Apr 19, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Bruce Haight

 Theme: F-F

17. Maximum impact : FULL FORCE

21. Get dizzy : FEEL FAINT

34. Close pal : FAST FRIEND

43. Healthy, with "in" : FINE FETTLE

58. Beach footwear : FLIP FLOPS

66. Achilles' heel : FATAL FLAW

4. Office cabinet document holder : FILE FOLDER

9. British Invasion nickname : FAB FOUR

32. Six for you, six for me, e.g. : FIFTY-FIFTY

44. On the house : FOR FREE

Argyle here. Underwhelmed by the theme but overwhelmed by the execution of said theme. Ten theme entries covering ninety squares.


1. "Yeah, like that's gonna happen" : "AS IF ..."

5. "That's clear now" : "I SEE"

9. Honored with a big bash : FETED

14. New Jersey or California city : LODI.

population 24,136

15. French champagne maker founded in Germany : MUMM. The French confiscated all of the Mumm's property, although they had lived in Champagne for almost a century before World War I, because they had never become French citizens.

16. Bakery lure : AROMA

19. Olympic racer since 2008 : BMXer. More trouble in Rio.

20. Staggering dizzily : AREEL

23. "__ out!" : FAR

25. Suffix with switch : EROO

26. DJ's stack : CDs

27. Accessory for note-taking : MEMO PAD

31. __ Wiedersehen : AUF. "until we see again"

33. Lang. of Florence : ITAL. (Italian)

40. Slush __ : FUND. Often used to pay for monkey business.

41. JFK overseer : FAA. (Federal Aviation Administration)

42. Food Network's "Beat Bobby __" : FLAY. Is it worth watching?

47. IRS agent : T-MAN

48. Ukr. neighbor : ROM. (Ukraine/Romania)

49. Softball of a question : EASY ONE

51. Little newt : EFT

54. Pokes fun at : RIBS

57. Baseball : ump :: football __ : REF

61. British elevators : LIFTS

65. What the suffix "phile" means : LOVER

68. Stood : AROSE

69. Italian automaker since 1899 : FIAT. Check out the front seat facing backwards!

70. Melt fish : TUNA

71. Tentative bite : TASTE

72. Airing, as a sitcom : ON TV

73. Safecracker : YEGG. Just one of the retro entries.


1. __ Romeo: sports car : ALFA

2. Like lemons : SOUR

3. Doing nothing : IDLE

5. Texter's "If you ask me" : [IMO]. "in my opinion"

6. Browse websites : SURF

7. Oscars host, e.g. : EMCEE. (master of ceremonies(MC)

8. Mideast VIP : EMEER. One of several spellings.

10. Humorist Bombeck : ERMA

11. Poisonous : TOXIC

12. Correct, as text : EMEND

13. Game that drives home a point? : DARTS. (2:45)

18. Envelope part : FLAP

22. Pumpernickel buy : LOAF

24. U.K. fliers : RAF. (Royal Air Force)

27. Annoy : MIFF

28. Storage case for tiny scissors : ETUI

29. "Death in Venice" author Thomas : MANN. A novella first published in 1912.

30. Senseless : DAFT

35. Posed : SAT

36. Bit of folklore : TALE

37. Giggly Muppet : ELMO

38. Tandoori bread : NAAN

39. Physics unit : DYNE

45. Disney's "__ and the Detectives" : EMIL. From an old German story. Wiki

46. Place for a hoop : EAR

50. Get bought up quickly : SELL

51. Key above D : E FLAT

52. Fauna's partner : FLORA

53. Records for later, in a way : TIVOs

55. Super, at the box office : BOFFO

56. Where rain falls mainly on the plain : SPAIN

59. Bothersome insect : PEST

60. Doc's "Now!" : "STAT!"

62. Santa's access : FLUE. Sure.

63. Zesty flavor : TANG

64. Loot : SWAG

67. Off-road transport, briefly : ATV. (all-terrain vehicle)



fermatprime said...


Thanks, Bruce and Santa!

I liked the theme.

MUMM filled itself in. No problems.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Blew through this one pretty quickly. Minor hesitations at the start due to not knowing there was also a LODI in New Jersey and never having heard of MUNN (I tried MOET at first, just for the heck of it). The perps took care of those in short order, but I was a bit nervous about MUNN actually being correct until I got the *TADA* at the end.

unclefred said...

