Jul 13, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016, Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke

Title: As Gouda As It Gets!

Gail and Bruce produced a far from cheesy puzzle. Not only does a type of cheese start each theme answer, but the cheese variety is only the first four letters of a word or phrase but is completely separate from the fill in any other way! Now that is clever and once again I chose to show the grid first to exhibit this clever device! Obtuse old me didn't see this sparkling gimmick until I saw the reveal of:

62. Photographer's request, and a hint to what's hidden at the starts of 17-, 26- and 47-Across : SAY CHEESE

Theme Answers:

17. Paperwork carrier : BRIEFCASE  - Also a stand-in for another French word

26, Detector a tiny heartbeat: FETAL MONITOR - FETA is not my first choice either

47. Asian bean dish : EDAMAME SALAD - High tech beavers?


1. Targets of some bark beetles : ELMS - Wiped out many trees of my yute

5. Spreadsheet info : DATA

9. "The Blacklist" network : NBC-TV - Must every show about law enforcement include a beautiful, 20-something woman aiming a gun with both hands?

14. Sunbeam floater : MOTE

15. High-tech read : E-MAG - Some content is not so High-tech

16. Cliff dwelling : AERIE

19. Razz : TAUNT - "The Greatest" was great at this too

20. "Bewitched" witch : ENDORA - She called all these sitcom scripts "hack" but cashed the checks

21. Offers unsolicited advice : KIBITZES - Does anyone else drive with a "Parking Spot Assistant"? 

23. Overwhelms with sound : DEAFENS

25. "I'm getting to it" : SOON

31. Batting no. : AVG - Failing two out of three times at bat still gives you a fantastic AVG of .333!

34. Move among moguls : SKI  - My back hurts just watching

35. Develop a liking for : TAKE TO - I did TAKE TO this site years ago!

36. Ascend : CLIMB

39. Conniving : SLY

41. Exams for future D.A.'s : L-SATS

42. Obstacle on the links : HAZARD

44. Crumpet accompaniment : TEA

46. Levels, briefly : KO'S - Ali KO'ed many of those he taunted

51. Rent-__ : A CAR - You do have options

52. Starts to grow : SPROUTS

56. Facial indication of amazement : SLACK-JAW - Nobody did it better

60. Takes, as advice : ACTS ON

61. Heavenly explosions : NOVAE - One of those pesky plurals

64. Most desirable invitees : A-LIST - It ain't me babe! I don't move with the Big Cheeses

65. Lamb pen name : ELIA

66. Risotto base : RICE

67. Stained __ : GLASS

68. Workout count : REPS

69. Symbol on Texas' flag : STAR


1. Journalist in a battle zone : EMBED - Can you spot the EMBEDDED journalist Sally Sara in this picture?

2. "Bonanza" co-star of Michael, Dan and Pernell : LORNE - A cowboy from Ottawa, eh?

3. Crete's highest elev. : MT. IDA - 8,058' high

4. Accompany to the depot, say : SEE OFF

5. Pours into a carafe : DECANTS - Seems like a hoity-toity word to me

6. Gp. with many specialists : AMA - I saw five different ones last year

7. Chore : TASK

8. AARP concern : AGEISM

9. Washington ballplayer : NATIONAL - The best player in baseball?

10. Unconventional '50s-'60s types : BEATNIKS

11. Cross, in Costa Rica : CRUZ

12. Point on a rake : TINE

13. Cat scanners? : VETS - Here's two inserting a scannable chip

18. Gratis : FREE - "At no extra cost" ain't FREE 

22. Heave-ho : BOOT

24. __ OFF 5TH: discount store : SAKS

27. Jaunty tunes : LILTS

28. Tropical hardwood : TEAK - A TEAK plantation in India

29. "Beetle Bailey" dog : OTTO

30. Diana of "The Wiz" : ROSS

31. Long (for) : ACHE

32. "The Impaler" of Romanian history : VLAD 

33. Sphinx city : GIZA

37. Voice heard in "California Dreamin'" : MAMA CASS  -  Her first group

38. March Madness concerns : BRACKETS

40. Supporters' votes : YEAS

43. Key with two sharps: Abbr. : D MAJ - What Don, Don and Glenn used for  this song

45. Sources of fine wool : ALPACAS

48. Traditional golf pencil's lack : ERASER

49. Footwear insert : ARCH - Lift didn't make it

50. Nanas, often : DOTERS

53. Start of a fitness motto : USE IT

54. Puccini opera : TOSCA - Premiered in Rome 116 years ago

55. "And wrinkled lip, and __ of cold command": "Ozymandias" : SNEER - Shelly's work of  hubris and mortality is one of the few poems that made an impression on me as a student

56. Unforeseen obstacle : SNAG

57. Lounge around : LOLL

58. Saucony competitor : AVIA

59. Corduroy feature : WALE

63. Peke's squeak : YIP


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mmmmmm... Cheese! Not a big fan of FETA, but I love me some good EDAM and BRIE on a cracker.

