May 27, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Robyn Weintraub

Theme: INSANE OCTETS.  The theme answers have circles - or at least they should - so that's usually a sign that the theme includes an anagram concept.   This is definitely not my forte, but I sussed it pretty easily.  Lets check it out

17 A. Oscar-nominated song from "The Little Mermaid" : KISS THE GIRL.  Just don't get slapped.

26. Tie the knot : GET HITCHED.  GET MARRIED also fits, but the slangy answer is more appropriate to the clue

33. Jewelry alloy : WHITE GOLD.  Per Wikipedia, "an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, usually nickel, manganese or palladium. In order to make the gold white, it is combined with metal alloys that are white in nature and plated with an extremely hard element called rhodium."

43. Alertly eager : BRIGHT EYED.    Evidently, this phrase goes back to the late 1500's, but that's all I was able to uncover.  However, FWIW, there is this --

There is no obvious common thread here, so if you didn't get the circles, you were probably pretty puzzled by the puzzle.  So, here is the unifier.  53 A. Card game that literally explains this puzzle's circles : CRAZY EIGHTS.  "CRAZY" is one of many possible indicators that the letters of the key word "EIGHT" have been mixed up, scrambled or confused, i.e anagrammed.  The letters, contained in circles if you're lucky, in each case are split across two words.  There are 120 permutations of the 5 letters in the word EIGHT, so the puzzle could only give us a small sampling of the possibilities. Very nicely done, I'd say.

CRAZY EIGHTS is a pretty simple game that I must have played at some time in my 'ute.  You can read about it here.  When I did, it occurred to me that UNO is an elaborated derivative of this game.

Hi gang, Crazy ZabaJzump here.  Nice puzzle, well executed theme.  Let's see if we can get through it without any further mix ups.


1. Passé movie rental need : VCR.  Video Cassette Recorder.

4. Defeat decisively : STOMP.

9. Fixtures that may have claw feet : TUBS.   

13. "__ you in or out?" : ARE.

14. On top of things : AWARE.

15. Blazing stars : NOVAE.  All stars are blazing.  These are the REALLY hot ones.

16. Word in four state names : NEW.   Hampshire, Jersey, Mexico, and York.

19. Rose __ : GARDEN.   White House feature

21. Steve Martin film based on "Cyrano de Bergerac" : ROXANNE.

22. Melville novel : OMOO.  Easily the most popular novel in X-words.  Has anyone read it in the last 100 years?

23. Circus prop : STILT.  

25. Friend of Wyatt : DOC.  Earp and Holliday, famous for participating in the gun fight down the street a piece from the OK Corral.

29. Fixed (on) : BENT.  Firm and determend in purpose or belief.

30. Charlemagne's domain: Abbr. : Holy Roman Empire.

31. Peaty land : MOOR.  Acidic soil where plants die faster than they can decompose.

32. __-Coburg, Bavaria : SAXE.   A Duchy from the 14th Century in what is now Bavaria.

36. "Toodles!" : CIAO.  B'bye.

38. City NNE of Austin : WACO.   Never a good thing when it's in the news.

39. Managed care gp. : Health Maintenance Organization.  Note abrv.

42. Half of a Billy Idol #1 song : MONY.   Better than half a fly, I suppose.  Anyway, it's a cover.  Here's the real thing, from 1968.

46. Gardner of film : AVA.  She had many roles from the 40's through the 70's and was married to Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw, and Frank Sinatra.

47. Debt securities : LIENS.  The way this is phrased makes me think of bonds.  A LIEN is a legal encumbrance on a property, which is a form of security interest.   Details differ from country to country.

48. Invasion time : D-DAY.  On June 6, 1944, the allied forces invaded Normandy, a very complicated operation.

49. Tries to reach again, old-style : REDIALS.   Old time phone calls.

51. Rejects : SPURNS.

56. Super Bowl highlights : ADS.   'Cuz the game itself is often lousy.

57. Anise-flavored liqueurs : OUZOS.   Greek fire water.

58. "Toodles!" : SEE YA.  A chlecho, but I don't believe I've ever heard anybody say "Toodles."

