Mar 22, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Ed Sessa

Theme: Jumblgram - Playing with the letters of the word, WORD.

53A. Ogden Nash specialty, and a hint to this puzzle's circles : WORDPLAY. WORD

20A. Gradually exhaust : WEAR DOWN. RDOW

37A. Salon task : BLOW DRY. OWRD

11D. Furniture maker, e.g. : WOODWORKER. DWOR

28D. Restaurant reviewer : FOOD WRITER. ODWR

Argyle here. There is no connection between the theme entries other than the word jumble contained in the circles. Having the circles could be of some help in the solve but not necessary. Similar pinwheel to Monday but with the reveal in a different place and the corners are more isolated.


1. Wife of 25-Down : FRAU partnered with 25D. Husband of 1-Across : HERR

5. Flipping burgers, e.g. : McJOB

10. Victorious shout : "I WON!"

14. Sylvester's speech problem : LISP

15. Now, in Nuevo León : AHORA. The State of Nuevo León is located in Northeastern Mexico. The capital city, Monterrey, is the third largest city in Mexico.

16. Nixed, at NASA : NO-GO

17. Corrosive stuff : ACID

18. Be homesick (for) : YEARN

19. Country legend Tennessee Ernie __ : FORD. "The Ol' Pea-Picker"

22. Helpful staffers : AIDES

23. Amiss : AWRY. Awords.

24. Nag : SHREW

26. Embarrassing slip-ups : GAFFES

29. Bottom-line red ink : NET LOSS

32. "That's all she __" : WROTE. Appropriate after 29-Across. "Turn off the lights, the party's over".

33. Bear shelter : LAIR

35. Infamous vampire, familiarly : DRAC. "Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?"

36. One's self : EGO

40. Korean carmaker : KIA

41. Like Lady Godiva on horseback : NUDE

43. Author __ Stanley Gardner : ERLE

44. Upright : ON END

46. Darkest lunar phase : NEW MOON

48. Some school uniform parts : SKIRTS

49. Salon task : RINSE

50. Part of a progression : STEP

51. Corned beef solution : BRINE

57. Count for something : RATE

58. Cooper of shock rock : ALICE. A far cry from the Ol' Pea-Picker.

60. Pre-euro Italian money : LIRA

61. Sign of the future : OMEN

62. German thanks : DANKE

63. One of seven for Julia Louis-Dreyfus : EMMY. Seinfeld (one), The New Adventures of Old Christine (one), Veep (five).

64. Skin growth : WART

65. Ice cream helping : SCOOP

66. "Slammin'" slugger Sammy : SOSA


1. Imperfection : FLAW

2. Grain in some cakes : RICE. Slight misdirection.

3. Where billions live : ASIA

4. Rising air current : UPDRAFT

5. City VIPs : MAYORS

6. Like taffy : CHEWY

7. Cusack or Crawford : JOAN

8. Bobby of the Bruins : ORR

9. Outlaw : BAN

10. Shortstop's realm : INFIELD

12. "Puss in Boots" baddie : OGRE

13. Signaled yeses : NODS

21. Geeky type : DWEEB

22. Singer Garfunkel : ART

24. Derogatory : SNIDE

26. "Miracle on 34th Street" actor Edmund : GWENN. Mr. Kris Kringle.

27. Pick a fight (with) : ARGUE

30. Superdome NFLer : SAINT

31. Tons : SCADS

33. "SNL" producer Michaels : LORNE

34. Piercing tool : AWL

38. 13 popes : LEOs. Is there another 3-letter pope?

39. Teamed, as oxen : YOKED

42. Highly respected : EMINENT

45. Baby bottle parts : NIPPLES

47. __-man band : ONE

48. Meryl of "The Iron Lady" : STREEP. The biographical film based on the life of Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013).

50. Great, in show biz : SOCKO!

51. It may be furrowed : BROW

52. "__ Lama Ding Dong": doo-wop hit : RAMA. Another genre? heard from.

Sorry, no embedding again. Muppet version

53. Sot : WINO

54. Wheels for the well-heeled : LIMO

55. Akimbo limbs : ARMS. Stand with hands on the hips and elbows turned outward.

56. "Divine Secrets of the __ Sisterhood" : YA-YA

58. Magazine fillers : ADs

59. Fond du __, Wisconsin : LAC

Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to dear PK! So happy and comforted that you're back to the blog. Please don't leave us again. We all adore you!  Sorry, Dave, I stole one of your cakes. 

