Mar 14, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016 Ed Sessa

Theme: A Little Help - Lend a hand to the last words of the theme entries.

20. Kid's sidewalk business : LEMONADE STAND. Handstand.

29. Nestlé bottled water brand : POLAND SPRING. Handspring.

46. Soda fountain order : VANILLA SHAKE. Handshake.

56. "Applause, applause!" ... or what one might do in front of the last words of 20-, 29- and 46-Across : GIVE THEM A HAND

Argyle here. I bet there are some words you won't see until you read them here. Autofill. And some words you may not have seen before. It would have been nice if all three 'hands' were the same type or all different but it is what it is.


1. Decorator's asset : TASTE. Especially a cake decorator?

6. PCs made by Big Blue : IBMs. Big Blue is IBM but are the PC's called something else?

10. Casual tête-à-tête : CHAT. Head to head.

14. Part of "Hamlet" in which Ophelia drowns : ACT IV

15. Game with cues : POOL

16. Wife of Zeus : HERA

17. Last word of "The Star-Spangled Banner" : BRAVE

18. Estimate words : OR SO

19. Metrical foot, in poetry : IAMB

23. Sixth sense, briefly : ESP. (extrasensory perception)

24. RR stop : STN. (station)

25. Contented sounds : AHs

26. Air traffic org. : FAA. (Federal Aviation Administration)

32. Director Wertmüller : LINA. Née Arcangela Felice Assunta Wertmüller von Elgg Spañol von Braueich.

35. Young Darth's nickname : ANI. Anakin Skywalker.

36. Army base nickname : SARGE

37. Amo, amas, __ : AMAT

38. Green energy type : SOLAR

41. "The doctor __" : IS IN

42. Monopoly payments : RENTS

44. Summer, in France : ÉTÉ

45. Cancel an edit : STET

50. At least one : ANY

51. Balloon filler : AIR. Hot air, sometimes.

52. Civil Rights Memorial designer Maya __ : LIN

53. "Mamma __!" : MIA

60. Loads (of) : A TON

62. Saddle or sofa : SEAT

63. "Wheel of Fortune" co-host : VANNA White.

64. Bread unit : LOAF

65. Like nonfiction : TRUE

66. DeGeneres of TV talk : ELLEN

67. Pic, in ads : FOTO

68. Skinny Olive and family : OYLs

69. Prefix with foam : STYRO. (ubiquitous plastic)


1. Place setting setting : TABLE

2. Plowing measures : ACRES

3. Post office purchase : STAMP

4. Binge-watcher's device : TIVO

5. "That being said ... " : "EVEN SO ..."

6. Apple music player : IPOD NANO

7. Dull one : BORE

8. Israeli intelligence group : MOSSAD

9. "Three-toed" leaf eaters : SLOTHS

10. Whiskers spot : CHIN

11. Like swan dives : HEADFIRST

12. Upper limb : ARM

13. Indent key : TAB

21. Book of maps : ATLAS

22. Once-sacred Egyptian snakes : ASPs

27. Woman with an online list : ANGIE

28. Secret __: spy : AGENT

29. Singer LaBelle or LuPone : PATTI

30. Frasier's brother : NILES

31. Pay hike : RAISE

32. Immature insect : LARVA

33. "Know what __?" : I MEAN

34. Billy's barnyard mate : NANNY GOAT

39. Olympic competitors : ATHLETES

40. Adjust one's sights : RE-AIM

43. Czech or Serb : SLAV

47. Fools with a fib : LIES TO

48. Blood carrier : ARTERY

49. Jacks in a deck : KNAVEs

53. Masculine : MANLY

54. Word before circle or city : INNER

55. Hersey's "A Bell for __" : ADANO

57. "Inside" dope : INFO

58. Yield from a heist : HAUL

59. Stop : HALT

60. Furry TV E.T. : ALF. (alien life form)

61. "__ many cooks ... " : TOO. "...spoil the broth".


Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy 58th Birthday to JJM, another thrill-seeker on the blog. Here is a picture of his zip lining in 2010. JJM loves baseball, golf & hockey. I think both of his kids play hockey.

2) Please send thoughts and prayers to Bluehen for his hip surgery this morning.


fermatprime said...


Thanks, Ed and Santa!
Fun puzzle!

