Apr 11, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016 Nancy Salomon

Theme: For your eyes only - Four ways to use your eyes.

17A. Understand, finally : SEE THE LIGHT

23A. Zone out : STARE INTO SPACE

38A. Revival leader's query ... and hint to the starts of 17-, 23-, 49- and 60-Across : "CAN I GET A WITNESS?"

49A. Photographer's instruction : WATCH THE BIRDIE

60A. "Didn't think I could do it, did ya?!" : "LOOK AT ME NOW!"

Argyle here with Nancy again. She was here last month and returns with a smooth offering today. No pinwheel today but still a couple of long non-theme columns to tie it together. The unifier is a grid spanner right in the middle.


1. Spaghetti or ziti : PASTA

6. In different places : APART

11. What a steamroller steamrolls : TAR

14. Moral standard : ETHIC

15. Capital of Yemen : SANA'A

16. Thrilla in Manila winner : ALI

19. Caboodle go-with : KIT. (kit and caboodle) (meaning)

20. Bill at the bar : TAB

21. Tehran native : IRANI

22. German auto engineer Karl : BENZ

27. Mined rock : ORE

28. Ticklish Muppet : ELMO

29. Boom's opposite : BUST

32. ID card feature : PHOTO

35. Point de __: opinion, in Paris : VUE

42. Corp. ladder leader : CEO

43. En __: as a group : MASSE

44. Spoken : ORAL

45. WWII female enlistee : WAAC. (Women's Army Auxiliary Corps)

47. Org. with a "100 Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time" list : AFI. (American Film Institute)

56. Had a bawl : WEPT

57. Track jockey, e.g. : RIDER

58. Building wing : ELL

59. Swiss peak : ALP

63. Under the weather : ILL

64. Speck in the ocean : ISLET

65. Beethoven's "Für __" : ELISE. A dance number?

66. Lao-__: Taoism founder : TSE

67. Heart rate : PULSE

68. Thin coins : DIMES


1. Ones who won't leave you alone : PESTS

2. Really bugged : ATE AT

3. Biblical queen's land : SHEBA

4. Little songbird : TIT

5. More sore : ACHIER

6. Lion of Narnia : ASLAN

7. Sherwin-Williams product : PAINT

8. Cardio procedure : ANGIO

9. Word of support : RAH

10. Skin art, briefly : TAT

11. Seek shelter : TAKE COVER

12. Flared skirt : A-LINE

13. Big name in hotels and crackers : RITZ

18. Buffalo's lake : ERIE

22. Emeril catchword : BAM!

24. __ de boeuf: French roast : RÔTI. (Roast beef)

25. Alien-seeking org. : SETI. (search for extraterrestrial intelligence)

26. Underhanded plan : PLOT

29. Secretly keep in the email loop, briefly : BCC. (Blind Carbon Copy )

30. Abu Dhabi's fed. : UAE. (United Arab Emirates)

31. Suspected McIntosh relative with pure white flesh : SNOW APPLE. (Fameuse) LINK

32. TD's six : PT's. (football)

33. Gives birth to : HAS

34. What borrowers do : OWE

36. __ Today : USA

37. Subj. for some green-card holders : ESL. (English as a second language)

39. Former auto financing co. : GMAC. (General Motors Acceptance Corporation, now Ally Financial)

40. A pop : EACH

41. Roulette color : NOIR. (black)

46. Verizon rival : AT&T. (American Telephone and Telegraph Company, once)

47. Aid in a felony : ABET

48. Solidified, as plans, with "up" : FIRMED

49. H.G. who wrote "The War of the Worlds" : WELLS. This gives me an excuse to post Jeff Wayne's Forever Autumn, sung by Justin Hayward and narrated by Richard Burton.

50. Internet forum troublemaker : TROLL. "Don't feed the trolls"

51. Backpacking outings : HIKES

52. Online social appointment : e-DATE

53. Jeans material : DENIM

54. Admission of defeat : "I LOSE"

55. Cary of "Glory" : ELWES

Matthew Broderick and Cary Elwes in "Glory"
56. Cool one's heels : WAIT

60. One of a kissing pair : LIP. Remember "Leo the Lip" Durocher?

61. Buckeyes' sch. : OSU. (Ohio State University)

62. Yale Blue wearer : ELI


Note from C.C.:

Congratulation to dear Jazzbumpa (Ron) on his New York Times debut today!


desper-otto said...

