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May 31, 2020

Sunday May 31, 2020 MaryEllen Uthlaut

Theme: "I Had a Bad Day" - Each verbal phrase is humorously clued as if it's a failed action of the subject in the clue.

23. My crayon __: DREW A BLANK.

28. My ruler __: FAILED TO MEASURE UP.

56. My needle __: DIDN'T COME THROUGH.


93. My cake __: FELL DOWN ON THE JOB.

117. My knife __: COULDN'T MAKE THE CUT.

128. And my champagne __: FIZZLED OUT. Love how this entry ends the theme set.

It's good to see MaryEllen Uthlaut back. I always associate her name with Sunday puzzles, probably because the first few puzzles she made for the LA Times were all Sunday grids.

Great title! Husker Gary-eque!

1. Swahili boss: BWANA. Literally 'boss" in Swahili.

6. Canasta combination: MELD.

10. Cockatoo feature: CREST.

15. Boring tools: AWLS.

19. Many a surfer: AOLER. Rich is one.

20. Others, in Latin: ALII. ALIA also.

21. Vigor: OOMPH.

22. Acquire, as an advantage: GAIN.

25. Pay television: CABLE

26. Designated space: AREA. The chaos have spilled into our area. Quite a few stores are vandalized. Targets and Walmarts are all closed right now. Curfew in place the past two nights. 

27. Four-wheeler, briefly: ATV.

31. Step on it when you need to step on it: THE GAS.

33. Carnival city: RIO.

34. Applies henna to, say: DYES. Amazing work.

35. Mink cousin: OTTER.

38. Sack lead-in: KNAP. Knapsack.

41. Mount north of Redding, California: SHASTA.

46. Golf course rental: CART. Boomer needs it for his Monday morning 9-hole round.

49. Blunted sword: EPEE.

51. Text sent with x's and o's: I LUV U. And 65. Spanish 51-Across: TE AMO.

54. Cultural character: ETHOS.

55. Felt remorse for: RUED.

59. Quacked company name: AFLAC.

61. Computer instructions: CODE. Anon-T's forte.

62. Courtyard: PATIO.

63. Dramatic offering: PLAY.

64. Mediterranean capital: BEIRUT.

66. Tats: INK.

68. One of this puzzle's 144: CLUE. Maximum entries allowed for a Sunday is 144.

79. Ground cover: TARP.

80. "Yess!": YAY.

81. Empower: ENABLE.

82. What may come to mind: IDEA.

86. Native New Zealander: MAORI.

89. Fix, as a toy: SPAY.

92. Sleep disorder: APNEA.

97. Shut (up): PENT.

98. South Pacific island group: SAMOA.

99. Parasite: LEECH.

100. Benefit: SAKE. Nice with sashimi.

101. Cookie with a Red Velvet variety: OREO. This red looks so artificial.

102. Attacks: ONSETS.

104. Climb, in a way: SHIN.

106. Direct attention: REFER.

108. Soften: EASE.

111. As we speak: NOW.

113. Beefy soup ingredient: OXTAIL. Thick. Almost stew.

125. Genetic material: DNA.

126. "Need anything __?": ELSE.

127. Fluffy-eared marsupial: KOALA.

130. Crossword-solving Simpson: LISA.

131. Celtic language: IRISH.

132. Trac II cousin: ATRA.

133. Walt Whitman volunteered as one during the Civil War: NURSE.

134. Title for fictional detective Peter Wimsey: LORD. Read more here.

135. Parachute fabric: NYLON.

136. Help grow up: REAR.

137. Printer cartridge contents: TONER.


1. Lacking talent for: BAD AT.

2. Deserving of: WORTH.

3. "All Day Strong" brand: ALEVE.

4. Not seen before: NEW.

5. Longtime PLO chairman: ARAFAT.

6. Mauritania neighbor: MALI.

7. Airline to Israel: EL AL.

8. Hard-hit batted ball: LINER.

9. Small antelope with an echoic name: DIK DIK. Look at her eyes!

10. First name in design: COCO.

11. Wander aimlessly: ROAM.

12. Reporter at the front: EMBED.

13. Spread outward: SPLAY.

14. Academic research papers: THESES.

15. Jellylike alga extract: AGAR. Essential for Fruit Jelly. Can't wait for the lychee season.

16. Goods suffix: WARE.

17. Stead: LIEU.

18. Start of a football play: SNAP.

24. Poured juices over: BASTED.

29. Bar mixer: TONIC.

30. Director in the theater?: USHER. Nice clue.

32. Approached nightfall: GOT DARK.

36. "Iliad," for one: EPIC.

