Jul 20, 2020

Monday, July 20, 2020 Evan Kalish

Theme: ASSET MANAGER. (49. Adviser concerned with the starts of 20-, 31- and 44-Across) - The first word of each theme entry is a type of asset.

20. Reused file film: STOCK FOOTAGE.

31. Audiophile's multi-disc holder: CD CHANGER.

44. Flicks with 007: BOND FILMS.

Boomer here.  

Happy Monday everyone. I loved the theme today.  Made me think about money I used to have. Just kidding.  I used to love the 007 films with Sean Connery. Then when they started switching I sort of lost interest.


1. Dust __: teensy arachnid: MITE.  I used to coach Little League baseball when my son was a player.  But before he made the big time, I remember he was a MITE at age eight.

5. Sleep audibly: SNORE.  I never SNORE, but I know others that can.

10. Female pop star: DIVA.

14. "Now!" letters: ASAP.  I really don't like this acronym.  I'll do it when I have time and I am not A SAP.

15. Bounce off a wall: CAROM.  Remember the old CAROM boards when you needed to knock little rings around with a pool cue.

16. Days of anticipation: EVES.  Christmas EVE is the best one.  Always has been, always will be.

17. iPhone assistant: SIRI.

18. "Long story short ... ": IN SUM.  Is this anything like DIM SUM?  I had it once in Chinatown, San Francisco, USA.

19. Greek god story, e.g.: MYTH.

23. Nintendo console with a similarly named remote: WII.  I hate to admit the hours I wasted on Nintendo.

24. Increase, as the stakes: RAISE.  Fun to try in Poker, but once in awhile the boss may give you one so you can play more poker.

28. "Climb aboard!": HOP IN.  I used to visit the "WILL HOP INN" , A 3.2 beer joint in Minnetonka, MN.  I do not like beer, but they had a great electronic bowling machine there.  10 cents a game.

35. "__ explain!": I CAN.

36. Strand on a desert island: MAROON.  "Minnesota, hats off to thee!"  First line of the Minnesota rouser.  Minnesota Gopher colors Maroon and Gold.  No we are not changing the Gopher name.

37. Musician Yoko: ONO.  I can imagine that when Bryson DeChambeau took a 10 on the fifteenth hole on Jack's course in Ohio last Friday, he probably said something worse than Oh NO.

38. Actress Aniston, in tabloids: JEN.  I don't watch "Friends" anymore, but the longevity of that show of reruns is amazing.

39. When repeated, nothing new: SAME OLD.  You have to repeat this.

40. Wee bit: TAD.

41. Actor Mahershala: ALI

42. "People say ... ": I HEARD. It through the Grapevine.

43. Snack: BITE.

46. Tethered fliers: KITES.  This brings back memories.  I would by a paper kite and some string and go to the baseball field and try to get it in the air.  I chose the ball field because there were no kite eating trees.  Charlie Brown should have used a ball field.

47. Tour of duty: STINT.  Yup I had one.  Now I get reasonably priced healthcare at the VA.

48. Tasseled hat: FEZ. Shriners wear these a lot, especially in parades. I have friends who are Shriners.  They do good works especially in hospitals for children.

57. Tree part that yields cinnamon: BARK.  WOW, I never knew that.  I like ground cinnamon but maybe not so much any more.

60. Knighted composer Edward: ELGAR.

61. Wander: ROVE.

62. Haleakala National Park's island: MAUI.  I suppose they HULA there ???

63. Two-wheeled transport with a battery: E BIKE. I remember these too, but no kid in my neighborhood had the $$$ to own one.

64. Agitate: ROIL.

65. Would like: WANT.  "All I WANT for Christmas is my two front teeth"

66. In-the-wall security features: SAFES.  We don't have one.  We have a metal fireproof box for important documents, but the cash all goes in the bank.  I think they have a SAFE.

67. Sale price come-on adverb: ONLY.  A frequent word used on TV commercials.  Sometimes it comes after "BUTT WEIGHT".  Why do they need to know the weight of my rear end, before they cut the price and offer free shipping ?


1. Sunday service: MASS.  I have not been there since the middle of March.  First the archbishop closed my church for about 8 weeks.  Then when they re-opened, father told everyone over 65 and with health issues to stay home.  They email the MASS to me, but it's not quite the same.

2. "Ya think?": IS IT.