59. Originally named : NEE.   Generally used in the context of a bride's maiden name.

60. Flew : SPED.   Look at the time.   I must be having fun.

61. Article of faith : TENET.   Do those of lesser faith only have ninets?

62. Audition, with "out" : TRY.  Competition for roles.


1. "The Starry Night" painter : VAN GOGH.  Vincent.

2. Morning pitcher : CREAMER.  Presumably holding cream for that all-important cup of coffee.  I take mine solo.

3. Did over, as a manuscript : REWROTE.  Writing is rewriting.

4. Japanese libation : SAKE.  An alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice.  Sometimes thought of as either a wine or a beer, but is neither.

5. Mattress size : TWIN.  

6. Defense gp. since 1948 : Organization of American States, founded in 1948.

7. Dash of flavor? : MRS.    Cute

8. Van Dyke role : PETRIE.   Rob, with wife Laura

9. Forum garb : TOGA.

10. Measure discussed on the EPA's SunWise web page : UV INDEX. It predicts the level of solar UV radiation and  indicates the risk of overexposure on a scale from 0 (low) to 11 or more (extremely high).

11. Including everything : BAR NONE.

12. Choose : SELECT.

15. "Wait till __ year!" : NEXT.   Losing sports team's cry of anguish and hope.

18. Clutch : HOLD.

20. Word from Homer : D'OH.

23. Glasgow native : SCOT.  From a city in Scotland.

24. Included free : THREW IN.  Has anyone ever included a free towel for you?

27. Texter's "Here's what I think" : In My Humble Opinion.

28. Paris pronoun : TOI.  Sure.  Whatever.

29. Rancid : BAD.  Food going bad, not misbehaving.   I think.

32. Hotel keycard opening : SLOT.  Keyholes are passé.

33. Route : WAY.

34. Comedy material : GAGS.

35. 23-Down's "Golly!" : OCH.  Scottish vernacular.

36. Watergate subterfuge : COVERUP.  Sometimes worse than the actual crime.

37. Not lucid : IN A DAZE.

39. Curbside water source : HYDRANT.  For putting out house fires.

40. Wind, as a country road : MEANDER.   

41. Post-Trojan War epic : ODYSSEY.   The story of Odyssius taking the long way home.

42. Former Philippine president : MARCOS.  Ferdinand, a corrupt and brutal dictator.

43. Ill humor : BILE.

44. Fight temptation : RESIST.  I misread this a "flight temptation" and was mightily confused.  Anyway, always let your conscience be your guide.

45. University URL suffix : EDU. Representing EDUcation.

47. Sets down : LAYS.  Not lies - that would be untrue.

50. Name on a sport shirt label : IZOD.  Actually, they make all sorts of apparel.

This symbol magically magnifies the value price of whatever it's attached to

51. Eye trouble : STYE. An infected abscess near the edge of the eyelid.

52. H.S. exam : PSAT. Pre-SAT.  Preparation for the SAT, which is a college admission test with no record of predicting success in college.  IMHO, all standardized tests are scams.

54. "Golly!" : GEE.

55. Egg source : HEN. Yeah - but which one came first?

There it is folks, a nice puzzle from start to finish.  I'm not mixed up any more, but I am still crazy.

Cool regards!


OwenKL said...

Enter the bride, with BRIGHT-EYED glee
In anxiousness to GET HITCHED to her he.
Groom, prepared to KISS THE GIRL,
Has the band, WHITE GOLD and pearl.
The honeymoon? A CRAZY EIGHTS tourney!

For me it was a fairly easy puzzle, and thanks to the circles, I was even able to guess the gimmick before I got to the reveal!
If we place the circled letters including the reveal into a grid:


The first column contains all five letters. The other columns contain 4 of the letters each, with only one repeat per column.
E,G appear in every column.
H,T appear in 4 columns.
I appears in only 3 columns.
Not a perfect mix, but close enough to show Robyn worked on it!

