt crossing Ryne...I knew neither and had to do a vowel run to get that Y. Doesn't often happen on a Monday! Nicely done, D Otto and C.C., please keep them coming.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Fun puzzle today, nicely done C.C. and Tom.

Does anyone remember puzzles where the theme entries were just lists of things with something in common, with clues like "Three [whatever]? Those were lame. This twist makes it clever and worth while.

Grim Grimm guys is my fav clue.

Wasn't Tybalt Tywin's father? Tyrion might be the one who DOES IN the dragons.

Does a waffle assembly line emit IRONS AROMAS?

Who doesn't like CAFE PIES?

I'm too FRUGAL to buy DASANI

Cool regards!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Wow, CC and Tom are on a roll! Clever and well-executed theme with some fresh and challenging fill. A couple of bumps but nothing serious. Gruyere is the choice for French Onion Soup, right Avg Joe?

Thanks, CC, Tom, and Argyle for a great start to the week. Much-needed rain coming tonight into tomorrow then temps back into the 70's. Yesterday it was 84.

Have a great day.

Avg Joe said...

It sure is IM. But I've had occasions where it wasn't available or I just wanted to be frugal and used Swiss instead. Not the same, of course. As Tom Cruise almost said: "Gruyere. There is no substitute."

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Congratulations to our very own Desper-Otto. Fun puzzle. I got the theme at Brown Rice. My favorite theme answer was the Red Army.

My only stumble was OORT Cloud. I knew the perps were correct, but Oort did not look right.

The rain passed through for the moment, but more is on its way.

Happy Monday, everyone.

Tinbeni said...

Gotta like any puzzle that has A-TIT as an answer!

Fave today was ESP ... Every Single Perp.

It is beautiful here in the Tampa Bay area.

JD said...

Good morning all,
Wonderful work, CC and Tom. Enjoyed the cleverness of your theme.
OORT was definitely a new word, but it didn't slow me down as much as babka and Ryne. Tybalt is one of the names we know but I had to keep saying parts of it out loud until it clicked.

Norah Jones is one of my favorites but I thought she was considered New Age, not jazz????

Fact Checker said...

Wikipedia lists Norah Jones' genres as jazz, blue-eyed soul, blues, folk, country, adult contemporary, and pop. Ravi Shankar is (was?) her father (he died in 2012).

C6D6 Peg said...

Very nice, D-O and C.C. Liked the theme and fill, although some of it may seem crunchy for a Monday.

Thank-you, Argyle, for another excellent write-up.

coneyro said...

Happy Monday..

Do & C.C. really nice puzzle.


BABKA..One of the most delicious cakes ever! For the uninitiated, It is yeast based, and has many different optional add-ins...nuts, candied fruits, chocolate chips, cinnamon, name a few. It is not too sweet, has a soft challah like texture, but dense. A staple in most Jewish households for Shabat, holidays and simchas (religious celebrations). Have baked my share, and the warm aroma while in the oven is so enticing. A definite 10 on the YUM scale.

Time for a few of my creative efforts..Hope you like them. Will post answers tomorrow...

1) Scientologist Tom's favorite auto feature? (or) Katie's couch-jumping ex is in charge? (13)

2) Obama's Pinniped? (16)

3) Clandestine religious rite? (13)

4)Money used to buy a tined utensil? (10)

I think I'm getting better at it. Comments are appreciated.

The management where I live is preasure washing, painting, and cutting the lawns at this moment. The noise is driving me out of what little sanity I have left. Time for the painkillers.

Enough from me today. Hasta luego..

Misty said...

Darn! I put TIBALT and RINE. My bad, I should really re-read "Romeo and Juliet." And I worried about that OORT. But still a totally delightful C.C. and Desper-otto puzzle, and a great way to start the week. Many thanks, you two, and you too, Argyle.

Owen ,fun observation about Miss Muffet.

Have a great week, everybody!

Bill G. said...

I liked this one a lot. Most of it was Monday-easy with some tricky stuff thrown in and a very enjoyable theme. Thanks Tom, D-O, CC and Argyle.

As requested by Anon T, here is a math puzzle, not too hard; just right for a Monday I think.

The sums of three whole numbers taken in pairs are 12, 17, and 19. Find the three numbers.

coneyro said...

