Jul 26, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 Janice Luttrell

Theme: Festival Seating - or the opening bell at Macy's on Black Friday; don't get caught in the stampede.

20A. "SportsCenter" co-anchor : HANNAH STORM

56A. Extreme onset of anxiety : PANIC ATTACK

11D. Overdraft fee, e.g. : BANK CHARGE

29D. Caffeine jitters : COFFEE RUSH

Argyle here and so is Janice again but no reveal. Even less 3-letter entries than Monday's. Remarkable. I'll add Hannah Storm's picture here.


1. Willy Loman's favorite son : BIFF. I know Biff the Bully from Back to the Future.

5. Surrounded by : AMID

9. Site with a "Find a Doctor" section : WEB MD

14. Recline lazily : LOLL

15. Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida __" : LOCA

16. Firefighter Red : ADAIR. He was famous for snuffing out oil well fires.

17. Jai __ : ALAI

18. Ajar : OPEN

19. Like the yolk in Eggs Benedict : RUNNY. Do you like them runny? I prefer a little set to them.

23. Kenan's comedy partner : KELWiki. I must be too old to find them funny.

24. Pottery material : CLAY

25. Uproar : OUTCRY

27. Microfilm unit : FICHE. You needed a reader.

30. Tuba sound : [OOM-PAH]

32. To whom Lennon's "Woman" is dedicated : ONO. Yoko.

33. Bit of shuteye : CATNAP

36. Cheers from the stands : RAHs

39. Sharable PC files : PDFs. (Portable Document Format)

41. Maker of candy "pieces" : REESE. Yum! Straight out of the freezer on a hot day ....

42. Yorick's skull in "Hamlet," e.g. : PROP. "Alas, poor Yorick"

43. Waiting room seat : SOFA

44. "Location, location, location," to a real estate agent : MANTRA

46. Test for M.A. seekers : GRE. (Graduate Record Examination)

47. Playwright Albee : EDWARDWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

49. Deli loaf : BREAD

51. Cybermoniker : USER ID

53. Word with map or code : AREA

55. "Morning Edition" broadcaster : NPR. (National Public Radio)

62. Unrefined : CRUDE

64. Uproars : ADOs. Outcries.

65. Better __ ever : THAN. Better than sliced deli loaf.

66. Cutting beam : LASER

67. "Sommersby" actor Richard : GERE

68. Prefix with dextrous : AMBI

69. Spirit of a people : ETHOS

70. Beach cover : SAND

71. Tree house : NEST


1. Not at all thrilling : BLAH

2. City in southeast Kansas : IOLA

3. Spanish dessert : FLAN

4. Shrink back : FLINCH. A fast shrink.

5. Hi and bye on Lanai : ALOHA

6. Sister of Peter Rabbit : MOPSY

7. Rapper-turned-actor : ICE-T

8. Five-O detective's nickname : DANO. The controversy here. Add to it if you care.

9. Get ready in the bullpen : WARM-UP

10. Dean's URL ender : .EDU

12. One who digs hard rock? : MINER

13. How deadpan humor is delivered : DRYLY

21. Actor Guinness : ALEC

22. "__ Room": longtime kids' show : ROMPER. 1953 to 1994

26. Waterproof cover : TARP

27. Natty dressers : FOPs

28. __-European : INDO

30. Without letup : ON END

31. Tobacco kiln : OAST. We see it used to dry hops more commonly.

34. Doomed Spanish fleet : ARMADA

35. Drop on a cheek : TEAR

37. Israeli dance : HORA

38. Went too fast : SPED

40. __ City: Baghdad suburb : SADR. Formerly known as Saddam City.

45. Aid in a bad way : ABET

48. Windshield cleaners : WIPERS

50. Wicker material : RATTAN

51. One who might call you his niece : UNCLE

52. Fat-avoiding Jack : SPRAT, but not his wife who could eat no lean.

53. Part of a squirrel's stash : ACORN

54. Demolished, in Devon : RASED. It would be nice to visit before all the old houses are gone.

57. Reminds ad nauseam : NAGS

58. Inspiration : IDEA

59. Woeful words : "AH, ME"

60. Street fleet : CABs. Neat.

61. Make mittens, say : KNIT

63. "Gloria in Excelsis __" : DEO



OwenKL said...

