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Feb 14, 2020

Friday, February 14, 2020, Garry Morse

Title: The wit and wisdom of Charles Schulz

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of PEANUTS and the many characters created by Mr. Schulz is the clarity of their naive philosophies. Today we have the rare "quip" puzzle where the theme is a Quotation. Some are strictly for humor, and some like today's combine humor and a touch of reality. This is the 11th LAT by Mr. Morse who is a Sunday specialist with only one Monday among his earlier publications. When the Corner started, before we migrated to the LAT we had regular quip puzzles which many enjoyed and many hated. It is hard to hate Charlie Brown and Snoopy. The cluing - Quote part I, etc., is not helpful but it gets the job done. Garry does include some fine bonus fill like HANNIBAL,  TSARISTS, AA SPONSOR (introduced today),  DARKHORSE, POLICE CAR and  TRIAL DATE which may not be as much fun as it sounds.
The quip:
17A. Start of a Charles M. Schulz quote: ALL YOU NEED (10)
22A. Quote, part 2: IS LOVE, BUT A (10).
38A. Quote, part 3: LITTLE CHOCOLATE (15).
50A. Quote, part 4: NOW AND THEN (10).
59A. End of the quote: DOES'NT HURT (10).

There are implicit references to Valentine's Day with "LOVE" and "CHOCOLATE" but you need to bring your own flowers. I accept gifts all year round. Enjoy this gift from Garry.


1. Penthouses, e.g.: Abbr.: APTS. Only one LINK came to mind.

5. Smartphone downloads: APPS.

9. Metaphor for responsibilities: HATS. A wife ears many hats, cook, nurse, companion, mother, lover...

13. Adriatic port: BARI. Bari is a port city on the Adriatic Sea and the capital of southern Italy’s Puglia region. Looks pretty

14. March Madness org.: NCAA. For the college basketball championship.

15. "Beavis and Butt-head" spin-off: DARIA. My son Devin liked this character.

16. Bickering: AT IT. The kids are always bickering.

19. Rub the wrong way: CHAFE.No thigh humor from me.

21. Twelve-step helper: AA SPONSOR. Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a sometimes successful way to help those who are addicted and need to face that reality to deal with it.

24. Non-neutral atom: ION. Also a leading repeat TV Network, LINK.

25. Light sleeper's distraction: DRIP. Leaky faucets do drive Oo crazy,

26. Living area in "The Martian," with "the": HAB. The Hab, short for "The Mars Lander Habitat" is a series of artificial living quarters that were constructed before the Ares III manned mission to Mars landed. Therefore not an abbreviation but a nickname?

28. A Gabor sister: EVA. Along with Zsa Zsa and Magda.

30. Acts of faith?: LEAPS.

34. Classic sci-fi villain: VADER. I do not see Darth as a Classic villain, but that is just me. He was a sweet man with a family who was misled.

41. 1980s attorney general: MEESE. This is not the plural of Mouse.

42. Shade related to violet: LILAC. A light violet.

43. Responsibility: RAP. This was not easy but it does the responsibility for or adverse consequences of an action shown more clearly in "he refused to take the rap."

44. Bend: ARC. Like a good curveball.

46. Cope with: HACK. A strategy or technique for managing one's time or activities more efficiently. Dictionary.

48. Dept. head: MGR.

56. Source of a siren: POLICE CAR. The same number of letters as AMBULANCE.

58. "__ Mio": O SOLE. They began as teenagers. IL VOLO.

61. Avian crop: CRAW. You do not grow birds.

62. Score symbols: FLATS. Musical score.

63. "You're kidding!": EGAD.

64. Whodunit canine: ASTA. When he wasn't with Nick and Nora he was ...making babies
65. Club with a blue and white diamond logo: SAMS. Did they adopt this logo?

66. Phillies slugger Hoskins: RHYS. They study everything now, even ballplayers I do not know. LINK. (pronounced reese).

67. Nair rival, once: NEET. Was this replaced by VEET?


1. Old counters: ABACI. I know C.C. can do this, can you?

2. Hiking network: PATHS. Not a computer network

3. Defense attorney's concern: TRIAL DATE. "Concern" is such an odd word in this context, as it is how one makes his/her money.

4. Be paid to watch, as children: SIT FOR.

5. Prefix with -gram: ANA. No PANgrams lately.

6. Techie training site: PCLAB. Is it one or two words? Help please our experts.  LAB.  Clecho- 45D. Tech tutorials site: CNET.

7. Caroline Islands republic: PALAU. Following World War II, in 1947, under UN auspices as part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the United States assumed administration of Palau. In 1982, Palau signed a Compact of Free Association with the United States. Palau gained its independence and established diplomatic relations with the United States in 1994.

