Feb 10, 2008

Sunday, Feb 10, 2008 Willy A. Wiseman

Theme: Broken Hearts (with the word "heart" embedded in the phrases, but broken into pieces)

23A: "Arrangement in Black and Gray No 1:_": The Artist's Mother
44A: Some sculptures: Papier Mache Art
70A: Be induced: Hear the call
93A: Certain Native American item of value: Apache Artifact
120A: Antique Gallic hearing aid: French ear trumpet.
17D: Warm browns: Rich earthtones
52D: Succeed at eavesdropping: Overhear things

An early Valentine's gift for us, thank you editor, whoever you are. I decided not to whine today. Soldiers never complain.

Here are some keys:


1A: Candle wax: PARAFFIN. I am currently obsessed with bee wax product.

9A: Green clusters: LEAFAGE

16A: Scottish hillside: BRAE. Scottish word for "hill".

20A: Australian city: ADELAIDE. Capital of the State of South Australia.

21A: Formula math: ALGEBRA

22A: Enunciation problem: LISP

23A: "Arrangement in Black and Gray No 1:_": The Artist's Mother. Also known as Whistler's Mother.

29A: "Over there" composer: COHAN (George)

30A: Product to mine: ORE

31A: Prescribing medicine: DOSING

35A: Variety of corundum: EMERY

36A: Silk-fiber binder: SERICIN , "viscous gelatinous protein that forms on the surface of raw-silk fibers." Never heard of this word.

39A: Mil. address: APO (Army & Air Force Post Office)

44A: Some sculptures: Papier Mache Art. Lots of old dolls are made of Papier Mache.

49A: Doc in training: RES (Resident)

50A: German toast: PROSIT. Remember the "L'chaim and Prosit" clue for Toast on Friday?

54A: Russian chess champion: TAL (Mikhai).

55A: Once, once: ERST

57A: Stable staffers: LIVERY MEN.

59A: Indonesian island: JAVA

60A: For example: SUCH AS

64A: S. American tuber: OCA. It looks like this. Has anyone had it before? Is it good?

65A: Southwest desert: SONORA

67A: Taiwan Strait islands: MATSU

68A: Word after Scotland: YARD. British Police Force.

70A: Be induced: HEAR THE CALL.

74A: Deck off. BOSN (BOATSWAIN)

75A: For a specific purpose: AD HOC

77A: Backs of boats: STERNS

78A: Memory unit: BIT

80A: Beat follower: NIK

81A: See-through curtains: SHEERS

83A: Art colony in New Mexico: TAOS

84A: Sea-scented air: SEA BREEZE

87A: Beginning on: AS OF

88A: Yuck!: ICK

89A: Explode: POP

90A: China's Sun___: YAT-SEN

91A: 90 degrees from vert: HOR (Horizontal)

93A: Certain Native American item of value: APACHE ARTIFACT

99A: "__ Gracias": DEO. Thanks be to God.

100A: Star in Scorpio: ANTARES

104A: Iranian religion: BAHA'I. Never heard of it. Most of the Iranians are Shias I think. Read more if you are interested in it. I have no curiosity for this faith.

106A: Die dot: PIP

109A: Fragrances: SCENTS

110A: 1964 A. L. Rookie of the Year: OLIVA (Tony). He should be in Hall of Fame. Those baseball writers/voters are deaf and blind. OK, Maybe I am too harsh, but some of them indeed are oblivious to what Oliva has achieved.

116A: Actress Arden: EVE

117A: Glossed term: LEMMA

119A: Cows: KINE. Such a weird plural form.

120A: Antique Gallic hearing aid: FRENCH EAR TRUMPET

124A: M. I. T. grad: ENGR

125A: Responded to a stimulus: REACTED

126A: Reduce by ten percent: DECIMATE

127A: Scottish loch: NESS

128A: City on the Loire: ORLEANS

129A: Desalination byproduct: SEA SALTS.

Down Clues:

1D: Pitifulness: PATHOS

2D: Stick: ADHERE

3D: Jai follower: A LAI

5D: Gambler's card game: FARO

4D: Tailor's concern: FIT

7D: Brutal Amin: IDI

9D: Patronymic: LASTNAME (sorry for the mistake yesterday)

11D: Greek contest: AGON. Here is the definition from (in ancient Greece) a contest in which prizes were awarded in any of a number of events, as athletics, drama, music, poetry, and painting.

