Aug 3, 2019

Saturday, August 3, 2019, Kyle Dolan

Saturday Themeless Puzzle by Kyle Dolan

The hot, damp environment of corn fields (and other crops) are a perfect breeding place for fungi, aphids and other assorted yield-decreasing problems. On August 3 we celebrate the men and women who apply chemicals from the air - Crop Dusters. 

They become necessary when the crop becomes so tall that tractor sprayers can't get down the rows.The aerial spraying operation can increase the grain yield by 20 - 30 bushels per acre

Our Saturday regular Kyle Dolan has supplied us with yet another of his fine themeless puzzles. My times to solve his puzzles seem to indicate Dr. Dolan and I are usually on the same wavelength. I wonder if a British Consulate-General in Chicago cares a whit about the Cubs, White Sox, Bull or Da Bears.


1. "The Howdy Doody Show" cry adopted by '60s California surfers: COWABUNGA - Yes, I am old enough to remember Chief Thunder Thud saying this on that early TV show.

10. Ask: PUT TO - You can gauge a reporters courage/bias by assessing questions he PUTS TO interviewees 

15. How horses may run during warmups: AT A CANTER.

16. Mozart work: OPERA.

17. Reason for an R rating, perhaps: LOVE SCENE - Strategically placed bed clothes can dictate the rating

18. Pigtails: PLAIT - The plural is PLAITS and so I wonder about pigtails/PLAIT

19. Antonio's "Evita" role: CHE - Antonio Bandereas played the narrator of the film - CHE Gueverra 

20. Coding logic word: ELSE 

If Day = Saturday 
Blogger = "Gary"
ELSE = "Someone ELSE"

21. Leonard Bernstein's "Chichester __": PSALMS - If you must

22. Marginally: A BIT.

23. Echolocation users: BATS - I hear lunch!

24. Ancient provincial governor: SATRAP - Persian big shot

27. Calculating bunch?: MATH TEAM.

31. Helvetica cousin: ARIAL - A screen shot of choices for us here at The one we use is checked.

32. Gift recipient: DONEE 

33. Market letters: IGA - South Africa hopes to have 250 IGA "Markets" like this one in their country

34. British breakfast dish with an onomatopoeic name: BUBBLE AND SQUEAK.

37. Fade: EBB.

38. Hangs on a rack: DRIES.

39. Combine: UNITE.

40. Most rough, in a manner of speaking?: RASPIEST - Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker leap to my mind

42. Rejections: VETOES - FDR (635) and Grover Cleveland (414) combined for over a thousand

43. Like some bridal dresses: LACY.

44. Ramen flavoring: MISO.

45. Conceived, with "up": DREAMT.

48. Protective excavation: MOAT 

49. Coast Guard pickup: SOS.

52. __ Unido: United Kingdom, in Spain: REINO - España importa vehículos del Reino Unido (Spain imports vehicles from The United Kingdom)

53. "Darn!": HANG IT ALL -  The more familiar to me "DANG IT ALL" didn't make the cut

55. Thomas' veep: AARON - Jefferson and Burr got the same number of electoral votes in the 1800 election but the House Of Representatives picked Thomas Jefferson and Burr became veep by Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 of the Constitution.

56. Pittsburgh Steelers' founder: ART ROONEY Well known to NFL fans

57. Combine: BLEND - Some prefer non-BLENDED varieties  

58. Takes the inside track: HAS AN EDGE.


1. Subj. with integrals: CALC - My CALC I prof from Indiana gave me an A but, 2. Tweeter's "conversely": On The Other Handmy CALC II prof from New Delhi gave me a C

3. It may break on sand: WAVE.

4. Big heart: ACE - It's the biggest regardless (irregardless?) of suit

5. It has paths for runners: BASEBALL DIAMOND - In 2016 baseball put in a new rule about sliding to protect infielders from getting hurt by players going out of the base path or making no attempt to hold the base

6. Detach, as some jewelry: UNCLIP.

7. Arms treaty subj.: N-TEST - Nuclear TEST

8. __ therapy: GENE - Fraught with promise and peril

9. Were present?: ARE.

10. Proposes: POPS THE QUESTION - A lyric (@ 1:00 and 3:40) in this wonderful song from my favorite musical. Hopefully a welcome addition to your day as well!

