Feb 10, 2020

Monday February 10, 2020 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: CLAY (72. Potter's material associated with the end of 17-, 27-, 49- and 64-Across) - Synonym theme.

17. Bit of insurance paperwork: CLAIM FORM.

27. No longer in style: OUT OF FASHION.

49. Work out regularly at the gym: GET INTO SHAPE.

64. Fungus on an old loaf: BREAD MOLD.

Boomer here.  

Hello everyone. I remember when I used to hate Mondays, but now I have retired and my bowling league competes every Monday morning in the winter. Speaking of winter, it is still here in Minnesota.  Waiting for April.


1. Depletes, with "up": USES.  We used to have so many uses for modeling clay when I was a kid.

5. Pod in Creole cuisine: OKRA.

9. Theme park that retired its IllumiNations show in 2019: EPCOT.  I visited there around 1987.  I don't remember IllumiNations but it was an interesting theme park.

14. Tall and skinny: LANK. I used to be that in the 60s.  Then I got old and my upper chest dropped down a foot or two.

15. Umpire's call: FOUL. Yup, I am waiting for the season to begin.  I heard that the first pitch is in mid to late March.  That would be interesting at Target Field.  I guess the Twins open on the road.

16. Greek played by Anthony Quinn: ZORBA. Zorba the Greek.

19. Earlier offense: PRIOR.  Interesting - Minnesota has a small city called Prior Lake.  I suppose that means that there was one of 10,000 lakes there first.

20. Series-ending abbr.: ETC.

21. Set as a price: ASK.  ASK and you will receive.

22. Accumulates: AMASSES.  I have AMASSED a bunch of Baseball cards.

24. Letters shown in the "Wheel of Fortune" bonus round: R S T L N E.

26. PC panic key: ESC.  I had a bit of panic on the computer but C.C. fixed it. 

34. Public tantrum: SCENE.  Shakespeare, Clifford O'Dets,  Arthur Miller, Pirandello ??  (The Hip Song - Chad Mitchell of course.)

37. Hydroplaned: SLID.  I think Jack and Jill SLID down the hill.

38. Writer Ferber: EDNA.

39. Novelist Levin: IRA.  Keep it loaded to delay income tax.  But when you get to be my age, Uncle Sam says you have to take some out.

40. Charge card charge: LATE FEE.  This is how credit cards make $$$.  Not from C.C. and me though.

43. Tarzan player Ron: ELY.

44. Owlet's home: NEST. N E S T L E S, Nestle's makes the very best.  Chocolate.

46. With everything in place: NEAT.

47. ER images: X RAYS.  Do not need anymore.  The ER figured out what was wrong with me.  Well, physically anyway.

52. __ ring: foot jewelry: TOE.  Waste of money.

53. Postgame rundowns: RECAPS.  My bowling league secretary emails a RECAP every week, So we can see how we did.

57. Domed hall: ROTUNDA.

61. Watergate pres.: RMN.  Tricky Dick.  Always thought Milhous was an odd middle name.

62. Sigma follower: TAU.

63. Soft palate part: UVULA.

67. Latish wake-up hr.: TEN AM.  I am on my third cup of coffee and thinking about lunch by then.

68. James of "Elf": CAAN.  I suppose folks remember him in the "Godfather" but my favorite roll was his portrayal of Brian Piccolo in a TV movie called Brian's Song.

69. Charitable offerings: ALMS.

70. Catch by trickery: SNARE.

71. Prefix with formal or final: SEMI.  Also a big truck.


1. Worrier's stomach woe: ULCER.  I have been lucky to never have one of these.  And I have eaten some outrageous stuff in my lifetime.

2. Seasons with crystals: SALTS.  Don't use these to treat an ulcer.

3. Make official: ENACT.

4. Tackle moguls: SKI.  We have many small mountain ski areas here in MN, but I have never tried.  My winter sport is ... You know.

