Jun 3, 2008

Tuesday June 3, 2008 Norma Steinberg

Theme: It appears that...

17A: Don't know for sure, but...: SO THEY SAY

56A: Don't quote me, but...: THE WORD IS

11D: According to the grapevine...: REPORTEDLY

28D: From people in the know...: RUMOR HAS IT

Well, "What happened" to Scott McClellan? If ONLY (63A: Were it not that) his conscience had ached years earlier! But it's NICE (23D: Pleasant) to HEAR (38D: Get wind of) his insider's story. At least, it VALIDATES (34D: Corroborates) what Paul O'Neil/Richard Clarke have been saying all along. Hello, are you there General Powell? Now that McClellan has come clean, when will you SET yourself FREE (40D: Release)?

Easy breeze this morning, no obscure word or any stumbling block. This puzzle does not feel like Norma Steinberg's though. There is no baseball reference and her puzzles always appear on Wednesdays now.


1A: What follows function: FORM. Stumped immediately. Would've not got it without the down clues. Does this refer to the architectural term "FORM follows function" or what?

14A: Flapjack chain: IHOP (International House of Pancakes). IHOP does not have any branch in Asia/Europe, neither does their subsidiary Applebee's I believe. So it might be tough for our fellow solvers there.

19A: Money in Madras: RUPEE. I've never heard of Madras. Dictionary says it's a former name of current Indian state Tamil Nadu or its capital Chennai. Why use an old name for clue then? For alliteration purpose?

20A: LBJ's V. P.: HHH (Hubert Horatio Humphrey). Twins play at the HHH Metrodome. Another MN reference: 21A: Ducklike birds: LOONS. Our State birds.

24A: ___ sanctum: INNER

29A: Gulf War missile: SCUD

34A: Salome's costume: VEILS. And the EMIR (43A: Abu Dhabi ruler) always wear kaffiyeh.

36A: Eternal city: ROME. And 2 more Italy references: 16A: Fountain for wishes: TREVI and 37A: Venetian byway: CANAL.

41A: Misrepresent: BELIE

48A: Babushka: SCARF. These babushkas look pretty.

60A: Coarse seaweed: KELP. Perfect clue. KELP (Kombu in Japanese) is indeed very grainy and coarse. It's the vegetarian source of dashi soup (miso base). Not my favorite. I love nori. You can get both from EDEN (52D: Adam's address) Foods (the oldest natural food company in the US). The clue for 10D: Coarse (CRUDE) could have been reworded to something sweet to avoid the double appearance of "Coarse" and misguide solvers, you know, like sweet CRUDE oil.

55A: Proverbial weeper: LOSER. This clue reminds me of the "Mythical crier' (NIOBE) we had awhile ago.

59A: "___ kleine Nachtmusik": EINE. Für Lois.


5D: Exit: WAY OUT. Just learned that WAY-OUT means "Exotic or esoteric in character". Interesting how a dash can completely change the meaning of a phrase.

9D: Maroons: STRANDS. Tell me what three items you would like to have if you were STRANDED on a deserted island.

13D: Comportment: MIEN. Can never forget this gritty MIEN of the Marboro Man. A Marine.

27D: Old battle-ax: CRONE. I had no idea that "battle-ax" is slang for aggressive old woman. I thought it was a kind of antiqued weapon.

29D: Man of La Mancha: SEÑOR. Hmm, very interesting. "Man of La Mancha" is also the name of a musical which won 5 Tony Awards in 1965. Peter O'Toole and Sophie Loren starred in the film version. OK, if you see O'TOOLE clued as "Man of La Mancha"? in the future, remember you first see it here.

31D: Clarinetist Shaw: ARTIE. Lady Be Good!

26D: Thong: STRAP. The flip-flop. Is the G-String Thong too much for you?

41D: Popeye's nemesis: BLUTO. "So you don't like spinach?"

46D: Looks ___ everything: AREN'T. Is that so, Aishwarya Rai? Would you accept 30M RUPEES for a film in Hollywood?

48D: Oscar Madison, for one: SLOB. I did not know who Oscar Madison was, again, the across clues took care of it.

53D: Humorist Rogers: WILL. He said "RUMOR travels faster, but it don't stay put as long as truth." Something for you to distort and QUIP, Mr. Alan P. Olschwang!



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang -
Today is the fastest I've ever done one of these; the answers came as fast as I could write them. I'm not gonna give the time 'cause I doubt it'd be believed anyway, but it was PDQ.

