May 17, 2021

Monday, May 17, 2021 Kurt Krauss

Theme: FORTIES (39. Decade in which the Slinky debuted ... and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues) - Each theme entry has Four T's.

20A. *Inside scoop: SCUTTLEBUTT.

55A. *End-of-broadcasting image on old late-night TV: TEST PATTERN.

11D. *Minor shoplifting crime, say: PETTY THEFT.

29D. *Snitch: TATTLETALE

Boomer here.  

This theme is right up my alley. I mean lane. I was born in the FORTIES of the Truman administration.  After WWII I was part of the "Baby Boomer" Generation.  I dropped the baby adjective when I started bowling and playing golf.  Speaking of which, there are many upscale golf courses that have FOUR TEES. They generally mark them with different color markers. Back tees are blue for Pros and club tournaments.  White tees are for mediocre players like me.  Red tees are usually for the ladies and the shortest distance to the green are yellow, for the younger crowd and beginners.  FORE!


1. Mineral used in much tailor's chalk: TALC.

5. Bridge feat: SLAM.  I played bridge during lunch with some coworkers, now I have found a website where I can play against three other robots.

9. March parade VIP: ST PAT.  My cousins grew up in St. Patrick's Parish in Hudson Wisconsin and March 17 was celebrated famously.

14. Hipbones: ILIA. Plural of ilium.

15. Ripped into pieces, with "up": TORE.  "Oh, she ripped and she TORE and she ran through the door".

16. Football venue: ARENA.  I really do not think football is played in an ARENA.  Most stadiums are open air, and even the Vikings in an enclosed facility is called U.S. Bank Stadium.

17. Rind: PEEL.

18. "Terrible" Russian ruler: IVAN.  Russian? I thought he was a WWE Wrestler.

19. Subsequently: LATER.  See you LATER Alligator, After while Crocodile!

23. Couple: TWO.

24. Civil rights leader Medgar: EVERS.  "Civil Rights leaders are a pain in the neck, can't hold a candle to Chiang Kai-Shek.  How do I know, I read it in the Daily News"." Tom Paxton.

25. Greasy: OILY.

27. Feline metaphor for a wealthy donor: FAT CAT.

30. Actress Bening: ANNETTE.  Never paid a lot of attention until she appeared as Virginia Hill in the Movie "Bugsy".  Mr. Segal hated that name.

33. Brightly colored fish: OPAH.

34. Bathroom fixtures: TUBS.  We only have one TUB in our home.

37. Lucy's best friend in old TV: ETHEL.  Unforgettable Vivian Vance, with Fred Mertz was a favorite for Baby Boomers. 

38. Not dis?: DAT.

41. Part of ESL: Abbr.: ENG.

42. Eight-related: OCTAL.  I'll remember OCTAL the next time I get an 8 on the golf course.

44. Soccer score: GOAL. Yes but do not forget about that other game called hockey.

45. Shaving lotion brand: AFTA.  Use it "AFTA" you shave.

46. Let go: RELEASE.  RELEASE the ball behind behind the foul line. Start by trying to hit the second arrow from the gutter. Right for righties and left for southpaws.  If you miss the head pin move a bit toward the gutter.  If your shot goes high on the head pin or crosses over righthanders start more to the left and vice versa for lefties. 

48. Newspaper chief: EDITOR.

50. Art Deco master: ERTE.

51. More wise: SAGER.

53. Proactiv target: ZIT.  There is no cure, just put something on it and hope it goes away.

60. Farsi speaker: IRANI.

62. Beach bird: TERN.

63. "I had no __!": "What a surprise!": IDEA.

64. Frigid: POLAR.

65. Clapton who sang "Layla": ERIC.  A fellow Baby Boomer who toured with the "Yarbirds".

66. Sail support: MAST.

67. Public to-do: SCENE.

68. Brazilian soccer legend: PELE.  I was never a soccer fan but this guy was the Mickey Mantle of soccer.

69. CPR pros: EMTS.


1. Waitstaff rewards: TIPS.  Also a guy at the racetrack who sells a paper with which horse to bet.

2. Actor Baldwin: ALEC.  There was a different ALEC who played Obi Wan Kenobi.

3. "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU.

