Jun 9, 2008

Monday June 9, 2008 Michael T. Williams

heme: BEARS




Before I forget, please read this comment from our fellow solver Sandra (D&SK, 12:52pm) regarding Saturday's unique grid structure. Very interesting observation on the target position of Tariq Aziz, isn't it?

Back to day's puzzle, I like the theme concept and the execution, 2 major flaws though:

1) 19A: Links grp. PGA. And 67A: Ernie of the PGA: ELS. I can not tell you how much this double appearance of the same word in the clue and the answer annoys me. No responsible crossword editor should allow this awful construction error slips away. Besides, why "Links" all the time? Who the heck wants to play the formidable "Links" course so often? With today's BEARS theme, why not get creative and somehow clue the "Golden BEAR" Jack Nichlaus for PGA?

2) I know I've said it before, but it BEARS repeating that I simply can not BEAR to see a puzzle with the theme title bared in the clues. It really deprives me of the fun to ferret out the theme.

Not sure if today's constructor Michael Williams should BEAR the brunt of my grudge, BEAR in mind that our Editor has the final say. But he never deigns to talk to us, what can I say? I guess we will just have to grin and BEAR it.


5A: Coats with crumbs: BREADS. Love panko breaded croquette.

15A: Close a purse: RESNAP

16A: Fmr. Mideast alliance: UAR (United Arab Republic). And 2 more Mideast references: 23A: Ship with a lateen sail: DHOW. Can also be spelled as DOW, or DAU. Unknown to me. First time I heard of "lateen sail" too. Dictionary defines DHOW as "any of various types of sailing vessels used by Arabs on the east African, Arabian, and Indian coasts, generally lateen-rigged on two or three masts." And 42A: Israeli seaport: EILAT (Gulf of Aqaba port).

20A: Bait fish: MINNOW. I wish NET in 64A: Badminton barrier were clued as fishing related, just to pair up with 20A.

28A: Like an old tree trunk: GNARLED

37A: Brit's wireless: RADIO. And another Brit term: DOSS (30D: Flophouse in London). DOSS is a new word to me. Easily gettable from across fills though.

45A: Rising current of warm air: THERMAL. I was only familiar with the adjective THERMAL, not the noun form.

56A: QB Aikman: TROY. Wonder how much his rookie card costs now.

58A: Rationers of WWII: OPA (Office of Price Administration). I simply forgot. Luckily the down fills helped.

61A: Up and about: ARISEN

63A: Danube feeder: ISAR. No idea. Here is the map, see M√ľnchen (Munich)?

65A: Slow musical passage: LENTOS

68A: "Our Man in Havana": GREENE (Graham). Not familiar with the author. Wikipedia says that he had a long affair with Yvonne Cloetta (32 years). I love this note GREENE wrote to Cloetta: "If I were to live my life again, there is only one thing I would want unchanged: meeting you, knowing you, and loving you."

69A: Customary extras, briefly: ETCS


1D: Viscous: SLIMY. Hmmm, Who is the SLIMY guy?

2D: Mann novel: "____ Kroger": TONIO. It was in yesterday's puzzle.

3D: As company: ALONG. "To BEAR a Ring of Power is to be alone". Tell me if this is a familiar line to you, don't google!

4D: "Live at the Acropolis" performer: YANNI. Can you feel the "Mozart Effect" in this Standing in Motion? Oh, YANNI, If I could tell you...

5D: Lunch carrier: BROWN BAG. Want to take a bite from this bento box?

8D: Computer type: ANALOG

9D: Rosario or Roxann: DAWSON. Know Rosario, not Roxann. Do you think Andre DAWSON will make the HOF next year?

11D: Spot for a drink in a car: CUP HOLDER

12D: "Othello" role: IAGO

23D: Small southern constellation: DORADO. Not familiar with this one. Given the BEARS theme today, wouldn't be great if we have the URSA (Constellation Bear) appear somewhere in the grid?

