Jan 22, 2008

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008 Ed Voile

Theme: Dollar and Cent

61A: $ relative: CENT SYMBOL
11D: Highest price: TOP DOLLAR
35D: Guileless ones: INNOCENTS

I still have not finished the puzzle. Googling does not help.

Can not figure out what is 1A: Episodic TV show. Now I have ser_es. The clue of 4D does not help. Off one's feet:_ll. I initially put cola instead of soda, but corrected myself quickly after the doll bill clue. (Update: Thanks to a reader, now I got the 1A to be SERIES and 4D to be ILL. The clue for 4D is off one's feed, not feet).

I also have problem with 49A: Foolish old fogies. Now I have co_ts. The blue of 43D: Bossy's bellow: si_. I thought of Elsie the Cow, and his bellow is moo. (Update:The answer for 49A should be COOTS. And I was wrong earlier on 43D, it should be MOO.)

This puzzle has a sub theme of space agencies. We have 41A NASA & 5D ESA (European Space Agency clued as NASA's International Space Agency partner). We also have 41D European defense assn (NATO). I thought NATO also protects the interests of the US, though it's based in Brussels. David Petraeus will be a good commander for NATO. He has proved himself to be a very competent professional.

Congratulations to my husband, who bowled another 700 series last night. This is his 4th in 2008.

C. C.


Anonymous said...

1A: series
4D: ill

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thank you so much for the help. Somehow I read the clue 4D as off one's feet.