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May 7, 2019

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 Mark McClain


16. *Privates' training site: BOOT CAMP.

5. *Unlimited budget, figuratively: BLANK CHECK.

10. *Uris WWII novel: BATTLE CRY.

29. *System with only ones and zeros: BINARY CODE.

35. *Picture-taking Brownie: BOX CAMERA.

63. Apparent setting for a two-letter comic strip suggested by the answers to starred clues: STONE AGE.


1. Part of an urban fleet: CAB.

4. Recipe amt.: TBSP.  More or less, to (your personal) taste.   Except in most baking, where measurements should be precise. 

8. Eva of "Green Acres": GABOR.

13. Tire filler: AIR.

14. Part of a Basque ball game name: ALAI.   We saw Basque last Thursday with 20A clue/answer:  San Sebastián beachgoer?: BASQUE IN THE SUN,  followed in the comments by:
 Haiku Harry said...
     Tall Jai Alai guy sucked.
     Teammates suggested, he play
     BASQUEtball, instead ...

As OKL would say, "The prescience of the blog..."

15. Deli counter staple: SALAMI.

18. Very cold: ARCTIC.

19. Soothing succulent: ALOE.

20. Forever, it seems: NO END.

22. Aptly named autopilot in "Airplane!": OTTO. Crossword Shout Out !

23. Similar to: LIKE. Akin.

24. Oscar winner Winslet of "The Reader": KATE. Saw Winslet and 4 letters, entered Kate.

25. Chum: PAL.

26. Fourth quarter mo.: DEC. December. diciembre in Spanish. décembre in French.

28. Big brass: TUBA. High ranking military officers would not fit. 

30. MPG-testing org.: EPA.  Standard MPG disclaimer: "Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle."  

33. Surprise attack: AMBUSH.

36. "__ Brockovich": ERIN.

37. Swindle: CON. Cheat.

38. Framed in the darkroom for artistic effect: CROPPED.  Crossword constructor, pianist, composer, naturalist and photog extraordinaire John Lampkin has contributed over 1000 images to BugGuide.Net.   He caught this Fungus Beetle crawling over another one:

40. Nearly obsolete golf club: ONE IRON.    It's really tough to hit this club consistently.   The one iron, along with the two iron, three iron, four iron and sometimes even the five iron, are increasingly being replaced by hybrid golf clubs, especially among amateur players.   It's becoming increasingly rare for even the best players in the world to carry a one iron in the bag.

42. Word after trail or party: MIX.

43. On the rocks: ICED.  "What is, How Tinbeni never orders his drinks ?" said James Holzhauer to Alex Trebek.

45. Diamond-shaped pattern: ARGYLE.   Scott, you are dearly missed.

46. "Outta here!" PC key: ESC.

47. Kitchen gadget brand: EKCO.   Kitchamagigs.   Founded in Chicago in 1880, the Edward Katzinger Co was one of the earliest manufacturers of kitchen utensils and products.   The name change to EKCO Products Co. was in 1945, and by the 1950's was producing every conceivable pan, gadget and utensil. - WIKICONIC and The Encyclopedia of Chicago.

48. Campaigned: RAN.

49. Throw in: ADD.

51. Courtroom fig.: ATTY.  Figure / Attorney.

53. Santa Anita data: ODDS.   

57. Prefix for half of Earth: HEMI.   Northern and Southern, as determined by the Equator,   or Eastern and Western,  defined by the Prime Meridian.   I guess it depends on how you want to divide it.   So much divisiveness in the world today. 

59. Acid used in cooking oil: OLEIC.

60. Hilarious routine: RIOT.

61. Removed the pull tab from: OPENED.

65. Calm: SERENE.   25 minutes outside of Lake Tahoe is a place called Serene Lakes

66. Ye __ Shoppe: OLDE.

67. Hoops net holder: RIM.

68. Mail-order pioneer: SEARS.  Sears was a mail-order watch business starting in 1886,  but Montgomery Ward was the mail-order pioneer 14 years earlier in 1872,  offering a varied 163 items in his first mail-order catalog. 