37. Second chance: REDO.

39. Leaning to one side: ALOP. Have not seen this word for sometime.

40. Reebok rival: PUMA.

42. Resting upon: ATOP.

43. Jewish assembly site: SHUL.

44. Roman garment: TOGA.

45. Grayish: ASHY.

46. 19th-century diarist Henry __ Robinson: CRABB. Unfamiliar to me.

47. Pot-__: "on the fire" French stew: AU-FEU.  Partial. I'll talk more about it later.

48. Thing of the past: RELIC.

50. Lead to: END IN. 103. Finally registered: SANK IN. 115. Occupied: IN USE.

52. Twining plant: VETCH. Learned from doing crosswords. So pretty. Alas, D-Otto can't see the delicate colors.

53. Functional: UTILE.

57. Look after: TEND.

58. Legislative body: HOUSE.

60. Snake worshippers, e.g.: CULT. Never heard of snake worship.

67. Tab, say: KEY.

69. European erupter: ETNA.

71. Slow way of speaking: DRAWL.

72. Barely ahead: UP ONE.

73. Reckless: RASH.

74. Personality categories: TYPES.

75. Bond that promotes easy communication: RAPPORT.

76. Baseball's Doubleday: ABNER.

77. __ Woods, original voice of Disney's Cinderella: ILENE. Also new to me. Has a Norma Jean look.

78. "Groovy!": NEATO.

82. In that case: IF SO.

83. Basketball Hall of Fame coach Smith: DEAN. Wiki says he "coached for 36 years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Smith coached from 1961 to 1997 and retired with 879 victories".

84. Stately trees: ELMS.

85. Cream additive: ALOE. Skin cream.

87. Small deer: ROES.

88. Move bit by bit: INCH.

90. "When it's __": answer to a classic riddle: A JAR.

91. Symbol of bondage: YOKE.

94. So last year: DATED.

95. "To __ own self be true": "Hamlet": THINE.

96. Soil: BEFOUL. Not a word I use. Those rioters befoul our state. We're not "Minnesota Nice" any more.  

105. A stone's throw: NOT FAR. Our governor said 80% of the rioters are from other states.

107. Degree: EXTENT.

109. Apartment building unit: STORY.

110. Web message: EMAIL.

112. Harmless, as a lie: WHITE.

114. Add splendor to: ADORN.

116. "See ya": LATER.

117. Honeycomb compartment: CELL.

118. Miscellany: OLIO.

119. Cold War initials: USSR.

120. Play the first card: LEAD.

121. Besides that: ALSO.

122. Madeline of "Blazing Saddles": KAHN.

123. Poet Pound: EZRA.

124. Old Russian autocrat: CZAR.

129. Sonny and Cher, for one: DUO.

I wrote a short post on partials a while ago. You can read it here.

Suppose I have a ARA? slot and I can only use letter M or T. I normally choose T, so I'll have A RAT partial. It's easy to clue and easy for solvers. ARAM is not a common name and can stump some solvers.

Partials are not bad. Every editors allow them. Just make sure you don't have more than two for a 15*15 grid and your partials don't have more than 5-letters like A PLANT.


Feb 5, 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020, MaryEllen Uthlaut





Three grid-spanning theme answers, all with the same clue. Most of the fill was gettable, thankfully. The English language is full of words that have multiple, sometimes unrelated, meanings.


1. Twinings products: TEAS. Can never remember now many n's in this brand name. Speaking of tea brands, I've noticed that tea brands seem to have changed over the years. Specific flavors that I've had for years just don't taste the same.

