Sep 27, 2015

Sunday September 27, 2015 Jake Braun

Theme:  "Aluminum Siding" - AL (symbol of Aluminum) is inserted into each theme answer.

23A. Easy summer listening? : BEACH ALBUM. Beach bum.

25A. Important exam for shady lenders? : SHARK FINAL. Shark fin. We used to have the expensive shark fin soup at our annual company New Year's dinner. It's supposed to be aphrodisiac and good for your skin.

41A. Thoroughbreds' annual dance? : RACING FORMAL. Racing form.

49A. Diet for conspirators? : CABAL FARE. Cab fare. Fare changes its meaning also. Same as the SHARK in 25A. Nice.

61A. Really bad bubbly? : BRUTAL CHAMPAGNE. Brut champagne.

78A. Lager shipping route? : BEER CANAL. Beer can.

85A. Prayer book for kids? : JUNIOR MISSAL. Junior/Miss.

104A. Last-minute jilters? : ALTAR HEELS. Tar Heels.

106A. Flower hater's bugbear? : PETAL PEEVE. Pet peeve.

Our second encounter withwho added AH sound to his LAT debut.

Another well-designed grid, with all 9 themers are placed Across, exactly how I'd handled the gridding. I love grids with four or more pairs of splashy long non-theme fill. 


1. Seriously deteriorates : ROTS

5. Item sold in sheets : STAMP

10. "Social contract" philosopher : LOCKE (John)

15. Pit-__ : A-PAT.  Fill-in-the-blank is often a partial. So slim chance for BULL.

19. To be, to Bizet : ETRE

20. Pelican State sub : PO BOY. Food! Never had one.

21. Behavioral guide : ETHIC

22. Moneyed, in Málaga : RICO

27. "I have to go out!" : ARF.  Or GRR.

28. Van Gogh setting : ARLES
29. Kadetts, e.g. : OPELS. My last-filled area. I did not know what Kadetts are.

30. "Let me repeat ... " : I SAID

31. Mixes, as cards : RIFFLES

33. Set out : EMBARK

35. Novelist Waugh : ALEC

36. Wrath : IRE

37. Record player : STYLUS. Would have nailed it with a "needle" hint.

38. Ciudad Bolívar's river : ORINOCO. Know it because Enya's "Orinonco Flow".

45. De Matteo of "The Sopranos" : DREA

46. Black dog : LAB. And 47. King dog : CUJO

48. Calm : ALLAY.  And 52. Substitute for a bad word : BLEEP. Both clues are verbs. I like this kind of misleads.

51. Celestial altar : ARA
53. Reheats : WARMS

55. Nutritional figs. : RDAs. Not any more.

56. "Cheers" role : SAM. And  57. "Cheers" order : ALE

58. Island setting for the 10th season of "Survivor" : PALAU. Nailed it. Had to put it in one of my grids once.

59. Words to a captain : AYE AYE
65. Inept shepherd : BO PEEP

68. Biker's invite : HOP ON

69. Gettysburg Campaign VIP : LEE

70. Dairy sight : COW. Not EWE.

73. Adidas competitor : AVIA

74. Horse of the Year, 1960-'64 : KELSO. All crosses.

75. City SSW of Seville : CADIZ. Had C???Z earlier on. So, easy fill.

77. Old studio letters : RKO

81. Ones wrapping around a pole? : ELVES. Oh, wrapping gifts in North Pole.

82. Casual top : POLO. Thought of TANK first.

83. Crescent piece : ARC

84. Prayer starter : O GOD

88. Leave for a bit : STEP OUT

90. Memorable 1893 defendant : BORDEN. Stumped me. I sure need "Lizzie" in the clue.

91. "__ a pity" : 'TIS

92. Ready to eat : RIPE. We only harvested one cucumber this year. So weird. Next year we'll only grow tomatoes & green beans.

93. Follower : MINION

94. Boxster maker : PORSCHE

98. Rustle (up) : SCARE

100. 2000s NCAA president __ Brand : MYLES. No idea. 

