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Dec 4, 2019

Wednesday, December 4, 2019, Jeff Eddings


21. Holiday song whose first line ends, "come sailing in": I SAW THREE SHIPS.

41. Holiday song first recorded by Gene Autry: FROSTY THE SNOWMAN.

61. Holiday song based on a traditional German folk song: O CHRISTMAS TREE.

74. What 21-, 41- or 61-Across is ... and, phonetically, a curiously apt common feature of those answers: NOEL. Each of the theme answers is the name of a popular Christmas song, containing no letter el. From Wikipedia: Christmas, from French Noël (“Christmas season”), may come from the Old French nael, may be derived in turn from Latin natalis, meaning "birth" Christmas carol, a song sung during Christmas. I wonder if the 21, 41, 61 was a lucky coincidence or planned.

Festive theme today, with supporting appearances by Eeyore, Babar, and the Muppets.


1. Retina 5K computer: IMAC.

5. Pet collar clip-on: ID TAG.

10. Theme park with a geodesic dome: EPCOT.

15. Bite: NOSH.

16. Béte __: NOIRE. French, literally ‘black beast.' A person or thing that one particularly dislikes.

17. Place to get clean: REHAB.

18. Medication unit: DOSE.

19. Crooner who co-wrote the "Chestnuts roasting ... " song: TORME. Another Christmas tune with no el.

20. Swim events: MEETS.

24. Pooh's dour friend: EEYORE.

25. Leader with a dot-edu address: DEAN. Academic institutions have domain names ending in .edu.

26. Brief "If only I could unhear that ... ": TMI. Too Much Information.

29. 2018 US Open winner Osaka: NAOMI.

32. Inductee: MEMBER.

34. Personal: OWN. As in, 'my own laptop.'

37. Marathoner's woes: CRAMPS.

40. One for the road?: AUTO. Nice clue.

45. "The Nutcracker" skirt: TUTU. More Christmas fill.

46. Like some owls: HORNED. Beautiful. A large, bulky owl with prominent ear tufts, white throat, gray beak, and bright yellow eyes.

47. Cottonelle layer: PLY. Bathroom tissue.

48. Jumps in: ENTERS. Wonder who else will jump into the 2020 presidential race.

51. Apply to: USE ON.

53. Nonprofit aid gp.: NGO. Non Governmental Organization. A nonprofit organization that operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.

54. Opera set in Egypt: AIDA.

57. Curtains: DRAPES.

65. Storybook pachyderm: BABAR.

67. Pens: STIES. Nice to see the plural form here.

68. __ Kong: HONG. Not King.

69. "Home Alone" actress Catherine: O'HARA. More Christmas theme.

70. Line dance: CONGA.

71. French friend: AMIE. French. Ami is masculine and amie is feminine. They are pronounced exactly the same.

72. Area component: WIDTH.

73. Ready to pour: ON TAP. Ready to dispense, seems more accurate.


1. Many a low-budget flick: INDIE. Independent, not belonging to or affiliated with a major record or film company.

3. Analyze: ASSAY.

4. Ponder: CHEW ON.

5. On paper: IN THEORY.

6. Spot for a wreath: DOOR. 🎄

7. Hankook product: TIRE. Brand.

8. Like bodyguards: ARMED.

9. "Six __ a-laying ... ": GEESE. More theme-related fill, but with els.

10. Valuable fur: ERMINE. Aka weasel or stoat. The species is called ermine especially during its winter white color phase.

11. Sound often not allowed?: PEEP.

12. Celebratory gesture: CHEST BUMP.

13. Granola kernel: OAT.

14. MLB playoffs broadcaster: TBS. Turner Broadcasting System.

22. Stretch of land: TRACT.

23. Holiday roast: HAM. More holiday themeage!

27. Heavy __: METAL.

28. Wry twist: IRONY.

30. "Do the __!": MATH.

31. Texting qualifier: IMHO. In My Honest Opinion.

33. Gaping hole: MAW.

34. Quite a lot: OFTEN.

35. Squeezed (out): WRUNG.

36. Decently: NOT TOO BAD.

38. Where the Amazon begins: PERU.

39. Nine-digit IDs: SSNS. Social Security Numbers.

42. Mystery writer Grafton: SUE.

43. Rush job phrase: NEED ASAP.

44. Fragrances: ODORS.

49. Really spirited: RAH RAH.

50. Title for Patrick Stewart: SIR.

52. Eponymous hot dog guy Handwerker: NATHAN. Nathan's are the best - served at Coney Island.

55. Summer songs?: DISCO. Donna Summer.

56. __ Martin: British car: ASTON.

58. Ad: PROMO.

59. Choice start: EENIE. Eenie, meeny, miney mo ...

60. Jason of "The Muppets": SEGEL. He executive-produced, co-wrote, and starred as Gary
in the 2011 movie.

62. E-commerce icon: CART.

63. Color variant: TINT.

64. Huge opening?: MEGA.

65. Present prettifier: BOW. Lol.

66. Sashimi choice: AHI Sashimi is thinly sliced raw seafood served without rice (image below) and is not considered a type of sushi. Sushi is vinegared rice, traditionally rolled with raw fish, but can include cooked seafood, veggies, or even other meats. Nigiri is raw seafood, similar to sashimi, served over hand-balled vinegared rice.