11. Headlining a music festival, say: UP LAST - Ya gotta stay to see the main act

12. Color similar to turquoise: TEAL

13. Cut back: TRIM.

14. Food rich in manganese: OATS - This Strawberry OAT bar says it is High in manganese near the bottom

21. Spread things: PATES - A woman from Slovakia said she adds Allspice to her PATE and she says it kills the taste of beef liver which she hates (me too!)

22. __ League: ARAB - A good geographer can name all these countries

23. Maroon 5 and Ben Folds Five: BANDS.

24. Fencing option: SABER - Touché

25. Home of Queen Beatrix International Airport: ARUBA - How long is the flight from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to the Queen Beatrix International in Oranjestad, Aruba, which is still in the Kingdom of The Netherlands?

26. "In the Heat of the Night" detective: TIBBS 

27. "Houses of Parliament" series painter: MONET Here's the history and a lovely example

28. Kids' song refrain: E-I-E-I-O 

29. Colorful quartz: AGATE - Lake Superior AGATE before and after polishing

30. Creates: MAKES

32. Jay Gatsby's love: DAISY - Jay and DAISY Buchanan in various film iterations 

35. Not slouching: ERECT.

36. Biblical preposition: UNTO 

41. Anticipate: PLAN ON.

42. Drug in the film "Love & Other Drugs": VIAGRA - Hmmm... three clues after 35 Down? Kyle...

44. Alpes features: MONTS - Climbing MONT Blanc (White Mountain), the tallest peak in the Swiss Alps, with a guide, will run you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 and take five days

45. Uninspiring: DRAB - Mrs. Cardinal compared to Mr. Cardinal at our feeders

46. Not in one's head: REAL.

47. Cork's home: EIRE - The Gaelic word for Ireland

48. Kate of "House of Cards": MARA - The scene where Kate, as Zoe Barnes, was killed shocked me. I debated on posting the video but declined. Google at your own peril

49. Time measure: SAND - A former favorite of my wife's 

50. Jackie's designer: OLEG - Cassini 

51. Leonard __: Roy Rogers: SLYE - Can you pick out the pre-Roy Rogers Leonard SLYE below when he was an original member of the Sons Of The Pioneers? 

53. "Yeah, right!": HAH.

54. Nail holder: TOE.

Here's hoping that Kyle's puzzle wasn't over your head on this crop duster day. Feel free to drop in with comments.

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Melissa, founder of the Adopt an Inmate project, whose compassion and tenacity are awe-inspiring. Best sister ever!


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Tough but fun, thanks, Kyle! Great expo, Gary, you naughty boy.

Since you brought it up: did you also notice "Anticipate" = PLAN ON & DREAMT are right in there with VIAGRA & ERECT. Also VIAGRA rises out of HAS AN EDGE at the bottom. Kyle has a lot of SAND to hide all these SLYE innuendos. Oh well, it's Saturday and we all want a little weekend fun.

Big Easy said...

AS Marvin Gaye sang, "What's Going On". After difficult Thursday and Friday puzzles, we are presented with an easy Saturday one. BASEBALL DIAMOND (or INFIELD), COWABUNGA, & POPS THE QUESTION were gimme spanners. BUBBLE AND SQUEAK, not so much; never heard of it and it was all perps.

PSALMS, REINO, MARA- unknowns filled by perps. Wellington MARA- New York Giants owner 1959-2005; a MARA that I knew.

My last fill was the H in HAH. DANG IT ALL had to be changed to HANG, an expression I've never heard but HAH and BAH were the only logical choices for " Yeah, right". DANG was more familiar to Gary and me.

And with that, I'm HANGing up for today.

Lemonade714 said...

BE, KATE ROONEY MARA is a great-granddaughter of both New York Giants founder Tim Mara and Pittsburgh Steelers founder Art Rooney, Sr. Her mother's side of the family has held ownership in the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers football team since its formation in 1933, and her father's side of the family has held ownership in the NFL's New York Giants since its formation in 1925. Her paternal grandparents were Wellington Mara and Ann Mara. wiki. Her sister PATRICIA ROONEY MARA is also an actress most famous for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I was right on Kyle's wavelength this morning, until I wasn't. Between ON LAST and PARE, it took some finagling to get Maine straightened out. Got it, though. Yes, hand up for DANG IT ALL. HAH! Thanx for the outing, Kyle, and for the expo, Mr. Mercury. (I'm definitely not a good geographer.)

thehondohurricane said...

