Jan 21, 2008

Monday, Jan 21, 2008 Josiah Breward

Theme: Dry

17 A: Stranded: HIGH AND DRY
37A: Rehearsals: DRYRUNS
59 A: Fearless, in the house?: NOT A DRY EYE
11D: Ginger ale maker: CANADA DRY
33D: Sober refrain: HOWDRYIAM (never heard of this word before)

A bit tough for me to chew on a Monday.

6 Across: Cuddly George Lucas creature: EWOK. Never watched Star Wars. I did easily get EWO_ easily from down clues, and could not figure out the last letter.

9 Down: type of electron tube: KLYSTRON.

Comics John BYNER (34D: Comic John) and ROSEANNE (38D: Single-Name comic) made appearances also.

C. C.

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Anonymous said...

At least you did better than I did on Sunday's suduko. I saw Star Wars and I only remember Wookie "Chewbacca"