I have a grandson named Dan-O. It's been so long since we've called him anything else, I've forgotten what the underlying name is (or even for sure if there is one -- his siblings are Dezmon, Devon, and Zayben).

{C+, C, B+, C+, .)

'Twas a bad day when the BANK PANIC struck,
A STORM of investors withdrew funds in a RUSH!
But HANNAH had no urge
To ATTACK with the herd --
"I can still CHARGE my COFFEE, and play Candy CRUSH!"

Was there no OUTCRY? Was there no ADO?
Was everyone CAT NAPping, on the INDO-Plateau,
When the land became RUNNY,
Hopped like MOPSY the bunny?
Man hadn't evolved yet, and the gods were Hindu!

The OPEN library stacks, once called "The Abyss"
Was where scholars and co-eds would canoodle and kiss!
AMID archives by the yards,
Student aides would play cards --
The favorite game, of course, was "Go FICHE"!

EDWARD was dressed in his ROMPERS for bed.
His UNCLE would tell him a story he'd read,
About cheerleader RAHS,
And band OOMPAH-pas;
So that rather THAN sleepy, Ed's adrenaline SPED!

Reciting his MANTRA, so as not to FLINCH --
Oops, almost lost count again. I've used up my space; not one more inch!

fermatprime said...


Great work, Janice and Santa!

Did not know STORM, BIFF, IOLA and KEL. Perps to the rescue!

Good job, Owen!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly an easy romp today. Didn't know HANNAH STORM, but the perps took care of her. I've heard of MicroFICHE, but never realized that FICHE by itself meant anything or was a unit. On the other hand, I did know BIFF and KEL and IOLA and MOPSY and ADAIR and SADR, so there really wasn't anything else to hold me back today.

CanadianEh! said...

Early today after lurking for awhile. Straight-forward Tuesday puzzle. Thanks Janice and Argyle.
Perps helped with BIFF and SADR.

We finally got rain.
Enjoy the day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Listening to Morning Edition on NPR while completing the puzzle this morning. No, I didn't see the theme. No, I didn't need it. Thanks, Janice. Argyle, I'm with you on BIFF from BTTF; yolks gotta be runny for Eggs Benedict. HANNAH STORM was my only unknown.

FICHE -- back in the 70's I worked as a manufacturer's rep (remember when we used to manufacture stuff in this country?), and all of the machine records were sent out to the dealers on micro-FICHE. I entered the ones for my territory into my newfangled, built from a kit, computing machine -- 64k memory and three 100kb diskette drives. Wow!

AMBI -- I'm pseudo AMBI-dexterous. I do most things right-handed, but bat a baseball, golf and shoot archery left-handed. That might explain why I'm such a sterling golfer, and why I always got dropped from the H.S. baseball team.

CSO's this AM to Abejo (OOMPAH) and Madame DeFarge (KNIT).

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Fun and easy puzzle today. I immediately got HANNAH STORM, so initially through the theme might be weather related.

I really wanted Recoil instead of FLINCH for Shrink Back. But finally I remembered BIFF's name, so I didn't have a PANIC ATTACK.

Like Barry, I didn't realize that FICHE was a stand-alone.

QOD: I am a conservative with a small “c.” It is possible to be conservative in fiscal policy, and tolerant on moral issues or questions of freedom of expression. ~ Mick Jagger (b. July 26, 1943)

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Janice Luttrell, for a fine puzzle. Thank you Argyle, for a fine review.

Well, this morning Cruciverb worked. So, I was able to work the puzzle on my IPad instead of my cell phone. Much easier.

Could not get started in the NW, so headed East. Started in the NE and went around the grid clockwise.

Pretty easy. A couple of stumpers. HANNAH STORM, LOCA, LOLL, BIFF, MOPSY, RATTAN,

Liked OOMPAH. Right up my alley.

Theme appeared after I finished. Puzzle went so fast I did not even look for it.

Had pea soup fog this morning. Now all burned off. Sky is clear blue.

See you tomorrow.

( )

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Janice and thank you Argyle. Nice easy Tuesday puzzle. My only type over was changing oH ME to AH ME.

Yes, I like eggs runny. With a nice thick ham steak and skillet fried potatoes.

