Aug 19, 2019

Monday, Aug 19, 2019 Julian Kwan

Theme: SLICED BREAD (63. "Best thing" bakery metaphor ... and a hint to each row of circles) -

17. Data-intensive branch of engineering: INFORMATICS. 19. "Positively Entertaining" TV network: ION. RAISIN.

23. God, in Judaism: YAHWEH. And  25. Red-handed: IN THE ACT. WHITE.
38. Camaraderie: RAPPORT. And 41. Avant-garde music genre: ART ROCK. POTATO
52. Winter hike footwear item: SNOW SHOE and 54. Insect-sized superhero: ANT MAN. WHEAT.

Boomer here.  Hello puzzle masters.  Let me help you get to the CRUST of the matter. Raisin, White, Potato and Wheat bread are sliced up.


1. Paris eateries: CAFES.  I had a talk with C.C. the other day about the birth of Drive-in Restaurants, (McDonald's, Burger King, KFC etc.). They pretty much cut into the success of the CAFE business. 

6. Abyss: CHASM.

11. Birthday count: AGE.  Of course my age makes me a Baby Boomer. The experience is great.

14. Rack flavoring: SPICE.  There were a group of girls with this last name.

15. Hang in midair: HOVER.  Add an "O" and you have a vacuum cleaner.

16. Easter beginning?: NOR. Nor'easter.

20. After-tax amount: NET.  My after-tax amount is LOOSE CHANGE, but that was too long,

21. Unveiling word: VOILA.

22. Iraq War worries, for short: WMDS.  It is unfortunate that so many countries have them in their silos.

28. Burning crime: ARSON.

30. "__ luego": HASTA.  See you later!  Luckily we don't have too many foreign language words in our puzzles. N'est-ce pas?

31. "Oh dear!": ALAS.

34. Choir voice: TENOR. In my first year I was a Baritone, but then I graduated to Bass.  (Voice, not fish)

36. Judge on "The People v. O.J. Simpson": ITO (Lance). This famous judge holds the judge record for appearing in crosswords.  "All Rise!"

43. Annoying kid: IMP.

44. Greetings from Fido: WOOFS.  Not "Ruffs, or Arfs?"

46. Aired with sharper resolution: IN HD.

47. De-creases?: IRONS.  I like this clue and answer.  Clever play on words that I cannot enhance.

49. Lariat: LASSO.

58. Surfer's ride: WAVE.  I never tried this.  10,000 lakes do not have the waves that "Surf City" has.

59. Makeover result: NEW DO.  Pronounced "NUDE OOU"

61. Self-image: EGO.

62. Approx. landing time: ETA. The "E" for estimated is a word for Sun Country trips.

66. Fish in Japanese unadon: EEL. I Googled this and learned that Japanese have a dish called a unadon with roasted eels.

67. Aspect: FACET.  How many facets on your diamonds??

68. Montana Tech city: BUTTE.  It's pronounced BEAUT.  Not sure if they make Butter there.

69. NFL scoring stat: TDS.  Preseason has started.  I don't pay too much attention until they "Rack 'em up for real."

70. Slanted columns: OP-EDS.  I normally skip this section of the paper.

71. Thumbs-ups: YESES.


1. CBS forensic spin-off starring Gary Sinise: CSI NY.

2. Sleep concern: APNEA.  I think this is a breathing problem. I am told that I snore, but I don't consider that Apnea.

3. Elegant Manhattan avenue: FIFTH.  Only three blocks from "Puzzlemaster" Mr. Shortz.

4. Environmental prefix: ECO.  Weird things are happening.  July was a super hot month on record, arctic ice is melting.  Soon Manitoba may have more lakes than Minnesota.

5. Diner employee: SERVER.

6. Spiced tea: CHAI.  Popular tea. You can get it at Starbucks.

7. Emergency phone link: HOTLINE.  Always loved the setup in Maxwell Smart's secret control room (Agent 86 ?) Get Smart

8. Birdlike: AVIAN.

9. Jiff: SEC.

10. Doubtfire's title: MRS.  Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

11. Pixar specialty: ANIMATION.  Do they still have cartoons every Saturday morning on TV??

12. "Glad you spotted that error": GOOD CATCH.

13. Surrealist Max: ERNST.

18. Mineral hardness scale: MOHS.  Mayo Clinic offers MOHS surgery for skin cancer.  Created by Dr. Mohs.  The mineral hardness thing, I am not familiar with.