25D: Queen of Carthage: DIDO. Another unknown mythological figure to me. She "killed herself when abandoned by Aeneas". Aeneas is "the Trojan hero of Virgil's epic poem, the Aeneid, and son of Anchises and Aphrodite. He escaped the sack of Troy and wandered for seven years before settling in Italy." Thank you, dictionary & DIDO.

26D: Exalted poet: BARD

29D: Dublin's land: EIRE. Hmm, I am a "Denis of Cork" ADORER (46D: Worshiper). Why not clue it as "Cork's land" and make me happy?

31D: "Rhyme Pays" rapper: ICE T. Easier than last time's "Tracey Marrow stage name" clue, isn't it?

32D: __ Tze: SHIH. Just for your information, "___ Ching" (or Shi Jing in Mandarin Chinese) is a classic book of Chinese poetry (Book of Odes).

33D: Distance sign: MILE POST

34D: Little Golden Books artist: SCARRY (Richard). Unknown to me. Pieced his name together from across fills.

36D: J. Hancocked: SGD. Hmm, I could picture Barry's frown in my mind...

40D: Partly: IN A SENSE

47D: Like a wolf: LUPINE

49D: Org. of Argonauts: CFL (Canadian Football League). Did not know this before. Only knew Jason's Argonauts, not Toronto Argonauts. Learned this morning that their championship/ trophy name is called "Grey Cup".

53D: Distressed: UPSET. Poor BEAR Stearns employees...

54D: Hayes of "South Park": ISAAC. Got it this time, thanks Dr. Dad.

55D: Provisions: TERMS

"Every dream that we share, every cross that we BEAR, come to me - Darling rescue me...." Here is Bryan Adams' Do I Have to Say the Words? Enjoy!



Dr. Dad said...

Yogi is "smarter than the average bear."
I kept trying to come up with a sub theme becfause of brown bag, cup holder, and mile posts but failed.
I remembered Dido and Aeneas. Read Edith Hamilton's book on "Mythology" years ago.
We just had "pom" for lap dog. Shih Tzu's are lap dogs also, I think.
Argonauts was hanging me up because, like C.C. I was stuck on mythology.
Charles Dicken's died on this day in 11870 and it is Donald Duck's Birthday (born 1934). We are also continuing the celebration of the Jewish holiday Shavuot that commemorates the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses at Mt. Sinai.

Have a good one.

Dr. Dad said...

sorry - two typos - because and 1870.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I should probably pick up a Greek Mythology for Dummies or something. Is DHOW (23A) a gimme to you?

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang, from rainy Boca Raton.
Did this one online, and made it through with only a few snags. As usual, the perps saved the day.
C.C., I think we saw 'doss' not all that long ago. And if you ever go up in a glider, you'll never forget the term 'thermals' again - the better the thermals, the longer you can stay aloft.
Oh, and Aikman's rookie card has fallen to about $10.
Hope it's an outstanding day for everyone.

Dr. Dad said...

C.C. - Dhow. Yes, I had heard of it.

Dr. Dad said...

I also forgot to brag - made this puzzle in 7 minutes. I wonder what Dennis' time was. He is my hero on solving times and I will continue to chase him.

Jeanne said...

Morning all,
Let's just say, I didn't do this puzzle in 7 minutes! Had a difficult time at first. Put it aside then picked it up after a second cup of coffee and did better. Guess I'm not ready for the NYT puzzle as of yet.

Superfrey said...

In my view this is an absolutely horrible puzzle....Bears the way presented is basically themeless. Like CC said he could have played of the golf theme....for the "Golden Bear". To date, I would say this is the worst puzzle presented to us. GRRRRR I am going back to hiberate... maybe this was just a bad dream

C.C. Burnikel said...

I don't remember seeing DOSS before. Could not find this word in the previous blog entries. Thanks for the rising THERMAL. I am as curious as Dr. Dad, what's your online solving time today?

Dr. Dad,
What's your answer to my 3D comment?

Anonymous said...