5. Cancel out: OFFSET.

6. Eccentric sort: KOOK.  KOOKIE,  KOOKIE lend me your comb.

7. Capek play about automatons: RUR.

8. __ mater: ALMA.  "Bright college years we sing to thee"

9. Toll-paying convenience: EZ PASS.  We have no toll roads in Minnesota.  Come on up and drive for free.

10. Sports car that has two syllables in German: PORSCHE.  I don't think you can drive one of these for free.  Insurance will take its toll.

11. NFL analyst Collinsworth: CRIS.

12. Slender wind: OBOE.

13. Seasoned sailors: TARS.  Never knew how they got that name.  I have seasoned TAR on my driveway.

18. "Hamilton" creator Lin-__ Miranda: MANUEL.  Quite a production.  It's making the rounds.

23. Victor at Gettysburg: MEADE.  Civil War General - Kicked Robert E. Lee's butt at Gettysburg.

25. Chaney of silents: LON.  I've heard of him but he was well before my time.

28. Bone: Pref.: OSTEO.

29. Pet peeves?: FLEAS.  "My dog has fleas!"

30. Saks __ Avenue: FIFTH.  Also a bottle of Chivas Regal.

31. Mental flash: IDEA.

32. "I'm __ human": ONLY.  "Only the Lonely" Roy Orbison.

33. Negative votes: NAYS.  A bunch of these on the Senate floor last week.

34. Act the fink: SING.  Sing, Sing a song.  Make it simple to last the whole day long. (Carpenters).

35. First Nations tribe: CREE.

36. "__ of Eden": EAST.  Home of the AL Yankees and Red Sox.  Get 'em Twins 2020.

41. Paid for a hand: ANTED.  Years ago we caddies would play poker in the country club caddy shack.  The ante was usually five cents.  But that was a lot of $$$ in 1960.   

42. Use, as energy: EXPEND.

45. In name only: TITULAR.  I'll leave this alone.

48. DVR button: REC.

50. Like a generic brand: NO NAME.  There's a company in MN called "No Name Steaks".  I have never tried one, I like steak with a name, even if it is only sirloin.

51. Designer Giorgio: ARMANI.  I don't need his clothing and I cannot afford it anyway.

54. Ring-shaped reef: ATOLL.

55. Director Brian De __: PALMA.

56. Like dishwater: SUDSY.  And also like Pabst Blue Ribbon.

57. Boring routines: RUTS.  We have ice ruts up here this year that are unbelievable!  Dangerous but C.C. and I take our time.  I would hate to have to call the fire department to pick me up off the ground.

58. Baking appliance: OVEN.

59. Fish in cat food: TUNA.  I did not know it was cat food,  StarKist is a favorite on Fridays in Lent.

60. Preschool basics: ABCS.

61. Paper quantity: REAM.  I think it's 500 sheets.  One ream lasts us about two years.

65. Grammy winner Corinne Bailey __: RAE.

66. PC alternative: MAC.  Oh yeah, that thing.  I always thought it was a big sandwich.



Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR without erasure. Even the Natick of RSTL_E x MA_UEL was an easy WAG.

I have a charge card for diesel. Gets me a discount of 35 - 50 cents per gallon off the cash price. My other cards are all credit cards. I don't carry a balance on them either, even though it is allowed.

My EZ PASS isn't working. Just got a bill for two passages when i had the device on the dash. I'll have to get it replaced when I get home. I have a Sun Pass for Florida roads.

A buddy's wife used to be a bartender in a fancy Los Angeles hotel. The swells would sit at the bar and put their keys down so the status-symbol car fobs showed. Her favorite bartenderism was "what's the difference between a porcupine and a PORSCHE? Porcupines have pricks on the OUTside."

Thanks to Gail 'n Bruce for the fun, easy Monday romp. And thanks to Boomer for another great review. I got INTO SHAPE. My SHAPE is "bowling pin".

9mileSkid said...

I've only just found this wonderful spot in the last couple of weeks after filling in letters religiously into the LA Times crossword daily for a few decades. Belated salutations everyone :-) Thank you, Boomer, for a nice run down this morning. I related to your geographic references as I'm a transplanted SoCal native, now shoveling snow near (not Charlie Chaplin) Champlin, MN.