Have to go have MacBook Pro repaired this afternoon. Must get to sleep!

Happy birthday, jjm!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Feels like I got up today at 5:30 for some strange reason...

Easy, peasy puzzle this morning. I don't think IBM actually makes PCs anymore, though. The one they just sent me in the mail for work is a "ThinkPad" made by Lenovo (a Chinese company, I believe).

Lemonade714 said...

Barry is correct that IBM has been out of the PC business for many years and that they sold to LENOVO

You have to love a puzzle that has a lemonade stand.

Thanks Ed and Argyle.

Hungry Mother said...

Enjoyed being in the crowd at 3 meter diving at the L.A. Olympics watching Greg do his thing.

thehondohurricane said...

Lousy start to a busy & wet day waiting for me. Did not bother to check finished product leading to a FIW. For 24A I filled in sta and never noticed 6D was IPODaANO. Everything else was OK. That's my problem with Monday/Tuesday puzzles. Usually they are so easy, I seldom check for spelling errors. No argument with STN either, but I'm used to STa being the usual fill.

Going out to lunch today and a VANILLA SHAKE will be part of my meal.

For 60A started with tons before A TON forced it's way in.Also males before MANLY at 53D.

Happy birthday JJM.

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday JJM ... instead of cake, hope you enjoy some "PI on your day.

Argyle: Good job on the Monday write-up.
Ed: Thank You for a FUN and nice Monday puzzle.


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I found this puzzle to be a challenge. The "T" in "Taste" and "Table" was the last letter to fall. It doesn't bode well when I can't get 1-Across or 1-Down on the first pass. The theme answers came easily to me, however. POLAND SPRING came to me immediately, maybe because I associate it with the town in Maine with the same name.

I was also reluctant to fill in IBMs for the Big Blue PCs. That just didn't quite seem to fit.

Nice Shout Out to our own LEMONADE!

Today is Pi Day. Go make some circles!

QOD: The faster you go, the shorter you are. ~ Albert Einstein (Mar. 14, 1879 ~ Apr. 18, 1955)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Easy-Peasy nice'n'easy Monday. Only one write-over square. Thought LIsA was more likely than LINA; easily fixed when NANNY showed up.

Spring has definitely sprung here in the southland. Trees are in full leaf and the azaleas are in bloom. For 50 weeks of the year they're just ugly bushes, but for the other two weeks, they're glorious.

Happy birthday, JJM! Argyle, I once had an overcoat with a zip-in lining. Does that zip lining count?

Middletown Bomber said...

Happy Pi Day. Lenovo is Chinese and purchased IBMs PC Business a few years back. Lenovo is also making All-in-one PCs for Dell.

inanehiker said...

Amusing Monday speed run. I was thinking we just had POLAND SPRING as a clue or an answer recently.

Thanks Ed and Argyle!

Happy birthday to JJM and wishes for a speedy recovery to Bluehen.
And Happy Pi day to all!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Nice start to the week. Thanks, Ed. Saw the theme and the answers, but not precisely until Argyle expanded on it. Just seeing the theme is a start for me. Thanks for a good Monday morning to start the week.

Check out Argyle Sweater on this Pi Day! Have a good one.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, JJM.

Good luck to Blue Hen on the hip surgery. My sister is getting hip surgery this morning; in Delaware.

Easy Monday today. Pretty much top to bottom sweep; here and there a skip pending a perp. Ed's puzzles are usually fun.
ACRES - thought of furrows, # of plow bottoms, etc. Of course, acres was the most apt.
KNAVE - Cognate word to the German Knabe (young boy or youth)

kazie said...

All the best to Blue Hen for the surgery, and to JJM for a great birthday!

My only natick was POLAND with NANO and MossaD. I had a T instead of the D for MOSSAD, and had never heard of the water brand or the Ipod model, not being of the Apple or bottled water persuasion.

The rest was fairly easy to fill.

oc4beach said...

Nice easy Monday puzzle. Once Across + Once Down = Done. Thanks Ed and Argyle.

My three years of Latin and one year of French in high school paid off today with AMAT and ETE. Other than that, I don't know if those courses helped me. Math on the other hand did. I remember that Area=πR² for a circle.

Good luck Bluehen with your surgery today.

Happy Birthday JJM.

I hope everybody has a Happy Pi Day.

billocohoes said...