Several write overs: EMIRE:EMEER; FIDDLE:FETTLE; FREEBIE:FORFREE; TAPES:TIVOS. But the perps provided the V-8 moments, so all-in-all, got 'er done in just a bit over usual Tuesday time. I really enjoyed this CW, thanx, Bruce!! Also loved the write-up, with all the links and all, thanx, Argyle!!

Hungry Mother said...

I had FIDDLE also at first, and then became convinced that I made it up. Glad to see that it's a real thing.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This must have been an uber-obvious theme. I actually got it. There were also many superfluous Fs with FLUE/LIFTS, FUND, FLORA/EFT, DAFT/FAA and FIAT/BOFFO (no Oxford comma). It's quite the F-ing puzzle.

In the beginning there was TIVO, and it was good. Then there was DirecTV plus TIVO DVR, even better. Then there was DirecTV DVR (sans TIVO) and it was OK. Now, once again, DirecTV is touting a TIVO DVR.

The advertised overnight showers failed to materialize, so it may be safe to venture out of the neighborhood today. Both exits from our area were blocked by high water yesterday. Not sure how much rain we got -- my rain gauge begins to overflow at five inches.

Jerome said...

MUNN, ENCEE, and ENEER are terrific fill words.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Bruce Haight, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Got through this easily. A few hiccups along the way, but perped through them.

Theme was clever. Lots of F's.

Been to LODI, CA, but not New Jersey.

Never heard of MUMM.

Tried RUS for 48A, but ROM won that battle.

Never heard of EMIL nor the detectives.

YEGG was easy.

Have eaten tons of NAAN years ago. Not so much now.

Off to my day.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

My summation idea too, Argyle. I thought we might see FORTISIMO for the FF theme reveal. This reminded me of Don and C.C.’s S-QUAD Sunday puzzle.

-FLIP FLOPS used to be called thongs but that apparel is, uh, completely different now
-Our tax FILE FOLDERS go back to 1967 and make us wonder, “How did we live on that?”
-The AROMA from this bakery in Oberammergau was irresistible
-AREEL – These “A” words used to drive our Marti crazy
-I tried to avoid TOXIC members of the our faculty
-Gotta run! First day of our senior golf league. We have lost quite a few players this past winter due to deaths and medical issues and are down to only 36 men.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I immediately caught on to the theme with the FILE FOLDER. (I do one across, then the down's in that first box, so 4-Down came early in my solving pleasure).

I always enjoyed reading ERMA Bombeck. She died way too young at age 69.

Had some major surgery yesterday, but they kicked me out of the hospital already. I'm a little shaky, but alert enough to do a Tuesday puzzle.

D-O, I fear you may be sending some of your rain our way. I hope you are/were safe from all that rain in the Houston area.

Tinbeni said...

Fave today, of course, was MUMM ... even though I spelled it differently than Barry G.

Needed ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to get that Olympic racer since 2008, BMXER.

Other than that, I was in Fine-Form during my solve.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

A few write overs here and there but the perps corrected my misteaks [sic]

Close pal = FAST FRIEND was a bit of a head scratcher; not familiar with that phrase I guess

I too was looking for a "theme reveal" (HG's FF = Fortisimo was spot on). Clever construction and excellent write up. In Owen absence I offer:

Bruce Haight had this one up on his shelf,
And had made a short note to himself:
If the LA Times Ed'
Uses another, instead,
I can tell him to go F yourself!!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Breezed through with one or two hiccups: Moët/Mumm, for one. I knew Emil and the Detectives but have no idea how. The theme was obvious early on, so it was a speedy solve.

Thanks, Bruce and Argyle, for a fun-filled Tuesday romp.

I hope Houston is out of the woods; the news films were horrifying to watch, and I can't even imagine the terror some of those people went through.

RIP Doris Roberts.

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Blue Hen - Hope you have a good recovery.

Got off to a crunchy start but then fell into good marching order. The F-F theme quickly exposed itself. My favorite is FINE FETTLE which has been in my vocabulary for some time. Glad FETED is not spelled fetid.
9d British Invasion - Initially thought of Gold, Juno, or Sword. Perps made it FAB FOUR.
Was not familiar with MUMM.

Fast forward to my exit. Have a great day.

Lucina said...