Well Kyle made my day a total loss. After my first pass through I had 3 fills. Art rooney was the easiest. I quickly said "the heck with this." To begin the day, when I awoke my arthritic hip prevented me from safely walking. So I canceled my scheduled attendance at a card that is usually a financial plus. Then Casey had a seizure, He's OK. I have no idea what's next, but there will be at least one something. I hope it is not the Sox taking both games from the Yankees in their day/night DH.

I Tomorrow will be much better for all of us. Casey And I have been making it tough for Lucy, my better half, but I'll get her out of the kitchen for awhile.

desper-otto said...

Anon-T, from last night: Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe. Yes, I think that's where the car guys got it.

Yellowrocks said...

For the most part this was easier and faster than the average Saturday for me. I got all three long fills with only two perps each. OTOH I ran into a problem in the extreme SW. I could not dredge up SLYE from the depths and had to LIU. That allowed me to finish. I have heard HANG IT ALL, but I needed that L in SLYE to recall it. SAND was tricky, but fair.
I thought of PLAIT and BRAID immediately, but why no S? With the --AIT perps, I accepted plait.
IMO having my ears pierced was a picnic compared to wearing clip on earrings. They were so painful that after only an hour I had to UNCLIP them.

HH, so sorry that your hip pain is holding you back from doing what you like. I am glad Casey is now okay. I am reminded of the saying, "Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed."
My DIL dislocated her hip again this week. Doctors were able to pop it back into place under anesthesia. This is her fourth fall on that hip in nine months. She will now have a permanent limp.
My friend who fell and broke her hip in Georgia at the end of June is coming home today. Thankfully her stroke last week was minor. She talks normally, is still sharp and is in great spirits. She has some weakness in her one arm which is improving with PT. She is also taking PT for her hip. She expects to dance again in Sept.

JJM said...

Great puzzle. Made me think a bit harder than usual and took a few minutes longer. I get a DNF because I had to red letter 2 cells. But, I'll still take it.
Of all the Gatsby remakes, I think my favorite is the one with Leonardo DiCaprio. Saw it and came away thinking that this is exactly what F. Scoot Fitzgerald would want the movie to look like. The symbolic use of color in the movie is true to what the author's vision of the book should be (IMHO).
Great day to ride here in Chicago. Maybe I'll ride downtown and go by Lollapalooza.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I guess I liked Gary's write-up more than the puzzle. But I got most of it without difficulty. Too many possibilities in the NE for an easy fill, but finally settling on PLAIT and OPERA was the trick. I did invoke red letters to get PSALMS.
Had d before H in HANG IT ALL.
Chortling over PK's comments above.

FLN - interesting back and forth several of you had - - doesn't anybody ever hit the rack?
YR - Agree with your comments on puzzle difficulty. I would simply add to just keep attempting the more difficult puzzles and if you DNF, just chalk it up to learning. Eventually you'll surprise yourself and work at a level you didn't think you were able to.

Bluehen said...

OK, OK. I will yield to the overwhelming clamor for my return and will resume posting, although I really don't understand why my $.02 is so needed (actually, I'm kinda flattered).Truth be told, there is more than just a little curmudgeon in me, much like Lionel Hardcastle in "As Time Goes By". I think Jerome and I may be kindred spirits. But on to the puzzle.

Like many today, I found this one to be surprisingly quick and easy. My time today was just over 23 minutes, which I think is my fastest Saturday solve ever. Boy, when I remember how much trouble Saturday Silkies gave me years ago, I am convinced that there must be something to the notion of "test wise". Of course, this whole week has been marked by strangely quick solves, from under 8 minutes for Monday and on through today. PLAIT in this one was a bit of a hold-up because I was expecting a plural, but the perps demanded it. In the final analysis, there was enough sparkly fill to make this puzzle a delight to solve. Thanks, Mr Dolan. Job well done.

Mercury, you never cease to amaze and amuse me. Great explication once more. I even liked the Lida Rose link. Me, who would have killed to join Pink Floyd!

