Jul 6, 2016

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 Vasu Saralathan

Theme: OVEREXPOSURE.  The first word of a two-word phrase is synonymous with the unifier, in each case indicating a person's state of total undress.

18 A. Hairless rodent used in lab experiments : NUDE MOUSE.  This poor critter has a genetic mutation resulting in an ineffective immune system.  This makes it an ideal subject for studying the effects of grafted tumors and other tissues, since it has no power to reject them.  It also has no body hair, which is quite remarkable for a rodent - hence it's name.  To me, the word NUDE, in its human context, connotes a kind of innocence that its synonyms lack.

37 A. Basic needs : BARE NECESSITIES.  This phrase implies a condition of having just enough to get by, eking out a sparse existence with nothing to spare.  It's also the name of a retail outlet selling several brands of clothing, lingerie and swim wear, but most famously, this song.

The word BARE feels neutral to me, not implying much of anything about the circumstances nor attitude of the unclothed person.

51 A. Unaided vision : NAKED EYE.  A mode of observing things without the kind of technical assistance that can be provided by lenses, magnifiers, light filters or other devices.  A NAKED person is likely to either have an agenda, or be thrust into an uncomfortable situation by someone who does.  These are my subjective responses.  YMMV, of course. 

Then, the unifier -- 56 A. In a pure and unembellished state, and a hint to the beginnings of 18-, 20-, 37- and 51- Across : AU NATUREL.  As defined in the clue, but also indicating a person in the buff.  Somehow, the phrase makes me think of Brigitte Bardot.   Maybe it's the French connection.

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here, trying to make sure we all have a decent time. Let's see what we can cover - or, perhaps, uncover.


1. Stock or bond : ASSET.  Financial ASSETS.

6. Hendrix dos : AFROS.   Hair.

11. Gullible one : SAP.  Somebody easily taken advantage of.  

14. Prophet swallowed by a big fish : JONAH.  Biblical story.

15. Party treat : GOODY.  Candy or other sweets.

16. Show on TV : AIR.  Here, show and AIR are both verbs.

17. Just eat up : ADORE.  I suppose, but am not fond of the clue.

20. Muscleman's display : RAW POWER.  Or oiled flesh.   I'm trying to maintain parity, but am having some difficulty with the photo attachments.  You can find examples here, ladies.

22. In the worst way : BADLY.  Positive form equivalent to superlative?  I don't think so.

23. "I don't have all day!" : NOW.  Stat! ASAP!

24. Online trackers : COOKIES.   A server message message stored as a text file by a browser, and sent back to the server at each browser visit.

26. "The Descent of Man" author : DARWIN.  Charles, [1809-1882] an English naturalist, geologist and pioneer in the field of evolution.

30. Chicken or turkey : FOWL.  And after 7 days in the fridge, foul.

31. Panhandle state : IDAHO.  Along with Oklahoma and Florida.  Did I miss any?

32. Hassan Rouhani's country : IRAN.   [b 1948] Lawmaker, academic, diplomat and, since 2013, the 7th president.

33. Maker of HEMNES furniture : IKEA.  Swedish provider of ready-to-assemble furniture, tasty meat balls and lingonberry jam.  They also serve a pretty darn good cheap breakfast.

40. Fish-eating duck : SMEW.   Males are mostly white with some black accents; females are red heads.

41. NERF missile : DART. Could also have been a BALL.

42. Concert sites : HALLS.   I went with ARENAS first, on a bad count.  

43. Unoccupied : IDLE. As a rest room stall.

44. Site of the first "Occupy" protest: Abbr. : WALL ST.   That den of iniquity.

45. Moral : ETHICAL.  Conforming to accepted standards of conduct.

49. Trending : HOT.   Like the latest whatever.

50. Oldest actor to play Bond : MOORE.  Roger. [b. 1927] 

59. "The Easter Parade" author Richard : YATES. [1926-1992] American novelist who achieved critical acclaim, but little commercial success.  In 2008 the movie version of his novel Revolutionary Road earned an Academy Award nomination for Kate Winslet.

60. Fury : IRE.  Anger.

61. Rub off : ERASE. As chalk.

62. Ready to draw : ON TAP. As ale.

63. "Dropped" drug : LSD.  Known as "acid" back in those hippy-dippy days of yore.