2) Our blog reader Robert has a Google Plus account, but he wants to have a Blogger account like most of our regulars. Does any of you know if it's possible for him to create a Blogger profile? I recall helping Misty return to her Blogger profile with this link last time. But Misty already had a Blogger account. Robert doesn't. Thanks for the help.


George Barany said...

Very easy puzzle by @Ed Sessa, and it's always good to be reminded of Ogden Nash's WORDPLAY. Fun summary and description by @Argyle, as always.

Huge shoutout to our friend and host, C.C. -- did you all see that she was chosen as one of the constructors for the upcoming American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (ACPT) in Stamford, CT, starting less than two weeks from now. Read all about it by clicking here.

OwenKL said...

OGDEN NASH was a poet supreme,
To be half good as him is my dream!
He could make a WORD PLAY
In the oddest old way,
Though his groaners would make a grammarian scream!

A fedora's a hat with a snap-brim crown,
Some wear the front up, some WEAR DOWN!
In a bar scene, George Raft
Said, "I'll order UP DRAFT,"
Then donned his fedora and went out on the town!

[This final one I didn't do a good job on as a limerick, so you might be better reading it as just 4 1-liner jokes.]

Pinocchio's McJOB made him a WOOD WORKER,
A well-placed vowel meant "I" WON for a worder!
A bad volleyball toss
Led to a NET LOSS.
The legume who WROTE War & Peas was a FOOD WRITER!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday to PK)!

Despite some initial pique at starting off with a cross referential clue, I found this one to be pretty easy. I even guessed 1A correctly after getting the F from 1D, so no harm, no foul.

Didn't notice any theme while solving and had no circles to help me out, but after getting the theme reveal at the end I figured that it probably involved WORD being scrambled in various ways. Apparently, I was right.

GWENN was unknown, but the perps took care of him nicely. Only major writeover was when I started with FOOD CRITIC instead of FOOD WRITER, but once again the perps came to the rescue.

Lemonade714 said...

A very happy birthday and a happy and healthy year for PK.

I found this a tad easier than yesterday with nothing unknown and the odd cross-referential beginning with no way to solve except by perps and the unlikely nickname DRAC.

Ed has been productive this year

Thanks Argyle, I particularly enjoyed the Joan-Joan pics.

Stay warm

Hungry Mother said...

Did WROTE and WRITER break some sort of rule? Two of my three children worked at McDonald's, a good lesson in the value of education for them.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Easy run from top to FOND. Hand up for FOOD CRITIC. Theme? What theme?

Does anybody actually say SOCKO anymore? I think I may have seen it in a cartoon font in an old Batman TV show.

FOND DU LAC is at the south end of Lake Winnebago, thus "bottom of the lake." When I was teaching geography to the kids on Guam, they refused to believe that Guam and Lake Winnebago were about the same size. From the maps on the classroom wall, it looked like Guam was about as big as the continental US -- not the same scale, though.

Happy birthday, PK, and many more.

Taxing day. Gotta run...

Lemonade714 said...

Meanwhile, GB is correct, the acclaim and recognition C.C. has gotten with her selection to be one of the creators for the 2016 ACPT is remarkable. We all very lucky to have found this hardworking and inspiring person who does all she does in a second language.

Hats off and well done to C.C.

thehondohurricane said...

Nice way to start the day after yesterdays embarrassment. Only one write over so the eraser got a well earned day off.

44A started with erect but ON END eventually appeared. As usual, no circles, but no complaints. I too am not fond of puzzles who open with cross referential cluing.

Would Sammy SOSA be referred to as Slammin if not for PED dependence?

Finally got to read the weekend posts yesterday, so a belated happy birthday to Spitz & John28. Spitz, hope you got to take a day cruise as acting captain on the water. And a Happy birthday to PK. Wishing you many more.

Oas said...

Interesting enough for Tuesday. Four languages represented , couple of sports notables,rock and film people too. Easy but good wake me up brain excercise.

inanehiker said...

Fun run through todays puzzle - needed perps to get from GWYNN to GWENN.

Thanks Argyle and Ed!
HBD to PK!

and Congrats CC!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning all.

Another fun puzzle for me. I ran pretty much from top to bottom. Sometimes folks seem to become upset with some constructions, but I think that's why it's called WORD PLAY. Some days I'm on the constructor's wavelength and sometimes not, but it's always fun and provides any number of V-8 moments. Thanks, Ed.