101. Shinto temple entrance : TORII. Literally "Bird perch". Tori = Bird.

103. General Arnold of WWII : HAP

108. Old Nair rival : NEET

109. Draft recipient : PAYEE

110. Fail to say : ELIDE

111. Spread measure : ACRE

112. Two caplets, say : DOSE

113. They may follow teams : SLEDS. Dog teams. Great clue.

114. Do a lawn repair job : RESOD

115. Luau music makers : UKES


1. Concrete-reinforcing rod : REBAR

2. '90s "SNL" regular Cheri : OTERI

3. Accident consequence, perhaps : TRAFFIC JAM. Lovely Down.

4. Triple __ : SEC

5. Just-in-case item : SPARE

6. Part of a traveler's budget, perhaps : TOLLS

7. Chartres cleric : ABBE

8. Board game with cheese-shaped tokens : MOUSE TRAP. Both of the Down 9's are great as well.

9. British novelist Barbara : PYM

10. Electric guitar innovator : LES PAUL. And 64. Electric guitar wood : ALDER

11. End of a list : OTHERS

12. Attribute, with "up" : CHALK

13. White wine apéritifs : KIRs

14. Theologian who opposed Luther : ECK (Johann). Total stranger to me.

15. Gotten up : ARISEN

16. Cocktail invented in Puerto Rico : PINA COLADA. Lovely as well.

17. Trendy berry : ACAI

18. Related : TOLD. Verb again.

24. Rockers Van __ : HALEN

26. Like sons and daughters : FILIAL. Filial piety (Xiao) is an extremely important virtue in Chinese culture.  Respecting and taking care of your parents and elders are instilled in us from an early age.

29. Beatles nonsense syllables : OB-LA. "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da".

32. Cold, to Carlos : FRIO

34. "Oh dear!" : MY MY

35. Specialty : AREA

37. Only : SOLE

38. Jupiter and Saturn : ORBs. Thought of GODS first.

39. Chip, Skip or Harry of broadcasting : CARAY. Holy cow! I did not know this: Chip is Skip's son. Skip is Harry's son.

40. Quite big : OBESE

41. Some TVs : RCAs

42. Surrounding glow : AURA

43. Poll man : GALLUP

44. Company cars, as a group : FLEET

45. Block, beaver-style : DAM UP

49. Stuff : CRAM

50. For nothing : FREE. And 52. Wearing nothing : BARE

53. Large mackerel : WAHOO. Huge! I tried a can of broiled mackerel from our Asian grocery store yesterday. So so. The only canned fish I really like is roasted eel. Do you know that brand, Jayce?

54. Actor Ladd : ALAN

58. Patients' main MDs, to insurers : PCPS (Primary Care Physicians)

59. AARP concern : AGEISM

60. Santa __ Valley: California wine region : YNEZ

61. Endure : BEAR

62. Leading : AHEAD

63. Take it easy : LOLL

65. Spiked cakes : BABAs. Baba au rhum. Never had it.

66. Hardly secret : OVERT

67. Per-unit pay scales : PIECE RATES

70. Verify with several sources : CROSS-CHECK. Some of Seymour Hersh's articles are really thinly sourced.

71. Norman's home: Abbr. : OKLA. I was thinking of the 1066 invaders.

72. Winter fabric : WOOL

74. Stomach discomfort : KNOT

75. Customers : CLIENTELE

76. Romance novel publisher : AVON. New to me. I read lots of romance novels in my college years.

79. Barrel maker : COOPER

80. Hot-and-cold fits : AGUE

81. Prefix with morph : ENDO

82. Three-pronged letters : PSIs

85. Generic trendsetters : JONESES. Oh, Keep up with the Joneses.

86. "Redemption" author : URIS (Leon)

87. "Let __!": "Get going!" : IT RIP

89. PNC Park player : PIRATE. Hi there, TTP!  Thanks for the Spaetzle idea. So what happened at the golf awards dinner two weeks ago? Were you voted the league secretary again?

90. Charged : BILLED
93. "Not a chance!" : MY EYE

94. Where to see many El Greco works : PRADO

95. No longer squeaky : OILED

96. Le __, France : HAVRE

97. Pentathlon blades : EPEES

98. Painting medium : SAND

99. "Pinocchio" goldfish : CLEO. I forgot.

100. One of a daily trio : MEAL. Felt stupid blanking on the answer.

102. Publisher Chandler : OTIS. L. A. Times.

105. ENVY and OMEN laptops : HPS. Don't own their laptop. But our printer is HP ENVY.

106. Distribution word : PER

107. Water under le pont : EAU. Water under the bridge.

Merl Reagle's memorial service will be held today (Sept 27, 2015) from 5pm-8pm. The gathering will be at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center, 9th floor, and all are invited.

(Added later: Here is a short clip of Merl at the movie "Wordplay". Thanks, Tony!)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to those who celebrate! This is my favorite Chinese holiday after Spring Festival. It always takes place on August 15th (full moon) in Chinese lunar calendar. The sweet mooncakes are available only for a short period of time.