This was a puzzle with Fine Features, IMO, which was quickly solved. Thank you, Bruce and Argyle. FASTFRIEND is a familiar phrase.

NOTEPAD was out voted by MEMOPAD. I've never watched him but had definitely heard of Bobby FLAY, however, not EMIL and The Detectives. A veteran crossword staple, ETUI, makes rare appearances these days.

I hope all are in FINEFETTLE, especially those in the flood area. Stay dry and stay safe! Hahtoolah, best wishes for complete recovery.

AUF wiedersehen, everyone!

oc4beach said...

Today was a Fast Fill. The Fs became evident early on, so it helped with the bottom half of the puzzle.

I don't think I have ever used AREEL in a sentence that wasn't complaining about A words in crossword puzzles. I agree with Marti about A words that no one really uses.

Good and easy Tuesday level puzzle Bruce. Argyle's write-up hit the mark.

Hahtoolah: I hope they didn't release you too soon and I hope they gave you some pain pills that really work. When I got out 2 weeks ago, they gave me some pain pills that were about as effective as taking PEZ. Have a quick recovery.

Have a great one everybody.

Avg Joe said...

Pretty much a Fast and Furious outing. The theme became obvious in a Flash and things Filled in as quick as I could operate the pencil. Didn't know Mumm or that particular Emil, but the perps were kind. Thank you Bruce and Argyle.

I hope your recovery is fast and painless, Hahtoolah.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

19A - Wacky Races set for the Rio games.

Not your father's BMX

Chairman Moe said...

Note to HG @ 8:17:

Enjoyed the link to Oberammergau. I was there back in 1980 to see the town's rendition of the Christ's Passion - known there as the Passionsspiele (or Passion Play). If you read the HISTORY of the event in the link, it will amaze you that this has been celebrated for over 400 years, and all of the actors are from the surrounding area. Quite a moving experience, regardless of your faith and beliefs

Big Easy said...

The theme came out with and at FULL FORCE. Many 'forttissimos' but it's only Tuesday. I FEEL FREE to RIB the IOC in their FATAL FLAW of allowing goofball sports, such as BMX, the downhill skiing scramble and short track speed skating. Is the roller derby next?

MUMM and EMIL were unknowns. AUF wiedersehen FAST FRIENDS and remember that nobody every confused the 'new' thongs with the 'old' thongs, aka FLIP .

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -


Husker - thanks for Oberammergau. I'm reasonably sure that's where I got some large nutcrackers years ago.

Bruce Haight said...

Thanks for the review Argyle! The version of this puzzle that Rich Norris accepted had EFF at 51-Across clued as something like "Report card nightmare but the star of this puzzle". I guess Rich decided people could suss out the theme without that help! This puzzle has about twice as many F's as any puzzle in the history of the NYT, so probably way more than any LAT puzzle also- not the most exciting theme but it was a challenge working with all those effin' F's !

CanadianEh! said...

Thanks for today's fun, Bruce and Argyle (I noted your CSO at 62D). When I got the FF memo, Best Friend changed to FAST FRIEND and fine Kettle to FINE FETTLE (I must have been thinking of fine kettle of fish!).

I learned EFT and ETUI years ago in my early crossword solving days. Perps filled in the unknown names like MANN, LODI, Emil and MUMM.
I had Get out before FAR OUT.

Usually I am not a fan of A words but AREEL brings to mind the image of Celtic dancers and that does make me dizzy!

Wishing you a speedy recovery Hahtoolah.

Lucina said...

In spite of the aversion to A-words, I see them often in context when reading. Used fluently by a great author, they are effective and sometimes send me AREEL.

Thank you, Bruce, for stopping by and giving us the benefit of your experience.

Nice Cuppa said...

Efflorescent, Effusive, and Effective Effort - Most Efficacious in Effery way.

AnonymousPVX said...

A nice run through for my birthday.

Surprised no one said "F this!" Haha

desper-otto said...

Hahtoolah, I had one of those out-patient surgeries a few years back. Into the hospital at 6, and out the door and home by 10:30 AM. I'll say this about it -- I'd rather recuperate at home than in a hospital room. Wasn't a picnic, but it worked out just fine. Hope you're doing OK, too.

Yellowrocks said...

To Bruce, a FINE FELLOW.