A special Pi Day - not just 3 14 but 3 14 16

CanadianEh! said...

Fun Monday Handspring today. Thanks Ed and Argyle (especially for the Trudeau/Obama HANDSHAKE photo).

I noted the CSO to Lemon.
STa before STN (like hondohurricane) held things up.
POLAR SPRING not sold around here I don't think.
I waited for perps to decide which Act;
filled in AIR because Helium would not fit;
SLAV today not Slov;
noted the silent K in KNAVES (not p or l!);
10D "whiskers spot" reminded me of the Three Little Pigs "not by the hair on my chinny chin chin".

Niagara native, Louise Pitre, came to fame in Mamma MIA on Broadway.

Happy Pi Day.
HBD to JJM and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Bluehen.

Bluehen said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, CC and all, but I'm sorry to say that I don't need them just yet. The orthopedic surgeon called Saturday evening to postpone the procedure. The hospital had found out that I had a bout with MRSA about fifteen years ago, and had me give a nasal swab on Thursday. I thought that sure as heck, they must have found MRSA. But no, in a twist worthy of O. Henry, the surgeon announced that he had torn an Achilles tendon playing racquetball. My first thought was "Physician, heal thyself", but I managed to bite my tongue.
Anyway, I appreciate the kind thoughts, but hold onto them for another month or so.

Oh, the puzzle was a real speed run. Didn't even need the down clues except to glance at to verify the occasional across fill. Thanks Ed and Argyle.

desper-otto said...

Good luck, Bluehen, and I wish you a successful, short recuperation.

Oc4beach -- I learned on NPR this morning that it shouldn't be pi-r-squared. It ought to be pi-r-circled.

unclefred said...

A zip-through CW today, which I love! Thanx, Ed!! Terrific write-up, too, Thanx, Argyle!!

Not only is it pi day, it is the once in a century pi day: 3.1416. Only once every hundred years can you add the "16"!!

In honor of pi day, I treated my wife and myself to pecan pie and ice-cream for breakfast. No, not our usual breakfast, just to honor pi day. (Or, maybe, just to use pi day as an excuse to eat pie and ice-cream for breakfast!)

Tried entering a comment very early this morning, but site didn't come up. Latest posting was Sunday. Guess I beat Argyle to it this morning!!

Wishing everyone a good pi day!!

CrossEyedDave said...

Re: Sunday, very busy, I only got it half done. I may finish it today
as today's paper did not arrive. (It was an even quicker solve using the computer...)
(I miss the dead tree version...)

Anonymous T, Fascinating link about Sir Issac Newton! (Sun 1:54) Who knew!

Blue Hen, good luck with the upcoming surgery.
DW is scheduled for a hip replacement the Wednesday, I will let you know how it goes.


Oh yes, & my reaction to today's puzzle.

Lucina said...

Well, a happy PI day to all! Who knew?

A very happy birthday, JJM! I hope you zip through it!

Blue Hen: I guess it's good news, bad news when your surgery is postponed.

Applause! Applause! Applause! for Ed Sessa and Argyle today for a fast and fun grid with sparkly review.

Not only do we have TIVO to record but TV personalities, NILES, VANNA and ELLEN.

And a nice CSO to Lemonade!

I misspelled MOSSAD as MaSSAD then wondered what POAL was.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

oc4beach said...

DO: You're right. Pi-r-round, cornbread-r-square.

JJM said...

Thank you one and all for the kind B-Day wishes!

Dinner, then the Blackhawk game tonight with family. TINBENI will like that.
My 16 year-old's Hockey Team (that was ranked 14th in the nation and 1st in IL.) lost to an un-seeded team in the first round of the IL State Play-Offs Play-offs. No state title this year.

Thank you all

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

This was a fun, easy romp with a well-hidden theme (for me, anyway) until the reveal. There is always a 3 Liter bottle of Poland Spring Water in my fridge as our city water is too chemical-tasting for me. I'll pass on vanilla shakes, though but love lemonade. Great big CSO to our Lemonade; I remember the pictures of Charlotte and her lemonade stand.

Nice job, Ed Sessa, and nice expo, Argyle.

From yesterday: PK, I don't know the exact procedure for the shots for MD but a niece had to have shots for a different condition and she said they do it so fast it's over before you realize what happened. As far as blinking, they may just clamp your eye socket. I don't like to even think about it, to be truthful.