Anonymous T said...

Wordplay was worth the money - just to learn about Merl. C, -T

Bluehen said...

A fairly typical Sunday puzzle, solved in fairly typical Sunday time in spite of some occasional devious misdirection. A fun romp. Thank you Mr. Braun, and thank you, CC, for an entertaining expo.

I sure wanted "shuffle " for mixing the cards, but it has too many letters. Perps to the rescue. Never heard of RIFFLE, but I imagine that's just my lack of knowledge. No nit.

One hour sleep tonight. I hate insomnia. A doctor once told me that my occasional insomnia was no big deal. I think his exact words were, "Don't lose any sleep over it".


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun puzzle, for the most part. I got the theme right at the start, which let me guess at SHARK FINAL based solely on the clue. Made good progress throughout, even with stuff like RIFFLES and OPELS, but then came to a complete halt down in the south central section.

Couldn't think of BORDEN at first, didn't know MYLES, didn't think of MINION as a "follower" (of a servant), never heard of MY EYE, was thinking sports or beer for "Draft recipient" and, while I was on the right track for "One of a daily trio", I could only think of BREAKFAST, LUNCH or DINNER (none of which fit, obviously). Also had trouble coming up with TEAMS and HPS based on their clues.

I probably spent as much time in that small section as I did with the rest of the puzzle. I finally guessed at BORDEN and MINION and that eventually let me get the rest. It was very much touch and go, though.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

WBS, but only in his first three paragraphs.

ALTAR HEELS was slow to fill, because I read the clue as "jitters."

It's always been "Let 'ER RIP!" to me. MY EYE was a common expression in my ute.

The game with "cheese-shaped" tokens wasn't Trivial Pursuit.

LES PAUL made many recordings with the guitar at double-speed. He'd record at 7-1/2 IPS and playback at 15 IPS, doubling the speed and increasing the pitch by an octave. You can really hear it in The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise. Mary sings with herself while Les plays with himself.

Visited a park in Japan with a long tunnel composed solely of Torii gates. Our tour guide explained that they believed souls of the departed came back to earth as birds, so they'd provide a bird perch for them. Outside the park, there were street vendors with such niceties as grilled sparrow or steamed dove.

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. Still doing the puzzles, although I've been skipping the Monday to Wednesday ones.
Did many of you get Merl Reagle's Sunday puzzles? I enjoyed having two good puzzles on Sunday; now our paper switched to this one. Big loss of talent with his passing.

For you car guys on here, my big present yesterday was an 8-5 day with my choice of a supercar from a list including Ferraris, Lambos, Aston-Martins and even a McLaren. Which would you pick? I'm looking forward to the experience, but it'll probably be tough to find a place to properly 'exercise' the car.

I hope everyone's doing great and enjoying each day we're given. Thanks again; I do miss the camaraderie of the blog.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Glad I sussed the theme early, because it would've been hard without it. Pinocchio had a goldfish? Who knew?

Morning, C.C., I always enjoy your cultural comments. It appears to me that respect for ones elders is in serious decline in our society, and I think it's a bad trend.

Howdy, Dennis - good to know you're still there. Not an easy choice you're faced with. I'd probably choose the McLaren for its rarity.

It may be a school night, but just the same, we're planning a backyard bonfire party for watching tonight's rare eclipse.

Big Easy said...

I started fast and got the theme at BEACH AL-BUM and thought I was off to the races with KELSO, but I hit a lot of hurdles, limping to the finish with one mistake. I originally filled TIED for 'related' as tied in, changed E to L for SHARK FINAL and forgot to redo my answer. I also got hung up not knowing KIRS or ECK and misspelling OPELS as OPALS and had to think about the Beatles song, remembering it as OOH-BLA, not O-BLA or OB-LA but that fit so I filled it.

The biggest problem was the SW because a read 104A as Jitters instead of Jilters. I was thinking of Carolina Blue but couldn't see how it fit; duh! Ditto for RIFFLES (new word for me) and I wrote RIFILES, thinking refiling index cards and realized OTERI ended with I, not E. Maybe I need stronger glasses. MYLES (unknown) and MY EYE were the last fills after I remembered keeping up with the JONSES. My draft recipient kept thinking beer, not bank draft.

C.C. I like your shrimp PoBoy with the Zapp's potato chips photo. The standard way those are fixed are on French bread (really German) with lettuce, tomato, mayo. Some people add ketchup; my wife adds Tabasco.