Got through this one without too much difficulty. I knew KIBITZES, but wanted to spell it as KIBBITZES. I knew EDAMAME, but never knew that EDAMAME SALAD was a thing. Oh, and I had RBI before AVG (despite the fact that "Batting" was in the clue and I should have known better). That was about it for speed bumps today.

unclefred said...

Terrific CW, thanx, GG & BV!! Super write-up, too, thanx, HG!! This was just right for a Wednesday! I didn't see the cheese thing coming until the reveal. And I'm an old Cheesehead, too!! Have a good hump day, everyone!

OwenKL said...

USE IT or lose it may work with muscles,
Vocab expended on crossword puzzles,
Money in investments,
Junk-drawer contents,
But flab won't get lost, unused it'll double!

Heed my advice, don't dally but ACT, SON!
He who won't act, the world ACTS ON!
The troll who KIBITZES
And will TAUNT at your misses,
That's the one you should use your ax on!

NANAS and grampas are always such DOTERS
Over new grandsons and granddaughters.
They'll spoil a SPROUT,
Then they'll bail out,
A bratty revenge on their son or daughter!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Finished in good time, but not without numerous false starts (thank you, Wite-Out). Five-letter network -- gotta be A AND E, right? Bzzzzt! Links obstacle, gotta be an ARCHIE, right? (Some call it a BUNKER.) Bzzzzt! Tried KIBBUTZES...and ran out of room. Thought it was FLAD, the impaler, but AFG just looked wrong. No, I didn't see the theme -- some things never change. Thanks, Gail and Bruce and Husker.

TEAK reminds me that the flight decks of the WWII era flat-tops were "paved" in teak. The old rust bucket I served on was of that vintage. Not sure what they use today.

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle, Gail and Bruce. Great write up, Gary. Perfect illustration of SLACK JAW.
Just up my alley. I come from a family of cheese fanatics. We like every kind there is. I even like FETA, having been introduced to it in Greek salad and Mediterranean pasta salad. Now I like it in many recipes.
My mother said, "No KIBITZING," for butting into a card game or giving any other unsolicited advice.
Our stable of MDs is huge, also, and used frequently.
USE IT IR LOSE IT, not necessarily. After being discharged from PT I felt wonderful and overused a muscle and/or tendon. Now I am back in PT. I've been told I need to act my age! When I feel great,I forget. My motto has always been YES I CAN.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I really don't think I've ever been disappointed in a Gail and Bruce puzzle. This one was quite "tasty" and right on target for a Wednesday. Not crazy about Feta but I like Brie. I've probably had Edam but, apparently, it left little or no impression. I do like a good Caprese Salad. Tried edamame once and my reaction was meh! Anyway, a cute theme and lots of fresh fill.

Thanks, G and B, for a mid-week treat and thanks, HG, for your usual enlightening and entertaining expo. I enjoy your tongue-in-cheek humor.

Today is supposed to be a scorcher so I think it'll be spent inside with the good, old A/C for company. What did we ever do without it? (Suffered!)

Have a great (cool) day.

TTP said...

Thank you Gail, Bruce and Gary.

An easy puzzle, but no TADA. All squares filled, but not correctly, so a FIW. Got the theme though.

Changed the game to regular, and five letters showed up in red. Ouch !

DATA. Started my "Expenses" spreadsheet in 1991 and began entering all the monthly, biannual and annual expenses. It has annual totals and averages for the monthly bills. Offhand I'd say it has twenty five tabs for different expenses. Graphs and charts too. Good for DATA ANALysis.

I believe there have been three heists of CHEESE this year in America's Dairyland, aka The Badger State. Not nickle and dime thefts. IIRC, the last was a reefer truck with around $50K worth of cheese.

Lost a big ELM years ago to Dutch ELM Disease that was spread by those bark beetles. Neighbor lost his huge Ash to the Emerald Ash Borer. I'm going all-in to save my Magnolia from sap sucking Scale.