C.C., great links as always; the thong one was outstanding.

Have a great Tuesday!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Let me venture a guess, 4 Minutes?

Dennis said...

C.C., as I said, you wouldn't believe it, and we'll leave it at that. How's the ankle? Ready for a marathon yet?

Bill said...

WOW !! "Dennis" time for me (relativly speaking) Between 15 and 20 mins.
C.C., Loved the Artie Shaw clip. I think if I'd been born 30 years sooner that I'd probably have played that stuff. I actually had the THONG clip sent to me last week and still had to see it again!
Since I had such a good day today I guess I can't find much bad to say about the clues except that maybe they were a little too simple.
But, again, I'll take it and get stumped tomorrow, most likely.

Katherine said...

Good morning everyone. I got most of it today. I couldn't get 1A! and had trouble with the NE corner, even though the answers weren't that hard.
I remember when we used to wear babushka's back in the day! As for what 3 items I would take if I were stranded, I am not so sure, but I can't wait to hear what Lois comes up with. And where do you find those links CC? The thong clip was funny, I just don't know where you find them. I will listen to the other links later.......
Have a great day........

Dick said...

Good morning cc and DFs. Not bad today and managed to complete the entire puzzle without help. The NE corner slowed me down a bit until I got 9D and then it all fell into place. Assume about 8 min to complete. CC you asked what three things we would want on a deserted island, well I would like the three ladies in the Thong film.

C.C. Burnikel said...

The ankle has become a Size B. Cannot wear a STRAP. What are your answers to my 1A & 9D questions?

My times is 5*"Dennis time". I think we should define "Dennis time" as 5 minutes from now on. 9D question applies to you as well.

There is a very 23D 43A from Dubai. He sends me all those wonderful links every morning to entertain you guys.

No Lady Godiva???

Dick said...

Lady Godiva?? Damn I am so fickeled! And then there is also Lois.

Kim said...

Good morning all!

I had no trouble with this one. Had it in Katherine time too! I don't think I'll ever finish one in "Dennis" time, but I'll keep trying.

Loved the clips CC, as usual!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, I'm still waiting for the "Mom, I'm having a baby" call!

Anonymous said...

Good morning CC et al: A snap of a puzzle for me too. So, if it was that easy for me, I bet Dennis did it in less than 2 mins. How long does it take to write 150 or so letters?Dennis, will you tell us if we guess it?

Just knew the thong link would perk the guys up. Good job, CC. Great links!

Thought about Dick w/44A...such a good sport and a great player! You rock, Dick!

And to top it off, Mozart is here. Great stuff! It's a good day.

Katherine said...

Kim, when is the baby due? How many grandkids will that be for you?
Lois, what 3 items would you take on a deserted island?

Dennis said...

And Lois, a case of batteries only counts as one item...

Bill said...

C.C., After some serious thought (about a minute). I think I'd need some shelter, a food supply and LOTS of Coors Light.
Does that surprise you. Well, at my tender age, I no longer need (nor could I use) some of the other amenities and perks that others might expect as their just due???!!!!

Bill said...

Oh, and maybe an old guitar. What the h***, I could sing and not worry about dogs joining in!!
I know that's 4 but they're all small>

Dennis said...

C.C., to answer your questions - yes, 'form follows function' is an architectural term, and the 3 things I'd want if I'm stranded on an island? A nymphomaniac, a pistol and an airplane

Kim said...


Baby Hailey is due June 21st, I'm flying up to Maryland on June 18th, unless she decides to arrive early. I also have an 11 year old Grandson! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Katherine: My 1st impulse is to take the 3 D's: Dennis, Dick, and drdad. We could sit around and laugh ourselves to death. My second impulse is an electronic signal, a book of matches, and one of the 3 D's, whoever came first. But I watched tom hanks in Cast Away. An ice skate is imperative, so I have to revise my list. What about you?

Anonymous said...

Dennis: You do make me laugh! But I won't need batteries. One of my 3 things would definately be not merely but most sincerely a man.
Q4U- can you fly that plane on your list? How about bullets? Are you taking applications for the nympho position?

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I ran into a momentary roadblock when I put PEACE instead of TRUCE for 33A, but once I got that sorted out everything fell into plasce very quickly.

Did anybody else think that "New Tube" was a bad clue for HDTV (38A)? I always thought that "tube" as a nickname for telvision was a reference to the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) that all telvisions used to have. New televisions, however (epecially high definition televisions), use LCD or plasma technology instead of CRT, and gtherefore wouldn't be called "tubes".