OK, you computer gurus, what did I do to cause all of my L's to turn yellow? Dagnabit machine anyway.

Gotta go. Things to do and I don't have as much spare time as once did, after my helpmate of 48+ years passed on to her greater reward. See you later, Honey. Miss you.

Shawarma(sp?) tonight with ratatouille, summer squash, and fresh lima beans. Cya!

oc4beach said...

Using a pencil and the Washington Post newspaper (and a lot of eraser), I thought I FIR, but DANG IT ALL, the H got me. I apparently skipped 53 Down and ended up with DAH instead of HAH. Otherwise I agree with most others that it was a quicker than usual Saturday puzzle, enjoyable too. HG's inserts and video clips made for an even more enjoyable puzzle.

Today is National IPA day and National Watermelon day. Two things that can be enjoyed on this nice warm and sunny day at the beach.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Bluehen said...

Happy Birthday, melissa b, and many happy returns.

PS. I forgot to mention that D/HANGITALL was no problem for me because "Hang it all" was my Father's favorite cuss phrase, at least in front of us kids.

Unknown said...

FIR. But I thought it was the easiest Saturday and a long long time

RetFizz said...

I'll start commenting again when and if I get caught up - just finished last Saturday. It's just that I thought that HG slipped up a bit on his pronunciation of Third City's pro football team. He had "Da Bears"; I've always heard it as "Da Bearce."

Interesting comment about Rooney Mara's pedigree. I haven't seen the American version of "TGWTDT" yet, but I don't think they've made either of the other two parts of the Millenium Trilogy (in Swedish): "The Girl Who Played With Fire" and "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest." I highly recommend all three.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. That was a better-than-usual Saturday experience for me.

No fair Gary. That's my favorite musical too!

When I went to Cornell, they put me in an advanced Calculus class because I'd had a little bit in high school. I was quickly in over my head. It's as if the professor was speaking in Greek. I did OK once I was dropped back to my more-appropriate level. It's really a beautiful concept when presented so you can understand it.

Dunno know why exactly but I grew up putting salt on watermelon. Grapefruit too. I guess we're all a product of our upbringing.

We're off to a local Mexican eatery for a joint lunchtime celebration of Barbara and Bonnie's August birthdays. (Melissa too!)

TTP said...

Happy Birthday, Melissa !

Kyle, I had great fun with your puzzle even though I didn't ace it. I've never heard of HANG IT ALL as an expression, and stubbornly refused to give up on DANG. Dagnabbit !

I did relinquish "asks" for POPS THE QUESTION.

I especially like that you got ART ROONEY in there. I've long admired the man. I like how you got his great granddaughter, Kate MARA (as Lemonade also pointed out) so close to him in the puzzle.

COWABUNGA - I thought Bart Simpson's writer coined that word.

SATRAP - no clue. Required every letter from the perps.

The Cubs Chris Coghlan's cheap shot slide that ended Pittsburgh Pirates Jung-ho Kang's rookie season in Sept of 2015 was instrumental in getting the slide rule changed in 2016. It was the final straw that mde MLB change the rule.

Great write up again HG !

Me too, Spitzboov. PSALMS was a reasonable guess with just a couple of perps at the time.

Welcome back, Bluehen ! Yesterday we had ALABAMA as the answer for "First state, in a way." There weren't enough letters for DELAWARE, which was my first thought. Sorry to read of you loss.

Welcome back RetFizz !

Hondo, good to see you here again. DW took pour first GSD off the flea and tick medicine and he quit having the seizures.

FLN, Irish Miss and Lucina. I'm doing fine thanks. Actually golfed Wednesday for the first time in a month, and mowed the lawn and worked in my gardens yesterday.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I was well into my post when my iPad crashed and ate it up, so, I'll start over. I finished this in 19:04 which is an indicator of my being very much in synch with Kyle, at least today. (I'm not a speed solver and only mention the time on Saturdays to gauge the difficulty or ease of the solve, for me.) I needed perps for Psalms, Satrap (what an odd word), Reino, and Oats, as clued. I, too, had Dang before Hang and Asks before Pops. My Bubble and Squeak started out as Bangers and Mash, but was too short. Up last was a little awkward but, in context, it's fine. CSO to Jinx at Unite! I liked seeing Mara and Art Rooney, as I was aware of the family relationship.