22. Director Anderson: WES.

24. Stinging flier: WASP.  You do NOT want to be stung by one of these nasty flying objects.

26. Norse god with a hammer: THOR.  "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, all over this land."  Peter, Paul, and Mary.

27. Kevin of "Central Intelligence": HART.

29. "The Simpsons" bus driver: OTTO.  I can proudly say I have never watched one episode of the Simpson's.

31. MLB's Diamondbacks, on scoreboards: ARI.  Good team, ugly uniforms, especially on the road.  I cannot believe they let Greinke go.  However I think Zack has pitched for about 12 major league teams.  Must be a misfit.

32. Covered with plastic, as an ID card: LAMINATED.  Actually, most of my cards are already plastic, no lamination required.

33. Yeses from bosses: APPROVALS.  I would spell the clue Yesses.

35. Space-research org.: NASA.

37. Gave the green light, briefly: OK'D.

39. Dominates totally: OWNS.

40. __ Hashanah: Jewish New Year: ROSH.  This year starts September 29 and ends October 1.  I am not Jewish but I have many friends that are.  (Plus I like October 1 because that's when Graybar pays the quarterly dividends,)

42. Tear gas situation: RIOT. Did you watch Yankees Indians game last Saturday.?  Brett Gardner, C.C. Sabathia  (Not our C.C.) and Aaron Boone were tossed by the umpires.  It was a RIOT.

45. Bilked: FLEECED.

48. Be in debt: OWE.  I OWE, I OWE, it's off to work I go.  "Bashful, Grumpy, and Doc"

50. DUI-fighting org.: SADD.

51. Stuck-up: SNOBBY.  This is NOT Charlie Brown's Dog.  Good Grief !

52. 1974 hit "__ Home Alabama": SWEET.  "Where the skies are so blue"  Lynard Skynard.

53. Chilling in a cooler: ON ICE.  Many winter Olympic events are held there.

55. Track competitions: MEETS.  These could be Summer Olympic events.

56. Playing marble: AGATE.  I had a bagful when I was a kid.  Most were replaced by cat's eyes.

57. Connection points: NODES.

60. Moistens: WETS.

63. "City by the Bay" airport code: SFO.  In case you missed it last time: A fellow named Bennett passed away and went up to the pearly gates and met St. Peter.  He was issued a harp and wings and asked if a friend of his, Sam Fink was there.  "No one here by that name" said St. Peter, "you may want to check down in the other place."  So Bennett went down there and found Sam who had opened a discotheque and they had a long chat.  But then Bennett said he had to go and went back up to the pearly gates.  St. Peter met him and said, "Aren't you missing something?"  Bennett responded - "Oh my gosh!!  I left my Harp in Sam Fink's Disco."

64. Once around the track: LAP.

65. Lament: RUE.  A Golden Girl.



D4E4H said...

FIR in 33:49 min.

G-day Mates.

Thank you Julian Kwan for this easy Monday CW.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.

34 A -- Choir voice: TENOR. Like you I was a Baritone, but now I am a Bass. I sing along with people who come to entertain us, and sing hymns at church. I sing gibberish as I roll my wheel chair through the halls. I enjoy the timbre of the low notes, and hold them a long time.

Misty FLM at 11:26 AM wrote "Dave, it's always nice to see yours as the first posting of the day."

Thank you Madam. It's my pleasure.


Lemonade714 said...

Another nice puzzle from Julian Kwan (JK) who debuted in April. Of course, the humor in the write-up was typical Boomer who gives us the classic bad pun story, That is one of the most convoluted ones I have ever seen, but then I haven't been to a disco in years. I do think it is worth a tribute to Journey and their hit which is actually titled LIGHT.

Thank you, Boomer and JK.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Had the circles, but forgot to look at 'em until Boomer pointed them out. No problems this morning, but then it's Monday... Nice stacked nines NE and SW. Thanx, Julian and Boomer.

FIFTH -- There's a movement afoot to rename a portion of NY's Fifth Avenue.

MOHS -- DW had surgery last Friday for a spot on her forehead. Afterward, the pain meds were making her sick. The pharmacist suggested motion sickness pills. Worked.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW On Monday! I've never seen a CSI episode, and my WHITE bread, WASP upbringing left me woefully ignorant of non-Protestant religions. So I had to choose between CSI NJ/NO/NY and I WAGged NJ, thinking jAHWEH could be an ancient spelling for Jehovah. At least I waited for mADD/SADD. My only erasure was ieds for WMDS.