Nice write up again, Argyle. Are you sure that's Ed GWENN? Looks a lot like on of our talented tour guides here! ;)

I really enjoyed yesterday's repartee! Thanks, all.

Happy Birthday PK and Congrats C.C. !!!!

Avg Joe said...

Easier than yesterday, but still a nice little romp. Downs took care of Frau, then Herr, so no issues with the cross reference non-clue. Had the circles, so saw the theme before filling the reveal. Had to giggle a bit at 45d as I channeled my 13 year old inner child. Thanks for the rundown, Argyle.

Happy Birthday to PK, and many more.

Congratulations on the ACPT post C.C. !!

TTP said...

Thank you Ed and Argyle.

PK, did you study the texting list ? HBTU ! *

No circles. I thought the theme was going to be something about the DOW until the obvious theme answer caused me to check for the Rs that I hadn't noticed earlier.

Ol' Man Keith broke from character once and did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words.

In the southeast, I went from ShoRTS (with ---RTS) to SkoRTS (with YOKED) to SKIRTS (with NIPPLES).

* HHOK. Ha Ha Only Kidding. Happy Birthday To yoU !

Hungry Mother @ 6:45, I agree, but would add that all else being equal, I would hire the young person that had a job versus the one that didn't.

George @ 5:35, thanks for letting us know. CC, CONGRATULATIONS !!!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Fun and easy puzzle once I got over my snit at having 1-across being a cross-reference cross-reference. The FRAU and HERR revealed themselves rather quickly.

I wanted Piano instead of ON END.

Unfortunately, my MacAir did an update last night. That totally screwed up my Safari this morning. I can read the puzzle blog, but the program shuts down if I try to comment (I am making this comment from my phone). Anyone else having this problem? Any computer whizzes out there who can help?

PK, I wish you a very happy birthday. I always find your comments insightful and amusing.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A very clean, straightforward solve with a few bumps: erect/on end, errors/gaffes and bare/nude. Saw the theme immediately but the theme answers were so obvious, it wasn't necessary for the solve.

Thanks, Ed Sessa, for your always enjoyable offerings and thanks, Argyle, for your always witty, wise, and wondrous words!

Happy Birthday, PK, you are a joy to have in this diverse and delightful domain! �� �� �� �� ��

Congratulations, CC, on the ACPT honor; will look forward to seeing the competition puzzles.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Gremlins are back again: 🎂 🍾🎁 🎈 🎉

oc4beach said...

Nice Tuesday puzzle from Ed and informative expo by Argyle. No circles since I did it on the MENSA site, but they weren't necessary to solve.

Only a few bumps on the way. Perps took care of the FRAU and HERR interconnection and a few other words. SOCKO didn't register at first since we usually see BOFFO in relation to stage performances in CWs. Both words basically mean the same thing, with SOCKO being the older word. Of course neither word is one that I'd use in any conversation.

At first I tried GOOFS, but it didn't compute so GAFFES went in.

I knew Edmund GWENN right off. My sister and I would watch the original "Miracle on 34th Street" every Christmas while we were growing up. It always brought back pleasant memories. I watched it with my kids and now my grandson. Of course tastes change and my kids watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Happy Birthday PK.

I checked out the SPORCLE site yesterday. I found it interesting and that it could be a complete time-waster. However, it has more redeeming value than Solitaire or Angry Birds.

Have a great day everyone.

Husker Gary said...

-My sister’s unmotivated son finally got a BA but is still flipping burgers. At least he’s working
-Barry Kripke on Big Bang doesn’t LISP, he has rhotacism as shown here
-The Challenger liftoff in 1986 should have been a NOGO in the cold weather
-I taught with a SHREW the kids hated
-We discussed this event recently where “It was all she WROTE” for the Yankees
-Here’s ERLE’s Perry Mason in glorious 50’s b/w (1:12:00)
-Spring equinox two days ago, full MOON tomorrow, guess what we celebrate on Sunday
-Slammin’ Sammy suddenly couldn’t speak English when he was called before congress for performance enhancing drugs
-Not Mommy Dearest Joan!
-Paul Simon is playing in Lincoln, NE this summer. I wonder if he has someone pale comparison singing ART’s parts
-Happy Birthday PK!!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks for the follow-up birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday to PK. That looks like a really good cake.

