Sep 14, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015 Janice Luttrell

Theme: More than upset - Star answers begin with synonyms of irate

20A. *Publication featuring Alfred E. Neuman : MAD MAGAZINE

57A. *Chinese food staple : STEAMED RICE

11D. *Cold symptom : SORE THROAT

29D. *Lines that help you 9-Down : CROSSHAIRS

41D. Personal source of annoyance ... which might make one feel the first word of the answers to starred clues : PET PEEVE

Argyle here. The reveal isn't in the middle this time but still a nice pin wheel grid. Fill is on the easy side, as it should be, but still lively.


1. Cabbage side dish : SLAW

5. Costume shop supply : WIGS

9. Croatian-born physicist Nikola : TESLA

14. Spanish appetizer : TAPA

15. In couch-potato mode : IDLE

16. Like a cheering capacity crowd : AROAR

17. Happily __ after : EVER

18. Tidy : NEAT

19. Destiny : KARMA

23. Tidal retreat : EBB

24. The ones right in front of us : THESE

25. Lt.'s superior : CAPT. lieutenant / captain

27. Engraved with acid : ETCHED

30. "The Firm" author John : GRISHAM

33. Sea, to Cousteau : MER. Both French.

34. Worker in a shaft : MINER

37. __ Gras : MARDI

38. Coll. hot shot : BMOC. (Big Man on Campus)

40. Garden bulb : TULIP

42. Tugboat sound : TOOT

43. WF-3640 printer maker : EPSON. Model # was of no help.(to me)

45. Traveler's stop : MOTEL

47. "__ you happy now?" : ARE

48. "Do not" follower, on a closed-door sign : DISTURB

50. Ride a seesaw : TEETER

52. Roll call reply : HERE

53. Channel covering Capitol Hill : C-SPAN. acronym for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network.

55. Cute __ button : AS A

62. Light brown : BEIGE

64. Beech or birch : TREE

65. Many Keats poems : ODEs

66. Flub by a fielder : ERROR

67. Balkan native : SLAV

68. Cowpoke's footwear : BOOT

69. "Yum!" : "TASTY!"

70. Knight times : YORE

71. "Born Free" lioness : ELSA


1. Wineglass part : STEM

2. Volcanic output : LAVA

3. Did an impression of : APED

4. Fireside feeling : WARMTH

5. Didn't follow a script, say : WINGED IT. Ad libs. Improv.

6. Brainstorms : IDEAs

7. Classic Krispy Kreme coating : GLAZE

8. "The X-Files" org. : SETI. (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence )

9. Get ready to shoot : TAKE AIM

10. Open __: tennis period since 1968 : ERA. When the professional players first competed with amateurs.

12. Rack of __ : LAMB

13. Many an Iraqi : ARAB

21. "Excuse me ... " : "AHEM ... "

22. Big name in ATMs : NCR. The NCR Corporation was formerly National Cash Register.

26. Exam for H.S. jrs. : PSAT. Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, formerly.

27. Nestle snugly : EMBED

28. Allegro, scherzo, andante, etc. : TEMPI. Plural of tempo.

30. Sandpaper feature : GRIT

31. Worship : ADORE

32. Bishop's headdress : MITER. Make your own. Origami.

35. Unfeeling : NUMB

36. Symphonic rock gp. : ELO. (Electric Light Orchestra)

39. Sheep shelter : COTE

44. Room with a crib : NURSERY

46. Starring role : LEAD. Often 59D. Big screen star : IDOL

49. On a pension: Abbr. : RET. (retired)

51. Dress for the choir : ENROBE

53. Monte __: gambling mecca : CARLO

54. Ink mishap : SMEAR

55. Aid in wrongdoing : ABET

56. Doris Day song word : SERA

58. Online handicraft market : ETSY. Have we learned it yet?

60. Corp. heads : CEOs. (Chief Executive Officer)

61. "¿Cómo __ usted?" : ESTÁ. "How are you?"

63. Understood, as a joke : GOT



OwenKL said...

Do you get DISTURBed by A- words like A-ROAR,
A puzzle PET PEEVE that can make you SORE?
Do they leave you CROSS
Whether down or across?
Well sorry, it's a door that constructors ADORE!