3. Poi plant: TARO.  TARO is a starchy root, not to be confused with TAROT cards that tell your fortune.

4. Underdog's surprising feat: EPIC WIN.  I think the Nationals winning the World Series over the Astros last year was an EPIC.

5. "Star Wars" genre: SCI-FI.  I used to like "The Twilight Zone".

6. Prefix between micro- and pico-: NANO.  I think "Mork from Ork" used to say this twice.  Shazbot.

7. Approximately: OR SO.

8. 10-1 victory, e.g.: ROUT.  300 to 150 in Bowling.

9. Actress Watson: EMMA.  I remember EMMA Boettcher beating James on Jeopardy.

10. Humiliate: DEMEAN.

11. Climbing vine: IVY.  You should see C.C.'s cucumber plant in front of our house.

12. Thoroughly evaluate: VET.

13. Campfire residue: ASH.  Years ago, everyone was allowed to burn trash in a controlled receptacle.  Except on Monday when folks hung out their laundry to dry.

21. Family: KIN.  I have KIN living on Burnikel Road in Siren WI.

22. Large piano: GRAND.  I really enjoyed the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.  They had a Yellow Brick Road on the floor that led you to a wizard.  I have not been there for awhile.  Parking seems a little scarce.

25. "This fly ball is mine!": I GOT IT.

26. Roman political body: SENATE.

27. Wears away: ERODES.

28. Muslim head coverings: HIJABS.  I don't know much about head coverings, but C.C. and I always wear masks in public buildings like grocery stores.

29. Leopardlike feline: OCELOT.

30. Pressed Italian sandwich: PANINI.

31. Saharan beast: CAMEL.  I wonder if people still smoke these.  I was a smoker 20 years ago, but never CAMELs.

32. Imagine great things: DREAM. "Jeannie with the light brown hair."

33. Colorado-based brewery: COORS.  I may have mentioned that I don't like beer.  Never have.  But these guys have a baseball park named after them.  Go Rockies.

34. Wait to speak to the next available agent, say: HOLD.  Believe me, I get junk sales calls that tell me to hold for a real person.

36. Half a fish: MAHI.

39. Searches (through): SIFTS.  I remember my Mother sifting flour to prepare a cake.  Flour must all ready be sifted now.  Maybe you can get one of those sifter machines at a garage sale.

43. __ World, DC Comics planet of opposites: BIZARRO.

45. apparatus: DNA KIT.

46. "Jeopardy!" great Jennings: KEN.  I thought James Holzhauer was better.

48. Taxi fees: FARES.  The last time C.C. and I took a taxi was from the Las Vegas Airport to the Orleans.  It could not have been much more than two miles and the fee was way too much.

50. Goes out with: SEES.

51. Idris of "Luther": ELBA.

52. Relieved end-of-week cry: TGIF.  Since I am no longer employed I play golf on Mondays.  TGIM!

53. Produce: MAKE.

54. Hired hood: GOON.  I think they used to call a hockey bad boy a GOON.

55. Malevolent: EVIL.

56. Depend (on): RELY.

57. German luxury car: BMW.  Silly me.  I used to think it stood for British Motor Works.

58. Towing org.: AAA.  I used to have triple A but I never used it.  It seemed to be more than help for car trouble.  Lots of ads for hotels, and restaurants on the highway.

59. Gallop: RUN.  Lots of RUNNING coming this November.


Notes from C.C.:

Steve Marron, our Thursday sherpa, made his WSJ debut today. You can solve the puzzle here. It's a puzzle that we've been back and forth for a long time. Thank you for your patience, Steve!


TTP said...

Good morning.

Thank you, Evan, and thank you, Boomer. Fun puzzle. No problems, other than hitting the B key instead of N at RUN, and almost leaving it.

Boomer, I didn't know you were a puck bowler as well.

My neighbor down the road that is about my age has a bicycle for exercise. It has a little motor on it. His Husky dogs gets the exercise as he tools along, holding the leash. His wife walks the dogs for her and their exercise.

TTP said...

ASSET MANAGER - At least three or four times a year for probably the last fifteen years, I've gotten invitations in the mail for financial planning and/or retirement seminars. Almost always on very nice stationary, sometimes adorned with addressee and text sections highlighted in gold print, and accompanied by a pair of very formal looking tickets and other attachments.

Hosted by (someone's name) with (some firm) followed by a long list of abbreviations to denote their financial qualifications. The location is almost always at very nice restaurants, with dinner for two. Spouse must attend.

