Feb 8, 2008

Friday, Feb 8, 2008 Michael T. Williams

Theme: Brand Names for Chocolate/Candy Bars

17A: Giggler's treat?: Snickers

42A: One for all and all for one treat: Three Musketeers

65A: Astronomer's treat?: Milky Way

Also, 12D: Generic Treats: Candy Bars.

37D: Generic treat: Chocolate

It's a sweet puzzle. But some of the clues were beyond my knowledge, ie, 35D: Prehistoric tomb (CIST), 28D: Cardinal flower (LOBELIA), 51D: Pagliacci role (TONIO), 63A: Bacchante (MAENAD).

I don't like the clue for 18D: Hot peppers: CHILIES. Hot pepper is either chili or chile or chilli. I am confident of my across fills, so I guess this fake chilie stays here today. (Update: The plural form of chili is either chilies or chilis. So, the crossword clue is right. I was wrong. My bad. I should have checked the dictionary before I commented).

Here are some of the highlights, please correct me if I am wrong.

1A: O. T. book: ISA (Isaiah)

8A: "Two Women" director: De Sica. Sophia Loren won Oscar for her role in this movie.

14A: Mil. installation: NAS (Navy Air Station)

15A: French religious figures: STES

19A: Actress Moreau: JEANNE. French actress.

24A: Write Dickens: MONICA. Great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens.

27A: Actor Mineo: SAL (sorry for the typo earlier).

29A: "Enola __": GAY

32A: Director Browning: TOD. Director of "Dracula".

36A: Set in motion: ACTIVATE

40A: Dwarfed tree: BONSAI. Knew this Japanese miniature tree, but forgot the spelling.

44A: L'chaim and prosit: TOASTS. (Jewish & German)

45A: Show on TV: TELECAST

46A: H. S. subj. SCI

49A: Droop: WILT

58A: Nancy of "Pollyanna": OLSON. Unknown to me.

60A: Gadgeteer Popeil: RON. But wait, there is more!

61A: Vocalized team spirit: RAHS. Feel a bit awkward to me.

63A: Bacchante: MAENAD. Never, never heard of this word. "A priestess or female votary of Bacchus". Too hard. Both the clue and the answer.

68A: New York prison: ATTICA

69A: Morse code: DIT

Down clues:

1D: Concisely, briefly: IN SUM

2D:__ Domingo: SANTO

5D: Goddess of folly: ATE. Here is the definition from "an ancient Greek goddess personifying the fatal blindness or recklessness that produces crime and the divine punishment that follows it."

8D: Erving of hoops: Dr. J (Julius Erving)

11D: Corfu's location: IONIAN SEA.

18D: Hot peppers: CHILIES.

22D: CD's competition: DAT (Digital Audio Tape)

25D: Interviewer Dick: CAVETT.

26D: "Born Free" writer: ADAMSON (Joy)

28D: Cardinal flower: LOBELIA. New to me.

31D: R-V hookup: STU

33D: You don't say!: Do Tell!

35D: Prehistoric tomb: CIST. Note to you, this word can also be spelled as Kist, in case the crossword editor wants to trick us next time.

36D: Lawyers: abbr.: ATTS (Attorneys)

38D: Lionel products: TRAIN SETS

41D: Hummingbirds' eatery: NECTARY

43D: London garden: KEW. Royal Garden in Britain.

51D: Pagliacci role: TONIO. Here is more information.

53D: Mausoleums: TOMBS

55D: Like cut wood: SAWED

56D: Light olive brown: KHAKI

59D: Table salt: NACL

66D: Unit of illumination: LUX

67D: Vocal pitch: KEY

I am exhausted. Blog software acts weird this morning.

C. C.


Anonymous said...

Good job except 27A...Sal Mineo...handsome actor of earlier years. "Chilies" is wrong...I agree with you. You help my day to be a good one, regardless. Thank you for your help.

Anonymous said...

"Pollyanna" is a children's book from the early 1900s. Disney adapted the movie in 1960 with Hayley Mills.

Sal Mineo is best known to me for his role in "Rebel Without a Cause."

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for pointing out the Sal Mineo mistake, Anonymous. After reading your comment, I decided to double check "chilies", and found out "chilies" is actually a correct plural form of chili.

Mkatesq, I only associated James Dean with "Rebel Without a Cause", never knew that Sal Mineo was in it. Thanks also for the "Pollyanna" explanation.

C. C.

Anonymous said...

6d- is pert another term for sassy

C.C. Burnikel said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for stopping by. Sometimes I ignore the clues/answers if I feel they are self-evident to everyone. I just get tired of keying in the words.

I thought of putting a picture of my puzzle result on my blog. But I make so many mistakes, every day, and it just looks so ugly.

Maybe in a few weeks time I can make some progress and produce some neat pictures.