" Filial piety "- I write a $6900 monthly check for a nursing home. Ain't cheap.

Big Easy said...

D-O- I'm glad you need stronger glasses too.

Barry- MY EYE is something I haven't heard; I've heard and used MY FOOT. My grandson thought I was talking about my foot.

Dennis- about 40 years ago the guy in the next apartment had a Lamborghini and flew to Miami to pick up another and drive it back to New Orleans. When he pulled up, my 4 year old son said: Is that a Volkswagen? I laughed my ass off. He said it cost him $27,000. It was a PW not a VW, if you get my drift.

Yellowrocks said...

Parts of this went swimmingly, while others were a real bear. I prevailed with time.I had a brain freeze for a long while over LOCKE and ECK, although I know them both. Luther and ECK had a famous debate.
DO and Big Easy, I, too, kept reading "last minute jitters." Even after I filled it in I didn't understand why until I read your posts. Reading that properly would have broken open that section which plagued me the longest.
I used to play MOUSE TRAP with my grandson. Those were the days! As a high school senior now, he is so busy.
One of my PET--PEEVES is the insertion of stiff ad cards in magazines because I can't RIFFLE through the pages easily. I am so annoyed I rip them out and throw them away without looking at them. I am more likely to read ads printed on the regular pages.
Fun puzzle,Jake. Interesting blog,CC.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Hope the clouds clear up tonight for the Harvest Moon eclipse, but they look pretty settled in.

Thanks, Jake, for a challenging but finally doable Sunday. Fun! I found the theme on my third pass at BRUTAL CHAMPAGNE. I knew what the temple entrance looked like but not its name: TORII--a learning moment. Ditto for me, on ALTAR HEELS: I read "last-minute "jitters."

Bluehen, your doc shouldn't give up his day job for comedy work! ;^)

I loved "Wordplay." It solidified my reputation as a word nerd.

Thanks, CC for the tour today. Holy Cow!! I thought the CAREY dynasty would have been a "gimme" for you. Luckily for all of us, there's always something to learn in Crosswords!

Have a fine day!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Even though I caught the theme early on, I hit some speed bumps along the way, most notably in the same area as Barry. I can't tell you how long it took before Meal filled in. I had noon for awhile, as in morning, noon, and night! Doh! "My eye" didn't come easily, either. In any case, the puzzle was fun to solve, with some clever misdirection and just enough crunch to challenge us.

Thanks Mr. Braun and CC for an enjoyable and enlightening Sunday sojourn!

Another beautiful Fall day. What a lovely stretch of good weather we've had.

Have a great day.

maripro said...

Thanks to C.C. for including the Merl Reagle bit and to Jake Braun for an entertaining and challenging puzzle.
Hoping for clear skies tonight for the eclipse.

Al Cyone said...

The Week in Review: M 6:03 T 9:59 W 9:19 T 17:23 F 17:45 S 15:17 S 28:51

Thursday: The SE corner was the last to fall so, when the hoped-for "TaDa!" failed to sound, that's where I focused my attention. But all looked reasonable there. Looking elsewhere, I had PONDER (for "speculate") and, though I'd never heard of a card game called PAR, it seemed possible. Then the V8 can hit me.

Saturday: The usual stages of grief: Can't. Might. Won't. Did.

Sunday: PETALPEEVE was the first theme filled and it helped with the others. Like Barry G., I ended up in the south central. I had ALTAR but it took awhile for TARHEELS to dawn on me. And I thought the clues for JONESES and PAYEE were especially clever.

See y'all next weekend.

TTP said...

Good morning all.

WOW. Talk about taking me down a peg or two. I managed to strategically place incorrect fills in just about every section of this puzzle. Just an awful outing for me today. I placed Yuma, AZ in Calif as a wine making region. You know, the San Yuma valley. DOH ! And with PIECEwAgES as pay-per-unit scale, and STAVERS as barrel makers, I ended up with wIvE at 92A. That made no sense and at that point, I said, "NO WAY", which also happened to be my incorrect answer at 93D, "Not a chance !"

PIRATEs play the CUBS tonight on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Pirates took the first two, but are facing probable NL Cy Young winner Jake Arietta. The Buccos counter with AJ Burnett. Tonight is most likely a precursor to the Oct 7 NL wildcard game, when the PIRATES will probably see Arietta again.

If we keep seeing LOLL, it's probably going to enter my vocabulary. LOL at "Inept shepherd."