4. Pasadena institute where most of "The Big Bang Theory" characters work: CAL TECH.

5. High, thin heel: STILETTO.  I never knew how ladies could walk in these things.

6. Aficionado: LOVER.

7. Many Yemenis: ARABS.

8. Software options list: MENU.  Or a restaurant list of what kind of pizza to order.

9. Soup crackers: SALTINES.  Oyster Crackers are better.

10. Singer's syllable before la-la: TRA.  "Oh the flowers that bloom in the Spring, Tra La."  The Mikado.

12. Again: ANEW.  No just keep going.

13. Hawaiian tuber: TARO.

21. FDR power project: TVA.  Every old Graybar guy has heard of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

22. Freight weight: TON.  "You load 16 Tons and whatta you get.  Another day older and deeper in debt."  Tennessee Ernie Ford.

26. Allow: LET.

27. Big name in travel guides: FODOR.

28. Lickety-split: APACE.  Medina spirit?

30. Largest continent: ASIA.  No doubt here. It is huge.

31. __-one: long odds: TEN TO.

32. "Pomp and Circumstance" composer: ELGAR.

35. Strong desire: URGE.  I do not have the URGE to leave the mask at home, no matter what the CDC and governor says.

36. "Takin' Care of Business" rockers, initially: BTO. Bachman Turner Overdrive.

39. What a spare replaces: FLAT TIRE.  My Dodge van never had a spare, just a phone number to call for roadside assistance.  The Santa Fe has a spare, but I hope I never need to use it.  

40. Refinement: ELEGANCE.

43. __ Lingus: AER.

45. When the show must go on: AIR TIME.

47. "Comprende?": SEE.

49. MLB's Tigers, on scoreboards: DET.  They passed the Twins in the standings last week.  It could be a season-long battle for last place in the A.L. Central.

51. Cubic meter: STERE.

52. Month of showers: APRIL.  Minnesota had showers we had to shovel.

53. Postal codes: ZIPS. The mail seems to becoming less ZIPpy,

54. Classic Camaro: IROC.  By 1985, I was WAY to OLD to own one of these.

56. Big first for a baby: STEP.  I guess mine was sometime in 1948.

57. Mild Dutch cheese: EDAM.

58. Take it easy: REST.  We went to Las Vegas for a change and a rest.  The slot machine got the change and the bartender got the rest.

59. D.C. MLB team: NATS.  Since we already have the state of Washington. I wonder what they might call the 51st state ??

61. Tandoori bread: NAN.



OwenKL said...

FLN: Chairman Moe your Gershwin pun wasn't just a groaner, it was a *GROAN*!

Once there was a POLAR bear
Quite vain about his snow-white hair.
Was evidence
He thought himself most debonair!

Once a bored mobster FAT CAT
Amused himself wid DIS and DAT.
Was that his rut
Was cuz he missed the rat-a-tat-tat.

{B+, C+.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was a welcome speed run. Don't even feel bad that d-o totally missed the theme (and the reveal). The only slowdown came in San Francisco. Wasn't familiar with FODOR, and I'm ashamed to admit it took an alphabet run to get DAT. Who Dat? Thanx, Kurt and Boomer. (I was already eligible for AARP when I learned I was too old to be a boomer.)

OCTAL: My first computer was an 8-bit OCTAL H-11 -- a build it yourself Heathkit project. Add a printer plus three diskette drives, and you were looking at more than $3K back in '79.

desper-otto said...

OMG -- it was an H-8, not H-11. It's true, memory is the second thing to go.

Hungry Mother said...

The FORTIES were my first decade, but I wasn’t a baby boomer. FIR, and enjoyed the puzzle.

KS said...

FIR, despite never having heard of Fodor. Also never got the theme. Four T's, Doh!

Yellowrocks said...