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this....

ndw said...

That is the first time I have seen that THONG clip - leave it to Bill (LOL) (Hi Honey I am not real busy at work this morning yet so I had time to get my puzzle done)hehehe
Not too bad this morning had to look up a few things - liked yesterdays better. Had no clue about that 1A FUNCTION follower at least the down clues filled in the blanks.
Well have to get to work before the Chief comes in - have a Great day everyone.


ndw said...

Hmmm - stranded on a deserted island - unlike my husbands remarks my first thought would be I would take my husband but after reading what he would take then he can stay home - I always told him that his guitar and music has always come before me!!! LOL
So now I have to really think - I couldn't takem my computer as there would be no power or internet so I would have to have a loaded camping backpack (includes shelter food and blanket), a big puzzle book (darn I wish I could play guitar)and a raft so I could try to get off the island!!!

Jeanne said...

Morning all,
Guess this was a good one for all of us. Now we can feel really good about ourselves until .....
Might take the batteries; don't have to cook a meal of fish for the AA's.

Anonymous said...

This was a pretty easy one for me also. I also hd no idea what 1 Across was

Dennis said...

Lois, yes, yes, and yes. Your credentials?

Barry, yeah, you might be reading too much into it - I think it will forever be called the 'boob tube' regardless of how technology configures it.

MH said...

Probably the easiest one in a long time. I did it in real Dennis time (less than 5 minutes). It's fun to have an ego builder once in a while but I like the challenging ones better.

MH said...

Also, thanks to all who welcomed me back yesterday. I didn't have the opportunity to reply. Work is definitely getting in the way of my fun. I hope to be around all this week but probably gone next week again.

Anonymous said...

Re Monday's puzzle

Geo is common abbreviation for George
Wm is William - right, Bill?
Robt for Robert
Probably lots more.....

Richard said...

A quickie today. As for Madras, I only knew it from the limerick about the guy who could play "Stormy Weather"

Der Katze said...

48A Tried different forms for "grandmother" before remembering why the Russians call old women "babushka" and penned in "scarf". I like CC's babushka link better.

Boomer said...

Must have been pretty easy. I got all but 7 letters, and yes I'm talking about the puzzle and not the Postal Service.

Dennis on the island reminds me of a story. A man was on an island and a beautiful girl came swimming up on the shore. She asked if the man would like anything and he said he could really use a cigarette. She unzipped a pocket and pulled out a pack of Marlboros and a lighter and he lit up. "Anything Else" she asked. "How about a nice cold beer". She unzipped another pocket and pulled out a cold Bud for him. Then she began unzipping the front of her suit and asked, "Would you like to play around?" He replied, "Geez, you mean you've got golf clubs in there too?"

Anonymous said...

Just what did McClellan say? If you read his statement you don't learn a thing. But at least it make big George S happy. Can you not see his finger in that pie?
Don't be a sheep do your own thinking.

Dennis said...


Bill said...

Aw, crap!! In trouble again! But, to be fair, the question was about 3 "items" . So, maybe I stretched it a bit by requesting 4 BUT they were ITEMS and not real live peoples........Right???? Oh, h***, I guess I ain't gettin' off that easy!!!

Anonymous said...

Dennis: My credentials include a postcollegiate professional certificate from the College of Magicians in Fl. (Magic Kingdom) I also hold many citations for doing tricks in a highly specialized area (upper west side), including commendations for sleight of hand to mouth. If you want to see my references, I'll email them to you privately. I have taken the oath of secrecy.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone! Company is gone so I'm back on a more regular scedule. Very easy today -- set a new personal time record (6:48), but not Dennis time, LOL! C.C., the babushkas may be pretty, but the models sure look ticked off! Thank you for the Mozart -- very nice in the morning. That G-string clip looks like something that Alan Funt would do for the old "Candid Camera" TV show. Quite a musical morning! Nice Artie Shaw clip. Oscar Madison was the slob componet of "The Odd Couple." When I saw Madras I remembered the Madras shirts of the late 60s and that led me to India and the RUPEE answer. For the island, a fully charged laptop with satelite internet connectivity, provisions for a week, and my wife!

Crockett1947 said...

Lois, at least dennis only asked for credentials, and not an audition!

Anonymous said...