Hey, there's RUSH in a theme answer. That's Anon-t's favorite rock band. They happen to be Torontians. Or is it Toronters ? Or Torontites ? Anyway, Mark McClain made an instant friend in his July 3rd First Cuts puzzle with his "Rush drummer Neil" clue. And OOM-PAH. Hi Abejo ! And to Madame DeFarge with KNIT. Plus a partial to UNCLEfred !

In the Army I used a microfiche film viewer much like the one in Argyle's picture. A few years later I was using a hand held viewer about the size of the handset of a princess phone.

Deli loaf ? Why, that has to be pimento, right ? Bzzt.

"Book 'em, Dano" as a catchphrase was later dwarfed by "Where's the beef ?" Taste the pimento loaf. There's beef in there.

Husker Gary said...

-Nobody did Willy and Biff better than Lee J. Cobb and George Segal
-“Two for FLINCHIN’”
-Early tee time!

unclefred said...

Fun CW, thanx, Janice! Didn't know BIFF or IOLA though, so NW was the last to fill. The rest pretty straight-forward. Thanx, Argyle, for the sterling write-up! Well, gotta run, running late today.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

Easy peasy. First time in my life I ever used this expression. I've heard it or I've seen it in these puzzles. It just came to me as a fitting comment for this puzzle. And I'll never say it again.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Been some time since we've had Red ADAIR. In his heyday, he was a media darling. I remember reports from Iran where he was snuffing out oil well fires. Wasn't there a John Wayne movie about him?
The solve proceeded smartly. Once I was satisfied with the IOLA/LOLL cross I wrapped it up.
I think the endings of the theme fill are: 4 ways to raid a redoubt.
I thought the puzzle had a respectable amount of fresh fill.
RUNNY - Don't like my eggs RUNNY. Like them sunny side up and fairly firm. Fried with a cover works well.
SPRAT - I had a colleague once, John SPRAT, at Ontario Hydro. We never called him Jack, though.

Tinbeni said...

Nice write-up Argyle. FUN puzzle Janice.

Never heard of the Kenan & KEL TV show. So that was all perps.

Can't say I've ever had a COFFEE-RUSH ... hmmm, maybe a Scotch Rush. LOL

HANNAH STORM was a gimmie since I often watch ESPN SportCenter.

Fave today was the Real Estate Agents MANTRA "Location, location, location."

Enjoying the beautiful, sunny (with a daily cooling rain) weather on the West Coast of Florida.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Hand up for not knowing Hannah. Otherwise a breeze.

Morning, Argyle, watching yesterday's storms I thought you and Irish might be getting needed rain...over here it just fizzled. Need rain! Please!

MJ said...

Pretty much smooth sailing today. Unknowns HANNAHSTORM and KEL were easily perpped.

Thank you for faithfully guiding us through the Monday and Tuesday puzzles, Argyle!

I had a phone call at 7:30am today. Seems the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. Again. AH ME.....

Enjoy the day!

C6D6 Peg said...

Easy speed run today, even more than yesterday. Nice theme. I worked at a department store over Christmas, and on New Year's Day, when everything Christmas went on 75% off, there was a panic/rush/storm. Sounded like elephants coming through the china section! Yikes!

Nice write-up, Argyle. Thanks for the pic of the Devon house. Looks really relaxing!

Hahtoolah said...

Hand up for not liking runny eggs. I deliberately break the yolk when I fry my egg so that it will be well cooked.

MJ: I,too, got a call recently from the IRS. Maybe crossword bloggers are being targeted. LOL.

TTP said...

Spitzboov, Hellfighters

I knew I had commented on it before and went searching for it. Oct 24,2012

Here's timeline from the: Halliburton website .

OwenKL and Chairman Moe, I happened upon this attempt at a limerick I wrote March 31 2014. It may have been my first and last...

Did this Monday puzzle you misjudge ?
Plod and slog did you trudge ?
A constructor with your head can messa
Especially when the creator is Mr Sessa
And his skill level you shouldn't begrudge.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A very smooth offering, just right for a Tuesday. Only w/o was alas/ah me. The theme was easily seen early on but didn't detract from the satisfying solve.

Thanks, Janice and Argyle, for a Tuesday treat.

Spitz, yes, there was a John Wayne portrayal of Red Adair.