8. Dost speak: SAYST. Bible talk.

9. Legendary Carthaginian general: HANNIBAL. What we know of his LIFE he was the most interesting man of his time.

10. "You __ busted!": ARE SO. When you run into your mother at the mall during school hours.

11. Attach with string: TIE ON.

12. __ City, Iraq: SADR. Not known to me consciously but it has been in the NEWS.

15. The Carpenters, for one: DUO.

18. Deep-water fish: OPAH.

20. More wicked, in Worcester: EVILLER. In British English, the "LL" is commonly used in words where Americans use a single "L." TRAVELLER comes to mind.

23. Touching competition?: EPEE.

27. Guacamole fruit: AVOCADO. One of the many fruit trees we have planted on our condo grounds, Of course, plating on common areas creates many conflicts.

28. Disease-stricken tree: ELM. We recently had reference to the

29. Face off: VIE.

31. Knee injury initials: ACL. Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

32. Key letter: PHI. Beta Kappa. I am proud that my son earned his key in his junior year in college.

33. La preceder: SOL. Do re me fa sol la ti do.

35. Long shot: DARK HORSE. No politics so no comment.

36. Coming-in hr., roughly: ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival.

37. Sales staff member: REP.

39. Romanov adherents: TSARISTS. Their HISTORY.

40. Lyricist Sammy: CAHN.
A Hall of Famer LINK.

47. ER diagnostic tool: CT SCAN. CT is an abbreviation of computed tomography or computerized tomography.

48. Bucks: MOOLA. Moolah is a Fijian word meaning 'money' which may be the etymology.

49. Sparkle: GLEAM. A long-gone toothpaste.

51. Yellowish-brown: OCHER. Or is it ochre.

52. "Brideshead Revisited" novelist: WAUGHThe Sacred & Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder. A precursor to DOWNTON ABBEY.

53. Assortment: ARRAY.

54. Thrill: ELATE. A classic C.C. word.

55. Unfamiliar with: NEW AT.

56. Sharable PC files: PDFSPortable Document Formats.

57. Brain and spinal cord: Abbr.: CNS. Central Nervous System

60. Saints' achievements: Abbr.: TDS. New Orleans' version scores touchdowns, none more prolific than Drew Brees

Welcome to Friday Mr. Morse. I hope the Corner all enjoyed this puzzle and I look forward to their comments and any you feel like posting as well.  HAPPY VD! Lemonade out.

Happy birthday Heartrx wherever you are.

Jul 7, 2019

Sunday July 7th, 2019 Garry Morse

Theme: "Deliberate Lying" - LY is added to the end of the first word.

 23A. Enjoy prettifying the gifts?: GLADLY WRAP. Glad wrap.

 28A. Wrinkled Sunday dinner?: RUMPLY ROAST. Rump roast.

 38A. Skinny, loose-jointed club golfer?: GANGLY MEMBER. Gang member.

 65A. Dishes like a 28-Across?: HOMELY COOKING. Home cooking.

 91A. Just taps on the door?: HARDLY KNOCKS. Hard knocks.

107A. Texas Hold 'em in Texas?: DRAWLY POKER. Draw poker.

114A. Bird that returns fire when hunted?: DEADLY DUCK. Dead duck.

How did the constructor think of the title "Lying"? Amazing! In our corner, Husker Gary and D-Otto are great in coming up with brilliant titles also.

I like when the new LY words share no root with the base phrases. But often it's impossible. Also, is  "drawly" is word you guys actually use?


1. Einstein's "m": MASS.

5. Game with knights: CHESS.

10. Missouri city nickname: ST JOE. Eminem was born here.

15. Cell accumulation: APPS.

19. Some choristers: ALTI.

20. Auto pioneer Henry: ROYCE. OK, now I know what Rolls-Royce stands for: Henry Royce and Charles Rolls.

21. Woman on the original "Star Trek" bridge: UHURA.

22. Fish or book lead-in: BLUE.

25. Fast-spreading Web units: MEMES.

26. Spanish muralist: SERT. Jose Maria Sert.

27. "Piece of cake": NO PROBLEM.

30. Home of Odysseus: ITHACA.

31. What pros know, with "the": ROPES.

32. The Big Ten's Boilermakers: PURDUE.

33. Makes red-faced: ABASHES.

37. Brew in big containers: KEG BEER. Debut entry for LAT.

43. "The Enemy Within" org.: CIA.

44. Deg. for crown fitters: DDS.

45. "Tiny Alice" dramatist: ALBEE.

46. Golden State school whose city is also its county: UCSB. UC Santa Barbara.

47. Doesn't abandon, as one's promise: HOLDS TO.

51. Strategize: PLAN.

52. Helena winter hrs.: MST.

53. Yale of Yale fame: ELIHU.

55. "The Easter Parade" author Richard: YATES.

58. "Nobody wins!": IT'S A TIE.