Crockett: You're right! It could've been better! LOL

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anonymous @9:36am,
You are right, "What Happened" does not contain any shock and awe new information. But it's a highly unusual insider's take. As I said in the blog, it VALIDATED many points in the "Price of Loyalty" and other books.

Der Katze,
Thanks for the Grandma information.

carol said...

Hi C.C. and gang! Very easy today.
C.C. that "thong" clip really did it for our D.F.Boys, and also give Lois some wardrobe ideas if she doesn't already have several. Would go nicely with "veils", huh? Could cause one to "arch" :)
3 things for the island...still working on it - so many, beer, games, men, more men ooops, only three, well I'll keep thinking.

carol said...

Crockett 1947: How about our great Rose Festival "weather"??!!

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

very smooth sailing today. i think that the clues for 11d and 28d make better sense if swapped though and entered rumorhasit for 11d 'according to the grapevine' before i figured out it belonged in 28d 'from people in the know.'

@c.c., the musical links were lovely, thank you. liked your connection to the mcclellan book, it fits nicely.

@lois, i was certain you'd mention something of the appearance of strap (thong), scarf, plowed, and oh oh (anticipatory repetitive cry), set free (release), and came. not to mention scud, which reminded me of arthur kent the scud stud. i would also bring an ice skate, but only if plushenko were wearing it.

@barry, i felt the same thing about the cluing for new tube, but i'll accept dennis's explanation.

@crockett, nice to see you back. the original odd couple is one of my all time favorite movies.

@dennis, it was under 3, wasn't it? i believe, i believe!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Great point on 11D & 28D clue swap! I like your idea tremendously.

What's your answer to Melissa's question @ 1:09pm?

Dennis said...

c.c., that's between me and my pen

lois said...

Melissa: good job! excellent thinking! I missed some of those really, but on some others I was trying not to upset Bill. I also loved the repetitive cry and the inner sanctum made me think of a den of iniquity. You're right about the ice skate, for sure!

Carol: I'm well stocked! But that clip was really funny!

Dr. Dad said...

I thought it was form follows function so why "what follows form?" I streaked an IHOP back in the 70's. What a blast.
I agree with the outdated clue for Rupee. Lois, C.C. and others in a G-string thong! Yeah!
I think I mentioned awhile back that Oscar Madison played by Jack Klugman was the roommate of Felix Unger played by Tony Randall in the series "The Odd Couple." The roles were played by Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, respectively, in the movie.
C.C. - for Dennis I would guess 3 minutes.
I will be one of the 3 D's but I will not bust a tooth out of my mouth with an ice skate.
Barry is reading too much into tube. Slang for TV is going to be tube for a long time despite the change in technology.
Three things? Lois, C.C, and Dennis' plane.
I will have plenty of rupees when I get back from India. Saving them for the next time I go here (and I know I will).

Miss all of you.

melissa bee said...

i couldn't resist ... this is arguably one of the funniest movie scenes ever (from the odd couple)

lois said...

drdad: What a hoot! Streakin' an IHOP! Bet they had a run on sausage and eggs afterwards! I went to a male streaking in MO when I was working at a college there, and the guy that came closest to me held a T-shirt in front of him. He just didn't have any ,uh, guts! I hope you were braver than that. What a hoot!

I loved it when Felix Unger left Oscar a note on his pillow and Oscar bemoaned the fact that it took him a while to figure out that F. U. was Felix Unger. My favorite part of the play/movie.

When do you get back? Good to see you here. I bet Dennis did it in about 2 mins. Do you think that if we bribed him, he'd tell?

carol said...

Melissa Bee: I agree with you, I loved that scene!!! Another great "cringer" is the one in "When Harry Met Sally" and they are in a restaurant and she demonstrates how a woman can fake a "certain sexual" response. I love the older woman in the next table who signals the waitress and says she will have what "that girl is having" LOL

lois said...

Melissa: that is one funny scene! Thank you for that. Those two were a perfect pair! Makes me want to go watch it again.

Carol: that scene in Harry/Sally is hysterical! One of my favorites too.

Mr. Corcoran said...

yawn...this one just didn't do it for me...i crave interesting words...feeds my synesthesia, you know...hahaha, remember streaking from the 70s too at the univ of chicago...i guess without the issues of the 60s and the war we just had to create a little divertissement for ourselves...ciao

C.C. Burnikel said...

"I thought it was form follows function so why "what follows form?" I don't understand your remark. The clue is "What follows function".

Anonymous said...

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