OwenKL said...

Do you all know that the LAT appears in THREE formats online? For those who didn't look at the late-night comments yesterday, which is your favorite for which feature?
Across Lite .puz format, available only(?) at
UClick format, at and other sites.
Arkadium format, at and other sites.

unclefred said...

Well, I managed to do the puzzle, but, as usual, didn't get the theme until I came here. Doh!! Terrific write-up, Jazzbumpa, you really outdid yourself!!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nice puzzle, Robyn, and you knocked it out of the park, JzB. Kudos.

Didn't get the theme until the reveal, but didn't need it to solve. Married before HITCHED was the only hiccup.

Jazz, I remember you could get a free towel with Duz Detergent -- the one pitched by Porter Waggoner and Dolly Parton. Can't find a clip to verify that, though.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day all,

No circles and not an issue. Eraser got a good workout because of several initial missteps.
32D Door/SLOT; 37D unaware/INADAZE; 26A GET married/GET HITCHED; & 24D Throw

Glad to see PETRIE. The Dick Van Dyke show was one of the funniest. Rob, Laura, Buddy, Sally, Mel & even Ritchie all had their moments. Moore had some serious issues in later life that I think are still with her today and VanDyke had severe problems with the grape. I'm pretty sure he has overcome them.

My least favorite was 56A ADS. Jazz is right, the game usually stinks and I believe TV's numerous stoppages are the fault. The teams never get into the flow because of the time outs. An elongated halftime doesn't help either. Unless the Giants are playing, I never watch the game anymore.

That's my soapbox oration for today. CIAO.

Rainman said...

Very excellent and enjoyable write-up. Thx, Bzj.
Interesting puzzle and grid layout today. Did not have the circles and did not get the theme (until now), but was able to finish in a decent time, unscathed. (Getting CRAZYEIGHTS should have tipped me off but no clue.)

Did not know MONY nor the song. I knew ROXANNE from the great Steve Martin/Daryl Hannah movie filmed in Nelson, BC, in 1986. One of my favorite movies ever. For multiple reasons.

Dash of flavor? was MRS Dash? Never dawned on me. Perps. Same with SAXE.
OCH was the answer for SCOT's "Golly" ? New to me.

This was a great effort today by Ms. Weintraub; my thanks to you, Robyn.

SwampCat said...

This one was fun, and JzB, the write-up was even better.

OwenKL, my favorite format is ink on newsprint. Does that count? Loved the limericks today, as usual.

More rain coming. Stay dry or at least safe!

kazie said...

I actually did very well on this one--I knew almost everything except KISS THE GIRL. Not being a fan of animation, I didn't know that. But perps to the rescue and I didn't take long to get past it. The theme was easy with circles, not sure how it would be without them. I did have SLIT before SLOT, but was aware of both alternatives and so the change came without resistance.

On the whole, a great Wednesday for me. Now off to my annual physical!

CrossEyedDave said...

Smart Eights...

Crazy Eights...

(wait a sec, I only count seven?)

Big Easy said...

I don't know any Billy Idol songs but after MONY filled by perps I do remember the Tommy James version. The left side filled easily but the NE gave a little trouble because KISS THE GIRL, ROXANNE, & SAXE were unknowns.

I didn't pay attention to the circles but after I filled CRAZY EIGHTS, I noticed that I had filled BRIGHT EYED without reading the clue.

WACO- three curses on that town: 1. Branch Davidians, 2. Motocycle gangs. 3. My ex-wife

I hope nobody THREW IN the towel on this one today as it was fairly easy for a Wednesday.


Beach Bum said...

My paper had the circles but I don't think they were necessary. I've seen similar themes before and the lack of circles creates another layer to the puzzle -- a surprise benefit! Maybe 'cause it's a Wednesday ...?

Speaking of apostrophes, if I wanted to write "youth" but wanted to convey a Brooklyn(?) accent, I'd go with, y'ut'. Personally, I would have parsed "ute" without the apostrophe.

