Jan 31, 2008

Thursda, Jan 31, 2008 Alan P. Olschwang

Theme: Quip

17A: Start of the Quip: The wise
23A: Part 2 of the Quip: Parent never
36A: Part 3 of the Quip: Knows the answers
49A: Part 4 of the Quip: To his child's
63A: End of the Quip: Riddles

Went through lots of googling on the middle and right lower corners. I am still not sure of my answers for 41D: Giving business to: I have NEEDLING. But it does not make any sense. "Giving the business to" means Patronizing, no?


13A: Side to Side: LATERAL

16A: Greek Letter: CHI

21A: Hoad of Tennis: LEW. I didn't know him. He is in Tennis Hall of Fame.

22A: Dubline's land: EIRE. I cannot tell the difference between EIRE and ERIN. Oh, and ERSE.

26A: 2005AL MVP: AROD. Justin Morneau is the 2006 AL MVP. His name has 4 vowels. I wonder when he will be clued in the Star Tribune Crossword. Nice guy.

32A: San_, Italy: REMO. Unknown to me. But gettable.

34A: Faux pas: GAFFE. Yes, indeed. GAFF is a large fishing hook.

42A: "JFK" Director: STONE (Olive). One of my husband's favorite movies. Don't like Kevin Costner's Louisana accent in "JFK".

44A: Greek Letters: ETAS

47A: Arikara: REE. Indian tribe, Dakota area. RHEE is the first President of South Korea.

54A: All-inclusive: A TO Z

55A: Beret or beanie: CAP. I put HAT first. Struggled mightily there.

56A: Rely on: LOOK TO.

61A: Heaven's gatekeeper: ST. PETER.

65A: Cockney aspiration: OPE (Open). Did not know the meaning of cockney. Then I spent a long time trying to figure out what this a cockney guy aspires to. Lives in the west end of London?

66A: Wreaths for the head: ANADEMS. Archaic expression of garland for the head. Greek origin. Tough!

69A: English exports: I have MGS. What the heck is MGS? Am I wrong here? (UPDATE: MG is a British sport car)

70A: Clean-air watchdog grp: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Down Clues:

1D: Contingencies abbr: ALTS (Alternative)

3D: "Nana" star: STEN (Anna). "Nana" is Zola's work. The film tanked. Sten never made it to the "the Next Greta Garbo".

5D: Phythem instrument: CASTANET. A percussion instrument held in palm, spanish origin. See here for more explanation. It looks like this.

6D: _du Diable: ILE. Inferable. It's part of the Iles du Salut (Salvation Island), off the coast of French Guiana.

9D: Arthur of "Maude": BEA. Learned her name from doing crossword. I don't watch any sit-coms.

10D: Long play part: ACT IV. Nailed this one. Fooled me once, shame on - shame on you, fool me, you can't get fooled again.

12D: Down source: EIDER

19D: Vacillated: SEESAWED. Easy.

20D: One way to reduce overhead: DOWNSIZE. Let's what Mr. Romney is good at. This word brings chill to my spine.

21D: Put the pedal to the metal: LET HER RIP. "Put the pedal to the metal" means "make something go forward, floor it, drive your car as fast as possible". Here is the etymology: "based on the idea that you push the pedal (= part worked with the foot) down to the floor of a car to go as fast as you can."

36D: "Animal House" setting: FRAT. Never see the the movie, is it good?

40D: "The Clan of the Cave Bear" author: AUEL (Jean M. Auel). Never heard of the author. I like her name though. The book is a historical fiction. She is still alive.

41D: Giving the business to. I have NEEDLING. Does not make any sense. Please explain to me.

46D: RSVP in the affirmative: ACCEPT .

52D: Jackrabbits: HARES.

58D: Tittering Machine painter: KLEE. Swiss painter Paul Klee. See the painting.

60D: Peak in Thessaly: OSSA. MT OSSA. Greek again.

62D: Shoes's tip TOE & 63D: Aries animal RAM are gimmes.

Stay warm!

C. C.


Anonymous said...

Thursda is usually spelled Thursday. See, I am "needling" you, or in a different slang, I am "Giving you the business".

anon said...

69 across is plural, MG is a british sports car

C. C. said...

Thank you Anon. That's a tough clue. How I want it to be tea, Lipton tea.

C. C.

Anonymous said...

40D: "The Clan of the Cave Bear" author: AUEL (Jean M. Auel). Never heard of the author. I like her name though. The book is a historical fiction. She is still alive.

You can watch the movie. Stars Daryl Hannah. Was really good.

C. C. said...

I am going to put it on my Netflix quene. I like Daryl Hannah.

Thank you for comment.

C. C.