Jul 6, 2020

Monday July 6th, 2020 Jeff Stillman

Theme: Cartoon Catchwords

18. Catchwords from Bart Simpson: AY CARAMBA.

20. Catchwords from Ren: YOU EEDIOT.

35. Catchwords from Fred Flintstone: YABBA DABBA DOO.

52. Catchwords from Charlie Brown: GOOD GRIEF.

54. Catchword from a Ninja Turtle: COWABUNGA.

Boomer here.  

Happy Monday and I hope everyone stayed safe over the holiday weekend.  C.C. and I stayed pretty close to home while the southern part of our USA seemed to soar with Covid problems.  Last year here in Minnesota we had four days with a high temp of 90+ degrees.  We had that many last week with more to come. Our Monday golf was rained out, so a couple of friends and I played a par 72 course last Thursday. I was wiped out and I lost about 8 pounds. My clothes were so sweaty that C.C. helped me peel them off.  However I made it with no serious health reaction but I think my next round will be in the 80s.  The temp, not my score.


1. IRS form experts: CPAS. Certified Public Account however in my career with Graybar as a pricing manager our CPA was a Customer Price Authority.

5. Computer data unit: BYTE.

9. MLB's Indians, on scoreboards: CLE.  Rumor has it that this will change soon.  But first we may see a new name for the Washington NFL team.

12. Natural history museum piece: RELIC.

14. __ beef: ROAST.  I like ROAST beef, but I also enjoyed the Celebrity Roasts, mostly from Las Vegas.

16. Put on TV: AIR.  Some of it is Hot AIR, just like our weather.

17. First Hebrew letter: ALEPH.

22. Pretty pitcher: EWER.

23. Giant of a Giant Mel: OTT.  Hall of Famer who played a little before my time. In fact, his last season was the year I was born.

24. Rx orders: MEDS.  I get to take 8 prescribed pills daily plus a couple of over the counter MEDS.  They seem to be working so far.

25. Proves to be false: BELIES.

27. "m" and "n" sounds: NASALS.  Another NASAL sound is blowing your nose.

29. "Far out, dude!": RAD.

30. Greatest possible degree: NTH.  Sounds like our Minnesota Temps last week.

31. Decorated the walls, in a way: PAPERED.  Our walls are all painted.

34. James of blues: ETTA.  I remember ETTA KETT in the comics in the 60s.

38. Speaker's place: DAIS.

39. In perfect circumstances: IDEALLY.  It's a wonderful toy, it's IDEAL

40. City trains above the street: ELS. Or one of my favorite Golfers, ERNIE.

41. React to sad news: CRY.

42. Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley: OLSENS.

46. Dudes: FELLAS.

48. Sheet of ice: FLOE.  I am sure it all melted here.  But ice fishing season is just around the corner.

50. By way of, in itineraries: VIA.

51. Lager or pilsner: BEER.  Beer, Beer, Beer said the privates, happy men are we.  There's none so fair as can compare with the fighting infantry.

56. Designer Nina: RICCI.  I only remember Toni RICCI who was Abby Carmichael's friend on "Law and Order".  RICCI was murdered in the episode.

57. Airline once owned by Howard Hughes: TWA.  I think TWA was one of Howard's toys.  He bought a few hotels and a bunch of land on Las Vegas Boulevard and made a ton of $$$$.

58. Done in, as a dragon: SLAIN.

59. Furry swimmer: OTTER.  I keep thinking of  "Animal House".

60. Cagey: SLY. and the Family Stone.

61. "Green" Vt. peaks: MTNS.  From the MTNS, to the Prairies, to the Ocean white with foam ...

62. To be, to Brutus: ESSE. 


1. Kid's coloring stick: CRAYON.  Crayola has been around a long time.  I had a box when I was young.

2. Jai alai ball: PELOTA.

3. Indigenous Alaskan islanders: ALEUTS.

4. '70s-'80s quarterback Brian: SIPE.  He managed 10 ordinary years with the Cleveland Browns.