Puzzle was okay. Enjoyed the write-up better. Thx.

Tinbeni said...

Jazz: Your write-up's ... and the depth of explanations ... always amaze me.
Plus I realize that listening to ALL your "links" will take longer than solving the puzzle ... but I'm "Retired" and have nothing but "Time-On-My-Side" and I enjoyed them.

Robyn: Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle with a nice theme.

Hmmm, my fave today ... I live in Tarpon Springs ... of course it was OUZO'S ... I always have a bottle (or TWO) here at Villa Incognito.

Well we had a beautiful Rain & Lightning Storm last night ... too BAD it didn't make it to the game.
UGH! Now there is a "Game Seven" at Madison Square GARDENs on Friday Night.
... and the NY Rangers are ONLY 7-0 in their "Game Seven's" at Home.
Guess I should "Go-To-My-Favorite-Store" and stock-up on more OUZO/Scotch.


Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

This solve was sure fun. Thanks, Robin. I didn't get the theme immediately. Because I have seldom played cards beyond Fish and Old Maid of my youth, I didn't see CRAZY EIGHTS in front of me. Nonetheless, I view the theme and reveal as clever.

My favorite clue: Dash of flavor. MRS fooled me. DOH! ODYESSY was fun for me. I loved teaching Homer's epic to Freshman. We had so much fun!

JazzB, another great write up with terrific links. Do you ever think that "Argyle Sweater" is Gary Larson MEANDERing about, incognito? Thanks.

desper-otto said...

Homer's Odyssey: Work -- Moe's -- Home.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Fun puzzle on Humpday. Kept me BRIGHT EYED through out. Got good results on the first pass and then went back and mopped up. Couldn't think of PETRIE or MARCOS right away but they came later. Perps were helpful.
SAXE - Queen Victoria married Albert Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Zcarguy said...

Morning all ,

Nothing too Crazy about today's puzzle, except the all the 8s.

Paula Creamer is a great Pitcher.

Z3 M Roadster or Odyssey on a winding road ..? I'll take the Z

Fight temptation : ear bite didn't fit


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A very easy Wednesday romp but I needed the reveal to come up with eight as the scrambled word. Thanks Robyn and JzB for a fun and enlightening puzzle.

Kind of overcast here but very hot and humid.

YR, anything more definitive on Alan's ailment? Hope he's on the mend.

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Mighty easy, but there was a WTF moment at Mrs. Dash - never heard of the stuff.

Morning JzB, your style is really shining today! Now to go back and catch all the links.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

What a delightful puzzle from Robyn! And an even more delightful review from JzBmpa, thank you.

I easily sashayed right through this and the letter combination helped in a couple of places. Great to see MEANDER and ODYSSEY side by side.

Loved MRS. Dash!

Love me some OUZOS, too, as well as raki, the Turkish version.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! CIAO!

coneyro said...

Just want to ask..The term "chlecho" what does it mean?

Easy for a Wednesday. MARRIAGE/HITCHED, same here. Other than that, no problemo.

Never played CRAZY EIGHTS, but UNO I really like.

I am one of the few people who never watched the Moore/Van Dyke sitcom. Before recording shows were possible, I could only do one channel. Just for the heck of it, I am going to google and see if I can find out what TV program was on at the same time which I would have preferred instead. Missed out on plenty of quality viewing due to these limitations. Thankfully with TVland and such, older shows are getting a second chance for those who missed them, and a new younger group are being introduced to their parents' favorites. Long live Archie Bunker!

Not much else to say. CIAO, TOODLES, & SEE YA.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

I think "ute" is the spelling we've more or less standardized here at the Corner, but i might have that wrong.

As with yooie, your mileage may vary.

Fun time today. Love your comments.

Has anybody noticed that C. C.'s Twins have slid past the Tigers into 2nd place?

Tigers have score ONE big run in their last two games vs the A's, but got a split. Some offense!

Royals have lost two to the Yanks. Feels very strange to be rooting for the Bronx Bombers.

Cool regards!

CanadianEh! said...