Don't get MAD, it will ruin your KARMA,
Don't get STEAMED, it will affect your aroma.
Instead wear a halo,
A sanctified saint's glow --
And blind all the buggers with your blazing corona!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Pretty straightforward solve today. I was sad to see Rich return to his erroneous cluing for SETI, however. Also, Scherzo is a type of musical movement or passage and not actually a tempo (as opposed to Allegro and Andante, which are TEMPI). Again, though, I blame Rich for that and not Ms. Luttrell. Sorry to pick nits on the cluing, but it's just a PET PEEVE of mine... ^_^

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zip, zip, done. No need to cry over SPILLed ink. It SMEARed easily enough.

Argyle, thanks for explaining the abbrvs. I had no idea what CSPAN stood for, and I thought the first word of PSAT was "pretend." Are you sure those are TEMPI, and not tempuses or tempodes?

Lemonade714 said...

A very Monday puzzle, but I always like the pinwheel look. I know ETSY from puzzles but I have never seen it in the real world.

C.C. has the NYT today, so go enjoy.

Thanks Janice and Argyle

thehondohurricane said...

Managed to avoid simple mis-spellings today by carefully reviewing the fills! Carefully review....what a novel IDEA! Had three which would have yielded another FIW.


Did not like ENROBE. But it's probably a commonly used expression.

May be premature to celebrate the end of summer, but there is a sign of fall in the Connecticut air today. Feels GREAT.

Yellowrocks said...

Easy, peasy. I agree that Scherzo is not a TEMPO, Barry. However, I am confused about SETI. I thought that it could be a common noun, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, as well as a proper noun in the name of the institute. As a common noun why wouldn't it fit the clue? This is not my forte so please explain.

Madame Defarge said...

Greetings, all.

Thanks, Janice, for a smooth start to the week. I finished without the Tah, Dah! I had to go back and check my work. Actually a couple of typos tripped me up. New glasses (or fingers) on the list. Nice start to a busy Monday.

I have made purchases on ETSY, but usually from sources I know who are starting to sell their wares before creating a website, which is more expensive. There's also lots of "junk" available. Favorite clue today: Tugboat sound; it reminded me of an old Golden Book!

Thanks for walking us through, Argyle.

Have a fine start to a new week.

Barry G. said...

@Yellowrocks: The point is that SETI is specifically a group who spend their time using radio telescopes to attempt to detect signs of distant alien civilizations. They have nothing to do with UFOs or aliens here on Earth and were never mentioned (as far as I am aware) in any episode of The X-Files. As for it being a common noun, while it may not always refer to a specific institute, as far as I am aware (and the dictionary backs me up on this), it always refers to "the attempt to detect signals, esp radiowaves or light, from an intelligent extraterrestrial source". Again, nothing to do with The X-Files.

But then, I really only pointed it out to have an example of a PET PEEVE...

Mr. Google said...

The Little Green Men episode of The X-Files "relies heavily on mentions of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program, the collective name for a number of activities people undertake to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life." - Wikipedia

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy Monday as Argyle said. I agree with the 'lively' fill but I thought the theme was a little ho hum. Probably just me; please don't get STEAMED.
Just think: if you spelt TOOT inside out you'd get Otto, also a frequent visitor.

Monte CARLO - Hear "The man who broke the bank at Monte CARLO". I think Lawrence of Arabia sings it somewhere out in the desert, too.

HowardW said...

I liked the theme, although I didn't recognize it 'til I was through. I was going to complain about X-Files and SETI but Barry beat me to it. Same with scherzo which is not a TEMPo -- perhaps Rich is playing a joke? Gotta get up earlier, I guess. A couple of clumsy answers such as AROAR, ENROBE and BMOC but on the plus side of the ledger were KARMA, DISTURB, WINGED IT and PET PEEVE. And ah, the TASTY GLAZE of Krispy Kreme...

I'm familiar with ETSY because my mom has sold crocheted baby blankets there. She keeps busy with an easy pattern, and her favorite charity gets the proceeds, so everyone is happy.

Thanks for a good start to the week, Janice and Argyle!

SwampCat said...

Barry G, I agree with your pet peeve.

Mr, Google, you have quoted out of context a flawed Wikipedia entry, which while factual does not reflect the X-Files intent. SETI is mentioned in this episode, the first of the second season, because the X-Files have been shut down and there has to be some plot devise to enable Mulder to continue his search. This is the only time in NINE years that SETI is mentioned, or needed! It is certainly not "The X-Files org." The intent of the X-Files is completely different. Therein lies the Pet Peeve.

The puzzle otherwise was wonderful. And the expo was fun. Thanks!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A very nice, easy Monday offering. Caught the theme early, even before the reveal. Rack of lamb was one of my husband's favorite entrees and once, after one Scotch too many, he very enthusiastically ordered a Lack of Ramb. Guess who didn't drive home.

