Sep 8, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 Fred Piscop

Theme: We Three - Me, Myself And I.

17A. "Am I supposed to take this seriously?" : "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

39A. "Oops, thought you wouldn't hear that" : "TALKING TO MYSELF"

62A. Nursery rhyme plum finder's boast : "WHAT A GOOD BOY AM I!"

Argyle here. A simple theme delivered by three grid spanning answers. A minor annoyance, not having the AND but ok. All three are in the form of a spoken phrase which keeps things tight. A lot fewer proper names than Monday and some interesting words to boot should keep most solvers happy.


1. Ponzi scheme, e.g. : SCAM

5. Diplomat's specialty : TACT

9. Tire pattern : TREAD

14. Word of amore : CARA

15. Worker protection org. : OSHA. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

16. Wheel spokes, geometrically : RADII

20. Catholic sacrament of confession and forgiveness : PENANCE

21. Least healthy : SICKEST

22. LAX posting : ETA

23. British peer : EARL

25. "Alice" diner owner : MEL. TV series(1976–1985). I haven't seen any reruns of it in my area.

26. Cloistered sister : NUN

27. Four-song discs, briefly : EPs. (extended play)

29. Cut with acid : ETCH

33. Post-spill carpet spot : STAIN

36. Clean vigorously : SCRUB. To get the spot out?

38. Weed chopper : HOE. Much easier than breaking up sod.

42. Pound sound : [ARF!]

43. Lugged : TOTED

44. Bill's attorney general : JANET Reno

45. __ estate : REAL

47. Estonia or Ukr., once : SSR. (Soviet Socialist Republic)

48. Ten, in Toulouse : DIX

49. Tuna in a sushi bar : AHI

51. Shortest-shadows time : NOON

53. "Liquor not provided" letters : BYO. (Bring Your Own) I live in a 'dry' town.

56. Starts to melt : SOFTENS

60. Aged at the brewery : LAGERED. I didn't know LAGER could be used as a verb but I'm probably in the minority with all the brew meisters around.

64. Started the pot : ANTED

65. Shipping option : RAIL

66. Nights of anticipatory revelry : EVES

67. Like poorly drained rock gardens : MOSSY

68. Family map : TREE

69. Word of admonition : DON'T


1. Suffix with land or sea : SCAPE. Landscape / Seascape

2. Insertion mark : CARET

3. Sports venue : ARENA

4. Early Yucatán settler : MAYA

5. Bird on a Froot Loops box : TOUCAN Sam.

6. "Jeopardy!" contestant : ASKER

7. Windy City station, on Amtrak skeds : CHIcago

8. Little boys : TADS

9. Split second : TRICE

10. Rub the wrong way : RANKLE

11. Slight advantage : EDGE

12. Gets in one's sights, with "at" : AIMS

13. Cola request from a calorie watcher : DIET

18. Blood bank quantity : ONE UNIT

19. Chinese appetizer : DIM SUM. We usually get some comments about the best DIM SUM. I only question should the clue have been appetizers?

24. Speaker's stand : LECTERN

26. Suffix with no-good : NIK

28. Cattle poker : PROD

30. In those days : THEN

31. Old King or Nat King : COLE

32. Test the weight of : HEFT

33. Marquee name : STAR

34. Button on a deli scale : TARE. To account for the weight of the container.

35. __ Romeo: sports car : ALFA. I expect an update from Anon T.

36. Superiors of cpls. : SGTS.

37. "Heavens to Betsy!" : "BY JINGO!". Quaint.

40. Snooping (around) : NOSING

41. Jazz band instrument : SAX

46. Foam-topped coffeehouse drinks : LATTEs

48. Not impossible : DOABLE. A word heard often here on the corner.

50. Intoxicating, as wine : HEADY

52. Any Everly Brothers tune, now : OLDIE

53. Curtain call cry : "BRAVO!". Also "Brava!".

54. Red Sea country : YEMEN

55. Pindar, notably : ODIST. An Ancient Greek.

56. Did pool laps : SWAM

57. "It can't be!" : "OH, NO!"

58. "Minnesota" pool legend : FATS. Fictional pool hustler. Rudolf Wanderone changed his nickname to Minnesota Fats to cash in on the fame of the name thus proving his ability to hustle.

59. Place in order : SORT

61. Gave the once-over : EYED

63. Rowboat mover : OAR

One last song. "We Three" by the Ink Spots.