5. Interweave, as hair: BRAID.  My hair is not long enough.

6. "Around the world" toys: YO-YOS.  Duncans were the best.  I could do Around the Worlds, Walk the dog, and a bunch more.

7. Mediator's forte: TACT.  As you can tell by my expos, I do not have a lot of TACT.

8. That, in Madrid: ESA.

9. Inherited, as a lot of money: CAME INTO. Not me, but I did win $80.00 in Las Vegas last February. Then they had to close the casinos.  I never thought I would strain them financially.

10. Opera text: LIBRETTO.

11. Chapter in history: ERA.

13. School course with beakers: CHEM LAB.  I cannot remember if I ever told this story.  We had a chem lab in high school and the teacher was Earl Thompson who was about 5 feet six inches tall.  Larry Mikan was in chemistry class and he may have been struggling and his father, George, of the Minneapolis Lakers came for a conference.  Sorry but I had to chuckle.

15. Trapped on a branch, say: TREED.

19. Hole-making tool: AWL.

21. Abandons all hope: DESPAIRS.  GIVES UP did not quite fit.

25. Hostile feelings, as between feuding families: BAD BLOOD.

26. __ Na Na: SHA.  That group used to sing some of my favorites.  Especially Bowser.

28. Alerts from the LAPD: APBS.  All Points Bulletins. Are there a lot of points in LA?

29. Country star McEntire: REBA.  Great singer!  I think she has done a couple of gigs at our State Fair in August. C.C. and I have been to the fair a few  times in St. Paul.  Unfortunately it has been cancelled this year.

32. Water whirled: EDDY.

33. Female name that's a body part backwards: RAE.  What ??  I have to turn around to hear you.

34. Ice cream brand: EDY'S.

35. Home of the Ivy League's Bulldogs: YALE BOWL.  I suppose YALE will be open in the fall.  It does not look good for BOWL Centers.  Do not call the building ALLEYS and those things inside the Bowling Centers are called LANES. Thank you. 

36. Warehouse passage: AISLEWAY.  This might be called a LANE also.

37. Swiftly, to Schubert: ALLEGRO.

38. Dict. meaning: DEF.  Definition of course.  I am old enough to remember dictionaries.  If you cannot, you can always Google one.

41. Atkins diet concern: CARBS.  I've been loading up to try and get the weight back I left on the golf course last Thursday.

43. Forces out: EVICTS.  Sadly there have been quite a few during the unemployment caused by the virus.  We have a few tent cities in some of our public city parks.

44. Nephews' sisters: NIECES.

45. "On Language" columnist William: SAFIRE.

47. Grazing locale: LEA.  Minnesota has the city of Albert Lea.  I think he was a founding citizen.  I don't think he grazed.

48. Paralyze with mist, as an airport: FOG IN.  We don't see much fog.  We did have a snow problem at MSP last February. Oddly, C.C. and I were delayed many hours.  MSP Airport these days probably says goodbye to one jet every hour.

49. Student financing options: LOANS.

52. Tiny biter: GNAT.

53. Baptism or bris: RITE.

54. Pennies: Abbr.: CTS.

55. Einstein's birth city: ULM.  Minnesota also has a city named NEW ULM.  Home of "Herman the German".  I bowled a State Tournament there once at their Bowling CENTER.

 Good luck to you, Abejo!
Abejo and Harvey, the Knights Templar, 2013



OwenKL said...

DNF. Natick at SIPe + eEDIOT. Cartoons are one of my strengths normally, but Ren and Stimpy was one I didn't care for.

A coder there is who has a RITE,
When he finishes an app, he has a bite
And makes a toast
To AY CA-RAM-BA, the god of the BYTE!

In a history museum of ancient Greece
Painted EWERS you'll find, and bas relief,
And many a RELIC
Of things Hellenic,
But no fossil dinosaurs, GOOD GRIEF!

Lemonade714 said...