Probably Bryce Harper in the NL and Mike Trout in the AL.

I bought a few business suits at SAKS in the Galleria in Houston. An old girlfriend bought me a really sharp black bomber jacket one Christmas using my SAKS card. It's the thought that counts.

ERASER. A film starring Arnold. Also, the item I carry in my golf bag because course pencils don't have them. Gary, we play low score wins the hole with one tie, all tie carryover, birdies pay double, validated greenies on par 3 pays double, and higher handicappers receiving delta strokes from the lower handicappers on the appropriate holes. YEAh, there's room for errors and a need for an ERASER.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

Unlike others, I struggled mightily with this GG & BV offering, with several ink blots staining my newspaper grid. ORZO b4 RICE; LAZE b4 LOLL, and then when LOLL came, ELITE was placed b4 A LIST. TEASE b4 TAUNT mucked up the NE corner. And EMBED / MOTE was a WAG in the NW corner - not sure I "get" the clueing for 1d and 14a

Despite the trouble, I avoided the HAZARD(s) and SNAG(s), and SOON finished without looking up anything. Since I do the puzzle in pen, I could not use an ERASER to make it look pretty.

HG, nice recap; I will take the bait and put in a bit of a rude comment regarding the puzzle theme:

The young lad has a sister to tease;
And he never says "thank you" or "please".
The tyke is quite a brat,
So it's no surprise that
He takes pleasure in cutting the CHEESE.

Anyone care to "grade" my cheese??!


Anonymous said...

Since when is EMBED a noun?

oc4beach said...

Nice one by Gail and Bruce, and Gary was up to his usual good form. I even managed to get the theme and it helped fill in 26a and 47a.

Only had a couple of hiccups along the way today. YaP vs YIP, KIBuTZES vs KIBITZES, and I didn't know SNEER in 55d. Perps to the rescue again.

Today is National French Fry day, so a good plate of Cheese Fries with a little bacon might be a good snack.

It's off to the dentist today for my 6 month cleaning and checkup. Not looking forward to it. I'll have the Cheese Fries after the cleaning.

Have a great day everyone.

Tinbeni said...

Husker: Good Job on the write-up & links.

Gail & Bruce: Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle.

Chairman Moe, I also solved in (probably) Thursday time-frame.

Had Angoras before ALPACAs which slowed down the SE Corner big-time.

Irish Miss, the Tampa Bay Area will hit the low 90's today ... just before the daily cooling off rain shower.

But ... its Florida ... 2 months of high-humidity ... and NO SNOW in the winter.

Looking forward to a beautiful Sunset ... "toasts" will be made ...

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Gail and Bruce, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Worked this fairly quickly. On the train to Chicago. Took me 35 minutes. Pretty good for me.

Had a hard time starting in the NW. The only Gimmee was LORNE.

D MAJ was not easy. I play music. I can play all the flats and sharps you throw at me. I just do not know the names and criteria of the keys. I just know the fingerings on the tuba.

Theme was great. I love many kinds of cheese. FETA is a favorite. The other day we had PANEER. Same stuff. I take a lot of photos. So I say "Say Cheese" a lot.

I get in an NCAA Brackets pool ( several of them) every year.

I have a acquaintance named VLAD. He is from Macedonia. We call him VLAD, the Impaler.

Now on Amtrak on my way to Normal, IL. Round trip $29. Not bad.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Madame Defarge said...

Hi there,

I enjoyed this puzzle immensely, and, shockingly for me, I found the theme early!! A double delight. Thanks, Gail and Bruce.

I always love your tours, Gary. You have high school English vernacular down pat! Props to you.

Abejo, You've got me wondering if any other towns in America have the name "Normal" because a teachers' college is located there. I graduated from Northern Illinois State Normal School, although by the time I arrived it was called NIU. Does this really mean that all of us who were (are) teachers are NORMAL? Tee Hee.

Have a great day today.

MJ said...

Good Morning to all!

A nice, solid Wednesday level puzzle from Gail and Bruce. I always find their collaborations enjoyable. Learning moment was EMBED as a noun signifying a journalist in an active military area.

Thanks for the expo and links, Gary.

Enjoy the day!

Julie said...

In San Diego, I live in a neighborhood called Normal Heights, originally named for being near San Diego State university.

Anonymous said...