I can't believe I accidentally deleted my entire blog entry. Well, I'll try again. Probably due to the fact that the management where I live is pressure washing and cutting the lawns. The noise is driving out what little sanity I have left.

Do & C.C. great puzzle.


Time for a few more of my creations. I think I'm getting better. Will post answers tomorrow. Comments are appreciated.

1) Scientologist Tom's favorite auto feature? (or) Katie's couch-jumping ex is in charge? (13)

2) Obama's pinniped? (16)

3) Clandestine religious rite? (13)

4) Money used to buy a tined utensil? (10)

Well, I have to take something for this headache. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Finished early today, but not without a few glitches. Primp instead or Preen, was quickly fixed, but WEES about Tybalt and Ryne. Gruyere was saved with perps.

Nicely done Tom and C.C. Thanks for the write up Argyle. Well done, also.

Learning for today: Oort. However, Argyle had to clarify A Orb for me! Duh--A or B!!!

Have a great day, everyone.

coneyro said...

Sorry if there are multiple entries. My smartphone doesn't seem to be very smart today. It is not deleting the overages. All because I spelled "pressure" incorrectly.

Lemonade714 said...

I LOVE!!! this puzzle. The layers of not only the three for one, but the fact that each part one is a color makes this my favorite Monday of the year, maybe longer.

coneyro, I love your Babka memories, but you did not maintain the color scheme in your suggested themers, nor can I think of the one word which would follow each part of your one and two. It has to be COLOR WORD 2, both of which are related and connected to WORD 3.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Great work, D-Otto (with help from CC)!

WEES, OORT was new to me

coneyro @ multiple posts:

Here's two of them:

1) Scientologist Tom's favorite auto feature? (or) Katie's couch-jumping ex is in charge? (13)

2) Obama's Pinniped? (16) PRESIDENTIAL SEAL

CrossEyedDave said...

I got hung up on Tybalt, & WAGed an O. Which left me thinking, how sneaky on a Monday! 1st name AND middle initial? Ron E. Sandberg?

Desper-otto, R U sure U want to join this crowd? (Frazz 5/18)

Prepare to be nitpicked!

Also, kudos on the triple answers, very cool! I tried to find some triple links, but got exhausted during brown rice universities...

Jazzbumpa said...

If anyone is interested, here is video of the Royal Oak Symphony concert from March 6, 2015.

Overture ot Rienzi - Richard Wagner
The Walk to the Paradise Garden - Frederick Delius
Symphony No. 7 - Ludwig van Beethoven

1 hour 2 min. total viewing time.


Anonymous said...

coneyro, just ignore lemony's comment. He knows not of what he speaks. Why, he just learned that goldfish are carp on May 8th. I get that you are just randomly making up brain teasers.

#3 Secret Service

#4 still stumped

Lucina said...

Congratulations! I loved your puzzle. Not much time to comment but will return later.

Hope all are having a fine Monday!

Jayce said...

Excellently clever and original puzzle today. Great fill! Beautiful job, you two. You have truly fertile imaginations.
I read the clue for 28A as "Bubble and chum" and couldn't get my mind away from thoughts along the lines of "Bangers and mash."
Argyle, perfect description of DEAD MEAT. I like your sense of humor.
Best wishes to you all.

desper-otto said...

Good afternoon!

Thanks for all the kind words about today's puzzle Sounds like most of you enjoyed it. As usual, C.C. did all the heavy lifting. Even though I knew it was going to be printed today, in the 6 AM fog I started working it. Got to the second row before the V-8 can came flying. D'oh! Don't remember, but think we were shooting for something mid-week. TYBALT on a Monday? Really?

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Really fun & challenging puzzle, Tom & C.C.
Thanks, Argyle.

I couldn't remember TYBALT & DASANI for awhile. Then I typed in LEGOS instead of EGGOS. Duh! Soon fixed. Red letters on a Monday yet.

BABKA, GUYERE, & RYNE: all perps.

FRUGAL is my middle name. My husband was downright cheap. It's a good thing he didn't live to see water sold in bottles in vending machines. We would never have heard the last of him ranting on the price of that.

Did anyone else notice we had a more than usual tendency toward violence in the puzzle? We had BOIL, ROIL, DOES IN, TYBALT killed, EMER, AT IT, DEAD MEAT, SLAY. Just added spice.

