Feb 11, 2008

Monday, Feb 11, 2008 Phillip J. Anderson

Theme: Film/TV Mr. & Mrs.


If you come to my blog today, then you probably have trouble finishing this Monday puzzle too. Ha ha, that's very comforting for me to know. Very comforting.

I worked my tail off, but I just did not know who is Lily's relative (CAMAS), I kept thinking "calla lily". Had no idea AVISO means dispatch boat. Did not know that EUROPA is another Jupiter satellite. Why did they name satellite names after Greek God & Goddess?

Across Clues:

1A: Kett of the comics: ETTA. He appeared in yesterday's crossword. Wherefore art thou, ETTA James?

2A: Go a round with: SPAR

9A: Book composition: PAGES

16A: Existing: ALIVE

17A: Mr. & Mrs.: LUCKY AND MINIVER: Never saw Mr. Lucky or Mrs. Miniver. Sound so old to me.

20A: Purloined: STOLEN

25A: Puff stuff: TALC

30A: Casa component: SALA.

32A: Temptresses: SIRENS

38A: Teases: RIBS

41A: Mr. & Mrs.: MOM AND DOUBTFIRE. "Mrs. Doubtfire" is goofy, I never watched Mr. Mom.

44A: Dispatch boat: AVISO. Unknown to me.

45A: Columnist Bombeck: ERMA. I tend to confuse her with "Joy of Cooking" author/chef IRMA Rombauer.

46A: Hefty volume: TOME

47A: Seed for a bun: SESAME. Eat more sesame seeds, your hair will be thicker and fuller.

49A: Dash gauge: TACH

52A: Farm tower: SILO

54A: Neighbor of Libya: CHAD. Anti-French riots in Chad, that's all I know about this country.

59A: Nothing in Nogales: NADA

61A: Satellite of Jupiter: EUROPA. On Sunday's crossword, the Jupiter satellite is ELARA. OK, I stole this definition for Europa: Classical Mythology. a sister of Cadmus who was abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull and taken to Crete, where she bore him Rhadamanthus, Minos, and Sarpedon.

65A: Mr. & Mrs.: MOTO AND DALLOWAY. Never watched Mr. MOTO. Love "The Hours" with Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf.

70A: Hawaiian goose: NENE. Another pretty thing, look at here. I still cannot believe Huckabee ate squirrels while in college (fried in a popcorn popper, Meet the Press yesterday).

71A: "Teachers" star Nick: NOLTE. Too much drug/alcohol problems. He should start doing crosswords. That will cure him. Seriously. Alice Cooper cured his alcohol problem by taking up golf.

72A: Bring up: REAR

73A: Tolkien's tree creatures: ENTS

Down Clues:

2D: Track tipster: TOUT

3D: Tex-Mex order: TACO

5D: Recognized authority: STANDARD

6D: Brooch: PIN

8D: Send payment to: REMIT

9D: Jury member: PANELIST

13D: Withered: SERE

24D: Lose traction: SLIDE

26D: Vessel: CRAFT

27D: Lily relative: CAMAS. Stared at the CA_AS for a long time. It's the prettiest thing I've seen this morning.

28D: Garlic section: CLOVE

29D: Penultimate round: SEMIS

31D: Terminate: ABORT

33D "Silas Marner" writer: ELIOT (George)

34D: Bellini opera: NORMA. I know nothing about opera.

35D: Look of a villain: SNEER

37D: Haciendas: CASAS. Look at 30A: Casa component. I don't like it when the clue word is also the answer in the same puzzle.

39D: Singer Yma: SUMAC. A fresh change. This editor loves to clue Singer Sumac a lot.

42D: Appoint: NOMINATE

48D: Flair: ELAN. Obama has plenty. Did you watch 60 minutes last night?

50D: Transport by truck: HAUL

53D: Stranger: ODDER

55D: Plane without a pilot: DRONE

58D: Lat. list-ender: ETAL (Single: et alibi, plural: et alii)

60D: For two, in music: A DUE. Never heard of it.

62D: Writer Wister: OWEN. Never read any of his books.

63D: Huff and puff: PANT

67D: Coach Parseghian: ARA. The "Era of Ara." Here in MN, we have our own Tubby Time. Go Gophers!

Please let me know if you spot any mistake. I am just terrible at spelling and very prone to typo. Thank you & have a wonderful week.

C. C.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Who knows this stuff, i.e., satellite of Jupiter?
Nevertheless, it was a fun puzzle.

C.C. Burnikel said...


63 Moons for Jupiter, amazing. I wonder if they are all named after those Greek Goddesses.

C. C.

Crockett1947 said...

I don't come for clues, I like to read your comments about the puzzle. Is the theme published in your paper or do you devine it yourself? AVISO is a good one to learn - it comes up fairly often. 1A: Isn't Etta a "she?" Mr. Lucky was an early TV show. I guess I must be old if I remember it. Mrs. DALLOWAY was new to me. I first had CALLOWAY, but that didn't work with the down clue, so I had to change it. I heartily agree with your CASA comment. Wow, you're up early, according to the time stamp on your post!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Hi crockett1947,

Thanks for the comment. Our local newspaper (The Star Tribune) publishes the theme only on Sundays. For the rest of the week, I just try my best to figure out what themes are.

This crossword editor used to clue ETTA as Jazz Singer James, now Kett has taken over.

Calloway, isn't it the golf ball name? Wait...OK, it's Callaway.

I get up every morning after I hear the mailman arrives. Right now I have the enthusiasm of a new convert.

C. C.