CADIZ, OH is the birthplace of that guy that portrayed Rhett Butler.

Hi CC. Go PIRATES. Ex Twin Francisco Liriano was masterful yesterday. Thank you for remembering and asking. We have our awards ceremony after the end of season tournament. We have election of officers at our "winter" meeting, first Sunday after the Superbowl. As for the awards, for League Champion, I fell from 2 points out of first place with two weeks to go, to 6th place overall as a result of overall poor play. My team did take second place in the final tournament though.

Read y'all later. STEPping OUT to the local sports bar to watch the Steelers and the Rams.

Anonymous said...

RIFFLE and SHUFFLE are not the same thing. The riffle is the fanning or flexing of the cards in the shuffle. So the clue, "Mixing the cards," is misleading.

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends!

Jake Braun gave us a lovely grid today. I sashayed easily across and down until I met the Naick at MYLES/MYEYE. My brain froze and refused to think any further.

Had to look up Mr. Brand to finish.

Thank you, Jake and C.C. for some really good entertainment today.

Later, maybe.

Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Miss Google says,
"A common shuffling technique is called the riffle or dovetail shuffle, in which half of the deck is held in each hand with the thumbs inward, then cards are released by the thumbs so that they fall to the table interleaved. Many also lift the cards up after a riffle, forming what is called a bridge which puts the cards back into place."

Mr. Google said...

I can accept the unknown "RIFFLE" as one method of shuffling the deck (because it's correct!) but I was a tad confused because I've always thought that when you surreptitiously searched for something in the dark in a closed office you "rifled" through the files. Grammar Girl explains it here

Husker Gary said...

I kept thinking ALTAR… needed an AL later and then when I saw it was TAR and AL was at the front, I came through. Even nonsense like AONER for Draft recipient got tossed.

-Yesterday our sheets were edible NORI
-”I SAID” toon variation
-PALAU still has remnants of the fierce battle fought there
-LEE profusely apologized to his troops after Gettysburg defeat
-MINIONS made Universal big bucks
-Some farmers spread some aromatic stuff over their spread
-TOLLS abound between Orlando airport and Disney
-The Pawn Stars get excited when a LES PAUL is brought into the shop
-I didn’t know they were still being made by them
-WAHOO 20 miles from here
-I picked strawberries on a PIECE RATE in blistering heat and hated it
-Talk about no CROSS CHECKING
-Watching Husker FB this year will put a KNOT in a fan’s stomach
-My “Not a chance” was MY _ _ _ (an R-rated part of the anatomy)

Bill G. said...

Happy Sunday (I hope) for everybody.

This puzzle was tougher than the usual Sunday puzzle for me. I thought it was clever in places and I enjoyed the parts I could figure out without any help. But since it was a little too hard for my abilities, I really didn't have as much fun as typical.

Sunday Morning on CBS was excellent as usual. Their article on Millennials was spot on. Apparently, they are typically narcissistic because they were brought up to believe they can be anything they want to be; and because they got trophies for their sports teams for just participating, no matter whether they came in first or last, and ... Here's the full article along with lots of other good stuff. Sunday Morning

Nice Cuppa said...

Basal-relief at finishing this one.

Only peeves were:

"STYLUS" for "record player" The stylus reads the music on a vinyl recording (by vibrating at a frequency defined by the shape of the groove), but it does not play the music. The vibrations are converted by a magnetic cartridge into an electrical signal that is then amplified and finally converted into sound by speakers.

As others have noted, "MY EYE" is not a generally used expression. My Dictionary lists it as "informal, dated; possibly of nautical origin"

Yellowrocks said...

We used, "my eye," all the time when I was a kid. Dated and informal, I guess, but not nautical or little used by us.
Irish Miss, how is it going? Do you have a little more mobility and less pain? Are you taking therapy now? Here's a virtual yellowrock to wish you a quick recovery.

Irish Miss said...

YR - Thanks for that hug! The stitches will be removed on Tuesday and then 5 weeks in a splint, so, no therapy until then. Any pain from the surgery is either relieved by meds or, if minor, just ignored. Since Wednesday, I've taken only 6 or 7 Hydrocodone. They make me really drowsy. Thanks for your concern.

Boo luquette said...

Hands up for jitters but i looked twice and saw the lt. I sometimes think the rn is an m in some clues. Poboy was a gimme. Love shrimp and oyster poboys.

LOve seafood platters too. Like this one.

HowardW said...