64. On pins and needles : ANTSY.  Or on edge, unsettled.

65. Scheme of high interest? : USURY.  Loans at extremely, sometimes illegally, high interest rates. Clever clue.


1. Cracked open : AJAR.  As a door, but, strangely enough, not a jar.

2. Carbonated drink : SODA.  Or pop, in the midwest.   What about where you live?

3. Cause of a school closing : SNOW.  Bad winter weather.

4. Old West marshal : EARP.  Wyatt [1848-1929] of OK Corral fame. 

5. Satirical publication that claims to be "America's Finest News Source" : THE ONION.  It is a-peeling.

6. '60s-'70s veep : AGNEW.  [1918-1996]  No politics!

7. Calling birds count, in song : FOUR.  From the 12 Days of Christmas.

8. Curtain holder : ROD.  And he never gets tired.

9. Wordsworth work : ODE.

There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,  
The earth, and every common sight,  
To me did seem  
Apparell'd in celestial light . . .

10. It's just one thing instead of another : SYMBOL.  Representation, often by a solid object for something abstract.

11. Medina native : SAUDI.  Site of a man-made disaster this week.

12. Basilica part : AISLE.  Or theater, or arena.

13. Victimizes, with "on" : PREYS.  As one with an ETHICAL deficiency might do to a SAP.

19. Winery wood : OAK.  Used in making aging barrels.

21. Came out on top : WON.  Emerged victorious.

24. Proceed effortlessly : COAST.  Move without using power, as down hill or via momentum.

25. Completely dominates : OWNS.  Or pwns, as in computer games

26. "Mine!" : DIBS.  I called it!

27. Father of Seth : ADAM.  Genesis family.  No religion!

28. Steak order : RARE.  True - I RARELY order steak.

29. "I was nervous there!" : WHEW.  Sigh of relief.

30. "__ Jacques" : FRERE.   Sleepy brother John, in a song.

32. Poker declaration : I CALL.  Indicates matching a bet or raise.

33. Romance lang. : ITALian.

34. While away, as time : KILL.  No mater how much I kill time, it still marches on.

35. Slithery fish : EELS.   Long, slender fish that are members of the order Anguilliformes, and a few other similarly shaped, but unrelated, fish.

36. Deputy: Abbr. : ASST.  Assistant.

38. Historic Icelandic work : EDDA.  Either of two works, known as the Prose EDDA and the Poetic EDDA, set down in the 13th century, containing material going back several hundred more years. They are the main sources of Norse mythology.

39. Cry from a newly grounded teen : I HATE YOU.   The drama unfolds.

43. Lipton offering : ICE TEA.   Will this bring back the ICE vs ICED controversy?

44. Stir-fry pan : WOK.  A round bottomed cooking vessel of Chinese origin.

45. Yahoo! service : E-MAIL.  One of many providers

46. Overseas stints : TOURS.  Deployments.

47. Sharpened : HONED. As on a whetstone.

48. 401(k) kin : IRA.  Individual Retirement Account.

49. Claire and Phil's eldest daughter on "Modern Family" : HALEY.  

51. Untouchables leader : NESS.  Eliot, [1903 - 1957] Prohibition agent, during that dark period of American history.

52. Marino and Patrick : DANS.  Former NFL QB Marino [b 1961,] Sportscaster Patrick [b 1956,] long with my oldest grandson [b 1996.]

53. Rebuke from Caesar : ET TU.  "You too, Brutus?!?", to his erstwhile friend and assassination co-conspirator.

54. Class ring datum : YEAR. As of graduation.

55. Best Female Athlete, e.g. : ESPY.  Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award, presented by ABC TV, and formerly by ESPN.   This year's candidates are Breanna Stewart [UConn Basetball,] Elena Delle Donne [Chicago Sky Pro Basketball,] Katey Ledecky [Swimming,] and Simone Biles [Gymnastics.]

57. Java server : URN.  Big pot.

58. Source of a metaphorical smell : RAT.  Indicating that something is not right.

Well, that's it.  Hope you got through without losing your shirt or getting caught with your pants down.  I made it - barely.

Looks as if this might be Vasu's first LAT puzzle.  So - welcome and congrats on your maiden voyage!  This is a fine puzzle and we hope to see more of you [in a manner of speaking.]

Cool regards!


OwenKL said...

{A, A, A+, A.}

The sign on the beach said "Clothing Optional",
So I expected my view of pulchritude to be optimal!
I forgot that in Florider
The SNOWbirds are hoarier,
My views would be better described as abominable!