Jul 24, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 Jeff Eddings


20A. *Opposes in an election: RUNS AGAINST.

39A. *Welcome news for potential borrowers: RATE CUT.

11D. *Brit's traffic circle: ROUNDABOUT.  One word.  Also, a song by Yes.

29. *"Word on the street is ... ": RUMOR HAS IT.   Also, a movie with Jennifer Anniston, and a song by Adele that you can listen to while reading about the 2017 Westminster Best in Show winner of the same name.  BTW, this busy Edgerton, WI girl won in February, and had a litter of 8 in October, 2017.

Desper-otto reported that this video won't play on Blogger.  WISC-TV, Madison, has disabled the video from playing on sites other than YouTube.  You can still press the play button, and then click "Watch this video on YouTube"

57A. Trapped by mundanity ... and hint to the answers to starred clues: STUCK IN A RUT.   "You'd like to get your creative juices flowing, but it seems someone left an empty juice bottle in the fridge."

Jeff Eddings gives us a "quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" type of puzzle today.


1. River through Kazakhstan: URAL.

5. Brewpub orders: BEERS.

10. Upper limbs: ARMS.

14. Expose: BARE.  A child finally cried out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!" in Hans Christian Anderson's The Emperor's New Clothes

15. Blue shades: AQUAS.

16. Chess piece that can't move diagonally: ROOK.

17. Big stars often have big ones: EGOS.

18. Apply, as liniment: RUB IN.  Or harp on, as in incessantly.

19. Apple from Japan: FUJI.
The most-purchased fresh apple varieties in the U.S. are:
    1) Gala
    2) Red Delicious
    3) Fuji
    4) Granny Smith
    5) Honeycrisp
    6) Golden Delicious
    7) McIntosh
    8) Pink Lady
    9) Braeburn
    10) Ambrosia

23. Wordless "okay": NOD.

24. Put gas into: FUELED.  Oops, had to correct from FilLED.

25. Assistance: AID.

27. Shabbily dressed: IN RAGS.

30. High behind a cold front, e.g.: AIR MASS.

34. Pan-fry: SAUTE.

35. Boy band *N__: SYNC.

37. Ill-fated Genesis son: ABEL.

38. Point: AIM.

42. Tokyo-born Yoko: ONO.

43. River near the Royal Shakespeare Theatre: AVON.

45. Hockey legend Gordie: HOWE.

46. "It's __-see!": rave review: A MUST.   Abejo's wife made the costumes for the school district's staging of  Les Misèrables  last Thursday through Sunday evenings.

48. Tile type: CERAMIC.

50. Sudden bursts: SPATES.  Think in terms of cluster, outbreak, wave, flurry, rush, deluge and the like.  Contrast to the phrase "In spades" which means having an abundance of, or high quality of.

51. "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" network: HBO.

52. Simpson trial witness Kato: KAELIN.

55. Report card no.: GPA.

62. Take a break: REST.

64. Ladybug food: APHID.

65. Apple discard: CORE.

66. Opera solo: ARIA.

67. Yankees' manager Aaron: BOONE.   Also, the hero of the deciding game 7 in the 2003 ALCS.

68. Olympics sled: LUGE.

69. Fiddle (with): FUTZ.

70. Kisses and cuddles, in British slang: SNOGS. I have difficulty solving British-style crossword puzzles, mainly because of the format, the clues, the words, and the spellings.  

71. Former spouses: EXES.  All of George Strait's live in Texas.  That's why he resides in Tennessee.


1. App that arranges a lift but not a Lyft: UBER.  Husker Gary is a big fan.

2. Pasta sauce brand: RAGÚ.  Pasta sauce is often called gravy in many Italian homes and some restaurants.  A ragù is a meat based pasta sauce. 

3. Elvis __ Presley: ARON.  Aron on the birth certificate, Aaron in the official Mississippi state records, and also Aaron on his gravestone.

4. Phrase on a heart-healthy food label: LESS FAT.

5. Flat-bottomed boats: BARGES. Or say, ways to enter a room or conversation, uninvited.

6. __ sign: =: EQUAL.

7. Jazz great Blake: EUBIE.

8. Weather-related Native American ceremony: RAIN DANCE.

9. Nine-digit IDs: SSNS.

10. Boxer's sound: ARF.  Whadda ya get when you start cross-breeding Great Danes and Bulldogs ?  My neighbor has one, and I love him. Good boy !