Those mass mailing come-ons apparently work, because these companies keep mailing them. We've never attended. Don't they know I drive a 1993 F-150 ?

When I was much younger and living in Houston, I mentioned to a coworker that I'd received an invitation to a seminar on vacay rentals, or timeshares, or a power buying club. Whatever that particular one was. He had received the same mailing.
We then made a game of going to these "events" getting our free meals and free gifts for attending, and always said "No". Then the high-pressure hard-sell closer would be beckoned, which inevitably led to calling over an attendee couple that had "just signed up".

You just had this gut feeling that they were shills. Still no. Then the closer or your table host would delay in giving you your free gift, or try not to give it to you at all. It used to be that mentioning filing a complaint with the BBB got people's attention. Probably not so much in today's world.

After going to a maybe a half-dozen or so, we just quit. The food and gifts were no longer worth it, and regardless of the product being pushed, it was all so predictable, right through to the hard closer's pitch.

It would probably be the same at those financial / retirement planning dinner event seminars. Nope, not interested. Don't need an ASSET MANAGER.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Delish, Kalish. I liked it, and even got the theme. Maybe that's why I liked it. Hmmmm. It was a pleasant romp, top to bottom. Boomer, you were in fine fettle this morning, too.

FEZ: CSO to Abejo (I think).

SAFE: Nope, no safe in our wall. We've got the important papers in a safe deposit box at that bank which shall not be named.

SCI-FI: During the shutdown, I've been watching early series episodes of The Twilight Zone. The familiar actors and the period clothing, furnishings and vehicles are worth the price of admission. Watched one the other day where they found a new planet -- only 18 million miles away. R-i-g-h-t.

HOLD: Boomer, we never get to the part about being transferred to a real person. We hang up as soon as we realize it's a robo-call -- usually within the first 5 seconds. With NoMoRoBo watching our phone line we don't get many of those calls, but some manage to sneak through.

AAA: Joined last month. Switched our auto and home insurance to AAA, and we were required to join as a result. That allowed us to cancel our other road service/towing plan, too.

ASSET MANAGER: Nope, I prefer to manage things myself. We've done pretty well, and saved lots of fees in the process. But I am concerned as to what'll happen when we're no longer able to do that. We don't have any kids to step in.

Boomer said...

C.C. and I once went to an estate planning seminar hosted by a credit union where we do business. The snob giving the seminar used the term "mail order bride" and I went crazy. I wrote a letter to the credit union and they made the woman apologize and not use the term in the future. It was not enough for me, I have never gone to any seminars offered.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks, Even. Thanks, Boomer.
Fez, Hi Abejo. Hope you are feeling a bit stronger today.
The wide Atlantic beaches are a great place to fly KITEs.
The colors of the school I attended from grades 1-10 were MAROON and white.
Susquehanna's colors are MAROON and orange. They recently changed their mascot from Crusaders to River Hawks.
Today's heat is going to be a doozy, near 100. I took my walk at 6:30 AM today.
Stay cool everyone.

Wilbur Charles said...

I had "Get in". The E wasn't going to work for that leopard. GOT IN produced OCELOT . I thought JEN Aniston was in that New York series. And meets someone known??? as BIG? Strange. In fact they made a movie which I actually went to much like a Ripley exhibit.

Trying to grok that headgear was perps and WAGs.

Mostly, I find it easier to do downs and wait for Boomer to reveal the across clues. Speaking of...

I always enjoy the Boomer Monday write-up. Wow, did that jerk actually SAY that???!!!


Wilbur Charles said...

And BC is MAROON and Gold.

For Boston, for Boston...

Strangers have the strangest ways of trying to imitate how we say that


Anonymous said...

Took just over 5 minutes - I must still be sleepy.
No complaints though.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Evan, for some Monday fun. Just enough to keep me on my toes this morning. Nosh before BITE, James Bond before BOND FILMS. I thought I was naming the "flicks." UMM, didn't check my crosses. Roam before ROVE. I figured cinnamon to be BARK only because that's what it looks like. Clever, eh? :-0

Thanks, Boomer, for the walkabout. Another set of great links. I like Christmas EVE better than Christmas day. Yep, masks are de rigueur for us also. I just bought a box in case someone comes without one--as a repair person did last month. I gave him one, and figured it's good to keep them on hand. We use homemade washable ones that hold up in soap and hot water.