@Madame Dsfarge: MapQuest shows towns named Normal in 5 states; IL, IN, KY, AL, & TN. WikiPedia indicates that those in IN and TN mostly are historical, with no known ties to "normal" schools but those in KY and AL apparently were named for the schools there. IL seems to be the only one to be fairly large. I didn't try looking for neighborhoods.

Chairman Moe said...

As far as I'm concerned, the best use of "Normal" is in this classic Mel Brooks movie. One of my all time favorites!

Lucina said...

Sigh. My entire post disappeared.

To recap: I enjoyed Gail and Bruce's tasty collaboration though didn't see the EMBEDded cheeses until the reveal. EMBED as a noun surprised me.

I love cheese and since Chickie introduced me to Gruyere that has become my favorite. No FETA, thank you. No Greek yogurt either.

No HAZARD in this puzzle and it flowed out quickly with DMAJ requiring an ERASER from DMIN and giving MAMA CASS a new name, CASH until GLASS cleared it up.

From yesterday: I have no idea if the current version of Vicious is new or old. It was my first introduction to it and I've enjoyed the last three seasons. I'll certainly let you know when the hilarity returns.

Did you not watch any of Endeavour? Sunday was the last episode and a sad one for CDI Thursday.

Have a marvelous day, everyone!

C6D6 Peg said...

Smooth offering today, and wagged EMBED. Not familiar with that phrase as clued. Thanks Bruce & Gail.

Very nice write-up, HG, even though your favorite cheese is Velveeta! Born and bred in the Dairy State, loved a lot of cheeses, and still do!

Jayce said...

I also like Gail and Bruce puzzles, and this one is no exception. Some really nifty fill! My sisters used to KIBITZ when my brother and I played checkers. It annoyed the heck out of us both, and they knew it. That's why they did it, of course.
Gary, you sure do have a knack for making presentations interesting!
Best wishes to you all.

OwenKL said...

Lucina, and anyone else who has ever had a posting vanish into the ether: I heartily recommend a browser add-on which will archive all your inputs. The one I use is Form History Control on Firefox, if you use a different browser you'll have to find another, but I'm sure they're out there. It's saved me losing things several times, and it's one of several add-ons I consider essential.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Interesting puzzle, Gail & Bruce! Interesting expo, Gary.

Didn't get CHEESE for a theme. Too blatant for a Gail & Bruce puzzle, I guess. Expected something trickier. I was looking for a camera name in the theme fills. Funny thing, didn't find any. Duh Du Jour!

EMBED was a term I learned for journalists during the early middle east wars. I found it amusing because of the word BED and wondered if.....

My brother was once a paid minister of music for a big church in Normal, Illinois.

Big Easy said...

I filled the puzzle from NW to SE I'm glad the perps were solid because I've heard the word KIBITZES before but had no idea what it meant. And a MOTE of xxxx ( dust I guess) floating in a sunbeam is a new one for me. WALE is only known from doing Xword puzzles years ago.

Washington ballplayer- REDSKINs fit but that is a no-no for the LA Times so NATIONAL filled the bill. D-MAJ. USE IT or lose it- well I won't elaborate on that one. For all the non-musicians out there, the order and number of flats are BEADG and sharps are GDAEB in major chords. As for VELVEETA -I won't call it cheese'- I have one word: YUCK. I like the other mentioned cheeses.

Jury duty tomorrow.

desper-otto said...

Big Easy, when did F stop being the first sharp, and C the second?

Ol' Man Keith said...

A very honorable confession, by our Husker Gary! To admit publicly to a preference for Velveeta . In this snooty crowd?! Oh, my my.
Let me add my voice to yours, HG--with a qualification. As a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed Velveeta sandwiches made by my Mom-- Mmm, smooth near-slimy Velveeta accompanied by a slopping spoonful of Mayo! I was nearly in heaven. But tastes change as we mature. After traveling world wide and discovering the wide and varied possibilities in cheese-making, and in actually aging the cheese. I found many favorites that seemed to exist in another world from Velveeta. For standards, I must always have an aged sharp cheddar on hand and, for contrast, a wheel of brie...
Oh, I almost forgot why we're here. Today's puzzle was a gem, IMHO. I thought I'd finished but alas!, the SW corner did me in. I was completely SNAGged by 61A and 38D. Of those two, 38D would have opened that sector up for me -- if I'd seen the light.

Bluehen said...

