Feb 14, 2020

Friday, February 14, 2020, Garry Morse

Title: The wit and wisdom of Charles Schulz

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of PEANUTS and the many characters created by Mr. Schulz is the clarity of their naive philosophies. Today we have the rare "quip" puzzle where the theme is a Quotation. Some are strictly for humor, and some like today's combine humor and a touch of reality. This is the 11th LAT by Mr. Morse who is a Sunday specialist with only one Monday among his earlier publications. When the Corner started, before we migrated to the LAT we had regular quip puzzles which many enjoyed and many hated. It is hard to hate Charlie Brown and Snoopy. The cluing - Quote part I, etc., is not helpful but it gets the job done. Garry does include some fine bonus fill like HANNIBAL,  TSARISTS, AA SPONSOR (introduced today),  DARKHORSE, POLICE CAR and  TRIAL DATE which may not be as much fun as it sounds.
The quip:
17A. Start of a Charles M. Schulz quote: ALL YOU NEED (10)
22A. Quote, part 2: IS LOVE, BUT A (10).
38A. Quote, part 3: LITTLE CHOCOLATE (15).
50A. Quote, part 4: NOW AND THEN (10).
59A. End of the quote: DOES'NT HURT (10).

There are implicit references to Valentine's Day with "LOVE" and "CHOCOLATE" but you need to bring your own flowers. I accept gifts all year round. Enjoy this gift from Garry.


1. Penthouses, e.g.: Abbr.: APTS. Only one LINK came to mind.

5. Smartphone downloads: APPS.

9. Metaphor for responsibilities: HATS. A wife ears many hats, cook, nurse, companion, mother, lover...

13. Adriatic port: BARI. Bari is a port city on the Adriatic Sea and the capital of southern Italy’s Puglia region. Looks pretty

14. March Madness org.: NCAA. For the college basketball championship.

15. "Beavis and Butt-head" spin-off: DARIA. My son Devin liked this character.

16. Bickering: AT IT. The kids are always bickering.

19. Rub the wrong way: CHAFE.No thigh humor from me.

21. Twelve-step helper: AA SPONSOR. Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a sometimes successful way to help those who are addicted and need to face that reality to deal with it.

24. Non-neutral atom: ION. Also a leading repeat TV Network, LINK.

25. Light sleeper's distraction: DRIP. Leaky faucets do drive Oo crazy,

26. Living area in "The Martian," with "the": HAB. The Hab, short for "The Mars Lander Habitat" is a series of artificial living quarters that were constructed before the Ares III manned mission to Mars landed. Therefore not an abbreviation but a nickname?

28. A Gabor sister: EVA. Along with Zsa Zsa and Magda.

30. Acts of faith?: LEAPS.

34. Classic sci-fi villain: VADER. I do not see Darth as a Classic villain, but that is just me. He was a sweet man with a family who was misled.

41. 1980s attorney general: MEESE. This is not the plural of Mouse.

42. Shade related to violet: LILAC. A light violet.

43. Responsibility: RAP. This was not easy but it does the responsibility for or adverse consequences of an action shown more clearly in "he refused to take the rap."

44. Bend: ARC. Like a good curveball.

46. Cope with: HACK. A strategy or technique for managing one's time or activities more efficiently. Dictionary.

48. Dept. head: MGR.

56. Source of a siren: POLICE CAR. The same number of letters as AMBULANCE.

58. "__ Mio": O SOLE. They began as teenagers. IL VOLO.

61. Avian crop: CRAW. You do not grow birds.

62. Score symbols: FLATS. Musical score.

63. "You're kidding!": EGAD.

64. Whodunit canine: ASTA. When he wasn't with Nick and Nora he was ...making babies
65. Club with a blue and white diamond logo: SAMS. Did they adopt this logo?

66. Phillies slugger Hoskins: RHYS. They study everything now, even ballplayers I do not know. LINK. (pronounced reese).

67. Nair rival, once: NEET. Was this replaced by VEET?


1. Old counters: ABACI. I know C.C. can do this, can you?

2. Hiking network: PATHS. Not a computer network

3. Defense attorney's concern: TRIAL DATE. "Concern" is such an odd word in this context, as it is how one makes his/her money.

4. Be paid to watch, as children: SIT FOR.

5. Prefix with -gram: ANA. No PANgrams lately.

6. Techie training site: PCLAB. Is it one or two words? Help please our experts.  LAB.  Clecho- 45D. Tech tutorials site: CNET.