Wanted Washington Post for "slanted columns", but it wouldn't fit. Our local paper carries a lot of their opinion-disguised-as-news articles in lieu of having actual local reporters.

DW will have MOHS surgery on her nose next month.

The title is SERVER. If you err and call her a waitress, the stewardess won't bring you a beer on your next flight (you sexist pig). I still miss the old Continental Airlines ad.

Speaking of sexist pigs, why does "rack" require a picture of the SPICE Girls? Does Boomer have Splynter on speed dial?

Thanks for the fun workout, Julian. My favorites were "slanted columns", and "greetings from Fido" because anything dog-related has to be a favorite. And thanks to Boomer for another fabulous review, especially the joke.

TTP said...

Good morning.

No circles at Mensa and I didn't bother to open one of the other sites to see them.

In my haste, I misread worries as stories at 22A.

Boomer, that story... groan.

Don't recall ever seeing that Continental Airlines commercial, Jinx. A friend of mine was a stewardess for Continental in the early aughts. I remember when she first got the job. So excited. Free travel to so many places. Her route quickly became Chicago to Houston to Denver. Then Denver to Houston to Chicago. Repeat for five or six years. It got to her. But she did get the free travel to other places from time to time.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Enjoyed Boomer's expo. BTW - Boomer is an unofficial Navy term for a sailor on a ballistic missile submarine. You can tell them by the vertical rocket emblem they sport above the ribbons on their upper left breast of the uniform.

Liked the bread lines today. No issues - good solid early-in-the-week puzzle.
LAMINATED - NYSDMV will not accept an SSN card in support of identity determination if it is LAMINATED.
MOHS - D-O -- Hope your wife is recovering well from her procedure. I've had 2 MOHS procedures for basil cell carcinoma removal; one on my right temple and one on my upper right cheek. Don't remember much pain medicine. Just a few Tylenols.

Yellowrocks said...

I although I solved it quickly, I needed the perps for this one. HART was the only fill I hadn't heard of, or if I did, I don't remember it.
I have seen Mrs. Doubtfire many times on DVD. Robin was so talented.
Boomer, I get your meaning of cafe, but to me cafe is a supper club, night club, road house type of eatery serving alcohol. Even with the plethora of of fast food chains here, we still have quite a few small mom and pop eateries, variously called diners (very small), luncheonettes, coffee shops, etc. My morning spot, Rose's Luncheonette, serves breakfast and lunch, no dinner or alcohol, but it has the homey atmosphere of Cheers, where everybody know your name. It serves many local regulars. David finds the cross chatter of servers and other customers off-putting. Alan and I love it.
I stubbed my toe Saturday night in the dark. Today it is improving, but still black and blue and painful. I need to wear sandals. My glasses fell off and are crooked. I am leaving now to have them straightened. Maybe this will teach me not to walk around in the dark.
DO, I hope your wife soon feels better.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

TTP, their tag line "who's going to move their tail for you" was pretty famous, as was their "sorry Bub, no pub" if you fly in anyone else's 747.

My sister applied to be a stew for Delta and was selected. She had lessons on selecting "undergarments", applying makeup, smiling when she didn't feel like smiling, along with the reasons for being dismissed: gaining too much weight, getting married, reaching middle age, etc. She dropped out and became a stockbroker instead.

Anthony Gael Moral said...

Oh, my, ALAS does not mean "Oh, my," alas.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Julian Kwan, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for fine review.

Zipped through this quickly. Printed it from Mensa. Cruciverb was out to lunch again. No circles on Mensa.

Figured the theme had something to do with BREAD. But, no circles. Oh well.

Really had no problems, a few perps helped here nd there.

I am off now to Elgin Community College. Our Kiwanis Club volunteers at the book store.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Jerome Gunderson said...

Fifth Avenue- That's where New Yorkers go to buy bottles of whiskey.

SwampCat said...

Good morning Boomer and friends. Thanks Julian for this Monday fun. I loved Surfers ride for WAVE. I was of course thinking Surfboard or something similar.I also liked Decreases for IRONS and Slanted columns for OP ED.

Boomer, thanks for ‘splaining NOR for Easter beginning. I couldn’t imagine what that had to do with bunnies delivering eggs.

Glad someone explained MOHS surgery. I have had several friends who needed the surgery. I am very susceptible to skin cancer so I know all about the surgery. It’s always clued as mineral hardness which throws me every time. (Ima slow learner I guess!)

Irish Miss, keep on getting better! Owen, so sorry to hear of your troubles. Prayers coming from here!

SwampCat said...

Jerome, hehehehe!