Thanks, Kyle, for a satisfying and enjoyable solve and thanks, HG, for your never-failing wise and witty write-up!

Happy Birthday, Melissa B, hope you have a special day. 🎂🎁🎉🎈🍾

Honda, sorry to hear you and Casey are on the IL. Feel better soon,

Bluehen, I am so sorry for your loss. If you're willing and able, I hope you'll continue to post and add some spice to our lives with your culinary capers. I, and I'm sure many others, enjoy hearing about your foodie, as well as non-foodie adventures. Be well.


Lucina and Anon T, I have Pulsating Tinnitus which just began recently. It's like a continuous whooshing sound in my left ear. It's annoying but I suppose it could be worse.

I'm going to a surprise 60th birthday party tonight for my nephew's wife. It's being held at a lovely event venue and is on the rooftop facility. I've been to many wedding receptions there but the rooftop facility is fairly new, so I'm excited about checking it out. If anyone is interested, just Google Franklin Place, Troy, NY. The building has an interesting background.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Sorry, that should read Franklin Plaza.

WikWak said...

WEES about nearly everything. Loved seeing BUBBLE AND SQUEAK; this puzzle would have been even better by working Bangers and Mash into the mix. Solving time: 30 minims. Thanks, Husker, for your insights and Dr Dolan for a pleasant Saturday morning solve.

Husker, this geographer thinks (clockwise from west to east, then up the Arabian Peninsula):

Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Comoros*, Socotra, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, (and I don’t think Bahrain was depicted on the map) Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel. [draws deep breath]
* The area where the island of Comoros is was encircled by a yellow line but not filled in solid.

Aaaannnndd that’s enough for today! I hope your weekend is a pleasant one.

Yellowrocks said...

Bluehen, so nice to hear from you again. I am so sorry to hear of your DW's passing.
I didn't know that people made shawarma at home. It reminds me of our two visits to Israel. Delicious. You continue to be quite a foodie.
Happy birthday, Melissa. So wonderful that you went to bat for your brother and are helping others in similar situations.
I am doing fine now. I am taking a long lunch break and then back to the grindstone. I remember the days when I could work from dawn to dark with almost no rest. The old gray mare ain't what she used to be.
I enjoyed all three of the Millenium Trilogy books. I didn't see the movie. I was surprised to read that Larsson died of a heart attack at age 50.

PK said...

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Bluehen, sorry about the loss of your helpmate. Never an easy adjustment.

Did anyone else see the news bit about a BAT flying around an airliner during a flight? Suppose anyone screamed?

desper-otto said...

We never called it shawarma...just whoopee.

OwenKL said...

Got this one only after 3 or 4 applications of the "check all letters" button.

Added a new medicine (Tamsulosin Hcl Caps 0.4MG) for my prostate last night, and it knocked me out before I could post. Too late for any l'icks, but dang it all, I feel in the mood for it anyway.

A PSALM is a divine LOVE SCENE,
Of God's love for His chosen team,
And the poet-priest
Expressed belief
of his love for the Great Unseen.

Hans was ready to POP THE QUESTION,
To give his passion full expression.
Their souls UNITE,
Their fates BLEND tight --
Then he decided it was just indigestion.

HANG IT ALL out on the line,
Wind and solar DRIES in time.
Unless the neighbors
Dis your labors
Because your bloomers aren't refined!

Now to go back and read the expo and comments.

Jayce said...

I loved this puzzle. So cool to have BUBBLE AND SQUEAK. Wrinkled my nose at the singular PLAIT clued as the plural "pigtails." Perhaps it's too nitpicky, but I consider SAND to be a time measurer, not a time measure.

Love that Lida Rose.

Do not love those Chichester PSALMS.

Good wishes to you all.

AnonymousPVX said...

Well this was a Saturday puzzle for sure.

I thought I was swimming along in the NW and that it would continue.

It did not.

Finally worked it, but the SW went with difficulty.

Markovers..not many as there were a lot of blanks before filling... NASTIEST/RASPIEST, ERIN/EIRE.

I always want to put a P in DREAMT...(dreampt) but I didn’t.