5. Wolf pack leader: ALPHA. Alpha dog.

10. Oft-misused pronoun: WHOM. Grammarly.

14. Hall of Famer Donovan, first woman to coach a WNBA championship team: ANNE. 2011 interview.

15. One-piece dresses: SARIS.

16. Georgetown athlete: HOYA. The Georgetown Hoyas are the athletics teams that officially represent Georgetown University in college sports. The team name is derived from the mixed Greek and Latin chant "Hoya Saxa" (meaning "What Rocks"), which gained popularity at the school in the late nineteenth century.

20. Outshine: ECLIPSE.

21. Codgers: GEEZERS. Funny word.

22. Shorthand writer, for short: STENO. Stenographer. Steno- a combining form meaning “narrow,” “close,” used in the formation of compound words.

23. Haus husband: HERR. Learned from crosswords, finally remembered.

24. "Apollo 11" org.: NASA.

27. Solution for contacts: SALINE.

32. Decides: OPTS.

36. Attended, as college, with "to": WENT. My grandmother and her sisters, all from Texas, used to say "What went with the ____?" when they were looking for something.

38. Fibula neighbor: TIBIA.

42. Thumb one's nose at: FLOUT. Openly disregard (a rule, law or convention).

43. Air Quality Index factor: SMOG.

44. Old flames: EXES.

45. Bench-clearing brawls, e.g.: SETTOS. Another word I only see in crosswords, or old novels.

47. Big fusses: ADOS.

49. Grammar, in grammar: NOUN.

51. Slices in a pie, often: OCTAD. Recently seen on CBS.

56. Christmas show: PAGEANT.

60. Nutritionist's unit: CALORIE.

64. Soaks (up): SOPS.

65. Aptly named 1955 and 2019 Disney dog: TRAMP. Aw.

66. Oboe vibrator: REED.

67. Tupelo, e. g.: TREE. The most expensive honey in America

68. Chips in a chip: ANTES.

69. Mixes in: ADDS.


1. Subdues: TAMES.

2. Make into law: ENACT.

3. Common sprain site: ANKLE.

4. Welcome at the door: SEE IN.

5. Snakes in hieroglyphics: ASPS.

6. Bodice trim: LACE.

7. In favor of: PRO.

8. Depend (on): HINGE.

9. Daisylike fall flowers: ASTERS.

10. Zoom (by): WHIZ.

11. Refine, as skills: HONE.

12. Open hearing, in law: OYER. Heard quite a bit of late.

13. "24K Magic" singer Bruno: MARS.

18. Familiar with: UP ON.

19. Force gas into: AERATE.

23. Word-guessing game: HANGMAN.

25. Cobbler's tool: AWL.

26. Swell places?: SEAS. Nice clue.

28. Margarita garnish: LIME.

29. Goat with recurved horns: IBEX. Recurved - bent or curved backward.

30. Start of many a workday: NINE.

31. Revived Alton Brown cooking show "Good __": EATS.

32. Rip-__: thefts: OFFS.

33. Olympic vaulter's need: POLE.

34. Home run pace: TROT.

35. Indecent matter: SMUT.

37. Stepped heavily: TROD.

40. Without a musical key: ATONAL.

41. Self-awareness: EGO. Ram Dass (who passed away December 22, 2019) said you need just enough ego to to remember your Buddha Nature and your social security number.

46. Piano __: SONATA.

48. 46-Down, often: SOLO.

50. Difficult move in a busy intersection: U-TURN.

52. One leading a charmed life?: COBRA. Great clue.

53. Made an attempt: TRIED.

54. Needed to skip work, perhaps: AILED.

55. Closing documents: DEEDS.

56. "Hey, you!": PSST.

57. Deity with a bow: AMOR.

58. Stare in amazement: GAPE.

59. Otherwise: ELSE.

60. "The best is yet to __": COME.

61. Concert gear: AMPS.

63. Bit of body ink: TAT.

From C.C.:

Melissa said "jaelyn fell and broke her collarbone yesterday. she was really brave getting her x-ray."

Still smiling in her sling. Get well soon, Jaelyn!

Jan 20, 2020

Monday January 20, 2020 MaryEllen Uthlaut

Theme: COFFEE BREAK (36. Midmorning work time-out, and a hint to this puzzle's circles)

1) ESPRESSO: 17. Gets an A on, as a test: ACES. And 18. Bench __: exercise: PRESS And 19. Red sky at morning, to a sailor: OMEN.