Note from C.C.:

Funny, Anon-T (Tony) just sent me this picture last night. His '86 Alpa Romeo Spider. Tony mentioned on the blog a few times about the troubles he went through to get the car from Florida to Texas.

Anon T (Tony)


OwenKL said...

Another easy puzzle. It reminds me of a poem I vaguely recall from years ago. But I can't find it now, so I'll write my own.

--- ------- --- -
My closest friends, they're always there
With only them I'll secrets share,
That's ME, MYSELF, and I !
They're always there in times of woe,
All of my troubles to them go,
Oh ME, MYSELF, and I !
When I win and bask in glory
They are there to share my story,
Ah ME, MYSELF, and I !
They spice up all my conversations,
I cite them without reservations,
They're ME, MYSELF, and I !
They are my favorites, when I write,
I use them freely, left and right,
Quoth ME, MYSELF, and I !
It's been said I am narcissist,
Jealousy, I think that this is
of ME, MYSELF, and I !
I am the envy of my peers,
And lesser folks lend me their ears,
Hear ME, MYSELF, and I !
The only words that might sound sweeter,
Be my loyal friends' unseater,

Lemonade714 said...

Argyle you now have me try to think of a fifteen letter phrase end with AND!

I thought TARE as clued and BY JINGO were tough Tuesdays and yes LAGERING is a process.

Good to see a Fred Piscop and thanks Argyle.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Definitely not a difficult puzzle today, but a bit on the weird side, I thought. It didn't help that I completely missed the theme on this one.

I've known MAYAN forever, but for some reason never realized an individual member of the MAYAN civilization was a MAYA. I just always thought he or she was a MAYAN. Go figure.

I've had DIM SUM plenty of times, but always as a meal and never as an appetizer. Your mileage may vary.

BY JINGO? Crossing LAGERED? I've never actually heard of LAGERED before, although I've heard of the beer called a LAGER, so I guess it makes sense. Still odd, though.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one had a little crunch to it. I like that.

There weren't a lot of EPS made/sold. Back in the 50's RCA made a popular, single-speed turntable with a fat spindle that accepted only 45's. Although the 33-1/3 LP was already around, the record companies released some 12-song albums as three four-song EPS to satisfy the 45 RPM crowd. I owned a few as a kid. I think the EP was killed off by the Columbia Record Club. Broadcasters played both 7- and 12-inch records. Russco (brand name Rek-O-Kut) came out with a unique turntable design. The well in the center accepted 45's without an adapter, and the raised rim supported 33's. Great design. I know, TMI. Sorry.

My postal scale has a TARE button so it can be used for kitchen measures, as well.

My local area is "damp." You can buy beer and wine at the grocery or drug store, but there are no liquor stores.

BY JINGO is a new one on me. My forebears were all pretty salty, and that one wouldn't have passed muster.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

What D-Otto said.

A new microbrewery opened last year, just a few miles away. Their shiny new equipment is devoted entirely to lagering, which calls for precise temperature control during fermentation. I have yet to learn whether beer experts can tell by taste that a given product is a lager.

C.C. from yesterday - when I put in Zhou, I was struck by how the speaker sounded American. Odd.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice wheels, Tony.

Very DOABLE, today. Straightforward fill. No searches and no erasures were needed.
DIM SUM - Had a whole lunch of Dim Sum in Toronto once. Ontario Hydro was buying.

thehondohurricane said...

Darn near a FIW today. Started with DuX for 48A, but the u became an a for BYJaNGO. Decided I was the only vowel that appeared ok for both fills. BYJINGO, took less the DIX seconds to get it right. French fills always seem to be a wag. Let's stick with Espanol.

Initially filled in cdS for 27A, but 24D, LECTERN & 28D PROD fixed it. Will not remember EPS if it's clued again. New term for this oldster.

No BYO signs around here, but lots of BYOB's

Agree with prior posters, today was a bit dicey for a Tuesday. Yet it was an enjoyable challenge.

Hope we are undergoing the final episode of HH & H for the year. I'm ready for winter.

TTP said...

Good morning all ! Thank you Fred and Argyle.

Wagged the wrong vowel at the crossing of DIX and BY JINGO. Don't recall ever encountering either word before. That was the only STAIN.

Left well enough alone with MAYA CARA intersection. Assumed it must be the Italian word for care. Don't remember that CARA MIA song you linked. But was pretty confident of MAYA.

Other than those, no issues.

Immediately thought of Anon-T at "---- ROMEO, sports car." You look happy in that pic. FYI, there's someone lurking in the background. Or is he getting his mail ?

unclefred said...