As always a fun ride with Boomer driving the back to work bus. Much pop culture for people to grouse about, but remember Beethoven and Mozart were part of pop culture in their day.

I did not know the story of either the man or the CITY named ALBERT LEA . Albert was born in Tennessee and was a General in the Confederate army who was one of the soldiers who boarded the Union Navy ship HARRIET LANE in time to see his Union serving son, Edward, die.

Thanks, Jeff and Boomer

Hungry Mother said...

Not in my wheelhouse today. FIW, with oLM instead of ULM. I only knew two of the themers. ALEPH is familiar to mathematicians in discussions of infinity. I also had to wag at ESA vs ESo. Not a good start for my solving week.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

That P in SIPE was my final fill; an alphabet run told me that ALEPH made the most sense. Tried PESETA for PELOTA, don't ask why. I put down COWABUNGA for Bart Simpson until AY CARAMBA barged in. Plenty of stumbles, but made it to the finish line anyway. Nice outing Jeff and Boomer.

ROAST: I fixed a chuck roast on Friday. It's good for about four meals. Three hours at 300° makes it fall apart delish.

TWA: Hughes made the bulk of his money in Houston manufacturing oil tools.

LEA: When I lived in Iowa our sales manager was a guy from Albert Lea.

RAE: That's my niece's middle name. That was long before Norma Rae. No idea where her mom got the idea.

Big discussion on NPR this morning asking if "irregardless" is a real word. Personally, I think it's as valid as "inflammable." What do you think?

Bill V. said...

What OwenKL said in his first sentence was my Waterloo

Bob Lee said...

I also at first put COWABUNGA for Bart's catchwords, so I was happy it showed up later.

My only error was I didn't know Brian SIPE (I guessed SIPH) and not a Ren&Stimpy watcher, so I had YOU-HEDIOT - Well, that was close!

The only YOYO tricks I learned as a kid were Walk the Dog, Cat's Cradle, and Around the World. Those folks that can do 2 Yoyos at once are amazing.

A fun theme today. Thanks!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Best wishes to Abejo for success with your forthcoming procedures.

Easy Monday. Little fuzzy on a couple catch phrase spellings, but perps were kind. No problems with the solve.
RITE - When the Bris was done on MASH, Father Mulcahy used the RITE procedures piped in from the Rabbi on USS Essex (CV-9). The video shot in support thereof shows a carrier with a "10" clearly shown on the island. 10 is the hull number of USS Yorktown (now a museum ship in Charleston, SC.)
SLAIN - Akin to Dutch 'slaan'.
BEAKER - German Becher, L. German Beker.
BELIES - A similar word 'belay' (nautical) means to order cancelling an order.

Thanks Boomer for another newsy breezy intro.

Yellowrocks said...

TEasy puzzle, but SIPE was my downfall. I seem to have a lot of company here. I left off the E and didn't go back to fill it in. Of course, I have heard of EEDIOT. So that describes me.
When I moved here many years ago I had my front hall and stairway papered. I loved it, but now it is dated and worn. Having the paper scraped off the stairway walls and having the walls reconditioned will be very expensive.
I enjoy Reba's music.Also I enjoyed Safire's language column.
Boomer, I remember that Beer, beer, beer song.
Abejo, good luck today. Spiffy pic.
Spitz, interesting about BELIE.



Yellowrocks said...

Easy not TEasy.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun & fast, Jeff, & Boomer! Thanks!

This filled so easily and quickly for me, I was shocked to realize there were a lot of unknowns for me. The perps took care of them all. Liked the theme but didn't ever see Ren, Bart, or Ninja Turtles so didn't know their catch phrases. Filled them fine with perps & WAGs.

DNK: PELOTTA, SIPE, SAFIRE. RAE/ear clue puzzled me but I went on and then came back to see what had filled in. Cute!

"Where's th'" didn't fit the beef slot as well as ROAST. That ROAST I charred recently tastes slightly smokey and is delicious with BBQ sauce.

EVICTS was not IDEALLY a shout-out to Picard!