I like to see a Bruce and Gail byline because I know I'm going to enjoy the puzzle, and today was no exception. Fun fill and clever cluing, though I didn't get the theme until the reveal. That's par for the course, for me. Thank you, Bruce and Gail.

HG, coupling your expo with a B & G puzzle reminds me of a Wrigley's Doublemint Gum commercial. ("Double your pleasure, double your fun"). Great links. I especially liked the groaner pun in the first picture. Well done.

I'm surprised by the lukewarm reception from the corner for feta cheese. I like it. Greek salad, pasta ala Florentine, or my own concoction, Seafood Florentine. And there is always feta stuffed olives for the occasional martini, although I prefer bleu cheese stuffed, especially with Roquefort.

Hmm. That gives me a idea.


Chairman Moe said...

pk and d-otto:

here is a link to the circle of fifths which shows each major and minor scale key signature, indicating the number and placement of sharps and flats.

I used to know the scales pretty well when I was more active in music. I played the piano, but mostly was a singer. I still like to use a Hymnal and "read" the music when I go to church; seeing the words on a sideboard and following along in unison seems more like Karaoke to me! ;^)

My piano skills have deteriorated almost completely, but if you give me some sheet music - provided the score didn't look like this, - I might be able to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Wiktionary cites an example from 1992 - so at least twenty-four years.

Husker Gary said...

-Let me offer this explanation for my Velveeta fetish. I am well aware of what it is but it reminds me of wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup on snowy days along with other concoctions in a household with very minimum disposable income.
-Along that same line, this horrible TV show elicits pleasant memories of watching Broderick Crawford with Grandma Tish because we didn’t have a TV. Does anyone else enjoy horrible old shows because of the pleasant memories they evoke? C’mon, I know you do…

Tinbeni said...

Hand Up ... Way Up ... for watching The Beverly Hillbillies.
Lately, they have been showing the "First Season" ... when they went crazy searching for that "source-of-the-music" when someone came-to-their-door (and pushed the doorbell) but couldn't find the "source-of-the-music" because someone then "knocked-on-their-door."

The shows are corny but a nice trip down memory lane.

Misty said...

What a delightful Gail and Bruce puzzle this morning, though not without a bit of crunch. I found the East pretty easy, both up and down, but struggled a bit in the West, both up and down. But in the end it all fell into place--Yay! I even got KIBITZES, which I've never seen in a crossword before. And, Husker Gary, those were terrific pictures this morning--thank you!

Fun evocations of some old TV favorites, LORNE Greene on "Bonanza," and ENDORA ON "Bewitched" (who played her, can anyone remember?).

Bluehen, I love FETA cheese too. I often make a little salad with greens and cut grapes topped with candied pecans and crumbled feta cheese.

Lucina, thanks for offering to keep me posted about "Vicious," a totally delightful and not at all vicious favorite.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

Bill G. said...

I like Feta cheese. I also like Velveeta though I don't really put it into the same category as feta, cheddar, swiss, brie, etc. I would probably call it a yellow, gummy, tasty imitation food substance.

I too like Endeavor and Thursday. I appreciate the plots but also the characters and the WW II era make it especially enjoyable. I really care about those two guys...

AnonymousPVX said...

Wow, went right through this one, funny how sometimes you're just on the right wavelength.

Agnes Moorhead played Endora. And there's another guilty pleasure show.

TTP said...

Misty, Endora was played by Agnes Moorehead.

A favorite film noir was Broderick Crawford and Glenn Ford in Human Desire. Great train and rail / train yard scenes.

PK said...

Hand up for liking Velveeta. When I was a kid, it was the only cheese we knew besides cottage cheese. I grew up in a tiny town, population 550 with a tiny old grocery store. I don't think any other cheese was available except for pimento cream cheese spread in the little glasses. When we went to my grandfather's, we got a treat we called "rat cheese" which was a locally produced cheddar. Out in our boondocks almost all the people were of German & Irish descent. No ethnic or racial variety with more exotic cheeses.

I wouldn't consider Velveeta as gummy. As a mother, I used it for grilled cheese sandwiches which didn't have rubbery strings. Velveeta melted beautifully for a sauce just sliced and tossed on my cooked home grown green beans and in scalloped potatoes. No cheese stringiness. My brother told his wife to "get my recipe". I learned to like mozzarella when at age 19 I left home and ate my first pizza. Ate cheese of some kind daily as an adult until the doctor claimed I was allergic to it. I can get by with an occasional white cheese treat. Cheddar definitely doesn't like me.