We needed 4 T's, but not so much 4titude to get the 4 T's theme. SCUTTLEBUTT and TATTLE TALE were the giveaways. Only BTO caused any doubt. Quickly FIR.
In the days of black and white TV I remember TV stations signing off for the night with the national anthem and the TEST PATTERN.
I used to love fancy shoes, but these days I am happy for the excuse of age, safety and orthopedic surgery for wearing comfortable shoes.
I have two showers but no TUB. Tubs were phased out of senior facilities do to fear of slip and fall incidents. If I could choose only one, I would chose a shower. Before this I always had both.
I have used FODOR guides for most of my trips. Very helpful and detailed.
I sussed ARENA from the AR--- perps. LIU. There is such a thing as indoor football in the Arena League.
David, Motoko, Kenny and Alan are coming tomorrow to go out for dinner in celebration of Kenny's birthday. It is hard to believe that Kenny's generation in our family are almost all college students or grads. My how time flies. And our priests, lawyers and doctors all look like kids.
The every other week housekeeper comes this Thursday. Today I will have to do a quick run down the middle for my company. Really, the apt looks decent, but company requires more.

Anonymous said...

65. Clapton who sang "Layla": ERIC. A fellow Baby Boomer who toured with the "Yarbirds".

That's a typo. It's the "Yardbirds." Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck played with the Yardbirds too.

ATLGranny said...

Not a Monday mess but a FIR with no WOs! First in ages. Off to a good start for the week. The theme was clever. So I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle, Kurt. Thanks! And thanks to you, Boomer, says this too-old-to-be-a-Boomer person. Your review was also enjoyable.

I like your expression "a quick run down the middle" for tidying up for company, YR. Hadn't heard it before.

FLN: Congratulations PK on your granddaughter doing so well at Loyola. Be proud!
And only you would spot the RAP CD in BLUE possibility, C Moe. Fun!

Hope you all have a good week.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy today. Got it done without mishap. Got the 4t's theme right away. There seem to be more t's than usual strewn about, as well.
SCUTTLEBUTT - Very nautical. (1) Drinking fountain; Originally, a BUTT which had been SCUTTLED, used to hold drinking water for crew access in sailing ships. (2) Gossip or rumors. Originated from the habit of crewmembers of talking while at the scuttlebutt.
BUTT - (obsolete) A wooden cask or barrel
DAT - The Low German definite article form for a neuter noun. (same vowel sound as 'a' in Bach)

Lemonade714 said...

A simple Monday, as it should be. I can see KK wanting a TTTT puzzle. I am a proud BABY BOOMER . It does make me curious when everyone else was born. I am a 1948 but doubt that I walked at 4 months.

Thanks Kurt and Boomer (which led to your nickmame?)

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Mr. Krauss, for an enjoyable easy puzzle to start the week.
Thank you Boomer, for a rollicking review. I'm sure you were the most affable salesperson that Graybar ever had.

I noticed the double T's in the long answers, but missed the two additional T-ones ... Two for tea ?. I don't play golf, but I do have a small collection of Tee's for one of my solitaire game puzzles and some chinese checkers puzzles.

I also have a dozen golf ball-markers, cast in silver, no less, with some famous golf course emblems, ... I once gave financial advice to a giant metal turning company that milled and manufactured those ball-markers, for golf courses around the world.

I loved your comment on, " The slot machines got the change, and the bartender got the rest ...". The last time I went to Vegas, a long time ago, the spirit girl offered me free drinks, but I didn't accept any, because I hadn't gambled anything, and was not about to. I was merely walking around to note and observe the behavior of the other patrons.

have a nice day, all.

Bob Lee said...

Loved the 4Ts theme. Very inventive!

When I finished, I could not for the life of me remember what the BTO song group stood for. Doh!! My old memory wouldn't jog the answer loose.

Ah, of course as a kid in the 60s I heard the Slinky song over and over and over again on TV in NY. Now it is stuck in my brain for the day->

Reminder--today your taxes are due. (I spent the day yesterday finishing ours and the kids).

inanehiker said...

Generally Monday speed run - but for some reason I put TOP CAT before FAT CAT and that slowed the Bay area as I couldn't thing of a travel guide that began with a T!