69. Have to have: NEED.

70. "I did it!": YES.    Yes, I mowed the wet lawn between rainstorms last Wednesday.  It had to be done.  Then had to mow again Sunday afternoon.


1. Conspiratorial group: CABAL.

2. Garlicky sauce: AIOLI.

3. Trout's home: BROOK.

4. Tic-__-toe: TAC.

6. Popular Girl Scout cookie: SAMOA.  According to
  • Thin Mints. ®
  • Caramel deLites®/Samoas. ®
  • Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs. ®
  • Girl Scout S'mores. ®
  • Do-si-dos®/Peanut Butter Sandwich.
7. Lab tube: PIPETTEA slideshow: From Beakers to Volumetric Flasks

8. Narrow, bony fish: GAR.

9. Metal industry giant: ALCOA.

11. Drop from a list: OMIT.

12. Puerto __: RICO

15. Down in the dumps: SAD.

17. Prepared to drive, in golf: TEED UP.   Better to be teed up than teed off.

21. Prefix with surgery: NEURO.

25. Bakery-café chain: PANERA.    Pane (Italian for bread) and era (time).    Panera = Bread time.

27. Spotted: ESPIED.

31. Health club amenity: POOL.

32. Green Gables lass: ANNE.  The classic children's novel.

33. Wile E. Coyote vendor: ACME

34. Open __: scans for the claustrophobic: MRIs.

39. Window sticker: DECAL.  I'd pay the full MRSP shown on this sticker for a Gran Turismo Omologoto.

41. Pay no heed to: IGNORE.

44. Loves to a fault: DOTES ON.

50. Informal eatery: DINER.

52. Book cover info: TITLE.

54. Personal journal: DIARY.

55. Wayward calf: DOGIE

56. Flower supporters: STEMS.

57. Hefty Cartwright brother: HOSS.  Played by Dan Blocker.   At 6'4" and weighing 300 pounds, hefty seems an apt physical description.   14 pounds at birth. 

58. Olympic weapon: EPEE.

59. Tribute in verse: ODE.

62. Nav. rank: ENS.  Naval / Ensign.   I learned that a naval flag is also known as an ensign.

64. Actor Beatty: NED.

Note from C.C.:

Say hello to Melissa's granddaughter Harper Rose! Look how excited her bigger sister Jaelyn is! 

Melissa's brother Rick is also coming home this coming Friday. What an ordeal for him and his family, esp Melissa.

Mar 20, 2019

Wednesday, March 20 2019, Mark McClain

Theme: Homonyms.
Each theme answer contains a word or syllable, each with a different spelling, pronounced the same: "PEEK." The above image is of Pikachu - a species of Pokémon. His cheeks store electricity.

18. Breed also known as a Lion Dog: PEKINGESE. Tricky spelling. From "A compact toy companion of regal bearing and a distinctive rolling gait, is one of several breeds created for the ruling classes of ancient China."

26. Angry display: FIT OF PIQUE.

49. When the volume is the highest: PEAK SEASON.

62. Survey surreptitiously: TAKE A PEEK.

Melissa here. There were some clever and sneaky clues in this one. Theme was easy to spot as soon as two theme answers were filled in.

1. About, in dates: CIRCA.

6. Words With Friends and such: APPS. I bet there are lots of cornerites who play that one. I prefer Draw Something. As much as I enjoy crosswords, Scrabble is too slow for me. It is quite popular in prison visiting rooms, as is dominoes.

10. They form a "cage": RIBS. Nice.

14. Bee-related: APIAN. Hee.

15. Cry while pointing a finger: LOOK. The "cry" tripped me up.

16. Rebecca's firstborn: ESAU.

17. General opening?: SOFT G. I still get tricked by this.

20. High regard: ESTEEM.

22. Nasty types: MEANIES.

23. Warm feeling: GLOW.

25. Gridiron official: REF. I wasn't aware that Gridiron Football was the term for American football.

31. Skill useful in delicate situations: TACT.

35. Big name in gaming: ATARI.

36. Like the Javanese calendar: LUNAR. Java is an island of Indonesia. Something tells me there may be a regular who has some pictures to share. See it at the bottom left? Things to see in Java.