Lemonade714 said...

9mileSkid welcome to our Corner. I visited your web page and you should fit in here really well. The madness is made clear by moving to (not Chapnick) Champlin, Minnesota.

GG and BV present another perfect Monday and Boomer continues to make waking up on Monday a pleasure.

RLSTNE is catching up with PRNDL for letter string answers.

Have a great week all.

Hungry Mother said...

Wheel of Fortune? No thanks. Please keep that kind of crap out of puzzles. Had to WAG one of the letters due to ignorance of Hamilton. Otherwise, much better than yesterday. It’s a beautiful day and I’m not as grouchy as I sound.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, that was fast. After finishing, I looked and even found the theme. Amazing. Thanx, GG, BV and Boomer.

LANK: Yup, definitely in my past.

IRA: If you take part of that Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and donate it directly to charity, you don't have to claim it as income. It's effectively a tax deduction without itemizing.

LATE FEE: Nope. I pay that sucker in full the same day that it's issued. Used to wait until the due date, but with bank interest rates so low, it makes no sense today.

EZPASS: I turned mine in years ago, but instead of a convenience, it's becoming a necessity in Texas. All of the newer toll roads are EZPASS-only -- no cash (and no toll booths -- just cameras).

MAC: Another Nope.

Welcome to the pool, 9MileSkid. The water's fine.

desper-otto said...

9MileSkid, you need to update your profile. It says you're in Tucson. Going incognito?

OwenKL said...

Will someone please explain RSTLNE to possibly the only follower of this blog who isn't a fan of Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?

SkID > SLID stayed too long.

desper-otto said...

Owen, RSTLNE are the most frequently used letters. During the Wheel of Torture Bonus Round, those letters are automatically exposed. The contestant picks three consonants and one vowel which are also exposed. Then, if the contestant can solve the expression, she wins.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

OKL, I'll make that two people sans J & WOF.

9mileSkid said...

Thanks for all the welcomes! desper-otto, Thanks for the tip about my profile needing updating - it says "Google Account" below, but that apparently is in reference to your Google Blogger account, as opposed to your Google account...go figure. Updated to show the current ecosystem I find myself in.

inanehiker said...

Quick and clever puzzle from Gail & Bruce!

I have never lived somewhere that I had an EZ PASS - so I end up having to go through the cash lanes on the far right along with the trucks if I travel through a state that has them. In Texas they don't have those lanes as D-O mentioned, they just take a pic of your license plate and send the bill to you. It's incredibly inefficient though - we will go visit one of our family there and we won't get the bill for the tolls until months later!

When my Grandma was still alive - the hour of Jeopardy/ Wheel of Fortune was sacrosanct - don't call her then!

Thanks Boomer - hope you have a good outing in bowling today!

Oas said...

Great morning all .
Welcome to the corner 9mileskid.
No ULCER producing problems with this puzzle.
I started at Ulcer and worked my way counter clockwise around the grid .
The only two not sure of were CAAN and EPCOT .
Understood the theme once I reached CLAY.
Jinx thanks for the chuckles this morning.
Sunny ways ahead!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Welcome aboard 9mileSkid. Your entry experience sounds like mine, and probably quite a few others here.

Easy solve. Got the theme near the end but didn't need it. I would say the theme ends are things you can do with clay. BH took pottery classes for years at our local art school.
We scrupulously avoid LATE FEES.
A REAM is usually 500 sheets, but I've seen smaller reams and larger reams (at BJ's.)
Hands up for EZPASS. Very convenient.

Thanks Boomer for your breezy intro and your Minnesota reflection on many of the clues.

Sherry said...

Make that three, who didn't know rstlne. Don't watch. Also, Hamilton creator unknown. Crosses solved the issue except for the letter N in Manuel.

desper-otto said...