Nobody here?

Enjoyed Nancy's puzzle. Seemed tougher than your typical Monday, but pretty heavy on 3-letter fill. Also enjoyed the JzB 'n' CC NYT. Congrats, Ron.

TTP said...

Where is everyone ?

Thanks Nancy and Argyle.
Congratulations JzB !

thehondohurricane said...


Finally saw THE LIGHT & achieved a Monday success. Got through pretty easily with only a couple of uncertainties. One being the crossing S for SANAA & ASLAN. Wasn't sure about either fill. For 24A my original entry was CANT ...... but ROTt for a French roast did not look French. And CANI.... worked too. Besides ROTI looks much more appetizing then ROTt. The rest filled in without much worry.

Congrats JzB on making the NY Times.

Hungry Mother said...

Wanted LOOK AT THE BIRDIE, but it wouldn't fit. Also wanted SLOW APPLE, but didn't work. Otherwise, very smooth solve.

Tinbeni said...

Jazz: Congratulations on your NYT debut.

Wonderful CSO to Husker Gary's Grand-daughter ELISE.

Gotta like any puzzle with a TIT as an answer.

Stuck, here in the Tampa Bay Area, with beautiful, sunny, mid 70's weather.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset ... OK, y'all's toasts start with the fourth one ...
After I Toast my Mom, my Dad and my dear-departed wife ...

Oh well, NO PROBLEM !!! ... I always have more than 4 sips.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Back from dropping my son off for his week-long camping trip. He didn't seem nervous to be away from his family for the first time (other than an occasional sleepover at a friend's house), but his mother and I are nervous wrecks.

I thought today's puzzle was very crunchy for a Monday, what with the French (ROTI, VUEW) and complete unknowns like SNOW APPLES. The perps got me through it all without much fuss, though. The theme was cute and very well done.

I haven't had time to do the NYT puzzle this morning, but congrats to Jazz!

Limerick Louie said...

There was once a new mom who begat,
Three male babies named Nat, Pat and TAT.
'Twas fun in the breeding,
But hell in the feeding,
When she found there was no TIT for TAT!

Avg Joe said...

This was a speed run, but a pleasant one. Only unknowns were Vue and Roti. I've a minor nit with the clue for Tar, since it's not just tar, but the entire amalgam that is asphaltic concrete that Steamrollers roll. But I'll prolly get over it.

Couldn't help but notice tit, tat and a teat. Curious if the clue "large brown shore bird" has ever been used for booby.

Congrats on the NYT debut, Jazz. I've asked LW to bring home a copy from work.

Thanks Argyle.

oc4beach said...

Nice Monday puzzle from Nancy and the usual enlightening write-up by Argyle.

I agree with Avg Joe on the TAR clue. Steamrollers usually steamrolled TARMACADAM which is a mixture of tar, stones, sand etc. to make a road surface. There are a lot of other clues that would have been better. Like ___ and Feathers, or Pine ___. Not a big deal.

Not much happening today. Hope everyone has a great one.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Thanks for the congrats.. Obviously, I owe it all to C.C. - so thanks to you as well, my friend.

Nice one from Nancy today. I SAW THE LGHT pretty quickly, and breezed through about as quickly as I ever do. Smooth run, and just right for a Monday.

Got the NW corner from the acrosses, so never saw the TIT. Very disappointing! Just noticed that 2D is A TEAT. That makes it better.

Today's theme song, for 60 A.

Tigers and Mud Hens were both snowed out yesterday. Better today - 55 deg and some occasional sun. Tigers - Pirates at 1:00.

Cool regards!

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

37D deserves this cartoon. Unfortunately I am unable to past the cartoon itself. I'm hoping that this URL takes you there.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A nice, easy start to the week. No hang-ups, everything just fell into place.

Thanks, Nancy and Argyle, for a fun romp.

Congratulations, Ron, on your NYT debut; you are a man of many talents! 🎧 🎼. Congrats, also, CC. 😇

Have a great day.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

You might have to copy and paste the URL into your browser.

Husker Gary said...