Drivers ignored the sign, 'Children Crossing'.
Watching the speeders DART by was exhausting!
Found at last was a fine way
To slow down the highway --
A new sign was installed that read 'Nudist Crossing'!

IKEA's idea was to let folks assemble
Parts for their own furniture, ornamental.
It puts me in mind
Of my own younger time,
And my pleasure disassembling ladies ensembles!

The elan of each man was the the band's signal SYMBOL,
Particularly the percussionist with his drumsticks so nimble!
He had a custom hi-hat
That was anything but flat;
More tubular and tall, that was his phallic cymbal!

OwenKL said...

[Jazz: you missed that 20a was also a theme entry, though usually included in the phrase "in the RAW".]

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Vasu and Jazz!

Never heard of a NUDE MOUSE. YATES perped also. Several WAGs also.

Time for bed! Cheers!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Got through this one pretty quickly. Hand up for not knowing HALEY or YATES, and NUDE MOUSE was new to me as well. Also needed the perps to guess at SAUDI, since I had no idea where Medina was. Still, a quick and enjoyable solve overall.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -


Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Vasu Seralathan, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Jazzbumpa, for a fine review.

Thunderstorm going on here, so my body refused to let me sleep. Got up and worked the puzzle. Maybe I will lay down again.

Got through the puzzle fairly easily. A few sticky areas.

SYMBOL was my last word to fill. I had SADLY for 22A. Never heard of a NUDE MOUSE. Changed the S to a B and SYMBOL appeared to be the only word that fit. I was using the IPad since my newspaper is not here yet. The IPad told me I had it.

The clue for SYMBOL seemed a little odd to me.

No idea who HALEY is. Perps.

I thought ET TU meant "And You"

I seldom drink ICE TEA. However, HOT TEA, that's a different story.

TEXAS is also a panhandle state. I put that in first. IDAHO won.

Anyhow, I am off to my day. Lots to do. More yard and garden work if the rain stops. Have an Almoner meeting about noon. See you tomorrow.

( )

Lemonade714 said...

NUDE MOUSE was an unknown but there are not many NUDE????? choices when you take out the no clothing meaning. By symmetry and meaning RAW POWER was an intended part of the theme. Overall a great debut. Aside from being a holy city to Muslims MEDINA has been much in the news lately.

YATES was perps and SMEW and WHEW sound like a couplet to me. Add AGNEW and I see a limerick unwritten.

Happy Wednesday

Welcome VASU

Lemonade714 said...

BTW C.C. and Hard G. are the creators of today's WSJ. Very fun

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped through this one at a good pace. Sensed the theme on the way, but as usual, totally missed the reveal clue. Nice debut, Mr.(?) Seralathan.

Shame on you for missing Texas, JzB. It's the state where every carbonated drink is a Coke, even when it isn't.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Jazzbumpa and friends. Finally got my computer fixed so Safari doesn't crash every other webpage I try to open. Easy Wednesday puzzle.

Hand up for wanting Ball before DART as the Nerf missile.

I learned EDDA from doing the crossword puzzles. We haven't seen that work in a long time.

I grew up with Soda, but when we were being silly, we called it Soda-Pop. Hubby grew up with Pop. When we venture into Texas, the beverage becomes Coke ~ as in: What flavor Coke would you like?

QOD: The federal government spends millions to run the Postal Service. I could lose your mail for half that. ~ Pat Paulsen (July 6, 1927 ~ Apr. 24, 1997)

Yellowrocks said...

JzB, great write up.
To me ET TU said to Brutus means, "So,even YOU also would betray me?"
I puzzled over the clue for SYMBOL, but a symbol (such as &) is just one thing that stands for another (and). "&" stands for AND,
ICED TEA and ICE TEA are both okay. To each his own. There is not always a single right answer.
Equal time here: Bernie's and Donald's adoring fans EAT UP (or ATE UP)their pronouncements.
Hahtoolah, welcome back. Everywhere I have lived we said SODA. My Chicago area sister and family say POP. My southern roommate at college called soda or pop COKE COLA.

Lucina said...

Thank you, Vasu Seralathan, for a lovely puzzle today. It quickly uncovered itself and had to ERASE only once, I PASS for I CALL but it was easily corrected. NUDE MOUSE is new to me, too, but became obvious. I found the clue for SYMBOL very clever.