38. Swear: VOW. I do.

39. Catholic univ. in San Antonio: MARYS.

40. Facebook titter: LOL.

41. Kagan on the bench: ELENA.

43. Symphonic rock gp.: ELO.

44. Port-au-Prince locale: HAITI.

46. "Otello" composer: VERDI.

47. Towns on some maps: DOTS.

51. Guffaw syllable: HAR.

53. Prominent fox features: EARS.

54. Alters to fit: TAILORS.

58. Souvenir with a slogan: T-SHIRT. Vote for Pedro.

64. Sanction: ALLOW.

65. Graph line: AXIS.

66. Westin competitor: OMNI. Hotels.

67. Rope often coiled: LASSO. Not noose.

68. Beer order: PINT.

69. Pop: SODA.

70. Moves rhythmically: SWAYS.


1. Detective's job: CASE.

2. Nasdaq debuts: IPOS.

3. Breach: RIFT.

4. Hurricane strength term: CATEGORY.

5. Colorful reef denizen: ANGEL FISH. So many different kinds.

6. The Eiger, for one: ALP. Impressive. Famous for cheese-making.

7. Work often recited: POEM.

8. Sack holding a pig, in an old idiom: POKE.

9. Winter sports mecca: SKI AREA.

10. Pass along, with dubious etiquette: RE-GIFT.

11. "It's clear now!": I SEE.

12. Barbershop member: BASS.

13. "X" author Grafton: SUE.

19. Austin-to-Dallas dir.: NNE.

21. Do some floor work: MOP. My mind went to dancing.

24. Singer Nelson: WILLIE.

26. Well-known: FAMED.

27. Writer Calvino: ITALO.

28. Seer's deck: TAROT.

29. Prescribed goal: QUOTA.

30. "A tradition __ any other": trademarked catchphrase for The Masters: UNLIKE.

32. Declares: AVERS.

33. Housing choice: CONDO.

34. Huck Finn creator: TWAIN.

37. Setbacks: REVERSALS.

42. Pet control ordinance: LEASH LAW.

45. Fitting: APROPOS.

48. Least forward: SHIEST. Superlative of shy. Have never seen that spelling. Collins dictionary says it is British spelling.

50. Didn't play: SAT.

52. In the manner of: ALA.

54. Bus alternative: TAXI.

55. Similar (to): AKIN.

56. San __: Riviera resort: REMO. Wikipedia has it as one word.

57. Transmit: SEND.

59. Ingrid's "Casablanca" role: ILSA.

60. Optimistic: ROSY.

61. There are five in ten: TWOS.

62. Word with dance or root: TAP.

63. Sedona, for one: KIA. Car model, not city.

Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy 81st birthday to Commander Al (Spitzboov), who has generously helped me with many problems over the years. Al served in the Navy Reserve for over 20 years and continues to be involved in various navy activities. Because of Spitzboov, Boomer and I have the best flag in the neighborhood. 
Argyle and Spitzboov
(August 23, 2014, Washington County Fair)

3) Happy 83rd Birthday to John28man! So happy that all your medical problems are under control and you continue to enjoy an active life, John!

Jan 8, 2019

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 Mark McClain

A M Words

17. National Portrait Gallery, e.g.: ART MUSEUM.

24. Freebies for tourists: AREA MAPS.

49. Rosary recital: AVE MARIA.

61. Puzzle solver's breakthrough, e.g.: AHA MOMENT.

3. Film often with chase scenes: ACTION MOVIE.

25. Inflatable bed for a guest: AIR MATTRESS.

38. Medium for many talk shows ... and an apt place to discuss six puzzle answers?: AM RADIO.

Mark is back to get some airtime with these A&M words.  The AM in AM RADIO is for Amplitude Modulation.  Talk radio is full of words and fills many of the AM frequencies.

My favorite is Aha Moment. 


