Jan 25, 2008

Friday, Jan 25, 2008 Willy A Wiseman

Theme: Golf

20A: Strouse/Adams musical: Bye Bye Birdie
29A: Cooked a bit: Parboiled
45A: "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" bird: Albatross
51A: Hidden advantage: Ace in the Hole
10D: Kiddy Frightener: Bogeyman
38D: Erne: Sea Eagle

I do not see any other theme related words, do you?

I got WEBB for 1D: Golfer Karrie right off the bat. My husband and I follow LPGA closely. I have an autographed card of Webb.

I finished the lower left and right corners quickly, but googled furiously for the middle parts. I also stared at the upper right corner for a long time, unbelievably hard for me.

These are the reasons for the long tanglement there:

9D: Hawks' former arena: OMNI Coliseum. Did not know it. My knowlege of NBA is limited to KG, Yao Ming & the Target Center for the Timberwolves. They are winning now, at least.

13D: Brit. Med. syst.: NHS (National Health Service)

8D: Back of a 45: B SIDE. I was thinking of gun. Now looking back, gun clue would be .45

7D: Frequenter: DENIZEN

24A: Sleep symbol: ZEE. I put REM (Rapid Eye Movement) immediately.

8A: Sewing spool: BOB PIN? Am I wrong here? (update: It should be BOBBIN)

Here are more troubles for me today:

25A: Norse giant: YMIR. The Norse Gods I know are ODIN and THOR. Maybe they are not giants.

40A: "the Rose Tattoo" start: MAGNANI (Anna). She won an Oscar for her performance in this movie.

41A: French City: AMIENS. A city in North France.

44A: Bandleader Xavier: CUGAT. No, no memory of this guy.

65A: Singer O'Connor: SINEAD. She is the singer who torn up a photo of Pope John Paul II, then her career went downhill. I like her "Nothing Compared 2 U".

5D: Energetic ones: LIVE WIRES?

29D: Pulpy refuse: POMACE, new word for me. Dictionary says it's the pulpy residue from apple or other fruits after crushing. See here.

30D: Bad blood: ANIMUS. Heard of this word before. Never used it. Enmity is bad blood too.

C. C.

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Anonymous said...

The sewing spool is a bobbin I think. The writer doesn't know me or the puzzle would have had triple bogie in it somewhere.