Finally I have time to post here after a busy week at the Shaw Theatre, babysitting grandchildren and planting gardens. Most nights I was too late or tired to do anything but lurk!

Fun puzzle today. Thanks Robyn and JazzB. I use Across Lite on my IPad or Mensa on my laptop and had the circles. Really didn't need them. I used to do the puzzle in the newspaper in the evening after work, but now that I am retired (mostly), I solve online earlier in the day (our paper doesn't come until late afternoon).

Hand up for Married before HITCHED and I had ach before OCH. I love the word MEANDER and we don't see HYDRANT very often.

I noted the SAKE and OUZO for Tin. Wait till NEXT year has been our theme for the Maple Leafs. Maybe there is hope with new coach Babcock. Tinbeni, Game 7 should be interesting.

Best wishes YR for Alan's improved health.


Jazzbumpa said...

Coneyro -

Clecho is a portmanteau of clue + echo, referring to a repeated clue.

It was coined right here at the Corner by our favorite Marine.

The old Dick van Dycke show was real must-watch TV. one of the best shows of it's era.


coneyro said...

Just found out my preferred show "Bachelor Father". I'm sure many of you old timers remember this. Great show.

C6D6 Peg said...

Very nice puzzle, Robyn, and lots of fun. Figured out the reveal before I got to it. Thanks for the ride!

JzB, I agree with all that your write-up was over and above. Thanks for the great job you do!

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

36A: I worked in the computer industry for 40 years and all the Brits I associated with (and there were many) used the term "Toodles" which is short for "toodle-oo" which was derived from the French "à tout à l'heure" meaning "see you later".

So much for French 101.

Husker Gary said...

A nice Wednesday concoction with just enough spice.

-I much prefer the straight forward Crazy Eights over “tricked up” UNO
-Our three old VCR’s make nice paperweights
-ARE you in, or are you out?”, he asked.
-This rose garden in Portland, OR is the most fabulous one I have ever seen
-Many schools quit playing MONY, MONY at dances because of an obscene chant that became associated with it. Google at your own peril, I ain’t linkin’ it.
-Pete Carroll hopes people will remember the ADS in the last Super Bowl and not his boneheaded play call
-Our UV INDEX has been near zero for many days
-NEXT year never came for this great player or his team
-If you find a lost key at Disney World, you’d have to try 30,469 SLOTS to see if you can find the room door it opens
-I was going to compliment your write-up Jazz until you said you were rooting for the NY Goliaths against my KC Davids! ;-) Oh well, you did do a nice job!!

JJM said...

Owen: Without a dout, hands down; u-click. When the Chicago Tribune switched formats a few years ago, that's when I found the MENSA site.
I am extremely comfortable with any type of Computer(s), different OS's, languages, etc. But the u-click is by far the easiest to use.

Husker Gary said...

-IN A DAZE Question – Last week I had an intimate procedure that ends in OSCOPY to explore my nether regions. I of course donned the obligatory gown, laid down and was rolled into the room where I was administered the anesthetic.
I have no memory from that moment on until an hour later when Joann was asking me what I wanted at Village Inn. Somehow I got my clothes back on (or a nurse dressed me), walked to the debriefing room (no pun intended), was in the room while the doctor said what he saw, walked to the car and then into the restaurant. Could I have done all this in a dazed (twilight sleep) state or did someone have to help me and I can’t recall. Any thoughts?

Ol' Man Keith said...

A foolish ending. I was actually happy that I ended with IN A MAZE for 37D. I checked and double checked my responses in the SW corner and was convinced I had everything right. That left REMIALS for 49A.
Why was I happy? I most enjoy Xwds when I think I have a word I don't immediately understand - because then I will learn something when I come here to read the explanation. I'm not the only one, am I?
REMIALS - what a beauty for "Tries to reach again, old-style"!
But then - Psssst deflation.

Irish Miss said...