Happy Birthday, 🎂 🎁 🎊 🎉 🎈 JJM, hope it's a good one and don't be a stranger!

Bluehen, as Lucina said, the postponement is a mixed blessing. Keep us posted on the rescheduling.

CED, isn't your wife on the young side for hip replacement? Best wishes to her on Wednesday.

The time change sure messed up my sleep last night. It usually takes 3-4 days to return to normal.

BTW, do any of you iPad users have any idea why mine is chiming for no reason? It's driving me crazy!

Have a great day.

George Barany said...

Just checking in quickly to let you know about You Might Be Geeky If ... by my remarkable Minnesota friend @Steve Bachman. Hope you like it!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fast & fun puzzle, Ed! Very good, Argyle! Just watching that beautiful dive made getting up today worthwhile.

Happy birthday, JJM. Hope you do have fun today.

Blue Hen, too funny that the surgeon cancelled. Hope CED is geared up to be a good nurse to his DW. I played nurse to my husband having shoulder surgery & mother having knee replacement in a two-month period one year. They got along better than I did.

VANILLA SHAKES are a favorite with me. My daughter was horrified recently when I ordered something so bland for some reason. I just said, "But I like them." And she shut up but continued to look at it with dis-TASTE. Just one of the many things about me that are not to her liking. Get over it, woman!

Recently watched "Mama Mia". Favorite of all time. Watched it ATON. Tunes looping in my head since.

My brother worked for IBM when they sold the PC rights just before the home computer became a craze. He has spoken many times of how the IBM powers-that-be thought the general populace wouldn't be interested in owning a computer. Ooops! Serious mistake!

Pat said...

A very nice start to the week! Thanks, Ed. I enjoyed the expo, Argyle! Thank you!

Hand up for STa before STN for 24a.

11 d: Thanks for the Greg Louganis video. I did a lot of swimming and diving in high school. I now have arthritis in my low back due to the compression of my spine from the approach and hurdle (walk/jump before the dive). I'm leaving soon for my monthly routine maintenance at the chiropractors' to keep the pain away. I had no idea how I was going to pay for my fun.

Bluehen: sorry for your delay. Hope to next couple months go quickly and fairly pain-free.

Happy Birthday, JJM!

Happy Monday!

Pat (not PATTI)

Ol' Man Keith said...

A very enjoyable write-up, Argyle!
I was happy again to see Greg Louganis and his beautiful ripple-free dive! Thanks for that. I met Greg about a year earlier, when he was in my staging of the Duerrenmatt play, THE VISIT, at UC Irvine. He played a townsperson, with no lines, but he was absolutely dependable, never missing a rehearsal. Once during a break, I spotted him sitting alone at the side of the stage. I went over to chat, and in the course of our conversation I happened to ask what he did with his time when he wasn't in drama class or at rehearsal. "I like to swim," he said, rather softly. He never mentioned the awards he had already achieved, and I didn't know until later what a champion he was.
In one scene of our show, some of the "town's athletes" had to form a pyramid, and he was part of that.

Misty said...

Well, this was a fun Monday puzzle, but like others, the STA instead of STN did me in. Still, I enjoyed the theme and theme answers--many thanks, Ed, and of course, you too, Argyle.

Bluehen, sorry for the delay, but it'll be nice having you still check in in the mornings a bit longer.

Sounds like you'll have a great birthday, JJM.

Never heard of Pi Day, but I'll wish you all a good one!

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle today. Fun to read the down clues as I filled in the acrosses letter by letter.
Liked the pi jokes.
Happy birthday wishes to you, JJM.
Irish Miss, what kind of chime sound is it and how frequently does it happen? My iPad makes a sort "ding" sound when an email comes in. Could that be what's happening with yours?
Cool story about Greg Louganis, Ol' Man Kieth.
Best wishes to you all.

Husker Gary said...

-I had to teach four periods in a row and I mean TEACH. After four hours of standing and talking I was ready to retire again.
-LEMONADE STAND on the Apple IIe was a great to teach kids capitalism
-All my TASTE is in my mouth
-Lady Gaga chose a different last word
-Styrofoam model of Titanoboa made for the Smithsonian Channel
-Does anyone remember Jim Varney saying, “Ya know what I MEAN, Vern?”
-OMG, more sophomores!!