I am near the tail end of the Baby Boomers - but most of us don't feel like we belong in that group - they even have a term for it "Generation Jones". There was always a big glut of Boomers ahead of us in jobs, etc. We decided we will never get the senior discount because they keep moving the age up because they don't want to give it to all those people :)

Thanks Boomer and Kurt!

jfromvt said...

Usual Monday. My nit is referring to a football venue as an ARENA. It’s a stadium. There isn’t one football venue in the US that is called an Arena.

I ended my hard copy newspaper delivery. Sixteen pages of fluff stories and two day old sports is just not worth it. We have a Gannett paper that is now printed in a regional press three hours away, so anything after 6 PM doesn’t get into the morning paper. Only downside is I need to print the crossword myself. Still like the paper and pencil crossword vs completing online.

Yellowrocks said...

There is a variation of football played indoors in an arena. I usually LIU before opining. There are plenty of words and ideas I have not experienced before.

Arena football

Husker Gary said...

-No pencil in my sub room so I used ink and went as fast as I could write. A fun gimmick!
-Omaha has an indoor ARENA football team called the Omaha Beef
-The fact that ETHEL (Vivian Vance) hated Fred (William Frawley) didn’t detract from her performances
-Ben Bradlee was a very brave EDITOR during the Watergate investigation
-Scoring is so rare in soccer, they yell GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!
-Our bus had a reserved spot to park in the CAL TECH lot when we sent to the Rose Parade
-Butler, Tennessee was moved to higher ground by the TVA when they built the Watauga Dam which flooded where Butler once stood
-A FLAT TIRE was much more common in 1964 but was simpler to change than it is today

TokenCreek said...

Did not notice the four "T"s until the reveal. Filled too fast to notice them. Thanks KK and BOOMER for the early-morning entertainment. Always thought I was a BOOMER until a discussion here a while ago and discovered I was SILENT. DW would disagree with me being silent. C-MOE FLN @ 1:44 am : RAP CD in BLUE cracked me up when I read it this morning.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Good morning. Just back from wine tasting in the Paso Robles, CA area and a couple of pleasant evenings spent in cool, and drizzly, Morro Bay. It was very nice to get out and travel a bit. Here, things are a bit dicier with the Palisades Fire burning four or five miles due south, just over the hill. There is no immediate threat with relatively cool and damp weather. Also, the winds here rarely come from the south so things should be okay. Remember a couple of weeks ago when most here had never heard of Topanga? The g-ds do love to mess with us, don't they?

Oh, and a nice Monday puzzle. Completed it before grasping the amusing theme.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an easy, breezy Monday solve. Only one w/o, Erne/Tern. Liked seeing St. Pat and Aer Lingus. ☘️ If I had to guess the debut of the Slinky, I’d probably say the 50’s so I was surprised to learn it was the 40’s. I never heard of BTO, but I never heard of most of the musical references from Anon T, TTP, DO, and others, either.

Thanks, Kurt, for a nice, mellow start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the humor and chitchat.

I have a ShopRite delivery coming later and an A/C repairman due after 4:00. Service charge is $149.00 just to tell you what’s wrong. Who knows what the end cost will be.


PK, congratulations to your granddaughter on her academic achievements. I remember when she first started at Loyola and there was a hurricane and you were so worried about her. SwampCat kept updating the conditions to put your mind at ease. Where did those four years go?

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

Speed run today. Only needed to fill in four down clues to finish the puzzle.

I didn't see the 4 T theme until Boomer 'splained it, but I didn't really look for it either.

I was also born in the 4Ts, but Roosevelt was still the President, so I guess I'm not a Boomer either.

My kids always liked playing with a Slinky. Occasionally I give my 50+ yo kids a slinky for a stocking stuffer. It's one of the few toys that are still made in the good old U S of A.

Easy Monday.

Have a great day everyone.

Emile O'Touri said...

Nice start for the week. Didn't pay attention to the theme, as usual. I too, am a child of the 40's. Must be a good decade to be born in.