Jazz, I see that others have mentioned Texas is the other panhandle state. There is no controversy about ICETEA, it's just incorrect.

Thank you, JazzBumpa, for a classy review.

Have a peaceful day, everyone!

Lucina said...

It's great to see you, Hahtoolah!

As for the SODA v. pop debate, I'm not sure since I rarely buy it.

unclefred said...

Fine, fun CW, thanx, Vasu!! Terrific write-up, thanx, JzB!! Fun limericks, especially the third one, thanx, Owen!! Roughly my usual Wednesday time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the controversy has returned. ICE TEA is a rapper. Yellowstoned you have no appreciation of definition.

Tinbeni said...

Jazz: Nice, informative write-up.
Hand-Up for thinking RAW-POWER was also a theme answer.

Since my favorite vacation locale is Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica ... and I enjoy the Nude Beach/activities ...
This was FUN Wednesday puzzle. Good Job Vasu!

Anon @8:07, the rapper/actor's name is ICE-T ...

Fave today was something that was "dropped" ... LSD ... go figure.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice intro, JzB.

Some nifty clues and interesting fill, today, without making it difficult. Enjoyed the solve; no white-outs, no searches needed. Loved the theme. although the solve proceeded without its hints. Few WAGS were aided by ample perps. Favorite clue was for USURY.

Good job, Vasu

Off to play some bridge.

Yellowrocks said...

From the Grammarist:
"The original phrase is iced tea, and this spelling is still more common in print. Yet for many English speakers, ice tea more closely resembles the pronunciation, and this spelling has gained significant ground in 21st-century writing. There might still be some English speakers who consider it incorrect, but it is common in informal writing and is even making inroads in edited publications.

Other terms have undergone this shift. For example, ice cream and ice water were originally iced cream and iced water."

"Even making inroads in edited publications"! YR

ANON @ 8:07. I have a great appreciation for definitions, both ice tea and iced tea are entries in the dictionaries. Time to update yourself.

billocohoes said...

West Virginia has two panhandles, the northern with Wheeling and the eastern with Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry. Would be an odd pan, though.

Eastern upstate NY's SODA begins transitioning to POP somewhere in the Canastota/Syracuse area heading west.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Indeed, i missed RAW POWER as a theme entry. Certainly the grid symmetry confirms that it should be included. My bad.

I knew I needed help on panhandles.

Should be very hot today, I might have a refreshing ICE TEA. Or, perhaps, a cold pop.

Cool regards!

Anonymous said...

Nine panhandle states, including Nebraska.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I echo Spitz's entire post with the except of "Off to play some bridge." 😎

Have a great day.

OwenKL said...

Panhandles: I considered Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Idaho, Alaska (twice), and Utah. Also the bootheels of New Mexico, Mississippi & Alabama. The list of 10 linked above (which agrees with Wikipedia's list) adds a few, and skips the bootheels and chimneys.

Bluehen said...

Shows what I know. I would have bet that the oldest actor to play James Bond was Sir David Niven in the first "Casino Royale". And it fit, too. Other wise a very enjoyable, fairly easy puzzle. Thanks Mr(s). Saralathan, and to you JazzBumpa for a brilliant expo. Well done.

Thanks for the condolences on the rather sudden passing of BIL. DW is just now starting to come to grips with the fact that her baby brother is no more.

As for my recuperation/recovery, I'm afraid it isn't going too well. I have an appointment with the sawbones mid-August to plot the course forward, which could include repair surgery. I can already tell that the prosthesis has settled even further down in the femur, and the pain just isn't going away. It's nothing I can't live with, but he did give me a new 'script for Oxycodone to help me sleep through the night. I still sleep in my recliner. Anything else is too uncomfortable.

Enough with the somber tone of this post. Let me leave you with a quick little chuckle.
A mushroom asks his barmaid out for a drink after work.
"Forget it. I don't go out with your kind."
"Why not? I'm a fungi!"

oc4beach said...

Nice Wednesday puzzle from Vasu. And JzB did a yeoman's job in the write-up even if he didn't get the right number of panhandles. (It's no big deal)

Only had a few hiccups (or should it be hiccoughs.) I wanted SPYBOTS vs COOKIES, and I didn't know HALEY and THEONION. I also wanted David NIVEN for the Oldest Bond actor. Perps ultimately took care of these missteps.