Liked Abejo's smiling face with Harvey. Speaking of the latter, does anyone know how Fermatprime is doing?

PK said...

I sent good wishes for Abejo last night. Hope he saw it.

inanehiker said...

This was a fast and breezy Monday - with lots of humorous fill and humor from Boomer on the blog!

My sister's middle name is RAE- but that was after my grandfather "Ray". You see Rae a lot as a middle name - but hardly ever a first name. Sometimes a combo name like "Raelynn".

When I was learning to do circumcisions as a student, the resident teaching me was Jewish - so he instructed me to say "Mazel tov" as the foreskin came off! I never said it out loud at the hospital when I did them, but I always thought it :)

Thanks Boomer and Jeff! Hope you're feeling better after your golf adventure.
and prayer for Abejo as he goes through treatment!

Anonymous said...

Brian Sipe was the NFL's MVP in 1980, so "ordinary" is an understatement.

Took 4:41 today.

TTP said...

No sweat with the puzzle today, but the lawn beckons, and it's supposed to be 93 today.

Nice puzzle by Jeff. Was familiar with all of the catchphrases but had to work out the spelling of a couple of them. That and having painted before PAPERED were the only slowdowns.

Nice job, Boomer. Seems to be more images than usual for you, but I'm not complaining. That would have been a sight to see. George Mikan standing next to a much shorter man.

Brian SIPE and the CLE Browns had a magical year and I believe they were known as the comeback kids or the cardiac kids due to their comeback victories in the waning minutes. This Ohio born Steelers fan was slightly torn, and pulling for them a wee bit that year.

I've been to ULM, Germany a few times for concerts and to New ULM and Albert LEA, MN one time each.

inanehiker, the only one that comes to mind is RAE Dawn Chong.

Going to tackle the lawn chores now, before it gets any hotter.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I thought this had some bite for a Monday, at least for newbies: Sipe, Aleph, Pelota, Ulm, Allegro, and Ricci. However, the perps were fair, so no problem. The only expression I hadn’t heard of was You Eediot. Oddly, in Boomer’s picture, Caramba is spelled Carumba. Noticed the Esse/Esa duo and I’m always happy to see William Safire as I loved his way with words. YR, I thought of Alan at Reba as I think you mentioned that he loved watching her reruns.

Thanks, Jeff, for a pleasant start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the fun and laughs, not to mention the dazzling visuals.

Abejo, best of luck.

Spitz, you probably heard on the news that the USS Slater is headed down the Hudson to Staten Island for maintenance. Have you ever toured the ship?


Nice to hear from WikWak and TX Ms. Don’t be such strangers!

Have a great day.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Thought I was headed for an easy Monday ) so GOOD GRIEF!! .. DNF! ... couldn't parse the E in SIPE crossed with YOUEEDIOT which makes me guess IJIT.

Then AY spelled CARuMBA wrong (the cartoon of Bart suggests he and I need Spanish can never remember if it's ESA or ESO till perps..Lucina?)

What is GOOD about GRIEF anyway?...AILEWAY? really?

My grandkids (12 and under) had no idea what a YOYO is. I showed them one. They were surprised it didn't have an ON button, screen, or charging port. Eye rolls when I demonstrated cool tricks I could do.

This'll take a BYTE out of you:

I was right , _______ wrong....EWER.

Progressive Ins. Spokeswoman _____ FLOE

Apian duplicity....BELIES.

A lizard regenerates its tail but can it make ______ ? ALLEGRO

Popular Cave Man coiffure ....YABBADABBADO

Tomorrow is an OTTER day....better luck.

Spitzboov said...

IM re: Slater. No, I didn't know it was bound for SI for maintenance. I have never toured it; not a long enough visit to the Albany area to take the time. She's a DE, 70 ft shorter, half the tonnage and one-tenth the HP of the DD I served on. Her design role was for convoy escort duty.
I see it is expected to return to Albany in early August and be available for tours.