7. Caroline Islands republic: PALAU. Following World War II, in 1947, under UN auspices as part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the United States assumed administration of Palau. In 1982, Palau signed a Compact of Free Association with the United States. Palau gained its independence and established diplomatic relations with the United States in 1994.

8. Dost speak: SAYST. Bible talk.

9. Legendary Carthaginian general: HANNIBAL. What we know of his LIFE he was the most interesting man of his time.

10. "You __ busted!": ARE SO. When you run into your mother at the mall during school hours.

11. Attach with string: TIE ON.

12. __ City, Iraq: SADR. Not known to me consciously but it has been in the NEWS.

15. The Carpenters, for one: DUO.

18. Deep-water fish: OPAH.

20. More wicked, in Worcester: EVILLER. In British English, the "LL" is commonly used in words where Americans use a single "L." TRAVELLER comes to mind.

23. Touching competition?: EPEE.

27. Guacamole fruit: AVOCADO. One of the many fruit trees we have planted on our condo grounds, Of course, plating on common areas creates many conflicts.

28. Disease-stricken tree: ELM. We recently had reference to the

29. Face off: VIE.

31. Knee injury initials: ACL. Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

32. Key letter: PHI. Beta Kappa. I am proud that my son earned his key in his junior year in college.

33. La preceder: SOL. Do re me fa sol la ti do.

35. Long shot: DARK HORSE. No politics so no comment.

36. Coming-in hr., roughly: ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival.

37. Sales staff member: REP.

39. Romanov adherents: TSARISTS. Their HISTORY.

40. Lyricist Sammy: CAHN.
A Hall of Famer LINK.

47. ER diagnostic tool: CT SCAN. CT is an abbreviation of computed tomography or computerized tomography.

48. Bucks: MOOLA. Moolah is a Fijian word meaning 'money' which may be the etymology.

49. Sparkle: GLEAM. A long-gone toothpaste.

51. Yellowish-brown: OCHER. Or is it ochre.

52. "Brideshead Revisited" novelist: WAUGHThe Sacred & Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder. A precursor to DOWNTON ABBEY.

53. Assortment: ARRAY.

54. Thrill: ELATE. A classic C.C. word.

55. Unfamiliar with: NEW AT.

56. Sharable PC files: PDFSPortable Document Formats.

57. Brain and spinal cord: Abbr.: CNS. Central Nervous System

60. Saints' achievements: Abbr.: TDS. New Orleans' version scores touchdowns, none more prolific than Drew Brees

Welcome to Friday Mr. Morse. I hope the Corner all enjoyed this puzzle and I look forward to their comments and any you feel like posting as well.  HAPPY VD! Lemonade out.

Happy birthday Heartrx wherever you are.


desper-otto said...

Good morning! (and Happy Valentines Day to those of you who indulge.)

Got 'er done, but needed Lemonade to explain CNS and TDS. The cluing for HACK and RAP were a tad iffy, but heck, it's Friday and to be expected. Actually needed the completed theme in a couple of areas, so it was fortunate and I got it. Thanx, Garry and Lemonade.

Puglia: "Looks pretty." But the word looks ugly.

RHYS: I'm only familiar with John Rhys-Davies from the LOTR and Indiana Jones movies.

Gleem: P&G dropped the brand name in 2014, but you can still buy it as "Crest Fresh and White."

PC LAB: One of our tax sites is in the PC Lab of a local community college. They decided we couldn't use their computers unless each of us would submit to a background check. I would've passed the check, but refused to go with it. I'm working at two other sites this year.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this throw-back quip puzzle today. Took just over 16 minutes.

billocohoes said...

I don’t think “concern” refers to a law firm, but that the defense attorney is concerned about what DATE theTRIAL will start on.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW, missing my WAG at the Natick WAUGe x ReYS. Erased doria for DARIA, sayth for SAYST, tra for SOL, agt for REP and waulk for WAUGe. Plenty of other unknowns, but perps rescued me.

POLICE CAR, ambulance and fire truck all work. Leave it to me to think of the vehicle that starts with "f" and ends in "uck". But I waited for perps to guide me.

I had been known to TIE one ON before I quit drinking almost 4 years ago.

"Bucks" is another one of those great crossword words that has a lot of different meanings. Rears up, stags, moola(h), challenges and probably a few more that don't immediately come to mind.