Congrats, Steve. I'm going to head to the WSJ and try my luck with your puzzle. Thanks.

Stay safe everyone. Have a sunny day.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun & fast puzzle, Evan, thanks! Great for a Monday. Also great to once again have Boomer's humor to start the week. So sad that someone disrespected our C.C. that way. She is such a gem!

I went through the puzzle so fast that I missed reading at least three clues which I was surprised to see in Boomer's expo.

EBIKEs: My Bro & SIL are having a blast with theirs purchased several months ago. She didn't like to ride bikes at all, but he wanted company. They are in their upper 60's. Now they are biking places in Colorado that I wouldn't even want to drive a car.

I, too, prefer to manage my own assets. A near relative is a professional ASSET MANAGER who has never been happy with me since I didn't sell my farmland at her suggestion and turn the money over to her to manage. I learned a lot MANAGing my mother's ASSETS when she couldn't as well as doing our farm stuff on my own. I figured I had more experience. Not sorry.

Yellowrocks said...

Sorry, EVAN, not EVEN. I blame spellcheck.
CC,I liked your WSJ puzzle. Interesting fill. but I couldn't suss the theme.
Cornerites, please don't print the theme until others have a chance to decipher it. Maybe tonight.
I think the slur on CC was intended as a jest, awkward and inappropriate.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A TAD crunchy but an easy theme. We are self-ASSET MANAGing in place. You might not like where BARK comes from but I'm not crazy about perfume scents and their musk gland source.
Two white-outs: had 'romp' before ROUT and 'I'm on it' before I GOT IT.
An OCELOT kit is probably called an Ocelittle.
It's been so long so I checked in the web; Yep, my HS's colors are MAROON and white, too.

Am salivating to do Steve and C. C.'s puzzle in my print WSJ; maybe tonight during vast wasteland of TV offerings.

TTP said...

Boomer, that's awful of that person. Some people are just so nasty.

I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. Now I feel the urge to make some cinnamon toast.

Lemonade, why do you still have string tied around your finger ?

desper-otto said...

Enjoyed the Steve/C.C. collaboration. Even managed to get the theme, once I went back looking for the reveal. Yup, missed seeing it the first time through. Some things never change.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Hardly a BIZZARO Monday puzzle. As I came to RELY on perps FIR with no inkovers. Finally. And...the theme unfolded on its own.

In my neck of the woods "Now!" does not mean ASAP (as soon as possible) no matter what the dikshunary MITE claim. Otherwise a fun str8forward puzzle.

A single Italian pressed sandwich is a "panino", PANINI is plural.

Have never heard the word CAROM in conversation. Our High school colors were MAROON and white (rhymed nicely with the cheerleaders' shout "fight!!"). Another cameo appearance from Yoko ONO?...OH YES!... Waited for perps to avoid my usual roam / ROVE error

Idris clue may have replaced "Ere I saw..." ELBA

Speaking of replacements...

Are you _____ kind of trouble?....INSUM
The busy wizard couldn't visit _____ ...OCELOT
Nice affirmative....WII
Boxer's blows to upper body....HIJABS
Hoof and mouth disease affects _____ STOCKFOOTAGE.
Stable boy for miniature donkeys.....ASSET MANAGER

Keep rolling your eyes and they'll stay that way.

C U 2morrow.

Husker Gary said...

-Cooler temps and an inch of rain RAISES everybody’s spirits
-More sensible cinnamon replaced my PB&J on toast today
-A fun puzzle from crossword’s postmaster general
-I just asked SIRI, “Who was the catcher for the 1950 Boston Braves?” She gave me four names
-Any RAISE a teacher gets is based on experience and college hours never merit
-I Heard It Through The Grapevine provides the backdrop for one of moviedom’s best intros
-VET all you like but there’s probably still a skeleton lurking in that closet
-My asthmatic brother smoked CAMEL straights. He would have been 73 next month
-I was on HOLD for 45 minutes last week but a lovely lady came on the line and fixed the issue in two minutes!
-We have some Jeopardy contestants as constructors

Husker Gary said...

Deserves its own setting!
-MASS would be so much better if I could have my friend Fr. Dave Korth every Sunday!! This joyous song was in his Omaha parish.

Wheels42 said...

FIR in 3:08...still have yet to crack the 3-minute barrier, but I'm close!

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Evan and Boomer.
Straight-forward solve today and easy to get the theme.
Only one inkblot where I changed Get On to HOP On to HOP IN.
My first thought for 35A was "Let me explain!" but perps required I CAN.