I liked AREEL beside FEEL FAINT. I agree with Lucina’s FASCINATION with A words. I am a FAN, too.
FABULOUS info and photo of OBERAMMAGAU. I saw the Passion Play there in 2000. FAR OUT!
FELICITATIONS to our FRIENDS, Blue Hen, Hahtoolah, and oc4beach. I FONDLY hope you'll be FEELING FINE FAST.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...


Ol' Man Keith said...

FUN with Fs!

A very nice Tuesday contribution from Mr. Haight. Quite international, too, with touches of Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and even New Jersey. I never knew there was a LODI in NJ (but never thought about it either).
I wonder about the origin of YEGG--such a weird old-fashioned word. Dictionaries propose it may be from the German Jäger, or Hunter, but then they add "probably not." I like one dictionary entry that defines YEGG as "an itinerant burglar." Is there any other kind?
Hands up if you know a resident burglar.

Anonymous said...

Hand up! They call him lemony.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. I liked the theme and the puzzle OK but I think Bruce was on a slightly different frequency from mine. Thanks though. I enjoyed my time spent. Thanks too Argyle.

It's been a noisy morning around here. Both neighbor's gardeners were using mowers and blowers. Also, in a more natural vein, There is a woodpeckers in the neighborhood who must be constructing a condominium in a local tree. Why doesn't he/she have a concussion by now?

Misty said...

Loved this puzzle--not one single erasure, can't remember when I last breezed through a puzzle like that. Many, many thanks, Bruce--and also for stopping by. It helped that I figured out the double F theme before I even got to the middle, and that the large number of theme answers really helped with filling everything in. Wonderful puzzle and loads of fun!

Take good care of yourself after your surgery, Hahtoolah.

And happy birthday, AnonPVX.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody! I sure will--I'm looking out of my study window with the sun shining on roses and geraniums, and little birds in the bird feeder and drinking out of a blue bowl in the flower bed. It doesn't get much better than this.

SwampCat said...

Fast and fun! Perfect Tuesday. Thanks, Bruce.

I loved the links, Argyle. I wish you had explained 39 D, "physics unit" DYNE. Ami just dense? I have no idea what that means.

The pictures from Houston are just awful. Hope you are drying out.

Anonymous said...

If I could link a musical interlude I would share the Foo Fighters. Maybe learn to Fly. Kept waiting for them to pop up but then realized it had 11 letters. Dave Grohl is amazing and was recently featured on 60 minutes

PK said...

Hi Y'all! FFun & FFast FFine puzzle, Bruce! Would grade it better than an F. Caught the theme early which let me FFly through it. Thanks, Argyle!

Went so fast I didn't even see clues for LODI, MUMM, BMXER & CDS. MANN, I filled in like I knew it. WAG!

"Phile" wanted "fan of" (had some F's so more in theme) before LOVER.

Most of my FAST FRIENDS are now slow ones -- either crippled (Foul FETTLE) or dead (can't get any slower than that).

Hatoolah, good luck with your recovery. The worst thing about going home so soon is you have to sit there and see all the things you should be doing and don't feel good enough to do.

Happy birthday, AnonPVX!

desper-otto said...

SwampCat, it's literally a physics unit like erg, foot-pound, joule, ohm etc. From an on-line dictionary:

dyne‌ (dīn)
‌n.‌‌ Abbr. ‌‌dyn‌
A centimeter-gram-second unit of force, equal to the force required to impart an acceleration of one centimeter per second per second to a mass of one gram.

Anonymous said...

I just heard a news reporter use spend thrift to mean thirty. Grating!

Hahtoolah said...

PK: that is so true. I am glad to be home in my own bed, but I keep thinking of that mess in the kitchen!

I am not familiar with LODI, California , but I have a cousin in Lodi, New Jersey.

Barry G. said...

Yes, I of course meant MUMM and not MUNN. Thanks for the humor, though.

Jerome said...

Bill G. - Your comment about the woodpecker got me to thinking about the same thing. Why don't they get concussions? A quick search answered the question. They have really thick skulls. Kind of like Norwegians. The woodpecker's skull acts like an inner crash helmet. Plus they have very strong beaks and neck muscles that help absorb the impact.
My grandfathers and uncles in North Dakota used to chop wood with their heads. That should have given me a clue about the tenacious woodpecker.

Lucina said...

Jerome, I hope you're joking about your ancestors using their heads to chop wood. It sounds painful and potentially damaging!