2) LATTE:  21. Darjeeling and oolong: TEAS. And 22. Fire stirrers: POKERS.

3) MOCHA: 57. Japanese wrestling: SUMO. And 59. Half a Latin dance: CHA.

4) CAPPUCCINO: 60. Put __ on: limit: A CAP. And 61. Fashion designer Emilio: PUCCI. And 63. Christmas carol: NOEL.

Boomer here. This theme is more complicated than our normal Mondays.

It's a Federal holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  I don't know if I ever mentioned this, if I did I am sorry to repeat. On April 4, 1968, I was called to emergency duty that evening to the Fort Campbell Army Hospital. There were riots (mostly off post) and bloodied soldiers were delivered by ambulance to the emergency room. I know Memphis must have been worse. Fort Campbell was about 250 miles from Memphis but the pain was felt all over Tennessee.


1. Drains of strength: SAPS.  Drains from maple trees also. Argyle used to send us a small bottle of maple syrup.

5. Hoops player: CAGER.  Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo.  (Simon and Garfunkel)

10. Immortal Middle-earth dweller: ELF.  Speaking of Argyle, Santa's helper, an elf, maybe helped him with the syrup.

Argyle, 1960,  fifteen year old and a Freshman. Class of '63.
13. Suffix with switch: EROO.  Switcheroo will be made in managers for the Astros and Red Sox.

14. Gladiator's realm: ARENA.

15. Henry __, who had six marriages: VIII.  This guy was terrible, I think he weighed over 400 lbs.  He also got into an argument with the Pope and decided to start his own church.  He beheaded two of his six wives and treated the other four terribly.

20. Long. crosser: LAT.

24. Writer Wharton: EDITH.  Remember Edith Bunker?  Archie kind of treated her like Henry VIII treated his wives, however he did not behead her.

26. "Indubitably!": YES.

28. Hawk's nest: AERIE.

29. Shrinks back: RECOILS.  I remember the first time I fired a 20 gauge shotgun.  I thought my arm was going to fall off. 

31. Like a student arriving ten minutes after the bell, as opposed to five: TARDIER.  Seems like a made-up word for later.

33. "Golly!": GEE.  Whiz

34. Greek cross: TAU.

35. Old PC component: CRT.  Cathode Ray Tube.  I don't know what they use now, but it's faster and better.

40. Santa __ winds: ANA.  "High up Santa Ana we're killing your soldiers below, so the rest of Texas will know, and remember the Alamo."  I remember the Kingston Trio version.

42. Convert (hide) into leather: TAN.

43. Dada pioneer Jean: ARP.  Not to be confused with the old retiree club.  I joined for awhile but it did not seem worth it.

44. Roasted holiday birds: TURKEYS.  We had one at Thanksgiving,  That was enough thank you.

47. Clickbait links, e.g.: TEASERS.  I did not realize they were called clickbait.  I never click on the ads at all.  Lately Subaru is spending their ad budget.

51. Movie critic, when giving stars: RATER.  We are not big movie fans.  Lately C.C. is clicking on raters to see who has the best buffet.

52. As well: TOO.

54. Religious belief: TENET.  Henry VIII created his own.

55. Hider's location-revealing words: IN HERE.

64. Toy building block: LEGO.  These are great.  I have mentioned the monstrosity at our Mall of America.

65. Sir __ Newton: ISAAC.

66. Word-of-mouth: ORAL.

67. Bear's shelter: DEN.  I thought it was a house that Goldilocks ate porridge, tried out the beds and broke a chair. 

68. Chili con __: CARNE.  Reminds me of Jackie Gleason's buddy Art Carney aka Ed Norton who worked in the sewer.

69. Moistens: WETS.


1. Putty, for example: SEALER.

2. Video game area: ARCADE.  A good Facebook friend of mine in the suburb where I used to live has an arcade business.  I used to visit there frequently when he had pinball games.  Now everything is electronic and I am too old to play.