Inanehiker, if you live in Texas and blow through a toll station sans EZPASS, you don't get a "bill." You get a hefty fine -- much more than the original toll. Dw has an EZPASS for her car. I've managed just fine without one the past ten years. I've never understood why it's required to pay in advance. They require an initial deposit, and then bill monthly for credits used to bring the balance back up. Seems unAmerican, somehow.

Husker Gary said...

-Omahan Gene McDaniels connects with some teenagers 50 years later with this CLAY song
-For living in the jungle, Tarzan seems to be well shaven and coiffed
-Wake-up hr: No alarm needed, I cannot sleep past 6:30am
-Oh, tackle is a verb and moguls are not people. Fun!
-I always told my neighbor that my votes will exactly OFFSET his
-Tickets to Hamilton at the Richard Rogers Theater start at $199
-A friend of mine played poker in Vegas and got chips on credit. He left the game a winner before he realized hit ANTE of $5 was really $500 each hand
-300+ lb linemen have to EXPEND about 4 seconds of energy per play
-On most FORMS I am the titular head of the household but…
-How did Boomer miss EZPASS/A TOLL?

Madame Defarge said...

Good Mroning.

Thanks Gail and Bruce for a fine start to the week. For the life of me I could not parse LATE FEE as I initially wanted interest. Ah, the old brain with too much info stored can't see the forest for the trees sometimes. I am decluttering my house. I need to do so with my onboard computer.

Speaking of decluttering: a neighbor widow is remarrying, and she held an estate sale. I went in only to look for the possibility of a butter cookie press. She had so much stuff in a house the size of mine, I went home directly and emptied a whole dresser's worth of various clean clothes that haven't been worn in ???? My hub had 25 pairs of athletic (!!!) socks in one drawer. Off to Good Will this morning. PS: I did leave with nothing and didn't look beyond the first floor kitchen.

Thanks, Boomer for the tour. I always appreciate your links.

Welcome 9 mile Skid. Serendipity has brought you to a fine spot.

Have a sunny day everyone. Not so much here, but at least there is more cloudy daylight.

Yellowrocks said...

Easy one today. I saw the similarity in the theme answers with the first two. I didn't think of clay until the reveal.
I read most of Edna Ferber's great books in my teens. I read Steinbeck's East of Eden twice and saw the movie.
I may be mistaken, but I believe that bird nests are only homes for baby birds, used for egg laying and nurturing the young.
No late fees or interest fees for me. I pay my bills in full every time. As was said, interest rates on savings are so low, there is no point in carrying a balance.
10:00 AM is not a latish wake up time for me. It is absolutely late. I rise between 6:00 and 7:00 AM. 7:30 or 8:00 is latish for me. Up until a month ago I rose early and went to bed after 11:30. Now I go to bed earlier unless I am dancing or staying up until 2:00 AM to finish a good book, and then I still rise early.
RAE was the only unheard of fill for me. Some others were not gimmes, but a few letters suggested them because I had heard of them before.
This veteran Wheel and Jeopardy watcher knew RSTLNE. I resisted it at first this morning, thinking only Wheel watchers would know it.

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Outstanding write-up.

Speaking of Winter ... it is "only" 72 degrees here in Tarpon Springs ... heading to a "high" of 83 degrees at 3:00 pm.

I'm telling you ... Winter is HELL here in Florida.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset ... which I will watch at Honeymoon Island.


Lucina said...


Many thanks, Gail and Bruce!

Part of my retirement entertainment is WOF so I know RSTLNE and part of my career was teaching the ABCS. I liked seeing both.

Not BREADMOLD but MOLD produced by water started to grow in the ceiling where rain damaged it so it was imperative to repair it.

This was all great fun and I like doing it in ink for a change but only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

EAST of Eden is a really good book which I have also read twice and listened to it on audio-books as well.

FLEAS was well clued!

Welcome 9mileSkid!

Have a splendid day, everyone! I'm off for my regular blood draw.

Lucina said...

Boomer, thank you. It's a joy to see that you are still upbeat and bowling.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

FIR but this should not have been ATOLL a difficult puzzle.