Yellowrocks said...

Oh dear, oh my and alas can all be used to express sorrow, grief, pity, or concern.

Jerome, that reminds me that wherever two or three Episcopalian are gathered together, there is always a fifth among them.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Julian Kwan and Boomer! That is a funny joke, Boomer. I love puns!

I love BREAD, too, so that was an amusing solve.

I also liked de-creases, IRONS as well as burning crime, ARSON.

Count me among those who have never watched The Simpsons but I know most of the characters' names from CWDs. I just don't care for ANIMATION.

CSI NY was not as successful, IMO, as the other ones of that franchise.

I like to read the OP-EDS; if nothing else it provides a different perspective on many issues and usually the writers are deep thinkers. I may or may not agree with them. In fact, there is one who appears regularly in our newspaper and whose very name makes me gag, but it's an opposing opinion to mine and I like to be informed.

Nice CSO to you at OTTO.

And I'll take a CSO at ARIzona.

Have a beautiful day, everyone! HASTA luego!

Misty said...

Nice Monday puzzle, Julian--many thanks. Had to work a bit hard here and there, but it all fell into place and I liked the solution solving the circled words. Knew Max ERNST but not Kevin HART, but no problem. Liked seeing WOOFS for the dog bark for a change. Still not sure I get WMDS although it filled in okay. Anyway, fun puzzle with a cute theme having all those BREADS turn up. And Boomer, your punny joke cracked me up.

Hope your partners' skin surgeries have good and easy results, Desper-otto and Jinx.

Have a good week coming up, everybody.

Misty said...

We've had no Jumble postings yesterday or this morning. I hope Owen is okay.

Husker Gary said...

-The fun gimmick escaped me until the reveal
-HOVERING parents are the bane of coaches
-My voice progression from 8th to 12th grade – soprano, high tenor, lead, baritone, bass
-I am now very accustomed to this odd looking device and my APNEA events are now 3/hr instead of 33
-ANIMATION of my yute could be watched by adults
-Will ballplayers seek out programmers when balls and strikes get start getting called by computers
-Me too, Lucina! I read opposing opinions to see what other slants on issues might be.

AnonymousPVX said...

I seemed to be on the beam with this Monday go.

No markovers.

YR, I keep a pair of slip on next to the tired (haha) of stubbing toes. Now slipping them on is almost automatic.

Are we still trying to keep politics out of here? It still seems that some cannot resist issuing their opinions.

On to Tuesday.

Haiku Harry said...

Punster, who wants his
ID covered in wool, got

Lucina said...

Are you referring to OP EDS? That was in the puzzle so it seems valid to mention them. I don't see anyone voicing an opinion of one side or another.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Julian for the Monday 'ease-into-the-week' puzzle. Thanks Boomer for kicking-off the after-party with a groaner [loved it!]

WOs: ieDS (hi Jinx!) leading to IAN Andersen. Bzzt & Buzzt.
ESPs: ION channel(?), HART, spelling YAHWEH
Fav: That the circles were every-other one, making perfect SLICEs of BREAD.

Is sliced bread the pinnacle of civilization? Everything else is the "greatest thing since..."

As other's have called out, there's plenty other sparkle and SPICE in the puzzle..

Get well OKL. You too IM. YR, I'm sorry to hear of your toe; your Episcopal joke reminded me of fishing with Baptists. Never take just one Baptist fishing with you - Take two - they'll be busy watching each other and both will leave your beer alone..

Funny Jerome and Haiku Harry... I just returned from the dentist and you both made me drool-out-loud.

Jinx - your Continental commercial reminded me of this interview with Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines [31m]. He'd give full-fare fliers a FIFTH of whiskey.

Lucina - Jinx kinda did [get political] by mentioning WaPo == slanted*. To you & HG - I too read opposing views in the OPEDs. Sometimes they have salient points that I need to ponder. Other times, it's red-herrings all the way down...

I figure if Pop and I can agree on a solution to an issue, we've solved a world-problem :-)

Cheers, -T
*was that the nit PVX?

oc4beach said...

Finished Julian's puzzle in under 10 minutes. At first some of the across clues seemed difficult for a Monday, but the down clues righted everything. Boomer's treatise on the puzzle was enlightening and at times funny.

Used the Mensa site, so no circles and therefore didn't get the theme until Boomer's expo.

I agree with Jinx about the Washington Post. Of course our local newspaper is just as slanted. This isn't meant to be political, I try to read all sides of an issue. I still read the Post on the weekends when I can pick it up at the local supermarket. And I get to do the Sunday LA Times puzzle in pencil.