Growing up in Central PA we always drank POP. Then for the next 50 years or so while living in other parts of the country we drank SODA or COKE. Now that I'm retired and back in Central PA again, POP seems to have disappeared. Everybody seems to drink SODA, PEPSI, COKE, a DEW, ICE(d) TEA or a myriad of other drinks DU JOUR in billions of plastic bottles and metal cans.

Well, I propose a toast to another day of sunshine.

Husker Gary said...

-Some great NAKED EYE astronomy for this week
-In 1979 our school wanted to build a new middle school in the worst way – and we did!
-After you look for [Insert Item] online, the COOKIES make it so [Insert Item] ads popped up on many other pages you visit
-Yeah, Jazz, we’ve got one of those, but I loved your write-up anyway! ☺
-Many pols blast WALL ST but cash their checks
-If anyone had preceded Sean Connery as 007, would I still think Sean is the best one ever? BTW, Robert Stack will always be NESS.
-He was ready TO DRAW (:51) and then went to see what Kitty had ON TAP
-SNOW cancelling school wasn’t Christmas break, but…
-Our dopy town motto is – Fremont Nebraska, We don’t COAST
-Has anyone else ever said, “I’ve got DIBS on shotgun!”
-Katie Ledecky was the darling of Omaha last week

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

I started this puzzle from the bottom up, and when I saw what ultimately became the "reveal" (no pun intended) at 56a, I at first thought "UNALTERED" as I had not yet solved any of the NAKED clues. So I left a couple of letters blank and continued to creep northbound, only to realize that AU NATUREL was the correct answer. BARE NECESSITIES was the first to fall; NAKED EYE was next once I perped NESS in 51d.

I had a few blemishes here and there, as I wanted to use ESAU for ADAM; NOW for HOT (in 49a, well before I saw NOW in 23a and realized there couldn't be two alike answers); and TENSE for ANTSY. NUDE MOUSE is one I'd not heard of, but I'm sure that Mickey might get aroused seeing one! ON TAP was cutely clued, and so ironic to see the solve word ETHICAL in a puzzle that features nudity . . .

Speaking of "Bare Necessities", here is a link to a website called Cruise Nude, which is managed by a travel company with that name. Beware though, (as while it's no more revealing that JzB's link was to Bridget Bardot) I believe you have to accept COOKIES to see what goes on beyond the "starboard" side . . . PG-13 by today's ratings, and a strong warning that you'll see lots of people that probably look much better clothed

AU NATUREL, a limerick to ponder:

Though some may find it lustful, and lewd,
You could say that it's basic, or crude.
As in "not quite developed",
While in womb, was enveloped.
Our initial "exposure" was nude . . .

xtulmkr said...

David Nevin was 57 years old when Casino Royale was released in 1967. Roger Moore was also 57 years old when his last Bond movie, A View to a Kill, was released in 1985. Nevin was my first choice.

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle. Informative write-up. Interesting conversation, including battle of the pedants.

Jayce said...

I meant to say excluding the battles of the pedants.

Misty said...

A totally delightful Wednesday speed run for me! Thank you so much, Vasu. And JazzB, thank you for the lovely Wordsworth ODE.

Even though I'm a literary critic, I ended up doing a lot of research on Charles DARWIN many years ago, when writing a book about animals in modern literature ("Beasts of the Modern Imagination: Darwin, Nietzsche, Kafka, Ernst, and Lawrence"). I found that Darwin was a surprisingly clear and interesting writer, and the story of his very responsible life was inspiring, to my mind. So it was nice to see a shout-out to him in the puzzle this morning.

Bluehen, so sorry to hear about your problems, and I hope all will get better again soon.

Have a great day, everybody!

TTP said...

Really late to the puzzle today. Two nieces, their husbands, and their children all converged on us yesterday afternoon. We decided to go out to eat. Sigh of relief. "I was nervous there!" WHEW !!!

No FIW today ! Smooth climb from the SW to the NE to bisect the grid. Had to wait for perps to get FRERE. Also was wondering what AUNA could possibly become.

Many times when I see or hear BADLY, I have this strong neural connection to:
Oh, oh, oh,
You treat me badly
I love you madly
You've really got a hold on me

As I opened a closet door last night, my precocious 6 year old great niece saw a plastic snow shovel I use on the back deck. Her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "That's a SNOW shovel !" They live south of Austin.