Husker Gary said...

What a lot of fun and cleverness on a Monday, C.C. and Tom!

-I must be the only one here who didn’t know GRUYERE cheese but TYBALT was in a brain cell somewhere.
-Whitewater and Rose Law firm brings something to mind…
-BABKA disappointment (:42)
-A KOI is just a CARP who knows someone
-I had PRIMP before PREEN
-West African produces great sprinters and East Africa produces great long distance runners. Interesting hypothesis.
-A gay junior at my old high school told the administration she was bringing her girl friend to prom this year thinking the school would not BEND and be flexible. The school said, “No big deal to us!”
-Check the Rotten Tomatoes numbers on MALL COP 2
-FLORA is, uh, flourishing around here with all this rain
-A musical simple choice (2:38) (with some odd choreography?)
-Our unicameral is trying to round up enough YEAS to overcome governor vetoes as the session is ending
-Making out in the backseat was “going AT IT” when I was in high school
-Baseball’s phenom de jour

Chairman Moe said...

4)Money used to buy a tined utensil? (10) GOLD SPIKES (would fit the theme of today's puzzle, I suppose)

I kind of like FORKED OVER as an answer - can you re-word your clue??!!

Interesting that today's "theme" comes on the heels of Saturday's YELLOWKNIFE entry - which today could've been clued: Canadian Territorial Capital . . . or two jackets

Anonymous said...

Funny. Thought this was weak and senseless. Never heard of rose water, green room (everyone has one in their house i guess). Blood moon!!??? Seriously! Roil, Cur, Phenom, and preen definitely Monday words. NOT!!! Got through puzzle in quick time though. I love Babka cakes with English tea. Mmmm. Thought Mall Cop was a dumb but enjoyable movie.

Bill G. said...

Coneyro, I know what you mean about irritating noises. Tuesday is the day the neighbors on both sides have their gardeners come. The lawnmowers are noisy but not as irritating as the blowers. The gardeners use the blowers instead of rakes. There is even a city ordinance against the use of blowers. But if I were to complain, a city employee would show up and confiscate their blower. I just can't bring myself to do that to some hard-working fellows trying to make a living.

What do you think is the most common word in spoken English language? 'A'? 'The'? I've got a different candidate that I'm pretty sure would be in the top three at least. Maybe number one or two?

Anon (2:34), interesting how we all have different life experiences that affect our CW vocabulary. I like astronomy and have heard of the Oort cloud, out beyond Pluto. If you ever watch TV talk shows like Letterman, Ellen, etc., the 'Green Room' is the nickname of the waiting room for guests waiting for their time to come on the show.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, still looking...

red army ants?

It's tough finding links for white rose water...

Well, it does have red & blue...

Can anyone find a funny pic for green card room???

OwenKL said...

BillG: since no one else has answered yet, 5, 7, 12.

Lemonade: you're too hard on coneyro. Two gimmicks combined today, I used one for limericks, she used the other for riddles.

coneyro: I got the first three, the last one closest I can figure is LETTUCE FORK, but that's 11 letters, not 10. CLAM DIGGER might work, but do diggers have tines?

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

My goodness, today was a busy one for me. I wanted to blog since 7:00 A.M. but took a friend to an appointment and we stayed 2 hours then she wanted to eat. Not too long after returning home my uncle who lives in another town called and invited me to lunch since he is in the area. Gulp!!

So, DO and C.C, this was a lovely puzzle with a colorful theme. Luckily I recalled TYBALT or RYNE would have been a big problem. And I agree with all, OORT is quite un-Mondayish but a good learning moment. BABKA was another one. Hadn't heard of it but sounds delicious.

Someone mentioned they wanted an indication at GPS to abbreviate. But isn't GPS already abbreviated?

While in California I learned that DASANI and Nestle are relocating their bottling plants to Pennsylvania because they are using CA's water supply which is dangerously low.

Thank you, Tom, C.C. and Argyle. Such fun today.

Nit Picker said...

"I wanted to blog since 7:00 A.M."

Posting a comment on a blog isn't blogging.

Bill G. said...

D-O and Owen, excellent! I fumbled around using guess-and-check but later found a much more elegant approach using a bit of algebra. I'll write it out if anyone is interested.