3. Written in verse: POETIC.

4. Sailor's "Help!": SOS.  Also a steel wool pad.

5. Flowing garb for Batman: CAPE.  To the Batcave, Robin.

6. Orderly arrangements: ARRAYS.  "The Wizard of Oz" was going to cast Mr. Bolger as the Tin Man but when someone found his shoes near the corn field the director must have said "Those are Rays".

7. Sextet after the golden rings: GEESE.  I think you mean golden eggs.  Ask Aesop.

8. USN rank: ENS.  Yes Sir !!

9. Abrasive tool: RASP.  Works better than sandpaper, but do not use it on your bowling ball.

10. Brought to mind: EVOKED.

11. Funny five-line verse: LIMERICK.  There was a young girl from St. Paul.  Who went to a newspaper ball.  Her dress caught on fire ... and burnt her entire -- front page, sports section and all.

12. More passionate: FIERIER.

16. Newspaper leaflet, say: INSERT.  We get them all the time.  Usually the first thing that goes into the recycle bag. Sorry.

21. Porch pirate, for one: THIEF. Our porch pirates are squirrels.  I don't feed them but they use our deck to get to the next door lady, who puts out a buffet

23. Rowboat mover: OAR.  Gently down the stream.

25. Like takeout food: TO GO.

27. Wild guess: STAB.  I usually have to STAB a lot at crosswords.

30. Southpaw: LEFTY.  "Poncho needs your prayers it's true, say a few for LEFTY too.  He only did what he had to do. And now he's growin' old".  Willie Nelson

32. Surrounding glows: AURAE.

34. Decalogue number: TEN.  Number of pins in the deck

36. Rome's Punic Wars foe: CARTHAGE.

37. Toward sunrise: EAST.  East is east, and west is west and the wrong one I have chose.  "Buttons and Bows"  Yes I am old enough to remember Dinah Shore.  "See the USA in your Chevrolet."

38. Muse of poetry: ERATO.

39. Church recess: APSE.  That has something to do with the roof.  My church does not have a recess.  We have to stay for the whole hour.  Doesn't matter though, the playground is full of snow.

40. On __ basis: for testing purposes: A TRIAL.  I am going to try an old plastic ball next Thursday.  Bowling center is too cheap to put much oil on the lanes.  Ball hooks too much - last Thursday I left 9 splits and went away mad.

41. Characterized by subtle distinctions: NUANCED.

45. Not turn off: KEEP ON.  Yes, we are keeping the furnace on this time of year.

46. Be wrong: ERR.  A baseball term.  Check with the Astros or Red Sox.

47. Bird on a Froot Loops box: TOUCAN.  These look great on boxes and ads.  I have never seen a real one.

48. "Sing another one!": ENCORE.  Okay "Lucy Baines, she is no Jackie but then who complains.  She may be tacky but she was the brains behind our foreign policy.  Who else but Lucy could it be."

49. Warm up, as leftovers: REHEAT.  It's never quite as good on the second day.

50. Hems and haws: STALLS.  Rest rooms at the ball park and airports.

53. Grouchy Muppet: OSCAR.

56. Large-scale tale: EPIC.

58. Computer devices bearing little resemblance to their real-life namesakes: MICE.

62. Can. neighbor: USA.  We hear this chant at the Olympics

63. "It's __ or never": NOW.

My best wishes to our friend Irish Miss. Wishing you a quick recovery.

Agnes' 11 Rings

Boomer's  8 Rings (300 and 299 Games)
Note from C.C.:

Here is the obit of Agnes' sister Anne. Thanks for the link, Al.

Mar 5, 2019

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 MaryEllen Uthlaut


17. Smartphone condition resolved by recharging: LOW BATTERY.  My cell phone only works when it is plugged in. 

32. Unable to see because of reflected sunlight: SNOW BLIND.   Dr Bruce Haight might diagnose this condition as photokeratitis,  but I'm guessing he probably doesn't see many cases in his southern California practice.

38. "The West Wing" actor: ROB LOWE.

46. Martin Waddell book about birds missing their mother: OWL BABIES.

61. Baker's staple, and a hint to this puzzle's circles: MIXING BOWL.

My site search of the Corner suggests that MaryEllen doesn't construct for the LA Times very often but when she does,  it's always pleasant, and fresh.    I enjoyed the cluing and seeing some answers we don't encounter very often.   