Fun puzzle, thanks, Fred!! I only had one letter in doubt, the "I" where "BYJINGO" and "DIX" cross. Had to guess that one. Living in Fort Liquordale, I can't imagine living in a dry town.
Anyway, fun puzzle, and terrific write-up, thanks Argyle.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Thought this was a typical Tuesday, no fuss, no muss. Lagered looked odd, as did asker but both were acceptable. I, too, thought of Anon T at Alfa. How goes it, Tony?

Hondo, I agree about the weather. We hit 92 yesterday and expecting more of the same today, with higher humidity. I am having my new air-conditioner installed right now. The serviceman came at 8:00', so, hopefully, he'll be finished before the house becomes uncomfortably hot. Also having someone come with a new water filter for my ice- maker (sorry, Tin).

Thanks Fred and Argyle for an enjoyable puzzle and expo.

Have a great day.

Madame Defarge said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the welcomes back. I missed being here. I had a fun run today and yesterday. Good warm ups for getting my groove back. While I was gone I tried some NYT's, but only on Monday and Tuesday. Nice reentry from Fred. Thanks for another fabulous tour Argyle. Love the links.

My favorites today: TRICE and RANKLE. I didn't see the theme until Little Jack Horner said WHAT A GOOD BOY AM I. Then I was able to go back and clean up some misses, like scour for SCRUB. Have a nice day!

SwampCat said...

Thanks, Fred and Argyle for a good morning. I must have been on the right wave length. I flew through this one. DIX was a gimme so BY JINGO filled itself in, although I have never heard it used. LAGERED was new, but made sense

Did anyone else pause over Insertion Mark and think COMMA? No, I knew what it was , but had to laugh at myself after all our Oxford discussions!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Is it an unwritten rule to not post finishing times here? This puzzle took me eight minutes, which is good for me on a Tuesday.

Steve said...

Nice car, Anon-T! Thanks for the expo, Argyle - I didn't see the theme until you pointed it out.

I could bore everyone to tears explaining "LAGER", but I'll be brief. It comes from the German word "laager", meaning "cellar". German brewers discovered that brewing the beer at a lower temperature (i.e. in the cellar) for a longer period of time resulted in a paler and cleaner-tasting brew.


VirginiaSycamore said...

Nice Doable Tuesday puzzle.

Did across first, and only knew D for ten. Couldn't figure out why I was stumped. When I got the X from SAX I realized why. In French, you pronounce it DEE so I couldn't recall the last consonant.

Only other error that came up when I turned the red letters on was MUSHY for MOSSY for at 67A. And I hadn't checked the perps.

BTW, I always leave one error on purpose because after the Tah Dah the puzzle is much harder to review following comments at this page.


Tinbeni said...

Anon T: Beautiful ALFA ,,,

Used ESP to get BY JINGO otherwise a smooth solve.

My fave today, of course, was LAGERED ... go figure ...

Within walking distance (less than 100 yds, geez! that's crawling distance) is a huge Liquor Store.
1.3 miles and I have a Liquor Store the size of a small Wal-Mart.
And with over 65 inches of rain (so far this year!) ... I guess you could say Villa Incognito in Tarpon Springs, Florida is ... (wait-for-it) ... WET!

Geez, it's raining NOW!
(but I'll wait an hour ... and the Sun will be "OUT").

Spitzboov said...

Anon @ 0855.

I don't think there is any rule about it. My own sense is most readers/posters don't care about the specific time. I don't pay attention to posted times. I view each puzzle as a test against ones self. The more puzzles you do, the better you get.
I try not to 'hurry' my solves. Good cluing and interesting fill should be savored. For me, entering the final letter is bittersweet, because then the puzzle is over. Sort of like a good meal.

Tinbeni said...

Anon @8:55
No rule about posting "solving times" ... go ahead and knock-yourself-out!

Though it is MHO that most of the "Solver's" here just care about having a FUN experience more-so than whether or not they are a "speed-solver".

BTW, I'm a snail-solver ... but since I'm retired I have all-the-time-I-need. lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the replies to my solving-time question. I enjoy the challenge of each puzzle, but like to record my times as a personal metric of improvement. Although by Friday, I'm lucky if I can finish in the same calendar day ��

Sonia said...

Yea.......................enjoyed another good puzzle.....

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

Only write-overs today were my spelling errors - CARAT and LECTURN - oops, getting forgetful in my advancing years ...