Thanks, Janice and Argyle, for a smooth trip into a new week.

We, also, have a touch of Fall in the air today, although the temps for the rest of the week are in the 8o's.

I can't wait for the Fall TV season's shows to begin; right now, there is nothing worth watching. (Except Public Morals).

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Would someone explain what the X Files was about? It was one of my husband's must-see shows, but I never watched it.

Mr. Google said...

SwampCat: Barry G. said that SETI was "never mentioned" and had "nothing to do with" The X-Files. I was simply pointing out that that seems to be incorrect.

As for quoting out of context, I provided a link to the context.

If you think the Wikipedia article is flawed you should fix it.

SwampCat said...

Irish miss, I should let others tackle this explanation, but caution has never been one of my virtues! The main attraction of the X-Files was that it operated on so many levels. At its simplest, it was a scary sci-if story about a crazy FBI agent who was convinced there were ETs among us. There were monsters and all manner of scary stuff. Some people thought that was fun.

On a different level, there was also lots of deep Meaning of Life discussion. Who are we? Where did we come from? What's it all about? There were several episodes about Extinction.

And the monsters raised questions about people who are "different".

Lots of attraction for all sorts of people! People seemed to get from it whatever they were looking for.

Mr. Google said...

Irish Miss said..."Would someone explain what the X Files was about?"

Someone has.

But beware: the Wikipedia article may be flawed.

SwampCat said...

Mr. Google, I'm not sure what your purpose is. I carefully said your link was technically factual, but the point is that it is irrelevant . Barry G is NOT incorrect. The X-Files has nothing to do with SETI. That organization was mentioned ONCE in an early episode as a plot devise.

I don't really understand the argument here.

Yellowrocks said...

Barry, thanks for the explanation. I think my problem is my total ignorance of and lack of interest in the X Files. I am more interested in SETI, although I don't have much background in it.
I love this 60+ degree sunny weather and the change of seasons. Glorious! Of course in our locale, as everywhere else, there are extremes that are not too pleasant, like too many 90+ degree days in a row and too many 20 degree days or lower in a row, too much rain, too much snow, etc. but most of the time I totally enjoy the variety in weather and in clothing types.

Anonymous said...

One correction, Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia but is of Serbian descent. His father was an Orthodox priest and his grandfather was an Orthodox priest. This is a very important distinction to Serbs. I can liken it to claiming Thomas Edison a British Inventor.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

First, an easy Monday effort.

Next, I'm glad there has been expansion on this X Files business, because I hesitated to put in SETI based on the clue. I only ever saw a few episodes of of X Files, and within that narrow experience, it seemed unrelated to SETI as I know it.

The show seemed pretty goofy to me, so I never got caught up in it. Gillian Anderson, on the other hand, looked marvelous and sounded intelligent.

Finally, morning Argyle! Thanks for the write up.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 9:50 Janice said "Croatian born" which you state, too. There was no mention of his descent. No correction needed.

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends!

My, my a lively discussion already! PET PEEVES really do tickle the nerves. I was never an X-files fan so it doesn't affect me. Commas, now . . .

Thank you, Janice Luttrell for a fine offering today and Argyle for a fine review. BMOC meant nothing to me so I'm glad you 'splained it.

Drat! One ERROR. I mysteriously filled LSAT and failed to check. Did someone say, check? I should have.

Otherwise nothing provoked any of those theme adjectives. I enjoyed the lively grid.

Have a splendid Monday, everyone!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up. Good Job !!!

Fave today, of course, was NEAT ... the Tidy way to drink Scotch.


TTP said...

Hi all. Good morning to all.

Quick, easy, and fun puzzle.
That model number didn't help or hinder. EPSON filled easily.

I've never had any interest in SETI, and never saw more than a few minutes of any X-Files episode. I had no problem with that clue. Ignorance is (sometimes) bliss. Besides, the answer is 42.

Irish Miss, I liked your "Lack of Ramb" story.

HowardW said...

L'shanah tovah to the Jewish denizens here -- a sweet year of health and happiness.

Misty said...

Delightful Monday speed run--many thanks, Janice. And I always enjoy your expo, Argyle.

Last Thursday we had a lovely memorial for Rowland. A hundred people attended and the tributes to his generosity, sense of humor, and scientific skill were wonderful. On Friday his urn was transferred to a niche in Pacific View cemetery. So now a new period of my life begins, one that will be much lonelier and sadder than before. Irish Miss, it was therefore lovely to read your story today about your husband's "Lack of Ramb." A reminder to focus on the wonderful times we shared with our husbands and not just on the sadness.