Dudley, as usual, our "storm" was a tempest in a teapot. The amount of rain we got would barely fill a teacup!

DO, my husband was right-handed in everything but golf and baseball which I always found odd. Out of my family's eleven members (including mom and dad), there is only one southpaw, the brother 😈 responsible for the loss of 1/4 of my index finger!

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

TTP @ 10:34 - I was typing when you replied and I'm glad you mentioned the title of the JW film as I had forgotten it.

MJ and Hatoolah, I'm surprised that I haven't gotten any calls from the "IRS" as I get calls constantly from every scammer under the sun.

Lucina said...

A nice refreshing puzzle from Janice Luttrell, thank you! HANNAHSTORM and KEL were my only unknowns. As Spitz said, Red ASAIR was once often mentioned and well known.

Make mine over easy, please. Dudley, and you think you need rain? Our total so far this year is 3 inches.

Have a fine day, everyone!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Another good one from Janice & Argyle. Thanks.

Didn't consciously know HANNAH but filled in STORM when I had ST perps so must have absorbed something from the few times I watched Sportscenter. Didn't know KEL or BIFF.

Read a lot of microfilm and FICHE when I did genealogy and local history research. Lots of interesting stuff in old newspapers. My son who runs a heavy equipment sales/repair shop has his parts catalog on his HewlettPackard laptop. Very handy. No FICHEing nowadays.

I thought deli loaf should have been liver wurst.

Sommersby was a gimmee. One of my favorite movies & actor.

Saw that Red ADAIR movie when it came out. Husband had met Red somewhere when DH was in the USAF.

Read Spanish dessert as our arid CW friend desert. Second time thru got it right. Daughter came home from an exchange trip to Mexico while in HS and made FLAN for us.

Anonymous T said...

Happy Tuesday all!

Crash & Burn (on a Tuesday?!?). NW corner was a bugger... 1d wasn't Tame nor Mild (Milo for 1a?). Giant ink blob - I finally looked up BIFF (not from Back to the Future) and everything fell into place. Official DNF.

Otherwise, I SPED through the puzzle. Thanks Janice & Argyle for the puzzle and write up, respectively. Fun pinwheel theme and expo, again, respectively.

WO: AMID the ink in the North, I can't tell. 23a: Key b/f KEL... I read it as Keegan of Key & Peele; BTW this clip settles the Angus / Kobe beef debate. Still too old for it Argyle ;-)

ESPs - HANNA STORM (tried dANNAH once; close but cigar-less) & MOPSY.

Fav: Not just for the clue (which was nice) but 'cuz Red ADAIR was a smart mofo & badass. Boots & Coots were Desert Storm aftermath heroes capping the CRUDE. The link documents their 1st big feat in Afghanistan.

Extra fun: IDEA next to the seed ACORN.

Eggs? - Me no likie RUNNY - over-medium please w/ just enough juicy yolk for toast soppin'. Army "chefs" never complied... AH, ME.

{A, C, B, C-, A+ (& LOL)}

Hahtoolah - Re: Recoil - I too thought RE-somthing to further mess up that AREA.

TTP - You called me out... RUSH R-40 in Houston. . I saw it live but you may not notice from the video -- the road-sign says "Houston - The Capital of Air Conditioning." RUSH's PROPs were fantastic - the amps got smaller and smaller as RUSH went backwards though time and their discography.

WEB MD: noun, medical information source where any symptom indicates cancer.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Futz - This is the K&P Kobe link. C, -T

Anonymous said...

I like runny eggs, yolks only, whites should be firm.

desper-otto said...

Anon@12:05 -- Amen.

oc4beach said...

Nice Tuesday puzzle from Janice. Didn't get the theme, but didn't need it to finish the puzzle. A few perps were necessary though.

Ala Jeff Foxworthy: You might be from Pennsylvania if:

- You know what Dippy Eggs are.

- Deli Loaf is either Lebanon Bologna, Dutch Loaf, Old Fashioned Loaf or Pickle & Pimento (P&P) Loaf.

- The first day of Deer Season is a holiday.

- Scrapple is not a board game (Love it with Dippy Eggs)

- Shredded Chicken in gravy goes on waffles, syrup goes on pancakes.

- Birch Beer is not Root Beer.