This Canadian can never remember your American CD. I LIUed again to find Certificate of Deposit. Our Canadian equivalent would be a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate).
But I did manage to fill in AAA rather than CAA (yes I have a membership).

I think of a DIVA as being associated more with Opera than Pop, but I guess it applies to any prima donna.
Plus, EVES might have been more accurately clued as "Nights of anticipation" rather than "Days".

I smiled at BITE above KITES, and MAHI and MAUI (but no Nene today).

Yes I saw the CSO to Abejo with FEZ. Hope he is feeling OK today.
I think it is Lucina who likes Idris ELBA.
I'll try to get to the Steve/C.C. CW this afternoon.

Wishing you all a great day.

Shankers said...

Wheels42, you are joking, right, about 3:08? I am so gullible. An easy romp although the SW a had a very slight hang-up. I was just outside sweeping my patio and, lo and behold there were ACTUAL raindrops falling. I REALLY felt them. First time in Scottsdale in months. The monsoon is on it's way. Yay! Hello Lucinda. Did the web site I suggested yesterday help at all with signing up for Mass? Just wondering.

Wheels42 said...

Hi Shankers, I actually was fortunate enough to finish it that quickly. Here's a screenshot. I suppose I could've doctored this or redid the puzzle to get this image, but trust me that I wouldn't do that :-)

oc4beach said...

Monday, Monday so good to me describes Evan's puzzle today. Boomer's tour was a nice ride through the grid.

I did need a few perps to decide what words to put in a few places. Like DIVA (IDOL was a possibility), HOPON before HOPIN, STIR before ROIL, ROAM before ROVE and SPYMOVIES before BONDFILMS, and I didn't know ALI at all (never heard of him.)

I also agreed with C-Eh about LET ME explain vs I CAN explain, but it was too long.

I do have an ASSET MANAGER for some of my investments. They have done well for me over the years that I have used them. They have more than earned their fees, especially when the market had some wild gyrations. However, I'm a firm believer in not putting all of my eggs in one basket, so they don't have it all. I still keep a firm grip on the portion that I would need to survive in conservative investments if the investments they managed totally tanked.

Thanks for the link to the C.C./Steve puzzle. It was a very good one.

Another scorcher predicted today. Stay safe and wear your masks.

Misty said...

Woohoo! I sailed right through this Monday puzzle (okay, it's a Monday easy) after a busy and tough weekend, so, many thanks, Evan. And Boomer, your write-ups are always a delight.

Only the middle was a bit tough, but I stuck with the CAMEL and the DREAM, and it fell into place. And, although money is not my strong point, I got the theme as soon as ASSET MANAGER turned up. Lots of fun, thanks again, Evan.

Congratulations on the C.C. collaboration, Steve--very exciting.

Have a good week coming up everybody!

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Late to the dance thanks to a busy morning: trip to the farm stand, next stop, blood lab, then the gas station, then the bank, and finally, the grocery store. I’m catching my second wind by reading the blog and comments and then will whip up some lunch. This puzzle was perfect for newbies with its easy to grok theme and a nice, spot on revealer. My only unknown was Bizarro but it still took longer than Wheels42’s blistering 3:08. Time isn’t important to me and I don’t rush at all; I just sashay (Hi, Lucina!) along at my own pace.

Thanks, Evan, for a great start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the lively and lovely review, especially that winter wonderland picture that was most welcome on this 90+ July scorcher.


Belated Happy Burthday, Shankers, I hope you had a nice celebratory dinner! 🎂🎊🎉🎈

Have a great day. Oh, congrats Steve and CC, I’ll solve your puzzle later.

Wilbur Charles said...

Didn't someone post a picture of a kitchen implement which I guessed at the time was a SIFTER?

If I can solve Latimes online I do it on my Android. But the USA today didn't seem to fit a smartphone screen. Am I missing something?

The only time I've been aware of times was when I did Saturday on Thursday and I had only 20 minutes to spare. But I started filling, kept at it, finished in 30 but had to rush for the mtg. Then again it's approximate.

Now, I just did Tues- Fri. Maybe an hour but maybe more. I obviously can't comment except Thursday was fun and Friday was sticky. I'll set aside an hour for Saturday.


Misty just reminded me. My Dad smoked camels. When I finally started smoking I tried them but switched back to Marlboros.