Have a good week, everybody.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Janice and Santa'

Lots of fun!

Had only a smidgen of sleep. Bummer!


Irish Miss said...

Swamp Cat @ 9:15 - Thank you so much for the concise, yet detailed synopsis of the X Files. It explains why my husband was so enthralled with it, as he loved sci-fi. Not my cup of tea, though.

TTP @ 10:37 - Glad you enjoyed that story; it makes me chuckle every time I think of it.

Misty @ 11:24 - I hope that the tributes given at Rowland's memorial softened your sadness somewhat. Fond and funny memories do help and, believe me, I have many as my husband was a prankster and had a penchant for mid-pronouncing words, even when cold sober! Meryl Street was one, and ka-dos (kudos) was another. (I'm smiling while typing this!). T-rubs to Darling Dusty.

Nice Cuppa said...

TESLA is generally described as a SERBIAN-AMERICAN inventor, and would probably have hated to be called CROATIAN.

However, he was born in the (then) Austrian Empire, in the region now called Croatia. Although Croatia did not exist as an independent state at the time, it had a well-established ethnic identity and independent past.

But the phrase "Croatian-born" or "Serbian-born" carries an implication of ethnicity - i.e., it is much more than a statement of one's geographical birthplace. [Only the U.S. gives children born in the U.S. automatic citizenship]. And this is an especially sensitive issue owing to the historical enmity between Serbia and Croatia. During WWII, Croatia became a Nazi-backed puppet state, and played its part in genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Serbs.

So lots of historical baggage.

"Physicist born in Croatia" is essentially true, but irksome to Serbs.
"Physicist born in the Austrian Empire" is true.
"Serbian physicist born in the Croatian region of the Austrian Empire" is strictly correct, but far too long.

Conclusion: It's probably better to leave national origin/ethnicity out of this clue.

CrossEyedDave said...

Easy peasy, nothing to get mad about...

Lighten Up!

I do not wish to complain, but...

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, I had a lot more, but the Blog Publish button went kablooie...

Anonymous said...

NC, that is just so "nitty". As CED writes, let's lighten up.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Pleasant start to the week. Straight forward theme and Monday level fill. Didn't push any of my hot buttons.

So - no nits.

I'll reserve my carping for serious matters like the Oxford comma.

Cool regards!


HowardW said...

Nice Cuppa -
I wonder what Tesla himself said of his heritage. For example, I was always told that my maternal grandmother came from Poland. When I finally located the immigration documents for her and her parents, the "last residence" said Russia. Apparently at that time (c.1905) the Warsaw area was part of Russia. However, she always said that she came from Poland, never Russia.

coneyro said...

Hello all....Easy Monday fill.

My knowledge of allegro and such is nonexistent, so without perps I would have no idea.

I have seen every episode of The X-Files, as well as on the big screen. Looking forward to the updated TV version in a few months. It will be interesting to see how the new generation relates to it. The kids nowadays are so "worldly". To them, it may be same old, same old. Some times I feel like I'm from days of YORE.

MAD MAGAZINE. Since Newman was my maiden name, I had a personal affinity for this publication growing up. The weirdest mag ever, and to me, Alfred looked very scary. His eyes are ETCHED into my memory. I ADOREd those spies.

I don't like the word ENROBE either. It sounds funny.

Wasn't it wonderful when, as a child, a simple ride on a seesaw brought such joy. Do you resent not having the amusements of today's youth? I find it overwhelming. Pick-up-sticks and jacks are more my speed. They don't need to be plugged in.

Anyway, nothing about today's puzzle got me MAD, SORE, CROSS or STEAMED. Marathon speed, and no inkblots.

A good way to start the week.

Lucina said...

I loved the grammar poster!

I also hope that you were deeply comforted at the Memorial service in the company of friends and relatives. It is a sad time but mitigated as has been said by beautiful memories.

Husker Gary said...

-My mint condition MAD MAGAZINES were thrown into a landfill by mom
-I don’t let my PET PEEVES run my life. Too many people have a gun and an attitude. All right, but about these snarky anon’s around here…
-Couch Potato IDLE – must be college football Saturday
-TESLA’s AC beat out Edison’s DC but he died penniless
-KARMA - The Huskers won a game on a “Hail Mary” pass two years ago in the Memorial Stadium’s south end zone and lost one the same way, same place two weeks ago.
-I always preferred ETCHED glass for these
-I’ve never gotten mal de MER
-Seen in some MOTELS
-My school – Ready, Fire, AIM
-Dan Rather EMBEDDED in Vietnam

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle. Filled it very quickly, almost all from acrosses alone. Went back to read the down clues so I could enjoy them.