Thanks for the alert to the impending transit. The web says she made a similar trip in 2014; to the Caddell Shipyard.

Husker Gary said...

-I do remember Brian SIPE and EEDIOT had to be but it took a while to parse
-My DW’s pleasant demeanor with her mother at the memory facility BELIES the fact that she is really hurting inside
-Want to test your marriage? Put up wall paper together
-Ah, the smell of a new box of CRAYONS!
-Today’s weather for ALEUTS in Unalaska, AK
-Hmmm, Boomer, I wonder how many here know who George Mikan was? :-)
-Dictionaries are fine, but all I had to do this morning was double-click on assiduous to find out its meaning
-My neighbor has had no EVICTIONS issues with her 16 tenants so far
-Daughter’s first husband was a “professional student” and amassed a lot of debt and no degrees for 7 years
-A timely question on that subject, D-O – inalienable/unalienable?

Shankers said...

After getting the first long catchphrase, everything filled in swiftly for a nice FIR start to the week. I knew Sipe from being a sportsaholic which then gave me eediot. Now out to do some watering before it reaches 112° in Phoenix today. Ouch. At least you can't shovel heat if that's any consolation.

Wilbur Charles said...

I actually had SIPp. Fortunately, Mr S is still asleep so I recalled SIPE. There was a AFC championship in which the Browns pulled a boner and Elway drove Denver to the win in the last minute. Was SIPE the QB for Cle that day? I was traveling from Grand Rapids back to NH so anytime after '85.

I also inked painted. 1d indicated child's play but a lot of pop-cul (for beginners?). Oops, I see I had ESO so another Monday FIW. The one-box Wilbur syndrome.

RICCI was five perps. In CHEM as I recounted once the periodic table was right in front of the classroom. Mr K could have rolled it up. There's one for the "cheat" jury.

"I can't believe" DEF depends entirely on the tone of voice (FLN). ie "I can't believe you remembered my birthday!". vs "I can't believe you flunked Chemistry, again?!!"


oc4beach said...

Jeff provided a little bit of head-scratching this morning. I've heard all of the phrases, but like others, I got some of them mixed up with who said them. Good puzzle Jeff. Boomer's write-up was very enlightening.

The crosses were more than forgiving and filled in a few of my early missteps. I wanted BOLO (Be On the Look Out) instead of APBS, but the clue indicated a plural, so my first input was wrong. The real difference is the time frame of each saying. APB existed in the Dragnet days and BOLO is from NCIS days. Some others were DEBUNK before BELIES, SOB before CRY, and I wanted OUSTS before EVICTS, but it was too short.

I didn't know LIBRETTO at all, but Perps said it was so.

It was interesting that we had EDDY and EDYS close together, but not touching.

I don't know why I knew Nina RICCI since I've never used any of her products.

What's the saying, I before A except in DAIS. Or something like that. Oh, it might be I before E except after C or just when it isn't. I always seem to spell DAIS wrong because I have a friend named Tommy DIAS.

Oh well, here we are in another week of social distancing trying to not come down with the CoVid19 virus. Be safe everyone, and wear your masks.

Yellowrocks said...

Gary, I sympathize with your wife's visits to see her mother in the nursing home. It is so sad to see the person you love fade away before your eyes. The long good-bye. My mom was in a nursing home with Alzheimers for many years. Alan and I would cry on the way home from a visit to her.
It's 90° already, AC time. I seldom have my AC on before 3 or 4 PM. Thunderstorms should moderate the temps later on. Tomorrow we will have a one day reprieve with lower temps and humidity. My favorite seasons are spring and autumn.The Sun Belt is not for me.
WC, I have trouble with the AI - IA choice in DAIS. Thinking of the Spanish DIAS for days should lead me to AI.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Jeff and Boomer.
I FIRed in good time with only a few hesitations.