-I saw the theme reveal coming up, skipped it and filled it in without the clue later. Me quirky?
-How ‘bout a name I don’t know and can’t pronounce – ELWES
-I imagine those coaches getting waxed by UCONN just STARE INTO SPACE at the end. Watta gonna do?
-No matter how it was done, LOOK AT ME NOW!
-A very good mechanic friend of mine was reticent collecting TABS and went out of business
-I loved the Für Elise number for our Elise. Thanks for remembering Tin!
-Lao TSE/General TSO
-I’m 69 and get my PULSE up to 135 on the treadmill. Let’s SEE how that rates
-If you want to see underhanded PLOTS, get House of Cards on Netflix! Wow!
-The most famous roulette bet in movie history was 22 NOIR (1:43)
-My DENIM life changed yesterday when the jeans I bought had a waist size that started with a 4 and not a 3.
-Congrats Ron!

oc4beach said...

Magilla: You can create a link to your cartoon by following the directions in this Blog LINK

CanadianEh! said...

I found this CW somewhat crunchier than usual for a Monday but got it done eventually when I could SEE THE LIGHT. Thanks Nancy and Argyle.

Some common CW fill: SANAA, ELISE, ORE, ELMO, ERIE (hello Abejo), SETI, ELI.
Also a CSO to our TROLLs.

Another possible theme phrase could have been JUST WATCH ME, familiar to Canadians.

I had a cat named Kitten Kaboodle. I just used Kitty to call him inside.

Congrats JazzB. I will try your puzzle later.

Have a great day.

Argyle said...

Magilla, you got me there but here is a more direct route: 37D LINK.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Nice easy Monday offering from Nancy. Thanks. I loved the puzzle from the get-go w/ PASTA @1a - DW has me on low-carb :-(

Thanks Argyle for the writeup. APART from the Wayne link not working on my iPad (until I went to YouTube), you provided the KIT and Caboodle in your expo.

WOs: 0; ESP: Whoever the heck 55d is ELWES? Who even puts an L next to a W?!?

Fav: (WAIT for it...). BENZ tot WAAC'd today. Car's a BUST and I had to HIKES'd it home. [OK, cute by 1/2 at best...]

Car (not a Benz) is in the shop today. I hit the RR tracks this morning and the "ping" got even louder. Back passenger shock is spent and clanking about. I'm sure $500 will fix it...

Who can let RITZ pass w/o puttin' it on?

Joliot Jake can SEE THE LIGHT!

JzB - I'll get the NYT and play your puzzle when I get my car this afternoon. Nice job getting Will to accept your effort! Congrats.

Cheers, -T

Jayce said...

Congratulations, Jazzb. Nice grid.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Holy Mackerel! Yes - Big CONGRATS to JzB for his NY Times pzl!
And thanks to Nancy Salomon for today's week-opener, a pleasant and appropriately easy Monday challenge to get us out of bed and revved up to face another week of springtime adventures...

AnonymousPVX said...

A nice beginning to the week, with good clueing and a clever construct.

Lucina said...

How nice to have another Nancy Salomon puzzle! To think I could have posted at 5:00 when I finished it but I was tired and returned to bed.

A minimum of write overs was required for this effort, PLOY/PLOT, ILOST/ILOSE and WWAC/WAAC but nothing problematic and so many ways to LOOK!

Thank you, Nancy and Argyle! It's a great way to start Monday.

Congratulations on your NYT debut!

Have a momentous Monday, everyone!

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Congrats to JzB on your accomplishment.

Nice tight puzzle from Nancy today. No strikethroughs; no assistance needed. Liked the theme.
Was not familiar with SNOW APPLE so, a learning.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Sorry for my absence from here but it is still a very "busy" time of the season for me here in S Florida, so precious little time to do anything more than solve the puzzle each day. I must be getting a bit rusty, though, as I had more write-overs today than I normally have - especially for a Monday. I had to Google more than a couple of answers, too, and that's not normal, either, for a Monday.

My biggest error was in the reveal at 38a, as I had erroneously written SETA for 25d and PLOY for 26d, which gave me: CAN I GET AWAYNESS for the reveal. Now had I been listening to Grand Funk Railroad at about the 2:20 mark, I would've known the answer! CAN I GET A WITNESS . . .

Other boo-boos were: putting GRANT instead of ELWES (55d), and ESS instead of LIP (60d). I also had SNOW WHITE in 31d instead of SNOW APPLE, and I had to google ASLAN and SANAA before I "SAW THE LIGHT" . . .