HG: Although I don't like wearing a sleep apnea mask, I agree with you that it does cut down on breathing stoppages. I can sleep through a few (2-4) REM cycles without getting up every hour or so. I currently use the ResMed AirFit F20 Mask and I also occasionally use the DreamWear Nasal Mask, but I have to wear a chin strap to keep my mouth shut, which is annoying. It would be nice if the medical profession could come up with some other solution to our problem.

IM: Get well soon.

Have a great day everyone.

Tinbeni said...

Never came close to "Catching the Theme" while solving.

But this was an easy Monday puzzle.

Enjoyed the CSO to me at 31-d, ARI ... those are my "Initials".

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.


Unknown said...

I can proudly say I have never stepped foot in a Starbucks. Even after spending a week in Seattle.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Boomer's comment that he would spell Yeses as Yesses nudged me to notice that the answer at 71a is YESES.

Boomer, thanks for the Sam Fink joke.

Hand up for entering IEDS and changing it to WMDS.

Loved the clue for IRONS. Maybe Jeremy would have loved it, too.

I don't recall ever hearing the term ART ROCK. Not gonna go look it up to see what it is.

I, too, find the Washington Post to be slanted. To so state is not political, it is a criticism or observation about the quality, or lack thereof, of the news media. I remember I got lambasted on here a few years ago for being "political" simply because I expressed my dismay at having heard a local news anchor (i.e. teleprompter reader) mispronounce "magnetometer" as "magno meter"). Yes, I am critical of the news media because so many truly deserve criticism.

Good wishes to you all.

Joe said...

I wonder if the offended party would be so offended if we pointed out the other side of slanted media. For instance, it is safe to say that primetime Fox programming is slanted. As is The Drudge Report. No problem with me admitting that. Or us there?

Anonymous T said...

Jayce: You made me LIU re: ART ROCK [Wiki]. Not a term I know either. However, by their definition, some of my favorite bands (ELP, Pink Floyd, the Velvet Underground), fall in that category. To me, it's early-Alt/Prog-Rock, Classic Rock (anthem/Epic [think The Wall], and Punk Rock styles, respectively.

By their definition, Bowie, late BEATLES, RUSH, Meatloaf [think Bat out of Hell], Yes, The Moody Blues could all be ART ROCK as there's a theme that runs through many of their albums.

So, um, OK(?). -T

Spitzboov said...

I view Jinx's comment @ 0729 as about journalism and not politics since we had the OP-EDS fill which came from a "slanted" clue. I agree with him and that is why I get the WSJ.
Some of us seem to be a little touchy today. My mother always said "Jeder Feger' vor seiner Tür, da liegt genug Dreck dafür. (Everyone sweep in front of your own door; There's enough dirt lying in front of it.)

Anonymous T said...

Spitz - or as my Italian Gramps would say...
"Fursta, minda you own-a-fukka binnusz. Your shit stinkys too."

I miss that old man... A fountain of wisdom, he. :-) -T

Anonymous said...

There was good reason to enter IEDS rather than WMDS. There was never a credible threat of WMDS in Iraq. "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

There were plenty of IEDS. "Improvised Explosive Devices".

Such a senseless tragedy in every way.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Wishing full recoveries to Owen and Irish Miss! May they both return to us very soon!

An enjoyable, slightly chewy Monday pzl--a pleasant start to the week.

"I left my harp in Sam Fink's Disco" was my favorite takeaway from Boomer today. As an ex-pat San Franciscan and one-time frequenter of SFO, I enjoy all reminders of the City by the Bay--once dubbed "Baghdad by the Bay" by columnist Herb Caen.

There are two taboos for true SF natives. The one that most people know is never to call it "Fr*sco"!
The other, less appreciated by the masses, is that the thing called "Rice-a-Roni" is NOT a native delicacy. That item is an interloper. Buying ad-space on cable cars does not entitle it to insert itself into the rare, hallowed ranks of our true native taste-treats, like sourdough bread or the martini.

Jayce said...

Anonymous T, thanks for looking up art rock. Also, your grampa sounds like quite a character. By the way, are you still smoking cigars?

Spitzboov, interesting about the WSJ. I also have found it to be the least slanted. Still awaiting LW's permission to subscribe to it.

Unknown, I confess we have stepped into a Starbucks. Once. Boomer, I also confess we watched The Simpsons. Once.