- Pot Pie doesn't have a crust and isn't baked. It has Ham, Bot Boi noodles, potatos and a thick broth.

- Virginville, Intercourse, Climax and Paradise are town names.

Hope everyone has a good day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Learning moment: Fiche...

Misty said...

Not a speed run this morning, since I didn't know HANNAH STORM, Red ADAIR, KEL, and a few others. But I still got the whole thing--Yay! So, many thanks, Janice, and you too, Argyle. Not a bad way to start a Tuesday, with a little bit of a challenge!

oc4beach, I spent part of childhood and teens in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and so loved your PA specialties.

Have a great day, everybody!

Abejo said...

OK oc4beach. Where does Jumbo hail from and what is it?


oc4beach said...

Abejo: Jumbo hail is a type of sprinkles. I think they of Dutch origin, but not PA Dutch. Unless you meant something else.

CrossEyedDave said...

You're complaining about a storm? We got cows!

Panic Attack?


What was the charge again?

Misty said...

I have a question for you guys. There was an article in the LA Times this morning titled "Brain training may delay dementia," and it mentioned a computerized brain-training exercise called "Double Decision Game." Are any of you familiar with this, and have you ever tried it? I'd be curious to know how it works.

Jayce said...

Cool puzzle, fun to solve. Nice clues and fill. I also didn't know FICHE was ever said as a single word in English, although it is in French. My hardest time was with TARP, RAHS, and PROP, because I had OLES and didn't think of a tarp as being waterproof.

With regard to DANO (I prefer Danno and tend to pronounce Dano as "Day-no, as in Paul Dano and Royal Dano,) we nicknamed our son "John-Oscar" or "John-O" because he loved Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street when he was little. Only his aunts and uncles ever call him that any more. He puts up with it.

Best wishes to you all.

Hungry Mother said...

My wife taught at Fannett-Metal HS in PA, where there were two days off for buck season and one for doe season. People there said "y'uns" instead of "youse" or "y'all", they "retted" up a room when they were tidying. Tough for an English teacher over yonder.

Wilbur Charles said...

Ran through this earlier. Yes, NW had me wondering what day it was. HANNAH is from Boston sports.

You Midwesterners. Who was the KC Chiefs RB back in AFL days who fought fires with Red ADAIR. Curt Howdy loved to talk about him.

While I'm at it, who was MOPSY's sister and other brother.

I had wRYLY and didn't think very hard on WEB_ _.

Okay. FICHE story. Checked out a LL pitching line to win a bar bet. 0-0-9-11
No hits and nine walks or strikeouts. 11 walks???
Six innings.

As usual. The Great U R

EdieB said...

Today's puzzle brought back a funny memory. At the school where I taught for 28 years, the teachers would take dictation on tests and exams for students who had difficulty writing. I was taking dictation for a history test and the student told me all about the Spanish Armadillo. It was all I could do to keep it together for the rest of the class period.

TTP said...

Charlie Tolar of the championship AFL Houston Oilers teams worked as an oil well fire fighter for Red Adair. He was widely known as the "Human Bowling Ball." Source: the www.

BTW, before any Baltimore Colts or Miami Dolphins fan starts an UPROAR, Charlie had that nickname 10 years before Don Nottingham got the same moniker.

Mopsy had a sister and another brother ? I didn't even know Peter rabbit has a sister named Mopsy until today.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Loved the picture of the Armada. Thanks for that, Argyle!

I figure at least one of my ancestors was on one of those doomed caravels. Ever since my DNA test came back as 58% Irish with a trace of "Iberian peninsula," it makes sense that some poor Spanish sailor swam ashore around Galway Bay (yes, some were blown well off course!) and married up right quick with a fair colleen.

Pat said...

This is a great Tuesday offering. Thanks, Janice. Enjoyed the expo, Argyle.

My only error was ETHic before ETHOS. The theme is obvious enough that I saw it.

We got some much needed rain this afternoon. Maybe more tomorrow.

Have a pleasant evening.


Avg Joe said...

EdieB @4:59, my favorite malaprop came from a realtor friend. He'd made arrangements for showing an acreage property to some transplants from the urban east that really had no grasp of rural life here in Neraska. They traveled separately, and the potential buyers arrived late. Their excuse: "We came up over a hill and there was a concubine blocking the road!" It was never clear if they ran her over......:-)

oc4beach said...