60. How checks are written: IN INK.

62. Nine-piece combo: NONET. And 116. Square dance quorum: OCTAD.

64. "Fooled you!": NOT.

70. Morse "T": DAH.

71. Sugar coating: GLAZE. You can probably find these glazed buns in some dim sum place.

73. Kindle download: EBOOK.

74. Bishop's district: DIOCESE.

76. "Phooey!" cousins: DRATS.

78. Dense overgrowth: BRUSH.

80. Bad picnic omen: ANT.

81. Marseille mates: AMIS.

82. Sandburg's metaphorical fog carrier: CAT FEET. The fog comes on little cat feet.

84. Barbarian: OGRE.

86. Preserved, in a way: ON ICE.

87. Span. title: SRA.

90. Leaving approx.: ETD.

94. Rooftop landing spot: HELIPAD.

97. Like candid photos: UNPOSED.

98. Transfer to a larger computer, say: UPLOAD.

99. Barbecue leftovers: ASHES.

102. Rough partner?: TUMBLE. Rough and tumble.

109. Causes of road trip delays: FLAT TIRES. Be careful when you have any roofing project. Don't let the nails get into your tires.

112. 1977 ELO hit: DO YA.

113. Selection from a pool: JUROR.

115. Yet: EVEN.

117. "Live PD" airer: A AND E.

118. Throb: ACHE.

119. Wine list heading: REDS.

120. "Flashdance" star Jennifer: BEALS.

121. Top officers: BRASS.

122. Tarot reader: SEER.


1. Son of Thor, in comics: MAGNI. No idea.

2. Divvy up: ALLOT.

3. Bacteria in grapelike clusters: STAPH.

4. Libyan port on its own gulf: SIDRA. Another unknown.

5. Whiner: CRYBABY.

6. Lupine call: HOWL.

7. Fictional governess: EYRE.

8. Main plot element in "The Sting": SCAM.

9. Labor Day mo.: SEP.

10. Recap: SUM UP.

11. Central idea: THEME. Lying!! 

12. Springs: JUMPS.

13. Baseball's Hershiser: OREL.

14. "Piece of cake": EASY PEASY. Great fill.

15. Learn well: ABSORB.

16. Begged: PLEADED.

17. Went after: PURSUED.

18. Hunting dogs: SETTERS.

24. Where it's at: LOCALE.

28. Took off: ROSE.  Our Asiatic Lilies this morning. They started blooming a few days ago.

29. Persian on the floor: RUG.

31. Yeshiva leader: REBBE. Wiki says it's a "Yiddish word derived from the Hebrew word rabbi, which means "master", "teacher", or "mentor". Like the title rabbi, it refers to teachers of Torah or leaders of Judaism."

34. "I want to be entertained": AMUSE ME.

35. Mennonites, e.g.: SECT.

36. Pinafore letters: HMS.

37. Play a prank on: KID.

38. Like a large hole: GAPING.

39. Taking everything into account: ALL TOLD.

40. Jordan or Curry, e.g.: NBA STAR.

41. Actress Rowlands: GENA.

42. Beast with thick skin: RHINO. And 79. 42-Down features: HORNS.

43. Dropped-pot sound: CLUNK.

48. West Virginia border river: OHIO.

49. Letter after Sierra: TANGO. NATO phonetic alphabet.

50. Plains tribe: OTO.

52. Paolo's possessive: MIO. My or mine.

54. Enjoys, as an ice cream cone: LICKS.

56. Indigenous: ENDEMIC.

57. Not enjoying the whale watch, maybe: SEASICK.

59. Frat row letter: THETA.

61. Nephrologist's concern: KIDNEYS. Nephrologist is a new word to me.

63. Luther's 95 __: THESES.

66. Lessened: EBBED.

67. Old stories: LORE.

68. One's early years: YOUTH.

69. Tiny insect egg: NIT.

72. Efron of "High School Musical": ZAC.

75. Mets infielder Robinson __: CANO.

77. Regular work: STEADY JOB. Another sparkly fill.

80. Folksy Guthrie: ARLO.

83. ProFlowers parent co.: FTD. Read the Ligation part.

85. Econ. yardstick: GDP.

86. At work: ON DUTY.

87. Horror film reaction: SHUDDER.

88. Admonish: REPROVE.

89. Eased: ALLAYED.

92. Violinist who taught Heifetz: AUER (Leopold). We had this clue before.

93. Tea prep aids: KETTLES.

95. Hawkeyes: IOWANS.

96. Friend: PAL.

99. Blood line: AORTA.

100. Word shouted with a raised glass: SKOAL. Gai Bei in Chinese

101. Antelope groups: HERDS.

103. King with a magic touch: MIDAS.

104. Wayne of Wayne Manor: BRUCE.

105. Café lightener: LECHE.

106. Glacial ridge: ESKER. Not ARETE.

108. Dark purple: PUCE.

109. Word repeated in an iconic FDR quote: FEAR.

110. Superboy's girlfriend: LANA.

111. Includes: ADDS.

114. Slight amount: DAB.


Jan 6, 2019

Sunday Janaury 6, 2019 Garry Morse

Theme:  "But Is It Art?" - Quip theme.
22. Start of a quip: I WENT TO.

