Jan 24, 2008

Thursday, Jan 24, 2008 Alan P. Olschwang

Theme: Quip

17A: Living in the past
28A: Has only one
46A: Thing in its
61A: Favor it's cheaper

I had to cheat a few times to dig this one out.

15A: Vega's constellation LYRA. It's in yesterday's Star Tribune crossword 58D, the same clue. I always have problems with this LYRA, LIRA (coin before euro), lIRE (alternate spelling of lire) stuff. Besides, 7D Peer __ proves to be hard to me too. I remember I scanned a short paragraph on Peer GYNT in the newspaper yesterday. But I did not read. I spent way too long time analyzing Colin Covert's Oscar Lineup. Covert is my favorite critic, of any kind. He paints with words.

Speaking of Oscar, 65A: Five-Star review: RAVE. 40D: Give a rotten review to: PAN.

34A: Jose of Dance: LIMON. Had no idea who he was. Googled, and found out he was a pioneering dancer from Mexico. See here.

53A: Before, before: AFORE. I felt panic when the answer is obviously not erst.

67A: Not avec: SANS. Should it be clued as Pas avec?

3D: Sitarist Shankar: RAVI. Know he is Norah Jones' father, but can never remember his name.

24D: Merkel: UNA. No idea who she is. The only Merkel I've heard of is the German Chancellor Angela. Want to see Bush gave Ms. Merkel the unwelcome surprising massage? See here.

26D: Copier brand: RICOH. Saw the ad all the time, just could not remember how to spell.

54D: FDR's dog: FALA. Did not know this. Oh, his mother's name is SARA.

59D: _ex machina: DEUS. Literally, God out of machine, some improbable character in a fiction.

I am so happy that I got 43D: Burdensome: ONEROUS & 35D: Constant carper: NIGGLER.

C. C.

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Anonymous said...

I only remember FDR using Fala's name in his famous "I hate war" speech, before declaring war on Japan. I remember because it was famous, not because I was there.