Irish Miss said...

Jace @ 1:40 - It's not the same as the email alert. It's a short chime and it rings with no rhyme or reason, sometimes just one or two times, others come one right after the other. Right now, it has stopped, at least for awhile. It's harmless but annoying, sort of like the Geico gecko! 🐸

Avg Joe said...

A fun puzzle that filled in order with no clue about the theme until the reveal. Liked it quite a lot for a Monday. Thanks Ed and Argyle.

On Pi day, I noticed this on facebook: 3.1415926 = The number of letters in each word of "Man, I need a drink, alcoholic of course.

Anonymous said...

As Argyle and others suggested, 6A is at least semicircular, if not backward. IBM a/k/a Big Blue made PC's; and the PC's were called PC's, not IBM'S.

CrossEyedDave said...

Irish Miss,

The Ipad annoys the heck out of me too!

One thing that might help:

When you turn off an app, it does not turn off... (thats Apple 4U)
and without knowing it, you may have everything you ever opened still running.

Here is how to shut down those background apps.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, JJM. Bluehen, may the time pass quickly.
Fun puzzle.
Happy PI day. A square dance caller friend has the initials PI. His icon is the math PI sign.
As kids in an argument, when someone said you know what I mean, we replied, I know you're mean.
As an elementary teacher, getting a sub accustomed only to high school astounded me. We expected subs to teach every single class vigorously or we blackballed them. I do understand that in HS it takes specific knowledge in the field of study to teach French or chemistry, for example.I often wondered why high school subs were not matched up by expertise. I know a woman who only subbed in chemistry.
Wonderful square dance last night. In danced every set comfortably.

Irish Miss said...

CED - Tried your suggestions but apparently the iPad Mini is different. The only icons across the bottom are the factory-installed Safari, Messages, Mail, and Music and none have the minus sign, either. The only one I ever use is Mail. I shut the sound off so maybe that'll work. Thanks for your help.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Monday easy breezy. Thanks Ed! Thanks Argyle for hosting today - cute how you got Swan Dive and IBM in the same clip (see: when diver gets out of the water...)

No WOs: PATTy @first and I misspelt ATHLeet [thought that diver was l33t].


Fav: KNAVES - pronounced Ka NAVE :-)

Bugger - I'm too late for Pi-are-round jokes so I'll just go with: Bill-o & unclefred - you're rounding up. :-)

D-O. The azaleas are beautiful purple & white. BTW, I MEAN to ask, are you inundated w/ June-bugs TOO? I can't step w/o (intentionally) crushing one. [folks, these things sound like a 747 as the buzz you - then they land on your back for fun. They are 3 years eating grass-roots as LARVA (while destroying your lawn). No, I don't feel bad for killing them. Plus they're dumb, they fly right into stuff, like your beer].

Hummm. Likes zip-lining?, born on Pi-day?... Yep, irrational :-). HBD JJM!

Blue Hen - I was going to send healing wishes, but... LOL!

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I loved your story about Greg Louganis. That's a person of great character, IMO.

I'm so jealous of you all who have azaleas to admire and you likely have peonies, as well. I love both of those but they die here; OTH, I have some beautiful purple petunias that have been blooming for a YEAR though they are annuals and the scent is wonderful. My poinsettia is still alive, too.

Yellowrocks said...

Every day one of my posts here is sent to at least one of you whom have I emailed in the past. I don't initiate this. It bounces back as undeliverable. Do any of them get through ? If so, sorry, just ignore it.
@ 3:15 Spell check supplied "in danced," instead of "I danced." Not my typo.

Anonymous T said...

Dang - I took a call while drafting my earlier post and missed a bit...

OMK - Cool. Not only that you met him but that he wasn't braggadocios and laid back while learning from you.

CED - I took the afternoon off so I could LOAF off and get my minions to help in the garden. They wanted to play so asked me "Wouldn't you rather a nap?"

Smart kids.

I logged back into work to play w/ some data I just imported while I got sleepy... - Now who's a napless idiot?

