Jul 5, 2022

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 Karen Lurie

It's Yours for the Taking:  Go for it!  The word GET can be found after the word IT in each of the theme clues.

20-Across. *   Financial plan followed by a mayor: CITY BUD GET.

28-Across. *   Nests, as a set of measuring cups: FITS TOGETHER.

44-Across. *   Achieve one's specific goal: HIT THE TARGET.

And the unifier:

55-Across. "Seize the day!," and what the answers to the starred clues literally have: GET AFTER IT.

1. Seat that may swallow the remote control: SOFA.

5. U.K. soccer teams: FCs.  I think this stands for Football Clubs.  I wasn't in the UK on this past trip, so can't confirm.

8. Tappable symbols: ICONS.


13. Happy kitty sound: PURR.

14. Washer capacity: LOAD.  My washing machine got a real workout this past weekend.

16. Krispy Kreme buy: DONUT.  Yummers!

17. Thing: ITEM.

18. "Pitch Perfect" actress Kendrick: ANNA.  Some of the scenes in Pitch Perfect 2, which also starred Anna Kendrick (née Anna Cooke Kendrick; b. Aug. 9, 1985), were filmed at the Louisiana State University.

19. Residence: ABODE.

23. From square one: ANEW.
24. "Totally!": YES.

25. "It's __-win situation": A NO.

26. Breakfast syrup choice: MAPLE.

32. Olympian's goal: MEDAL.  What are the medals really made of?

35. Technical sch.: INST.  As in an Institution.

36. Big primate: APE.

37. Words that clarify spelling: AS IN.  "A" as in Apple.

38. Some postgrad degs.: MAs.  As in a Master of Arts degree.

39. Bermuda shorts endpoint: KNEE.

Um... NO!

40. Automobile: CAR.

41. Way out there: AFAR.

43. No longer vivid: FADED.

48. Repeated slogan: CHANT.

49. Frying liquid: OIL.  What is the best cooking oil for frying?

50. Some laptops: PCs.  I use a Mac.

53. Fish often grilled, on menus: MAHI.  Yummers!

Mahi Mahi

58. Odds partner: EVENS.  Because Odds and ENDS wouldn't fit.

60. Take five: REST.  Take Five was a favorite of my Dad's.  We played it at his funeral.

61. Score in a tennis shutout: LOVE.  Why Love in Tennis?

62. Royal domain: REALM.

63. Fill until full: SATE.

64. Scissors sound: SNIP.

65. Annual cable sports awards: ESPYS.

66. Drug used in microdosing therapies, for short: LSD.  It's formal name is Lysergic acid diethylamide.

67. Snakelike swimmers: EELS.  We had some of the most amazing smoked eel at the Volendammer Vishandel fish shop in Amsterdam.

1. Like hot wings: SPICY.

2. Belly button type: OUTIE.

3. Guitar neck features: FRETS.

4. West Point team: ARMY.

5. Show off shamelessly: FLAUNT.  If you've got it ...

6. Time-share units: CONDOS.

7. Participated on karaoke night: SANG.

8. Mont. neighbor: IDA.

9. Bright blue pigment: COBALT.  Everything you wanted to know about Cobalt, but didn't know to ask.

10. How some tots count to five: ON ONE HAND.

11. Ready for skinny-dipping: NUDE.

12. Instant Pot dish: STEW.

15. Mailer-__: programs that send automated messages: DAEMONS.

21. Skip out (on): BAIL.

22. License plates: TAGS.  Here are some examples of Louisiana license plates.

27. Vet's patient: PET.

28. Autograph seeker: FAN.

29. Wonder Woman's headpiece: TIARA.  Well, sort of.  I think of a tiara as being bejeweled.

30. Fencing blade: ÉPÉE.  A crossword staple.

31. Woodwind insert: REED.

32. Name associated with supersonic speed: MACH.  Named after Ernst Walfried Josef Wenzel Mach (Feb. 18, 1838 ~ Feb. 19, 1916).

33. Actor Morales: ESAI. Esai Morales (né Esai Manuel Morales Jr.; b. Oct. 1, 1962) makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles, but I can never remember how to spell his name.

34. Really inexpensive: DIRT CHEAP.

38. Holds weight: MATTERS.

39. Kit __ Klub: "Cabaret" setting: KAT.

41. "I see now!": AHA!

42. __ shui: FENG.

43. Perceived: FELT.

45. How prosciutto is sliced: THINLY.  Prosciutto is uncooked, unsmoked dry-cured ham, slices so thin you can see right through it.