The answer to a creole pod is always! OKRA...why I put "Taro" (the poi ingredient) I can only assume due to pictures sent from my brother-in-law from his month long cruise with his wife of the Pacific Islands while doing the puzzle. (He says he has a marriage counselor on speed dial)

Compound this with first putting "ball" instead of an ump's call of FOUL. I was messed up for awhile.

TITULAR...adjective referring to a wet nurse?

I need to EXPEND energy to GETINTOSHAPE to decrease my ROTUNDa abdomen.

Have only watched small bits of "Wheel of Fortune" so that answer was perp dependent.
BTW never understood why everyone applauds when a contestant spins the wheel as if they just performed some amazing feat of dexterity.

Re: "Hamilton". The annual 5 hour trip from Utica to NYC used to include current musical performances but the the ticket prices are now so outrageous and our local on-the-road productions are so professional it's been years since we've made the trek.

Re: EZ Pass...any New York staters remember that the Thruway was to be toll free soon after it was constructed? Still waiting.

Yellowrocks said...

DO, thought like you about EZ PASS for years. Several years ago I gave in and subscribed because the cash lines are often way too long. Around here there are lanes with EZ PASS where you need only slow down a bit and you can breeze through without stopping. In the northern end of the Garden State Parkway I used to need to get in line at many toll booths and needed tons of coins to go down the shore. Annoying.
I thought the clapping before the spin on Wheel was encouragement. “I hope you do well.” I am sure the studio incites it to keep up the excitement.
I’ll take our winters in NJ over the summers in FL. Wikipedia says this about FL. “High temperatures during the summer average in the lower 90s Fahrenheit statewide.” Not for me. Putting on warm garments in winter helps. Even removing ALL your garments in 90+ outdoor weather does not help.
I just got off a long session on the phone with Pro Flowers. The woman had such a strong accent I had to ask her three times to repeat every sentence. Even then, it was difficult for her to get her point across. I realize she needs a job, but customer service reps should have adequate communication skills for dealing with English speaking customers.

OwenKL said...

I don't know why fiRST LiNE might have been selected for Wheel of Fortune, but it wasn't for commonality! That would be ETAOIN SHRDLU.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

How nice to begin the week with Gail and Bruce entertaining and Boomer explaining AND entertaining. I noticed the second word similarity early, but the reveal was still an Aha surprise. I breezed right along with just a hiccup at Rae and RSTLNE and a w/o at Chi/Tau. I used to watch Jeopardy but never watched Wheel of Fortune. Game shows just don't appeal to me but I always enjoyed Alex Trebek.

Thanks, Gail and Bruce, for a fun romp and thanks, Boomer, for bringing some much-appreciated wit into this dreary, rainy day.

Madame Defarge, so nice to hear your voice. Hope you're feeling better.

9MileSkid, welcome to the Corner.

My new iPad has a very annoying feature that I dislike intensely. On the numerical keyboard, there is an Undo key right next to the ABC key that erases the last words you typed, which could be a very lengthy passage. I can see where it could be convenient and time-saving but its location is problematic and all too easily accidentally struck in error; in my case, too often.

Have a great day.

Picard said...

Fun theme. Only gripe is the usual Monday abundance of proper names. Cross of MANUEL/RSTLNE a bit unfair as Sherry noted. RAE/CAAN cross another WAG for me. FIR. Learning moment about RSTLNE which is helpful for solving word puzzles. Thanks!

Here are endoscopy photos of my ULCER in full living color.

Due to a Hiatal Hernia. Due to being hit by a car at 45MPH. This is why I had major surgery a few months ago. So much better now!

Brian De PALMA had an elder brother Bruce De PALMA who was a bit... different.

Here I was with Bruce De PALMA with his N Machine.

Bruce claimed this N Machine could draw free energy out of the Zero Point Energy of the universe. I was brought in as a physics consultant to see what I thought. I thought Mr De PALMA was either doing something fraudulent or he was just confused. I liked the woodwork, though.