Warning - BORE'n' for non-nerds!: IBM still makes desktops - our services team is evaluating them against Dell & HP to see if we should switch. IBM started the "PC" revolution by using off-the-shelf parts and only writing a BIOS instead of a closed systems (see: Apple). Dell figured out how to use IBM's same-sourced parts and write their own BIOS. Bill Gates figured out how to re-write VMS for IBM's box (and by association any copy of it). He got rich (maybe you've heard of him). Knock-offs were born. For the record, I want'd PCJR until I checked the downs. BTW, where's TTP?

IM - My iThings annoy me TOO. I do some weird multifinger-swipe by accident and see things I hadn't seen before. Then I sit and wonder, "How did I get here?" It's like a Once in a Lifetime screen. I still don't know how I made everything SHAKE-y and change my quick-apps panel. But, I took advantage of it then and now am mostly happy.

My Linux & Windows boxen, OTHH, are perfectly configured to my prefs and as effecient as they can be (for my ADD-self anyway).

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Well, bugger - I messed up my own (little) joke: OTO-HAND. Maybe it is sleepy time after-all. No, I gotta go feed the minions... Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

YR, as a teacher, I am sure you would never accept that 'dog ate my homework' excuse for your typo. "You should proof read your submission" would surely be retort. Those who live by the schoolmarm....

Yellowrocks said...

If you were my student I would tell you MYOB. It is not nice to be snarky. I would not chastise a student for such a small mistake. Get a life.

windhover said...

I also worked at IBM, just prior to the computer era ('67-'76). The CEO at the time, one Frank Cary, was reputed to have said to a group of engineers making a pitch to build a desktop computer, "Why would anyone want a computer on their desk?" I have a personally signed letter from Mr. Cary advising me of my separation from Big Blue. He wasn't far behind me, as I recall.

CrossEyedDave said...

Irish Miss,

You have to press the home button twice in rapid succession,
I mean really fast, two separate clicks.

When a NEW bottow row of icons opens up,
hold your finger on one of them until the minus sign appears.

To go back just press the home button once, & the minus signs will disappear.


Make sure you delete only THE NEW BOTTOM ROW ICONS.
(You do not want to delete the entire app from your desktop.)
Watch the video again, & note the desktop disappears when the new bottom row of icons appears.

windhover said...

Actually, my first computer, in 1989, was built by Hyundai and the advertising for it referred to it as an "IBM". It was my understanding that the technology involved was leased to various manufacturers for royalty payments. YMMV.

windhover said...


Anonymous said...

Two replies with only one troll. Excellent.

Nom, nom, nom.

Anonymous T said...

CED - Ok, I was playing w/ my iPad and noticed that 2x home-tap just showed me "layered" windows of what's open. I found if I "swipe-up" on one of them then it goes away (I.e. it ain't running any more). You can swipe left to right to see what's open/running. This is iOS 9.2.1 on an iPad 3.

Windhover - Nice to see you chiming in. Cool Big Blue story. FWIW - I was was just starting college then so I only know what I read/saw from the outside re: PC history. The 1st IBM I got to play w/ was a mainframe owned by the State of Illinois [this was for my computing merit badge]. Punch-cards ruled then. My hands first touched an IBM-keyboard'd PC Jr. In '87 (a buddy had one). I still miss IBM's M-model keyboard - fantastic tactile feedback (very much unlike the iPad's screen :-)).

Troll++; Now go away or turn blue and puzzle play. Did you even do the puzzle or does the paper not deliver under the bridge?


Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

Make that three.

Anonymous T said...

Since it's still π-day here's some fun math I came across that may make RSA encryption easier to break. The posit is final digits of primes seem to follow each-other. This is bad if a crypto-algorithm is lazy in finding relative primes (like hitting on twin-primes). Here's the paper. FermatPrime - if you get it, 'spain to the rest of us. I got the gist, just not all the math.

On a lighter note - how to bypass iOS's lock screen. This didn't work on mine (I don't have the share option when I got to that step). Try it and let me know if it works for you. Sideways-thought: maybe the FBI should be watching YouTube instead of taking Apple to court :-)*

Mdme Defarge - You're right, Argyle Sweater was funny. Time for Pearls before Swine before bed.

Cheers, -T
*just kidding, I oft work with the Bureau - they're good folk.

TTP said...

Anonymous T, I am AWOL.

JJM, Happy Birthday.

Windhover et al., Remember "The Little Tramp" commercials ? Here's the story of the IBM PC from their history website. Windhover, you were so close.

The PC - Personal Computing Comes of Age