Thanks to Gary and Lemony for the fun.

jfromvt said...

This was a toughie I thought. Any puzzle with a quote is hard since you need to get the perps to start figuring out the quote. But I did it, more in Saturday time than Friday.

Anonymous said...

It seems like it's been quite a while since the last quote puzzle - a year, maybe? One nice thing about quote puzzles is that they make the perps very gettable.

I don't love HACK as "cope with," either.

I lived in Massachusetts for a long time, where there is a Worcester (it's not that big - 180,000 people -- but it's actually the second-largest city in New England after Boston). Around there, they use "wicked" as an adverb to mean "extremely" or "very," as in, "That's wicked good!" I was wondering if the constructor was going that route!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:09 again. jfromvt, I think we were writing our comments at the same time. Your comment about the negative of quote puzzles is true, too! You have to have a toehold either in the quote or in the perps to get anywhere.

Lucina said...


Happy Valentine's Day!

Sigh. How I miss my box of CHOCOLATEs.

Usually I don't like quip puzzles but who can resist Charles Schulz and the Peanuts gang? ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE was what the Beatles sang, too.

For many years I used ABACI in the classroom. It helped solidify the concepts of grouping and it helped students who learn by visual aids.

I've never heard of DARIA; RHYS was also unknown; I didn't see the Martian, so HAB is new; EVILLER looks odd but it's British.

It surprised me to see HANNIBAL; he who boldly took elephants across the alps. Sadly, they could not take the cold and most died.

OCHRE preceded OCHER as they are both often used.

I love LILAC, the color and the flower and any shade of purple.

VADER is a sweet man? He fought a duel with his own son and encouraged all to go to the dark side!

There is so much to like in this puzzle! Thank you, Garry Morse! And thank you, Lemonade, for an interesting commentary.

Enjoy this day of friendship and love, everyone!

Lucina said...

The expressions "Can you HACK that?" or "I can HACK it", equally, "He couldn't HACK it" all meaning "to cope" are commonly used.

E.g. He dropped out of school because he couldn't HACK it.

Husker Gary said...

-Victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan – JFK taking the RAP for Bay Of Pigs
-Some teachers find it hard to HACK it but need the job/benefits
-We paid neighbor girls $20 each to SIT FOR Lilly
-Busted - running into your administrator when you take a sick day
-Matthey RHYS was the lead and Tom Hanks was the supporting actor in this recent movie
-Don’t you check out the ARRAY in the buffet before you take a menu?
-Two tire stores shot me bids via PDF’s for two days this week

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Anon @ 8:09...was musing the other day that as much as I don't like circled-lettered themes and rebuses I do enjoy "quotes" and hadn't seen one in awhile.

Only error needing correcting: "Dir" for MGR... When I was head of my dept. and all dept. heads in our facility were referred to as "Directors". Our "managers" handled the day to day intradepartmenal clinical issues.

Otherwise more of a Wednesday-like challenge.

Held off on "sayest" till I realized it was SAYST.

Source of a siren...the sea...means mermaid also.

Bari, Puglia "pool-ya" (Apulia) is where Santa Claus is buried. Basilica San Nicola. A lot warmer and picturesque than the North Pole.

Aproposito: 《Auguri di San Valentino》

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice puzzle today. Liked the quote but wasn't familiar with it; perps pointed the way, though. Got the top half w/o incident but had an impasse at the bottom. Finally caved and looked up WAUGH in my puzzle dictionary. The rest then filled in nicely. Had Males before MOOLA.

Just read in the WSJ that there is a big flap underway to rename The Czech Republic to Czechia. The PM is p-o'ed 'cause nobody told him. (Since "all politics is local", this should not be viewed as a political statement IMO.)

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

I liked this puzzle. Just right for a Thursday, Garry. Working from the bottom up, I got that half of the quote easily. By the time I got to the top I could guess the rest. I think maybe I heard it before, but forgot it was said by Schultz. There were sufficient perps for the unknowns and the quote. I find a quote exasperating only when there are insufficient perps. Otherwise I like quotes.
Lemonade, fine expo.
I didn't know HAB, but with HA-, I wagged the B.
Lucina, I agree with your defense of HACK. Also, the internet is full of "life hacks," clever ways to solve problems.
Billocohoes, your take on CONCERN is like mine, so no nit there.
I thought RAP was okay, meaning take the blame (and punishment), whether deserved or not.
Interviwer: Are you responsible?
Applicant: I am very responsible. In my last job whenever something went wrong, my boss said, "You're responsible."
He took the rap for all mistakes.
OCHER or OCHRE, another one where we need to wait on the perps.
David and Motoko sent me flowers for Valentine's Day and I sent them flowers.
I gave Alan a small heart shaped box of candy and he gave me one. For me, Valentine's Day is for family love. Have a happy holiday, everyone.