From Yesterday:
PK you must have Internet access in order to do these puzzles? If so, you can Google TED TALKS and have access to as many as you care to sample. Would that work for you?

OwenKL and Wilbur Charles thanks for the interesting bits about ZINES and Star Trek! Way cool!

Misty said...

Delightful Monday Gail and Bruce puzzle--a nice treat after watching the fun Oscars last night. I worked my way through this one easily, although I had to give the top left a bit of thought. But ZORBA and OBOE helped with the other top corner, even though I've never heard of EZ PASS or CRIS Collinsworth. EDNA seems to be back almost daily, and I got Brian De PALMA without any problem. Still not quite sure how FASHION is a potter's material rather than a style or something. I've been a faithful "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune Watcher" for decades, so it's nice to have them show up in crosswords recently. Anyway, thanks again for a fun puzzle, Gail and Bruce, and I always enjoy your commentaries, Boomer.

I hadn't seen any of the nominated Oscar films this year, but it was interesting to have a South Korean film win Best Picture.

Welcome to the blog, 9smileSkid.

Have a great week coming up, everybody.

OwenKL said...

Misty -- think FASHION as a verb. Fashion a lump of clay into the shape you want.

Lucina said...

Here in AZ we do not have toll roads so no EZPASS needed. I have seen them in use in CA, though.

Of the Oscar nominations' I have seen only Little Women, Knives Out and How to Train Your Dragon. My friend, Kathy, is a big fan of that Dragon! Parasite is the only one that seems interesting enough for me to see.

I would think of Saks FIFTH Avenue before a FIFTH of whiskey, though that's appealing sometimes. Glenlivet would be my preference.

CLAIMS FORMS may be a drudge, but they yield results or did in my case.

Lemonade714 said...

I never saw the clue/fill for CORINNE BAILEY RAE and though she appears regularly I still don't know here except as fill.

PICARD, guess the clue/fill for BRIAN DE PALMA reminded you of BRUCE DE PALMA an inventor of whom I have no knowledge. Apparently his HOMOPOLAR generator is a bit controversial. Do the rest of you know this concept?

Wendybird said...

Fun puzzle. Thank you Gail and Bruce. Thank you Boomer for the tour.

Brian’s Song is a favorite of ours, and we’ve watched it several times. Jack has a football autographed by Gayle Sayers.

Question. If I want to reply to someone who made a comment directed to me yesterday, do I hit “reply” right under the comment, or should I reference “from yesterday” and publish my reply today?

TTP said...

Thank you, GG, BV, and DB.

Welcome, 9mileSkid.

Couldn't quite figure out what the theme reveal was going to be. FORM, FASHION, SHAPE and MOLD had be the parts of the theme answers. The revel clue and answer solved that problem. A potter working with CLAY.

The only other issue was being perplexed by "Doomed ball" but then after getting a few perps... D'OH !

I always like GG and BV creations. And, Boomer's reviews.

Boomer, on a whim, I bought a box of those No Name Steaks at Target some years ago, and found them to be pretty good.

Illinois has the I-Pass, but is member of the E-ZPass interagency group, so it works in the 17 states with the E-ZPass system, and E-ZPass transponders work here.

In Illinois, the I-Pass toll charge is half the rate of what you would pay using cash. My wife's round trip to visit her SIL is $2.70 in tolls. Would be $5.40 with cash, plus the delays sitting in line at the toll booths versus just drive through on the I-Pass lanes.

Late start for me. Working on the golf league stuff. Winter meeting was yesterday. 13 of 23 players were there. Working on getting the 24th. Voted on rule change proposals from last season.

TTP said...

Wendybird, if you are responding today to someone from a previous day, it is probably better to do it on the current day, and reference either FLN (From Last Night) or From Yesterday, and then their name. Or their name, and then FLN or From Yesterday

Some people don't go back to read yesterday's comments, and some always do.

As for the use of Reply, I believe that's another quirk in the blogger system. Again, depending on whether the reader is a mobile user or a laptop / desktop user will determine what the readers sees.