36. Quip, part 2: A MUSEUM WHERE THEY HAVE.

55. Quip, part 3: ALL THE HEADS AND.

66. Quip, part 4: ARMS.

79. Quip, part 5: FROM THE STATUES.

94. Quip, part 6: THAT ARE IN ALL THE OTHER.

117. End of the quip: MUSEUMS.

And origin of the quip (symmetrically placed):

8. With 123-Across, speaker of the quip: STEVEN.

123. See 8-Across: WRIGHT.

Rich rarely runs quote or quip puzzle, as it's not a popular theme type with solvers. But it's fun to get such a puzzle once in a while. In the old Star Tribune Media days, we used to get one by Alan P. Olschwang every Thursday.

I also don't recall a Sunday LAT grid with only 135 words. We often get 142 or 144. Sometimes 140.


1. Ohm reciprocal: SIEMENS. Named after Siemens, who founded Siemens, which has a few big plants in China.

14. Hybrid tableware: SPORK.

19. Black Sea country: ROMANIA.

20. Poke holes in, as a lawn: AERATE.

21. Judge of the Yankees: AARON. Aaron Judge. All Rise. Also 52. NYC line that stops at Yankee Stadium, familiarly: IRT.

23. Beauty goddesses: GRACES.

24. Crunchy snack: FRITO.

25. Big Apple restaurateur: SARDI. Sardi's.

26. Chef's amts.: TBSPS.

28. Dexterity: SLEIGHT.

30. "Wedding Bell Blues" soloist Marilyn: MCCOO. Forgot. We had her before.

32. Org. with an Acid Rain Program: EPA.

35. Three before kappa: ETA.

45. Monotony metaphor: RUT.

46. Heads of the Sorbonne: TETES. Just French for "heads".

47. Sticker: THORN.

48. Evil Luthor: LEX.

49. Bring out: ELICIT.

53. Truce: CEASEFIRE. Great fill.

58. Glee club member: TENOR.

59. Expected results: NORMS.

60. "__ so you!": IT'S.

61. Out of shape: BENT.

62. Boise's st.: IDA.

65. Email afterthoughts: PSS.

68. Short alias?: AKA.

71. European carrier: SAS. Scandinavian Airlines System.

72. Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge denizen: NENE.

74. Safari beast: GNU.

75. Maestro Ozawa: SEIJI.

77. Shrek creator William: STEIG. Unknown to me.

85. "My mom's gonna kill me!": I AM SO DEAD. Another great fill.

87. Air traffic mgmt. group: FAA.

88. Arts section regular: CRITIC.

89. __-fi: SCI.

90. Frayed: TATTY.

91. Either of two hearth borders?: AITCH. Just the edge letter: hearth

93. Altar constellation: ARA.

99. Rhyming boxer: ALI.

100. Work with thread: SEW.

101. Calrissian of "Star Wars" films: LANDO.

102. Putting out: ISSUING.

106. Laker or Raptor, briefly: NBAER.

109. Bass-baritone Simon: ESTES. Another learning moment.

113. Trolley sound: CLANG.

114. Lowest points: NADIRS.

119. "War of the Worlds" target: EARTH.

120. Play areas: ARENAS. Nice clue.

121. Entered stealthily, perhaps: EASED IN.

122. __ tie: TWIST.

124. Letters-to-the-editor writers: READERS.


1. Indian titles: SRIS. Also 104. Indian garment: SARI.

2. State admitted to the Union after Texas: IOWA.OK, let's see: December 29, 1845.

3. Hosp. "room": EMER.

4. 400+ million of them are produced daily: M AND M'S.

5. Draw in: ENTICE.

6. Insignificant point: NIT.

7. Príncipe's island partner: SAO TOME.

8. Droops: SAGS.

9. Former ACC Cavalier rival: TERP. University of Maryland.

10. Old-fashioned editing tool: ERASER.

11. Little sucker?: VAC. Fun clue.

12. Seine summer: ETE.

13. Loch with a legend: NESS.

14. Circus security: SAFETY NET. Have you seen a circus in person?

15. Outcast: PARIAH.

16. One may be left in a copier: Abbr.: ORIG.

17. __ IRA: ROTH.