Hungry Mother said...

CNS didn’t make sense, but the perps were solid. Guessed the quote early on as a fan of Peanuts and chocolate.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Garry Morris, and thank you, Lemonade.

Knew RHYS as clued. DARIA and HAB were totally unknown. Knew of VADER, but not based on the clue. Had to work it out with perps.

Had to work out other answers as well, but after the first two parts of the clues, I filled in the rest of it. Heard that quote many times. That made for a quicker than normal Friday solve.

OTOH, I wasn't solving crossword puzzles back in they day when they were popular here, but I generally don't care for them unless the quote is really well known. I see them in other solving sites, and move on

I've never been in a PC LAB. They weren't around yet when I started. We used dumb terminals to interface with the systems. Then PC's came around and we used them with hardware emulators to mimic dumb terminals, with the added benefit of offline desktop processing power and storage.

Thought I posted my comments a couple of hours ago. Came back to see what everyone was commenting about and wondered what happened to my post. It was still in my notepad.

Agree about the clues for RAP and HACK being a bit off.

WikWak said...

Well, I’d take the RAP for not being able to HACK it today... except that I could. ;)

Thanks to Garry and Lemonade for a just-right Friday. The southwest gave me some trouble but I was finally able to FIR in between 15 and 20 minims. I didn’t specifically remember that exact quote, but it was real easy to suss. I don’t generally like quotes in puzzles but this one wasn’t exactly terrible.

Time to go run errands, and I’m not looking forward to it (am I ever? I guess not.); it’s a tad chilly outside today. When I checked about an hour ago we didn’t have any degrees. Last night we had 6 degrees fewer than none at all. Even so, I still like winter.


Lemonade714 said...

Spitz, the name change to CZECHIA started in 2016.

Tom, I do that once or twice a week and come back and learn someone already said what my earl comments said, so I have to start over.

WikWak said...

I have no idea how that got posted twice. I suspect gremlins.

Big Easy said...

As I sit in a chair entering this into my computer that is sitting on my desk, all bought from SAMS, I fill silly that SAMS was my last fill. The SW was slow to fill due to filling RESTS before FLATS. I save a lot of MOOLA buying from SAMS; just got back $915.01 from the SAMS credit card from last years purchases. I gave up on COSTCO.

The quote was an easy guess after a few perps were in place.

Four unknowns today- BARI, HAB, RHYS, & DARIA. Never seen EVILLER before but it fit.

Lucina- maybe anon @8:09 couldn't HACK it today.
Spitzboov- I read the WSJ article. Nobody would want to be associated with Chechnya. I can't blame the PM. It's bad enough that there are Czechs and Chechens; no need to confuse the countries.

NaomiZ said...

I goofed by thinking "bucks" were "moose," which gave me a couple of odd entries in the southwest. MOOLA was what I needed -- d'oh! Otherwise a satisfying solve and cute way to begin Valentine's Day. Thanks, Garry and Lemonade!

TTP said...


I looked at my weather station about 2:30 on the way to the early AM ritual, and it was colder when I looked later around 7. But it's warming up quickly and I'll be making chicken breasts on the Weber tomorrow or Sunday afternoon. BTW, no worries on the duplicate post. It happens from time to time for some reason. Deleted it.

Lemonade, I was like, "Wha ?"

Wilbur Charles said...

Interesting XW name for the RHYS story author (ORR)
Ah, thx anon@809; I had assumed that it was Mass and "wicked(er?)" might perp. Then I thought the reference was to "er" = "ah". Of course with a word like Cuba JFK said Cub-er.

This was very challenging for me. Esp the south and not remembering CT-SCAN nor OPAH. The Natick of DARI(A) and SADR got me and I misspelled GLEeM. And to think I was a finalist in a class spelling BEE. We three all foundered on RESTauRANT. Finally an early dropout got it. "I lived across the street from one!"