If you do a Reply, and just answer that person's question or make a comment in response to something that person said, laptop / desktop users will only see it as a new comment, and not as a Reply. But I believe a mobile user may actually see, "In response to" followed by the original text that is being replied to.

Ol' Man Keith said...

RUR hasn't been around for a while. I have missed it. Rossum's Universal Robots is required reading for most first-year drama students.

A pleasant pzl from the Grabowski/Venzke team. Neat commentary, Boomer.

A bit off-topic, but did anyone else happen to see the "Bliss" and "Speed Bump" cartoons this morning? (They appear just to the right of the crossword in the LA Times.)
Today's renderings were simply brilliant. I read them as meta-cartoons!
A 3-way on the mirror side.
The central diagonal offers an anagram in recognition of the practice--at certain concert halls and theaters--of reserving one particular oversized, structurally well-supported chair for patrons of larger-than-average girth.
This is known as the...

Mailman1959 said...

Starting to wear my Twins gear today. They don't mind at work. Pitchers and catchers are starting to report.

Mailman1959 said...

Why do I always think the plural of Emmy is Emmies instead of Emmys?

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Criuciverb was out to lunch again today. Printed the puzzle from L A Times site.

Puzzle went through pretty quickly. Had to take a break after I started to work on a project at church. Got home and then took a nap. Then got up and finished the puzzle. I take a nap on many days now since my recovery from my surgery last year keeps me awake a lot at night. I do not get much sleep.

Some of the answers were a little tough for a Monday, but certainly doable.

RSTLNE befogged me. I got it with perps. When the puzzle was done I asked my wife if that answer looked right. She said it was and then she explained. I guess I haven't seen that show in a long time, Wheel of Fortune.

We use I-PASS in Illinois. I think TTP said that as well. We went from Illinois to Boston a few years ago and used the I-PASS all the way there when we were on toll roads.

I also read East of Eden many years ago. Really enjoyed it. Also saw the movie at some point. The wife of a good friend of mine was from Oklahoma and I asked her how she liked the book. She said she did not because of the way it depicted Oklahomans.

Welcome 9mileSkid. Hope to see more of you.

See you all tomorrow.


( )

Misty said...

Of course, Owen--thanks for explaining the FASHION problem to me.

CrossEyedDave said...

lemonade@1:05 (& Picard earlier...)

Homopolar generator is indeed fascinating,
but the link to Wiki is unusable for information
due to repeated uploads of (?)

So I looked at The Faraday Disc,
which is much more informative...
but, like all words, was confusing in its explanation
for me, as Cross Eyed Dave needs visual input to make sense of the world.

After many videos on the subject, I think this one
is best in its simplicity to explain what is going on...

As far as RSTLNE,
well, it is a Monday puzzle,
if it were to appear, I guess it would have to be a Monday puzzle...

I have a proposition,
there should be a version of the Saturday puzzle
for people like me.
Where, RSTLNE is already filled in...

I rest my case...

Pat said...

If I had put a couple answers in the proper places this would have been a much easier puzzle. Thanks, G.G. and B.V. for the fun! I always enjoy your expos, Boomer, thank you!

I liked the theme. My mother was involved with ceramics for as long as I remember, having her own studio, making things to sell and for gifts, and teaching classes. Thanks for bringing up lots of memories.

DH and I lived in Prior Lake for 5 years. Yes, it's cold in winter, but it's sunny. The climate is drier so 0* there feels like 20* here in Cincinnati. I frequently walked the dog there when it was around 0*.

I've seen WOF a few times so I knew what the RSTL?E was referring to. My mother loved Jeopardy so we weren't allowed to call her when it was on.

Mother Nature can't decide what season we are having. Snow on Friday and Saturday, rain and 40* temps for a few days now. Daffodils leaves are up an inch and Day Lilies are starting to peek out.

Have a nice week.

Jayce said...

I enjoyed this puzzle and everyone's comments.

Lemonade714 said...