46. Cooks in an oven: ROASTS.

47. Talented: GIFTED.

50. Naturally inclined (to): PRONE.

51. Courteous: CIVIL.

52. Pedometer units: STEPS.

53. For a __ pittance: MERE.

54. St. crossers: AVES.  Streets and Avenues.

56. Color named for a duck: TEAL.

57. Besides: ELSE.

59. Texting format, briefly: SMS.  As in Short Messing Service.

Here's the Grid:


Many thanks to Malodorous Manatee and Waseeley for holding down the fort on Tuesdays while I was away.   We traveled from Budapest, Hungary to Amsterdam, Netherlands, part work, all fun.


Mespelbrunn Castle

The Netherlands

Flower market in Amsterdam
Mespelbrunn Castle


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Got 'er done in quick time with no need for Wite-Out. Even noticed all of the GETs. No, didn't notice the ITs. Oh, well. [Sigh] That NUDE illustration looks like a hand holding a sea urchin. The urchin is probably nude. DAEMONS on a Tuesday? Seems like a Friday word. Thanx for the outing, Karen. Welcome back, Hahtoolah. (Sounds like you really enjoyed that European sojourn.)

KS said...

FIR. No problems. Nice easy Tuesday puzzle.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased acad for INST. Only unknown was ANNA. DAEMONS was Tuesday-appropriate for this IT pro.

Last month I made MAPLE syrup pork tenderloin in the CrocPot. Yummers!

Take Five and Rhapsody in Blue are two of my all-time favorite tunes.

One of our local idiots decided it would be a good idea to get the vanity license TAG "NO TAG". It wasn't. He thought that would make his parking tickets go into the uncollectable category; instead it caused all the tickets written in Virginia against cars without license plates to be charged against him.

It's been 30 years, but IIRC, Phoenix's main street runs north and south and is named Central. From there, "streets" are to the east, and AVES are to the west. And each is a tenth of a mile from its neighbor. So you know what direction to travel, and how far you need to go.

Thanks to Karen for the fun romp, and to Hahtoolah for climbing back into the saddle so soon after your return. You've been missed, but the subs performed admirably.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Crossword friends. It's good to be back home, but we had a fabulous time away. The trouble with being gone for so long is all the stuff waiting for you on your return! Many thanks to Manatee and Waseeley for picking up the reins on Tuesdays. I appreciate all their hard work.

QOD: The noblest art is that of making others happy. ~ P.T. Barnum (né Phineas Taylor Barnum; July 5, 1810 ~ Apr. 7, 1891), American showman

ATLGranny said...

It's a Hahtoolah Tuesday and I HIT THE TARGET and got a MEDAL: FIR with no WOs! Welcome back, Hahtoolah. I'm happy to hear your trip went well. Your substitutes did take good care of us in your absence. Thanks for the pictures from your trip as well as a great review!

Thanks, Karen, for creating a puzzle with interesting fill and a theme I got only after the reveal. It all was fun.

FCS I knew because our daughter and SIL are fans of Atlanta United and through them I learned some US soccer teams also use FC in their names. (New York City FC, for example)

FLN: hope things go well as you finish moving out and prepare to rent your old house, AnonT.

Preparing for another hot sticky day but grateful for the recent rains.

inanehiker said...

Fun theme - I definitely needed the reveal clue.

Our new neighborhood has lots of people set off fireworks (even though they are illegal in city limits) so a late night for me to try to get back to work. Isn't really getting back to work as I was on call most of the weekend!

Thanks Hatoolah- so glad you had a wonderful trip! and thanks Karen for a creative puzzle!

Sherry said...

Morales first
name always throws me. Want it to be Esau, like the Bible. Had to correct . Nice easy Tues.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Karen and Hahtoolah. (Glad you had a great trip. Thanks for the photos.)
I finished in good time and saw the theme, but waffled between Anne and ANNA, Deemon or DAEMON. I chose the E for a FIW. And the rest was so straight-forward! Sigh.

Some Canadian content with MAPLE syrup and FCS. We have Toronto FC (Toronto Football Club). The Brits call soccer football!

We haven’t had Actor Morales in so long that I entered Erik instead of ESAI at first.

Wishing you all a great day. We are getting some much- needed rain.

CrossEyedDave said...

Get, after it?
Ok, I get it, but try and find a silly link for that...

So far, all I have come up with that is even close is

exhibit A

And possibly,

exhibit B

So far, no exhibit C yet, but I will get after it...

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an easy Tuesday romp but with a very well hidden theme and a major Aha reveal. No unknowns, no w/os, and no nits, which made for a pleasant solve two days in a row. How apropos that Purr appears on Hahtoolah’s first day back blogging!