HG @ 12:05 - I had a strange experience after cataract surgery. Everything went smoothly, we left the surgical center, went to lunch, did some grocery shopping, spent the day and evening in the usual way, went to bed and when I got up the next morning, I had no memory of anything post-op. I was later told that one of the sedating meds can have this effect and I think they gave me a little bit too much!

Montana said...

Fun puzzle. Neat write-up Jazz.

HG, I just had a colonoscopy Thursday. I have no family in my area so asked a friend to drive me to/from hospital. I asked the surgeon at a pre-scope appointment if he would write down everything he tells me after the procedure. I woke up, started preparing to leave, asked about doctor and nurse said he'd already been in and talked to me. I have no memory of it, however, he did write everything down for me so I do know I don't have to return for 5 years.


CrossEyedDave said...

OK, 1st things 1st, (& no, I aint talking about Colonoscopies...)

One of many memorable scenes from The Dick Van Dyke Show. (HG, can you explain what led up to this scene?)

Here is a link for the YouTube challenged: Dick Van Dyke Show best scenes. (Enjoy!)

Some one mentioned never hearing of Mrs. Dash. I went to look it up, but did not get past this pic....

Mony Mony additional lyrics: Rated XXX. At the bottom of the link is a radio interview with Bill idol about where this came from. But the whole MEME phenomenom explanation is fascinating.

Note: According to Wiki, as per Tommy James, the song could have been called Hotel Taft!

Per Wiki:

"True story: I had the track done before I had a title. I wanted something catchy like "Sloopy" or "Bony Maroney," but everything sounded so stupid. So Ritchie Cordell and I were writing it in New York City, and we were about to throw in the towel when I went out onto the terrace, looked up and saw the Mutual of New York building (which has its initials illuminated in red at its top). I said, "That's gotta be it! Ritchie, come here, you've gotta see this!" It's almost as if God Himself had said, "Here's the title." I've always thought that if I had looked the other way, it might have been called "Hotel Taft"."

& Finally, if you have not seen Roxanne, just get past the big nose & enjoy it...

Jerome said...

"Which one of you is Don?"
"I'M HO"

Women's lib slogan- RESIST, SISTER!

"You said Homer is strange. Just how ODYSSEY?
"Hard to say. When I try to put it in words it sounds like Greek to me."

Bill G. said...

CED, as I said last night, that rabbit cartoon is now a favorite of mine. And, that Steve Martin scene you linked from Roxanne has always been a favorite too. He is funny and really likable. His movie Parenthood is wonderful too but it's more serious and thoughtful. Really good stuff.

Jazzbumpa said...

Gary -

I'm only rooting for the Yankees because the Royas are higher in the standings than the strangely non-offensive Tigers.

Last year i thought the Royals were a bunch of lovable overachievers. This year, after their repeated brawls, I don't like them very much. Moustakas hit around 260 in his rookie year. Every year since - until now, his B. A. has dropped. I keep waiting for his bubble to burst.

When I had the 'oscopy a few years back, there was an anesthetic malfunction, and I was awake through the whole procedure, then fell asleep when it was done. Watched the whole thing on TV. Doc said - "Well, now you know you can do it."

It's really no big deal. Previous day is awful, thought.


Misty said...

Delightful Wednesday puzzle--many thanks, Robyn. And Jazz, your photos and expo were wonderful this morning. I add my thanks to what everyone has been saying.

Thanks too for the strolls down memory lane, especially to the wonderful Dick Van Dyke show. Jerome, your ODYSSEY joke cracked me up. Since I just finished teaching Joyce's "Ulysses," I've been thinking about the ODYSSEY all spring.

Got MARCOS only because I remembered Imelda's shoes.

Have a great day, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

Bill G. I am glad you enjoyed the rabbit cartoon.
(but I don't want to be redundant...)
I will keep trying to do better...

But before I do...

I got sucked into my own link,
Dick Van Dyke Show Bloopers are better than todays bloopers. Just watch the 1st 5 minutes, (the whole thing is 27 minutes) but at 5:20, Rob is saying his own lines, but in the personality of his wife Laura. (They were amazing actors.) It's just hilarious...