Although TESLA’s AC beat out Edison’s DC, new ideas about a "smart grid" include extremely high-voltage DC lines.

Mentioning Tesla's birthplace doesn't bother me, but I was highly disappointed several months ago that so many news outlets parroted the exact same words "born of immigrant parents" when discussing the life of Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Puerto Ricans who move to New York are no more immigrants than Pennsylvanians who move to California (such as me). I almost wept when Scott Pelley regurgitated those exact words on 60 Minutes.

I guess we all have our pet peeves. Best wishes to you all.

Avg Joe said...

I've decided that if we ever adopt another animal., cat, dog, or aardvark, that it will be named "Peeve". Can't think of a better conversation starter. Prolly been done, but what the hell.

Enjoyed the puzzle today. Took the reveal to get it, but that worked well. As for the responses.... Well, the Nits just keep on coming. I guess it's a Nit parade

There, but for the grace of the Oxford comma, go I.

Anonymous T said...

Happy Monday Puzzle Pals!

Thanks Janice for a quick fun-run. Thanks Argyle for kicking off the post-puzzle party.

W/os - THoSE THESE, TEMPo DISTURB'd that for a spell, and Serb b/f perps fixed the Balkan crisis @67a.

Perhaps SETI has a cabinet w/ X-Files in it? So far, only W has a folder :-)

X-Files was a fun show but fizzled towards the end. DW & I saw the movie but then never returned to the show. The movie was enough of a bow on that package.

TTP - Yes, 42's the answer. But, what is the question?

Jayce - My cable's not dead yet... I GOT to enjoy a CSPAN induced nap on Sat.

Get STEAM'd, SORE, CROSS, or MAD over a PEEVE? What, me worry?

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

OK - I do have one PET PEEVE... MOTELs with 60-GRIT toilet paper.

Com'on, get another TREE from the NURSERY! :-)

C, -T
//hope that doesn't kill my KARMA points

Yellowrocks said...

Plenty of (k)nitting for Madame Defarge today, but not so many purls (pearls.)

Misty and Irish Miss, may your memories of happy times sustain you.

Madame Defarge said...

HG at 3:54

I think the AC/DC question may have been decided during the 1893 World's Fair--the Columbian Exposition--in 1893. For its time there were amazing techno. advances.

Just say in' and providing no citations as I do not recall my source.

Gay Googler said...

Anon T, oxford comma, your Karma points are now, officially, down to zero - and are headed rapidly in the negative direxshun ...

And I thought SETI stood for sex exchanges among transient ... you mean there was aliens involved ? Has anybody ever reasoned that if we haven't been able to contact intelligent life 'out there' in the last 80 years - that 'they' may not be interested in meeting with us ?

This ongoing argument about SETI and the X Files seems to me to be about the various personalities here, trying to sit on the head of a pin, so they can showoff a Ph.D. dissertation. This clue will be forgotten by midnight tonight.

About poor Tesla who died alone and penniless in a NYC apartment. The Croats and the Serbs can fight over him til doomsday. The clue was correct and the politics be dammed. Unlike NC's suggestion, a crossword puzzle does not and need not have to serve a geopolitic euphemism - otherwise we would have to run every clue past the US State Department.

Thats my lousy two bits worth.

Anonymous T said...

Lem - thanks for the heads up on the NYT. Thank you C.C. for doubling the Monday fun. C, -T

Blue Iris said...

Thought I'd let you all know that I'm still among the living.

My life is one big WINGED IT. I read your comments everyday (sometimes in the middle of the night.)I plan on going to events and then decide on that day it is a no-go. Although, I have made 2 out of 3 weddings this summer. My doctors are pretty understanding when appointments have to be rescheduled.

My daughter and friend in N. Carolina convinced me to get on Facebook and I haven't done anything with it in months.

I have found internet shopping and buy most gifts in that manner. I found some beautiful purple agate fan pulls on ETSY. Since colder weathers coming, I plan on ordering a purple quilt for my bed.

Misty, I'm glad you have such good memories of your husband. When we say "til death do we part" it doesn't enter our mind that we will have to face that day. Sounds like you have many friends to support you.

Lucina said...

It's good to see you! I hope you feel up to joining us more often.