Easy puzzle from Ed today. Got the schtick after filling in BLOW DRY. Knowing what should be in the circles made succeeding fills easier. FRAU und HERR are both 4 letters so; an obvious guess to start.
Ed, DANKE fur das Kreuzworträtsel.

My favorite Nash:

The hunter crouches in his blind
'Neath camouflage of every kind
And conjures up a quacking noise
To lend allure to his decoys
This grown-up man, with pluck and luck
is hoping to outwit a duck

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you so much C.C. and everyone for the kind birthday wishes. 75 today. Isn't that supposed to be a jubilee? I'll go out with son's family for dinner tonight. Still up in the air about when daughter & granddaughter will take me out. They were second to ask for tonight. Other daughter & I will go out Saturday noon. So I'll have a week of celebration. Get a better chance of visiting with each descendent this way rather than at one big party. Now if my health will cooperate so I can go out three times or four actually, since I have my final ortho visit for my foot tomorrow morning. Think it is healed.

Congratulations, C.C., on being a creator at ACPT. The endorsement from the top past player had to help with that! Bravo!

Fun puzzle, Ed! No circles but no need. Didn't entirely get the theme until Argyle explained. Thanks, Santa!

Broadcaster on the local news last night was warning about an update from Kindle coming today - Install it or lose all service. So at midnight I was on the computer trying to put in the update. To lose my Kindle on my birthday would have been an unbearable tragedy. I had just ordered a new book for a birthday present to myself and was only halfway through another one. I went to bed thinking I had failed, but my Kindle is working today. Hooray!

PK said...

C.C. - Beautiful cake, thank you very much!

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, Gremlins?

The 1st thing I noticed was the new Ad above the Blog,
the 2nd thing I noticed was all the YouTube Imbeds were ridiculously slow.
(I do not have a speed problem outside the Blog, what's going on?)

Hmm II, Blogger profile assistance,,,
don't ask me, I screwed it up so bad I still have 2 or 3 accounts....

CC, awesome news! Congrats!

(Nobody, BUT NOBODY outdoes CED on Birthday Cake Links...)

Miracle on 34th Street (& It's a Wonderful Life) are Xmas staples in this house.
Edmund Gwenn

Hmm III, Wordplay?

TTP said...

Hahtoolah, are you still unable to post from Safari ? Sounds as if your Safari security settings may have been changed during the update. I don't know or use Apple or Safari, but it's my understanding that regardless of the operating system, you must have javascript enabled and must accept cookies to be able to post comments to blogspot.

CC, I would think Robert should be able to sign into Google My Account, then under "Personal and Privacy" take the option for "Account Overview", and then "View Dashboard." Dashboard should show all Google products. Scroll down to Blogger. Click the twistie and then A Create Profile or Edit Profile. He should then be able to use your linked instructions to Revert from Google +, OR change the display name used on blogger. That option would be under "edit profile."

CED, no issues with slow loading of embedded videos or anything else awry here.

Lucina said...

Hola y Buenos dias!

A very happy birthday, PK! How nice that you can celebrate on a different day with each of your children.

Congratulations, C.C.! I look forward to seeing your puzzles.

And DANKE, Ed Sessa for the puzzle and Argyle for the guided tour.

Count me as one who winced at a cross referenced first fill, but LISP and ACID helped with FLAW then FRAU appeared. Not too bad. HERR came later. I thought ON FIRST would work for shortstop's realm, but INFIELD prevailed and hand up for FOOD CRITIC before FOOD WRITER. I liked that it crossed WROTE. Clever.

RINSE and BLOWDRY took me to the salon which I do about every six weeks.

ALICE Cooper lives in Phoenix and is quite active in his children's school activities including a fundraiser once a year.

Divine Secrets of the YAYA Sisterhood is a funny story about a neurotic southern belle and her equally neurotic friends.

YOKED NIPPLES? I believe it's called a bra.

Have a splendiferous day, everyone!

TTP said...

Robert, Google does not make it easy.

At one time I had a set of instructions for creating a Blogger profile, but if you can get to the Dashboard, you should be able to see a Blogger icon and create a Blogger ID. You will then have a Google profile and a Blogger profile.

Google took over Blogger some years ago, so this isn't a recent issue. I know I created my Blogger account after Google owned Blogger. I subsequently created a Google account and chose not to link them together.

The revert instructions CC linked to are for people that linked their Blogger profile to their Google profile and didn't like it.