Florida calls its auto-toll SUNPASS and I have used mine up and down the East Coast when I was driving. CED, when they take the A.C.P.T. to mainstream TV, I am sure they will love your suggestion since WOF is just mini-crosswords.

Speaking of mini- your concise video discussing Faraday's Law of Induction is too reasonable for what I was trying to say.

jfromvt said...

Nice start to the week.

I’ve read several Steinbeck books, thought “East of Eden” dragged on, so not my favorite. According to Wikipedia, he considered it to be his masterpiece.

AnonymousPVX said...

Had a lot to do today so I am here late this Monday.

Started in the NW, immediate write-over....again, a Monday.

But then things evened out for the completion.


Welcome’ll like it here.

See you tomorrow.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Gail and Bruce, and Boomer.
I FIRed and saw the CLAY theme. Just a few inkblots.

My umpire was calling Safe before FOUL, and my dishwater was Soapy before SUDSY.
Hand up for almost a Natick with LON and MANUEL crossing RSTLNE (I remembered the first 3 letters in the Jeopardy series but Wagged the rest.) (Thought we might have a Pangram to go with those Jeopardy letters and ABCs, when I saw X, Z, K, but I am missing J, Q and W.)

I was misdirected by 2A to Seasons (like spring, summer) with crystals. Could be Fall and Winter snowfalls. OK, SALTS the ice from those snowfalls. No, SALTS the food to season it. Oh what a web I wove!

ARMANI was appropriate after Oscar night. 2020 stars wearing ARMANI included Renée Zellweger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Laura Dern.

Lank - my Dad called me a "long drink of water".
Husker - LOL re "EZPASS/A TOLL". I missed it too.

Welcome 9mileSkid. Owen almost gave you a CSO today with his Skid to SLID.
Enjoy the evening.

Irish Miss said...

I'm late with this reminder to all the dog lovers that the Westminster Dog Show is on tonight and tomorrow night. Sorry for not remembering earlier.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I was really confused when ULCER turned out to be a Warrior's concern. Oooohh! #untie!

Thanks Gail and Bruce for the intro to the week; thanks Boomer for the after-party kick-off. If I were wont to complain, I'd go w/ names! But, I'll refrain :-)

I can't report WO's, etc b/c I left the puzzle at the office. I do recall that Favwas NOT X-RAYs.
//Youngest hurt her wrist Sunday but insists it's just a sprain so she can dance in this Sat's show. Dr is in order for tomorrow.

WOF & Jeopardy have been on the air so long, I recall my Grands making them appointment TV (along w/ Hee-Haw). I giggle at Pop when I call and he explains - we're eating and watching WOF. Oy! My fate awaits :-)

Picard & CED - My Mom's husband is one of those 'free-energy' evangelists. I try to stifle my EE (and physics/2nd-Law) knowledge and just nod and smile.
We knows why the magnet slows down - it's the right-hand-rule (remember to put your pen down before solving or you'll get the field backwards 'cuz your dumb-ass used your left hand [does not apply to southpaws]. Ask me how I know :-)).
Right-hand-rule, curl your [right-hand] fingers to emulate the magnetic field and the force's direction follows your thumb's direction.

Tomorrow DW & I go to San Antonio [after XRAYs(?)] for two days for her work/I've not seen her in a week [just back from a conference in Tampa, her]. If I'm AWOL, well, now you know.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Oh, where are my manners?

Welcome 9mileSkid and Sherry! Nice to see new faces at The Corner. I hope you stay and play.

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

I remember having breakfast at a joint near So. Boston. They say when the boat gets in they'll cook up some fish. Place had no name. Now it's sprawled on restaurant row(next to Pier 4) as The No Name restaurant

I too went with"ball" before FOUL and had to perp the WoF letters. Sticky Monday meaning I needed a letter or two for many clues.

Picard, the name of that procedure is competing for that Welsh town for longest word. What a mouthful
CED, I thought of filling in XWord-ese for an early week newcomer. eg Bambi's aunt ENA

WC who apparently forgot to post last night