Is it ESo or ESA? AY CARAMBA decided the A. (Ray'o - Lucina has taught me that the O ending is masculine and the A is feminine; so either A or O would be correct here depending on whether the "that" you were pointing to was a masculine or feminine word.)
Is it PELOTe or PELOTA? NASALS decided it was another A. I learned about Jai Alai doing CWs.
Even DH could not give me SIPE (he follows Canadian football more than American), but when I Wagged YOU EEDIOT, the final perp completed the CW.
I see that I am not alone with the above. I don't think the bench is going to be long enough for us all by the time AnonT gets here!

"Far out, dude!=RAD" and "Dudes=FELLAS" reminded me of those Ninja Turtles and COWABUNGA Dude. Those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that were so popular with my sons are not the same as the Ninjas that my grandson likes, so I am told! He loves the Lego Ninjago sets.
Thinking about those Turtles also takes me back to those cute OLSEN twins on Full House.

I noted EDDY and EDYS (hello oc4beach); also CRY and GOOD GRIEF, CRY and SLY.

My mother has always said that if your marriage can survive wallPAPERing together, it can survive anything! (I see that HG is familiar with that also.)

Losing a loved one with dementia certainly can be a "long goodbye". I have called it "the two losses"- the first when you lose the person as you knew them and they lose you; the second is the final loss when they die. I tend to think that the first loss is harder!

I'll take a CSO with 24A.
Sadly, we must give Picard a CSO with EVICTS. (PK beat me)

Yes Shankers, it has been hot here and I was watering this morning also. The tomatoes are loving it! But it is too hot to put a ROAST in the oven.

Thoughts and prayers for Abejo and his treatment today.
Wishing you all a good day.

Misty said...

Woohoo! I got a delightful Jeff Stillman Monday puzzle! What a treat! Thank you, Jeff, and I always enjoy your Monday comments, Boomer. Your music refs always give me my ear-music for the day.

So much fun to get Fred Flintstone's YABBADABBADOO and Charlie Brown's GOOD GRIEF. But I struggled with Bart Simpson's and finally looked up Brian's last name to make sure that crazy YOUEEDIOT was correct. Nice to see LIBRETTO. And I was delighted that I remembered William SAFIRE. But never heard of PELOTA--thank you, perps.

Owen, wonderful to have you back with fun poems this morning! Thank you!

Ray, your final puns cracked me up again.

Hope Abejo will have a good procedure.

Have a good week, everybody.

Anonymous T said...

If you squeeze his belly, he makes farty noises.

Back to work. Play later. -T

Lucina said...


Thank you, Jeff Stillman and Boomer! This was fun and fast!

I just finished reading The Giver of Stars which takes place in Kentucky and is the site of many feuds due to BAD BLOOD.

ESA/ESO/ESE has to wait until the noun appears; esa mujer,(that woman) ese hombre,(that man) eso me gusta (I like that)

I finally recall ULM as Einstein's birthplace without looking it up.

Canadian Eh!
You are a fast learnier!

Not surprisingly I've never heard of SIPE and that E was my last fill.

I like Nina RICCI fragrances; they are delicate and not too obvious.

Best wishes for you in all your travails.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

AnonymousPVX said...

This Monday grid filled quickly.


And I’m a bit ashamed, I’ve watched “The Simpsons” since it started. At least the cartoonist spelled it wrong as well.

Here comes the heat....with its unpopular pal, Mr. Humidity.

Stay Safe. See you tomorrow.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Lucina: like Italian questo or questa masculine or feminine. But if the noun is unknown its automatically masculine questo. Assuming it would be in Spanish too. In the puzzle the noun is not indicated so shouldn't it be eso not ESA?

LEO III said...

I too had trouble remembering SIPE, and I was worried about the cartoon catchphrases. However, I managed to make my way through them, but needed perps for Bart Simpson (uh, never did like the show, and unfortunately, Copycatville has had to keep trying to outdo it ever since it premiered) and Ren. Everything else went pretty well.