I actually inked WAUGH and then had my doubts. until I recalled RHYS Haskins. I don't read 30 box scores daily anymore.

YR, I found that the RAP list was drawn up before the project. Plus the Credit list. One could avoid the former but never get onto the latter.
TTP, your paragraph re. Terminals vs PCs was perfect.


Bluehen said...

Finished it right today, but I'm not going to crow about my time. 21+ minutes. I must be losing my mojo. Then again, I find it more difficult and therefore slower to navigate the WP site than the old Mensa site. Yeah, that's it. It's the fault of the WaPo site. That's the ticket.

I'm not a great fan of quote puzzles, but this one had friendly enough perps that it was sussable, especially given the special day today. No Valentines at the Bluehen Ponderosa this year since there is no loved one to receive them. By the way, Lemony, did you really mean to wish us all "Happy VD?" With blooms from STD, I suppose. No, thanks.

My biggest hang-ups on the puzzle were geographic. I am certain than I have never heard of Bari, Italy, before even though Lydia Bastianich did several recent episodes of her cooking show featuring the food and drink of Puglia. The only thing I "know" about Palau is that one year of survivor was shot there, I think. I've never watched the show. And Sadr City took far too long and too many perps to come to the fore. Oh, how soon we forget. Funny thing is though that I can remember 'Nam like it was yesterday. Some things are just more deeply embedded.

Well, I need to get dinner ready for the frat house I live in. Happy Valentines Day, everybody, and Happy Birthday, Marti. Please know that you are missed.


Misty said...

A Friday toughie, of course, but what a delight! Many thanks, Garry. Got started with ABACI which gave me APTS, so I was on my way. But then almost nothing till I got to EVA and MEESE and that gave me ELM and VIE (sweet picture of the Gabor sisters, Lemonade, thanks for that). LILAC helped in the middle, and O SOLE, WAUGH, and the dear ASTA helped with the last corner. Liked AVOCADO and got NEET although have never used it. Loved eventually getting DARK HORSE but the cute PEANUT theme came last, only with help.
My only nits were the unhelpful clues for HATS and HACKS, but still, a delightful Valentine's Day puzzle--thanks again, Garry.

Ah Valentine's Day. I miss my sweet Rowland and always will.

Have a lovely day, everybody.

inanehiker said...

I'm not usually a big quote theme fan - but this one made me smile. Charles Schulz through his Peanuts characters were doing "memes" before there was an internet!

CNS is an abbreviation we use a lot in medicine- so "in my wheelhouse" , but so is VD so - I'm with Bluehen - my first thought as I read the blog was "venereal disease" day since I have been in medicine long enough that they used to use that term - now the abbreviation generally used is STD or STI for sexually transmitted disease/infection.
On the CZECHIA issue - the quizzes on Sporcle have been using that term for the Czech Republic for a few year now.

Happy Valentine's day. Thanks Lemonade and Garry! Happy birthday Marti!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Bluehen, how did I miss that! ROFLMAO on that one.

Wilbur Charles said...


AnonymousPVX said...

This V-Day (not VD!!!) puzzle required some thought, Friday typical.


Still, happy to get the solve.

See you Saturday.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy St. Valentine's Day, all!

I started with BARI, the only Italian port I visited on the Adriatic (aside from Venice, of course). I had arrived there from (the former) Yugoslavia & did not understand the money yet, and so over-tipped a cabbie to the extent that he said prayers for me and my family and my descendants unto seven generations...

An enjoyable pzl: Thank you, Mr. Morse, for a pleasant time.
I am not sure about the cluing for EGAD ("You're kidding!"), but then I never understood what EGAD was supposed to mean.
Just one diagonal, NW to SE.
ANA-gram was in our Xwd today!
This anagram refers to the bosses at a construction site, the...

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

I enjoyed that, quip and all. Thanks Lemonade and Garry!

Happy birthday Marti!

SAYST seemed off to me. Sayest or sayeth would be my preference. Google seems to think all three are OK.

I came across "Howards End" on cable and recorded it because it seemed like "Downton Abbey" which I liked a lot. I am about ready to start watching it. Will I enjoy it? What do you think?

~ Mind how you go...

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday HeartRx, wherever you are!
Here's a Lava Cake from Singapore, of all places?

For those without kids, or GrandKids, you probably have not seen
The Toy Story Movies. Here is their take on The Classic Sci-Fi Villain, Zurg!
(Watch to the end for a shocking reveal...)

