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Mar 22, 2016

How to Have a Blogger Account

(This instruction post is from TTP.)

CC, here are my instructions and explanation for someone to "go Blue," and doesn't know how.

If you don't have a Google account and want to "go blue" then read on. It means that you'll need a Blogger profile.

No matter what Google apps you want, whether it's Blogger, G+, a YouTube account, or others, you'll first need a Google account.

A Google account always start with the creation of a Google profile that includes setting up a GMAIL (Google email) account.

If you already posting comments to the blog, an easy way to get both the Google account and Blogger account setup is to do the following:

1) At the very top of the comments page is a large white B in an orange background. Select it. 

2) You'll get a Google screen that says "One Account. All of Google." "Sign in to continue to Blogger."

3) Skip the sign in and go to the bottom and select "Create Account." 

4) Fill out the form to create your Google Account.

5) The next screen will be a Welcome screen. Select "Continue to Blogger"

6) On the next screen, select "Create a limited Blogger profile"

7) On the screen after that, create a Blogger profile name (Display name) and then "Continue to Blogger"

8) On the next screen, find your Display name in the upper right corner. Select it, and then select Account.

9) At the next screen, choose Account Overview. It's in the middle column under Personal Info and Privacy.

10) After you select Account Overview, select View Dashboard. 

11) Scroll down to Blogger. To the right of Blogger, you should see "Edit Blogger Profile." Select it.

You can add a picture as an avatar, and then fill out a Blogger profile with as much or with as little info as you want to share.

12) When satisfied, go to the bottom of the screen and select "Save Profile." 

Thanks so much, TTP.

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