Howard Hughes was BIG in Houston aviation history, and we talk about him quite a bit at the museum. He set an around-the-world flying record in 1938. When he got back to Houston, there was a ticker-tape parade downtown (well, YES, you can throw ticker-tape from three or four stories up), and a big soiree at the Rice Hotel (THE hotel at the time). He then built the first control tower on the airport, and the airport was actually named after him for a short time (until the Feds said the city could no longer receive federal money for the airport, because it was named after a living person). Luckily, he didn’t got mad and tear down the control tower. (I've got lots more Howard Hughes stories.)

Fun Monday puzzle. Thanks Jeff and Boomer! Hoping all goes well, Abejo!


Lemonade714 said...

-T, so did Abby's office rhino.

For a 13th round draft choice, Brian Sipe had a decent career in Cleveland. Sipe helped the team earn the nickname "Kardiac Kids." The designation was in recognition of their tendency to produce heart-stopping comeback victories in the final minutes of many games.
Sipe led the Browns to eight comebacks and eleven game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime. Like many others, he left for the lure of USFL money. He played in college for Coach Dan Coryell

desper-otto said...

R.I.P., Charlie Daniels.

billocohoes said...

Didn't know Nina, but Christina RICCI I would've known.

I think pilsner is actually a type of lager (lager ferments below 50 degrees, pilsner below 35)

Ol' Man Keith said...

I balked--seriously!--at YOU EEDIOT.
I hadn't gone further, so wasn't in on the theme & couldn't imagine anyone spelling IDIOT with an "E" on a legit Xwd.
Half a morning later, I let myself proceed to other parts of the grid and so realized my folly.

Good to see Owen back on board.
And I find myself in good--nay, the best!--company that he wasn't any further up on EEDIOT than I was.

Overall, I agree with Irish Miss that today had more "bite" than usual for a Monday pzl.
Nevertheless, Ta ~DA!
Nice to see the return of diagonals. We had one in the front and a 3-way on the back end.
The center diagram on the flip side offers an anagram of the name of the oath administered by today's reporters,
"I swear to tell the truth (or a reasonable approximation thereof) to the press."
This is known as...
(No, seriously...!)

Malodorous Manatee said...

A quick fill for me today. Fortunately, I was familiar with all of the shows and characters that used the theme catchphrases except for the Ren & Stimpy EEDIOT bit (although I prefer to think of Good Ol' Charlie Brown as a comic strip character and not the star of a TV special). A couple of the vowels had to be "pending" until I could look at the perps. I have never read an Etta Kett comic book but she has been in so many puzzles that she long ago became a part of the crossword lexicon. I never paid attention to Mary-Kate and Ashley so I always leave the second vowels in Olsen unwritten until I cross check the other direction. CTS was a bit of a punt but we've all seen worse.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Now it's back to whatever it is that we go back to in these odd times.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Last to fill was that heretofore mentioned E crossing EEDIOT and SIPE. Every time I see/hear the word "sipe" I think of making cuts into the treads of ones tires. I did wrinkle my nose at AISLEWAY.

Hand up for holding off on the second vowel in ESA and OLSEN.

Boomer, I have a feeling that 8 pounds you lost playing that par 72 course last Thursday on such a hot day was mostly "water weight."

I kinda like that word "punt."

Good wishes to you all.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I'm the EEDIOT [2:28] trying to spell it w/ two Is at first. //easy fix.

Thanks Jeff for a fun run through cartoon-land. Boomer, I can't think of anyone more fit to expo this one :-)
//loved the CHEM LAB story!

WOs: IIDIOT. Same as WC& Oc4 w/ DiaS
ESPs: SIPE, ULM, PELOTA (this is Monday, right?), RICCI
Fav: YOYOS. I got pretty good in my ute. Also, something you call EEDIOTS :-)

I've got to remember ALEPH is Hebrew... The only one I think of is Aleph1 who wrote Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit

{B, B}

PK - thanks for asking. DW is 100% and now taking care of me (quarantined, not sick (yet?)).
TXMs - Nice to see you. Glad you liked that funky music.
WC - Yep. You can checkout but you can never leave.