1. Like a pendulum's path: ARCED.

6. Tinted: HUED.

10. Loading platform: DOCK.

14. Question before "Yes, you!": WHO ME ?  Simple but lovely.

15. Gumbo pod: OKRA.

16. Dark purple berry: ACAI.  ah-sigh-EE.   Today I learned that they are dark purple and how to pronounce the word.

19. Geeky type: NERD.   I have geeky tendencies that came with the career.

20. Succulent plant genus: ALOE.

21. Went out in the sloop: SAILED.  I can't help but think of John B when I read that word.  It's the only association this landlubber has for it.

23. Not quite closed: AJAR. Hahtoolah has a joke for this word that is rated G - All Audiences.

26. Antlered grazers: ELKS.

29. Brawl: MELEE.   Often seen in Ice Hockey games.  Field Hockey,  not so much. 

30. Short-legged Welsh dog breed: CORGI.  The Queen's favorites. 

34. Quimby girl of kid-lit: RAMONA"...when Cleary wrote from Ramona's point of view, all of the little girl's actions made perfect sense."

36. "The Time Machine" race: ELOI.   H.G. Wells  popularized the enduring Sci Fi trope of time travel, just as Mary Shelley popularized the motif of mad scientists in Frankenstein. 

37. Letters after ems: ENS.   Plurals of the 13th and 14th letters of the English alphabet.  I doubt we would see a similar clue for the 16th letter. 

40. Press into service: USE.

43. __ history: ORAL.

44. Buy eagerly, as discount goods: SNAP UP.

51. One getting private instruction: TUTEE.  Tutor/tutee.  Mentor/mentee. 

52. Pottery remnant: SHARD.

53. What snakes' tongues sense: ODOR

55. Take a nap: DOZE.   Anonymous T !  Wake up !

56. Brunch cocktail: MIMOSA.  Tinbeni can wet his whistle if he likes champagne with his brunch.

58. Hawaiian feast: LUAU.  Poi, pig, poke, pineapple and punch, and hopefully some music to set the mood. 

60. Mishmash: OLIO.  Hodgepodge.

67. Texter's button: SEND.  Please don't text while driving.  Spread the word. 

68. __ out a living: EKED.

69. Bee product: HONEY.

70. Neither calm nor collected: EDGY.

71. Loch __ monster: NESS.   Nellie. 

72. Cell terminal: ANODE.   The other terminal is the cathode.   I ordered a new battery for my cell phone. 


1. Tool for making eyelet holes: AWL.

2. P-like Greek letter: RHO.

3. "Eat Mor Chikin" sign holder in Chick-fil-A ads: COW.

An iconic advertising campaign that started with a pair of rebel cows painting a billboard.

4. Trade restriction: EMBARGO.

5. Word with fair and square: DEAL.  And real.

6. Lodging spots: HOTELS.

7. 58-Across instrument: UKE.   Good choice for a luau. 

8. Go wrong: ERR.   I don't know whether the ad agency was promoting the dress or the clutch,  but I'm pretty sure that mirrors don't work that way.

9. Common work shift: DAYS.

10. Explorer Boone: DANIEL

11. Eyelike spots: OCELLI.    Not your common Tuesday crossword word.  

The Peacock's 'Tuneful' Tail Feathers

12. Tilt dangerously around corners: CAREEN.  A Google site search indicates this word has been an answer in only three LA Times crosswords since C.C. started this blog.   

13. Teased: KIDDED.

18. Sock part: TOE.

22. Atmospheric kind of music: AMBIENT.   We had ambience as an answer in Bruce Haight's puzzle last Thursday,  and it is an uncommon answer,  but we've seen ambient as an answer even less.  We mostly see it as a clue, as in "Ambient music pioneer Brian ___."

23. Plot measure: ACRE.

24. Author Didion: JOAN.  Author, The Year of Magical Thinking

25. Weaponry: ARMS.

27. Tolled mournfully: KNELLED.  A rare answer in LA Times crossword puzzles.  The only occurrence I could find was a Jeffrey Weschler Friday puzzle in 2014.