And yes, I can choose to alter/edit my Google profile OR choose to edit my Blogger Profile. I get to my Blogger Profile as I described above. From the dashboard. There I can change pictures, my location, my industry, about me etc, without ever changing my Google profile...

You might also search Blogger forums for anyone that is also having issues creating a new Blogger Profile when they had previously set up a Google + Profile.

Paste this into a browser and see if you can find your way.

Alternately, if all else fails, it might be easier to open up a New Private Window in your browser, then set up a new new Google account but do not create a new Google + account. You should then be able to set up a new Blogger profile.

Hang in there. They don't make it easy.

PK said...

TTP: Yes, I did study the link, thank you very much. Now the hard part is retaining what I read. LOL! (I got that one down pat.)

CED: WOW! What a cake! I'm glad I don't have to eat it all myself!

Best laid plans get changed by kids throwing up. My grandson is sick so my birthday dinner has segued to Friday. Don't mind at all. Can't reach my oldest daughter to tell her I'm open tonight. Probably one of her teaching mornings.

Again, thanks for all the good wishes!

TTP said...

That's why I said open a New Private Window.

In order to create and have a Blogger account, you MUST HAVE a Google account first.

Your issue is that your current Google Account associates only to your Google + profile and you can't find a way to create a Blogger Profile. Not sure why that is an issue.

I'm suggesting you try to open a New Private Window, create a NEW Google Account, and then create a Blogger Profile without creating a Google + profile.

BTW, there is no setting that the blog administrators for this blog could alter that would only allow new users to be G+ users.

Also, that link was just so you can go to the blogger support forums and try some self-help, and maybe ask some questions to a much larger blogger community.

You would have this same set of circumstances on any other blogspot blog you attempted to comment on...

Good luck.

Misty said...

Great Tuesday puzzle, Ed, many thanks. Fun to see all the German, FRAU, HERR, DANKE.
Fun expo, Santa, and thanks for posting the photo of your film partner, KRIS KRINGLE. I love "Miracle on 34th Street," one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Another little bonus today: I got two sports figures, ORR and SOSA. I can even tell the difference between ORR and OTT these days. The things you learn on the Crossword Blog!

Happy birthday, PK--enjoy your wonderful family dinners!

Congratulations, C.C.--how exciting! And thank you again for helping me get back on the blog back then. Where would I be without you!

Have a great day, everybody!

CanadianEh! said...

Quick Tuesday solve. I got to 53A and groaned "circles! I have no circles" but they were not needed.
Congrats C.C. and HBD PK.
Belated HBD to Spitzboov and John28.

Hand up for Erect before ON END. Loved the German clues and the salon treatment.
Corned beef in BRINE is just a few days late.

Loved Meryl STREEP in Iron Lady and most any of her movies.

Enjoy the day. Welcome Robert B. Hope you get the Google account solved.

CanadianEh! said...

I forgot to thank Ed and Argyle for the fun.

oc4beach said...

I have been using the Name/URL block to log into the blog.

After seeing the issues discussed today I decided to open a Blog account, so I clicked on the Blog logo on one of the regular's Blog and followed the instructions through my Google account.

Hopefully here I am. Lets see if it works.


Jayce said...

Solved this one pretty quickly. Immediately left 1A for later, to see what the perps would create of it. No circles but it didn't matter, but if I had had circles I might not have filled in FOOD CRITIC. Thought A HORA might be too hard for a Tuesday. LORNE Michaels was and is completely unknown to me, so it was ESP (credit to Tinbeni).

LW's Macbook Pro is wanting her to update the OS but she doesn't want to. Okay by me. Everything is working fine as is.

Best wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

Happy birthday, PK! And congratulations, C.C.

CrossEyedDave said...

To Robert Bernstein:

This might help...

(or maybe not.. my eyes glazed over after the 1st paragraph...)

(but it might be your browser is not compatible.)

Hmm, wear down? At least it makes hiking easier...

The origin of WoodWorking explained...

Blow Dry?

Food writer? No problem...

john28man said...

I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes for mu birthday. I was 80 Sunday and doing reasonable well.

Yellowrocks said...