18. One in a sailor's repertoire: KNOT.

27. Dressy pasta?: BOW TIES. Lovely clue.

29. Creepy looks: LEERS.

31. Fast sailing ships: CUTTERS.

33. Subjects of many online videos: PET CATS. Ask Dave.

34. Balkan capital: ATHENS. Balkan Peninsula.

36. Geographical measure: AREA.

37. Think (over): MULL.

38. Elec., e.g.: UTIL.

39. Mount Olympus VIP: HERA.

40. Town line sign abbr.: EST'D.

41. 1950s tennis great Lew: HOAD. No idea. Wiki says he won three majors in 1956.

42. Dior creations: A-LINES.

43. Shakespearean title city: VERONA.

44. Applies, as pressure: EXERTS.

50. Whse. unit: CTN. Whse = Warehouse, not a familiar abbr. to me.

51. Chain with syrup choices: IHOP.

54. Shortest mo.: FEB.

56. Eng. ship title: HMS.

57. __City: computer game: SIM.

62. Refuse to bargain: INSIST.

63. Separate: DETACH.

64. Lethargy cause: ANEMIA. When I grew up, we only ate meat during Spring Festival. Pork was so tasty then.

66. Pain reliever: ANODYNE.

67. Daiquiri liquor: RUM.

68. DDE opponent: AES. Adlai Ewing Stevenson.

69. Cooking show title word: KITCHEN. TTP's Honduran tamales reminded me of a Thai-style fish I used to like. It's baked in banana leaves. The restaurant is actually called Banana Leaf.

70. Barely open: AJAR.

73. Köln cooler: EIS. Ice.

74. Free: GRATIS.

75. Mariner's home: SEATTLE.

76. "Lord, is __?": Matthew: IT I.

78. Matchless one's question: GOT A LIGHT? Oh, one without a match.

79. Many a political party: FETE. Love this clue.

80. Giant in nonstick pans: T-FAL.

81. Call from the curb: HAIL.

82. Six-sided state: UTAH.

83. Country name that includes its own abbreviation: EIRE. OK, IE.

84. Permanent mark: SCAR.

86. "Splish Splash" singer: DARIN.

92. Con artist, often: CHARMER.

95. Jeers: TAUNTS.

96. Street shader: AWNING.

97. City east of El Paso: ODESSA. "Friday Night Lights".

98. How uncut grass goes: TO SEED.

102. "Law & Order: SVU" actor: ICE-T.

103. Sandwich side: SLAW. Asian style coleslaw. You can also add Ramen noodles.

105. Work on, as a bone: GNAW.

107. Buddy, in slang: BRAH. And 110. Bit of defiance, in slang: TUDE. Attitude.

108. No. 2: ASST.

111. Gulf States prince: EMIR.

112. "Last four" ID verifiers: SSNS.

115. Sea-Tac abbr.: ARR.

116. Agnus __: DEI.

118. Oil-rich fed.: UAE.

Boomer Updates:

Next Wednesday Boomer is having another blood draw, then followed by a VA Pharmay Care call. Hope we don't encounter another pill glitch again. Someone dropped the ball on this Zytiga thing the week before Christmas. I was so relieved when we finally received the pills via priority mail, but it was such a draining experience. Totally got what you went through, Jerome!


Oct 22, 2017

Sunday Oct 22, 2017 Garry Morse

Theme: "Mending Things"- M-ending. M sound is added to each theme entry, changing spelling as needed.

23A. Result of failing to catch a wascally wabbit? : ELMER'S GLOOM. Elmer's Glue.

25A. Viral video about Dre's headphones? : BEATS MEME. Beats me. Beats by Dr.
56A. "I'm the best on the runway," e.g.? : MODELING CLAIM. Modeling clay.

78A. Herb served only on trains? : RAILROAD THYME. Railroad tie.

113A. Floral stench? : BLOOM FUNK. Blue funk.

115A. Poor prompt to a friend who's been asked what the capital of Alaska is? : JUST SAY NOME. Just Say No.

38D. British cop's heartthrob? : BOBBY FLAME. Bobby Flay.

43D. Some "Ghostbusters" jokes? : SLIME HUMOR. Sly humor.

What a nice title. It captures the sound change gimmick perfectly.

Two changes in first words, six changes in last word. Very consistent. Jeffrey did a similar M-ending puzzle last year. His gimmick involved the second word only. Fun to compare both puzzles. 

1. "Take __!" : THAT. Not CARE.

5. Follower of Zeno : STOIC

10. Revelatory moments : AHAs

14. Concert site : HALL

18. Gives a shine to : WAXES

20. Conveyor connected to a pump : AORTA. Heart pump.

21. Norse trickster : LOKI. Pronounced like "low-key".

22. Mayberry redhead : OPIE

27. Ultimate : EVENTUAL

28. Barak of Israel : EHUD. Prime Minister of Israel from 1999 to 2001.

30. Victim of Casca : CAESAR. Casca attacked Caesar first.

31. Litany from a lying perp : DENIALS

32. Pasta wheat : DURUM. Latin for "hard".

34. Ad hoc gp. : COMM. Committee.

35. ISP alternative : DSL

36. "C'mon, bro!" : AW MAN!