28. By oneself: SOLO.

31. Sudden attacks: INROADS.  2nd definition.  I think more in terms of the 1st:  Bits of progress, advancements. 

33. Dazzles: WOWS.

35. 50-50 choice, perhaps: A OR B

39. Scott of "Happy Days": BAIO.    He played Chachi. 

40. __-the-minute: UP TO.  I'm jaded by the major news TV outlets and all of the "Breaking News" headlines that are anything but. 

41. Canal in a 1956 dispute: SUEZ

42. Fencing sword: EPEE.

45. Society named for an ornithologist: AUDUBON.   The only occurrence I could find was a Pam Amick Klawitter Friday puzzle in 2016.

46. Seep slowly through: OSMOSE.   Another rare answer.  A Brad Wilber Saturday and a Bruce Haight Wednesday. 

47. Caused to pass (away), as time: WHILED.  A Google site search proved to me that I've never seen this in a clue or an answer for LA Times crossword puzzle.  Only in comments. 

48. Causing to limp, say: LAMING.   Pretty much the same as above, but as far I can tell, no one has ever used this word even in the comments section. 

49. Feeling depressed: BROODY.   We've seen the word in clues, but I couldn't find it as an answer.

50. Geometric category: SOLIDS.

54. Sprint: RUN.

57. "Yes indeed!": AMEN.   You can say that again. 

59. Muslim honorific: AGHA.

62. '50s White House nickname: IKE.   DDE becomes CIC of the country.

63. Simple signatures: XES.

64. Yoko from Tokyo: ONO.

65. United in marriage: WED.

66. Cleaning chemical: LYE.

It's not as if there wasn't a lot of common crossword fill.   There was, and that's not unusual for a Tuesday puzzle.   But I was struck by the uncommon answers, and it added to my enjoyment.   I hope you enjoyed it as well.

Apr 8, 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016, MaryEllen Uthlaut

Title: The fun is in the pun pun.

4 in the language phrases with "FOR' in the center of the phrase have their meaning re-purposed by clues which change the meaning but keep the same words. I think this is our 7th from MaryEllen but our first since November 2013. I love the concept of using Peanuts the comic strip, but I am not sure the clue/fill for WORK fits the theme as its meaning does not change. The meanings of PASS, WATCH and ROOM are changed. And they are all amusing. There also are some 7 letter fill (and one non-theme 9 letter) to make us work. TYCOONS, SNEAKER,  ANAHEIM,  EROTICA,  XEROXES,  FLUFFED,  ENVIRON, HAND OFF,  ARCADIA,  ICED TEA, PERFORMER. I am curious what you all thinks, so let's have at it.

19A. *Assist Charles M. Schulz? : WORK FOR PEANUTS (14). As opposed to chicken feed...anyway  the late Charles Schulz will always be best know for Peanuts. The original expression may come from circus animals.(1.5 MM google hits).

32A. *Free ticket given to Target Field players? : PASS FOR TWINS (12).  A mini-shout out to C.C. and her baseball team. 25 million hits for the phrase. It is STUDIED and watched....
40A. *Timepiece at a stag party? : WATCH FOR DEER (12). But can they tell time? 47 million hits.

53A. *Law office? : ROOM FOR DISPUTE (14). My least favorite despite the 154 million hits.


1. Walks, on scorecards : BBSBase on Balls; with the start of the real season already upon us, this is timely. It takes 4.

4. Rehab hurdle : DTS. Alcoholics often suffer from Delerium Tremens. My math teacher junior year in high school shook like a leaf in the morning.

7. Calm : SETTLE. Calm the flock.

13. "Well, __-di-dah!" : LAH. Back for repeat performance.

14. Deli choice : RYE. Did we have Ham on..last week?

15. Ducks' home : ANAHEIM. Hockey team named from a movie.

16. Some Anne Rice novels : EROTICA. Never read any of these BOOKS. Though clearly all her works have some erotic element.
18. Dupes : XEROXES. Duplication, not being taken in.