Good morning CC & DFs: Good puzzle, thanks to the perps. LOVED the Yanni link. Thank you, CC. Richard Scarry had Gold Bug too that I thoroughly enjoyed with my 'littles'. Gotta dealw/some
'slimy minnows' here.'Doss' dah place.

Dennis: is it cooler down there?
We're down to 97 today..cold snap! Another reason to hydrate in my book! Enjoy this gorgeous HOT day

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

No false starts for me today, although I had an extremely slow start. Just couldn't get those neurons firing for awhile. I'm embarrassed to admit that that 4D was the first clue I could solve. Seriously, I have no idea why I knew the answer to that clue...

The rest of the puzzle was fairly straightforward. There were some unknowns (ISAR, OPA, EILAT), but I was able to get them with the help of the perps. I actually knew who Richard SCARRY was, although I didn't realize he used to illustrate Little Golden Books. I just know him as the writer and illustrator of children's books.

23A & D almost defeated me, since I knew neither the name of the constellation nor the ship, and I was missing the one letter where they intersected. I finally guessed "D", however, since it seemed the best fit (I toyed briefly with CORADO and CHOW, but they didn't seem quite right).

And yes, I frowned mightily at SGD as an abbreviation for "signed." I've seen it in puzzles before, though, so it didn't pose a problem. Still don't like it, though...

Kim said...

Hi gang,

I started this one over an hour ago and finally just gave up. I had the Chicago Gridders, but forgot about poor Yogi and was trying to "produce" children!

Way to taxing for a Monday morning. I don't think I'll ever get a puzzle in Dennis time. Have a great day everyone! Hey Dennis, why does Boca get the rain and we never do!!

Dennis said...

C.C., online time was about five and a half; it always takes me longer online for some reason. Part of it is the constant switching back and forth from across to down. No doss? Maybe it's from one of the Sundays I get that's different from yours.

Lois, it's never cooler down there. Oh wait, you mean Florida. Yes, about 10 degrees cooler. Forecasting thunderstorms off and on for the next 3 days.

Katherine said...

Good morning gang!
Kim, I am with you, I had a hard time with this one. I don't think I am in the same league as the rest of the gang here, but it is still fun.
CC, you got that right about "slimy" with the link. I loved the video's of Dido and Bryan Adams.
We had some bad storms here last night, and it is hot today. I will be staying in today. No work today. Have a good day everyone.

Dick said...

Hello Cc and DFs. This one frustrated me to the point that I got the NYT and did that one just to rest my mind. I needed help with the bear theme as I could not get 50A even with the perps. I did not lige SGD for signed either. I also put luring for 47D which screwed me up for awhile. Overall not one of my better efforts.

Cc Sandra's comment at 12:52 Saturday was a rather interesting one but I would think highly unlikely.

Dhow seems to have been in a lot of puzzles in the past. At least it was familiar to me.

Dennis I will tell you sometime about my first lesson in a glider when on take off I climbed so steep that the tow plane released me. Rather hairy for a few seconds but made a good down wind landing.

Hope you all have a great day as it will be 95 here today.

NYTAnonimo said...

You probably had this in an earlier blog cc but I didn't know that CFL stood for Canadian Football League. Tired of these puzzles by the Williams clan.

Superfrey said...


Your rain this AM will become our afternoon showers here in Naples. Right now it is 73 and sunny going up to 88 or so... actually cool by Florida standards. Send us the rain here. We are in dire need.

Enjoy your time in Boca.

Anonymous said...

CC you had as question mark by Munich. When I was in Germany to visit some German Friend, I asked about Munich and they did not know what I was saying until I got my German dictionary out and found the city of Munchen.

Dr. Dad said...

C.C. - "To bear a Ring of Power is to be alone" comes from the Lord of the Rings. If I recall correctly, that is what Galadriel said to Frodo regarding the One Ring and also about her own ring, Nenya (The Ring of Adamant), that she showed Frodo.

Der Katze said...