Bluehen, my condolences for your loss. Also sorry to hear that your recovery isn't going well. The reason for my niece and family coming up from southern Illinois is because he is having a consultation today in Chicago to have both hips replaced. He said last night he wants them done at the same time, but I don't think they do that.

Thank you Vasu. Thank you JazzBumpa. Very a-peeling write up !

CanadianEh! said...

Appropriate theme for this hot humid day. Thanks Vasu and JzB. We certainly need ICE TEA and SODA (this Canadian calls it pop) today. Late to the party because I had to do my garden watering first before it got any warmer. No SNOW here.

I was confused by trackers and entered Bookies which had me wondering about the clue for Boast until a lightbulb moment turned them into COOKIES and COAST.

IKEA has recalled millions of dressers sold over a number of years due to tipping hazard and some unfortunate casualties with children.

43 and 44A reminded me of IDLENo More as well as Occupy protests. There will be more protests developing today undoubtedly!

Condolences to Bluehen on loss of BIL and in health issues.

Yellowrocks said...

*Bluehen, here's to a good solution to your hip problem and a relief to your ongoing pain.
*Gary, I loved your statement, "In 1979 our school wanted to build a new middle school in the worst way – and we did!" LOL. Good illustration of two meanings for badly and for in the worst way.
*Those darn cookies follow us on the slightest pretext. Do I want to buy another computer within a week of buying the last one just like it ? Do I want to buy a new sweater # 2367 just like the one I bought yesterday?
*Many students COAST through school and unfortunately do so later on through life.
*TTP, good luck with your relative's double hip replacement. I understand that the patient needs to be young enough and have an excellent support system while he (she) is recovering. Best wishes. That caveat had me replace my knees one by one.
Chairman Moe, cute one!

TTP said...

Yellowrocks, thank you. Not sure of his age. I think he just turned 50, so maybe they can. I think I would opt for one at a time too.

Those targeted ads are annoying. Here's a tip. For many product searches and for all online banking and other sensitive transactions, I open a New Private Window. Of course, that's supplemental to having a a strong (and updated) Antivirus product and Firewall running...

I believe you commented that you use Mozilla Firefox. The shortcut keys are CTRL+SHIFT+P, or you can find it in the File menu, or by clicking on the Menu icon (the 3 horiz bars) in your browser window.

You'll see a purple mask in the upper right corner of the new window and tabs when you are in Private Browsing mode.

Using New Private Window prevents advertisers and others from collecting data about your searches, and then mining and targeting ads. Especially helpful when you may be searching for something that you only had a passing interest in.

In addition to that, I also installed the Ghostery add-on extension to block all Trackers including Advertising (1425 trackers), Site Analytics (386 trackers), and more. Occasionally I will have to turn off this blocking to get a site to work, but I do not get all of that targeted advertising.

About the only ads I get now are the ones that are the generic ones.

Of course, your local Best Buy geek or your tech support person might have a recommendation for a particular Ad Blocking software product.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts" Part Deux:

Did anyone else have to sing/hum the Twelve Days of Christmas to confirm the number in 7d? Did anyone else have that song / tune stuck in their head after getting the right answer? Now??! FWIW, I have always been able to "nail" the days 1-8, but nine through twelve I am always mixing up the Ladies Dancing, Pipers Piping, Drummers Drumming and Lords a Leaping . . .

Yellowrocks, glad you enjoyed the limerick . . . I re-wrote it a few times so it would "scan"!! ;^)

BTW, when you click on the link to the Bare Necessities / Cruise Nude webpage, it goes to the FAQ section . . . if you want to be adventurous and "see" more, it's up to you, and whether or not you're willing to accept their COOKIES . . . !!

TTP, don't tease us with your BADLY thoughts! Let everyone hear just how good Smokey Robinson and the Miracles can sing this "bad boy"! Plus, there are a few more of their hit songs that follow . . .

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thought" (part drei):

Not Smokey Robinson, but he would be proud of this modern day singer who does a great rendition of Ooh Baby Baby . . . for those other "baby boomers" on the Corner, perhaps this brings back a few memories . . . great tune to slow dance to . . .

TTP said...

OKAY Moe, now you've done it.

Oh Girl

Pat said...