Chairman Moe said...

Cross-Eyed Dave @ 3:40

Here's a green CARPET room

Or how about a Joe Greene Card?

Or this this Green Card? Don't leave home without it!

But I think you were looking for something like this. Quite a story . . .

OwenKL said...

How about a green card to use in a card room?

Or a green room in Cooperstown?

Found a lot of pics of Obama with a green card, all very political one way or the other (Birthers, shut up!), but I thought this was the funniest

Anonymous said...

Nit Picker @ 4:23 PM:

While I enjoy your constant harassment of the Blog Irregulars, I can't say that Lucina deserves your spotlight. The nit is bordering on pedantry, and she truly seems like one of the Good People.

That being said, keep up the pickin' & grinnin'.

Lucina said...

Thank you for your chivalry but please don't worry about me. I know when to ignore a nit.

While in the waiting room this morning (which was not GREEN) I solved Friday's puzzle. That NEted some fun, too. Thanks to Melanie Miller and Lemonade whose reviews I always enjoy. BONNET FIRE was particularly amusing for the image it evoked.

Lucina said...

OOps. 5:17

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Tom, CC and Argyle!


Anyone watch season end of Masterpiece Classis and Call the Midwife?

Yucky weather here!


JJM said...

I don'r get the clue for SLAY at all.
I get that one can CHURN butter, but does one ROIL butter? Jast asking

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

A wonderful puzzle by our own D-O with a C.C. assist. 3 points!

All I can say is lots of fresh c/a pairs and fun "recalls" from reading the blog (eg goldfish are CARP, and the FED EX arrow - sorry Splynter). Great tripple-whammy theme too. And a SO to H-Town w/ RICE; the ivy of the South is icing.

w/o 28a - BOIL again? V-8. RYan b/f RYNE (sorry M'Defarge). Perps rescued those, but then DAL(Y|a?). Guess which I picked. Yep, DNF :-(

Do the Swiss put three vowels in a row to make up for only one in their name?

Fav - DOFF - I was just about to say that yesterday before I changed it to tip-o-the hat. Serendipity...

Speaking of serendipity, OwenKL this is just for you Spider (TMBG :53). Funny Obama link BTW, If it was spelled O'Bama would he be our second Irish prez?

Bill G. Thanks, but OKL beat me to the answer. I worked 3 simultaneous equations and got 5, 12, 7 in that order. We can play how-to off-line after I get my nap.

Aggravation of the day - I left work early to get a nap (I worked until 4:30 this am (I was on a roll) and was up at 6) and got toner for eldest on the way home. Fraud alert - they charged me 2x $213. 2 hours of calling and it's still not square. Not going to break my BUDGET, but just ain't right.

Cheers, -T

Ben Disraeli said...

Couldn't find a good green room link, but how 'bout a white room with black curtains near the station?... Blackroof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings.
Silver horses ran down moonbeams in your dark eyes.
Dawnlight smiles on you leaving, my contentment.

btw, Bagel condiment ... or two pies?


Anonymous T said...

Never gonna sleep again says...

JJM - A comedian SLAYs when he kills 'em (makes 'em laugh) I waited 16 min for Carl, Mel, or Jerry to say it (Google promised) but still worth my time. 3 Jews (and I mean that lovingly) laughing over meals...

Ben - Clapton of Cream is a product of B.B. King - he even said so. Thanks for the link and pun.

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

How bout' this one:

The Chameleons weekly poker game was to be held in the all green room, but it didn't work out too well...

OwenKL said...

CED: That link didn't work, but your chameleons are hiding here, too.

Occasional Lurker said...

Bill G, I just solved your three simultaenous equations = 5, 7 and 12.

I knew a lot of people got it - but I'm glad you posted it, and it was sure interesting. Thank you for your puzzles.

If you add all the numbers you get 2(x+Y+z) = 48 and thats 90% of the solution.

Coneyro, @ 11.28, for your 4th clue - Money used to buy a tined utensil (10) = Forked Cash ?

Because I have very poor eyesight, I thought you had misspelled 'tined' - I thought you meant to write, - 'tinned' - as in tinning or soldering copper vessels. Then I realised that maybe you meant tines, as in a fork or a tuning fork.