NaomiZ said...

D-O experienced a "slowdown in San Francisco," and inanehiker encountered a clue that "slowed the Bay area." Is this code for the middle of the left coast of the grid? New crosswordese to me. I like it.

Excellent puzzle by Kurt, and review by Boomer. I'm vintage 1955, myself. Wondering where the weekend haters went! Like this any better?

Peace out.

Husker Gary said...

-Math/history problem (occupational hazard!): I was born 17 months after Harry Truman had assumed the presidency
-I can’t imagine a better time to be a kid
-Wanna entertain JH kids in science class? Two things – Slinky and Dry Ice!
-This famous airplane tail makes reference to this performer’s motto which was also the title of a BTO big hit

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Kurt and Boomer.
I was LATER getting started this morning after deciding to hang out some washing on a gorgeous day here. But this CW filled quickly and correctly, and I got the TTTT theme.

There were other numbers today also: TEN TO one, TWO, OCTAL, to go with FORTIES.
There were also TWO Ts. In ANNETTE, ST PAT, FAT CAT, and FLAT TIRE, and three Ts in STILETTO. In fact, I counted Thirty Ts ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ in this T Party.

I agree Boomer, that football is played in a stadium and hockey in an ARENA. I have commented on this before; perhaps it is a regionalism that ARENA refers to hockey in the north.

My bathroom fixtures were Taps before TUBS. BTO fixed that since this Canadian was certain of that answer.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
I think we used to see the CBC logo at end of broadcasting.

FLN, congrats to your granddaughter PK. You must be proud.
Belated HBD to Ray-o.

Wishing you all a great day. I’ll read you all after lunch.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Kurt Krauss, for the speed run! Every answer was in my wheelhouse so not much thinking was required.

What an interesting origin of SCUTTLEBUTT!

I remember that TEST PATTERN!

Had to wait on IRANI since several of those mideastern countries speak Urdu. They also bake and eat NAAN but NAN is an acceptable variant.

I love ANNETTE Bening. My favorite of her roles is in The American President. Being Julia is a close second.

Boomer, your review is a blast today! Thank you. I'll tell you how ladies walk in STILLETOS: very carefully!

I finished this puzzle much earlier but went back to bed before posting. Having been born in the late thirties I need my rest! I started school in the FORTIES.

If you ever have a chance to tour the EDAM factory be prepared for the unusual, um "fragrance."

Enjoy your day, everyone!

Lucina said...

I loved that first one!

Misty said...

Nice Monday puzzle, Kurt--many thanks! And always enjoy your commentary, Boomer, thanks for that too.

Made me happy to get all those names in this puzzle: ANNETTE, ETHEL, IVAN, ERIC, EVERS, and ST. PAT. LOVER surprised me for Aficionado, but it worked. I've never thought of myself as a Baby Boomer, but if I do the math, I guess I am one. Nice to join all the others in the group.

Great verses this morning, Owen.

Have a good week coming up, everybody.

Anon said...

I like Annette Bening too. Especially her nude scene in Grifters.

Yellowrocks said...

We are all crossword lovers, crossword aficionados. We also logophiles.
PK, congrats to your granddaughter, quite an accomoplishment.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a nice Monday go.

No write-overs today.

I agree that NFL football is played in a stadium. But…does no one remember the Arena Football League?

Tax Day coincidence…I just received my state tax refund today. Still waiting on the Fed.

Stay safe.

unclefred said...

TGIM. The last several CWs were such brain-busters, I LOVED this KK creation. Thanx, Kurt, WONDERFUL CW that I could actually DO in reasonable time (for me) of 12 minutes. AND with no W/Os!! Lovely!! Terrific theme, too! Never heard of FODOR; “Big name in travel guides”, how come I never heard of it? I agree with the minor nit that football is played in a stadium not an arena. Not sure I know the difference to be honest. Nice write-up, boomer, as usual, thanx for all the time and work you put into it.

desper-otto said...