Bart Simpson says “Cowabunga, Dude”.

Watching the first game of the Yankee /Sox DH. Will watch the other as well.

Time for a hot dog.

See you Monday.

Lucina said...


A very happy birthday to you, Melissa! Celebrate and enjoy!

Thank you, Dr. Dolan and Gary! It's a great grid and splendid review.

I also thought it was easy for a Saturday and almost finished in a short time. I say almost because I agonized in the SE stymied by Leonard SLYE. I was so sure it was SKYE so of course did not see or get HANG IT ALL, an expression unfamiliar to me. I was looking for some kind of talk! Drat!

I am, however, familiar with SATRAP since I love reading historical novels.

And I had no idea about the connection between MARA and ARTROONEY, both of which I sussed.

Luckily I have a very thick eraser because this required many changes, too many to list. I agree about PLAIT, singular and the clue, plural.

Another bad cell was at BANDS of which I have no idea so HANDS, as in playing cards seemed right and HATS not BATS which I should have known.

REINO (kingdom) was really easy. Knowing Spanish HAS AN EDGE quite often.

I loved seeing BUBBLEANDSQUEAK. Brits have such vivid imaginations.

I really enjoyed your assessment!

Blue Hen:
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and glad to see you here again.

If anyone is interested there is a new Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book coming out this month. David Lagercrantz does a superb job in Stieg Larsson's place, IMO.

Have a blast, everyone!

CanadianEh! said...

Super Saturday. Thanks for the fun, Kyle and HuskerG.
I needed P&P to complete this CW (plus a visit to Mr Google). Like YR, I couldn't dredge SLYE up from my memory bank,, and of course this Canadian did not know ART ROONEY (but I did know that veep AARON,).
Like IM, I tried to fit Bangers and Mash into the squares for BUBBLE AND SQUEAK. (CSO to Steve?). Nice British theme but then SABER was Americanized!

Clinging to Aqua for too long before changing to TEAL held up the NW.
I had Dior before I realized that Jackie required a first name - OLEG it was.
Hand up for a FIW with Dang not HANG; another hand up for wanting an S on PLAIT.

We have a beautiful day here and my washing DRIES outside on my clothesline (not a rack). It won't take long.

Good to see you back Bluehen. Sorry for the loss of your helpmate,
Hondo - Hope your day improves.
TTP- glad to hear that you are feeling better.

Happy Birthday melissa.

Wishing you all a good day.

desper-otto said...

Happy birthday, Melissa Bee. C.C. must've posted the notice after I'd already logged in this morning.

Bluehen, good to see you back. Sorry for your loss.

jfromvt said...

A good Saturday puzzle with some interesting answers. I’m back on track after struggling with Thursday and Friday!

Wilbur Charles said...

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. I felt so good FIR'ing this difficult (for me) xword until I found I FIW. Ok, one box:HATS/BATS. Sheer carelessness. Oops another box:PONTS/MONTS and...Dangitall I had DAH. Aarrggghhh

The NE finally POPped. I had guessed TEAL. There could only be one prez named Thomas. Long before Hamilton there was BURR by Gore Vidal.

I'd inked DIM/EBB. I agree that this started easy but then very slowly for me.


Yellowrocks said...

Lucina, me too. I know satrap from seeing it in historical novels.

There is no authoritative answer about the origin of the name bubble and squeak. Among other answers, some think it may have come from frying leftover corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and possibly carrots. I have done that and the cabbage does squeak as you cook it. I prefer this leftover dish to the original meal. I also prefer PA Dutch pot pie leftovers fried rather than at the first meal. Have you had this kind of pot pie? It has flat homemade noodle squares cooked in chicken broth. I was an adult before I learned that most people's pot pie is meat, gravy and vegetables with a pastry top and maybe a pastry bottom. I can't stand fried cornmeal mush. When my mother chilled the leftovers, sliced it and fried it, I liked it.
Although I love homemade soup and stew, I think they are even better the next day.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Husker G ~ I thought the same as you and Jayce and others regarding PLAIT. The clue should have been "Pigtail"--singular. Editors should have caught it.

Otherwise, a fun pzl. Ta ~ DA!