1. Winter warm spell: THAW.

5. Simon & Garfunkel's "El Condor __": PASA.

9. Sneer (at): SCOFF.

14. Texas home of Baylor University: WACO.   In case you missed it, the # 8 Baylor Lady Bears knocked off the # 1 Connecticut Huskies on Jan 3rd in Waco by a score of 68 to 57.  It was the first regular season loss by the Huskies in 4 years and ended a 126 game winning streak.   Hondo Hurricane is a huge fan of the Huskies.  Please be sure to send your condolences. 

15. CPR pros: EMTs.

16. Jazz clarinetist Shaw: ARTIE.   54 Minutes of Swing and Jazz.

19. Ugh-inducing: NASTY.

20. Observes secretly: SPIES ON.

21. 67-Across exile: ADAM.
67. Genesis paradise: EDEN.

23. Dollar bills: ONEs.

28. Soda container: CAN.

30. List-shortening abbr.: ET AL.

31. The Emerald Isle: EIRE.

32. Ideology suffix: ISM.

33. Little fluid holder: VIAL.

35. Altered, as voting districts: REDREW.   Possibly gerrymandered.

37. Merged labor org.: CIO.   Congress of Industrial Organizations.  Created in 1935 under a slightly different name, broke away from and became a rival to the American Federation of Labor in 1938, and rejoined again in 1955 to form the AFL-CIO.

40. "Give __ break": ME A.  of that KitKat bar.

41. Soldiers' support gp. since 1944: AMVETS.  We donate.

43. Sign gas: NEON.

44. "Life of Pi" director Lee: ANG.

45. "How ya __?": DOIN.   Joey on Friends: "How YOU doin'?"

46. Not __ snuff: unsatisfactory: UP TO

48. "Cats" poet's monogram: TSE.  The poet, Thomas Stearns Eliot, more commonly as T.S. Eliot.    Also, an abbrv for transmissible spongiform encephalopathy.  One example would be mad cow disease.

51. Conveyer of tears: DUCT.  You say conveyer,  I say conveyor.  

54. Taiwan-based laptop giant: ACER.

55. Spanish island, to locals: MENORCA.  The four largest islands in the Islas Baleras archipelago east of Spain in the western Mediterranean are Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera.   Many minor islands and islets are close to the larger islands, including Cabrera, Dragonera, and S'Espalmador

58. Deep cleft: CHASM.

63. Tickle: AMUSE.

64. Dorothy's dog: TOTO.
Dorothy and Toto:

Also, a group of session musicians that gathered together and recorded prior to having a band name. According to legend, the drummer wrote "Toto" on their demo tapes only to differentiate them from other bands recording in the studio.  They decided to stay with the name. 

65. Tiny fraction of a min.: MSEC.  Millisecond.   One thousandth of a second.  Much much longer than a nanosecond. 

66. Jabs with a finger: POKES.

68. Concerning: AS TO.


1. First word of "A Visit From St. Nicholas": TWAS.

2. Large plucked instrument: HARP.  Our friend Laura playing one of her harps. 
4. Alumnae, e.g.: WOMEN.

5. Cuban coins: PESOS.

6. Blessing conclusion: AMEN.

7. Good name for a cook: STU.  Homophone of stew.

8. Eritrea's capital: ASMARA.

9. Yemen's capital: SANAA.

10. Hit the books at the last minute: CRAMMED.

11. Extra NBA periods: OTS.  Overtimes.

12. In top form: FIT.

13. "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" actress Tina: FEY.

18. Put in the game: USE.

22. Texas border city: DEL RIO.  Went to school with a guy from Del Rio.

24. Home of the Braves: ATLANTA.   The Atlanta Braves of MLB.

26. Grooms, bird-style: PREENS

27. Municipal waste: SEWAGE.

28. Noisy summer insect: CICADA.

29. "I, Robot" author: ASIMOV. Isaac.

30. Organ with a lobe: EAR.

33. Napa Valley vessel: VAT.

34. "There's no doubt!": I'M SURE.   Lisa: I'm positive.  Vinny: How can you be so sure ? Lisa: Because there is no way that these tire marks were made by a '64 Buick Skylark convertible. These marks were made by a 1963 Pontiac Tempest.

36. Long, long time: EON.

39. "Gloria in Excelsis __": DEO.