21. Completely : IN TOTO. Not Dorothy's dog, but Latin.

22. Wapiti : ELK. In the Deer family.

23. ID checker : TSA. Transportation Safety Administration.

24. "__ any drop to drink": Coleridge : NOR. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

26. Surface : EMERGE.

35. Burn soothers : ALOES.

38. Modern reaction to a riot? : LOL. A laugh riot.

39. Group of species : GENUS.

43. Important Philippines export : NICKEL. Are you keeping up on the worldwide GLUT? There should be a plugged nickel joke inserted here.

44. Bros, e.g. : MEN.

45. Fraction of a joule : ERGAn erg is the amount of work done by a force of one dyne exerted for a distance of one centimeter, but I guess you knew that.

48. Not allow to atrophy : USE. Hmm, the dictionary says, "gradually decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect." My optic nerve atrophy is not from underuse.

50. "My vegetable love should grow / __ than empires ... ": Andrew Marvell : VASTER. This odd METAPHOR from To His Coy Mistress is studied.

58. Option play option, in football : HAND OFF. Sort of, but usually it is pitched out.

59. Home of the god Pan : ARCADIA. In Greece. The HOME.  PAN.

60. Beverage sometimes served with mint : ICED TEA. That should make almost all of the Corner happy. Sorry Tin.

61. Besides : TOO.

62. Inning trio : ENS. A nice misdirection, as it has nothing to do with baseball, just the three Ns in the word.

63. Botched (up) : MESSED.

64. Model of industry : ANT. The modern story of the ANT.
65. Put into words : SAY.


1. Failed miserably : BLEW IT. Very modern fill.

2. Industry leaders : BARONS. Very old fill. Clecho, 5SD. Industry leaders : TYCOONS.

3. Fan letter? : SHORT A. The A in the middle. Also, 31D. First of September? : ESS.

4. Meaning : DRIFT. I get your drift MaryEllen.

6. Prepare tuna, in a way : SEAR.
7. Converse, e.g. : SNEAKER.
8. Take in : EARN.

9. Quaker pronoun : THOU.

10. It may be skillfully created by one who's all thumbs : TEXT. My favorite Clue/fill as the skill my children have texting with their thumbs baffles me.

11. Rests : LIES. Lie down vs. lay down...

12. Acute care letters : EMS. I wanted ICU or CCU but they did not work with perps.

15. Eponymous skater Paulsen : AXEL. To our skaters, one in the sky this move from a Norwegian SKATER.

17. Ring decision : TKOTechnical Knock Out.

20. One putting on an act : PERFORMER.

25. Home of Norway's royal family : OSLO.

27. Bank holding: Abbr. : MTGE. Mortgage.

28. Carafe kin : EWER. Regular crossword word.

29. __ Tin Tin : RIN. It was big when I was little. This week we learned he really won the first Oscar.
30. Shaggy-tailed bovid : GNU.

32. Lot of trouble? : PECK. Son, you are in a peck of trouble. Dictionary says it has been around since 1545.

33. "A Hard Road to Glory" writer : ASHE.

34. Merrie __ England : OLDE.

35. Plant bristle : AWN. Luckily I had this in February with James Sajdak.

36. French narrative poem : LAI. I did not know THIS.

37. Like some stocks, briefly : OTCOver The Counter as opposed to being on an exchange.

41. Misspoke, as lines : FLUFFED. I wanted FLUBBED but the F's would not let me.

42. Surround : ENVIRON. Never heard this in the singular, but....

45. Rachmaninoff's "__-tableaux" : ETUDES. JzB one you know?  LISTEN.

46. Light-sensitive layer : RETINA. The back of the eye.

47. __ spoon : GREASY. Another old expression.

49. Upholstered piece : SOFA.

51. Fancy tie : ASCOT. Perhaps Steve or Nice Cuppa can give us the British perspective and history.

52. Hotel amenity : SPA.

53. Derby, perhaps : RACE.

54. Some bills : ONES. Or tens.

55. Chances : ODDS.

56. Speck : MOTE.

57. It may be mined : DATA. I think I linked data mining before.

58. Objective reference : HIM. One of the objective pronouns.

A different Friday with Coleridge instead of Shakespeare and mostly doable cluing. I had fun, I hope you did. Thanks MaryEllen and all of you. Lemonade out.