12D: Gala celebrations: FETES

13D: Really hate: ABHOR

14D Caribbean island: GRENADA

15D: Jug handle: EAR

16D: Blossom: BLOOM

17D: Warm browns: RICH EARTHTONES

18D: Fertility goddess: ASTARTE. BAAL is God of Fertility.

19D: Names turned into words: EPONYMS

24D: Mai __ cocktail: TAI

29D: Vitamin brand: CENTRUM. I don't like it, the pills are too big.

31D: Painting in two panels: DIPTYCH. New word to me. Here is how it looks like.

32D: Sailor's grp: ONI (Office of Navy Intelligence)

33D: Coll. student's rating: GPA

37D: __ dixit: IPSE. Latin. He himself said it (an assertion without proof)

40D: Numbers at the pump: OCTANES

42D: Greek god of war: ARES. Mars is the Roman God of War.

46D: Take flight: RUN

47D: Widespread confusion: HAVOC

48D: Satellite of Jupiter: ELARA

50D: Spanish beaches: PLAYAS

51D: Capital of Saudi Arabia: RIYADH. Would you believe I nailed this one?

52D: Succeed at eavesdropping: OVERHEAR THINGS

56D: Wound cover: SCAB

61D: Court session: ASSIZE. Never heard of this word.

62D: Submerged: SUNKEN

63D: Set the rowing pace: STROKED

66D: Jessica of "Dark Angel": ALBA. She is very pretty.

69D: Bunny moms: DOES

71D: Top room: ATTIC

72D: Stretch: REACH

73D: Tripoli populace: LIBYANS. There is also a seaport in Lebanon called Tripoli.

76D: Land of Zagreb: CROATIA.

79D: Flier: TRACT

82D: Letters from Nob Hill cops: SFPD (San Francisco Police Dept)

84D: Bar fly: SOT

85D: Center starter: EPI

86D: Kett of the comics: ETTA

89D: Continues after a pause: PROCEEDS

91D: Sinatra's birthplace: HOBOKEN. I forgot. I actually read Kitty Kelley's His Way a few months ago. Too gossipy.

92D: Like a translucent gemstone: OPALINE

94D: Hopeful one: ASPIRER. Always thought it was Aspirant.

95D: DDE's rival: AES. Can never remember Stevenson's middle name Ewing.

101D: Flutist Jean Pierre: RAMPAL. He is unknown to me.

102D: Clown Kelly: EMMETT. Next time I will remember this tramp clown.

103D: Sudden flows: SPATES

105D: States with conviction: AVERS

107D: Paradigm: IDEAL

108D: Pieces of pounds?: PENCE (plural of penny, British way)

111D: Socially inept losers: NERDS. Bill Gates is a nerd, look at how successful he is. He is a also good bridge player. Oh, he also plays golf. I picture him slicing the ball. I bet he can't hook.

115D: Proceedings? ACTA. I don't understand the answer to the clue. Pls help me here.

117D: San __ Obispo: LUIS

118D: Jane Austen novel: EMMA. I should read this book. I wasted over one hour this morning reading Victoria Beckham's "That Extra Half Inch" while waiting for our newspaper (crossword) to arrive.

123D: Pioneering TV co. RCA

That's all. Pls let me know if you spot any mistake.

Oh, by the way, you can watch Orange (Amy Reynaldo) on Merv Griffin's Crossword show here and here. The quality of Part I is very good, but I had trouble viewing Part II. Read her Feb 7 blog recap should you have time. She is just incredibly talented & efficient.

C. C.


Anonymous said...

44 A doesn't fit

Anonymous said...

9a & 9d; leafage & surname ?

9d: lastname is correct!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anonymous at 8:32am, I've corrected my mistake, sorry. Thank you for pointing it out.

Anonymous at 7:34pm, why "Papier Mache Art" doesn't fit?

C. C.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anonymous at 7:34pm, I went back to my blog and found out that I made a mistake on the theme answers. 44A should be Papier Mache Art instead of Paper Mache Art. My bad. I am awfully sorry. Next time I will double check before I publish the post.

Thank you for stopping by and correcting me.

C. C.

Anonymous said...

115 D - The clue is "proceedings". "Acta" is Latin for the phrase "those things which have been done".