37. Landlocked African land : ZIMBABWE. Sadza (white cornmeal) is a staple there.

41. "Are not!" evoker : AM SO

44. Holiday seasons : YULES

46. Underwater stabilizer : KEEL

48. Embellish : ADORN. Are those sprinkles on the plate dried herbs?

49. Tops off : FILLS

51. Zip : NIL

52. Seriously hurt : MAIM

54. StubHub parent company : EBAY

55. Young Darth's nickname : ANI

62. Hang-thread link : BY A

63. Inviting words : COME ON IN

65. Risk it : DARE. And 118. A risk might be taken on one : LARK. Not DARE.

66. Like some R-rated films : RACY

68. Took an arduous trip : TREKKED

69. "Sexy" Beatles woman : SADIE

70. Pathetic : PITIFUL

73. Walk obediently : HEEL

74. Biceps exercise : CHIN

75. "You're not done talking, are you?" : WHAT ELSE

76. Soccer phenom Freddy : ADU. Once touted as The Next Pelé.

82. Wore (away) : ATE

83. NASA vehicles : LEMs

85. Court entry : PLEA

86. Barrel contents : OIL

87. Any of three Ottoman sultans : AHMED. New to me. It means "highly praised" in Arabic.

89. Beef recall cause : E. COLI

91. Poetic foot : IAMB

93. Mideast capital at 7,380 feet : SANA'A

95. Hefty refs. : OEDs. Oxford English Dictionary.

96. Toyota compacts : COROLLAs

98. Somewhat high : TIPSY

100. Not cloudy: Abbr. : CLR. OK. Clear. We just had a beautiful week here in MN. Amazing to walk on fallen leaves in summer-like weather. 

102. Tidy the garden, in a way : WEED

103. Charge : RUN AT

104. It precedes some hockey games : O CANADA

108. Creativity result : OUTPUT

111. Hall of Fame catcher Carlton : FISK. So who is your favorite all-time catcher?

112. Sweater type : CARDIGAN

119. Rickey flavoring : LIME

120. __ nous : ENTRE

121. Half a '60s-'70s pop duo : SONNY

122. Poker game starter : ANTE. And 124. Poker game betrayals : TELLS

123. 2000, for one : YEAR

125. Where Nike has no "i," briefly : NYSE. Nike stock ticker is NKE.


1. Suit material : TWEED

2. Cut in two : HALVE

3. Corporate heavies : AX MEN. Is this a common saying?

4. Young star : TEEN IDOL

5. They go on for generations : SAGAS

6. Turnpike fee : TOLL

7. Medalla de victor : ORO

8. Skater Midori : ITO

9. Smartphone feature : CAMERA

10. "Dark Sky Island," e.g. : ALBUM. Clue echo at 40. "Dark Sky Island" musician : ENYA.

11. Did some gardening : HOED

12. Alias preceder : AKA

13. Without ads, it's usually about 21 or 22 minutes : SITCOM

14. Like much jam : HOMEMADE. Pickling was quite popular when I grew up. Probably because sugar was rationed, no one made jam. I have fond memories of a mulberry tree.

15. Copies : APES

16. __ bean : LIMA

17. Inappropriate look : LEER

19. Sp. lasses : SRTAs

24. 2016 film subtitled "Miracle on the Hudson" : SULLY

26. Latin dance : SAMBA

29. Eye-opener at the gym : HUNK. Such an unexpected answer.

32. Live : DWELL

33. Uncertain sounds : UMs

34. Eyelashes : CILIA. Learned form doing crosswords.

36. Not from around here : ALIEN

37. Enthusiasm : ZEAL

39. "King Kong" (1933) actress : WRAY (Fay)

41. "It's __!": "True!" : A FACT

42. Bouncer's concern : MINOR

45. Reversed : UNDID

47. Host : EMCEE

50. Barbecue equipment using wood : SMOKER

53. Sister of Moses : MIRIAM. This stumped me before.

57. Swimmer's unit : ONE LAP

58. Panhandle state : IDAHO

59. Gymnast Comaneci : NADIA

60. Tedious work : GRIND

61. Kathy of country : MATTEA

64. Barely get, with "out" : EKE

67. Co. in Cannes : CIE

69. "Get lost!" : SCRAM

70. Kingdom subdivisions : PHYLA. Plural of phylum.

71. "¿Cómo está __?" : USTED

72. __ United: English soccer team : LEEDS. Anyone remember Steve's team?