Have a wonderful birthday, PK. Sure did miss you during your absence. I hope you stick around. I am glad you are healing well. I enjoyed the battle of the cakes.
I remember having little problem signing up for the blog and going blue, but I can't remember how I did it. And I am no techie whiz, so take heart. I do believe I had to sign up for a Google account first.
Thanks for the tip on updating Kindle. From what I can see my Kindle updated itself while I was connected to WIFI. It acted a little strange last night. I assume that it was updating then. Tomorrow, if I still have access to the Internet I will know I am updated.
Congratulations, CC, on your achievement.
Nash is tops.
So is Meryl Streep. My son argued with some of the history on Iron Lady, but it was a great tale and a SOCKO performance by Streep, as most of her performances are.
Also liked the YAYA Sisterhood movie.
I see many typos others make here. No prob, I really do understand. But, are y'all trying to replace me as the typo queen,the non proof reading blogger? To be honest, when I have something critical to proof, I can only do it by printing it out. I don't see the mistakes on screen.

Tinbeni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PK !!! ... something, in your honor, will happen at Sunset.

C.C. Congratulations! I'm sure the ACPT Puzzle you create will be a great one!

Argyle: Thank you for the write-up ... You are a "Nice Guy" posting the ALICE Cooper tune.

As for the rest of the puzzle ... easy, nice theme, and it's been already said.

The Sun is over the Yardarm ... time to "Toast ya'all" (the 1st one to PK) ...

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Ed and Santa! Cool puzzle!



fermatprime said...


Happy birthday, PK!

Congratulations, CC!

mtnest995 said...

Happy Birthday, PK, enjoy all those happy meals with family.

If you all have the time, hop on over to the NY Times and try C.C. and Don G's charming, clever puzzle. Fun stuff.

Thanks to Ed and Argyle for the puzzle and comments.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Ed for the fun WORDs to PLAY with today. No real bumps along the way (tho Mama and Papa was 1st thought at 1a - waited for perps to say).

Congrats C.C. On the ACPT! I don't suppose it will be published later so we can play. Maybe George's site?

HBD PK! Two cakes will be needed with all your parties this week. Do stick around I enjoy your $0.02 too.

I glom'd the theme early w/ 20a & 10d in place (I have circles) and that helped me avoid the critic trap. ESPs: 43a, 26, & 50d.

Fun ones: ALICE (I for ONE enjoyed, thanks Argyle!), ART, and LORNE (who discovered many talented comics and ushered them through SNL).

Thought of our NOLA comrades* at 30d. "Who Dat? Who Dat?"

Fav: c/a == LEOS - Finally all the X-word Pontiffs at once! :-)

HG - I don't know if you heard this NPR story on Bob Ebeling. He tried to give Challenger the NO-GO. He passed yesterday.

YR - I also have trouble catching my GAFFES on a computer screen and post WARTs and all.

Lucina - LOL Bra!

Welcome RobB - If I have time tonight I'll build a fresh G+ acct (I need a new hack acct anyway) and see what I can't discover.

MIL says she enjoyed pzl too. She's still in lurk-mode (I better watch what I say...) but will join us soon.

Cheers, -T
*Prez is in Cuba so... ;-)

Hahtoolah said...

Anonymous T: I heard that story about Bob Ebeling on NPR. I hadn't heard that he passed, but I knew that the NPR story caused a lot of listeners to send in and write to him, which he got a lot of comfort from. For years he had been bearing a heavy burden feeling that he was somehow to blame for the Challenger.

-B said...

Test. -B

-B said...

don't nobody talk about Bob -B

Anonymous T said...


Go to (Link)

It should Say Robert B(full-name)'s Blog's.
There's a gear next to English (US) on the right.
Click the gear
Select Revert to blogger profile
Switch to limited Blogger Profile

Set your Display name to -B :-)
Click Continue to Blogger

I didn't select anything re "connecting G+ or anything".

Lemme know.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Oops, WARTs & all... The link should be Make sure you're logged in w/ your G+ account before you go there. Cheers, -T

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Ed Sessa, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Happy Birthday, PK, and many more.

Congratulations, C.C., on you ACWT puzzle. Well deserved!

I have circles and got WORD in each.

Puzzle was a little tough,but I got it. Got several words with perps, but that is the game.

I have had a long day.

See you tomorrow.


( )

aka thelma said...

Robert.... perhaps by now you have solved your blogger problem.... I have yet to read all the comments... I'm always late....

Creating a Blog using by MKFogel

Check out the above site.... this is at the end of the site....

1. Go to
2. Enter your Google Email and password into the Sign In box on the right side of the screen.
3. Click Sign In
Optional: If you do not want your name on your blog, click Switch to a limited Blogger Profile
4. Confirm Profile by clicking the Continue to Blogger button at the bottom of the screen.