In 'Nam everyone smoked Salems which were a form of local currency. And on my first give-up I took a drag of a Parliament and whoosh, right back to my Marlboros.

I gave up permanently when I was cajoled into tossing a newly bought pack into the trash.

Wilbur Charles said...

Ps, IM, How's the new cellphone working out?

AnonymousPVX said...

Hello from the continuing Death Zone.

A nice Monday puzzle to start the week.

No write-overs today.

I would hire any asset manager whose 5/10 year returns beat the S&P 500. I’ve never hired one because no one can do that.

Stay Safe, see you tomorrow.

Lemonade714 said...

The WSJ was an excellent Monday. One later week word, but the rest all very fair. Thanks, Steve and C.C.

This puzzle was also a good Monday. Thanks, Evan and Boomer.

I think the baby OCELOT would be an OCENOT TOO MUCH (Italian accent).

For the speed freaks here, the Fiend blogger solved the LAT in under 2 minutes.

CrossEyedDave said...

Asset Managers Nightmare...

It is a little known fact, that "Norm" on Cheers was an accountant...
Once hired by Cliff Clavin to be his Asset Manager after
being selected to appear on Jeopardy!
Let's tune in & see how things worked out...

Lemonade714 said...

Our British import, Thursday Steve, has a history of puzzle publications.

Steve Marron and C.C. Burnikel LAT 15x15 76 36 4.97 J,V,X,Z Mon, Aug 25, 2014
Steve Marron LAT 15x15 76 38 4.92 J,Q,V,X, Thu, Sep 11, 2014
C.C. Burnikel & Steve Marron LAT 15x15 78 40 4.74 Q,U,X, Tue, Oct 21, 2014
Steve Marron LAT 15x15 72 32 5.36 J,Q,X,Z Fri, Mar 06, 2015
Steve Marron & C.C. Burnikel LAT 15x15 74 36 5.11 F,J,Q Thu, Feb 11, 2016

Note the two solos.

Malodorous Manatee said...

I enjoyed Evan's puzzle. I should probably stop opening my comments with "I enjoyed" the puzzle because, believing myself to be an empiricist, I wouldn't bloody likely solve the puzzle everyday if I did not enjoy the activity. Of course, I suppose that I could be a masochist. But I am not. Well, sometimes on Saturday.

I have mixed feelings about seeing ELBA yet again. On the one hand, I am sick and tired of seeing that proper noun in a puzzle. On the other hand, his fame has given constructors another four-letter E word to work with besides El Al, Elhi, Ease, Ergo, Et ce.

Although the financial theme was pretty easy to quickly pick up, I still spent a bit more time than usual for me on a Monday offering. I went down the Abash/Abase road very briefly where DEMEAN had to go. The clue for SAME OLD brought out a grin and I had seen the humorous Half A Fish clue before. I could have done without the stacked actor names (no pun intended because it applies to neither) in the Mid-west. A college friend's last name was ELGAR and we shared a mutual friend who later used that moniker for his German Sheppard. The other finalist was scrotum, IIRC.

Haven't we had enough with adding E to anything to create a crossword answer? E-BIKE E-car, E-tail, E-zine, E-gad!?

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

2 minutes? Wha? Using both hands and shouting amswers for Alexa or Siri to fill in? 😳

inanehiker said...

A nice straightforward Monday - thanks for the fun blog as usual Boomer. Are they live streaming the mass for you to watch at home? In our town the priests are taking turns at "Priest on the Porch" if people want to meet with them using socially distanced rocking chairs!

HG - I feel nostalgic watching the opening to "The Big Chill" maybe because it reminds me of my gang of friends from freshman year of college. Trivia question - who is the actor who was the corpse whose part in the film was cut except for that opening piece?

I printed off Steve and CCs puzzle from WSJ - but it will be an after dinner treat!
Thanks Boomer and Evan!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Evan for a quick Monday puzzle kickin'-off the workweek.

Thanks for kickin'-off the after party with pictures & wit.
//I'm with WC - she really said that?!?

WO: ROa[m] (hi MdF!) was about to go in before perps said ROVE
Fav: Not TGIF [on a Monday? - that's just evil :-)] so I'll go w/ SAME OL' SAME OL' which is apropos.

HG - MASS link is broken.