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Robyn and Jazz. No circles but ease enough.

GET married first. MONY all perps. (I'll skip the url.)

No problems in the end.


fermatprime said...

PS. Saw MRS Dash in a previous puzzle somewhere. Was a gimme as I use lots of the stuff.

LACrosswordAddict said...

Hello all:

Hoping someone will be able to help me. My Mensa link stopped offering the LA Times puzzles after Saturday, 5/23. I do not know why. I have been using the same link I always have for years /

Although I have been away from the blog for quite awhile now, I have remained faithful to the puzzles and have never missed one except on Sundays. Don't know what I will do without them. Was able to do today's puzzle by going on, but I don't like it because I cannot get the others if I happen to miss one.

Please, somebody, tell me what to do. Has something changed of which I am unaware? Evidently so.

Thank you,

Lemonade714 said...

I would have loved seeing this puzzle run on August 8, but I guess that would have been crazy. A very nice midweek puzzle

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

IMHO this was a fun Wed. Thanks Robyn for a fun puzzle and JzB for an interlude-laden write-up. I do like Billy Idol's version, but the original is good too.

Beach Bum- I needed the theme & circles to fix eaglereye (hand up for door) and GIRL from KISS THE GulL (?) - I thought 10d was gonna be UVlight. Also had tDS @56a b/f ADS. So an inky mess; more coffee needed to be BRIGHT EYED I suppose but I sussed it out.

Theme hit w/ only MARCOS & IZOD (IZOD posts earlier this week helped me not go w/ Nike 1st - thanks puzzle pals!) in place.

At 7d I almost had MSG before the V8 hit.

Fav: Homer's DOH! and ODYSSEY in the same puzzle.

I'm TRYing to recall if .EDU or a UUCP bangpath was my 1st email addr (Sparc & VAX respectively). Anyone have a bangpath addr? (go ahead, show your age :-))

DW & I would snuggle & watch Rob & Laura on Nick@Nite in college. Thanks for the links CED.

HG - re: doped do & don't recall.... I'll let Tin address that :-)

Toodles, CIAO, SEE YA, Cheers, -T

Madame Defarge said...


I have a solution to the C-oscopy issue. I am never out. I have some drug: it relaxes me but doesn't put me out. I watch the TV screen. I always tell my Doc I'm easily entertained. During the procedure, I am able to ask questions. He tells me what he's doing. I have a history via my Dad, so my first two were not so nice. As of the last two, I am doing great. I highly recommend colonoscopies. It's an easy way to avoid a very serious diagnosis.

Sorry, for TMI, but I think it's for the better. ;)

Mike Sherline said...

for LACrosswordAddict Claudia at 1736:
You can get the daily puzzle starting the previous evening, apparently in the same format as MENSA, at
(the dash is in the URL).

If you miss one go to:
You can choose the day you want, from the previous day to about a month back.

They also have Merle Reagle's Sunday puzzles at:

At both sites you have to wait through a short commercial before the puzzle loads.
Good luck.

SwampCat said...

Madam D. I agree. I am never completely "out" either, just relaxed. I like being able to see what's going on and ask questions. Not sure why there seem to be different approaches.

LACrosswordAddict said...

Thank you Mike:

I will give it a try! Wish things could still be simple like they used to be.


Anonymous T said...

Nothing to do w/ the puzzle, but I learned something new today I that though my fellow Cornerite nerds would enjoy.

At lunch a few of us were talking about personal-safety in our industry. Someone mentioned Halon as a joke; I mentioned how FM200 replaced that. Another guy piped in that he just finished a data room using Novec 1230 from 3M for fire suppression. The structure of the molecule is interesting.

The other ROXANNE from the Police.

Cheers, -T

C.C. Burnikel said...


I emailed Collin Ticer (Mensa IT guy) last year when this happened, but I'm not sure if he's still the contact person.

I contacted him again yesterday morning. No reply. I wrote to the Mensa general office again this morning.

Will let you know as soon as I hear from them.