&, if you haven't had enough sweetness for one day,
here is 7 more minutes of Peanuts!

Jayce said...

Happy Valentine's Day.

I liked this puzzle. Pretty much WEES since I had many of the same experiences many of you did. I chuckled at how the puzzle started off with APTS and APPS. Had to change SAITH to SAYST as the Schulz quote emerged.

I also don't consider VADER to be a classic villain because I don't consider Star Wars to be a classic. Just my opinion, but villains like Moriarty or Lex Luthor or Uriah Heep or even Snidely Whiplash are what I would consider classic villains.

I consider PC LAB to be 2 "words". That is, not one word. I taught a PC Lab at Foothill Community College for 2 years.

If "Bucks" indeed was MOOSE we'd have MOOSE and MEESE :)

TTP said...

Wilbur, did you see the 2020 MLB Rule Changes ? I was catching up on my reading at MLB today and just saw it. New news to me. Should be interesting changes, especially the 3 batter minimum.

Happy Birthday Marti !

Jayce said...

Bill G, I am sorry to say I found "Howards End" to be quite boring.

Bluehen said...

I forgot to say in my earlier post that today is a red letter day of sorts to me. Today I have been tobacco free for one year, the first year of the rest of my life. Actually, I don't know exactly what day I stubbed out the last cigarette from my last pack, but it was some day in the middle of February, 2019, and Valentine's Day fits that bill, so Valentine's Day it is. I probably don't remember the exact date because it was no big deal. I ran out of cigarettes and decided to stop. No big deal. I always said that my usage was habit and not addiction and it turns out I was right. I remember posts from other cornerites about their trials while trying to quit, and was tempted to chime in to offer encouragement, but I was afraid if I disclosed how easy it was for me to stop, it would just rub salt in their wounds. Anyway, to those still fighting the good fight, don't give up. Getting that monkey off your back is well worth it. Persevere!

PK said...

Lemonade: I saw your Happy VD! in red and did a double-take. Long long ago we learned in school that VD was a not very nice social (venereal) disease. Not from experience, mind you. Glad you meant benign Valentines Day.

Wilbur Charles said...

TTP, the main change is the three batter limit. I'm in favor. Managers have gone crazy over the years with their machinations. And. . Speeding up games is never a bad idea.

Apparently, a AAA Level position player who can pitch a little might be used as that 14th pitcher. Also..

Here's a direct quote* re. Sign stealing: [runner on base] "relaying signs which is considered less egregious. ". Could this reporter not understand that it is the use of video technology-period- which is "egregious". And, IMHO , the egregious sin was having that technology available [period] and MLB bares that blame and should admit it.


*From Tbtimes reporter Marc Tompkin . I thought at first he was comparing the timeworn practice of baserunners and or coaches stealing signs . He meant how it was related(eg. Trashcan banging)

Anonymous T said...

EGAD! I spelt OCHRE the only way I knew and flubbed the bottom. Insult to Injury: I had GLEAN and thought "That's odd, I don't recall a diamond in the SANS logo. SANS is Friday hard for those not in computer security. SAM'S never occurred to me 'cuz I missed the memo they were dropping the blue and green logo. I'll cry now... WAUGH, WHAGH, WHAGH :-)

Hi All!

Fun puzzle Gerry - love me some Schulz. Thanks for the expo to illuminate my missteps Lem.

Guessing at bits of the quote really helped get some solid perps; wouldn't have gotten the DATE of the TRIAL w/o WAGing LITTLE.

WO: NOW AND agaN, oops.
ESPs: BARI, PALAU, OSOLE, DARIA [didn't help I read "sign-off]
Fav: Clue for EPEE felt fresh... Get it? Getting fresh touching...? Valentine's Day? //I think I'll challenge DW to a Touching competition tonight :-)

Misty - My sympathies; days like this must be bitter-sweet reminders.

Cute DR, OMK - considering his/her 'responsibilities.'

Bluehen/inanehiker - Yeah, my first thought was not Valentine's Day at VD, though, I suppose you could catch one that way...

Bluehen - A year in but I still go in fits and starts; won't smoke for days/weeks and then, when left to my own devices [read DW's out of town], sneak one or two. It's gotta be better than where I was - 1.5pack/day. (I can't even imagine smoking that much now).