Thanks, Karen, for a clever theme and thanks, Hahtoolah, for providing some much needed humor. Loved the Garbage Can Icon cartoon and the Purring Kitties video. Welcome back and thanks for sharing some photos of your travels. You were very much missed but MalMan and Bill W did you proud, albeit sans the obligatory Yummers!

I’ve been meaning to inform the Wordle lovers of Phrazle, which is Wordle on steroids, inasmuch as there are phrases, not just one word, to be solved. In case you’re unaware of it and interested, the web site is Notice the D in solitaire. Happy phrasing.

Have a great day.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Like the FENG SHOOEY 😃 of this puzzle. E ASIN "Easy" theme. No inkovers, UK soccer and FCS? (Haven't the foggiest) otherwise no unknowns

COBALT 60 no longer used in radiotherapy.

If you watch TV naked, last place besides the SOFA to find the lost remote 😜 . "Participated on Karaoke night" : Embarassed yourself was way too long 🙉.

ÉPÉE shows up so much in CWs surprised no one has been skewered. If you get caught trying to BAIL on BAIL you go to JAIL. "Wonder Woman" must have some super strong bobby pins to hold that TIARA in place.

"Breakfast syrup": Wowza, the Vermont Maid syrup girl has changed !

Just what's in that POT dish? Are there no duck colors called either Donald or Daffy 😁

Mom's laundry, mother....LOAD
German Wheels....OUTIE
Downed a tree....FELT
Often done with last year's disliked Christmas presents: Re- ____ ...GIFTED.

H2LH, sounds like the pre-covid Danube River cruise we took. Welcome back.

Tante Nique said...

I got after it and it was smooth sailing. Nice puzzle this morning.

Anonymous said...

Took me 5:25 to get after it today.

I'm back from a week of traveling myself (though not nearly as exotic as Hahtoolah), miss me?
I didn't think so.

Good Tuesday level puzzle to shake the rust off.

Subgenius said...

I had no idea what the gimmick was until the reveal, then I finally got it. Fortunately, when it came to the relative Natick in the middle of the puzzle ("Anna" crossing "daemons") I remembered that it was "Anna" Kendrick, not "Anne" Kendrick so I avoided an error. But it was a close one. Anyway, FIR, so I'm happy.

By the way, folks, the reason I didn't post yesterday was because my phone has died AGAIN. Those Assurance Wireless phones don't last very long, do they? This one lasted about five months. Brenda, my girl friend and LOMYL, thinks I should get a Tracfone or other pay-as-you-go phone instead of another Assurance Wireless phone, since they seem to have such a short life span. But Assurance Wireless gives you free minutes for voice, text, and data, which Tracfone doesn't do so I'm debating about that. I'll have to think about it, I guess.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Welcome home, Hahtoolah!

Thanks for the puzzle, Karen. IT was easy to GET and no clunkers.

Thanks, Hahtoola, for your trademark expo. Oh, the boys can try but... ;-)
LOL MAPLE tree cartoon. I've never cooked with avocado oil... I'll try it (EVOO is my typical go-to)

WO: FuNG shui
Fav: DAEMONS - little programs running around inside your computer doing your bidding.

Welcome back, SSolver.

Funny OUTIE / AUDI, Ray-O. Exhibit A for me, CED.

Subgenius - Pop loves his new Tracfone which is an iPhone.

Jinx - There's a guy in my neighborhood who's TAG reads "HTTP 403". When I saw it, I had to follow him home to give him a thumbs-up.

Back to work. Cheers, -T

waseeley said...

Thank you Karen for a fine Tuesday puzzle and theme. IT did I GET, although I thought the translation of "Seize the day!" was a little FISHY.

And it is wonderful to have you back Hahtoolah! Everyone always looks forward to Tuesdays and this one is the real deal. You have been often IMITATED of late, but you can NEVER be DUPLICATED. I think the QOD from Barnum in your comment is particularly apropos, as you have mastered the art of making us happy.

Just a few favs:

18A ANNA. Teri and I haven't seen "Pitch Perfect", but now it's on our bucket list.

33A ESAI. Spanish for ESAU, JACOB's twin brother. And all those juicy vowels!

35A INST. A CSO to Picard.

49A OIL. Very informative link. We use mostly EVOO, but it sounds like Avocado oil would be useful for dishes that need a lot of heat, like WINGS maybe.

61A LOVE. Loved the link, as I've always found Tennis argot to be very mystifying. It's worth studying just for solving crosswords.

5D FLAUNT. Anybody know how to freeze frame a GIF?