Inanehiker - TMI & ouch :-)

Ray-O: You should see my YABBA DABBA DO. It was so bad Pop made me put a DABBA (do ya') of product in my hair. Looked like George McFly, I did.

LEO3 - I've eaten at Sambuca at THE Rice Hotel. Beautiful building.

Abejo - when you're up for it, let us know.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Normally, the ESO/ESA quandary would be resolved by the accompanying noun or phrase, i.e., esa mesa, eso no me gusta, but in the case of a puzzle we are in a vacuum so to speak because it doesn't modify any specific word, it's just filling space and since underneath it is CARAMBA, it's ESA as dictated by the "a" in caramba.

I really like saying, "Ay, caramba!" In a show my mother liked to watch, the main character always said that in any distressful situation and I can hear his voice in my head.

WikWak said...

Nice easy start to the week. Thanks, Jeff & Boomer, for your efforts.

No real problems with any of the cartoon characters’ catch phrases. The only one of them I never really liked and hardly ever watched was Ren and Stimpy, but my brother was (and still is) a huge fan and I caught You EEDIOT right away.

TTP (FLN): Yes, pretty well settled in now but there are 1-1//2 storage units in Villa Park still waiting to be emptied. Ugh. And RE the radio gear: did you even have to ask? The first day there I put up a 33 foot river fishing pole with a temporary antenna hanging from it. Last week I put up a permanent one. (From today): I know Ulm from reading lots about Einstein, and New Ulm because that’s where our preacher in the 50’s/60’s was from.

Irish Miss: I’m no stranger than I was before... ;-)

Spitzboov: My dad was on a DE during WWII. USS Marcus Island, CVE-77. He was a Lieutenant gunnery officer and went through the battles of the Coral Sea and Leyte Gulf on her.

Busy day today, with a grandson’s 7th birthday, Covid-style. I tired. ‘Night, all.

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Jeff Stillman, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Could not sleep last night, so I got up, off the floor, and worked the puzzle. Went quickly. Like it and the theme. I recognize a lot of them.

For Boomer: My dad taught me the song this way: "Old King Cole was a Merry old Soul and a Merry old Soul was he, he called for his pipe and he called for his bowl and he called for his Privates three, Beer, Beer, Beer, said the Privates, Merry Men are We, there's no so fair as can compare, with the fighting AAC!" And it goes on for other ranks as well.

To ALL: Thank you for the good wishes for me for today. It went well, so they told me. The Radiation was fast, about 7 minutes. But, I hated it. Having to hold me arms above may head, lay flat, and not move at all. That is tough for me. For the Chemo I was seated in a chair, could use my cell phone, could drink water, anything. I was just hooked up to an IV. All in all about 3 1/2 hours. But, I did not mind. By the time I got home I was tired and laid down and took a nap, first nap in many months. I did sleep for a while. Felt great! Tomorrow is Radiation only. Should take about 7 minutes once I am on the bed. Will report.

C.C.: Thank you for the old photo of Harvey and I. That was taken in the Washington, D.C. area, at a hotel. We were both on Drill Teams of our respective Commanderys. His was from Los Angeles mine is from N. E. Illinois.

Got RELOTA with perps and a wag. I have seen Jai Alai played in Florida. Name of the ball ????????/

Liked TREED. Good word/clue.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Bill G said...

Abejo, I'm glad things went well. I know you're glad the first day is over with. Continued good luck and best wishes.

Lucina said...

Are you asking about PELOTA? That's ball in Spanish.

Anonymous T said...

Abejo- "none so fair as can compare, with the Air Artillery!" //or ADA -- did Basic at Ft. Bliss, I did. :-)
Good to know all went well today. And that you finally got good sleep.

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Beer, beer, beer and while you're at it
A tub of beans
For we'll drink all night and fart all day
We're United States Marines

WikWak said...

Abejo, I’m so glad this first step is over for you! May the rest grow wings and swoop past as quickly as possible.

Jerry said...