Well, since Nancy Salomon beat me up today, I'll have to figure a way to go TIT for TAT on her! JK . . . ;^) BTW, Limerick Louie @ 8:40 - thanks for sharing a funny rendition of that phrase.

Oh, and a belated "selfie" shout-out from Saturday's puzzle, as there was a clue (I think 31a) about missiles for Moe (PIES). Here is a video clip (about 16:30 minutes long) and at about the 15:53 mark Moe (and Larry) begin tossing PIES. This (No Census, No Feeling) was one of my favorite Three Stooges shorts; lots of great lines . . .

Jerome said...

You're somethin' else, Jazz. Later I'll pop a beer in your honor.

Spoiler Alert

It doesn't get much better than GO POOF, APE SUITS, ENCHILADAS, and SOUR GRAPES

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

Testing oc4beach suggestion.

Link text" ESL Cartoon

Jerome said...

Just a bit of info...

Today's constructor, Nancy Salomon, and editor, Rich Norris, are tied for 13th as the most prolific New York Times authors... ever.

Rich was known as Mr. Saturday, and had a mind-boggling 186 published puzzles. 118 of them were Saturday puzzles. The hardest to write.

Nancy co-authored 116 of her 186 puzzles. Most as a mentor.

And none of these stats reflect their vast amount of puzzles appearing in numerous other venues!

A tip of the hat to Jeff Chen's XWord Info

tawnya said...

Fun Monday! Thanks for the write up too...

Take a look at me now reminds me of the old LA radio station with their late night dedications "Love Songs on the KOST."

@anonT: He's on a mission from God! Now let me see you Shake A Tail Feather :)
@Moe: thanks for the link to GFR - I've been singing it since I filled it in!

Thanks for the break - back to school work. And watching the Cardinals master the game of small-ball against the Brewers. 9-0 and no home runs!

Congrats Jazz! Such an accomplishment!

Have a great day :)


JD said...

Congratulations Bumpa!!

Limerick Louie, I am still laughing. I am enjoying this day with my old blogger pal , Carol, who wrote many limericks a few years back.

TTP said...

Must be musical Monday.

Chairman Moe, I was thinking about Grand Funk Railroad and that song this afternoon.

JzB: "I Saw The Light"

Tawnya beat me to Phil Collins and "Take a Look at Me Now"

Anonymous T said...

Tawnya - we gotta stop meeting musically like this - DW might get suspicious... Loved the Ray Charles. Thx.

Got the car and the NYT. Dern if it wasn't $600 (for the car, not the paper). On the plus side the Alfa's inspection was only $7 and I finally passed!

JzB - not quite done yet, but so far so fun (11d was particularly funny as I inked porno w/o thinking 'this ain't Hef's puzzle'). TL;DR -T likie. Thanks Jerome for the ample spoiler warning. Took me the 6th 'x', but I figured it out :-)

MIL - I know you're lurking... There's an extra NYT on the rooster-plate when you get the girls tomorrow.

Cheers, -T

Avg Joe said...

Just finished the NYT puzzle. Very enjoyable. And Soitenly a bit more challenging than a typical Monday in the LAT. Good job, and again congratulations.

SwampCat said...

Fun Monday! Thanks. Nancy . I loved the SHOUT OUT to our Anon/trolls. I know they are everywhere, but I still get annoyed. My problem, I know!

Argyle, you entertained me again while educationing me!! Thanks!

Ron, congratulations. I'll get to it eventually. So proud of you!

Anonymous T said...

I tried to post to Rex's blog the following link (SPOILER) for JzB's NYT debut. For those who haven't played yet, don't click (that includes you MIL). For those that play'd, here you are.

Great puzzle Jazz & C.C. 62a was my fav as Mom's side of the fam dons the green.

C. Moe - GFR has been rattlin' about my head all day... Thanks!

Cheers, -T

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Nancy Salomon, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Congrats, Jazzbumpa, on you new puzzle.

Started this puzzle late. I was busy all day. Had to finish my book for my Book Club. "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah. Excellent book.

Puzzle went through pretty easily. Theme made sense.

18D was easy, ERIE. Also Erie's Lake. Just down the lake from Buffalo.

Liked SHEBA at 3D.

ASLAN was not a familiar word, but perped it.

E DATE. Cannot imagine that. Oh well. That is our society.

Getting late. I am going to crash.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Lucina said...

Our Book Club also read "The Nightingale" and liked it. It's very good. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Abejo.