12. Magic charm: MOJO.

13. Icy road risk: SKID.

21. Hole-making tool: AUGER.

22. __ Heels: UNC team: TAR. The University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

26. "__ little teapot ... ": IM A.  short and stout,

27. Soul singer Hayes: ISAAC. Won an Academy Award for the Theme From Shaft.  I found out later that he also wrote Soul Man:

28. Easily duped: NAIVE.

31. Post-op area: ICU.

32. Get a feeling: SENSE.

33. Schedule openings: SLOTS.

35. Order lots of: STOCK UP ON.

36. Source of pliable wood: YEW.

40. Sushi tuna: AHI.

41. Easy putt: TAP IN.  Our golf league rules expressly state that, "You must putt it in"  but it's not unusual to see certain players commonly taking increasingly distant putts as a "gimme." 

44. Slap cuffs on: NAB.

47. Slap cuffs on: MANACLE. Just saw that clue somewhere.  Clecho. 

49. Jun. and Jul.: MOS.

50. Microscope inserts: SLIDES.

53. "Bless you" prompter: ACHOO.

54. Just making, with "out": EKING.

55. Court great Steffi: GRAF.

56. Ecuador neighbor: PERU.

58. Bar bills: TABS.

59. Gravy thickener: ROUX.

60. Encourage: URGE.

61. Shirts from concerts: TEES.

63. Toon devil: TAZ.  The cartoon Tasmanian Devil:


and the real Tasmanian devil:


Here's the grid:

Feb 5, 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018 ~ Jeff Eddings

Theme: Big Game - not really about the game, just words that start with a B and G.

17A. Nonconformist Harley-riding groups: BIKER GANGS

25A. Rose and Orange: BOWL GAMES

38A. Places where critters procreate: BREEDING GROUNDS

46A. Honey Ryder and Mary Goodnight: BOND GIRLS

59A. Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb ... and a hint to 17-, 25-, 38- and 46-Across: THE BEE GEES

Argyle here. A debut from this constructor but there may be more in the near future.


1. Closest pal, in IM shorthand: BFF. (Best Friend Forever)

4. Fish-eating raptor: OSPREY

10. Wretched: VILE

14. Period of history: ERA

15. Put a new flannel layer in, as a coat: RELINE

16. Fruit punches: ADEs

19. Picky details: NITS

20. Chief Norse god: ODIN

21. "Hulk" director Lee: ANG

22. Photoshop creator: ADOBE

23. Longtime "SNL" announcer Don: PARDO

28. Hoppy brews, for short: IPAs. (India pale ale)

30. Dog command: HEEL

31. Shake, as with fear: QUAVER

34. Demeanor: MIEN

35. "__ on a Grecian Urn": ODE

41. Camera initials: SLR. (single-lens reflex)

42. 35-Across, e.g.: POEM

43. Gulf War reporter Peter: ARNETT

44. Cancún house: CASA

45. Quick cash sources, initially: ATMs. (automated teller machine)

50. "Fantastic!": "SUPER!"

54. Like beer in a cooler: ON ICE

55. Unit of resistance: OHM

57. Lost fish in a Pixar film: NEMO

58. Letter before eta: ZETA

62. Rowing tools: OARS

63. Pine secretions: RESINS

64. Antonym of post-: PRE

65. Gin fizz fruit: SLOE

66. Remove, as a chin strap: UNSNAP

67. The "S" in iOS: Abbr.: SYS. (Internet (i) and operating system)


1. Jazz style: BEBOP

2. Mexican artist Kahlo: FRIDA. Self-taught painter (1907-1954) Wiki

3. Fire-walking mystic: FAKIR

4. Bruin legend Bobby: ORR

5. Nintendo rival: SEGA

6. Backup strategies: PLAN B's

7. Drummer Starr: RINGO

8. London's land: Abbr.: ENG. (England)

9. "Okay": "YES"

10. Graffiti creator, perhaps: VANDAL

11. Figure of speech: IDIOM

12. Do not disturb: LET BE

13. Letters before tees: ESSES

18. Curly salad green: ENDIVE

22. Child psychologists' benchmarks: AGE NORMS

24. Where to find columns with views: OP-ED PAGE

26. Millard Fillmore, partywise: WHIG

27. Ogle: LEER AT

29. Melodic passages: ARIOSI. Italian

31. NFL play callers: QBs. (quarterback)

32. Internet address: URL. (Uniform Resource Locator)

33. __ Lingus: Irish carrier: AER

34. Roaring-lion studio: MGM. (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

35. Washington's bill: ONE

36. Banned pesticide: DDT. (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane)

37. Winter hrs. in most of Michigan: EST. (Eastern Standard Time)

39. Not far: NEAR

40. Like heroes deserving more recognition: UNSUNG

44. Jewel box: CD CASE

45. Hearth receptacle: ASH BIN

46. Obnoxious clowns: BOZOS

47. Basketball's Shaq: O'NEAL

48. Part of TNT: NITRO

49. Rich soil: LOESS

51. Pals, in slang: PEEPS

52. Nail-filing board: EMERY

53. Kentucky Derby flowers: ROSES

56. "American Beauty" actress Suvari: MENA

59. __TV: Turner channel: TRU

60. Farm layer: HEN

61. Telepathy, e.g.: ESP. (Extrasensory perception)