ASSET MANAGER? Like many at The Corner, "Nope." 95% is in S&P500 (I'm still 'Young' | PVX knows the deal), 4.9% in #CompanyStock, 0.1% in DRIPs* (KO, CCE, INTL)
//Ray-O: LOL stable boy :-)

AAA - signed up 5 years ago so if anything happened on my way to Houston from Tallahassee with the '86 Alfa....
I abused them in NOLA w/ 4 calls in 3 days. I finally put the car on a truck and I flew home :-)
AAA still comes in handy w/ Eldest at OU (Crimson & Cream)

From the other day - I'm not sure I wanted to know that much about PJs, Lucina :-)
Thanks for the NYer heads-up.

Paternal Grands smoked CAMEL studs. I smoked CAMEL filtered until I quit.
Then I smoked American Spirits 'cuz they were "healthier." I still struggle...

Cheers, -T
*Dividend Re-Investment Program - dividends automatically buy more stock. Also, you can buy partial shares of stock so it's also dollar-cost averaging if you buy monthly like I do.

Misty said...

Boomer, many thanks for posting the "Jeopardy" picture this morning.

The Los Angeles Times had a long article on Alex Trebek in this morning's paper, about his struggle with pancreatic cancer and his determination to stay strong, as well as his upcoming autobiography. Apparently he will return to "Jeopardy" in two weeks, to a set with no audience and with contestants "separated by partitions and more than six feet of distance." Can't wait to see it.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Thanks for the Free Ride on today's WSJ puzzle, Steve and C.C. As someone who specializes in being a generalist, the wide range of "topics" covered was greatly appreciated.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Evan Kalish and Boomer! This was a quick sashay for me today! However, I hit a Natick at WII/EPICWIN especially since I had HOP ON. I have no idea about Underdog????

Yes, it's no MYTH, I do like Edris ELBA! He exudes masculinity!!

And yes, cinnamon is the BARK of the tree. I first saw that in Hawaii at the arboretum in Honolulu. And in MAUI we drove up to Mt. Haleakala. Since it was summer I wore a sundress with a circular skirt which whooshed upwards with the high winds there. As my late aunt would say, "Free show!"

ASU's colors are MAROON and gold.

No, i have not looked at the website and I'm undecided about going out yet. But, thank you.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Lucina said...

Thank you for that information on Alex Trebek. I'm glad to know that he will continue to host Jeopardy!

I hope Abejo is doing all right.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Surely, the cluing for 10A is nasty, maybe misogynistic.
When I think of a DIVA, I think of a star who exploits her position to demand flattery and special favors, who rudely places her ego above the needs of the workaday folk that come into her orbit.
Do we really think this applies to every "Female pop star"?

I was surprised to see several Cornerites pronounce this pzl easy. I found it a TAD tougher than usual for a Monday.
Sure, it was do-able, but not without some head scratching.
Maybe it's because of some pop references I don't share.
Anyway, I appreciated the challenge.
. One flip-side diagonal.
The anagram is a cry of praise for a Western movie that has even more cowboys and horses than the last one.
Let’s all YELL it together! …

LEO III said...

Pretty easy time of it today, after the flogging I took over the weekend. I did have one little stumble in the SW, forgetting that there are two Hawaiian Islands with four-letter names. Couldn’t make OAHU work (ROOT for cinnamon), but I finally remembered MAUI, which fixed everything.

I saw the theme immediately, because I’ve altered my attack method. Being OCD, I used to do the top line across clues, then the top line down clues, then worked my way in order with all the other across clues, then the same thing with the downs. A couple of weeks ago, after the first two steps, I started looking at the LONG fills, both across and down. It definitely helps me with the theme, and it often gives me some useful perps.

With all of my 13 different schools before graduating high school, I never went to one with maroon colors. Of course, that was back in the dark ages, before elementary schools had mascots and colors. However, my ex, our two daughters and our two sons-in-law all spent time at Texas A&M during their college careers, a VERY MAROON school.

Boomer, as I have mentioned before, I’m still a huge Bond fan, even with all of the silliness after Connery left. If you haven’t watched any of the Daniel Craig Bond films, you might want to check them out. He is an excellent Bond, and the storylines aren’t bad either. Current–day cinematography makes them that much better. Also, Dame Judy Dench was wonderful as “M”. Watch them in order, though. Unlike all the others, one begets the next.

Wheels42 said...

Fun puzzle, CC and Steve!

Husker Gary said...

I Hope This Video Works Now! It’s worth it!
-MASS would be so much better if I could have my friend Fr. Dave Korth every Sunday!! This joyous song was in his Omaha parish.