I was able to solve left to right, top to bottom, and purposefully left 62a "alone" (did not look at the clue), thinking that this might be the "reveal" ... it filled in via perps, but I soon figured out that it was NOT the "theme" clue, but merely the third leg of the ME MYSELF & I

Interesting how things come "in threes". Without listing all, one of my favorites, as a salesman, was the story about the aggressive new rep who was still upbeat despite his last sales call. He bragged to his friends that he got three orders that day from the same purchasing agent. The "orders" were: "Get out! Stay out! And don't ever come back!!"

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends!

Fred Piscop, I liked your puzzle. Thank you. It was DOABLE and a very fast sashay though I don't know how long it took me. I don't check the time. All I can say is, most of it was finished before the coffee brewed.

Count me as one who didn't know LAGERED as a verb and DIX took three perps to complete. And I thought DIM SUM was the meal itself, too.

What a nice picture of you and your ALFA.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Big Easy said...

This puzzle filled as fast as I could write and I never thought of a theme. BY JINGO is obviously older than my Medicare age because I've never heard it, but it was filled by solid perps. I didn't know LAGERED meant 'aged at the brewery'; technically ALL of it is aged at the brewery regardless of method. EPS- that's aother new one for me. CARET and CARA are not in my vocabulary but filled easily.

I did like the cross of Bill's AG (JANET)and Bill's instrument (SAX), even though it wasn't clued that way.

billocohoes said...

I seem to remember BY JINGO in a Sherlock Holmes story, so yes George S, it's older than any of us (if we're under 100).

thehondohurricane said...

I am in complete agreement with Spitzboov & Tin. I doubt I could copy the fills from a completed version in less then 7 to 8 minutes. I'm left-handed and if I don't take care with my penmanship, even I could not read the fills. Like Tin said, "all I have is time."

Misty said...

Fun Tuesday puzzle, many thanks, Fred! Thought it was pretty much a speed run, but the theme eluded me until Argyle's expo. Never heard of TARE. Since I'm a long-time "Jeopardy" watcher and fan, I loved ASKER as the answer to the clue.

Fun poem, Owen, and cool car, Anon-T.

Have a great day, everybody!

Chairman Moe said...

"puzzling thoughts, Part II"

a few random thoughts I forgot to put in my original post:

Anon-T ---> Great photo! Glad to see the ALFA made it safe and sound to Texas

Lemony ---> check your email, please

Forbidden topics ---> I saw in yesterday's Corner comments, that perhaps football, in addition to politics and religion, should be added to the list of forbidden topics to "debate" here . . . as many of you know, in some parts of the country, football IS a "Religion", so maybe it's best to keep it "deflated" here at CC's blog!

Completion Time for the puzzles ---> I was "pleased" to see that even Al, the poster who reveals his completion times every Sunday for the previous week's puzzles, was stumped by last Saturday's. He always seems to complete even the hardest puzzles in "sprinter's time" (at least compared to the time it takes ME to solve), so when even he was unable to solve it in under an hour, it confirmed to me that Saturday's puzzle was too obscure.

FWIW, I never keep track of my completion times, but usually the Monday/Tuesday puzzles are speed runs. Like others said, I enjoy just doing them . . . and following the chatter here at the corner . . .

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

This one took me 11 minutes, which is not unusual for a Tuesday. Clearly, I'm not a speed solver.

Had to think about the theme for a moment. Was looking for the non-existant reveal.

MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER wouldn't even fit on a Sunday.

I like the 5-stacks in the corners. Three grid spanners makes for a nice open grid.

Cool regards!

Unknown said...

A good run for me today but hit a bump with no TADA. Looked it over several times and turned on the red letters. Yep right there at the G in LAGERED.I had a T Never heard of Jingo. When I finally thought Lagered it made sense. !!

Plus Tard from Cajun Country !!!

Nice Cuppa said...

JINGO survives mostly in the form of JINGOISM/JINGOIST meaning "extreme patriotism/patriot, esp. in times of war".

The word's origin lies in the conjuror's (meaningless) exclamation of surprise "BY JINGO!", which is now dated. But according to the Apple Dictionary the progression to the first meaning comes from a popular 19th century song "adopted by those supporting the sending of a British fleet into Turkish waters to resist Russia in 1878". The chorus ran:

We don't want to fight
Yet By Jingo! if we do
We've got the ships
We've got the men
And got the money too.


Nice Cuppa said...