42. All together: EN MASSE.   En bloc.   In toto. 

47. Illicit video producer: PIRATE

50. High points: ACMES.

51. Evil spirit: DEMON.

52. Card game inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2018: UNO.

53. Pause-causing punctuation: COMMA.  Commas are important people.

55. Hand on deck: MATE.

56. Tech news site: CNET.

57. "I Got You Babe" label: ATCO.

58. Ballplayer's hat: CAP.  These New Era baseball caps are in order.  Baseball fans will see it.

59. Managed care gp.: HMO.

60. Arctic seabird: AUK.

62. Coal scuttle: HOD.

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to Patti Varol, editor for the Crosswords Club and Daily POP and Rich's assistant at LA Times. Whether a puzzle is accepted or rejected, Patti always gives constructive feedback. She's also a super crossword constructor and solver.

Dec 25, 2018

Tuesday, December 25, 2018 Mark McClain


17. Film character #1 (played by George C. Scott in 1984): EBENEZER SCROOGE.

25. Film character #2 (played by Leo G. Carroll in 1938): JACOB MARLEY.

43. Film character #3 (played by Kermit the Frog in 1992): BOB CRATCHIT.

55. Novella that introduced the three film characters: A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Why Does Charles Dickens Use Staves Instead of Chapters in A Christmas Carol ?

An appropriate puzzle for the day. 


1. Clever or stylish: SMART

6. October gem: OPAL.

10. Most eligible, draftwise: ONE A in crossword puzzle answers.  1-A in the Selective Service classification system that was used from 1948 - 1976.  

14. Temple scroll: TORAH.

15. "The X-Files" agent Scully: DANA.

16. Gym specimens: BODS.

20. Non-commercial TV commercial: PSA. Public Service Announcement

21. Order (around): BOSS.

22. Canadian province with a French motto: QUEBEC.  Figured Quebec, but didn't know the motto.  It is "Je me souviens" which translates to "I remember."

23. New Mexico art hub: TAOS.

24. Little bears: CUBS.

29. Polished off: ATE.

32. Go along (with): AGREE.

33. Spot for an AirPod: EAR.

34. The Grinch's dog: MAX.

35. Meadow bleats: BAAS.

36. Fronts of hands: PALMS.

38. __ torch: party light: TIKI.

 Mele Kalikimaka

39. Commercial URL suffix: BIZ.  Phonetic abbreviation for business.  This Top Level Domain ( TLD. e.g. .com, .edu, .gov, .net etc), was introduced in 2001 to relieve some of the demand for the .com (commercial) TLD. 

40. Sac fly result: RBI.

41. Makes simpler: EASES.

42. No particular one: ANY.

46. Like many breakfast bars: OATY.

47. Resound: ECHO.

48. Long-eared dog: BEAGLE.  "Large dogs in small packages"

51. Height: Pref.: ALTI. Altitude

52. Fed. law known as Obamacare: ACA. Affordable Care Act.

58. Shade provider: TREE.

59. Jog: TROT.

60. Geometric truth: AXIOM.

61. Totals: SUMS.

62. Drink with sushi: SAKE.

63. Plumbing issues: LEAKS.


1. How-to instruction: STEP.

2. Unruly crowds: MOBs.

3. Geometric product: AREA.

4. Sought office: RAN.

5. George Herman Ruth's nickname: THE BABE.

6. Ukrainian city: ODESSA.

7. Golf scorecard numbers: PARs.

8. Q&A part: Abbr.: ANS.

9. Glossy coatings: LACQUERs.

10. Orchestral reeds: OBOEs.

11. Rookie, in gaming: NOOB.

12. Sharp part of a sheet of paper: EDGE.

13. "Just __!": A SEC.

18. Repeated Mazda ad word: ZOOM.

19. Shade of red: RUBY.

23. Wiggled digits: TOES.

24. Chowder morsel: CLAM.

25. Hutt in "Star Wars": JABBA.

26. "Time and __": illustrated Jack Finney novel: AGAIN.

27. Outlandish, as an idea: CRAZY.

28. Artifact: RELIC.

29. Barn-raising sect: AMISH.

30. "Oh Myyy!" memoirist George: TAKEI.