Because of the "Big Freeze," folks here in Texas have until June 15th to file their federal income taxes. Filed mine back in February. This was the first year in ages that we got a refund -- thanx to no RMD in 2020. I just let it ride to cover our first estimated payment for 2021.

Mark S said...

This is for TTP: do the USA Today and universal puzzles get more difficult as the week progresses?


Mark S

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun one, thanks, Kurt & Boomer.

Didn't get the theme, despite (or maybe because) I was born in the FORTIES -- about eight mos. before Pearl Harbor. Two major life-changing events in my parents' lives.

Got FODOR after perps of FO___. Don't know how. Never saw one of those guides.

When I was 8 or 9, my grandmother got cancer and we went to the city during her surgery. We stayed with an aunt who bought a SLINKY & silly putty to keep us kids occupied. We hadn't heard of them before but spent much time with them as well as arguing over whose turn it was to have which.

First time I ever heard of TVA, I was driving through that area late at night on hilly twisting roads and saw the signs. My travel companion was sleeping and, barely 20 yrs.old, I was scared silly never having driven in that kind of terrain. Later researched what was TVA.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Fun Monday puzzle Kurt. Personally, I only need one -T :-)

Thanks for the expo Boomer; even us GenXers love Vivian Vance (and so does GenZ).
//Oyster crackers for chili & chowders; soups get a square to scoop on :-)

WOs: Dyslexics can't spell Liue [sic], EVEnS
ESPs: FODOR, ELGAR, STERE (? - EEs do everything in metric and I don't think I've ever encountered that)
Fav: BTO.
//IM - Canadian rocker Randy Bachman founded The Guess Who [No Sugar Tonight] and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. [Let it Ride]. Talented Tasty* he is.

{B+, A}

FLN - PK: what IM said today. From hurricane to graduate w/ honors - time flies and congrats!
FLN - Tori Amos has a CD called BLUE. Sadly, she's not a Rapper C.Moe. //A Rapper has got to do that :-)

NaomiZ - yes, we geographically describe the grid. Took me a minute to catch on when I first encountered the Cornerite's nomenclature.

I decided to listen to SiriusXM-25 (Classic Rewind) today instead of NPR. The host said that ERIC Clapton was trending but not because he's dead.

Thank you Spitz for the etymology of SCUTTLEBUTT. Didn't know that.

Vidwan - if you drink, you should play. $10->$15 at the bar but free at the table. Play your cards right and you get libations for ~ $5 each.
//Was it Saturday Flamingo == HOTEL? I always have my three $5 Flamingo chips in my pocket; I play with them when I'm wanting a smoke (still? a year later?)

Slinkys! I love them. The Christmases I don't get to Pop's, I send a dozen of them for all his grands (my nieces & nephews) to race on the stairs. The Slinkys never seem to last until Summer when I get there...
And neither does the Silly Putty make it 6 months, PK. Did you try to get the reverse images of the funnies impressed on the putty and then stretch Snoopy's nose? :-)

Cheers, -TTTT
*There's a guy who (one weekend a month) hosts the crazy-people show [Midnight on AM radio] -- he calls Canadians "Tasties" so the aliens in low-Earth-orbit who may be listening know to eat the maple-syrup flavoured folks first.
//with apologies to C, Eh! :-)

Ol' Man Keith said...

Monday EZ PZ.

Four Tees, eh? Funny.

Loved your debonair POLAR Bear, Owen!
One diagonal today--which included most of the "T"s.
The anagram (14 of 15 letters!) is the label for small sculptures that focus primarily on the shoulder area of their subject.
Yes, I mean...

Spitzboov said...

I'm of the Silent Generation. That's why I don't say much.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

FIR with a couple of W-O’s: misspelled STILETTO (I had two “L’s”) and had PETTY CRIME / PETTY THEFT.

Speaking of which: if NASCAR driver Richard (43) steals a race would that be called a PETTY THEFT?

Loved the intro (Baby) Boomer! Kurt Krauss gave us a TITTLATING (4 T’s) puzzle today.