I enjoyed this puzzle and its additive theme. A few unknowns such as DREA, PALAU, MYLES Brand, Barbara PYM, Johann ECK, WAHOO, and ALDER (as clued). And some required mental effort to recall, like CADIZ, KELSO, and BORDEN. Especially fond of the clues for PAYEE, BO PEEP, ELVES, and OKLA. I also tried "No way" for MY EYE -- I've encountered the expression before, but it seems dated to me. And PIECEworkS for PIECE RATES, and I let 'er RIP rather than IT RIP. Can't recall others. Like D-otto, I thought of "Trivial Pursuit" for the cheese-shaped tokens, but on second thought (after I realized that it didn't fit) those are pie slices rather than cheese wedges.

Bluehen & D-otto, I got a chuckle out of both of your comments.

Thanks as ever CC, especially for the cultural lessons about xiao, mooncakes, and TORII.

Boo luquette said...

How can I post a picture here ?

Mr. Google said...

You can't post a picture but you can link to a picture.

Madame Defarge said...

YR- In Chicago we used the same, My eye! We also used my foot, but My eye was pretty common when I was a kid.

Irish- Glad to see you are moving along with the pain. I feel it's best to keep on the conservative side of what docs prescribe, but never to suffer. With surgical and joint pain, some days are better than others, and it sounds like you are doing amazingly. Terrific!

Boo- the Nawlinians have the Fisherman's platter all over the New Englanders! Holy Smokes!!!

Have a great evening. Enjoy the Harvest Moon and the Eclipse, if you can, wherever you are!

Boo luquette said...

That's what I meant I put the link up but it's not highlited when I look at it.

Mr. Google said...

You'll need to understand HTML "tags". There's a tag for italics, there's a tag for bold, and there's a tag for links.

Avg Joe said...

Its shaping up to be a perfect viewing evening for the eclipse here on the plains. Not a cloud in the sky, and only a little haze on the horizon. The moon was setting when I got up this morning, and it was picture perfect. The eclipse should just be starting when it rises this evening. From our rural spot we have no structures, or even trees that restrict the view. Wall to wall sky, and it should be a great show tonight. I hope you all can see it.

Boo luquette said...

Can anyone click the link I put ip ?

It seems that Madame Defarge saw it.

Mr. Google said...

No one can click on the link (it wasn't a link) but anyone can use that URL (Web address) to get to that image.

Here's the difference:

In most browsers you can select (highlight) and then right-click on that URL and then select "Go to".

Here's an actual link to the same image.

Both work though a link is more elegant.

Misty said...

Well, I got the theme early on and found the puzzle fun, but got stuck because I couldn't let go of ROUSSEAU as the author of the "Social contract." At some point, I figured the clue didn't refer to Rousseau, but LOCKE didn't emerge and I didn't have enough other fills to get that corner. Oh well, there was still much to enjoy, so thanks, Jake, and you too, C.C. Thank you especially for the information on Merl Reagle's memorial. I'll attend in spirit.

So glad the hand recovery isn't too bad, Irish Miss. Hang in there.

Much as I miss Merl Reagle, it's great to be able to check in with the blog on Sunday's from now on. So have a good week coming up, everyone!

Anonymous T said...

lurker said:

Boo L - type it like this:

<a href="your url">your coment about the url we click on</a>

I hope that was a platter for >2. Look yummy.

Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

Boo, what is the difference between New Orleans fisherman's platters and those on the East Coast other than size? Although this is one of my favorite indulgences, your version would be enough for me for a week or more. At 5 ft. 1 in. I try to keep my weight below 120. Seriously, what do you include that we don't?

This morning I said I missed the Mouse Trap game days with Kenny. This evening he called me with a truly adult discussion of his college essays, his Eagle Scout application,his upcoming role in a high school musical, and his hockey team. Exciting, heady days and he includes me! Every age has its enticements.

Dudley said...

We have been lucky - cloudless skies tonight, top notch eclipsing.

Bill G. said...

I'm envious. Near the ocean, the clouds began rolling in about the same time as the eclipse. I will check again a little later.

Bill G. said...

OK, I caught it looking a little like the usual crescent after some of the clouds cleared.

I sat Jordan down with a pad of paper and we drew diagrams of the sun, Earth and moon and I think he enjoyed learning about it. Maybe he'll get to show off in school tomorrow.

Anonymous T said...

Good on you for teaching Jordan Bill G. I kept waiting for the clouds to break and thought I saw a bit of the eclipse through 'em as they thinned. I guess I'll have to wait. 2033 baby!

Cheers, -T