Question is, why does anyone care what someone else likes to eat. Never did understand food snobbery.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

No Limburger here! Three of my favorite cheeses. Did not see or think of a theme before coming here. Only wite-out was I had Angora before ALPACA. AGEISM really? AARP's only concern is filling its coffers so as to support nefarious agendas.
TOSCA was a WAG.
BRIE -Best Brie I can remember was in a Hydro-Quebec company cafeteria, 800 miles N of Montreal, near the La Grande complex.
Other favorite cheeses - Stilton, Gorgonzola, smoked Gouda, Havarti, and, from Canada, Black Diamond Cheddar.

Lemonade714 said...

I missed season three of Endeavor not being aware of its return until episode 3 was playing. I would like to see them in order (Is that necessary?) to follow the continuing progression from this enthusiastic stripling to the curmudgeon Morse. I am so impressed with what BBC has done with Colin Dexter's work both in sequel and prequel. Inspector Lewis is coming back for a final run soon. Please remind me BEFORE it starts and of course the Cumberbatch version of Sherlock is must see.

Another solid Wednesday puzzle with a really fun, unspoiled exposition from HG. I had no idea of Mama Cass' ties to Omaha, NE. Interesting stuff. It is sad that so many of the stars of our generation succumbed to the excesses of life. It hopefully is time that the myth about her dying from choking on a Ham Sandwich is put to rest.

Chairman Moe said...

Mom made mac and cheese with Velveeta. I recall not caring for any other mac and cheese recipe as a kid, because her's was so good. The most recent time I had Velveeta was probably in a melted dip form (with salsa). But I'm sure I haven't had it in at least 10+ years or more.

PK, to your point about caring about other people's food . . . I'd say about 50% of the posts I see on Facebook are pictures of someone's meal. And to me, it's no big deal what someone ate, or how they prepared it, or how it looked on the plate. But I suppose I'd rather see those than the incessant political comments.

HG - thanks for the clip to Highway Patrol. I was alive when that series ran, but was a bit too young then to remember them now.

Lemonade714 said...

Havarti, Muenster and the horseradish cheddar from Boar's Head....the 2 grams of saturated fat and the 300 grams of salt are why I no longer eat Velveeta, and while not exactly cheese, it does melt well and blend with other foods

Misty said...

Thanks, TTP and AnonPVX, for reminding me that it was Agnes Moorehead (great actress!) who played Endora.

TTP said...

Highway Patrol had back to back episodes from 4AM to 5AM on the THIS TV channel last year. I loved it. Sea Hunt was on in the 3 to 4 AM slot. Highway Patrol has since been replaced by The Rat Patrol starring Christopher George.

Velveeta and RoTel tomatoes makes a pretty good chip dip. My doctor would disagree. I still like grilled cheese sandwiches made with Kraft Singles. My dad would always buy cheese from the area Amish cheese makers that traded with each other and sold to the English at little cheese stores when we lived near the Ellicott Line just south of the Connecticut Western Reserve. In fact, dad had a house built on corner acreage at State Line Rd, but we then moved to Texas for awhile.

Was too hot yesterday so I did some PD on my old Windows XP Laptop. It kept hanging (locking up) earlier this year. Took it apart, reseated cables and components. Turns out the big battery was causing the hangups. Works fine as long as there is no battery.

Since my wife's Windows 10 laptop needed a battery too, and I also needed an AC adapter, I went ahead and signed up for Amazon Prime yesterday during annual sales event, and bought the three items.

While I was on that spending spree, decided to go ahead and buy the Fire TV Stick w/ Voice Remote, even though I already have Chromecast. Anyone else have a Fire TV Stick ? If so, how do you like it ? Looks like there is plenty of free content available for streaming. Including Highway Patrol.

Misty, you are welcome.

Bill G. said...

Ah yes, Gorgonzola. A moldy smelly favorite. A British friend of mine objects when I talk about Cheddar cheese. It is her opinion that it must come from Cheddar in England to earn that name, kind of like Scotch tape or Band Aids. So now I talk about cheddar-style cheese with her...

Lately I've been making grilled cheese sandwiches with baby swiss, a Kraft slice of American cheese and some slices of Farmer's Market tomatoes. Yum!

TTP said...

That sounds good Bill. BTW, Direct TV customers here aren't getting Cubs games from what I understand. Similar to your Dodgers situation....