75. Sniveling : WHINY

76. Smart guy? : ALEC

77. Art __ : DECO

79. Homeric epic : ILIAD

80. Beethoven strolled in them for inspiration : LEAS.  I thought the answer would be German for "parks".

81. Done for : TOAST. Yay, Astros! Good to see you back, TTP!

84. Highway hazard : SLOWPOKE

88. Interfere with : HORN IN ON

90. Intestinal section : ILEUM. Plural ILEA.

92. A/C measure : BTUs

93. Day or nail follower : SPA

94. West African capital : ACCRA

97. Uncork, so to speak : LET FLY

99. Laser alternative : INKJET

101. __ man : LADY'S. Not an easy fill-in-the-blank. So many choices.

103. "Star Trek: TNG" first officer : RIKER (Will). Another learning moment.

104. Refreshment spots : OASES

105. Extreme pain : AGONY

106. Condemns : DAMNS

107. In the blink of __ : AN EYE

108. Beatles nonsense syllables : OB-LA

109. __ Bator : ULAN. Beautiful name in Chinese.

110. Battery, e.g. : TORT

111. Low-cost home loan org. : FNMA

112. Bottom row PC key : CTRL

114. Turn often prohibited, slangily : UIE

116. French article : UNE

117. Home of the NHL's Blues : STL

Mar 26, 2017

Sunday March 26, 2017 Garry Morse

Theme:"Secretly Jealous" - NV spans across each theme entry.

29A. Sure thing : CERTAIN VICTORY.  The first theme starts in Row 4 rather than the traditional Row 3.

52A. Oath : SOLEMN VOW

54A. Titanic undertaking : MAIDEN VOYAGE. Is this article too gossipy?
77A. City NNW of San Diego : MISSION VIEJO. I just learned that Viejo means "old".

80A.Gourmet : BON VIVANT. Thought it just means "man about town".

104A. Many a side dish : GREEN VEGETABLE

3D. Tanzanian flowering plant : AFRICAN VIOLET

58D. Hollywood adaptation : SCREEN VERSION

Reveal entry:

123A. Word homophonically hidden in the eight longest puzzle answers : ENVY

Two pairs of theme entries intersect one another. Very nice. The reveal is also perfectly placed as the last Across entry crossing one more theme entry.

We've seen ENVY puzzles where the theme entries are all in N* V* pattern. Nice change of pace.

Not many long fill. A pair of 8's. But lots of solid 6's and 7's.


1. Plush carpet : SHAG

5. Lunchbox staples, initially : PBJs. Very American. No such thing in my childhood.

9. Two-time Argentine president : PERON

14. Piglike rhino relative : TAPIR. Have any of you read "Sapiens?"

19. Sword handle : HAFT. Not HILT.

20. Beat but good : ROUT

21. Texas Revolution battle site : ALAMO

22. All-page link : ON ONE. Some partials are tricky to clue. All on one page.

23. Field: Pref. : AGRO

24. Scrape in the sandbox : OWIE

25. Hold fast, as one's attention : RIVET

26. Get behind, as a desk : SIT AT

27. Pouilly-__: wine : FUISSE. Learning moment for me.

32. Sam Spade type : TEC. Short for "Detective".

33. Wrote to, nowadays : EMAILED

35. Low-tech travel guide : AAA MAP

36. "You can't fool me!" : AHA

38. Explorer Ericson : LEIF

39. Washroom item : BASIN

43. Nine months, for some tots : AGE

44. "Lou Grant" star : ASNER. His surname and full name have very grid-friendly letter combo.

46. Wash. neighbor : ORE

47. Language of many mottos : LATIN

48. Spikes : LACES

50. Reduce in importance : DEVALUE

57. Really gets to : IRKS. We also have the wobbly 79. Riles up : IRES

59. Native of Nigeria : IBO. I learned this word from Maron's interview with Godfrey, whose parents were from Nigeria.

60. Sloppy kiss : WET ONE

61. Cause of a close shave : RAZOR

64. Epidemic-fighting agcy. : CDC

67. Belief sys. : REL (Religion)

68. Investment descriptor that should sound alarms : NO RISK. Also 13. Homework shirker's punishment : NO TV

69. For instance : NAMELY

70. Actor Stephen : REA

71. Suffix with stamp : EDE

72. Order to swabs : AVAST. Sailor swab.

73. Donizetti opera "L'elisir __" ("The Elixir of Love") : D'AMORE. No idea. But the bracketed "Love"  helped.

74. Poet's adverb : E'ER

75. Emotion indicator, often : TONE

84. Hardly fleeting : ETERNAL

85. Casual tops : POLOs

88. Work well together : CLICK. Like "they just clicked immediately".

89. '60s protest org. : SDS (Students for a Democratic Society)

