Feb 7, 2008

Thursday, Feb 7, 2008 Alan P. Olschwang

Theme: William Hepworth Thompson Quote

20A: We're none of us
35A: Infallible
42A: Not even the
43A: Youngest of us

Never heard of this Thompson guy, but the quote is familiar to me. Bush could not think of ANY mistake he made when asked on a live press conference, then some pundit called upon this "none of us infallible" quote.

I was bogged down on the UNAU/ROUE part, and could not get myself out of the mess. I decided to try Mike's advice (Comments yesterday) and go to oneacross. I only cheated a little bit.

Here are some of the highlights:

Across Clues:

14A: Hoof beat: CLOP

15A: Dental exam: ORAL

17A: Charmer's instrument: OBOE

19A: River frolicker: OTTER

25A: Overthrows: USURPS.

29A: Chef Rombauer: IRMA. She wrote The Joy of Cooking.

39A: Two-toed sloth: UNAU. They look ugly.

46A: Pith: GIST

48A: Pioneering TV Co.: RCA (Radio Corporation of America)

49A: Spoils: LOOT

51A: Beaver hat: CASTOR. I put in CASPER.

61A: Abyss: CHASM

64A: Yankee Berra: YOGI. The Transcendental Meditation Yogi (guru to the Beatles) died on Tuesday.

65A: Flag fabricator: ROSS (Betty). I don't like the word "fabricator" in the clue.

69A: Man who played Chan: OLAND (Warner). I blogged about "Chan Portrayer" a few days ago, then I forgot it quickly. My brain simply refuses to absorb certain information.

71A: Charon's river: STYX. Basically I hate most of the crossword rivers.

Down Clues:

1D: Angry frown: SCOWL

2D:"A Delicate Balance" playwright: ALBEE

3D: Harmonizes an effort: COORDINATES

4D: "Pursuit of the Graf __": SPEE

5D: Hawaiian island: MOLOKA'I. Never been there.

7D: Chummy: MATEY. I heard of MATE/CHAP.

9D: Awakening: AROUSAL

10D: Taiwan Strait island: MATSU

22D: Roll up: FURL.

26D: Lucky charm: RABIT's FOOT. I never heard of this phrase. "A rabbit's foot is the foot of a carried as an amulet believed to bring good luck, American folklore". It has to be the left foot!

30D: Reprobate: ROUE. Could not get this one, and could not get that silly two-toed UNAU sloth from across.

31D: Wild party: BASH. I still could not believe those young kids would set fire on the antique furniture at Frost's home, why? Why did you pick up this road?

33D: Of an ancient alphabet: RUNIC (sorry for the mistake earlier).

37D: Airplane ride: FLT (Flight)

38D: "Othello" evildoer: IAGO. Maybe Orange can add this word on the "100 Must-Know Words" chapter on the next edition of her book.

43D: Sped like a toy truck: VROOMED

45D: Hard to catch: ELUSIVE

50D: Giant slugger?: OTT. Why question mark on the clue?

52D: Actress Cicely: TYSON. Unknown to me.

53D: Greek marketplace: AGORA

54D: Sired: BEGOT

56D: Sled dog: HUSKY

62D: Linden or Roach: HAL

63D: "Take on me" group: A HA. Norwegian band.

The Merv Griffin's Crossword is shown here at the Twin Cites at 3:00pm ONLY. I was misled by their website time (3:00pm & 5:00pm). Missed the opportunity to see how Orange looks like.

C. C.


Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,

Love your crosswords, except when you put in a quote. Quotes do not belong in crosswords.

Tony Macrina

C.C. Burnikel said...

Tony Macrina,

This crossword constructor likes to use quote a lot in his crosswords.

I kind of like it.

C. C.

Jack said...

33A should be RENO (Nevada)
so, 33D is RUNIC, not TUNIC (old alphabets being runes...)

Thanks for the help, though. I was stuck elsewhere.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the correction. My bad. It's indeed Runic.

C. C.

Anonymous said...

61D Mus. piece CTO What is that?

C.C. Burnikel said...


C. C.