Feb 23, 2008

Tribune Media Puzzle Pattern

These are what I've learned since I started this blog:

1) Our puzzle is edited by a guy named Wayne Robert Williams.

2) Our puzzle does not follow NY Times' tougher-as-the-week-go pattern. The difficulty level is consistent from Monday to Saturday (15 by 15). Sunday's puzzle (21 by 21) might be a bit harder due to its bigger size (21 by 21).

So, I am not going to feel stupid and inadequate if I have trouble with the Monday puzzle again. And you should not feel smug if you solve your Saturday puzzle under 20 minutes.

Please read Orange's post on this very issue. One reader, Rich, responded that the Williams told him that he did not use graduated difficulty pattern. If you have a different opinion, please ask your local editor.

3) Every puzzle have a theme from Monday to Friday. Saturday is themeless. Sunday's puzzle is also themed, and titled.

C. C.

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