9D COBALT. Cobalt is one of the most powerful colorants used in pottery making. A basic rule of ceramics is, "If you want to sell a lot of pots, glaze them blue".


Anonymous said...

Bill, just search "Debra Paget The India Tomb" and find the image you want.

She was opposite Elvis in Love me Tender and was also in The Ten Commandments

unclefred said...

DNK DAEMONS, ANNA. As CEH @8:48 said, that crossing could have been an E or an A. Unlike CEH, I got lucky and chose A, so ended up FIR in 14. For me, 14 is a good time for a Wednesday. I was so happy until I realized it’s Tuesday, when I came here and saw the wonderful write-up by Hahtoolah. Oh well, 14 for a Tuesday is not bad (for me) either. I only got the theme once the reveal had filled, so it was no help. Fun Tuesday CW, thanx, KL. Terrific write-up, Hahtoolah, I always love all the cartoons you include. Glad you had a good trip.

Picard said...

Hahtoolah Welcome back and thanks for sharing your travel photos! And thanks for the amusing NUDE and the Debra Paget FLAUNTing it GIF. Thanks, Anonymous at 12:28PM.

GET AFTER IT is totally unknown to me. Mr Google indicates it means something very different from CARPE DIEM. Has anyone heard this expression? But eventually I did GET IT.

Here we were at the Montecito Motor Classic CAR Show at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.

Yes, it sounded way upscale to me, too. Until we discovered it was free to attend!

Picard said...

Bill Seeley Thanks for the shout out for INST!

From Yesterday:
Bill Seeley Thanks for trying to explain the EASE OFF theme. It remains a mystery!

Wilbur Charles, Cross Eyed Dave Thank you for the kind and/or amusing comments about our Swing DANCE MOVES!

Cross Eyed Dave Sorry you missed the cascading pools along the HANA HIGHWAY. I was not up for the crazy drive, so we did a van tour. They took us to all the cool places!

From Sunday:
OwenKL Thanks for following up regarding the OAKLAND Cathedral photos. I am still mystified, but glad you got to see the exterior photo! If people do have trouble seeing my photos, please do tell!

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and think it is very well constructed. Didn't understand what FCS was until reading the explanation here. MERE and AVES made me change SOLE to MAHI.

Thank you, Karen Lurie, for this pleasant puzzle.
Thank you, Hahtoolah, for your enjoyable write-up, and welcome back.

waseeley said...

Anonymous @10:32 AM Of course we missed you. But how do we know you're not an imposter?

Anonymous @12:28 PM Thanks for the Google tip. Debra sure was the snake charmer "ne plus ultra".

Ol' Man Keith said...

A happy Tuesday PZL from Ms. Lurie, examined and expanded upon by Hahtoolah (freshly returned from a beautifully photogenic tour of Eastern to Northern Europe!).

The only fill that seemed strange today was GET AFTER IT. I rather think a better translation of "Seize the Day" (Carpe diem) would be GO FOR IT.
I fear GET AFTER IT comes across as a bit late in the day.
One diagonal, far side.
Heavily loaded with vowels. But I can make something of its anagram (14 of 15 letters) if I take a little liberty.
Imagine, if you will, a first-rate aquatic undercover intel unit. Maybe gathering information on enemy forces along canals and shorelines.
Would this not be known for its Class...


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you, Karen, for the funny theme & easy fill. Hahtoolah, glad you're back. Enjoyed your trip pictures. Thank you, Patti, for choosing more doable puzzles lately. Please keep them doable.

SOFA was slow coming. We always call it a couch.


The "NO WIN" cartoon reminds me of the time I followed a stranger thru a door in the Denver airport. Found myself in a hallway with only locked doors all around. Finally got out when a guy who worked there came in and let me out.

Husker Gary said...

-Back from a grueling 18 where the temp is approaching 100F
-A nice puzzle highlighted by Hatoolah's return

Arnold said...

Perfect Tuesday puzzle for me. Daemons brought a groan because I dislike getting those notices in my email.

To Anonymous at 10:32 AM (aka Sir Speedy), I did miss your posts and was actually a little bit worried.

Lemonade714 said...

Welcome back Susan, you remain the Queen of finding the right links. You have inspired the generation but they all have a long way to long to catch up.

Karen also nice to see you back with a fun and fair Tuesday.

Be well all.

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, many thanks, Karen. And great to have you back, Hahtoolah! And how nice that you had such a wonderful trip!

Fun start to the puzzle, having that kitty jump up on the SOFA and PURR--probably to get a bite of that DONUT you were eating.