TTP - We had a PC LAB in HS. But, if you wanted to practice FORTRAN, you'd have to get on the VAX or hack into Tech's mainframe.
//FORTRAN was the language for programming competitions; our team got runner-up at State. Did I mention I was always a nerd? :-)

Time to click CED's (and TTP's MLB) links and (crosses-fingers) get a little nap b/f DW gets home.

Y'all have a great eve!

Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Bill G ~
The Tempest, I,2 - PROSPERO (to Miranda): By foul play, as thou sayst, were we heaved thence...

Julius Caesar, I/2 - CAESAR (to the Soothsayer): What sayst thou to me now? Speak once again.

Othello I/3 - IAGO (to Roderigo: What sayst thou, noble heart?

Lucina said...

Bill G:
I forgot to say earlier that I have never been able to watch all of Howard's End though I have tried. Good luck to you!

I saw Hair Love (which won the Oscar for short film) on You Tube and it is adorable.

Thank you for the Shakespeare quotations.

I did a double take on seeing VD but knew what you meant since today is Valentine's Day.

I shall be seeing you all in a week. My friend, Claire, will be celebrating her 88th birthday so I'm going to San Rafael for that.

Misty said...

Thank you, AnonT. Days like this do have a sweet but dad moment for some of us.

Misty said...

Oops--I meant "sad"

9mileSkid said...

Chiming in late here after a long day, especially for a Friday, at work. I just wanted to throw in a comment about HACK - lots of folks didn't like the clue "cope with". Being a technology person, my mind immediately went to surreptitious activity, however a glimmer from the past told me that I just couldn't hack it anymore, so I gave up. Strange that a really common phrase like "I just can't hack it anymore" that would have been current only 20 or so years ago, is outmoded so efficiently today. My beard is grey for a reason, I guess. Birthdays pass, and so do the days. :-)

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Garry Morse, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for a fine review.

Took me a while to get through this, but it is a Friday. The quote came easier than the rest of the puzzle. It made sense, especially for today.

Some tough words: BARI, HACK, RHYS, CNS, CAHN, OPAH, SAYST, and perps helped.

Liked reading the history of HANNIBAL. Very interesting.

Tried LAME HORSE before DARK HORSE worked much better.

Off to a fish fry tonight.

Guarded the crossing this morning at 6 degrees below zero, actual temperature.

See you tomorrow.


( )

SwampCat said...

Did anyone read Peanuts today? I did before I worked the XW and I cried. All week the other character have been planning a testimonial dinner for Charlie and he was thrilled, Today they decided it was hypocritical because they really don’t admire him . The last frame I’d Charlie sitting all alone among the dinner plates and balloons saying “ I would have enjoyed even a hypocritical dinner.”

Then I come here for a Peanuts puzzle . Not fun for me.

Oh, the puzzle was clever and I enjoyed working it...thanks Garry .

And Lemon among all the joy you give us with your write ups, VD has to be a classic. Did that sound right?

Happy birthday Marti wherever you are. !!!

SwampCat said...

Too many battles with autocorrect to fight! Please read what you think I said

Lemonade714 said...

It is such fun to explain and sometimes entertain/ I am sure OKL sees many poems there.

Bluehen, when I quit it was exactly as you did. I crushed my pack of cigarettes and told my then business partner that I was done. Now 20 years have passed and I have not cheated once. Sadly, he kept smoking and has had two strokes and heart surgery.

Lemonade714 said...

OMK, it is so good to have an experience Thespian commenting here. (happy valentine's day Becky, we do not forget you). Along with OKL's rhyming skills, each day is filled with so much variety.

Wilbur Charles said...

Swamp, yes I've been following Charlie and the "testimonial", waiting for the shoe to drop. There's still Joe Shlobotnik. Perhaps he'll console Chuck

SwampCat said...

WC you have given me ... and Charlie ,,hope. I’m not sure who writes this so called comic now, but as of today it isn’t funny for me. Thanks!!! I’ll read it again tomorrow and Monday. We’ll see!!

Bill G said...

Thanks OMK.

After hearing from a couple of you discerning types (Jayce and Lucina), I've erased Howards End from my DVR. Thank you.

Michael said...

SwampCat @ 6:35 --

Better be careful ... I thought I read you to say that I was going to get a 15% pay raise AND an extra week of vacation!

(Guess it's time to visit the optometrist again....)

WinthorpeIII said...

In those cases, I would use "cope with" for hack. I wouldn't say, "Can you cope that?"