Owen, Token, and -T: my original thought for my GROAN fits what Tony suggested, and was a “ku”:

Drake recorded tune
That United Airlines used:

Glad to know I gave y’all a chuckle! I didn’t start yesterday’s puzzle until after 10:00 pm my time, hence the late hour for the post

FOURTIES’ (4 T’s) is about all you could ask for in a cleverly themed puzzle. SIXTIES’, SEVENTIES’, EIGHTIES’ and NINETIES’ would’ve been much harder to work into a grid, methinks!

MM —> can’t wait to see the rest of your Paso Robles wine tasting pics


Anonymous T said...

You got four Ts in the DR!, OMK. Nice...

C. Moe LOL UAL! Brilliant!

Or, for Elmer Fudd's birthday, gift wrap a disc in dark-teal paper...
Yes, "A Wrapped CD in Blue."

//I'll see myself out now...
Cheers, -T

TTP said...

Thank you, Kurt Krause, and thank you, Boomer.

Boomer, my dad would sing this every once in a great while:

"Oh, she ripped and she TORE,
and she gave a little yell.
The buggy went to heaven,
and the horse went to ... "

It was something like that.

Boomer, did you see Sam Couley roll the 300 game against Kyle Troup yesterday ?
White Sox are visiting the Twins at Target Field. Game's on, so I gotta go, but first...

Like Lucina, I thought ANNETTE Benning was perfect in The American President. I first saw her in The Great Outdoors w/ John Candy and Dan Akroyd. Great actress, IMO.

Mark S, I'm not sure if there is a progression of difficulty with the USA Today as there is with the LA Times.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Anonymous T ~
Thanks for noticing.

THAT's what happens when you put your shoulder to it!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Owen, Wilbur, Sandy ~
If you read this, you should jump on over to Jumblehints & give Misty a hand. She is holding the fort down all by herself today!

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle. Fun comments. Fun RAP CD joke. Excellent Verses by Owen.

CanadianEh! said...

AnonT - maple flavoured (you spelled it right๐Ÿ˜Š) Tasties! LOL!

Wilbur Charles said...

They do or did have ARENA Football. They may play soccer there too. I see YR is way ahead of me (10 hrs)

Boomer , 8 is a ⛄

JfromVt, I'm with you. Tbtimes went to Sun-Wed. I have to buy Sunday for the xwords. But the sports is nonexistent. They refer me to the electronic edition. If the weekly insert is not available I won't be able to solve Saturday on Thursday

J think we have several 44/62ers. Misty is one. War babies , different from Boomers. The latter had better nutrition.

No problems today. Been busy since morning. I did have the tap/TUB W/O


Yellowrocks said...

You football arena doubters, LIU. ARENA League is a variation of football that is played indoors in an arena. It was discontinued, but has arisen again in 2021. Just because we have not experienced something does not make it invalid or a stretch. I take this as a learning moment, not a nit. My bรชte noire, things we have not heard of are not automatic invalid stretches or nits.

Malodorous Manatee said...

A little Gershwin humor today. Great! My mother had a Boston Terrier who's name, almost everyone believed was Georgy. Actually, the dog's name was George G.

LEO III said...

FIR, and I got the theme.

Thanks, Kurt and Boomer.

Don’t have anything to add, EXCEPT…

I think I might have mentioned before that the LAT puzzle is available on the LAT website at midnight Eastern, 11PM Central, and so forth. It’s free, although we DO have to sit through a short (never longer than 30 seconds) ad before it pops up for printing. No muss, no fuss, no bother. Try it! You’ll like it!

(I used to just go to the Comical website, which is available with my Sunday subscription, but those idiots cannot tell time. Each day’s online edition MIGHT be available shortly after midnight, or it MIGHT be available shortly after 3AM. I’m a night owl, but c’mon!)

Lucina said...

We had a wonderful family feast today! I had not seen my niece and her children in over a year and they have grown so much. They were still so small then and now all are middle schoolers. All of my surviving siblings were together, one brother and three sisters. One from California and one from Charlotte are visiting. It was a great reunion at Buca du Pepe Restaurant, 20 of us in all. Life is back to normal!

Terry said...