31. Be real: EXIST.

36. Some public demonstrations: PROTESTS.

37. First name in advice: ABBY. "Dear Abby..."  Syndicated advice column started in 1956.  

38. Tex-Mex snack: TACO.

41. Principled: ETHICAL.

43. Indonesian resort island: BALI.

44. "I can __": words of empathy: RELATE.

45. Doesn't just sit there: ACTS.

46. Fairy tale beasts: OGRES.

48. Dugout rack items: BATS.

49. Earth tone: ECRU.

50. "Excuse me ... ": AHEM.

51. Run __: go wild: AMOK.

52. Puccini solo: ARIA. Let's have some Bach instead

53. Kitchen worker: COOK.

54. Help for the poor: ALMS.

56. Refrain syllable: TRA.

57. Firefighter's tool: AXE.

Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to dear Yellowrocks (Kathy), whose strength and persistence have been a source of inspiration for me over the years. Thanks for being here for us, Kathy!
Yellowrocks and son David, Sept 2016
2) Happy 80th Birthday also to Lorraine (Fermatprime), who's been with the blog since Nov 2009. 

Thanksgiving, 2015
3) Have to share with you this sweet picture JD sent me last night. JD lost her Blogger password and could not get back to the blog. If any of you know how, please let us know in the Comments section.

Brothers and Cousins: Truman, 11, Dylan, 5, Cameron, 8, Grady, 9

Dec 5, 2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018, Mark McClain

There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight!

One word in each of the theme answers is Hot! Hot! Hot!

17-Across. Get increasingly steamed: DO A SLOW BURN.

26-Across. Provocative social media tactic: FLAME TROLLING.  I am not familiar with this expression, but it makes sense.  Fortunately, we don't get much this on this blog.

44-Across. Battlefield order: FIRE WHEN READY!

59-Across. Striking white stripe between a horse's eyes: FACIAL BLAZE.


1. Insurance submission: CLAIM.  I had to file a claim when my 150+ year-old live oak tree decided it didn't want to be a live oak tree anymore.  The tree fell on my carport, which, fortunately, was strong enough so that my cars weren't crushed.

6. Spars on the briny: MASTS.
11. Spanish I verb: AMO.  Today's Spanish grammar lesson.

14. Vital body vessel: AORTA.

15. Choristers who are usually women: ALTOS.

16. Young bloke: LAD.
19. "Diary of a Wimpy __": Jeff Kinney book series: KID.  The book was first published in 2007, so it was too late for my childhood reading.

20. Home of the NHL's Blues: ST. L.  St. Louis is the home of the Blues hockey team.
21. Scrape off: ABRADE.

22. Radio hobbyists: HAMS.

23. Rickie Fowler's org.: PGA.  Apparently Rick Fowler (b. Dec. 13, 1988) is a golfer.

24. One way to travel: RAIL.  Because Train wouldn't fit in the spaces provided.

32. Old Italian bread?: LIRE.  Currency of Italy before the Euro.

34. Jai __: ALAI.  A crossword staple.

35. Forearm-related: ULNAR.

36. Wee hr.: ONE A.M.  Also the name of a 1916 Charlie Chaplin film.

38. Approves: OKs.

39. Disciple's query: IS IT I?  One of the disciple's asked Jesus this question.

40. "Am not!" retort: ARE SO!  Am too! also fits, but the word "am" is already used in the clue.

41. Spa treatment: PEEL.  I wanted a Pedi(cure).

43. Bullet __: list highlight: ITEM.

47. __ Mode, designer voiced by Brad Bird in "Incredibles 2": EDNA.  I never saw this movie.  I had seem this image, however.

48. Strive: VIE.  Could also be clued as Fights (for), which we saw in yesterday's puzzle.

49. Skinny: INFO.  I initially tried Thin.

51. Sleeping bag closer: ZIPPER.  Camping is not my thing.  We did a lot of camping in my childhood, however.

55. Getting stuff done, initially: TCB.  As in the phrase: Taking Care of Business.

58. "Who, me?": MOI?  Today's French lesson.