A friend and I sometimes have some longish, interesting discussions about a wide variety of topics. In one discussion he explained to me that the Hebrew name for whom we call Joshua was "Yeshwa." He also claimed that this was Jesus's name. He also claimed it is the basis of the name YAHWEH.

No offense, folks, just a simple paragraph about the etymology of a name.

Later, y'all.

Jayce said...

Ol'Man Keith, thank you for using that asterisk. You deserve a box of Ghirardelli chocolates.

Roy said...

Just a note on entomologies. The vowels in "Yahweh" are speculative; the Hebrew alphabet doesn't have vowels. The name of GOD is YHWH. When scribes started adding "vowel points" to indicate pronunciation, they used the vowels of "Adonai"=LORD as a reminder not to say the ineffable Name. Latin scribes combined the consonants of the Name with those vowels, which led to the English form "Jehovah".

Wilbur Charles said...

But in places like St Pete , the cafes are making a big comeback. Panera might be classified as such although in downtown the cafes face the Bay.

Including yesterday re. ITO. Not to speak of ANIME and a clue for YESSES.

I would guess that what's political depends on one's political persuasion. fe. WSJ NOT being political. My TBTimes is unabashedly "Liberal" but there was an essay titled "Three Political Truths the Democrats can't Handle". But in content pro Dem, anti Republican.


the Hebrew name of God transliterated in four letters as YHWH or JHVH and articulated as Yahweh or Jehovah.

Yes, the Aramaic name of Jesus was Yeshua.

Re. Xword. Knocked it off quick at Winn Dixie*. The HART/ART(ROCK) was a possible Natick. ALT is familiar.

-T, Sirius 50s had a show hosted by a Shanana named Bobby ??. It featured Jimi Hendrix playing Johnny B'Goode.


* There's a story there but it's a J story. See that blog, we're on continuous Saturday until Owen comes back. New poet(blush)

Lemonade714 said...

Interesting that published author ANTHONY GAEL MORAL stopped by to comment. Believe his only other acknowledged comment was decrying the absence of a 4th of July themed puzzle last year.

The Jewish point of the name of G-d is even simpler. It is not meant to be spoken. Thus the letters are just that - letters.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks, Jayce -- and thanks for including another SF home-grown treat as my prize!
As a kid I started every day with Ghirardelli cocoa.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. I like some biased op-ed pieces, so long as they're written by intelligent people. They help me form my own opinions. I watch some MSNBC and some George Will from time-to-time. I used to listen to William F. Buckley in small doses when I could understand his vocabulary.

I am re-watching a favorite old movie for the fourth or fifth time. It's black and white, romantic, stars a young Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon...

Give up? The Apartment.

Do you know the first movie with Shirley MacLaine? Alfred Hitchcock directed. Hint #2: Color. Hint #3: Almost nobody but me ever watched it, especially not more than once. Hint #4: It involves a dead body. Hint #5: It was sort of a comedy.

Give up? ...


The Trouble with Harry.

SwampCat said...

Thanks Lemon, for pointing out that G-D is never pronounced. So all those speculations as to YAYWhatever are just speculation.

SwampCat said...

I love OP EDs of all persuasions. I learn so much from other points of view.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Julian and Boomer.
I found a little crunch today but FIRed and saw all the SLICED BREAD.
I'm late to the party again and WEES again.
Hand up for favourite being IRONS.

Good evening all.

Anonymous T said...

@2:48 - Yes, that's why I too went with IEDs. I tried to find the History Channel clip with my younger Bro in an Iraqi ambush but I came up empty. //I'll text him tomorrow for the link - he's in Kuwait now.

BillG - So, I LIU The Trouble with Harry trailer. Looks cute :-/

Jayce - I still sneak a nip of a cigar now and again when DW will be out of nose-range for a day or two. I had a hit of a Cuban snub from a hacker buddy when I was in Vegas. Delicious. And yes, Gramps was a heck of a man and Grams more so :-)

Got a SEC for a story? Gramps met Grams at a USO function. Grams was a 6'+ divorcee [this is the '40s!] and Gramps was the normal 5'-nuthin' Italian. Imagine where his face was on her body as they slow danced...
The rest, as they say, is History. And here I is.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Last note - Bill G. I noticed the movie was an Alfred Hitchcock presents...
There was a series of "Juvenile" Books called Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators [Wiki] that I devoured in my ute. They were a ++2 over the Encyclopedia Brown series. I still remember many of the essential clues in those books.

Wishing all a good night. Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

WC - Found it... Hendrix's Johnny B. Good. Thank you! -T