In re earlier discussions, I am in the "SAVORER" rather than "TIMER" camp. I appreciate a challenging, fun crossword - period (not comma). When you get to a certain age, if I may use an old chestnut, "It's quality that counts" [i.e., not time, per se].

Thank you for fine Tuesday fare, Mr. Piscop. The following small issues are directed at the Editor. Mr. Norris, 49A "AHI" was clued almost verbatim just a few days ago. We also had CARA very recently; and one of the thematic spanners, 62A, was "over-clued", IMO.

And I'm surprised so many of you had not heard of EP'S. I had thought that most of us were of the "VINYL GENERATION".


coneyro said...

Another easy speed run. Not a bump in sight.

Did not get theme until done, but it had no bearing on completing the puzzle.

Never heard of BYJINGO. I looked it up. Was said as a mild oath in lieu of using Jesus' name in vain. Interesting.

TARE, unknown but perp filled. Didn't know LAGER could be used as a verb.

Speaking of Froot Loops. With manufacturers stopping the use of artificial colors, many similarly dyed foods will be duller, and exclude colors that can't be chemically duplicated. Oh well, healthier AND dull..How appetizing. Now if only someone could combine chocolate and kale in an appealing way, we'd have a winner.

Well, two days of doable, completed puzzles for me. My winning streak, of course, will not last . So I'll just be thankful for this small victory.

My best to all.

HowardW said...

Anonymous@9:33 et prec. [my neo-Latin opposite to et seq.]
I started keeping a log of my solving times about six months ago. Mostly out of curiosity. Excel then painlessly provides the average/longest/shortest time for a given day of the week. So I'm able to say that a puzzle took longer (or shorter) than usual, and it sometimes does not match my impression of the puzzle's difficulty. But I rarely (never?) give actual times -- I don't view crossword puzzles as a competition between myself & other solvers. When I was doing the NYTimes puzzle online, I could see where my solving time ended up relative to others' -- it was good but not exceptional. That's really all I need to know, mainly I "compete" with myself, hoping that I'm not slowing down too much with age. Mostly, I use crosswords as a way of getting the mental engine running in the morning, and taking enjoyment from a cleverly ambiguous clue or a punny theme.

Annimouse said...

Never posted before, but I've been reading this blog for a year or two. I love the community and how everyone interacts. Knew lagered from my husband's and my craft beer addiction. I agree that dim sum is a meal, though individual items are sometimes seen as appetizers in Chinese restaurants. I was surprised that anyone didn't know about EPs (though I didn't realize they existed in the time of vinyl). Both my children are in bands with small local followings. Many bands sell EPs at shows as a way of getting some music out to fans at less expense than a full-on album.

VirginiaSycamore said...

For billocohoes @11:06

I searched my Kindle Sherlock Holmes collection and in The Case of the Solitary Cyclist, near the conclusion, a character says "by living Jingo!"

Nice Cuppa's explanation of Jingo was the same as the one given in my Kindle dictionary.


I learned tare in Chemistry class in high school.

Mr. Google said...

The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist [PDF]

“This way! This way! They are in the bowling alley,” cried the stranger, darting through the bushes. “Ah, the cowardly dogs! Follow me, gentlemen! Too late! too late! by the living Jingo!”

Thanks to VS for the reference.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Fred and Santa!

Fun offering!

Scratched head a bit at LAGERED.

MacBook Pro is crapping out after 5 years. So have missed some blogging.

HELP! How does one work puzzle on iPad?


Jazzbumpa said...

Coneyro -

Ask and you shall receive.


Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. A couple of great fills, perhaps unexpected on a Tuesday: RANKLE, TRICE, and my favorite, TOUCAN.

As Chairman Moe said, "I enjoy just doing them . . . and following the chatter here at the corner." Me too.

Deep in the recesses of my mind I think I remember hearing some people say, "By Jingo." Sort of like By Jove or By Golly.

Hot here today: 100 degrees. The forecast is for the same tomorrow and Thursday.

Best wishes to you all.

CrossEyedDave said...

FermatPrime, my experience is total frustration trying to do the puzzle on an older Ipad. I would rather do the puzzle on my tiny iphone screen using the LATimes site. (with an Ad)

Todays puzzle?

I dunno, I am still recouperating from being in Naples Fla last week, and Napa California this week!

Never heard of By Jingo, but crossing Janet at least gave it perpage...
(I still had to Google ten in French...)
Lagered? no problem....