Location of Ellicott's Line

Location of the Connecticut Western Reserve.

Jerome said...

desper- the flight deck on a modern carrier is made of metal. There is a thin layer of non-skid material applied over the metal that's usually made of silicone.
You must have done a lot of slippin' and slidin' on the teak surfaces of your day. I would also imagine that the wood must have needed frequent repair work. I believe one of the main reasons for using teak rather than metal was the need to use all available metal during the war for building more ships.

Anonymous said...

Oh gee Jerome! You know everything! You are so smart.

CrossEyedDave said...

Actually, Teak is preferred over any man made material due to its
oils, resin & stability.

I quote:

" In boat interiors where there is high humidity teak is ideal for doors, hatches and cabinetry because it does not warp, twist or expand which could make opening doors and drawers difficult or impossible. Most woods when in contact with water will readily crack. Teak, because of natural oils has a very low coefficient of expansion and contraction so it remains stable even under months in the hot sun or submersed in ocean waters. Teak has high silica content. Silica is sand which gives traction to those walking on a wet teak deck. Most of us have stepped on a wet oak or pine plank and had our feet go flying out from underneath us but this will not happen with teak. In a marine environment metals corrode easily turning woods in contact with the metal black with oxidation but not so with teak by virtue of its natural oils. Teak needs no paint or varnish and over time will develop a silver gray patina. Severe winter snow storms, monsoon rains, tropical heat and even the scorching dry conditions of deserts do not diminish the strength of teak. Teak has natural resins called technoquinines that naturally repel termites, marine borers and resist rot. Teak is a relatively easy wood to machine or work with hand tools. Craftsmen and sculptors revere its attributes. There is no other wood or man-made material that has the versatility of teak."

(Excerpt from Teak, natures gift to mariners.)

The power of cheese...

Hmm, I forget why I wanted to post this, circle of fifths maybe?
Anywho, I got lost trying to find the entire clip.
Apparently if you want to see the whole cartoon, you have to pay for it...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Quick post today - DW's college girlfriend flew in today. They just broke out the wine & CHEESE.

Thanks G&B. Loved hunting down the theme after the FIW. Thanks for the fun write-up and sitting in the confessional booth re Velveeta HG.

WO: Tease b/f TAUNT & MiTE b/f MOTE

FIW: A WAvE in Corduroy? 65a was ESP -1.

Fav: The hidden theme. Left me SLACK JAW'd.

{B+, A+, A}. {A}

Lucina, The ether eating my post would CHEESE me; I now draft in 'Notes' and then cut-paste the whole thing.

oc4 - if the hygienist is cute, have the cheese & bacon fries b/f the appt.

C. Moe, love me some Abby someone...

TTP - who sells CHEESE on the black market? I'm imagining a guy in a big over coat. Psst... Want some BRIE?

I won't TAUNT you a second time w/ Holy Grail. The CHEESE SHOP Sketch

Cheers, -T

Jerome said...

Dave- I was writing about aircraft carrier flight decks... actually.

CanadianEh! said...

Late to the party today because I was a DOTER with my grandchildren. Thanks Gail and Bruce, and Husker Gary for the fun.

I was held up in the Midwest because I insisted on Pine although we have had ACHE frequently recently. It took me a while to see the cheeses even when I got to the reveal. I love FETA in an authentic Greek salad!

Husker G, I smiled at the cartoon thinking that Canadian beavers would say "We make e-dams eh!" and then I saw your Lorne Greene, Ottawa eh comment. LOL.

Hot and humid here today. We stayed in the A/C also.

Anonymous said...

Jerome why don't you go away and not come back until you can apologize to PK ?

CrossEyedDave said...

Jerome @ 8:12

Hmm,my apologies,

You are right of course, there is no way they could cover an entire
aircraft carrier deck with teak...

but then, my experience is as an 8 year old,
boarding an aircraft carrier,
& wondering why it didn't move when I jumped on the deck...

Anonymous T said...

CED - I just got around to watching the Cheese commercial... LOL! Thanks Mate. -T

Lucina said...


Wilbur Charles said...

Watched the entire HP clip. Shades of Edgar Allan Poe hiding the cash in plain sight. A little Madame DeFarge there too.

Had to do a little searching to find things like Feta EMBEDded in FETAL. I'm confused here. I just did Tue and finished Wed late. I've got to switch over and catch Owen's Tuesday lyrics.

Of course this will join the rest of the Great Unread saga.