For me the gimme today--and the first breakthrough--was the grid-spanner, "British breakfast dish..." Ah, BUBBLE AND SQUEAK.
I have never tasted it, but it has a name one never forgets.

Don't most Americans avoid cabbage dishes? I suppose it is because of the stink raised whenever the plant is heated. That's my reason, anyway.
How do our British cousins manage to hold their noses?

I wonder why you don't care for Bernstein's PSALMS, Jayce? Is it the jangling opening? I think it rather marvelous how he flirts with dissonance (for the sake of grandeur?) but stays this side of harmony.
Or do you want more atonality? Is he too tame for you?
A 3-way on the distaff.
The main diagonal gives us a rather dull, technical architectural term, referring to a ceiling supported by cross beams or lintels, ...


Jayce said...

Ol' Man Keith, I guess it's the constant dissonance with no letup, and my failure to perceive any "melody" in the Chichester Psalms. Hard to explain. Actually, apart from the music for West Side Story, I have found nothing else by Bernstein that I particularly care for, even the touted Candide. On the other hand, I haven't talked with anybody who likes Anton Bruckner's music, some of which I like a lot. Hard to explain something as subjective as liking or disliking something, be it certain music, food, clothing, facial expression, accent or dialect of speech, etc.

Bubba Gump said...


I can't speak for "most Americans", but I can speak for my family and friends. Just about every one of us not only enjoy, but actually love all things cabbage.

Coleslaw, cabbage rolls, sauerkraut, kimchee, corned beef and cabbage, pierogies, red cabbage salad, cabbage soup, cabbage and apple slaw on top of pulled pork, and on and on and on.

desper-otto said...

But Bubba Gump, there's no shrimp in any of those dishes!

Anonymous said...

PK I saw the BAT on the airplane story on the news.

The news is pretty silly and just perpetuates ignorance.

Dogs are way more dangerous than BATS. But the news never shows that.

Yellowrocks said...

Omk, coleslaw is a very popular dish with many Americans. Delis and diners serve it with every sandwich and most people do eat it. We make a Caesar coleslaw with anchovies and cheese. I love it.

oc4beach said...

YR: Growing up in PA, Pot Pie with noodles is what we ate. It actually comes from the Pennsylvania Dutch words "Bot Boi". We usually had Ham "Pot Pie" or occasionally Chicken "Pot Pie". On Maryland's Eastern Shore and some areas of the South they call it Chicken and Dumplings (with what they call slick noodles) although sometimes the noodles are dough balls instead of flat noodles.

1 As far as cabbage goes one of my favorite meals is stuffed cabbage or Halupkis (from the old country). DW makes a huge batch of them a couple of times a year and I seal them in packages of two with a vacuum meal saver and freeze them and eat them throughout the year. DW does not eat them and hates the smell of them cooking even though she makes them better than my Mother ever did and as good as my Grandmother did.
2 As an infant my daughter wanted to try to eat coleslaw. As soon as she got it in her mouth, she spewed it across the table and managed to hit the people at the next table. We've never been back to that restaurant. She is now 51 and still refuses to eat cabbage in any form but she will make it (coleslaw and sauerkraut) for others.

There are very few foods that I won't eat except for any kind of raw seafood or raw meat. Oh, and just the look of Head Cheese turns me off, so I guess I'll add that to the list.

Again enjoy the day everyone.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WARNING - Late to the party and I tried to respond at once. In said endeavor, I went way over my 20 lines. //I'll post-limit to two to atone.

Doc Kyle always stymies me. DNF in the SW even after 4 Googles. I suppose I coulda pushed it to 5 for MARA but I still wouldn't have parsed HAS an EDGE for 50d.

Thanks Kyle for the Saturday afternoon diversion (in between #Defcon prep and keeping up w/ #BlackHat tweets) with your puzzle. Thanks HG for the last few squares and illustrated expo. BTW, like you, DW & I stopped watching shortly after Zoe was pushed off the platform. #depraved

I knew it was surfer-speak but I had no idea [k]COWABUNGA came from the Howdy Doody Show. Nevertheless, it filled with only CALC [it is a beautiful subj. Bill G.] as the perp-check.
TTP - I tried to find a :10 link w/ Bart saying it but, instead, found this article which mentions Bart saying it is an urban myth. [PVX - you're thinking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(?)].
*shrug* I donno. //and yes, I remember that nasty [MEAN] slide TTP.