91. "If I Were a Rich Man" singer : TEVYE

92. Pasta ending : INI

93. Pal : CRONY

94. Longfellow's bell town : ATRI. Our old pal.

95. Half a fly : TSE. Our old pal.

96. Like some ancient Celts : GALLIC

99. Dessert square : BROWNIE. Oh Dudley and MJ, my friend Roberto (Project Manager with Kraft then) ate an Oreo Pie every morning. They were widely sold in China.
101. Long John Silver creator's monogram : RLS

109. "__ Fideles" : ADESTE

111. Little bits : IOTAS

112. Base lines : X-AXES

113. Oater actor Jack : ELAM. Our old pal.

115. Capital south of Helsinki : RIGA. Put in OSLO. Dumb!

116. Lycée student : ELEVE

117. Industry leaders : CZARS

118. Hieroglyphics bird : IBIS

119. Rise in a big way : LOOM. Bad thing, normally.

120. Cold fall : SLEET

121. Exaggerated on stage : HAMMY

122. "Eli's Coming" songwriter : NYRO (Laura). Drew a blank. Read her Wiki page. She died quite young.


1. Harsh treatment, with "the" : SHAFT

2. World Court site, with "The" : HAGUE.  "The" echo.
4. Classic muscle cars : GTOs

5. Introduction : PROEM. Not a word I use.

6. Acknowledge applause : BOW

7. Better, as gossip : JUICIER

8. Metal marble : STEELIE. Our old pal.

9. Medicare Rx section : PART D

10. Lamb pen name : ELIA. Our old pal.

11. Indian musician who influenced Beatle George : RAVI. Our old pal.

12. Symbolic warning : OMEN
14. Puccini heroine : TOSCA

15. "West Side Story" girl : ANITA. Same letter count as MARIA.

16. River to Chesapeake Bay : POTOMAC

17. Hitting the roof : IN A RAGE

18. Enters again : RE-TYPES

28. Pfizer-owned trademark : SEARLE. They made Celebrex. Oh My God the side effects.

30. One crying foul? : REF. Great clue.

31. James' creator : IAN. Bond.

34. Skin-treatment plant : ALOE VERA. Nice to see the full name.

37. Go : HEAD. Also 97. Go : LEAVE

39. Field unit : BALE. Not ACRE.

40. Dined : ATE. The Prime Rib Loft changed their menu, Steve. The classy orange-glazed salmon was replaced by the ordinary tasting roasted salmon.  

41. __City: computer game : SIM

42. Vacation spot : INN

44. Look up to : ADMIRE

45. Wet floor : SEABED

47. Theater option : LOGE

48. Irish truck : LORRY Also. 61. Trucks with ovine logos : RAMS

49. Parrot's cry : AWK. New sound to me.

51. Not yet interlaced, as yarn : UNWOVEN

52. Putted into the hole : SANK. Boomer never practices his putting/chipping. Not a good strategy when you're losing driving distance.

53. Like some bad weather : VIOLENT

55. Up-and-down inventor? : OTIS. Nice clue also.

56. 2015 World Series winning manager Ned : YOST. Gary's KC Royals.

62. Mine, to Mimi : A MOI

63. Refines one's aim : ZEROES IN

65. Dance runner : DEEJAY

66. King of pop : CAROLE. Carole King. Not that JACKSON fits.

68. Smallish iPods : NANOS. My 10-year-old iPod Classic gave me another scare last week. Finally reset to Factory Settings.  Do you listen then delete, Gary? I've saved so many episodes. Thousands.

69. Tammany Hall Tiger artist : NAST

73. Childless couple's acronym : DINK. "Dual Income, No Kids"

76. "I'll take what I can get," in classifieds : OBO. Or Best Offer.

77. R&B singer Gray : MACY. Stranger to me.

78. Authenticated : VETTED
81. DVD predecessor : VCR

82. U.N. workers' gp. : ILO. International Labour Organization

83. Cru output : VIN

85. Tot's toes : PIGGIES

86. Hot : ON A ROLL

87. 1992 Kentucky Derby winner : LIL E TEE. Was this a gimme to you? Never heard of it.

89. Entered on tiptoe : STOLE IN

90. Med. man of '70s TV : DR WELBY. Got via crosses.

93. MML ÷ X : CCV. 205.

94. NYSE trader : ARB (Arbitrager)
98. A metro area may be shown in one : INSET

99. Low in pitch : BASSY

100. Playground dispute words : I AM SO

102. St.'s second-in-command : LT GOV. At this moment, I can't remember ours. I can picture how she looks like though. Man! OK, Tina Smith. That's our Governor Mark Dayton to her left. Such a compassionate guy. His great-grandfather founded Dayton's (now Target).

103. Sordid : SEAMY

105. Part of NYSE: Abbr. : EXCH (Exchange).

106. __ Strip : GAZA

107. Final __ : EXAM

108. Semester, e.g. : TERM

110. First name in legal fiction : ERLE. Erle Stanley Gardner.

114. Tune : AIR