For those of you sweltering back east, it was 39 degrees here in Colorado Springs when I went out to bring in today's puzzle. It's up to 56 now with a high of 73 forecast this afternoon.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

ugh! this one was truly a BEAR for me. i actually had an easier time with yesterdays NYT. GRRRRR. c.c. your links were the most enjoyable thing about this puzzle. and speaking of bryan adams ... here.

i hope barry silk responds .. interesting observation, intentional or not. already threw out my copy so i had to look at it online .. it does resemble crosshairs, doesn't it?

my first thought about your quote was that it was from lord of the rings but it's just a guess. as a backpacker, my favorite tolkien quote is 'not all who wander are lost.'

another gorgeous day here in sunny california .. my daughter's graduating high school today :))

melissa bee said...

meant for this pic to show today instead ...

Dr. Dad said...

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring; renenwed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king.”
Refers to Aragorn, descendant of Elendil the Tall, who was again crowned King of Gondor and Arnor after the demise of Sauron (aka Gorthaur the Cruel).

Anonymous said...

der katz: You big tease! you funny guy, you!!! Just bite me! We're dying in 97 deg heat w/ no respite 'til Weds.

Anonymous said...

der katz: You big tease! you funny guy, you!!! Just bite me! We're dying in 97 deg heat w/ no respite 'til Weds.

Dr. Dad said...

Lois is really suffering from the heat. She told der katze to bite her twice by sending the same message twice. I think she needs a cold one!!

Razz said...

C. C. & DFs
Thought this was a good xword today.

drdad - How about scenes from a car - see the cupholder, milepost, your brownbag lunch???

Expect to see triple digit heat in west Texas today - groan!

Was nice for a constructor to pay us a visit.

dons_mind said...

this one was fun...didn't know that a buddy was a mac (48a) and the isms for beliefs (31a)..that israel port always gets me (42a eilat)..and i did think that disney was the artist for the little golden books (34d); didn't know mr scarry did tho....enjoyed it...
agree with c.c. about the pga/golf thing - kinda simplifies things...

John F. said...

"How to do better with crosswords?"
I know, "practice, practice." Do puzzles from different papers. Review words I didn't know each week with the expectation that some may be repeated on Sunday. Are there other techniques for improvement?
I am new here.
I used to do the Trib puzzle all the time in 90's and am starting again. The Saturday puzzles with longer answers are almost too hard to be enjoyable.
I watched "Wordplay" and recognized the vast knowledge base and clue processing power that some people have. They not only complete the NY Times Sunday xword, but they have contests to see who can do it the fastest.
I am not looking to reach those heights, but I would like to get better at solving them. (BTW, just bought the NYTime book on how to solve xwords.)
All advice appreciated.

Dick said...

John, just stay with this blog and you will learn a lot about xwords from cc as she is the master. You will also learn a lot about the darker side of life from Lois as she also is a master.

Dr. Dad said...

Welcome aboard John. I concur with Dick's advice. Stay with this blog and you will learn alot, including how to be dysfunctional like many of us are.

carol said...

Good Morning All: I have to agree with Superfrey, could not "bear" this puzzle! The "theme", if you can call it that, made very little sense to me. I did get 24A but was lost on the other "bears". Oh well...maybe next puzzle will be better for me.

Kim-you are right, real tough one today.I did finish but not without help from C.C.

Welcome John - we are a crazy bunch but I think you will enjoy everyone's comments, and they try to help anyone who asks.

We are still cool here in the beautiful Pacific NW (it's 55 out now at 9:30am) Yesterday was really nice!! Sunny and 67...wish it would come back today.

carol said...

One more warning for John, be careful of Lois, she might bite ya' :)...course you might not mind.

Anonymous said...

Drdad: You are soooo right. I need a cold one....and I don't care if it is short, in the can, or without rocks, I need one asap. I am st st st stuttering from deprivation. I'm sure you convinced John that we don't suffer from insanity...we enjoy it. In 30 mins, Bottoms up! Wrong. I mean Cheers!!!