61. From A to Z: ALL.

62. Venue with skyboxes: ARENA.

63. Expected: USUAL.

64. Animation frame: CEL.

65. Venomous snake: ADDER.  Also known as a viper.

66. Hindu spiritual writing: SUTRA.


1. Despicable dudes: CADS.

2. Ransack: LOOT.

3. Depleted sea: ARAL.  The ARAL Sea is becoming a crossword staple.  It is considered an endorheic lake, meaning that it has no outlet to the oceans.  It also used to be the 4th largest lake in the world.

4. "__ Quiet Uptown": "Hamilton" song: IT'S.  I have tickets to see Hamilton in March 2019.

5. Spanish dessert wine: MALAGA.

6. Bryn __ College: MAWR. This college is still an all-female institution of higher education.

7. Goya's "Duchess of __": ALBA.
The last Duchess of Alba was quite a character.  She held over 40 hereditary titles and was very wealthy.  She was widowed twice.  Her third husband t'was 24 years her junior.  She died in 2014 at age 88. Goya's Duchess of Alba was probably a character, too.
Oh, you wanted these more famous Goya portraits of the Duchess:

8. It may be ear-piercing: STUD.  Think of an earring.

9. Bullfight figure: TORERO.  More of today's Spanish lesson.  The Torero is on the left.

10. ID gradually being omitted from Medicare cards: SSN.  As in the Social Security Number.

11. Water's capability to neutralize acid: ALKALINITY.

12. Injure badly: MAIM.

13. Track ratios: ODDS.

18. President who appointed two women to the Supreme Court: OBAMA.  President Obama (b. 1961) nominated Sonia Sotomayor (b. 1954) to replace Associate Justice David Souter (b. 1939); and and Elena Kagan (b. 1960) to replace retiring Associate Justice John Paul Stevens (b. 1920).

22. Sledding spot: HILLSIDE.

23. "Yes, fine by me": PLEASE DO!

25. Pierre's "his": A LUI.  More of today's French lesson

26. Second cup at a diner, e.g.: FREE REFILL.

27. Unite on the sly: ELOPE.  Fresh new clue for tying the knot without all the fanfare.

28. Spoken for: TAKEN.

29. Stairway element: RISER.

30. Statistician Silver: NATE.  Nathaniel Read Silver (b. 1978) is the founder of the FiveThirtyEight blog, which gives statistics on a number of subjects including politics and sports.

31. Dire: GRIM.

32. Bakery unit: LOAF.

33. Cross inscription: INRI.  Today's Latin lesson.  This is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase: Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, which is translated as Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

37. Like harvested hay: MOWN.  I wanted something that would evoke the smell of freshly harvested hay.

42. Video game stage: LEVEL.

45. Black ice, e.g.: HAZARD.  It can, indeed, be very dangerous.

46. Boeing rival: AIRBUS.  Apparently the two companies have a rivalry going on.

49. All-in-one Apple: iMAC.

50. Florida State player, familiarly: 'NOLE.  As in the Florida State Seminoles.

52. Secured, as a win: ICED.  Sorry, Tin!

53. Source of cones: PINE.

54. Early late-night TV host: PAAR.  As in Jack Harold Paar (May 1, 1918 ~ Jan. 27, 2004).

55. Lacking slack: TAUT.

56. Business magnate: CZAR.

57. Olympics coach Karolyi: BÉLA.  Béla Károlyi (b. 1942) is best known for being the coach to gymnast Nadia Comăneci (b. 1961) and Mary Lou Retton (b. 1968).

59. Tower authority: Abbr.: FAA.  As in the Federal Aviation Administration, which has jurisdiction over the airport towers.

60. The SEC's Tigers: LSU.  As in Louisiana State University.  Whenever LSU plays Auburn, another SEC team, the Tigers are guaranteed to win.*  LSU is the only collage university in the United States to have a live tiger living on campus.  You may be able observe Mike the Tiger on the University's TigerCam.  The cam isn't always functioning, though.

I hope none of you got "burned" on this puzzle!

 * Both LSU and Auburn have Tigers as their mascot.