I started this quickly for several clues, then slowed way down. I hopped and skipped all over until I got down south. I got the theme and was able to go back, fill in the answers and finish with no major issues. Thanks, Vasu, for the fun. Enjoyable expo, JzB.

My sticking points were I'm out before I CALL, and WAsh. ST before WALL ST.

To me, ICE TEA is describing what the tea is made from, like Earl Gray, Orange Pekoe or Green tea. ICED TEA describes how it is served. Maybe we should ditch this issue and just refer to it as tea-on-the-rocks.

Bluehen, I hope you have a quick resolution to your issues. It's no fun to be in constant pain.


Argent said...

Chiming in to echo TP's recommendations, especially for the Ghostery browser plug-in. It's very customizable, so it's up to you if you want to allow trackers for things like customer reviews and social media. You can set it to delete all cookies and/or passwords every time you close your browser, too.

Yellowrocks said...

Pedantic is in the mind of the reader. Some consider engineering, scientific, geological, astromonical posts esoteric and pedantic. Though not my cuppa tea or iced tea, I read that kind of post to learn something, even if just to expand my crossword vocab. Being a word nerd I love exploring language, multiple meanings, usages, what is consider proper, etc.If that makes me pedantic I plead guilty.

Avg Joe said...

There is a disruption in the force. And it's not a good thing.

Chairman Moe said...

TTP: my 4th post and another volley (also w Spanish subtitles):

Guess Who?

These Eyes, of course ....

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

NOW, that was a fun pzl that I RAN, er, DART'd thru. Thanks Vasu. Thanks JzB for the write-up; you're an ASSET to the Corner.

WO: Wren(?) @ 40a - SMEW took ESP. But, WHEW, it's a win. GOODY for me :-)

FRERE & EDDA were also ESPs.

Fav: THE ONION . Not what it once was but still good for an occasional giggle.

OKL - {A,A+,A,A+}. C.Moe {A}

D-O: LOL! I was thinking the same re: TX & Coke :-)

TTP - I can vouch for Ghostery. Also, I use 4 different browsers for different "classes" of online tasks.

HG - I CALL DIBS on COOKIES (Tin beat us on LSD :-))

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

Avg Joe, what force?

Spitzboov said...

Today's WALL ST Journal crossword is by C.C. and Don hard G. Entitled Tag Teams. I enjoyed solving it after supper. I would rate it early in the week difficulty using LAT as a basis.

TTP said...

Good news from my niece. Her husband only needs to have one hip replaced. Already scheduled for Sept. Better than the prognosis that he received that said both need to be replaced, and that he never work again and would have to go on full disability afterwards. Glad they sought a second opinion.

Chairman Moe, great song, but I thought we were doing Ooh and Oh songs. Like the Big O or Sherrie.

Nonymous -T, I use at least 4 email accounts for different classes of mail, but not that much separation on browsers. Is there something gnu I should learn about ?

CrossEyedDave said...

Big LOL on the 1st (&2nd) OwenKL
Mainly because I was one of those hoary Floridian snowbirds today .

My only disappointment was there were not more revealing pic links today...

au natural?




& finally, nude.
I just don't get this pic...
Can somebody explain what is so funny about this pic?

Chairman Moe said...

TTP, I guess I didn't realize we were doing Oo and Ooh and Oh songs, but now that I know that's the theme, how about this one from The Beatles? One of my favorites. FWIW, I was just going with the soul music theme and figured I'd throw in a little soul/jazz action from those with a lighter skin color ... and since this is post #5 for me today I guess this was my last "salvo"!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜œπŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽΈπŸŽΈπŸŽΈπŸŽ€πŸŽ€

Anonymous T said...

C. Moe - missed the post b/f I posted - New Mother AU NATUREL? Listen while you read (14:00+)

TTP - IE for Single-Sign-on GOODYs at work, Chrome for CyberSec tools, Firefox for general browsing, and Safari for Crossword Corner :-)

I have a whole VM (Virtual Machine) set aside for banking and ASSET management.


Ave Joe - all good w/ you?

Cheers, -T

Chairman Moe said...

CED @ 9:43 - did my wife send that beach picture of me to you?? 😜

Anonymous said...

Chairman, why did you have a wheelbarrow on the beach?

Lucina said...


Anonymous T said...

TTP - I forgot to mention... Tthanks for noticing my little Nonymous joke on 6/29. I came up w/ it after a bit of "daddy time" to get it ON TAP. Cheers, -T