I think the rabbits were FLOPSY, MOPSY and COTTONTAIL.

SwampCat said...

Oc4beach, you beat me to Flopsy and Cottontail! Great clue, I thought.

Loved the CW. Easy but fun. The unknowns filled themselves in with perps. Thanks! Argyle, as usual you taught me things!

Red Adair is a hero down here in oil country. Yes, yes, I know....Texas claims him, but he helped put out oil rig fires all over.

We had rain (storm!) again today. Wish i could send some to those who want it. I'm beginning to mildew.

Owen...what can I say? Thanks!

PK said...

Misty, my daughter was doing some kind of brain training game online, but I don't know if that was it. She wanted me to try it (hint, hint?) but I told her I thought doing the crossword and reading a lot was about all I could handle.

Loved the malaprops.

Keith, a priest told my fullblooded Irish grandfather that the first person having their mutual last name swam ashore in Ireland from the wrecks of the Spanish Armada, so it definitely happened. Their name is similar to a term used for Jews converted to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisition which leaves me wondering if we also have Jewish blood in our ancestry. My grandpop's father looked like a Spanish don with a long narrow face and a thick shock of white hair. His sons all had the round heads of their Irish mother. Genetics is so interesting.

Mike Sherline said...

Re: 30A Low blow or low wind, heavy brass or big brass - fine. But I feel a small pang each time the sound of my magnificently, mellifluously melodious mother of all the brass instruments, the titanically tuneful tuba is characterized as “oompah”. For one thing, in the old time music without imaginitive bass lines that gave birth to the stereotype, we actually only play the “oom”, while the horns & 1st & 2nd trombones usually provide the “pah” (or pah pah if its in three). In the 59 years I’ve been playing it, its image has undergone a complete transformation, from slow & clumsy to equally virtuosic - and all the above alliterative adjectives - as any other instrument. If you’d like to hear what I mean, check out an early concerto (mid ’50s), one of the first composed for tuba by a major composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams. Very beautifully played here by the great contemporary British player James Gourlay. The whole thing (3 movements) is under 13 mins, and here you can follow along with a (reduced - piano) score.

And here’s the Chicago Symphony’s tremendously talented tubaist Gene Porkorny discussing the importance of the piece, what it means to us and a little about his choice of instrument for its performance:

We’re at GMT-10 (Hawaii) so it’s hard for me to get anything up here at what’s a reasonable hour for anyone else. I hope some of you see this and enjoy it (especially you, Abejo).

Anonymous T said...

Misty - I think just staying engaged does it - play games / puzzles and participate in family, politics (not at the Corner!) and the world around. Sans disease, you'll stave off mind-numb [tho if you want that, Tin has a cure :-)]

CED - LOL Calvin & Hobbes. I'm sure Bill G enjoyed it too.

SwampC - Red is a hero throughout the patch - too bad he wasn't available for Macondo Bay / Deepwater Horizon.

PK - Re: malaprops - I recall getting confused in Catechism about Pontius Pilate; I heard him as [rhymes with conscientious] Pilot and wondering how Romans had airplanes. In my 7yro head Pilate was like Snoopy fighting the Red Baron but washed his hands obsessively. Anyone? Anyone? Ok, just me...

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

Misty, my son sent me a link to a website with so-called brain games. I didn't stick with it 'cause it seemed like work. The website was I hope it's what you are looking for.

I ALWAYS enjoy Calvin and Hobbes! Thanks.

Mike, thanks for the tuba piece.

Bill G. said...

It's funny how I can come to care so much about characters in a TV show; Morse and Thursday for example.

Wilbur Charles said...

We had a cat named Flopsy. Charlie Solar, yep. NBC saved the AFL and always had the Chiefs on Sunday afternoon after the Giants game. Bostonians were very slow to give up on the Giants. Of course...

No sabermatricians here to wonder how a six inning 0-0-9-11/11-9 line is possible?

Projected to nine innings it would be 12 and 15. I don't remember anything about it other than the no-no.

Now to get to Wed xword. Now, tomorrow, I promise to get to Thur early.

Thanks TTP etal for the responses.

Anybody working on deciphering Hari Selden? He's an historical character.

As is Strider of LotR fame.

But this will probably go Unread, Greatly