D-O: Thanks for the follow-up on DC&H. It's one of those things that you think you know before you really know... [see: above]. This morning I discovered Youngest didn't know Banana Boat [DAY-O!] was the name of the "Beetlejuice Song." She also didn't know Beetlejuice was/is a movie b/f Broadway. //Youngest is really into Broadway.

Fav: 23d - Some Ben Folds Five [3:08 - named for DW(?)]. NPR interviewed him (Ben) last week on his new book; the quote I loved " I was good at music but bad at life." Apparently he's been divorced a few times...
Maybe that will be my read on the way to Vegas Tuesday. //there, I just order it.

{A, LOL, A+ //old cartoons come to mind}
There's gotta be another DR OMK :-) //sauerkraut and/or slaw is how I eat it. But, yes, it does stink up a mess when cooked.

PK - um, yeah. Be the Master of your Domain(?) :-o //Seinfeld fans know...

I, for one, paid $0.04 for your 2¢s. Welcome back BlueHen; sorry to learn of your loss [but dinner sounds like a recipe link is called for].

Hondo - if a Sox loss is the worst #3 in the run of luck (all not good), then not too bad. Eh?

C, Eh! - I had to convince myself a Q was never going to work @16a to give up on Aqua.

WC - the perils of paper-solving. More than once, I had to stop myself from "adding a stroke" to a letter for FIR when I KNEW I flubbed. Good on you for keeping honest golf scores.

Happy Birthday mb! Not only do I enjoy your expos, I am in awe of the time you spend for Adopt.

Ok, I gotta get back to trying to hack the "unhackable" OpenWRT personal firewall I built on a Pi3. So far, I've proven to keep Windows' chatty crap from leaking out on the Net. Now, how to get in?
//It's not that I'm evil -- it's I know there will be 25,999 others trying to get in 'cuz, next week, I'll be doing the same to them.... So, you know, it's all fair :-)

Cheers, -T

SwampCat said...

I’m American. I LOVE cabbage in all it’s forms. Who ever said otherwise!

I also must speak of calculus. I was never good at “math”. Still can’t add easily. But calculus was all logic! I loved it . Got an A but more importantly, I found a home. Finally I can compete in MATH!

Each to its own!!

Wilbur Charles said...

Hondo had nothing to worry about


PK said...

Oh phooey, now I'm craving cabbage. I've read BUBBLE & SQUEAK in countless novels. I always supposed they were boiling brats or some kind of encased sausage which makes funny noises and pops the skins.

Ray-o-sunshine said...

Spent all day on this one with breaks for meals and chores. C(K)OWABUNGA! this was a hard puzzle. Was Chief Thunderthud related to Princess SummerFallWinterSpring? I can't remember

TTP said...

Well son-of-a-gun !

It was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that said "Cowabunga", not Bart Simpson.
Thanks Dash T !

Aye Carumba!

CanadianEh! said...

SwampCat - were you the Cornerite who talked about the Louise Penny books? I just read The Nature of the Beast - actually I couldn't put it down. Thanks for the recommendation. This Canadian was not familiar with the series or author, even though Canadian. I will look for more of her books.

Lucina said...

Although cabbage is popular in restaurants I, for one, and I see it's a minority opinion, do not like either the taste or the texture and I dislike it on tacos or tostadas. For shame! Only lettuce should be used! IN MHO.

Siemens said...

Lucina, so only lettuce should be used in measuring electrial conductance or am I confused? Maybe you are just resisting cabbage in mho.

Interestingly, both lettuce and cabbage can be used to slangily refer to tamales or dinero. Tacos or tostadas are whole other can of beans.

Bobbi said...

Took the grandkids to see Lion King today. AMAZING! Think I enjoyed it more than they did! No way could you tell it was animation! Exhausted, I sat down with this toughie. Only had to peek twice to finish it. Forgot Roy Rogers' real name though I was a BIG fan as a kid - even had a Dale Evans costume - and a Hopalong Cassidy doll. Does anyone remember "Hoppyland", Bill Boyd's amusement park in Santa Monica, CA? I went there several times.