Irish Miss, Tx 4 the Doggie pianists video. I didn't see it till I got back yesterday!

CrossEyedDave said...

Anon@8:55am, re: finishing times

Some people do post times, but I am nowhere near that level of expertise.
For me, the longer it takes, the more I enjoyed it...

Case in point:

Friday I flew from Newark NJ to San Francisco, a 5-1/2 hour flight.
I brought with me a dead tree version of Jeffrey Wechslers add ES puzzle for entertainment.
This thing totally stumped me, but because I had so much time, I kept at it.
I even watched a two hour movie, then went back to the puzzle.
It was somewhere over Nevada that I finally solved everything without help,
& I can tell you that this was one of the most enjoyable puzzles I have ever done....

In contrast, the flight back on Monday, I got to my seat, filled out the puzzle while everyone else got on, and finished it before we pulled away from the gate. Useful? yes!
Satisfying,,, not so much...

P.S., Argyle, I was stumped at the inclusion of the We Three link at the end of the write up, until I realized it fit the theme perfectly. I think it must be the extra alternate egos I have floating around in my head... that got me confused...

Husker Gary said...

Golf, family and I finally got a chance to do Fred’s great Tuesday puzzle. Hope to read you and comment later.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I laughed aloud @35d. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How perfect as yesterday I finally got around to sending C.C. that pic Eldest took a week or so ago. I figured w/ all the yak'n I did about it, it was only fair to share.

Thanks Fred for a great start to the work week and Argyle for putting the bow on this REAL fine puzzle. BRAVO!

W/o - I paid PENANCE trying to hurry my coNfession in there.

Fav - While I loved TOUCAN (Sam) and RANKLE, ALFA wins!

Re: LAGERs - most have bottom-fermenting yeast while Pils have top-fermenting yeast. At least that's what I recall from my Brew Your Own (BYO) days (before kids).

TTP - Good EYE; I did't even notice Joe back there in the pic. He's the master gardener of the neighborhood.

ALFA update - hopefully the latest set of wipers I ordered fits. I failed inspection 'cuz the current ones are ripped. Youngest was thrilled I picked her up from school in it today.

Welcome Annimouse!

Cheers, -T

Big Easy said...

Boo Louquette- never heard of a ' FULL LAGERED BEER'?

Nice Cuppa- EPS- I was too poor to buy any records, let alone albums or EPS

HowardW- I'm not worried about getting my 'engines running'; It's the other thing I need and want to get running in the morning.

Annimouse- join the party and don't feel intimidated; just say what you like or don't about the puzzle or anything else that tickles you fancy.

JohnLF said...

58 Down What do you mean by "Fictional Pool Hustler?"

Argyle said...

I mean he was made-up originally.

Bill G. said...

Saying anything significant about tomorrow's puzzle would be uncool but be advised, I found a SUPER-FAVORITE clue! I wonder if you'll like the same one?

The bike path was hot but mostly deserted, being after Labor Day.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G.

Thanks for holding in the spoiler.

I just got off the phone w/ MIL. We always talk about serendipity w/rt the puzzles. We will talk about something one day and it's in the puzzle the next. I've feared folks think I'm spoiling when something I post the night before shows up in the puzzle. I had no idea ALFA was in today's pzl when I sent the pic to CC. Serendipity.

BTW - you, Steve, and other foodies will enjoy this... My dinner recipe (well, I kinda made it up w/ stuff I had) tonight: Sauté garlic & bell peppers in olive oil while salted pasta water goes to boil. Drop angel hair pasta. Toss shrimp into the sauté, sprinkle w/ Zaterain's, cook. Into sauté, a splash (or 3) of red (cab) wine and reduce. Add heavy cream. Drag pasta through the sauce and plate w/ morsels atop.

For dessert: A big 'Thank You' kiss from DW. :-)

Cheers, -T

Abejo said...

Good Wednesday morning, folks. Thank you, Fred Piscop, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Did this puzzle yesterday, but no time to log in. So, here I am.

Did not catch the theme, but got them all easily. Now I see it, after reading the write-up.

We used to say for OSHA, "Our Savior Has Arrived."

Was not aware that the Red Sea is in Yemen. Interesting. I guess I should look at a map once in a while. I just did a paper on the Ark of the Covenant and the Red Sea was part of that story. I might edit myb paper a little.

I have never had a LATTE. However, my wife has had many, at great expense.

BY JINGO. Great old saying.

OK, now I go back to Monday and enter that puzzle.

See you on Thursday.


( )