Okay, but don't give her any MAPLE SYRUP from your waffle.

Did that CAR get a MEDAL from AFAR? No, it was right next door.

I guess you like seafood if you're planning to have MAHI MAHI or EELS to SATE you for supper.

Well, time to get some REST and to enjoy a bit of LOVE.

Have a great day, everybody.

PK said...

Er Misty: You say, "time to get some rest and to enjoy a bit of LOVE." Are you watching tennis on TV or do you have a new boyfriend? (I hope, I hope.)

Wilbur Charles said...

A couple of inkers: FbS/FCS, ahis/MAHI

DEMONS yesterday, DAEMONS Today

Golfer's gibberish:(you must)pronate then supinate or vv

I thought that was the unique style of hahtoolah. Big welcome back

I would say go AFTER IT is very similar to Carpe Diem. Picard , fascinating hobby is antique cars. I have a 92 Saab in my uncles garage, it probably qualifies

WC sitting at tax collector office with $1500 in my back pocket.

Wilbur Charles said...

Tax collector happily took my cash
I tried to post but couldn't connect until just now

Anonymous T said...

PK - are you insinuating Misty isn't spilling the tea? :-)

WC - Taxman. Am I right?

I suppose DAEMONS is kinda tech-y for a Tuesday... For those of us fluent (and can FLAUNT) our *nix [Unix, Linux, BSD,] skills, DAEMONS are little programs one sets-up to respond to routine things ["need and FAQ? email this address and the DAEMON will send it", "when this happens on the system, do this to make things better" sorta programs]. It's the old "be lazy and code your way out of a job" mindset of real sys-admins. //Note: we still have jobs ;-)

Fun DR, OMK.

Time to Google this Debra person. Is she like UMA who FLAUNTs IT? :-o

Cheers, -T

TTP said...

Hahtoolah, welcome back. A while back, Dudley and his bride took the river tour from Budapest to Köln and beyond. I don't quite remember where they disembarked, but that would be a vacation trip that I would enjoy.

PK, you can be so very funny with your quips. It just comes out from you, doesn't it ? You are like the feminine version of Desper-Otto on this blog spot. Oh, and I do commiserate with you about the fireworks last night and the rather regular late night wake-ups. Troublesome at times, for sure. Then again, at least for me, some of my best thinking is in the deep of the night. Just wish I could remember it the next day.

My apologies to all for a couple of my remarks as Anonymous the last few days. I was on another 'puter and wasn't signed in with my Google account. Any idiot can post anonymously, but it takes a special idiot to forget their password. Bill, save any .gif as a .jpg, and then do a Google Images search. You'll find your Debra Paget's or whatever else...

Malodorous Manatee said...

Welcome back, Hahtoolah. You are most welcome. Thanks for the great cartoons and graphics today.

Vidwan827 said...

Very Late to post ... was really really, busy all day ....

Thank you Karen Lurie, for a very enjoyable Tuesday CW puzzzle, that was crunchy at places. I finished it in good time, and I enjoyed it. I first thought there I had once met a Dr Lurie, at the University of Rochester, who had won a Nobel Prize in Physiology ... but it was a Dr. Luria, Dr Salvatore Luria, who won the Nobel in 1969.

Welcome Home, Hahtoolah, your humor was self evident from your review blog, but I went down to the bottom to make sure. Your temporary subs did a fine, fine job, but its still a delight to have you back. Glad you had a safe and happy trip.

Your mentioning that you bought some smoked eels in Amsterdam, ... I used to think that eating of eels was not kosher. Perhaps, you do not follow dietary laws so strictly..

The Gif of, what-I-know-now, ..... of Debra Paget doing the preparatiob, for her snake dance,..... got my attention for the main reasons of the extras in the scenic background.

The 'extras' - sitting in the tiers behind her, appear to be indian hindu priests or accolytes,.....

..... judging by the sacred threads that they are wearing, across their left shoulder, called , among other names, a upanayanam or janaara or janeu.

The sacred threads, though normally not visible under normal outdoor clothes, identify the wearer as a religious hindu or somewhat of a hindu priest. Much like a yarmulka identifirs religious jewish men, and the fringes of strings on Haredu jewish people, and different styles of skullcaps of many muslims.
I was wondering what a snake dancer would be doing in a religious hindu temple ?. Perhaps the producers and writers of the movie, in 1959, were ignorant of the cultural sensitivity of many hindus to such a projection.

BTW, C E D your two exhibits were hilarious... even my DW, normally not prone to jokes and laughter, ... enjoyed them. THank YOU.

Have a good week, you all.