Razz said...

dick... You did mean Mistress Lois, didt't you? Oh, and did she give you permission to respond!

Razz said...

Mistress Lois...I beg you not to punish me for the typo!

Dick said...

Mistress Lois please discipline me for my errors which razberry has pointed out and bottoms up is better.

Anonymous said...

Razzberry: as you wish, but a little spanking properly administered and w/just the right touch can be quite fun. If you change your mind, let me know.

drdad: good choice. Come with me!

Dennis said...

Jeez, I just left and look what happens! I guess since I was the most prudish one on here, it was bound to happen...

Dick said...

Lois administer the proper spanking and Then.....

Dick said...

Dennis I think it is a stretch to refer to yourself as prudish LOL.

Dick said...

Dennis I think it is a stretch to refer to yourself as prudish LOL.

Dick said...

My gosh Lois and I are both stuttering today.

Razz said...

Dick, Dennis, & Mistress Lois
Check this link...we can stop stuttering and start slurring! Whoop! George Thorogood
let the party begin

lois said...

Razzberry: You rock!!!!! I LOVE that song and subscribe to it! On to the next hydration meeting...

Dick:; you're ON! Whenever you feel the need! Invitation is in the mail!

Dennis: you are so not the prude! But, if you think you are, that's ok, I'll help you get it straight! I'm a task master... if you're a hard learner..just to let you know.

Der Katze said...

Darn! Forecasters were wrong; it got up to 77 this afternnon. Lois, is it OK if I just nibble a little? ; )

ndw said...

Good evening CC, et al;
I agree with everyone else, this puzzle was a Bear. Got about 2/3 of it done earlier this morning but then had some running around to do including going to pick up our camper we had a new awning put on it. I sat down here at the puter about 1 hour ago and tried like crazy to finish this without googling but to no avail, I had to look up a bunch of things.

They said that today in Central NY State we were to have record breaking temps and at our house, we reached that goal - it got up to 95. That is hot for this time of year here in the N.E.

Well gotta run Bill should be home soon from practice. Back again tomorrow sometime!

lois said...

der katze: yes, of course you can 'nibble just a little bit'. I like them shy and slow to warm up. You guys tend to be the most fun! More like a volcano waiting for an invitation to erupt!

Dick: that 1:54 post was meant for you. I was delirious then. Completely sated at the moment. You are going to get into
'trouble' now though! (that's what I call it). That invitation is RSVP...hand cuffs are provided.

Crockett1947 said...

Hello, everyone. Got bogged down this morning and didn't have time to blog before going to give platelets. Then one thing after another, and here it is 8:30 pm PDT. Barry, I fell into the C trap on 23A & D. Bummer! Melissa bea, congratulations to both you and your daughter. We could use some of that Florida heat here in Portland -- topped out at 67 today.
Welcome, John!

Anonymous said...

Hi C.C. and gang, Glad I wasn't the only one who found this a bit difficult. The only "bear" I could get was Chicago; finally gave up and relied on the blog to finish. Not my best night.

Dennis, when did you become a prude? Did you turn over a new fig leaf?

drdad, Shih Tzu's are lap dogs; they're very cute. Several family members have one or more. Good pets for children.
Generally fairly placid, depending on breeding.

C.C., wonderful links. Thanks again. I love the phrase you coined, "Big Brown Effect." That might just stick around awhile. B.B.'s trainer is the one who said he gave his horses the injections and got the whole ball rolling. Maybe a good thing.


C.C. Burnikel said...

Melissa bee,
Congratulations to and your daughter!

When I grow up, I want to be like you.

I like your question to Dennis!

pennybec said...

In the June 10 crossword puzzle - I don't get how "arch" equals "roguish". I know "arch" enemy but how would you use arch in a sentence meaning roguish?

Anonymous said...

ARCH can also mean "playfully roguish or mischievous", like an arch smile.


Anonymous said...

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