Good Luck
thelma :)

aka thelma said...

Also... you need to have a google email to do it... like gmail.... I have no idea what others may be google accts ??

thelma :) :)

aka thelma said...

OK.... don't know wherre my first post about blogger went... sorry....


aka thelma said...

Signing Up for Blogger

Picture of Signing Up for Blogger
1. Go to
2. Enter your Google Email and password into the Sign In box on the right side of the screen.
3. Click Sign In
Optional: If you do not want your name on your blog, click Switch to a limited Blogger Profile
4. Confirm Profile by clicking the Continue to Blogger button at the bottom of the screen.

found on this site Creating a Blog using by MKFogel

thelma ... again

Anonymous T said...

aka thelma - as soon as you "create a new" G-account (and you don't use a secondary email (nor give them your cell #)), you get a gMail account. Robert already has a G-account since he's posting as +G.

The trick seems to rely on, after logging in to a Google account, going to the blogger home page (linked correctly at 9:46p) and clicking the gear to the right of language prefs. Then select "revert to Blogger..." That will prompt to switch to "Restricted Blogger" profile and then you setup a screen name / profile if one never existed. Whoot! [I'm Bob and -B above... I poked about until I found it - shoot, now I need a new-new hack account :-)]

I suppose the same mechinism would work the next time someone loses their "Blogger" profile and it reverts to their G+ profile. I've not tested that tho.

Robert B. If you still have issues, let us know and I'll poke some more. Time for sleep-cycle.

Cheers, -T

aka thelma said...

Anon -T.... :) After I went thru all that monkey business it dawned on me that he already had a google acct.... the site I pulled up and tried to post didn't state all that you have... I no longer remember how I did mine... but if I remember that even after going to blogger it wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done.... thanx for posting.... :)

thelma :)

C.C. Burnikel said...

Holy smoke! You made it in such a short time.

You're the best. Thanks for stepping in and giving detailed instructions.

Anon-T & aka thelma,
Thanks for the Blogger help also. As for the ACPT puzzles, Anon-T, you can buy them once the tournament is over.

Lemonade et al,
Thanks for the sweet words. I feel so incredibly honored to be one of the constructors.

TTP said...

Thanks CC.

This morning I created another Google account and Blogger profile after opening a New Private Window. I simply chose to create a Blogger account rather than a Google + (G+) account.

So I know it can be done, and it might be a solution for Robert.

I just posted a "Good morning" comment from that second account to today's blog.

Anon - T, thanks. Did you create BOB THICK (G+ profile) before you had a -B (Blogger profile) ? Or was -B account already there when you created BOB THICK ?

I can see how you would get the REVERT option if both profiles exist. The G+ profile could revert to a basic Blogger profile. But i fno basic Blogger profile exists, how could one revert ? Regress maybe, but revert doesn't "feel" right.

Guess I'll open another new private window and this time start by creating only a G+ profile and see if I can revert to a blogger profile that doesn't yet exist. (That's Robert's condition.)

C.C. Burnikel said...

Please continue to use Tuesday's Comments section for your reply to TTP. This way I can easily link today's comment section for future references.

TTP said...

CC and Anon-T,

I finally got back to it.

I created a third account and this time took the option for G+ rather than Blogger. Sure enough, a user that only has a G+ account can use the Revert instructions to change the G+ account to a Blogger account. You lose G+ by doing it this way.

So Robert may not want to do that as he would lose his G+ circles and followers and whatever else is associated with his G+.

So I created another account and signed up for G+. Same as Robert. Then I ADDED Blogger, rather than using Revert. Very simple.

If you have another user that has G+ and wants to add Blogger:

1) The G+ user should make sure they are signed in to the Google account.
2) In the upper right corner of a Google screen (eg, the user will see a grid of 9 blocks (3 rows by 3 columns)
3) Select that grid and look for MORE at the bottom. Select MORE
4) Select Blogger and add the Blogger App.
5) Fill out the profile.
The user will now have both G+ and Blogger.

The reverse should also be true. A Blogger user could add G+ or any of the other apps that are available. Any apps that a user adds can be managed on their dashboard.

I would caution that a user may not want to associate their blogger account with their G+ account.

Anonymous T said...

TTP - I totally missed everything after CC's post @3:37a thinking we were done for the day. I just happen to still have this tab open as I was closing down...

That's pretty much what I did, though I missed the Blogger Apps and when to the Blogger/home to find the Gear that gave me the option.