Jayce said...

A quick trot through this puzzle and it was done. I enjoyed it. Hello Malodorous Manatee. Hand up for having ROAM and seeing it needed to be changed to ROVE.

The other day I learned that Adolph COORS invented the pop-top can.

Say this three times fast: "Thistle sifter".

We have been members of AAA for years and glad of it. There have been a number of times we had to call them to get us out of some road trip jam or other, such as to jump a dead battery or refill coolant for a radiator that boiled over (it was an old car).

I read that article on Alex Trebek too. Pancreatic cancer is bad stuff.

My sister used to call someone who she thought wasn't very smart a "stupid MAROON." When I was a kid I thought she was referring to a cookie.

Good wishes to you all.

SwampCat said...

Interesting and easy Monday. Thanks Evan and Boomer for a good start to the week. I found a bit of the clueing off, not wrong just off. Like Sunday service for MASS. Can’t MASS be other days as well, and can’t other services be held on Sunday? Easy fill with four letters, just seemed odd.

I did find Steve’s and C.C.’s WSJ puzzle and it was a delight. Also reinforced my dislike of solving on line. Ink on dead trees for me! I FIR but what a struggle with the computer. No I don’t have a printer.

There the clueing was So precise! Favorite was Tiger’s Woods alternative for IRONS. Well, sure, once you get beyond Tiger, Tiger burning bright, et al.

Not a comparison because each puzzle is different and stands alone.

We have another storm in the Gulf which is headed this way. Lemon, is it near you? Texans, you might get the remnants . At least we might get rid of some of this heat.

SwampCat said...

MManatee, I agree with you on the E-words. Enough already!!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

The comment about James Bond and Dame Judi Dench, National Treasure role as M reminded me of her caught on camera.

Steve said...

@CC - thank you, that was a lesson of back-and-forward over that puzzle. I'd have given up without your help!

@Everyone - thanks for the encouragement - and for all your support of the blog and constructors as a whole.

Back to today - very enjoyable! Thanks for the write-up, Boomer. I wonder how much a Las Vagas taxi costs today from McCarron to the Strip?

Irish Miss said...

Wilbur @ 12:34 ~ I haven’t had much time to spend studying the phone, but I’m sure I’m going to need some tutorials to fully understand all of the features. Wish me luck! 😉

Jayce said...

I also enjoyed C.C. and Steve's puzzle.

Irish Miss, if your new phone is an iPhone and if you would like some help, feel free to email me. I would not be of much use if your phone is not an iPhone, though.

D4E4H said...

Good evening Cornerites.

Thank you Evan Kalish for your enjoyable Monday CW.

Carol and I FIR in 21:20 min.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.

Thank you C.C. for your Steve referral.


Wilbur Charles said...

Irish Miss, and I'd be no help with iPhone but can answer questions about Android phones.


Irish Miss said...

Jayce @ 7:01 ~ Thanks very much for your offer, but my phone is an Android.

Wilbur @ 8:17 ~ Thank you, too, for your offer which I may take you up on. I spent some time re-reading the instructions and, surprisingly, I picked up on something I had missed in my original cursory reading. If I end up really stymied, I know who to call upon! Thanks!

PK said...

Agnes: I'm glad you made it to the farm stand without tangling with any more wild water melons!

Wheels42: FIR 3:08? Wow! I thought the puzzle went by too fast in the 11:09 it took me to do it. I want to savor a puzzle a little more than 3 minutes. LOL!

Owen: where are you? Are you melancholy again? Thinking of you.

Abejo: prayers & hugs! Tune in when you can, please!

SwampCat said...

Owen, prayers, or good thoughts, or hugs...or whatever you need from here. We need you back!!

TX Ms said...

HG - THANKS so very much for the Fr. Korth clip!! Brought happy and joyous smiles as you mentioned. Raised as a strict Roman Catholic, but I've waivered over the years due to disconnect. Wish Fr. Korth could be reassigned to the Houston area. Will forward to my niece and her conservative Catholic family in The Woodlands with the subject - "now this is a 'rockin' priest!" Their reactions may vary. Thanks again, for the day-brightener - watched it two times - and will again.

TX Ms said...

PS re HG's clip - I've never ever seen a priest with any moves other than swinging the incense thingamajig toward the congregants (CW clue from a coupla days ago - knew I'd forget).