CrossEyedDave said...

Did the puzzle early this morning,
long day with a nap in between, hard to remember, what was the F'in theme again?

Anywho, watching Facebook reminded me of Chairman Moe.
How it all started, from the source...

Dang it Husker, you reminded me I miss, Miss M...
(I need some HeartRx...)

Lodi was a gimme for this Jersey native,
but now I have a new puzzle,,,
Which Lodi is this song about?

Anon @2:19 This link is for you...

Anonymous said...

Lodi was a gimme for this Jersey native,
but now I have a new puzzle,,,
Which Lodi is this song about?

The song writer, John Fogerty, was born in Berkeley, CA offers some additional information.

SwampCat said...

D-Otto, @2:29. thanks for the (scientific) explanation. Perps filled the word in, but I had no idea if it was right. Even with your very thorough explanation, I still don't really understand...there is so much in life I don't understand!....but at least I know it is a real word. Thanks for reassuring me!

Argyle said...

Now you see why I didn't touch it. I do know they test cars on a dynamometer or "dyno" for short, to get the horse power and torque.

Avg Joe said...

And here I thought all this time that a dynamometer was related to the Flinstone's pet.

Hope all is well and safe for our Houston contingent!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks for a Frickin' Fun plz and for stopping by Bruce. Thanks Argyle for the FINE Followup and Fun links.

I SEE a number of ESPs: LODI, MUMM, MANN, spelling for EMEER, and EMIL.

WOs: LPS -> EPS b/f CDS; Rus b/f ROM.

CSOs? ALFA, FIAT, LOVER: this ITAL(ia) is Feeling it. [Gonna believe stereotypes; Believe 'em all :-)]

Fav: EASY ONE: ALFA. Just looking at it makes me FEEL FAST my FRIEND; 0-60 in E-FLAT (when it runs - which is FAR Fetched :-)).

Runner up: FAB FOUR. Love me some Beatles. Beatles Fans - what's your fav album/CD? Mine is the White Album.

Every time I see/hear FOR FREE, Bedtime Stories comes to mind (voice included).

OMK - Some of us Safecrackers/hackers work with a white-hat don'd. We're not all YEGG.

N.Cuppa - nice.

CED - I can't wait to watch your Moe clip when my work is done.

Get well soon BlueHen and Hahtoolah.

HBD anonPVX!

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I hope you've had a most enjoyable birthday! Hie yourself to the birthday list and then one and all will send good wishes aplenty.

Chairman Moe said...

-T @ 6:46

Dittos to the White Album. The Fab Four had sort of moved on from the Sgt Peppers/psychodelic phase to one of more of their "core" plus some wild and crazy $tuff. I will revert back to that one when I need a reminded that I am a product of the '60's!

Hope you're ok over there with all the rain that's hit TX

Anonymous T said...

Speaking of SWAG - I won an FBI lanyard at a briefing hosted by FBI/DHS (their giveaway FUND is not that big :-)) today. The kids think it's the coolest thing. I told them they each get a turn to wear it to school. Then DW wanted in on it! Not sure I'll ever get to wear it :-(

AveJoe & C. Moe - most of the damage is in the Meyerland, Cypress, and the Woodlands areas. Sugar Land is fine and the kids were happy w/ no school again. Sounds like D-O is good too. I FEEL for Cypress & Katy - radar shows they're getting hit again now w/ more coming tonight and forecast for tomorrow. Katy ISD has called off school again already for Wed.

IM - what you see on the news is the worst of it certainly and my heart goes out to them. I try reminding my folks when they see Houston ONTV and get worried that the Houston Metro area is >10k sq.mi. big.

D-O: I gave up on my rain gauge - I always forgot to empty it (and the sprinklers play tricks on me too!). Put your zip into Weather Underground - there's sure to be a weather-geek in your neighborhood who you can crib from. The one nearby me showed 7".

CED - I got distracted and watched your link before getting my work done. Then I moved onto part 6 with the pie-throwing demonstration. Thanks!

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

My work is finally done for now. Where'd everyone go?

CED - thanks for Learning to Fly link too.

@2:19 Anon, Dave Grohl is a talent. Here he is play w/ Rush at RRHOF and nailing ever note. (@2:50)

Time to TASTE a beer and hit the hay.

Cheers, -T