I agree - don't associate G+ w/ Blogger in all the options - no need telling your "Cirlcles" you're talking about the Oxford Comma (again) :-)

Cheers, -T

TTP said...

CC, here are my instructions and explanation for someone to "go Blue," and doesn't know how.

If you don't have a Google account and want to "go blue" then read on. It means that you'll need a Blogger profile.

No matter what Google apps you want, whether it's Blogger, G+, a YouTube account, or others, you'll first need a Google account.

A Google account always start with the creation of a Google profile that includes setting up a GMAIL (Google email) account.

If you already posting comments to the blog, an easy way to get both the Google account and Blogger account setup is to do the following:

1) At the very top of the comments page is a large white B in an orange background. Select it.
2) You'll get a Google screen that says "One Account. All of Google." "Sign in to continue to Blogger."
3) Skip the sign in and go to the bottom and select "Create Account."
4) Fill out the form to create your Google Account.
5) The next screen will be a Welcome screen. Select "Continue to Blogger"
6) On the next screen, select "Create a limited Blogger profile"
7) On the screen after that, create a Blogger profile name (Display name) and then "Continue to Blogger"
8) On the next screen, find your Display name in the upper right corner. Select it, and then select Account.
9) At the next screen, choose Account Overview. It's in the middle column under Personal Info and Privacy.
10) After you select Account Overview, select View Dashboard.
11) Scroll down to Blogger. To the right of Blogger, you should see "Edit Blogger Profile." Select it.

You can add a picture as an avatar, and then fill out a Blogger profile with as much or with as little info as you want to share.

12) When satisfied, go to the bottom of the screen and select "Save Profile."

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thank you so much! I published a specific post about your instructions and put it under Olio on the blog front page.

TTP said...

CC, you are welcome.

We often have people that post their comments as Anonymous or by entering a name the Name/URL options. See the comments earlier by PK and inanehiker. They choose to enter their comments that way, and prefer to not have a Google account.

Yet others join the fun and want to "go blue." The name or pseudonym of a Blogger user are in the color blue when they post comments to this blogspot. So we call it "going Blue."

My instructions at March 24, 2016 at 10:54 AM are for those people that want to "go blue" who do not yet have a Blogger or Google account. Those instructions will not work for someone that already has a Google account. The instructions of March 24, 2016 at 10:54 AM will not work for you as you are already a G+ user or if you already have a Google account.

You already have a Google account, and are using the G+ App. You have two ways to get a Blogger profile:
1) Revert to Blogger.
2) Add Blogger as another app.

If you no longer care about your G+, you can use the revert instructions CC linked or Anon-T explained.

If however, you want to keep your G+ app and want to add the Blogger app, then you can follow the instructions I wrote at March 23, 2016 at 5:06 PM.

Not sure why you are having this much difficulty, but at step 3 were you able to select that 3x3 grid ? After you select it, you should see the icons for 12 of Google's apps, among them My Account, You Tube, Play, Translate, Google+ (aka G+), Drive etc.

Below that list of 12 apps is a MORE button. Select it. Additional Google Apps will show up, among them Shopping, Finance, Docs, and a few others, including Blogger.

Select the Blogger icon and follow the instructions. When you select it, you are adding the Blogger app to your Google account.

If you don't see the Blogger icon, try the "EVEN MORE" button.

Here is part of those instructions from March 23, 2016 at 5:06 PM that would apply specifically to what you would need to do.

If you have another user that has G+ and wants to add Blogger:

1) The G+ user should make sure they are signed in to the Google account.
2) In the upper right corner of a Google screen (eg, the user will see a grid of 9 blocks (3 rows by 3 columns)
3) Select that grid and look for MORE at the bottom. Select MORE
4) Select Blogger and add the Blogger App.
5) Fill out the profile.
The user will now have both G+ and Blogger.

Anonymous T said...

I'm not sure why this tab is still open - Kismit?

Robert - I looked at your profile and saw Picard, so maybe you don't need my help...

On the page of "Robert's blogs" you'll see a language option to the right. Next to that is a gear/sprocket. Click it. The drop-down will give you the option described above to "revert to Blogger." It worked for my Bob account.

Looking forward to you joining the (B)log.

Cheers, -T

C.C. Burnikel said...

I'm glad you made it.

However, you had no respect for the valuable time TTP spent on this issue. I don't appreciate your tone toward him or me.